A new beginning

Hello my friends!

At the beginning of this year, we all saw the news here on the site that Jan would not continue to bring his analysis, information and news, which we are used to following.

When I saw this news, I was very sad, because like each one of you, I became an unconditional fan of Jan’s work. I offered to help and it continues to bring you news, analysis and information about our beloved Dutch football.

In the next few days, we’ll start updating the site with news about everything involving football in the Netherlands.

But who is this that speaks to you?

My name is Tarcísio Neri, I’m Brazilian, but extremely passionate about Dutch football. I like Holland much more than Brazil, even though I’m Brazilian and even Brazil won five world titles, but I cried a lot in the 2010 World Cup final, when we lost that final to Spain. I’m 27 years old and in Brazil, I’m already working on Dutch football. I will leave a link at the end of this text so that you can learn a little more about our work.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that football only promises us one thing, the next game. Only that.

And it is with this hope that we can, together, see our Dutch national team champions of the world and the Dutch clubs once again gaining even more space on the European stage, that I assume this mission of updating each of you with the most recent news of our football. Dutch.

In the coming days, we will also disclose the social networks of our website, so that you can continue to follow us on absolutely all platforms.

And finally, I ask for a little patience with me, as I am improving my English, so if you find any errors in writing, let me know, I will be very happy and grateful.

Strong hug to all.

My job in portuguese: https://futebolholandes.com.br/

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  1. Welcome aboard, Tarcisio. Looking forward to future blog posts. Just perused your Dutch Football blog. Really good article on Andries Noppert post WC. I think he could be on the move but likely in the Summer as not many top clubs are in search for a keeper (save for Bayern Munich who lost Neuer to injury over the holidays)

  2. Welcome Tarcisio. Thank you for taking this on and continuing to provide a place for us to gather. I visited your blog, as well, good stuff. Looking forward to your stewardship.

  3. Hello Tarcisio. Appreciate you taking on the blog which apparently has become part of many die-hard Dutch fans here. Really glad the blog will continue to exist and the sharings continuing.

    1. Andrew this guy Danjuma has poor work rate.. He is not pressing much.. Coaches of modern day doesn’t like that.. So its no wonder.. He is a talented finisher if he increase workrate like Depay did, he is going to be a monster… But so far he is not helping himself…

    2. He has many injuries in the second year. Villa Real is not in good shape. He looked like a shadow of himself last year. I hope he can come back and prove his worth.

  4. @ Andrew

    3 teams are after danjuma and that is the reason why he is being used sparingly. The coach for villareal are preaparing for his departure and aftermath

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