phil champ

Congratulations to Phillip Cocu!

I have never been a PSV fan. And I have shared it many times here. But… I do like and have liked many of their players… What is not to like… Romario, Wim Kieft, Willy van der Kuylen, Luc Nilis… Awesome players. And I am a big Phillip Cocu fan. From creative left winger to […]

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guus hiddink ANP_0

The Big Guus Hiddink Interview

Guys, it was good to be back! Enjoyed our actions re: Turkey and Spain. Will keep the blog going I think. I have had some highly generous donations from some of you, and wouldn’t mind just reminding the others to push the donate button on the home page and drop in what you can spare, […]

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team spain

Fresh Oranje stocks up on confidence vs Spain

Stefan de Vrij summed it up nicely. The ex Feyenoord man scored again vs Spain, in last Tuesday’s friendly: “I wish we’d play all our international games against Spain…”. It’s plain to see that Oranje has trouble winning when it has to in serious games against lesser teams, but finds luck at its side against […]

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