Preview Chile – Oranje: hot hot hot!!

Who would have thought our only issue after two winning matches would be “which leg of the draw do we want?”. Right?

I did!

Anyway, it’s time for our third match! And it is Chile Con Carne time. Can’t wait to take on one of the best playing nations on this World Cup!

We are all impressed by this opponent of course and it will interesting to see the more German/Portuguese playing Oranje take on the Dutch style playing Chile, hahaha.

No kidding, we have been faced with three opponents in our group who have all been taught how to play by….us!!

We didn’t do badly against Spain, we were a tad lucky against Australia, lets simply assume we will top the group and go into the more “easy” leg of the draw (if something like that exists…).

robben nigel

In recent tournaments, coaches like Van Basten and to a lesser extend Van Marwijk decided to rest players in those last group games and both got quite some criticism for doing so. Van Gaal however, will not only do the same and rest some lads who have some pains (and RVP won’t play as he is suspended) but he might also try out another system. The 5-3-2 has been tested, the 4-3-3 was revisited in a half vs Australia when the Socceroos were getting tired and now he might go for 4-5-1 to upset the Chilean football machine.

Van Gaal does not want to give anything away. And I mean anything. Where his colleagues in the past enjoyed being interviewed and mused about football matters, Van Gaal is tightlipped. “Everyone is listening in. Anything I say will be used and read by other coaches. So if I say anything about which next opponent I prefer, or which side of the draw I prefer, this might fuel any future opponent. I won’t do it. The only way to deal with all this is complete secrecy.”

Van Gaal trained behind closed doors yesterday and was pretty annoyed when the Dutch media picked up on some of the changes he is considering. The big news is that Dirk Kuyt might be playing as left winger, in order to contain the attacking full right back of Chile. As per ususal, LVG did his analysis of the opponent and found that their right side is the biggest threat. And with Martins Indi not available (not that he is Mr Secure Left Back anyway), Louis wants to offer Daley/Kongolo some support by using Kuyt. Smart.

LVG press

The footballing machine that is Chile has nothing to lose. They want the same as we: win the group. We can do with a draw, they need the victory. But apart from that, they cannot (and will not) play any other way. So they will try and combine their way into our box and score, while we will use the space and pick our moments to hurt them. They’re strong in attack, yes. But vulnerable at the back. I am guessing Robben and Sneijder will find ways to score. Robben because he is on fire and this will be his World Cup and Sneijder because he has not scored for a while in Orange and his pride (ego) will push him to do so.

And who knows, Lens might even join in as well.

I call 3-1 for Oranje. Why not.

Van Gaal did say at the press conference that he will chance the team at a number of places. “Some players have had knocks, others are on a yellow”. This makes us guess. Maybe De Vrij will be benched in favour of the more fleet of foot Veltman? Makes sense. Maybe De Jong can sit out this one and allow Clasie on his spot. The Feyenoord man is a bit more light on his feet than De Jong, who might be rebelrousing like the Hulk amongst the sparkly Chileans. I wouldnt be surprised if De Guzman is benched (yellow, not too great performances, knock) and Wijnaldum takes his spot.

We’ll play Lens up front. With a 5 man midfield if Chile has possession (Kuyt, Sneijder, Clasie, Wijnaldum, Robben) with a four man defence behind us (the usual suspects, but with Joel instead of Stefan). In possession, Kuyt will work the left zone, while Sneijder will sit behind Lens and Robben, with Clasie and Wijnaldum guarding the space in midfield. Should work?

1996 oranje

Remarkable news: Oranje will not play with any “Van” in the team, against Chile! The last time that happened was against China (!) in 1996 (!). Since then, there was always Bommel, Bronckhorst, Vaart, Nistelrooy or Meyde. We do have a “Van” on the bench of course, with Louis also of the Van Tribe.

Last time this happened at a World Cup was in 1994, when we played Belgium. The only “Van” was a Belgium player, Frankie van der Elst.

Chile coach Sampaoli is a Van Gaal adept and he is taking his role really seriously, by also complaining about the pitch. The pitch in Sao Paolo does look tired and in particular the box areas need some TLC.

Van Gaal wants to be whining about something too and he criticises the FIFA for not planning Brazil’s Group A game before the Holland – Chile game. “This is not Fair Play! Now Brazil can determine which opponent they want. But they are in Group A and should play before Group B.”

bruno titanic

Bruno Martins Indi is back with the group. The iconic defender – a hit in social media land with his big scary eyes 🙂 – took a hit against Australia and had a slight concussion. “I first thought my World Cup was over. But luckily it wasn’t that dreadful. I am a positive man. I will take it step by step. I did some running yesterday and that went well. We’ll see how we go.” He will not be available against Chile.

Arturo Vidal, the big man of Chile and Juve playmaker, might also not be ready for the game. This could obviously be a mental game by the Chileans, but Vidal has been struggling with fitness. So who knows.

Lastly, it is easy to name RVP and Robben as the stars of this Dutch team but most people will agree that the man who is clearly the most remarkable in the Oranje camp is the coach himself. He wanted this platform to shine, for decades and now he is here. And is relishing every minute.]

The player interaction

Just before Veltman went onto the pitch to replace De Vrij against Spain, Van Gaal made a joke to Veltman. He had a big smile on his face. The nervous Veltman produced a shy smile. Van Gaal is no comedian but the message he gave the Ajax defender was clear: “Be yourself and enjoy this!” Typical Van Gaal. Lots of shoulder pads and smiles for the youngsters, and stern looks and deep voices for the older players. Whenever he explodes, it is in the face of Sneijder or Kuyt. Never to the young lads. But he can definitely had out compliments to the veterans. He already praised RVP and Sneijder into high heaven and after the Australia game, it was Nigel de Jong who received it. Recently, Huntelaar was the big man in training and Van Gaal made sure everyone knew about it. The team manager feeds them info, corrects, is sharp on every detail and is constantly aware of the balance between tension and relaxation. Without reason, he can stop the bus at the beach, for the boys to take a walk or he randomly allows the families into the hotel for some frolicking. The more smiles, the better. To quite RVP: “Van Gaal is in top form!”.

sneijd -VG

The Debate

Van Gaal has a Phd in football. Challenging him on the sports is ok, but be ready for an earfull. Recently someone said to him that “5-3-2 was not the Dutch School…”. He attacked like a viper. “So you think Dutch School is some numbers? I don’t. It is not a matter of playing wingers or not. It is much more. We can play Dutch football with any system.”

LVG Jesus arms

The Spotlights

Van Gaal knows how to play the audience. He is very aware where the cameras are and what to do to get some impact. I will never forget the infamous karate kick he made, along the byline when Desailly almost beheaded Kluivert in the CL finals. That kick must have hurt his back for ever, but the players saw it, the cameras picked up on it and it sent a clear message to everyone: Van Gaal is a fighter, not a lover. Before the Spain message, he went to the Spanish players and hugged Xavi, Iniesta and Pique. And the big Hi 5 with RVP after his Superman goal, with his whole kindergarten lined up behind him. The manager knows where the cameras are ( hence the comments about the camera in his vision in the Australia – Holland venue) and he knows how to play them. What was quite remarkable though, when RVP scored the fourth against Casillas, he didn’t move a muscle, as if to say “I don’t cheer for scruffy goals” hahaha.

LVG Xavi

The Media

During the press conferences, Louis enjoys mentioning his holistic principles. He had a couple of Brazilian translators scratching their heads already… His public anger explosions towards the media are under control for now, but it is clear that the South American and Asian media people enjoy his onorthodox methods in press conferences. He loves taunting the media but as prickly he can be with the Dutch, as charming he is with the non Dutch media. “So you think I am very nice,” he asked a nice Brazilian female reporter. “Well, your Dutch colleagues don’t think that way at all!”.

Funny detail, after the Spain game, a relaxed Van Gaal comes into the room where the players are being interviewed. The so-called press room. He is relaxed and talks a bit with some reporters. When he wants to copy a foul he spotted by one of the Spanish players, his imitation is too realistic as he hits NOS tv anchor Tom Egbers against his shins, hahahaha.



Van Gaal enjoys being in Brazil. He is tremendously positive about the way the Flamengo futbol club has welcomed Oranje. He is very happy with the support of the Flamengo fans and frolicks and plays around with the ball boys. At certain times he decides to step out of the hotel to sign some random autographs and allows people to take selfies with him on it. Van Gaal loves Brazil and Brazil loves Van Gaal!

Gimme your thoughts and predictions here:

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  1. I hope LVG goes with the 451, this will block up the midfield and close the spaces that Chile will like to work in, my team would be as follows|


    Blind Vlaar. deVrij. Janmaat

    Wjnaldum. Robben Sniejder. DeJong Lens


    I think the Hunter deserves a chance even though I’m not a massive fan of his but goals talk and he scores plenty of them.

    DeJong can sit a bit deeper and Robben can press forward in the middle Wjnaldum and Lens can get up and down the flanks with Wesley playing the conductor role.

    I’m really worried about Sanchez and his diving, he is a master at it taught well by his Spanish team mates whom are all champions at diving, DeVrij will have to stay on his feet for sure.

    I’m quite confident about this game as I think we will simply outmuscle the smaller Chillians and with Hunter up front he can use his height on the set pieces to advantage.

    Anyhow time for some rest before the big game kicks off!

    Hup Holland!

  2. Jan:

    I want to commend you on another excellent post.

    You are the Louis van Gaal of blogging — confident, arrogant, dominant, honest, hard-working and innovative!

    I’ve previously said that I have nothing more to learn, but I do enjoy hearing new praise for my work.

    We have scored a lot of goals. True. And we have we scored fantastic goals. True as well.

    3-1 vs Chile, eh? We will do our best to live up to your expectations!

  3. So guys I am in amsterdam, I timed my vacation here only to watch the game vs chile with some crazy Oranje fans:) I’ve been here for two days and i just passed by museumplein, that’s where I am planning to watch it:) any tips for amsterdam:)?

  4. So De Telegraaf (major Dutch newspaper) thinks Kuyt will be playing in the left full back position, with Blind next to him, in the left central back position. With the team still going for a 5-3-2 formation.

    Interesting times. I’m not so certain that that’s going to be the case, but who knows. It’d definitely be quite an exciting setup. Lots of goals to be had. On both sides.

    Maybe even De Telegraaf is part of the give-Chile-wrong-information-scheme!

  5. As confirmed by telesport, kuyt will be left back, so 532 transferable to 433 or defensive 433 name it as you like, it will be interesting if its true, looking forward to see how its implemented today

  6. Jimmy i disagree in 532 we need creative building and having extra line in the back to circulate the ball more and build great offensive attacks we will see a fast switch from 532 to 433 and thus creating severe attacks , we lacked this extra line against australia, now sneijder can run more with the ball rather than running without it, if sneijder is really fit as all report saying today its the proof. Am interested to see this implementation. Lets see

  7. Jad…having Kuyt on the field does not make sense…he was a liability to the team in 2010, it is 2014! If Elia played the entire 2nd half in place of Kuyt in the Final in 2010 against Spain, Holland would have won that game guaranteed.

    I think for today, Depay a better choice in place of Kuyt, let Blind provide support to the left side, so we can transition from 5-3-2 to 4-3-3 at anytime.

    We are the dutch…we have world class players, we are faster than these south americans, we need to dictate the game, not the other way around. I fully admire Van Gaal and his tactical approaches, willing to adjust to our opponent, but today is ideal for Depay flanked on the left, at least in my opinion, but like you Jad I am interested to see what happens.

  8. Funny I said the same thing to a few of my friends last night, feeling a 3-1 here too; maybe it’s over confidence, but after our semi wake up to OZ and how quickly and how well we responded, gonna make this our dream tourny.

    Liking the inclusion of Kuyt to be honest, sure he may night be the same from four years ago, or even the great defensive, and at times, offensive work rate at Pool. However, he has to sense that it’s almost time to hang the boots and I truly believe that he will give more than 110% as per his standards. If he scores one, someone’s dog is getting named today hahah, one joke I had to steal from Jan from four years back: “If Ooijer scores a goal….I am naming my dog after him”.

    Very impressed with Depay, he certainly answered some questions with his fantastic performance coming in and having that positive of an effect and scoring a bomber. Would love to see Hunty get in on the action too, I feel like he has something to prove as well.

    Shut them down in the midfield/flanks, and our backs will pick up the rest take care of the rest, hit them on the counter/long balls and we got this! Got to say I love how unselfish we’ve been, I mean yes there were a few times where should have been an easy goal, better play/movement, but all in all really happy to see smiles and everyone having a great time, that’s what it’s all about……that and finally holding what belongs to us over our heads!

    Wearing our Oranje today, feeling it and can’t wait already!!!

  9. 1.5 hour left for the game to start. It is a bit difficult for me to understand our line up in the back. It looks quite vulnerable, but I believe LvG had its own reasoning if he decided to play Kuyt as left back and Blind as a central defender….I believe it does not really matter which place Dutch are going to take in the group as none of the teams in group A looks better than Oranje. let’s wish the best to our team and enjoy the game.

  10. Depay will be the wild card that can be used if needed, we all agree we have an inexperienced defense so kuyt being there will make us solid, robben is our winning card he simply dont want to be a winger he want all the space up front, this is our strategy , yes kuyt can execute 100% what van gaal require, if he is fit as Liverpool days then we will triumph. Mark my words

  11. I believe Depay will be employed if LvG decides to shift to 4:3:3 again in the course of the match. I think, LvG uses this game as a major rehearsal for know-out stage.

  12. Aloysius,

    With this approach, I think that you have chosen to drink both the wine in front of you AND the wine in front of me, and now you are drunk!

    Normally, if I wanted you to understand something, I would have explained it better. But I don’t know how to explain 4-3-3 any better than that.

    Ah well.

    Je kunt beter ten onder gaan met je eigen visie dan met de visie van een ander!

  13. Dutch playing defensive, trying to bottle up the Chileans. Very little possession. A festival of minor foul calls through 15-20 minutes. We are definitely playing to get Lens or Robben loose on the counter. Need to pick up the pace a little.

  14. Two good points:

    1) there were none of these awkward moments where the defense looked so shaky you had the impression our opponent could have scored 10 goals

    2) Jan’s site has not crashed!!

  15. Interesting if not very exciting first half. Dutch do a excellent job of being physical with and bottling up Chile. Robben had a very good chance and pulled his shot wide. Like to see more from Lens, who spent a lot of time on the ground–as did a lot of players as it was somewhat cynical performance, with lots of falling down. Wijnaldum was very quiet. Dutch would be happy with another half like that one, I think, though would be nice to win it with a goal.

  16. Very tactical game. I am very pleased with defense. So far zero space has been given away. That is great. Chileans have not been very dangerous. Neither were Dutch. I think Robben will get his chance. Lens has to be a bit faster. I would not change him as he needs to get his chance too. Overall, excellent tactics.

  17. Somebody please, get sneijder a GPS he is so lost….get him an alarm clock, took too many sleeping pills.

    Kuyt is a monster, van gaal should consider him in the place of de guzman.

    I like the dutch defensive unit, aggresive and good intensity. Has made the chileans look confused.

    I think the weather is affecting performance for both teams

  18. Most boring world cup match so far.

    But I don’t blame any team, they should make the group A to play at the same time. Holland and Chile know that even with winning and finishing first, Brazil can draw against Cameroon to finish second (in case Mexico-Croatia don’t draw…) and chose its opponent.

    So finishing first or second don’t mean much, it’s Brazil which can decide whom to meet after.

  19. Chile’s play was very direct and purposeful from the outset, but their intensity has died off, and we have begun to take numerous chances on the break — We just need to finish!

    It will be interesting to see what LVG has in mind for the second half, a half in which we’ve outscored our opponents 6-1 so far this World Cup.

  20. Very boring half. So far no real goal scoring chances other than Robben’s attempt.

    I don’t mind boring as long as we get a draw and top the group. A good team can win games by playing boring or ugly. LG wants to keep it tight and not give the Chileans any room.

    I would change Lens with Depay. Seems he’s off his game today. Give Huntelaar a start to give him a psychological and morale boost. This maybe his only chance this tournament.

  21. All players are exhausted due to playing so early. If Lens can be a little better he can mess up their defense. He is very strong and can stand any challenge. Sneijder is invisible. Blind has been humiliated a couple times by Sanchez. I will be really happy if we don’t allow any goals. I am at a bar in Manhattan and it amazes me how little about football Americans still know. Most of them still recognize de Jong as a butcher.

    1. It’s one of the weakest Brazil, I think they can be scared of Holland, after seeing them against Spain and remembering that they beat them in 2010.

      If Chile win now, I’d not be surprised if Brazil draw on purpose tonight.

  22. I have already said it before i do not like lens

    lens hasn’t done anything and can’t score ( prove me wrong otherwise !)

    Give hunter a chance and sub in depay

  23. Whatever happens, Holland win lose or draw, they will play Brazil. Brazil will see to it. They do not want to face Chili. They see their chances against the Dutch as easier. Makes you wonder why FIFA scheduled this game before the Brazil game.

  24. Chile had 68% possession in the 1st half. Wow! But they didn’t create any real danger.

    Cillissen will now have the sun in his eyes and a huge crowd of loud Chilean fans behind his goal. Good test for him indeed. I hope he steps up to the challenge.

  25. Regardless of the final result, I love what I am seeing in this match from the Oranje. Very energetic and can actually keep up with CHI’s players speed.

    We’re getting this result without our captain and we also had 2-3 legitimate chances.

    Hup Holland Hup!

  26. Well, fellow oranje-blood fellows …… I think this should stop any comments about “Netherlands being lucky”, yes?

    Hope we are not peaked yet.

    Hup Holland Hup!

  27. Hats down to Van Gaal, master tactician.

    Bravo to the defensive unit, especially de vrij vlaar and blind

    I applaud the ref for being fair and brave…

    All in all fantastic!!

  28. Holland played better than Chile, chile players were only diving all the game, boring. Just frustrated to be unable to challenge dutch players on physical strenght.

    Fer is always good when he comes as sub, he should be used again coming games. Same for Depay.

    Kuyt had a good game as LB, the only players I worry about are :

    -Sneijder : Just bad. Since the beginning. I have in mind an action where Lens gave him the ball, he was just in front of the box and did a shit control to lose it. Typical Sneijder.

    – Janmaat : Really disappointing so far, doesn’t go forward at all.

    – Blind : Except his two assists against Spain, I don’t like what he does, makes a lot of fouls.

    Also, I’m surprised Robben gave the ball to Depay for the second goal, he ignored Lens the whole game. If it was still Lens on the pitch, I’m sure Robben would have tried something else.

      1. Haha, nice one!

        Congratulations Holland.. Really good game!

        and definitely congratulations Man United for having signed a tactical genius 🙂

    1. For Robben, I think it’s because the space to shoot was closed down by a defender. He had to dash once more, and then the better choice is to play a cross. Besides, he was coming from left flank.

  29. What a game, sneijder getting taken off and bousejour coming on changed the game, chile went to try and score, and then they lost control of midfield. and de jong with a smart nice pass, he’s showing offensive skills haven’t seen since the ajax days.

    Man van gaal is making decision after decision. this team is going to go to at least semi-finals.

    what a bad referee

    1. Semi final is quite far, even if avoiding Brazil.

      Croatia/Mexico are beatable of course, except doing an accident like against Russia in 2008, Holland should beat them.

      Costa Rica/ Ivory Coast (Greece ? Japan ?) ? Costa Rica is doing a big surprise but such surprise don’t stay too long, except Greece in 2004. Ivory Coast in quarter would be very tough. They really will want to be the first african team to reach semi finale. And they have good players for that.

  30. the commentator here in Indonesia were keep mentioning that it’s Van Gaal’s intention to always let his opponent has a lot more possession than his team.

  31. Jan and friends:

    I have to run to the press conference, but wanted to thank you all again and say Gefeliciteerd!

    On to the knockout rounds as Group B winners! Hup Holland!

    And to you Hendrik, I say too much wine?

    More like too much whine from you my friend

  32. I agreed with Gio’s comments above. In addition I feel Man of the match should be LVG.

    1) When Fer was subbed in, I recalled that Jan and Tiju said that Fer can play as a striker. He is big, tall and can score. 2 min after he was in, he scored.

    2) Tiju is wrong about Kuyt. He tackled and won a lot of ball today, pretty useful and hard working.

    If Brazil chooses to face us, bring them on. We are confident more and more each game and our defense is getting better. The only thing worries me is the weather and the ref. The heat can get to our player. I think today’s ref is very good. I’m very proud today. I think we all can forgive LVG for 2002. I definitely can dream about winning this WC.

  33. Enough of this Sneijder bashing, you can’t see whole pitch on the TV and clearly he is following instructions. I am sure if you look at his stats he will have run more than anyone.

    From my eyes it was a very tactical game, both looking to score on the break. We played very well and if you are not happy with that performance eff off with your horrible attitude.

    This is the first ever time I have felt good about our back line. Whatever Van Gaal is doing keep doing it…

    Hup Holland Hup!

    1. “I am sure if you look at his stats he will have run more than anyone.”

      If we need someone to run, let’s to call Anita or even to use Clasie.

      We need Sneijder for organizating attacks, taking good shots etc. He fails in everything, technically he is just weak.

  34. Congratulations with an excellent and smart win!!!!!! LvG is a genius. Plus he has a squad that allows him to make those smart moves. Three people were struggling:

    1. Wesley was not good: too many mistakes in passing and in general very low impact
    2. Lens was very slow. Not sure whether he has not gotten into full speed.
    4. Blind got hard time from Sanches. But then his beautiful pass (I believe that was him, if I am not wrong) to Fer partially compensated the above-mentioned.

    Midfield was completely secured by de Jong and Kyut. Janmaat and Ron Vlaar were great in defense.

    So, Dutch has let everybody know that there is a new sheriff in town. Now, Brazil has ” to choose” not to play with the Netherlands!

    It is amazing…no comments anymore.

    With respect to

    1. Fer goal is assisted by Janmaat, not Blind.
      “Here, from Louis van Gaal, came a demonstration of what a good international manager can achieve at a World Cup.
      He can take a midfielder from Norwich City and turn him into a match-winner, as he did Leroy Fer only two minutes after sending him on from the bench.
      And he can take a defence that was simply diabolical against Australia, despite winning the game, and reorganise them well enough to withstand the considerable pressure imposed by this marvellous Chile team.”

      More match pictures and the whole article is at

      Sneijder is not great, but he is not needed to carry the team like in 2010. He is now a supporting cast. As long as we have players rising to the challenge (like Fer did) each game and win the WC, I’ll be very happy.

  35. Things I learned from reading this site:

    Kuyt is shit and slow and useless.
    Depay is a useless dribbler.
    Robben is a selfish pony.
    Blind is blind.
    We will never win the group.
    Van Gaal is an idiot.

    Things I learned from watching the World Cup:

    Kuyt is awesome.
    Depay is awesome.
    Robben is awesome.
    Blind is awesome.
    We got NINE (9) POINTS from 3 wins.
    Van Gaal is a tactical genius.

    Good to see Laurent already trying to chip away at our gloriousness. It must hurt. That bitterness. That envy.
    I wonder, Frenchie. Will you now ask Jan again whether he intends to keep this website going if we lose all 3 games and get humiliated?? Will you??

    I’m amazed that Tiju hasn’t posted another line-up already, and claimed that he predicted all this – and that his 6 year reign of negativity was merely a cunning tactic to fool us all.



    SUCK IT!!



    1. “I wonder, Frenchie. Will you now ask Jan again whether he intends to keep this website going if we lose all 3 games and get humiliated?? Will you??”

      Do you miss Van Marwijk ? Do you ? 😀

      1. I think you have me confused with someone else, Frenchie!!

        You seem to be confused about a LOT of things 🙂
        Not really turning out to be your week, is it?

        Have another go. I want to know how much this hurts you.

  36. A lot of sinus,

    I congratulate the Dutch fans as well! I am pleased to see that there will be further opportunity for you to begin to play attractive, attacking football.

    As I’ve said before, there’s only one moment in which you can arrive in time. If you are not there, you are either too early or too late. Let me know when you arrive and we will see if you are on time.

    And just remember, before I make a mistake, I don’t make that mistake. You should try the same, or you will someday fall too far behind the first half to fix things.

    Finally, thank you for bringing on Terence. Seeing an Oranje player wearing 14 brought back the memories of a time when Dutch football was exciting and innovative.

    Het resultaat is er, nu het voetbal nog

    Good luck in the next round!


    1. yak yak yak, really??

      The popular culture references were childishly simple, and awkwardly ill-fitting. That you found them so entertaining and relevant speaks volumes of your limited background and pitifully frustrated mind.
      Your attempts to appear intelligent and witty show only to highlight your true inherent ignorance and nauseating immaturity, and your hideous spelling and backwards grammar consistently let you down. If you want that shit to fly, you gotta get the details right!

      But hey, most amusing of all, you STILL haven’t realised that with every cynical quip and amateur jibe, we win that little bit more!
      Keep it up! 😉

      WOOP WOOP!!

      1. Dank je wel Bobo.

        I’m impressed with your vocabulary, and I’m certain the other readers of this blog wait in eager anticipation of your posts. Woop woop indeed.

        Perhaps this ongoing dialogue was a commentary in and of itself regarding the Dutch psyche, and the dichotomy of simultaneously longing for a idyllic past while constantly hoping for new and greater successes to come, and the sacrifices being made along the way to get there.

        4-3-3 vs 5-3-2. Does it matter anymore? Did it ever? Some might find it a discussion worth having…

        You’re right though. It’s probably just childishly simple.

        Thankfully, people who are not of my level can’t affect my integrity. Back to kindergarten for me.

        1. ‘Perhaps this ongoing dialogue was a commentary in and of itself regarding the Dutch psyche, and the dichotomy of simultaneously longing for a idyllic past while constantly hoping for new and greater successes to come, and the sacrifices being made along the way to get there.’

          No. It was not. It was your failed attempt to appear intelligent and witty.
          It was, in reality, the garbled, meaningless machinations of a sad, lonely, little man having a poorly constructed conversation with himself on the internet.

          Yes. Back to Kindergarten for you – where hopefully they will teach you to stop using expressions like ‘in and of itself’. Ugh!

          1. Agreed Bonobo. Hendrik is all nonsense and riddles.

            He claims to be intellectual but has never been able to explain himself clearly.

            He is clearly living in the past. He just comes here now to troll me and my current success

  37. Yeah, bad technique by Sneijder. The moment he gets the ball he makes a mess most of the time. At times it feels like RVP in 2010 when he would be invisible for whole games and the team was playing with 10 guys.
    LVG is a master and he will be sorely missed after this WC. Kuyt was excellent, Fer a bullet header, Robben – Depay combination was like a video game, you knew how it would end. Team played compact and totally surprised Sampaoli who seemed to forget hie maniacal gestures he did in previous games. Also their anthem singing beyond the the band playing is ridiculous. They’re putting so much pressure on themselves by imagining a war.
    Good referee.
    I don’t think Brazil would pick us. We just showed them how to beat Chile. But FIFA sucks for making us play 3 games in a row at heat peak.
    Oh, not sure if I have said before that dutch anthem is a thing of beauty. Still ringing in my ears. 🙂

    1. Let’s be fair, Sneijder was constantly marked. Good thing too because it gave our other guys some room to work. He hasn’t been dominant but he has drawn a lot of attention.

  38. We didn’t play great but what mattered most was the win!Our defense was the best I have seen it in a long time. We didn’t give any opportunities to the Chileans. Blind was very tenacious and Kurt did very well.

    Great header by Fer. We need his presence in the box. He maybe a better option than De guzman. Gives us a different dimension. De guzman is more defensive so LVG may want him against tougher opponents.

    So happy for Depay! Great awareness and finish. Glad to see robben pass. Shows maturity. So many times in the past he would have just taken a crazy shot. They are developing chemistry. Teams will think twice about giving them space. Think about having two lethal dribbles who can finish!

  39. I wish the refs would card every player that gestures for cards.

    If I had another wish it would be for instant replay in deciding penalties.

  40. Completely a tactical win. The Dutch bottled up Chile–gave a quick team no room, and Chile gave didn’t give the Dutch any room either! In the end you had to think a set piece might win it–and it did. It was not a pretty win–there was a lot of flopping by both sides, but more by the Chileans–but the defense was great and counter-attacking football seems a good strategy for this group given our dangerous forwards. Kuyt and all the defenders were solid. Not much from Sneijder or Wijnaldum. This team actually reminds me of the 2010 squad–the style of play is quite similar, no?













    How many miles will you travel with me,
    One mile or two miles or maybe three?
    We’ll make a stop where ever we choose,
    We’ll skip and hop
    in our little wooden shoes.


    WHAT’S THAT???

    I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!!






  42. Three games vs attacking teams, three wins:

    10 goals scored, only 3 allowed

    8 goals scored in the second half, only 1 allowed

    Apparently something being said or done at halftime is working!

    Hup Holland!

  43. It’s hard to imagine Brazil drawing or losing against Cameroon. After today’s game, they definitely will prefer to play.

    Which team would Oranje rather play between Croatia and Mexico?
    I’m not worried about either one but which one would cause more problems or challenge us more?

    Any opinions Oranje brothers?

    1. Frankly speaking I am worried about both Croatia and Mexico. Croatia had Brazil on the ropes (if not for that dubious penalty), have skillful, fast players like Modric, Olic… Defense and Goalkeeper somewhat suspect. Mexico is high energy, tactical (similar to Chile but with a better defense and taller players) and probably has the best goalkeeper of the tournament who is yet to concede a goal.

      I hope LvG keeps the complacency factor away from the Dutch team.

    2. It’s a tough choice. I actually favor Croatia, simply because they seem to be more predictable and we are more used to a European style opponent.
      But after all, it’s out of our hands.

  44. Watching the game today, I thought it was the orange Italians out there.
    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Being able to play a cohesive defensive game, when tactically necessary, is an important step. It’s not pretty. But the Italians have a Cup or two under their belt, and we may just need to emulate them at times to go as far as possible.
    This was better than Australia, in terms of effective defense, so that was an improvement as well. LvG knew that Chile came out of the box quickly in its last two games, going up 2-0 in the 1st half. He squelched their momentum first, and then we simply took a few chances as they came our way later in the game. Pragmatic for sure. Dutch? Well, we can’t complain too much based on results.
    We have learned one thing so far: We have as much a chance to lift the Cup as any other team remaining.

    1. Its the result that counts as always. Im hearing many TV commentators right now praising Holland. They are saying we are the most consistent and we have very good subs. Beating Chile without Van Persie has earned us a lot of respect!

  45. I didnt manage to see it due to work pressures but i tuned in just in time to see Depay s goal. Switching on TV with few minutes to go, hands trembling, see the score 1-0 up, wow, and before settling down on the sofa, witness Robben s run and Depay s goal. WOW.

    From your comments it seems our defense was solid. Thats good considering the strong opponents. Im concerned about your comments about Sneijder though. In any case winning against Chile without too much suffering, and missing our captain, its not bad at all.

    I still hope that Brazil win. We should avoid them. We also gain an additional day of rest. HUP HUP HOLLAND.

  46. I agree! Never play against the Host country , especially Brazil in Brazil. I can already see they may use all their dirty tricks against any country that plays to them.

    Let the Germans / French handle them first. and hopefully we can meet them in the Final.

  47. It is for sure that Van Gaal was going for a draw when Fer came in for Sneidjer. A defensive midfield for a attacking. Another of his gambling has paid off. I was really expecting Clasie to come on and add some speed and precision in the mid field but yet Van Gaal had other ideas….defending rather than attacking. this shows he was settling for a draw.

    Sneijder – dont wanna say anything

    Kuyt- reason why there was no attacking from the left but yeah he was more useful than Blind when defending.

    Blind – Dont wanna say anything.

    Lens – 5-3-2 works for him coz its more wing/striker kind of a role. In 4-3-3 he should be used as winger. But I must say he look bit bulky….body control, Turning seems to bit slow especially the way he was falling down.

    Robben – As I always say he should be utilized on the left. he can score and as well as assist stretching the defense and that what happened with Depays goal. this is some thing that he is not able to do when he operating from the right.Agree he was selfish a bit when going for goals.

    Fer – as what Tiju said

    Deapy – should have started

    Koeman is trying to bring the Feyenoord brigade to Southamption. he is eyeing Pelle.

    1. There is no way Fer should be striker as Tiju said.

      He has a bad ball control, isn’t that fast (especially without the ball), absolutly no awarness of striker positionning etc. the fact he scores goals on corner kicks has nothing to do with being striker, otherwise Ramos can also play striker lol

      He is a midfielder that brings power for the last 30 minutes, it’s his best role. Why he needs to be used as striker ?

      For Lens, I’m one of the rare here who think that he didn’t have a bad game. I liked how we could use him. He offered depth with his runs, chile defenders were always making many fouls on him to prevent him to get the ball.

      Problem is that he is quite limited technically when it comes to dribbles and passes. His work without the ball was better than what he did with it.

      1. I think Lens without the ball is faster than Robben. His time reaction is faster. If you send a long ball to both of them, you’ll see that Lens react and start to run quicker than Robben.

        Unfortunetaly he never uses his pure speed with the ball, I noticed that for a long time, and it’s really pity.

          1. Oh fucking SWEET!

            This is awesome.

            Wilson and Laurent are engaging each other in conversational debate.
            Anything could happen at this stage. Literally anything.

            Come on, guys!! Don’t let us down.

            It’s like watching two retards mumbling in their own language. Haha! Brilliant!

  48. Bra-Cam 1-1. Shit, I want Brazil to lose but I don’t want to face them next round. I hope there is an option for Brazil to be eliminated.

  49. Continued pessimism from ESPN regarding Holland:

    “The Netherlands have won three games, they have scored 10 goals, and they have lit up the World Cup through Van Persie and Robben. This Oranje, which came to Brazil low on expectation, are already one of the winners, and above all, they make you wonder. We know, 28 years on from Diego Maradona in Mexico, that tournaments can no longer be won by one man single-handedly. But can they be won by two?”

    Maradona literally won his WC “single-handedly”. Hopefully Holland won’t need such tactics to win this one.

  50. Watching Cro-Mex and not sure who can suit us better. Mexico can’t score but runs like a mad bunch of bulls, Croatia more methodical and physically really strong especially in air.
    It seems like we will play on Sunday which means a long time off.

  51. Nice! Brazil is leading 3-1 now. So let’s wait and see who we shall face. Mexico / Croatia.

    To me, i can’t see who would be better. I guess Croatia, since we are playing in South America

    Yea i also do not understand why Clasie isn’t getting any chance.

  52. I will say that Holland has become the most popular spectator draw at my office this World Cup. Normally there are just a few people that pop in and out of the conference room during game, but when we are playing, a fairly sizable group (with no Dutch ties) gathers and sticks around.

    As I mentioned previously, I think we are well on our way to reclaiming our title as the rest of the world’s second favorite team again

  53. The fact that both Brazil and Mexico are going all-out to top the group and run up the score to avoid Netherlands is a welcome sign of respect for our team.
    But I’m glad that Brazil is winning that battle. Looks like we face Mexico.

    1. For Mexico I think we may see the same game vs Chile. We will sit back, absorb pressure, counter attack with RVP and Robben, then Depay will come in around 60-70 minute mark. I don’t think BMI will be available for 2nd round (hopefully QF). Did we really play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 vs Chile? I guess it did not matter. Perhaps we may see Kuyt again. Now we become contenders and other teams are paying attention to us. I wonder what other tricks LVG has now.

  54. I think Mexico is much like Chile–quick and dangerous if you give them space. You do not want to get into a wide-open game with them. For this reason I think LVG will play the mexico match much like this one–play compact in the middle of the field, bottle them up and go for scores on the counter.

  55. I’ll tell you all one thing. Depay is the next “real thing” in Dutch football. He’s no Babel or Elia, he will be the next Robben and Van Persie instead. He’s got the technical ability, speed, vision, and killer instinct for the goal. He can pass, he can score, he can change the tempo of the game. Mark my words, he will be an important player already in the next EC in 2016.

    If we could play 4-3-3 with Depay, Van Persie and Robben up front… That would probably be the best attacking lineup in this World Cup.

  56. Today’s match against Chile was pretty much a Chess game between Van Gaal and Sampaoli. Hats off to LvG, for by winning the game he proved to be the best manager of the tournament.

    I always believed Van Gaal was the right man for the job. Had he been with the boys in South Africa, man, how different the story would be. But still, I’m happy for this playing proved the owner of this site wrong when thinking he wasn’t fit.

    Van Gaal is bringing back the confidence, and best of all, the traditional Dutch style of playing.

    All in all, today Louis Van Gaal not only proved that he is the best manager in this worldcup, but also one of the five best in today’s voetbal.

  57. I wouldn’t say that they are playing the traditional style of Dutch football. The style has been conservative, counter-attack, and probably must be because the midfield is not good enough to play a more open style against some of these quick, pacey teams like chile and mexico and others.

    1. You are aware that ‘Total Football’ lasted all of about 2 years, right?
      It was long gone by 1978.
      It can even be argued that it was a myth in the first place.

      To which ‘traditional style’ are you referring?

  58. FWIW, here’s a table of the recorded maximum speed of each of the Netherlands players in 2010. Link below:

    356 Wesley SNEIJDER 27.09
    357 Giovanni VAN BRONCKHORST 26.24
    358 Dirk KUYT 26.39
    359 Mark VAN BOMMEL 28.35
    360 Robin VAN PERSIE 26.02
    361 John HEITINGA 27.09
    362 Nigel DE JONG 25.33
    363 Joris MATHIJSEN 26.20
    364 Gregory VAN DER WIEL 25.46
    365 Arjen ROBBEN 30.88
    366 Rafael VAN DER VAART 24.57
    367 Maarten STEKELENBURG 24.40
    368 Khalid BOULAHROUZ 23.63
    369 Eljero ELIA 25.94
    370 Andre OOIJER 21.69
    371 Klaas Jan HUNTELAAR 25.99
    372 Demy DE ZEEUW 23.81
    373 Ibrahim AFELLAY 19.87
    374 Edson BRAAFHEID 31.50

    1. Sorted for 10 fastest top speed in 2010:

      1 Javier HERNANDEZ Mexico
      2 Avraam PAPADOPOULOS Greece
      3 Lukas PODOLSKI Germany
      4 Konstantinos KATSOURANIS Greece
      5 Jesus NAVAS Spain
      6 Edson BRAAFHEID Netherlands
      7 Victor OBINNA Nigeria
      8 Gonzalo HIGUAIN Argentina
      9 Arjen ROBBEN Netherlands
      10 FELIPE MELO Brazil

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