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Oranje stunned by French, stuns English…

What a week we had! We lost the greatest Dutchman of the last 100 years. The most famous Dutchman, actually. Step into any taxi on the planet and when the driver realises you’re from Holland, he’ll say some version of Cruyff’s name. “Croeff!” Or “Croif”. Or YohanKruf”. But they all talk about the number 14… […]

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JC cover

RIP Johan Cruyff: the founder of modern football

Still flustered by Johan’s passing. Expect more posts in the coming weeks… Also. leave questions about him or requests for topics…. “Johan Cruyff is, pound for pound, the most important man in the history of football”. In his 2011 book,Barça: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World, Hunter writes, “If the 175,000 FC […]

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Blind WC

Oranje back in action…..

If you start writing a post but don’t have time to finish it you can punished! The prelim squad becomes definite, new players come and existing players get injured… Never a dull moment. Please accept some “old” news in this post but I will make it current as I write (and you read) along…. Coach […]

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