Analysis Oranje failure to qualify

Let’s look at the way we had to operate during qualifications.

And allow me to first draw your attention of the Pre-Qualification period.

1. WC 2014

Van Gaal decided to change the 4-3-3 tactics of Oranje drastically, to not get obliterated by the likes of Spain, Mexico et al at the Word Cup in Brazil. He worked diligently to get his players to get this game plan under their belt.

It didn’t work too well. Oranje’s best results came when he abandoned 5-3-2 at half time to play 4-3-3. The key thing for us though, was the quality of players like Robben, Vlaar, Sneijder and Memphis. We also got a bit lucky. Spain had a 2-0 opportunity (Silva), Australia had a massive chance to 2-3 which they missed and Oranje was given a soft penalty later in the tournament (was it Mexico?). The Costa Rica game, we couldn’t put to bed and we didn’t create much vs Argentina.


Our 3rd spot was achieved thanks to Germany’s trashing of Brazil earlier on. The home team looked dazzled and rattled and gave up after Holland’s quick goal.

Coming out of the World Cup, several players made big moves to Portugal, Italy and England. Highly disruptive in the flow of a player. And most players would focus fully on their club, once back in action for qualifications so early in the season against less attractive opponents in less attractive circumstances. It happened to us, to Spain, to Germany, Italy and Portugal too.


I do believe we were quite complacent too. We reached #3 at the World Cup and entered a qualification group that many felt was impossible not to win. This was subconsciously taken into the game. “We can play on 80% as we are Holland. No way Iceland can beat us!”. That sort of thinking. I’m sure players will deny this but I am positive this played a part too.

2. Guus Hiddink vs Louis van Gaal

After Van Gaal’s straightjacket approach, the KNVB in their glorious wisdom, decided to go totally the other way, appointing Loose Guus to manage Oranje. He also was instructed to return to 4-3-3. As a result of massive criticism from the media, fans and ex-players. In the Italy friendly, this failed and as the Czechs also play 5-3-2, Hiddink decided to go back to 5-3-2 for the first qualifications game. He couldn’t use the same team as Van Gaal used though and the team never looked like the Brazil team in execution. Danny Blind was caught between a rock and a hard place. Danny is a Van Gaal adept and uses analysis and thorough preparation, like Louis, while Guus is more a “enjoy yourselves out there” kinda coach. Body language of the two sharing the bench at times was telling…



3. Available Players

Czech Republic away

Against the Czechs, Hiddink missed key players from the World Cup. Vlaar and Robben were both missing. We played alright, created chances but failed to score more than one. And Janmaat had that atrocious back header in the last minute which cost us the draw. (Hiddink punished Janmaat immediately for this, which didn’t go down well in the squad. A faithful soldier who played well for Oranje was axed for one mistake… The players who failed to score up front were not held accountable).

Nederlands tegen Tsjechië

Kazachstan home

A must win game. And we did. Not pretty, but who cares (especially now). Afellay and Van Persie scored and Afellay had the assist on Huntelaar (Tiju, paying attention??). No Janmaat, but Van der Wiel. No Vlaar either. Robben was back, as was Lens. Martins Indi played alongside De Vrij.

Iceland away

In October, playing in Iceland… Not a lot of inspiration. But, despite conceding (WC2014 hero De Vrij giving the spot kick away) Holland had opportunities to score. But didn’t. One Arjen Robben for instance, missed a good chance. A dead ball situation (back then already…. nothing new under the sun) gave Iceland the 2-0. We tried to get back into the game but couldn’t. This game was played with most of our top guns available: Robben, Sneijder, De Jong, Hunter, Van Persie but without Vlaar still. Clasie, Klaassen and Memphis are not to blame for this loss (TIJU!!!)

ijs uit

Lithuania home

6-0 win. Huntelaar, Van Persie, Robben, Sneijder all in good form. Good goals. You will be happy to know that Clasie, Memphis, Afellay were all involved in this game. Van der Wiel played again, for Janmaat and Bruma played for Martins Indi.

Turkey home

A draw, after conceding yet again. A late Sneijder shot, deflected by Huntelaar got us the point. Memphis and Afellay played the whole match. Van der Wiel and Martins Indi in defence. Nigel de Jong, the captain in midfield according to Hiddink, got subbed and would later on be silently phased out by the same Hiddink.

turk thuis

Lithuania away

Tough but decent win away, with Wijnaldum and Narsingh scoring for Oranje. No Robben again, no Vlaar. Daley Blind in midfield. Van Persie with Huntelaar in the team. More tinkering… Janmaat coming back in the team as a sub. Van der Wiel still in starting line up.

4. Hiddink out!

With only 4 games to go (and in need of at least two if not more wins), the KNVB decides to stop working with Hiddink. The experienced coach doesn’t get on with Van Oostveen. Hans Jorritsma, team manager and as such reporting to Hiddink, plays a double agent role. The three meet to talk about their differences in Hiddink’s Spain home and the end result is Hiddink being sacked, with Daley Blind thrown in the deep to secure a Euro spot. The home game vs Iceland is next up, in September 2015. Basically, early in the new season and as per usual, some players haven’t settled in yet… Martins Indi and Van der Wiel in particular didn’t see a lot of action.

exit guus

Confidence was low at this stage. Some of our top players were struggling. Van Persie wasn’t happy. Van der Vaart disappeared. Martins Indi lost his spot. Memphis was struggling. The soul was gone from the team. The belief was gone. Guus Hiddink demonstrated this in his post match interviews, where he looked lost.

Danny Blind had to gamble.  Four games to go, four victories needed. He decided to go with players who are used to big occasions and puts Robben on a pedestal. Sadly the more experienced lads disappointed and Robben blew his engine up.

Iceland home

Arjen Robben is all pumped up as new skipper to lead Oranje to victory. In 33 minutes, all changes. The Bayern winger is too pumped up and tears a muscle. Martins Indi gets provoked by an Sighthorsson (Feyenoord vs Ajax)  and retaliates and gets red. Holland creates opportunities but lacks belief so it seems and poor Van der Wiel has an error that leads to a penalty. In this game we lost Robben and we were already without Vlaar, Van Persie and Afellay. Van der Wiel played as Afellay wasn’t available and Van Rhijn was no longer starting for Ajax. Tete was spotted as top talent but considered too early to call up. Oranje struggled in the matches with eleven players, in this game with 10 (for an hour) it simply was too much…

robben ijsland thuis

Turkey away

The pressure is on. We copped an early goal again, in a must-win game. And again Blind needed to make changes. Bruma came in, Riedewald made his debut and Robben wasn’t fit to play either. Turkey scores after a brilliant through pass. Holland’s team dynamics and pressure doesn’t work. Not much later, Narsingh gets a similar chance as Turkey and he misses… Memphis creates a tremendous chance for Klaassen who misses. Memphis finds Van Persie who offers Sneijder an amazing shooting opportunity but the Gala midfielder aims right at the goalie. Three good opps, none taken. Then Blind makes an error and Cillesen looks horrible when Turan scores the 2-0. De Vrij leaves at half time with knee injury. Memphis creates another chance for Oranje in the second half. An unmarked Wijnaldum can score with his head, but uses his shoulder. Memphis is hacked down again by Turk with yellow. Ref doesn’t care but should have given a red. Luuk de Jong misses big chance as well and late in the game, Turkey scores their third after a foul committed by Caner.

turk nl uit

Kazachstan away

A must win game for Oranje and we do. Again, lots of changes: Krul, Tete, Van Dijk, Riedewald, El Ghazi and Huntelaar are in. Artificial pitch. Holland attacks and has a good phase. Memphis and Blind combine well but the winger misses. Wijnaldum scores not much later. Sneijder scores a beauty in the second half after a wonderful passage of play. El Ghazi has a wonderful chance to 0-3 but misses.  Oranje has to win and wins, in a sometimes pretty good performance.

Czech Republic home

Zoet in goal as Cillesen and Krul are out. Riedewald, Tete, Bruma and Van Dijk are back four. Probably never had a back four consistently for two games and 1,5 years after Brazil we play with a totally different defensive line. El Ghazi for Robben again and Huntelaar instead of Van Persie again. The Czechs have qualified already, and you can tell. They play really well. But, counter attacking style. Inviting Holland in. Memphis with first opportunity, Oranje has good start. But the game is slowed down too much and Sneijder sits deeper and deeper. Van Persie is warming up as Holland needs more creativity and pace. Our defence fails twice. Incl Zoet. He didn’t look good with the 0-1 and the whole defence failed for the 0-2. Van Dijk and Zoet aren’t dealing with cross. Czech’s get red card for tackle on Memphis. Van Dijk very close to scoring. Tete is one of the few decent players. And to add insult to injury, Van Persie scores own goal. The same van Persie deserves a penalty later but is denied. Huntelaar and Van Persie get Oranje back into the game, 2-3 but we needed more but we didn’t get more.

rvp own goal

Everything that went right for us in Brazil, went wrong in this qualification campaign. Injuries, bad luck, bad decision making, loss of form. So many chances missed, so many unlucky and unlikely situations. Van Persie own goal, Sneijder missing chances, Memphis missing chances, penalties conceded but never received, etc etc… As if the Devil had a say in it.

5. Perfect Storm

Overall, we also lack quality. If quality is defined as a the total requirements to play top football. Sure, technique, they all have. They all have tactical smarts. But leadership, desire, mentality, physical presence…this is where we lacked the most.

Add it all together – wrong coach, wrong tactics, individual mistakes, key players missing, no team dynamics – and even the best football nation can lose against Iceland and Turkey.

guus balt

Something to add here, is the pretty crucial element: our lack of European top clubs. In the past, coaches were always able to draw from the key players of good performing clubs. Most teams in the 1970s and 1980s used Dutch players. When Ajax and Feyenoord ruled Europe in the early 70s, Michels used the top players from both teams in Oranje. They both played 4-3-3, no sweat. In the early 80s, the coach tried it with the AZ Alkmaar top players (Peters, Jonk, Tol, Kist, Hovenkamp) and in the mid 90s Guus Hiddink went with the Ajax talent pool. That effect slowly died out. But today you’ll find that Spain is making use of the Barca framework, which enables Spain to have a recognisable playing style, just like Germany has Bayern Munich and Italy have Juventus. England has a couple of top teams, mostly with non English lafs and hence, there is your England hangover. The Dutch have failed to impress in Europe at club level for some time, with this season a notable exception with PSV doing well in CL. For this reason, lots of people push Blind and his staff to go with the PSV skeleton for Oranje. Zoet, Bruma, Willems, Propper, Van Ginkel, to be supplemented with top players from other clubs like Sneijder. Robben, Bazoer, Van Dijk and Tete for the remaining spots. Obviously, some people believe the combination Willems, Propper, Luuk de Jong should be utilised. But this PSV core might well drift apart. Van Ginkel is still owned by Chelsea, Willems and Bruma might make a move and Luuk de Jong might lack real quality… The fact that Dutch clubs underperform in Europe will definitely have its impact on Oranje. But that is a fact of life. For now.

The good thing is, the Euros will be over and done with in 4 weeks or so. It will be history. And we will be facing Sweden without Zlatan, who will have trouble getting worked up for the qualifications so soon after the Euros. While Holland will pull a “Czech Republic”. We will want to eat the opponent and we will start our flow with a good solid win over the Swedes.



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  1. Spot on as always Jan.

    The recent friendlies have provided something positive to ponder about. Noticeably, Bruma-VVD partnership, emergence of Jansen, Strootman’s successful return, Wijnaldum’s knack of scoring goals, etc.

    And I am not sure but it looks like that Blind has finally managed to stamp his authority and have brought a sense of unity in the team, which is very important.

      1. For some reason I believe that that WAS Dick Advocaat’s impact on general game improvement….But that is just my personal opinion.

  2. Jan I see why you had to come up with post. Like the way you have documented which specifically addresses to that farter whose verbal diarrhea always stinks on this blog.back to business.

    I think I did mention this earlier,the first half of the qualifiers was OK and also if Hiddink would have stayed back who knows NT could have jus made it.the pressure was there on Blind after Hiddinks departure,injuries,some of the players in blink of a eye lossing their form,wholesome changes and the second half of the qualification become a disaster.

    I think the transfer market again is looking good for dutch players.I hope with consistence and experience more players will be called up and can be tested.there is still room for improvement.these friendlys should not taken for guaranted that NT is back on track. Looking for the upcoming games.

    1. “”I think I did mention this earlier,the first half of the qualifiers was OK and also if Hiddink would have stayed back who knows NT could have jus made it.””””””””..No you are very wrong as usual…very wrong ..very stupid assumption..
      Danny Blind exactly played the same teams which hiddink played…only late addition was Vrigil vandijk…We hardly created anything with the absence of Roben..Defense was pathetic with BMI and weil..
      Now the total players is been changed and results are coming….Team is getting balanced..Vicroies and team work will come…if Blind keeps dropping the players i mentioned..
      Hiddink was a big mistake by were his slecetion of players…We paid penalty for way we could say Bert van marwijk was lucky that he got prime years of Vaart,Roben,RVP,Sneijder.these exceptional candidates were saving him from every game.We won all games due to individual skills..Hiddink would have done better than Bert …yes hiddink missed such players..
      RVP was very poor for Manu after WC2014…Vaart was not playing,Snijder and Roben were struggled with injury after 2014…thats natural they are all above 30…it happens..Hiddink was clueless about team with out world class talent…

      1. God you are full of yourself. “If Blind keeps dropping players I mentioned…”

        I wonder if you even took the time to read the post. I don’t think you, as you never respond to anything in there, nor do you ever acknowledge the posts I put up. I am not waiting for your compliments, but most people start their posts commenting on something in there. Whether Latvia vs Lithuania, or “I agree” or “I don’t agree”.

        You just start ranting about you are the guru and Hiddink/Blind/Advocaat/Van Gaal are all idiots. Gimme a break!!

        The players you are referring to are players who almost beat Atletico in CL, who won the Eredivisie title and become top scorer, who almost reached the WC finals…

        If a player can hold his own vs Spain but makes a dumb mistakes against Iceland, it doesn’t mean he is rubbish immediately.

        You claim you like Oranje but I don’t think you do. You seem to feed off negativity. When all was good, it was Kuyt who needed to be axed and now you have a new enemy.

        I’m sure you cheered when Afellay scored for us? Or when Memphis had an assist?

        I keep repeating myself but I would like to scream at you: we had opportunities to win vs Czechs away, we had chances to win Iceland away. We had chances to win Turkey at home. This team could have easily qualified if things just dropped differently.

        For me, it was a perfect storm: post WC blues, fitness issues, wrong coach/system, bad luck.

        Once Hiddink was sacked, something broke. I give kudos to Blind to take it on, well aware that failure would mean 1000s would scream for his head.

        Also, winning pre-Euro friendlies doesn’t mean shit.

        The Poland, Austria etc players would never give 100%. You can see Spain and Germany struggling too in these friendlies. Players hate them two weeks before a big tournament.

        1. @Jan it was just a reply to wilson…Who agaisnt LVG and supports Hiddink..wilson who supports Afellay and hates Daley Blind….So its just beacause of it…
          I read the article full and i didnt had any disagreement..So had nothing to comment against..Some people gets really annoyed when things go according to the way i said..its really makes them pissing off..but i really enjoy it.they think they are football pundits and others are fool..So they dont diagest it..
          Just look at the team how different current 11 is from Hidddink… says i was right i dont need certificate from anyone for that..i am not guru or anything..i dont rate coaches like Hiddink,Bert over LVG…i do understand that Danny is following LVG footsteps…infact Danny has dropped almost every players i wanted to …if Danny has eyes he will also see the problem…i am waiting…

          1. The players you are referring to are players who almost beat Atletico in CL, who won the Eredivisie title and become top scorer, who almost reached the WC finals…
            Only Narsingh i spoke against who was a crap aginst Athletico..
            WC2014…Vangaal had to hide BMI…and kuyt saved us every one saw it…RVP past his prime,so which player i spoke against????be clear..look at the way those players played for their club…they were all shit.
            “”You just start ranting about you are the guru and Hiddink/Blind/Advocaat/Van Gaal are all idiots. Gimme a break!!””””
            This is fantasy statement let me be clear i always supported LVG.Advovcate i like for his principle..Hiddink i dont rate high..Blind i am just neutral…only thing i am concenred about him he should not select his son just coz he is his i am ok with him…he has litterly dropped every player i wanted to only Virgil plays.i think Vrigil has not faced a agile fast forward in i am waiting for the time.

          2. Tiju March 31, 2014 at 5:36 am
            if we drop snijedr for WC we have better chance for WC ,trust me on this,it might seems idiotic,and sense less for one diamentional football fans,Mark my words its going to be true.we would be better of with out kuyt,sneijder…

          3. wilson March 30, 2014 at 8:50 pm
            Tiju…..personally Kuyt is one players that I feel should really dont be in the squad to Brazil. he will jus be occupying a extra sit

  3. In case you are wondering about the top pic. In Germany, Netflix has posters out that say “In case you are sad that Orange isn’t in the Euros, you can watch this orange on our channel”…. 🙁

    1. I was trying to work that poster out, now I know and it hurts!
      It’s hard to disagree with anything in this post Jan, I like the “Perfect Storm” analogy, but getting ready to watch the Euro’s is pretty depressing knowing that there is no Orange in the crowd! To make matters worse I flicked on to a doco about 1974 WC this morning, those darn Germans!

  4. @ Tiju

    “Jan it was just a reply to wilson…Who agaisnt LVG and supports Hiddink..wilson who supports Afellay and hates Daley Blind….So its just beacause of it…”

    Again this farter is trying to twist his way around? I have always justified my criticism,whether its a player,coach or a anyone for that matter who is associated with NT.

    I have said this so many times LVG is to stubborn and look at him now. If he doesnt think you are good enough then you are not.this was his biggest down fall at Man United. He wanted to
    Build his own empire but unfortunately stumbled himself while trying to build it. This is constructive critism and not about whom I like or not. I like Hiddink simply because he is down to earth man and gives players chances to prove themselves.I mean he has proved this again at Chelsea after taking over Mou. The qualifiers was totally different story.As other have said there was a lot of things that cobtributed to the downfall of NT but it is your dump brain that is clogged.

    Also there was time when Memphis was no 1 on list. (Psv days). Its after he moved to man united that you have started singing different tune.

    This is what you do when somebody plays good its like you like sucking him and if that same player doesn’t live up to expectation after sometime you disguise him as you have never sucked him before.

    Go and dig up you old fart posts and compare it with what you are writing now. Only then you will see you reflection in the mirror.

    1. @Wilson…You keep SU##KIng Hiddink,Afellay,Buttner,De roon,Ruud Vormer,Hoedt etc….do keep it up…
      keep oppose players who are doing really good like Daley Blind etc etc…i dont mind it..
      In my book hiddink is always underacheived in orange he could do anything with an LVG built Ajax team…a Wonderful excellent Generation of Debosers,bergkamps,overmars,stam…he was spoiler in orange for me…..
      So was bert van marwijk…he just wasted the mercurial goal scoring generation succumbed to a spanish team and humiliation in EC due lack of grooming of younger players…
      LVG was unlucky to certain injuries in 2002,he had to face 2 strongest team in europe at that point of time but he was almost there in WC2002.May be little arrogance like micmacarthy said..i dont know..
      i have seen Afellay,Depay are given plenty of chances to NT,Both had nothing special to show for NT..they couldnt help us to beat Iceland,turkey and Cezc…So i am not counting in them…they are just benefitters of our class players who carries the team always..When star ones got injured we got sucked….thats what is said…

      1. i like too see evry one tested in NT based on Club performance it includes Depay or Afellay or anyone…If they dont perform forget them and look for another one simple…

        1. both were stronger than Germany and Italy at least at that ate Gemany and schooled italy..still cannot forget bloody italy victroy in EC2000 semi…portugal was semifinalist of WC and EC..Irlenad had mighty Roy keane and Co..are u smoking anddrew??

          1. @Tiju, So, if I don’t agree with you, I am on hallucinogens. Good to get that out of the way.

            No question Portugal had arrived as a pretty good team by 2004; they made it to the finals of the EC (in their own country). The WC semi-final you speak of was in 2006. But it is a hard sell to make that they were one of the two strongest teams in Europe in 2002. The USA beat them and knocked them out in the group stage. Germany made it to the finals. A number of other European teams progressed beyond the group stage.

            That Ireland was one of the two best teams in Europe in 2002 is an even harder sell.

            There is no need to make up excuses for LVG or to belittle Hiddink’s achievements. Both have had long, admirable careers. But both, as with any manager who coached at the top for as long as those two have, are going to have spells where it just didn’t work for them. With the team Oranje had in 2002, they should have qualified for the WC. They didn’t. That falls to a certain extent on LVG.

            btw: If you decide that your best response is going to be nothing more than another personal insult, please save it.

    2. Oh, TIJU got a new name “farter”. Prior to that he was called a “dick head”…this is just getting funnier and funnier.

      I remember one guy in this blog,his name was Laurent and I believe he was French. He was also against everybody in this group. Sadly he just disappeared….

  5. Austria,Poland(friendly)…Portugal,Germany,France,Italy,Spain etc top teams against Holland …They are always looking for “stumps” in the Dutch team(so they say) to take advantage of this . ..I think ,slow players,weak one on one,lost in the space…( it does not matter how smart they are,how well read the game …-but if someone can cover their weaknesses they are gold)..
    See a goal Iniesta in the final match 2010 ….In the beginning of the action (in one moment) four Dutch players were unable to stop a Spanish player …..

    Poland and Austria have tried the same tricks ..Unsuccessful .Dutch players were good individually and collectively ,one on one ,fast ,good combinations ……OK it is just stupid friendly match but I am enjoyed…

    Secondly..the balance is a key word …Balance is “the metaphysics of the game”…for that reason game is interesting …What is it ?Long story(?) and who knows what is it ..Perhaps it is the nearest mental thinking but does not have to be( Cruyff thought probably :mental thinking and ball possession ….how catch this fucking balance to be a winner ….

    Netherlands had better team in WC74 than in WC 78,10…but Dutch teams WC 78,10 they had better balance ..(in the final matches )
    PSV is weaker than Barca,Bayern(probably) but PSV had better balance against Atletico Madrid…
    A trap against Sweden(442),Bulgaria… could be here something like against Ireland,Iceland,Turkey…

  6. Tiju, 9.6.2016: “WC2014…Vangaal had to hide BMI…and kuyt saved us every one saw it…”

    Tiju, 5.8.2012: “kuyt-32,slow ,lack of skills,an ok stamina”
    Both were facts,,,wats new in it>>>??
    Sneijder was pretty unfit and were overweight….towards end of April he became fit with a boxing trainer or so…that was really unexpected by such out of shape player..he was ok in WC,
    I thought as usual kuyt was playing to be striker,instead kuyt played DM/LB/RB under brilliant LVG..Not like fool Bert did..

          1. To clarify:

            1) You’re wrong about Kuyt. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Again and again. By your own admission. It’s impossible for Kuyt to “save us” at the World Cup (!) when he “lacks skills.” There’s no reconciling the two points of view.
            2) This is a fan site for the Dutch team. It’s no place to belittle national heroes. And if you think Kuyt isn’t up there in the pantheon of Dutch players for a lot of reasons, including his “skills,” you need to get help.
            3) Name-calling and insults? Really?
            4) Repetition. Give it a rest, please?
            5) This isn’t your blog. Show some respect, or leave. It’s the only courteous thing to do.

          2. No i was not wrong about kuyt,i believed he best suited in defense than offence though he was not a master defender..kuyt was best for Nt when played as RB/LB and DM under LVg in hi whole career…
            2006 RVN sacrificd for kuyt we sucked
            2010 Vaart sacrificed for kuyt we Sucked
            2012-kuyt did nt play at all still Afellay,Bommel screwed us–Yet again vaart and strootman sacrificed for Bommel,afellay..
            2014–We over acheived kuyt played were he belonged to…if that was done in 2006/2010 we would have won both WCs who knows.We were a spectacular team.No team would not have been able to withstand our attack..i still consider it as underacheivement..

          3. >2010 Vaart sacrificed for kuyt we Sucked

            We sucked in 2010?

            You’re delusional, Tiju. I’m sorry for you.

  7. Hahah good stuff goldstone!
    As if anyone needed more reason to ignore them… not that I have been able to avoid getting sucked in 😉

    1. Gladstone I meant what I said. Realistically look at what happened after WC,kuyt retired and it all went down the drain in terms of transition from Van Gaal to Hiddink.If you are implying that there was no other player who could have done the the same job as what Kyut did then I think you have lost the plot here. Kyut was selected in the forwards and I don’t think even Van Gaal would have thought he will use him in the midfield or as wingbacks until he started there vs Chile. you can call it luck or master stroke, Van Gaals sub was spot on through out the tournament, Depay vs Australia,Huntelaar vs Mexico,Fer and Depay vs Chile until vs Argentina where non of the subs were influential. Even if kyut wouldnt have been there Van Gaal would have still come up with something as he did through out the tournment.The team was structured around three defender,De Jong and Robben and the rest were there to make up numbers and anchor the team. Even Van Persie after that Spain game was lethargic and was subbed often.

      I said this back then and I’m saying this again as usually Van Gaal was too self centred and did not give much consideration of what was to come after the WC simply because the door at Man United was open waiting for him and after strootmans injury it was clear that he was in a race against time. This is a very important lesson for the KNVB to learn from. What Van Gaal did at the world cup,he should have done it during the qualifications,build the team around a good 27-30 player but he chose to build the team around Strootman,Sneider and Robben. ( the big three) but look what happened after strootman injury.

      You also look at that WC squad and the current squad now. Only Blind and Wijnaldum are notable full time players.

      1. This why I always say when players are doing exceptionally well for their club they should be called up. It should be about. Where they play but how they play.this is what Danny and Dick should do.rotate the team around a good 24-27 players with only Robben on stand by.

      2. orange played best when we coverted to 433 from in WC….LVG just mixed quality players + energetc players to get balance…
        Quality RVP,snijedr,Roben,Nijel supported by energetic Blind,kuyt,Wijnaldum,deguzman….
        Defense was well structured and lead by Vlaar and Devrij…Playing kuyt at LB,RB DM was a masterstroke…People say we overachived in WC2014.i mean when kuyt played his real position…i would say we underachived in 2006,2008, kuyt played as forward sacrificed Vaart…Which is black chapter in history..i can forget 2008 as RVP and Roben were injured..2006 and 2010 had no excuse..

  8. spend short time for the coach, at the moment we have 4 in list of top manager but noone of them interested with Orange national team

    Van Gaal, Koeman, de Boer, Cocu

  9. -We have some potential to be top coach such as Kluivert, Nisteroy, Seedorf, Hassenbank, Stam, Bronkhort, Berkhamp, Winter but not now they still need more challenges for their career path.

    – We should forget someone like Rijkaard, Gullit, Marwijk, Hiddink, Basten, Advocaat,Martin Jol, Co Adriaanse.

      1. I will put him in potential list not in top list as he just had 1 successful season with Utrecht not like Cocu & de Boer they have proved their talents with people in the world.

  10. Gregory Van Der weil is in Rome negioating his possible transfer to Roma. There is something about this guy that always strikes me. He always fits in big clubs but come NT he jus goes neutral.

  11. Everton singed Koeman, this is very good new for us maybe he will develop new team like the way he did for Southamton, he will ask the boss to give him money to buy some dutch talents, especially he has very good relationship with former club Feyenood, so will not be surprise if Vilhena or Kongolo or Karsdorp or van Beek appear at Goodison Park stadium next season. 🙂

    1. Rates become so high now a days..MANu just preparing 100M for pogba only….it has shooted up liek anything..too bad for football.Too much business…

  12. Yes big step up for Koeman as Everton have very ambitious plans and quite large budget. It can turn out as beneficial for the Dutch NT if he attracts a couple of players to Everton.

  13. Cocu is bloody hell of coach in making….Giovani is not bad too….From last generation only koeman is the last man standing…Era of Advocate,hiddink and LVG are at retirement stage..

  14. Calm down “hitlerjugends”.I did not knew that Jan is chameleon …(my fault) .And this blog is your house not not mine..Respect ,sorry and sorry and goodbye

  15. Southampton really needs to sought out who their next coach would be as soon as possible and whether it will be in their best intrest to let star players leave.this could also have a major impact on there Europa League outings.

    Koeman is eyeing Froster to be his stopper at everton.Pochettino wants Wanayama and both Liverpool and Man United are trying to move for sadio mane.

  16. Albania playing,Wales won..Hungary playing We are watching at home…we had plethora of overrated players played in ECQ for us none could take us there..Hope Blind stick with the players he recently selected with only open doors for few players such as Ake,Hendrix,kongolo,Mensah ,Roben and sneijder..

  17. Pretty naive IMO if anyone blames the players or the player selections as the only reason why there is no oranje at these euros, especially when Jan has laid such a thorough analysis above..

    Here was our average lineup through these EC qualifiers (based on starts):

    1 – Cillessen (Krul, Zoet)
    3 – Blind (Riedewald, Willems)
    4 – BMI (Bruma)
    5 – de Vrij (van Dijk, Veltman)
    2 – van der Wiel (Tete, Janmaat)
    6 – N de Jong (Blind, Klaassen)
    8 – Wijnaldum (Sneijder, Afellay)
    10 – Sneijder (van Persie)
    11 – Robben (Narsingh, El Ghazi, Afellay)
    9 – Huntelaar (van Persie)
    7 – Memphis (Lens, Afellay)

    Would anyone have chosen over these players over the best sides of Iceland, Czech Rep or Turkey ahead of the qualifiers?

    1. then why they lost ????then why we are winning now???offocousre team chemistry plays a big role..hardly 2/3 players among these played in last victorious games…
      i think selecting the right players are basics i mean pure base of building…its like building blocks…then u add systems,tactics,mentoring etc…or if select lesser quality block for building it will get break and cannt sustain pressure….So it basics…

    2. Pals: You seem to suggest that Iceland and Turkey are some great football powers! Please! The Dutch squad has been in transition–but the coaches have taken too long, IMO, to field a cohesive, effective squad. Too man changes, no consensus on who the best players were outside of injured Robben and Strootman. And, ultimately, they picked the wrong players, which combined with the injuries and bad luck ruined the EC qualifying effort. It is understandable why we would not have a great team in qualifying–but the Dutch should never lose to Iceland, much less twice.

      1. No, as I said I messed up my last sentence… if I could edit, it would say:

        Would anyone have chosen the best sides of Iceland, Czech Rep or Turkey over the players which we used against them (above)?

        And I did not mean to suggest any opinion with it, honestly curious.
        If I answer my own question, I think no. I think that even the aging, out of form, weakened 11 which we used should have qualified.

        I agree with what have added, but not your assumption of what you think I was trying to suggest, or the dramatic ‘please!’ before you knew.

  18. Did you guys watch Turkey playing Croatia? I have never seen such a poor side in cup finals. How did Turkey eliminate Holland? It is unbelievable that sides like Turkey or Northern Island are there and we’re not. Coaches and the whole KNVB needed to get fired for such pathetic results.

  19. Meanwhile, in the 21st century, where we can watch games simultaneously on tvs, laptops, iPads, cellphones, smart watches and whatnot, Brazil gets thrown out of the Copa America by … yet another a hand goal.

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