Fresh Oranje stocks up on confidence vs Spain

Stefan de Vrij summed it up nicely. The ex Feyenoord man scored again vs Spain, in last Tuesday’s friendly: “I wish we’d play all our international games against Spain…”.

It’s plain to see that Oranje has trouble winning when it has to in serious games against lesser teams, but finds luck at its side against a strong Spain in a friendly.

All the criticism that Hiddink copped after the Turkey game and the previous qualification games at least resulted in a response from both coach and players. Using De Jong as central midfielder and using Afellay as right winger in particular were largely misunderstood by media and public alike. Hiddink said after the Turkey game: “In hindsight, I’d make the same choices” HUH? And “I can get this team to play football, but don’t ask me how, coz I don’t really know now….” WHAT?

TV anchor Jack van Gelder spared the coach in his post-match interview and decided to let him off the hook. The Dutch football analysis programs ripped the former success coach a new one and midfielder Nigel de Jong was also ridiculed by the pundits, for his amateuristic attempt to intervent the Turkish forward when preparing for his goal. Some analysts even suggested that Jordy Clasie had left the trainingscamp disgusted for being totally ignored. “Feyenoord probably said “Come back to us Jordy and let those morons sort it out without you, you don’t need them”. The analyst might be right. Who knows.

coaches spain

It was clear that the team needed to give a response. Hiddink did so by picking the youngsters for the Spain game (not unlike Del Bosque, by the way). Narsingh, Blind in midfield, Klaassen, Willems… And Kenneth Vermeer in goal, exactly as I asked for.

And I’m sure we’ve all seen the highlights? I havent seen the whole game yet (but will this weekend) and I want to see if the team really played much better. From what I did see, it was clear that big shots Depay and Sneijder made their statement and played a big game. Highly needed too. Daley Blind played a good game too, while Davy Klaassen’s game was uplifted by the first Oranje goal he scored. Man of the Match was Kenneth Vermeer who intervened a number of times when Spain looked to score. In any other situation, it might have ended 2-2.

But the saints were with Lucky Gus again. The two Oranje goals were definitely no luckies (another Sneijder to De Vrij assist and a Willems assist for Klaassen), both goals prepared on the wing. While we did get lucky with a couple of bad misses by the Spanish. The biggest miss however was a header by BMI after a clean cross from the right. The Porto man had a clear header but misstimed and his attempt when down to the ground too much, and as a result bounced over De Gea’s goal.


Their “B-team” was as much a B-team as ours… Like Holland, Spain needs to phase some older players out and like Holland, Spain does have a number of exciting young guns coming in.

Our midfield outshone theirs, with Blind and Klaassen doing better than De Jong/Wijnaldum vs Turkey. It’s almost impossible to see Klaassen as the debutant he actually is (he only played 19 minutes in Oranje before this game). Hiddink: “Blind is developing as a leader, which is very important for our midfield development.” Klaassen didn’t have single wrong touch and all his actions were positive and aimed at moving forward. He defended Spain star Carzola well but also added much in attack. Daryl Janmaat, back in the warm nest after being banned for that mistake against the Cechs, showed why he is rated as a top signing in the EPL, always threatening going forward.

Kenneth Vermeer was praised by the coach but he also said that Vermeer was able to stand out thanks to sloppy mistakes by Willems and Martins Indi. “Those mistakes are not longer acceptable at this level. We almost shoot ourselves in the foot with this sort of play.” Hiddink was happy with the development towards the next qualification games.


After 65 minutes or so, the changes started to come and the game became slower and less organised.

Wesley Sneijder spoke of a fantastic night. He is now the most capped filed player of Holland ever, with 113 caps. Only Van der Sar is above him with 130 caps. “It was daunting to play Spain after a bad result but it turned out great. A fantastic night. This builds confidence for the youngsters and gives us some respite towards the next game.” With 17 games to go for Sneijder and looking how he played he might have a crack at Sar’s record.

A not so positive aspect was the fact that one of the world’s best players, Andres Iniesta, was constantly booed by the Dutch supporters. Probably because he scored the winner against us in 2010. The Dutch football world was aghast. Hiddink: “To me that is a disgrace and a downer on the night. Iniesta is the most gentle and nice player. He doesn’t use any sort of bad manner in his game. A true player. And he doesn’t deserve this.” Leo Beenhakker: “I didn’t believe my ears in front of the tv!! This guy worked his whole career for that particular goal. Isn’t he allowed? Do we want our countries to boo Robben or Van Persie all the time for being successful. Ridiculous. People should be grateful to see him play!”. Henk ten Cate, former Barca coach: “Great players don’t care. He is a great player. He won’t really register it. But it is silly, isn’t it. In a friendly game? About a game we played five years ago?”.


This response by the players means a couple of things. 1) it means they can win big games, 2) it means they wish to support their coach and 3) they are capable of playing good football.

What it also MIGHT mean, is that we are not capable of creating much against teams that don’t want to play.

And Turkey, Lithuania, Kazachstan are most likely teams that will try and block any form of flowing football.


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  1. I actually thought the team played reasonably well in the Turkey and Spain games. There is a distinct style of play (forward looking) and players played intelligently (moving into spaces) and covering for each other. I believed the team will develop well into the next 2years for the Euro.
    However, as mentioned in previous posts, I don’t wish to see Afellay, Van der Wiel and Willem (but who else?!). Don’t think they fit into the style of play. Willems and Van der Wiel are defensively poor.

    1. I agree. The poor Turkey performance has everything to do with the slow build up from the back (BMI and De Jong left unmarked by the Turks) and the lack of movement up front. Despite this, the team played decent.

      The Spain game resolved this, albeit against an “open” team that wanted to play football as well.

    2. Alexender Buttner needs a callup vs Lativa coz after that Iceland is next. The Lativa game will will perfect to baptise Buttner on the international scene.And pliz Hiddink give Van Dijik a break.

  2. jan what do you think of when Strootman,Van Ginkle or Clasie come into the midfield. I dont like to rate player jus from one good game.I dont rate Blind that high,even though his distributing game is improving but he will always remain the weak link in the midfield and a good coach/team will always know how to exploit that.

    If you look at Spain game their midfield set up defensively weak and more attac minded compared to the Ukraine game where thy started five midfielders.

    Vs NT

    Carzola – Faberegas- Surez

    vs Ukraine

    Isco-Carzola-Koke-David Silva


    this is where our midfield exploited them hard.


    1. I would like to see our midfield built around these players.

      ECs 2016
      Marco Van Ginkle
      Kevin Strootman
      Jordy Clasie
      Nathan Ake

      WC 2018
      Daley Sinkgraven
      Adam Maher
      Jorrit Hendirx
      Riechedly Bazoer

  3. The Big difference was due to change of Headless chickens players with intelligent players. I mean replacement of Weil,Afellay with Klassen and Janmaat..Exclusion of Wijnaldum and dejong also made huge difference…Its all about quality and intelligent players..
    PLease No more Afellay and weil on team at least…i would like see trhe dropping of Nijel and Wijnaldum too,though i likethe character of both.
    Afellay,Weil,Dejong,Wijnaldum had no idea on feild wat to do creative for goals..thats what cost us vs Turky in terms of creativity.
    Depay knew the scouts and LVG were on stands and he wants to impress them ,he did excellently well.
    Willems is a fire,it can burn oppenent and same team as well as expected.
    Vrijil,kongolo,Bruma are doing really well .Van beek too,Vlaar is on decline and BMI is inconsistant and i dont trust him in defense..

  4. What I would like to see in next qualifers is more players getting selected who are playing outside of eredivise.Most probably we will be back to full strength com vs lativa but that doesnt mean that the team play in their shadows.we have to react now and take heed from these qualifers.

    1. we really need to establish our defenders. they need to play together as much as possible to form that bonding.De Vrij and BMI have played most games but yet the pair have not been able to form that efficient partnership. Bruma,Veltman and Vlaar also have played but non have stoodout for me.

      De Vrij seems to have improved significantly since joing Lazio but he is still often slow to react sometimes and if you see Yilmaz goal you will see how both him and BMI were caught out.we did not try more left footed CBs.


      Bruma-De Vrij

      De Vrij-BMI

      clearly we dont have natural LCB apart from BMI.Rekik and Kongolo could be an option.Van Dijik i
      has been playing at LCB for Celtic with BMI recent performance he should be given the nod.

      well If Belgium can give his team mate Jason Denayer a callup why cant NT do the same.Apparently Jason Denayer was given his first cap when he came on vs Israel after Vincent Company was Red Carded

  5. Veltman and BMI are just a disaster waiting to happen…like afellay up front..PLayers like Afellay,Narsingh,Wijnaldum are lesser intelligent players who requires time to take a decision on feil,But narsingh and Wijnalduma re strong and humble guys and Narsingh does lots of defensive work for kut previously doen for Orange…but the real issue is when it counts hiddink will agin bring Afellay,whom i thin idiot of a player who has no vision and intelligence.we have won every matches when we played with bruma with authority in defesne still he gets dropped for BMI,that really sucks..
    Klassen,toonstra,Clasie are head and shoulder above Afellay,fer and wijnaldum…still they get ignored…we get punished when drop a better player..
    i would like to see a 23 of
    First 11
    —————-Van ginkel—————
    Since Roben and Depay likes to dribbles in no use for Hunter or basdost…
    Second 11
    Van rhijn———————–Buttner

    Since Willems is liability in defense and RVP is always offiside to make up his lack speed and physical power we need Dost in center..
    Sorry i dont think Wjnaldum,Afellay,and many overrated guys has the intelligence to play for orange

  6. I think it will be the same old story with Kongolo and Sven Van Der Beek unless they get out of eredivise or more Europa games The second leg of Roma vs Feyenoord,both were rusty and were exposed conatantly.

    with PSV in CL next season and most likely dropping to EL,it wouls be intresting to see how Bruma and Rekik partnership turns out.But for a good outings they will need capable replacement for outgoing players mainly Depay and most probably Wijnaldum.

    jus like De Vrij is growing with confidence at Lazio,and with Lazio also in good position for CL.again Wesley Hoedt(LCB) would be intresting to see how he fares up at Lazio.

    Van Dijik unless he moves out of Celtic,I doubt he will be selected.

    LCB,LB,DM is a priority and with this season almost comming to end,the new season will hold a lot in terms of development of Dutch players.

  7. LVG is winning evrything with Manu now..reason is he is playing with out persie and demaria….had he done this earlier he wouldnt have lost the EPL.
    loyalty is good but it should not affcet team succcess thats wat happend with RVP inMANu..Demaria was over priced and LVg had to play him.But not anymore..i like the way players like YOung and Fellaini fought back in to team..
    Like this Hiddink must understand that very few balck and morrocan players has the intelligence to play in the level of orange..its anundeniable truth..Though do like the happy going guys liek Fer and wijnaldum,they also must be dropped for better ones..

    1. Tiju I usually just ignore your posts which can be so senseless… man if you really think a different skin color makes any difference for intelligence, or even just to play some football, then you are wrong. And indeed if that is what you are saying here, then I am asking you to please do not post that racist bullshit here again! If not, I am sorry if I have misunderstood you.

      But what are you even talking about!? Hahaha RVP plays under LVG every time if he is fit. di Maria is top class even if not good form at the moment. He’s playing his first season in a much different league, you will see he will improve. I would normally not bother to say anything to you in these things because for 5 or 6 years now I see that you never listen to anyone else.

      Anyways, I don’t mean you any harm or offense to you, so cool it on the name calling ok? Jtake it easy ok man?
      Have a nice day.

      1. FYI..i am black asian and Indian,I said truth..i have seen Brilliant black guys like TB joshua,TD jakes and Many…then i really i dont undrestand what u r saying,and wat s ur level of understanding..
        Go to stai of Manu with RVP this year..they virtually won every game with out RVP,statiscs doesnt lie,they play better cohesive unit when they play with OUt De maria.Go and check and follow the games before jumpng in it.I really dont like the attitudes of guys like Afellay,kishna etc,But i like the character of Wijnaldum,Fer etc.. i think u were far too slow to understand wat i said.

        1. It doesn’t matter what your own skin color is.

          BUT whatever color you are, IF you really think a different skin color makes any difference for intelligence, or even just to play some football, THEN you are wrong.
          If you can not understand this statement, it does not mean you do not know my level of understanding.
          If you do not understand this statement, it means only that you lack the understanding.
          And anyways I already know this Tiju Thomas, and I know you call yourself christian as well, is that right? Or do I have the wrong Tiju?
          (which I think is crazy since you act like such a bully)

          Anyways, I said only that if RVP is fit, then LVG starts him and I said that di Maria is top class, I said nothing about how Man Utd play… I dont care about Man Utd at all, only LVG, RVP and Daley Blind!

          Hahaha just like I said, you do not listen to what someone else has said and as usual you resort to name calling because you do not understand.

          1. Afellay is very white with little black hair,infact i was not just mentioning the colour,i was mentioning the geographical thing mostly.
            FYI,,No unfit players plays in any team,LVG play RVP only when he is fit,but the problem even with fitness RVP chokes week in week out for Manu,they lost many games to lesser teams..due to the favoritism of LVg to MANU.RVP or De maria are part of team and they are not bigger than that..i know that truth hurts and i no expecting an agreement with you….
            You cannt never ever compare with likes of Nesskens,Johan,etec to Elia,Afellay,promes etc etc….its an undeniable fact,Football is a simple game u cannt play it simple,u need very good intelligence to play it at high level,thats what these guys lacks though they are better skilled.

  8. For the sake of left foot if hiddink keeps on playing BMI,then its a sin to Bruma and national team.coz Bruma ,virjil and Vlaar can play over there,with kongolo..

  9. I think we have good options for midfield in the coming years. The main thing we need to let go is LVG’s traditional “one playmaker, one destroyer, one runner”. All modern teams these days play with players who can do all: score, give an assist, make the play, tackle, run, read the game.

    We all need multifunctional players in midfield. I believe Van Ginkel and Strootman are that. Clasie and Blind less so. Clasie has exceptional qualities though whereas Blind is very all round. Maher played strong for PSV again. Bazoer of Ajax is quite something. Wijnaldum and Fer are capable. Klaassen is great too. I don’t think Ake, Sinkgraven or any other untested name should be mentioned at this stage. Let them prove themselves at top level. Don’t forget: Anita was the key reason for Ajax wining the title some years ago and he didn’t make it at Newcastle Utd.

    1. really dont know where it all went wrong for Anita. was a hot prospect during Ajax days.shame he couldnt make it to the next Level at Newcastle.

      1. anita didnt the support as he deserved,Anita is a guys who can be moulded in to a beast of a player which Franc de beor showed,which was absent from Newcastle…otherwise he must have been a superstar before landing there.This happens with evry dutch talent,so only exceptinal could survive this,or else players must show shear determination and never give up mentality like OOiger showed for blackbrum rovers,kuyt did for pool..etc…or else they need a dutch coach in their club as head coach..
        Daley blind is lucky to join LVG,i hope Depay joins a dutch coach rather than a greedy coach..
        haD Vanginkel moved to MAnu with LVG he would have been a beast of a player now,Coach coaches makes players better,others just uses them as objects.except for Fergusion,simyone,Wenger,klopp type coaches

          1. If I remember correctly when Anita arrived at Newcastle he was in direct competition with Moussa Sissoko .At that time Cabaye, Cheick Tioté and Sissoko were Pardews first choice middle three. Sissoko was more robust in going forward and also in defending and for that reason Anita use to start of the bench. It was not until Cabaye moved to PSG and with the on going crisis with Ben Arfa, Pardew decided to move Sissoko upfront (CM) with Anita starting at DM.The move worked out for Sissoko but for Anita he jus couldn’t stamp his mark there like Sissoko use to do. I think Pardew gave have him enough game time to prove himself but he never lived up to expectation and with the arrival of Jack Colback, that was it for him

          2. thus he didnt suppport anita when it mattered,it doesnt make him crap,it says he is more selfish or his ideology on football is not that great…Sissoko was not great either,,Pardew is an average coach with short vision it seems.

          3. Tiju EPL is not eredivise where the coaches will rub your balls to make you play say sissoko is not a good player but yet he is the best player Newcastle has got now and he is also an intergal part of France midfield,then how can say he is not good.

            Look at Crystal Place under Ian Pardew now.they were on the brink of relegation and after his arrival they currently sit on 11th spot
            they beat Man City this morning but yet you say he is average.

            stop making bold comments ,get your facts right before you post.

          4. Arseanl made 15 million pounds bid for sissoko rejected by still think he is an average player. how much would Anita be worth now.

  10. I really like this Feyenoord squad. Anass Achahbar and Elvis Manu have really resurrected this team
    This squad needs to be in CL next year but I think they will narrowly miss out. well after Depays depature it has to be seen how PSV gonna fit out in his absence especially in CL.or whether it will be bus ride.

  11. Also Inter Milan are seeking a new forward, and –as revealed by are observing Feyenoord 20-year-old Anass Achahbar: the young player, whose contract with his current club will expire at the end of the season, is also a target for AS Roma.

  12. Inter milan wants to spoil another dutch talent….they tried their level best to spoil superman sneijder,if sneijder cannt survive their then how can Achabar or luuc castaginos????

  13. Elvis Manu is the next big forward in our squad, he has what it takes to be in the national team. He is fast, strong and can create danger out of nothing.

    I am happy about Van Ginkel but I’d say before him we’ve Blind, Wijnaldum, Clasie, Nigel, De Guzman, Klaassen and then…we’ve Van Ginkel but only if he performs week in week out.

    By the way Sneijder has been in amazing form for Galatasaray. He is not playing for a top club but he is shining and in the WC he shut some big mouths.

  14. Hey guys,

    Haven’t posted in a while. Given our current assortment of players (of which I am not including Strootman unfortunately), I’d like to see the following lineup (which has us deviating from 4-4-2):

    ———van Persie——–Dost—————-
    Blind——-De Vrij——–Vlaar—–Janmaat—

    Vermeer keeped very well against Spain but I still think Cillessen does better on the buildup.

    I put de Vrij at LCB even though he’s a right-footer because I simply think BMI is the weakest link in our current formation. Too many crucial mistakes and constantly exposed.

    While Blind is better at DCM, I think we need him as LB for lack of anyone better (I think he has the best balance between offense and defense).

    When Strootman is fit, he should play on Clasie’s spot. We need two guys in the middle of the pitch who can play the ball around fast.

    I like the addition of Dost up front. He adds length to the attacking line, can be played in with high balls, and adds a lot of danger on set plays. Playing with a second striker should help prevent Van Persie getting double or triple marked all the time.

    An alternative idea would be to put Blind at LCB and Willems at LB. I just think Willems, while great offensively, does not work well defensively. He and BMI were constantly overrun against Spain it seemed like.

    1. @wilsion..i think u need to have a definition for what is great and what is average…For me great are Bergkamp,cryuff,vaart sneijder,Roben persie etc…Sisokho is not a grate player might be a great humana being,Alan padrwew is good coach but when compared tp LVG,Klopp,Saachi,Cryuff he is nothing…thats what i pointed out,the best coaches makes a player better than he could ever be ..thats how i rate a coach…
      Vernon Anita was humble and great lad who lacked bit of confidence ..Pardew opted for more physical guys ,except Cabaye but i do agree that Cabaye was on another level compared to the rest..ur point is not the answer for my question and it is not related to my comment.its just a misunderstanding of my comment and my intention.
      Coaches doesnt rub the balls of the players to make them better,neither Pardew or LVG…

      1. @ Tiju aka Mr IQ 135, you are starting to stink now my Friend. Look at you, the point that was being discussed was about Anita and Sissoko under Ian Pardew. Look at you have gone all the way to compare Bergkamp,cryuff,vaart sneijder,Roben persie to Sissoko who has only 27 international caps to his name playing at DM. This jus shows that you IQ should be 1.35. can you pliz expalin under what circumstances you have compared sissoko to all Berkamp, sneijder and etc.The problem with you his you dont think,you jus wanna see the tip of the ice berg, whats underneath it you dont know.

        Sissoko can play all the position in the midfielder and as attacker and for that reason he is one of the most priciest assets for Newcastle right now. it is his talents which makes him a unique player and even though he doesn’t score much goals, his versatility when it comes to carrying ball on his feet due to his physical strength and setting up goals is the reason why a coach like Arsene Wenger was prepared to splash 15 millions pounds on him because he knew of those qualities .

        Now tell me something can sneijder or vaart or Robben play in all midfield positions but yet you want to compare him with them . all of them have different qualities but given Sissoko versatility in the midfield and attack,this is what makes him a unique talent which is incomparable to sneijder, Robben or vaart or who ever.

        Playing for average club doesn’t make you and average player it your talents that makes you a great player and that Sissoko has got it for this reason Anita is warming the bench at Newcastle and he is playing, it is simply as that. He will fit in at any top club regardless of great coach jus because of his individual brilliance.

        Pardew was a good coach with what ever he had on his plate, but after Cabaye and debuchy depature, the owners were reluctant to buy players of same caliber and for this reason he had a fall out and resigned and switched to crystal place. He didnt have the luxury of players and Financial benefits like LVG at Manu United or other top clubs. Look at Kloop at Dortmund now, with the departure of their top players what has happened to them. its not about coaches every time , it the quality of players at your disposal also matters which again depends on Financial status of clubs. look at Luis Enrique, he took over Barcelona, is he a great coach or is it the players making him a great coach of great team.

        But yet you fool want to comapre Ian Pardew with all those coaches who have the the luxury of top class players and owners who can spend millons on top players every year.

        Go and have a shower might ,will freshen your mind and please next time. Think hard before you write

          1. Theory henry was a great player so was Pele,but every one knows pele talks shit,at time Maradona too..So wats ur point…
            i am not surprised why u become fan of Afellay,Sissko kind of players and fan of Coaches like Pardew etc…
            PArdew is another David Moyes in every aspect…lets wait and see..
            By telling about bergakamp to LVG i was making u understand what is real great and waht is average,if u dont understand it its not my problem,u can develop ur understanding.

          2. Finally Man United has decided to offload Van Persie. All this while LVG was rubbing his balls and putting him in starting 11 with Rooney in the midfield while players like Fellani, Mata and Herrera were overlooked . look at them now ,in his absence they have rejuvenated Man United. Now if somebody says to me that this is Van Gaal super vision then I will simply go and suck him.

  15. @TIJU1234: I guess you also need a definition for what is great and what is average because Van der Vaart isn’t great and will never be great, he was an average player. He did nothing great with the national team.

    Now if you talk about Sneijder and Robben they are great yes they are because they’ve done amazing things with their clubs and with the national team.

  16. @Miguel,George best never played in WC,,is nt he is not great???…
    i will show the sign of a great player see this…
    Only a great player can score a goal of this beauty,this not a fluke long range shot,this is preceisly calculated goal like RVP scored vs Spain,
    Calculating the position of keeper and the movemnet of the ball,
    He carried Hambrug in his shoulder in his prime days they even played champions league,he PLayed for Real,Spurs etc…
    He was amazing when he played for NT,
    whever dutch beat a toug team,Vaart was crucial in all those games
    2004-2006 games vs Cezc republic,
    give me a break,,,he only got a as s sub in 2006 Wc,2010Wc and 2012 …so tell me why he is not great,He was merccurail and very great player…up there with sneijder and persie at least..

  17. @LVG is a loyal and honest coach who gave chnace after after to a an aged accomlished player like RVP,RVP got old and he was choking week in week out….finally and injury of RVP helped MAnu and LVG…Hatts off to the loyalty of LVG..but he should have replaced RVP long time ago..

    1. jus because he is a dutch. its not called loyal Tiju, it called being biased. What about Falcao and Di Maria. why no loyalty to them. he was virtually left exposed after RVP injury with Herrera, Fellani and Mata coming out with guns blazing in his absence. the thing is Alex Ferguson and company are are still watching LVG and the decision to offload RVP has come from the directors and not from LVG. If he would have never gone injured LVG would have stuck to him for life

      1. @Wilson u still dont get what i sid…i said about the loyalty of LVG inspite of repeat failure with RVP,i was crying out kick out RVP for the sake of team.

        1. leaving aside you cry,this is what I was saying about LVG being affective to only certain players,even from his NT days.If he was loyal he would have given Buttner the same LOYALITY as RVP,but no he wanted to show his LOYALITY to Blind

          1. LVG know Danny blind then comes Daley Blind,Buttner is a clear stranger to LVG,so what kind of Loyalty u r talking about???

          2. he is love/hate guy,either u r on LVg side or u r enemy of LVG,highly professional, and very strict with meticulous micromanagment style,Only intelligent layers can execute his idea,while RVP got old and had no stamina,that was RVP issue.Soon u will see De maria,Falco will follow the footsteps of Welbeck from Manu.RVP too due to his age and sluggish play.

          3. Tiju I agree with you on Van Persie being sluggish and his time coming to end at at MU.
            you are saying that LVG is a loyal and honest coach and for that reason he was persistent with RVP which is big crap.this is what happened,his highly professional,strict,meticulous and micromanagement style simply back fired and with RVPs injury LVG reliancy was total exposed when there was quality reinforcement in the backyard.jus look at how Hiddink was persistent with Afellay.Coaches have those intincts when they know the capabilities of players and that why they are usually persistent with them until when they finally realize that they are inconsistent or simply overrated.this is what has happened and in RVP case he dragged it too long overlooking
            Di Maria and Falcao who had returned from injuries. this is what you call being biased and rubbing balls in the wake of top class players struggling to perform and instead of focusing on them you dragg with overrated players.

            Well obviously Man United is looking at offloading Falaco and Di Maria to Fund Cavani and Depay.but watch them next season when they are back to their very best.

            when you say he was royal it jus gives u that vibe that the
            loyal coach was sublime at what he was doing when in fact his failure was fully exposed by ignoring and not to utilize players like Fellani,Mata and Herrera who made the loyal coac
            h taste his own medicine.Im pretty much sure that this will be big cross on his resume and if he does these loyal heroics again he will find him self out of the loyal door.

  18. I am satisfied with the period from March 28 to March 31.
    Holland-Turkey 1-1.Holland-Spain 2-0.It is better than Holland-Turkey 2-0 and Holland-Spain 0-6.(but 2-0 and 2-2(3) is better option..).not good to lose 0-5 to be resign.Hiddink has time to resign.Next match is against Latvia!Again.Dutch team finds rhythm!!
    -Friendly matches are USA(5 June) and finally Germany (17 November 2015).The whole world is waiting this gunfight!
    -The only dark spot is a match U21 France-Holland 4-1.Slovakia ,Georgia,Portugal x2 ,Germany,France..What is this?Halloween? I hope that this will not happen again with U19 in Greece.

    Holland-Turkey 1-1.Turks are parked bus .They know to play football and it is very difficult to break through that wall.It takes patience and patience and patience(spirit).Intelligence and intuition.You must feel when they can score the goal against you ..and even lure them to do so.These are the moments when you have chance to break their defense.
    After the match Cruyff wondered what was the problem in working with youth.I do not know…perhaps “too much technology” in their heads.Technology is great but it can to damage “spiritual computer” in a man .Intuition,”controlled wildness”..
    One of many training sessions for children could be : you have your goal I have my goal.One on one and who first reached five goals..ten minutes..etc.small space,small goal..(one of exercises for the development of the above what I am said)

    Ajax-Dniepro.You can see the good work and base..JC,Edvin,Overmars,Bergcamp,Frank .It reminds me on the level Ajax-Porto 1-2,2-4..1984,85,(?)never mind result.The question is what is target?To beat teams like Bayern,Barcelona,Real…or something else.
    Many people thinks that the Dutch players should go to a stranger leagues to learn to play better,be faster,stronger..It is an illusion.Example .Ajax 95.
    They only need experience .Learning about different mentality ..and it is learning about football too.and be in the right place.
    – Bas Dost. He is not yet incorporated in the Dutch rhythm but he disrupted the Turkish defense.

  19. @..Wilson
    there is no comparison between LVG and hiddink.LVG is too far high in my Book.hiddink is in delusion that shit player afellay wil deliver with his slow idiotic brain,
    As true professional LVg is ruthless and shows no merc in performance,but still eh stick with RVP…
    to work with LVg players needs to reach his level of thionking and philosphy…Neither u dont understand it and ur favorite player Ibrahimshitlley.
    Depay and many more dutch players are much more intelligent than De maria.its a fact…So i have no doubt LVG will win EPL next season with Hummels and Depay deal agreed…it goes with out saying
    buch of intelligent players playing as a battle unit..thats how his Ajax played Jaw dropping football in 1995
    LVG might be bad to de maria for a reason,but Falco case is bit unfortunate..

    1. Tiju the royal dump I was jus refering to coaches prefection towards players.
      comparing LVG and Hiddink,you jus keep proving ur selves

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