Dutch resilience with Feyenoord and Ajax victories

Note: I don’t get to post pictures like this often, ok? Please let me enjoy this 🙂

Have we turned a corner? Even slightly? After a dreary period of Dutch club football (and a shorter dry spell for the NT) both Oranje and Dutch club football seems to be making their way up again.

Overall, Ajax missed a huge opportunity vs Rostov to get back into CL football. A couple of reasons: 1) signing Peter Bosz as head coach, 2) being too frugal with funds.

Bosz is known to be a head strong football idealist, who was signed by Ajax for that reason: strong philosophy, able to build attacking teams. On the downside: he needs time and he will not budge to change his ways just for the result.

Vs Rostov, he gambled and lost. Not just the game, he lost 15 mio euros for the club and lots of prestige.

As a result, the fans demanded something. And they got what they wanted (and Bosz didn’t need): Hakim Ziyech.

With the Moroccan playmaker, Ajax will have a chance in the Eredivisie to get back on top but lots of work needs to be done to make Ajax great again. They have the Academy, they have Bosz and they have funds. So it is doable.

psv cl

PSV led the way last season with their tremendous displays and results in Europe. The knock out game vs Atletico last season could have been won. They got so close.

In this CL group fixture vs the Leticos, PSV deserved more. Again, the home team fought with spirit and conviction. At no stage in the game did they look overwhelmed, even with the bright start by the visitors. The disallowed goal was a disgrace. De Jong’s goal was legit and PSV should have been up. You could even debate that Atkinson should have disallowed the Atletico after the clash of heads with Propper. Some PSV players clearly got distracted, but then again…play the whistle… The first push in the box on Narsingh should have been a penalty too. This probably prompted Atkinson to be lenient when Narsingh stumbled later. Penalties unfairly rewarded have a higher percentage chance of being missed, is my theory. Players subconsciously know the pen was unjust and goalies muster extra motivation to undo the injustice. I might be wrong.

propper EL

But fact is, PSV has a dreadful record re: penalties. Luuk de Jong has his qualities, but taking spot kicks is not one of them. This time around, Davey Propper was the designated shooter. But he was being treated on the side line for his head wound and when he wanted to come on to take the penalty, he was denied by the ref. Mexican midfield motor Guardado stepped up and followed his captain in failing to convert. Mediocre penalty (height!), good save.

Ajax did the business away in the Greek Hell. A tough place to go to, although the Ajax with Litmanen did great business there in the 90s. Ajax fought back after conceding and Riedewald ended up being the match winner after Klaassen fudged his penalty as well.

bosz hakim

AZ disappointed vs Irish battlers Dundalk. An unnecessary draw. AZ is currently the freshest team to watch in Holland. Free flowing football, by players with a constant smile on their faces. They enjoy themselves on the pitch and the duo of Wuytens and Vlaar give this team backbone. I rate John van de Brom as a coach and I’m sure they’ll fight themselves back into it, even though this is a tough group and the 2 points lost vs weak Dundalk could well be the points AZ will come short to stay in Europe past the group stages.

The biggest challenge was for Feyenoord. The group with Fener and ManU looks pretty tough and I’m sure Gio would have made his calculations based on two defeats vs the Red Devils. I’m sure Feyenoord would have considered a draw at home a good result. In a disappointing set up in the De Kuip stadium (only 31,000 fans vs 46,000) and big nets around the pitch and blacked out stands close to the field, Feyenoord expected a strong ManU, but after 10 mins everyone watching the game could see Man United wasn’t able or willing to force the issue.

vilhena mu2

Everyone at Feyenoord showed up on the night. And the 31,000 demonstrated that they could compensate for the missing fans easily, continuously supporting the team and chanting their battle hymns. Feyenoord has made “You’ll never Walk Alone” theirs in Holland, in the past decades and the Man U fans were a bit rattled hearing it, as it obviously also is the trademark tune for arch rival Liverpool.

Dirk Kuyt being the man with the hattrick vs United from his Liverpool days was the least impressive man on the pitch. The years are showing. He wasn’t instrumental throughout the game, but for some solid hard work. His passing was off, his ball handling off pace, but all in all the whole team did well. The defensive four were excellent even. Botteghin looked like he could be yellow carded three times in this game, as he started clumsy, but he set the tone for a strong performance by the team. With Karsdorp and Van der Heijden using their physical strength and Kongolo powerful with his runs (forward and back). El Ahmadi was the boss in midfield. Constantly nipping at Pogba – in particular – and in possession making the right choices. Vilhena was lively and Berghuis had his moments, particularly in the first half, with Rojo becoming more and more erratic.

memphis zlatan

The win was flattering for Feyenoord who only had a couple of distant shots and a flubbed chance for Toornstra created by Kongolo. The goal – nicely put away by Vilhena – came from an off side situation. Man U on the other end, only had one real chance and Martial picked the wrong corner for his attempt, missing the target.

A good start for Feyenoord, and with Fener drawing vs the “other club”, Feyenoord looks solid in this group, for now. PSV here we come!

A quick word on Memphis. I think he played well. He started with some intensity and desire. Passed forward all the time. Went straight into space to make himself available again. Played with composure and confidence and in the way he talks with/to Zlatan and Pogba on the pitch and off, it seems he’s settled.

Yes, he tried to do too much. Free kick overhit, volley hit in the stands, some more attempts to score. But…that is what you get if the coach doesn’t use rotation and then puts players like Memphis in the team with the message “this is when you show me what you have”, while lacking rhythm. It’s a given that a player like Memphis will not pass the ball when he has a shooting opportunity. Hitting it in the top corner is the message Mourinho can’t ignore.

el ahmadi el

This Man U performance is on Mourinho. Not on Schneiderlin, Rashford or Memphis. Give a player 30 minutes to “prove himself”, what can you expect?

Mourinho needs to create a system with a preferred line up and players in the squad who know whose understudy they are. Clarity. Now, Pogba is trying to do everything (running with the ball, dribbling, shooting) whereas he needs to pass and go, pass and go. He feels he came to Man United to be Messi. Also, Mourinho shouldn’t play two central holding mids. Against Feyenoord? Really? He probably doesn’t need two of these guys ever. Rashford was isolated and their never was a flow in midfield because somehow Schneiderlin and Herrera was set up to cover Dirk Kuyt (37 years old).

If Man U plays weak vs Watford, I’m sure the pens will be sharpened yet again.

kuip mu

As for the Feyenoord Stadium. Yes. It always was the home of Oranje. The reasons: capacity, super pitch and atmosphere.

This is one of the few perfect pitches in Europe, 100% made of real grass. No synthetic stuff. The Feyenoord groundsmen win award after award internationally and we lost some in the past to the likes of Arsenal and Barca.

The reason why the KNVB doesn’t use De Kuip anymore is money, basically. This stadium is merely that: a stadium. Hardly and sponsor homes, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, no museum, no shops, no commerce going on bar the Feyenoord restaurant. There are urinals from the 1930s and the safety / security infrastructure is obsolete.

The Ajax Arena is a terrible place to play football if it’s not at full capacity. The pitch is horrific. They change pitches more than I change underwear! But, they have a parking garage, an Ajax museum, shops, many restaurants, talking toilets, elevators, escalators, sliding doors…

The everlasting debate in Rotterdam is: 1) do we upgrade De Kuip or build a new one, 2) who will pay for it, 3) where do we want it.


Still no answers.

The Feyenoord die-hards (fans, sponsors, ex-players) want De Kuip to stay where it is and to have it renovated. The project development sharks and the local government want a new site for Feyenoord and a completely new stadium.

Traditions vs Commerce. I wonder what will come out on top?

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  1. Agree on Ziyech, Ajax probably needed to appease the fans..
    I hope this season that the young midfield of Frenkie de Jong, Donnie van de Beek and Abdelhak Nouri can break into the first team. despite losing away 0-1 with jong ajax yesterday they have been playing beautiful football. LOTS to do for them to prove themselves of course, but with Klaassen and Gudelj playing so poorly so far this season perhaps it comes sooner than later.
    Riedewald had a really nice match midweek at CDM for Ajax though! WOuld be good for him to continue that and maybe find himself in better competition before too long.

    PS young Justin Kluivert made his debut with Jong Ajax yesterday

    1. When i see the Everton team i think dutch NT made a huge mistake to ignore Ronald Koeman for Stupid Hiddink….i wouldnt be surprised if koeman wins EPL with everton..i am sure neither Manunited nor chelsea can stand against these team..
      EPL will be competition of liverpool VS Mancity vs Everton this year..
      hatsoff to koeman..

      1. As I said earlier,its all about player capability which Koeman really execuates it perfectly when signing players.this is the foremost thing I likes about him.he did it at Southampton and he has done it again at Everton. Well again it proves it all comes back to how you play and not where you play. If you think about Bolasie and Gueye and how both have reinforced the team it definitely points in that direction given both were playing in relegation prone teams. Minus Williams who was a established and acclaimed CB even though he was playing for Swansea.

        1. if we compare Bolaise with Depay i would say bolaise is 1000 times effective than Overrated Depay..i heard that Depay uses new shoes for every game…which i never did when i was playing i always had trouble in when i used new boots.i mean my log passess did nt had the accuracy my shot on goals too…i preferd the toned shoes which correctly suits my foot to shoot accurately..

  2. Jan, I have been reading your posts for the past few years, as well as all the responses. I appreciate all the input and analysis of our beloved team. I just spent six hours watching youtube clips of our team through good and bad, and all the memories come back, and I have to admit I am getting old. This new generation of football player are too young too handle the pressure, at least some of them, and that’s where I think our problem is. As Sneijder mentioned in a interview, he wanted to be like the older players. He wanted to fit in. I can apply it to my experience with my older siblings and cousins. Football has changed and if we still want our beloved oranje to be the way it was we need to change as well. Glimpe of potential doesn’t make them Wes, Rafael, Arjen, Edgar, Philip, Patrick, Clerence, etc. Im referring back to 90’s because thats when I started following Nederlands. I honestly miss the good old day. We never won anything we deserved, but I perosnally have always been proud to wear orange. I will post my opinions of our new, oncoming generation. Jan, Mate your post are brilliant. Keep them coming.

  3. Feyenoord win again! Sitting firmly on top of the eredivisie after 6 straight wins to begin the season, 7 including the Man Utd victory.
    Great match for Jones!

    Thought Hendrix was really good all game but was Botteghin his man on that cross?
    Propper and Guardado pretty ineffective. Thats 3 home games in a row with zero goals for PSV.
    Appreciated Vilhena’s work off the ball but didnt create too much with it and shot a couple times he might have passed instead..
    Really liked Kongolo again. Creates chances and also solid defensively.

    1. Sybe…kongolo was in our world cup squad,thats for a reason..under LVG..he benched bruno martins indi.if u remmember…
      Our real talents are at the back and midfeild..both brenet and kongolo are underrated…
      Janmaat was excellent offensivly not to forget that they play 532…its the high time to chop Narshit,Depay from squad and promes must be dropped…
      Bleive me vanrhijn,janmaat,willeims,annholt are excellent wingers than our overrated wingers..
      Not forgetting kevindiks and karsdorp..

  4. Blind left out of Mourinho’s team today, and United lose to Watford! Fellaini at DM again with Blind on the bench? mental, Fellaini and Smalling both disappointing on the goals.
    Memphis had a couple mins at the end and a very harsh yellow

    1. I think Mourinho opted for Smalling ahead of Blind to cope with the arial threat of Watford… Well that didn’t work and Blind should definitely re-claim his spot for the next game. I though Janmaat looked strong. He delivered one excellent cross with his left foot before being forced to come off after being involved in a couple of tough challenges.

  5. Strong game for Strootman with Roma, even though they lose at Fiorentina losing a close one 1-0.
    Led the game in passes, ball recoveries, tackles and interceptions but just missed the crucial block on the late long distance shot in off the post.

    Kevin Diks yet to make an appearance this season

  6. Yeah I agree Psv really had no luck in their homegame against Atletico, and i really had the feeling they deserved a win in that one or at least a draw! Jan is right the english referee was really rubish, reminded me of the italian thief referee that stole our win against sweden!!

    Well concerning Ajax i am a big fan and have watched almost all games since 1995! I just cant believe that we are playing so badly at this moment, i mean ok last year under de boer we did not play our most attractive football but the games were still highly entertaining compared with now! I am not a big fan at all of Bosz and for me he has been making poor tactical decisions and even worse poor decisions on our lineups! The embarassing loss to Rostov was clearly his fault, he linedup wrong and failed to inspire confidence and motivation in the players! And since then we have played even worse, he plays with Veltman on the right he should be in central defence along Sanchez (really the only ray of light in our current squad), and Viergever should be sidelined, Dijks is really poor too and just a shadow of himself. Gudjeli for me has never been more then a average Erediviseplayer and well Klaasen is not playing well at the moment , Ziyech our panikbuy is playing out of position he should play as 10! And Traoere is just so bad he cant even control one ball and complete simple passes his linkupplay is 0 and that is essential for our 4-3-3 to work well! Younes just enrages me with his senseless runs and never with the right pass ..

    So what to do, easy drop Traoere and play Dolberg, then drop Younes for Cassiera or Sinkgraven, and give El Ghazi his wing back or let Cerny have a go!! Then Riedewald is perfect as DM along with Klaasen or Bazoer and then as 10 Ziyech or Nouri!

    Yeah Feynoord is doing well, due to their good teamplay and solid defense! I have to agree with Tiju and Sybe that Kongolo really is doing great going forward and defensively! But Feynoord is by no means playing great and attractive Football but the results are there even when they have a poor game the come out on top!!

    1. And yeah Man U playing really poorly, but i believe that Mourinho is just the wrong coach and has no clue anymore, he is just playing the old strong individuals and has not much sucess with it! Yeah for me Blind should play for Man U wether as DM or CB but he deserves a spot there! Jaanmaat had a great game with his assist and even defensivly he was not bad! But he picked up an Injury i hope its nothing serious! Jannsen still gets almost no playing time he came just on for 5 min after Keane picked himseld a small injury! Lets hope he stays down for bit so Jannsen gets more playing time, he is our only great Prospect as MS at the moment!

  7. Timely win for FDB and Inter after rumors were speculating that former Roma coach Rudi Garcia was being touted for the coaching job if Inter would have lost heavily to Juventus.I think Inter needs to clear some dead woods especially in that midfield and back line and bring in some new and fresh legs capable of making impact on and off the bench especially. players like Melo, Nagamoto, Palacios etc.

  8. Infact PSV out played Feynoord but Feynoord gotaway with a victory.it was not a fair result..Feynoord lacks attacking quality…Basicoglu and jorgensen are the hopes up front..Feynoord is heavily relying Elhamadi,vilhena for goals…But defesivley they are tough to crack like PSV..i think Ajax defsne is really weak compared to feynoord and PSV,our defenders should be
    Holding mids
    Right wings
    left wings
    Janssen–Luuk dejong
    Stand byes

    1. I’m interested in your assertion that van Aanholt and Willems should be the left wingers. Why do you say that? Have either of them played there regularly? Has any of their coaches seen fit to play them there?

      Surely, somewhere in the number of dutch players, there is one or two that play that position regularly, and are indeed better in that position than your choices.

      Please don’t pull up the ‘intellegence’ card. If that were indeed true or relevant, we would have seen them make that position their own.

  9. if Ajax wants to be a better gritty team they must drop klassena dnGudlej from starting11.
    Tete(if fit)–Veltman–Veirgiver–Dijks
    ———-Bazoer——Hakim zych——

    1. Tiju are u serious to play Viergever over Sanchez? Have u watched recent Ajax games, Traoere is rly low and Younes fails to produce anything threatining! Both should let their place to Dolberg/ Cassiera/ Sinkgraven! i actually agree with ur Midfield!

  10. No….i didnt watch sanchez closely…if any one is better than veirgiver i would go for it..Cerny,bazoer,zych are real threat…traore i just see as striker since there is not many options left..

  11. Fascinating weekend. PSV – Feyenoord quite disappointing re: quality. Lots of stray passes. Pretty disappointing watching it after a game like Chelsea – Liverpool.

    Happy with Feyenoord win and Brad Jones might well be the best goalie in our league.

    Man Utd was atrocious. Mourinho needs to make some changes. Pogba pushed forward. Maybe go 4-1-4-1?

    Ajax disappointing and Bosz using Ziyech as winger. Sad to see Bazoer and Tete on the bench. I’d love to see Riedewald, Tete, Bazoer, Sinkgraven etc in the line up.

    People who say “drop Klaassen” should probably go and watch hurling or darts from now on :-).

    I was very impressed with Liverpool and Wijnaldum!

    1. Jan, I don’t comment much (or ever), but couldn’t let this pass reg. your quote: “They change pitches more than I change underwear!”. Did you reveal a little bit more than we wanted to know there 😉

      1. Clasie,promes and narsingh for what??i dont understand..
        @primo i agree …i know both promes and narsingh plays regular…they lack quality so i am worried about their slection..
        Clasie is not playing regular but still he is there..

  12. Early 29 named for Belarus/ France

    De Vrij
    van Dijk
    L de Jong

    So no Robben yet, probably wise, even though we are so short wingers yet (hint hint Wes)..

    Janmaat injured, so Veltman stays?
    Kongolo and Karsdorp rightly called up, de Vrij as well.

    No Bazoer, Anita and Clasie re-enter the mix.

    1. You’re missing Bruma in your list – you only have 28

      I think it’s quite strange that Anita makes the pre-selection and Fer, who has been playing quite well in the PREMIER LEAGUE doesn’t.

      Zoet > Stekelenburg > Cillessen > Vorm

      Karsdorp > Tete > Veltman

      De Vrij > Blind > Vlaar

      Van Dijk > Bruma > Vlaar

      Willems > Kongolo

      Strootman > Clasie > Hendrix > Anita


      Klaassen > Propper > Ramselaar

      Sneijder > Berghuis

      Janssen > Dost > De Jong

      Promes > Narsingh

      Harry Kane will be out for 2 months so Janssen has to shine now. If he disappoints at Spurs and loses his starting spot to somebody else before Kane is even back from injury then there is no way we can continue with him as our #1 striker.

      1. Oops you’re right I missed Bruma!

        Agree on Fer, the only think I can think of is that Anita is DM and Fer is not…
        Also surprised not to see Vilhena in the mix.

        1. Couldn’t agree more on Vilenha. He is the type of athletic, active mf that could play along side Strootman; behind the offensive players, with the speed and skill to move forward. I can see a forward line of Robben, Janssen and Sneijder; and a mf of Wijnaldum, Strootman and Vilenha.

  13. Well i must agree with you both no idea what Anita is doing in there especially considering that Fer was not included! Furthermore i cannot understand that robben is not in there even if he is still not matchfit he brings experience and passion to the young players and could inspire them to play better!! For me that is once again a big mistake of blind! I cant understand either that Tete is selected he never plays at Ajax anymore and has 0 matchpracticce at the moment, again i do not deny his talent just his selecion at this moment! I know Janmaat is injured but he could be back for the game alrdy for that i would have choosen him in the loot! Vilhena also did deserve his spot in there for sure!

    Once again i am worried because we have not enough wingers and not nearly enough quality on the wings with what is in that list! PLZ bring Robben back in!!

    1. Infact we dont have wingers at all..if you replace the wingers with Depay,Elghazi and Afellay..its like one utrd replaceing another turd in a closet….
      i am sure and 100 percent convinced that Janmaat ,Vanrhijn annholt,Williams has massive flows as defenders…But all are really capable of us to help to score than our so called speciualist wingers who plays regulary in that spot..this is were Blind needs to think out of the box..

    1. I’m still baffled too!
      Hah, basically since Janmaat left Newcastle he has been RB.. no assists tho, or goals for that matter.
      Maybe Blind sees Veltman playing poorly there for club, Tete on the Ajax bench (tho should play tonight), and Karsdorp who has not yet played with the senior squad, and is a little worried for the RB spot,,

      1. i really hate this attitude of any coach,its negative and artocious for a leader/director..
        Who asked Blind to play Veltman as RB?especially when that is not the spot of veltman…
        Tete is always strong defensivly for NT and Ajax..
        His highness blind needs to understand that he needs GOALS to get past france,sweden etc… and offcourse Promes,narsingh,veltman not going to giev him that..
        Agreed janmaat makes howlers in defense..but janmaat and kevin diks can be excellent productive wingers who helps us to find goals by combination game,more over they can defend too it will give balance to team..
        He must stop wasting time on promes,narshit,Depay and to some extend berghuis…
        then must concentrate Roben,Kevindiks,and janmaat as wingers then Annholt,nouri and williams as left wingers…
        Lets be karsdorp,tete,mensah,brenet and kongolo be our RBs and LBs..

  14. Seemingly strong group named for the U21s

    Hidde Jurjus (PSV)
    Mickey van der Hart (PEC Zwolle)
    Maarten de Fockart (Heerenveen)

    Nathan Ake (Bournemouth)
    Joshua Brenet (PEC Zwolle)
    Wesley Hoedt (Lazio)
    Karim Rekik (Marseille)
    Jairo Riedewald (Ajax)
    Hans Hateboer (Groningen)
    Lucas Woudenberg (Feyenoord)
    Derrick Luckassen (AZ)
    Timothy Fosu-Mensah (Manchester United)
    Jerry St Juste (Heerenveen)
    Kevin Diks (Fiorentina)

    Donny van de Beek (Ajax)
    Joris van Overeem (AZ)
    Yassin Ayoub (Utrecht)
    Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord)
    Riechedly Bazoer (Ajax)
    Daley Sinkgraven (Ajax)
    Thom Haye (Willem II)

    Anwar El Ghazi (Ajax)
    Ricardo Kishna (Lazio)
    Kingsley Ehizibue (PEC Zwolle)
    Queensy Menig (PEC Zwolle)
    Vincent Vermeij (Heracles)
    Dabney Dos Santos (AZ)
    Patrick Joosten (Utrecht)
    Jean-Paul Boetius (Basel)

    If they get 2 wins in their last 2 Euro qualifiers (v Turkey and Cypress) they can still finish in the playoff for the runner ups…

    Maybe these crucial games are why Vilhena, Bazoer, and Riedewald have been left out of the senior squad?

  15. PSV beat Roda in the KNVB Beker 4-0. Narsingh scoring from Brenet, and Propper scoring a double.
    Young Bergwijn getting most chances created and Sam Lammers also made his debut, with Cocu leaving out his senior players Zoet, Willems, Moreno and Guardado.

    Good match for Ajax as well, with Bosz also mixing up his side to beat Willem 5-0.
    Bazoer’s goal was great! Of course, great for 17 year old CB de Ligt to score on his full debut, heading in a corner.
    Nouri scoring a nice freekick as well at the end, subbing on for the last 15. Crazy to hear Ajax fans chanting for Nouri to play!?
    Tete was rock solid, and Sinkgraven got MOTM from LB – strange and good!

    Both on to the next round, Feyenoord playing tomorrow.
    Hopefully more prospects get debuts and score!

  16. I want to take this guy Enes Unal of Twente who is on loan from Man City u21 as a example to base my argument as to why eredivisie players will never reach that potential to compete with players from other big leagues and similarly at international stage.

    This guy is jus 19 and even though he is taking the eredivisie by storm,just because he is playing for Twente,he has had a low profile. His performance in eredivisie degrading shows the gap between the too competition at his age level and at eredivisie level.

    Looks like this guy will follow the footsteps of kelechi iheanacho but it jus goes to show to some extent where it going wrong for NT.

    Again looking at this guy you ca n acertain the development that’s taking place when players move abroad at young age.it may be not the same for all or at every club level but it definitely puts them above eredivisie players who are presently coming up the ranks and the recent performance of junior & jong orange at recent outings is a clear indication of that gap after they have bombed out in most tournaments or if not in qualification.the ones that have qualified fair enough but still on the biggest stage they will defintely struggle to compete.

    1. Thats really a shit of an observation and ideology.
      FYI…Enes unal is a talent which just needs polishness like Roben ,cR7 or just like De bruyne….He just didnt dveloped in Manshitty the plastic club…they just brought him from some were…
      Ajax,PSV,Feynoord has developed astonishing number of players in to world class players…Dutch philosophy is real class in the world of football..Even still today..So u keep the bullshit with you…
      Dont forget PSV kept atheltico at WILL IN last CL…Feynoord superbly beaten MANU..
      Ajax single handely beaten mancity in CL…
      Stars of eredivise is been stolen every year..so they might be little weak individually…But for development Eredivise is best …..

      1. I knew you will be the first one to jump the gun as usually but going out on loan is just one side of the picture, there is also preseason tours where these guys train and play with first team players and other team as part of their tour .

        development wise it may not be by a big factor but it does accumulate in time when they are sent on loan.

        “Enes unal is a talent which just needs polishness like Roben ,cR7 or just like De bruyne” who said, and after apart from De bryne dont think Roben and CR 7 were loaned out

        “Feynoord has developed astonishing number of players in to world class players” who??? present day.

        “Dutch philosophy is real class in the world of football..Even still today”. you are leaving in a ice age. wake up. are you blind.
        its jus a obsession which they think will solve this crisis when in fact they need to wake up from the dream and realize whats happening under their noise.

        “Dont forget PSV kept atheltico at WILL IN last CL…Feynoord superbly beaten MANU”.What are you trying to prove here. PSV and Ajax and Feyenoord are up to par with other big teams in stronger leagues. tell me one big team that has never lost.team work is team work,individually they suck and bring nothing when playing for NT.This is one reason why they are struggling

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