FC Twente announces Joseph Oosting as new coach

It’s been dragging on for days, but today it’s become official. Joseph Oosting will be the new coach of FC Twente from next season. The 51-year-old has signed a two-year contract with the Tukkers, with the option of an automatic renewal for a further year.

The final disputes between all parties were resolved on Tuesday and the squads of RKC Waalwijk and FC Twente have already been informed of this change. Joseph Oosting will succeed Ron Jans, who will step down as head of the club. He was FC Twente’s priority alongside Peter Bosz.

Joseph Oosting still has a contract lasting two seasons with RKC Waalwijk, given this scenario, FC Twente had to pay an undisclosed amount to get the coach released. It is worth remembering that FC Groningen tried to remove him from RKC Waalwijk in the middle of the season, but Joseph Oosting chose to continue defending the interests of the Waalwijkers.

As Joseph Oosting wants to concentrate on his work at RKC Waalwijk until the end of this season, he will only be officially introduced after the end of this season. With RKC Waalwijk, he is still in the running for a place in the Europese Tickets Eredivisie. In the penultimate round of the Eredivisie, FC Twente will visit RKC Waalwijk at the Mandemakers Stadion. After that, the two teams could face each other in the Europese Tickets Eredivisie for a place in next season’s UEFA Europa Conference League.

The only words he said are recorded in an FC Twente press release.

“I am very proud to be the coach of FC Twente next season. I come from the northeast of the Netherlands and FC Twente is a very well known club there. It’s a team that has a huge fan base and wants to achieve great things in Dutch football. Games played at De Grolsch Veste are always sold out. FC Twente has grown a lot again in recent seasons and the work done by Ron Jans is sensational” said Joseph Oosting.

FC Twente director of football Jan Streuer also commented on the arrival of Joseph Oosting.

“I am very happy with the arrival of Joseph Oosting. He does an excellent job at RKC Waalwijk both this season and last season. In addition to the results, Joseph Oosting managed to build a very strong RKC Waalwijk with very attractive football. As the season progresses, he manages to extract a lot from the players” said Jan Streuer.

Joseph Oosting’s current assistant at RKC Waalwijk, Peter Uneken, is also expected to arrive at De Grolsch Veste alongside the captain.

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  1. Nice win for Feyenoord today. Good looking team. The young fullbacks are both defensively sound and comfortable on the ball; the centerbacks are no nonsense. Excellent midfield. Wieffer continues to play well, and scored a cracker of a goal, but Kokcu was their leader and best player, I thought. Hats off to Slot, the team played with confidence and belief. Hope they can bring it home in Rome.

  2. I think we have finally found a perfect partner for frenkie. Just hope wieffer doesnt rush in transfers. Him and kokcu really dominated that midfield. What I also liked about them was how they were switching when ever possible. If kokcu would have chosen NT, this would have been a formidable pair.

    My prediction was a draw in de kuip and Rome to win in Rome. Well it shud have been a draw but now looking at the injuries with Dybala groin and Abraham ( shoulder), not sure if Mourinho has much option going into the second leg. Dont think both will recover in time for the game.

    Finally wijnaldum. Came in at half time for pellegrini, he brings that experience factor, passing and link up but that’s only it. Did make much impact compared to pellegrini, . Had few good inventions but nothing that made him look like he deserves another shot in NT. Shud be slowly phased out. Bench player atmost.

  3. Stade de Reims played w/o Azor Matusiwa for the first time (yellow card Accumulation) during Will Still’s tenure as coach. They got hammered away at Stade Rennais 3-0

  4. Considering the players we have which system is best for us…433 0r 343 0r 4141 or 4231 or boring 532???
    Malen got a goal,got asisist and caused redcard for opponent..i felt forcing your opponet vfor Red card is vital in game..and thats more imporatnat….that makes opponent team on backfoot…
    Glad for Danjuma ,he looks like he wants to wrok hard and prove…His finishing was as usual sharp…

  5. ——Gakpo————Malen————
    on bench
    ——Depay———–Joel piroe————
    and other 3 players for 25 man squad
    wijnaldum(for koeman happiness)

  6. Xabi Alonso is doing Ronald Koeman a Mandolorian style favor in how to use Jeremie Frimpong. He might be lined up in the squad sheet like a nominal FB in a 4-3-3. But his average position is like an out-n-out winger. Helps to have a RCB like Kossonou tho who can moonlight as a FB & an Andrich who’s being used in libero role for Leverkusen. But I feel we have these types in our squad that gives us some tactical flexibility moving forward. “This is the way!!”

    1. Converted Defensive midfielders who naturally have the skill set of a central defender but also pass through an opponents’ high press & counter attack w/ speed + accuracy. I guess this could be accomplished w/ Virgil. But I feel the pundits will roast Koeman for using a perceived 5-3-2 when it ends up being a very asymmetric 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1

  7. Been watching Some of Royal Antwerp games. Van bommel has being deploying Stengs in the middle at (AM). His passing as usual always looks phenomenal but his progress is often hampered by injuries after which he has to start from the scratch again.

    1. it doesnt matter…even if dont play single minute players like blind,Wijnaldum and many will get nod…dutch coaches does nt care about players who performs at better leagues…its insane bias..Joel piroe goals i dont care…But the way he scores impressive…He can finish so is Dalinga…i like both…Both are better finishers than Weghorst and Brobbey at the moment…but you know koeman will go with Brobbey and Weghorst..thats how we bottle every tournament…they are xpert at it…
      How can we narrow down from winger forwards??from following pool
      Winger forward pool….

      Gakpo-Summerville-Malen-Lang ,Depay,Berijwin,Danjuma,Berghuis???/
      Then striker Pool
      Joel piroe,Thijs Dalinga,Brobbey,Zirkee and Weghorst??/
      then comes our midfeild pool

  8. Tough loss for Feyenoord today. Roma tied the aggregate in the 89th minute, and then won in extra time. Ugh.

    Wonderful night for Alkmaar tonight. AZ, you must have lost your voice. 🙂

  9. weiffer was stunning against Roma..
    on bench
    additional 3
    Wijnaldum/Van de boomen

  10. AZ also reached the finals of youth Champions league and will play Hajduk split. They have been a surprise package in the competition smashing the likes of Barcelona and Madrid. Mexx Meerdink Ernest Poku both being their star man. Both are also active in eerste Divisie as well for jong ajax while Meerdink has already made is debut in the first team

  11. Both meerdink and Poku seems deal…With Meerdink we will finally have a finisher,dribbler striker…Poku is a great winger…Meerdink scored the penalty vs Anderlect..Talents are coming in but hesitancy to play the new inform talents at NT is worrying…

  12. its disgusting to see a player who doesnt play single minute at bayern gets call(Blind )…and a player who past his prime who was inactive for a long time at Roma.(Wijnaldum)..a player with poor skills on ball at no 6 (de roon)..are still at NT just beacause they have more experience(experienced in failures of NT to be precise)…
    How is ake injury??

  13. One shud not forget atm in that age a lot of Dutch teams have players competitively playing in ereste divisie compared to 5 tier competitions for other teams. For example Futbol Club Barcelona Juvenil currently play in división de Honor Juvenil in the u19 competition. Later on when this same guys are traded to la liga bottom feeders to gain experience the table turns around come in terms of their development as this is when they catch up to those like in the Dutch setting whom start competitively but are not able to build on it given the status of eredivisie platform. This has been evident also when you look at how good the Dutch U17s have been only for the same players to fade out by the time they reach the top domestic level. Most you can say.

    1. offcourse they might have practiced it..Nahuel Molina is fast trickery baller wing back..just like Frimpong…they knew Daley blind who is turtle playing over there for dutch..so its easy…they were convinced about it..blind watched messi pass to molina…People try to blame ake ,Frenkie and Virgil on that..thats i feel just to make it more soap on blind or just to save blind..Messi is the best dribbler in the planet he would succesfully take any 2 at a time…thats what happend..an alert left wing back should have taken that pass from messi to molina…We were on backfoot from that point…We only got woke up call when acuna dived for second..as a dutch fan still it hurts…doesnt like those memories.

  14. Liverpool slowly finding their old touch with jota back now and Diaz as well. I wonder what the futures holds for gakpo. Will he settle for a sub role or be able to shift another level up next season. Or will loop turn him into a striker

    Diogo Jota – 9

    Making his fifth consecutive start after finally ending his goal drought, Jota clearly has the faith of his manager – and rightly so.

    After missing an early chance he then made no mistake minutes after the restart, nodding in from close range, before a brilliant touch down and finish for his second.

    What a turnaround for a player who struggled for so long.

    Cody Gakpo – 6

    Such an enjoyable footballer to watch. He will be many supporters’ favourite player before long.

    The ball sticks to his feet and he has the centre of gravity of a player a foot shorter than his 6’4″ frame; while Saturday was not his most effective display, he still made his presence felt.

    Darwin Nunez (on for Gakpo, 60′) – 6 – Missed a golden opportunity for 4-2. Looked a bit lost between roles.

    Luis Diaz (on for Jota, 81′) – 7 – Great to see him back at Anfield. One moment of magic was a reminder of what we’ve missed.

  15. Danjuma- Malen


    Ake- Frenkie- Wieffer- dumfries

    Botman – Van Dijk- De ligt

    Bijlow/ Noppert

    Gakpo, depay, Simons, frimpong to provide super sub options off the bench.

    I would like to see this 3-4-3 formation vs croatia.

    For the wing back option for the future, I expect Maatsen to come into picture next season when he features for Burnley in epl and I just want to say this now, hope he is not overlooked to hato of Ajax who is on the brink of breaking out on the main ajax team. Burnely may be a bottom feeder team come next season but Maatsen’s development over the seasons and his individual technical ability cannot be questioned.

  16. The good thing about this formation is you can switch to a 4-3-3 any time you like. Just sub bottom for attacker.

    Gakpo- Depay- Malen


    Frenkie- Wieffer

    Ake- Van dijk- De ligt- Dumfries


  17. Perr Schuurs looks set to be the next dutch player after maatsen to feature in epl next season.Newcastle have concrete interest in him while Liverpool also are pursuing their intrest in him.

  18. If he arrives onto the NT stage it will another reason to consolidate a back 3 for future with options of botman, schuurs and De ligt and Ake as wing back or full back with options of Botman and Schuurs at CB combo or botman and de ligt combo should vin dijk decline

  19. @Andrew, related to AZ passing to semifinals. No, I did not lose my voice, and I did not even watch the game! After AZ lost seven points in a row and lost their chance to fight for the two Champions League spots, I was super upset and mad. What really bothered me was the way how those seven points were lost and coach’s impotency to bring the motivation back. After today’s Ajax loss to PSV, AZ reduced the difference with Ajax to two points and if they win Ajax next week, we can re-claim the third place which is the CL qualification. Now, we are dealing with massive injury problems: entire attacking line has been injured, including Karlson, Pavlidis, Odgard and even Meerdink. The latter will not be able to play the Youth Play Final against Hajduk Split next week.

    1. @AZ, Well, your voice should be in fine shape for the semi-finals (and finals hopefully) as well as Ajax. I’ve read about their injury problems, but they seem like a team this year that sags when it ought not to, but when its back is to the wall always manages to come up with the needed performance. I expect they’ll do the same in these final acts. Best of luck to them, and to you.

      btw, what do you think, is Meerdink the real deal?

      1. I remember AZ had other striker coming through their youth ranks few seasons back.Ferdy Druijf I think his name was, he even featured for them in the Europa league and in eredivisie off the bench. I remember coming across his name in the Belgium juliper league. After checking again he is at Rapid Vienna.

        AZ in last few season has been a good hub for young players and for their development. Hopefully this can continue with meerdink.even in context to odgaard, he was bench player at heerenveen. After arriving at AZ he has become a instrumental player for them being deployed upfront compared to in the backline (LFB) in his early days.

        im also hoping to see more of mess de wit next season with kerkez likely to leave in the summer and ofcourse kenzo Goudmijn who has completed last two season at Excelsior and in a more better players around him.

  20. Intresting what Koeman said about Simons. He sees him as a winger rather than AM. The writting is all over the wall now players like Danjuma and lang wont be called up for the next internationals.

  21. The only ajax player who gets on merit to enter National team is Jurien timber…Berghuis is not that Bad ,but Malen and Lang out class him as a winger…simons and Gravenberch out class him as midfeilder…When you add or start Depay who is on treatment table on majority time with wijnaldum who hardly played in last 2 years you are heading for a catastrophy…While Deligt for bayern is on fire,Malacia and virgil and doing well at Top level…Shuurs and botman are best among their leagues…frimpong is best RB in Bundesliga….weiifer is the master at feynoord along with kocku…Bijlow is a champion keeper in making….Gakpo is doing well liverpool…
    Malen and simons are on fire for their clubs….But ronald koeman finds time for Blind who warms the bench for long time,then Wijnaldum and Depay (nothing more to add)..Berghuis and Berjwin both are clueless at ajax now…Why dutch coaches doing this???

    1. koeman will think is he reliable??is he playing for ajax?..if he doesnt fill both box he will go for Blind..may be even wijndal…with some stunning center backs at his disposal this is the right time to go 343 or 3412…Maatesen and Frimpong would be deadly in a 3 man back system…

  22. @Andrew, Thank you! I saw Meerdink’s play twice in AZ senior. In both games he was just OK. However, in the youth team he really excels. He is physically strong guy and quite cold blooded. His play style is quite different from Weghorst and Memphis. It is hard for me to compare his style with any known players. I think he has a lot of potential, but we will see.

  23. Re Timber

    I think koeman shud ditch timber for another defender for future who has a better ceiling. He wont survive in big league and you can tell now after the departure of Martinez that he only looked good because of his presence if not was playing in his shadows.

    mean while both Inter and Napoli are scouting DDoekhi while Newcastle have concrete intrest in schuurs and are using botman coto lure him in.

      1. Well if he gets united with Martinez. Something can brew up there but with his Ariel weakness, its can come back to haunt him. I mean eredivisie is eredivisie, epl????

      1. “Klopp was drawn to Gakpo’s versatility, ‘He can play in the center, from the flank, on the right, anywhere really. You can use Cody as a real nine, but also in a system with two strikers. He just creates his own position. Like Firmino, but in his own way.””

          1. He looked good in that role again on Sunday against Tottenham, assist and drew a penalty.

  24. Hey guys, I’ll take the family to visit my ancestors land again. Any suggestion of a nice place to stay in Amsterdam? Previous visit (as a rowdy teenager) was 30 years ago, so I don’t remember anything of it, ha! Thanks!

  25. @ andrew

    yeah agree on gakpo. with the recent interviews involving koeman, the most likely lineup would be

    simons- Gakpo- malen


    frenkie- wieffer

    ake- van dijk- de ligt- dumfries


    1. @Wilson, I have not been following his interviews too closely. I did see his comment about seeing Simons more as a left winger at the moment. But I wonder if that isn’t because that is where Simons seems to play mostly at PSV these days, and Koeman didn’t close the door on Simons as a 10 in the future.

      Given Koeman’s stated intention to go with a 4-3-3, I’m okay with most of that lineup. Though I’d rather see Simons in the 10, and Danjuma/Lang on the left. I’m not crazy about either Wijnaldum or Berghuis at 10. I could see Koeman selecting Wijnaldum there; coaches will often default to guys who have played well for them in the past. Also, while I like Dumfries as a player, I’d like to see Frimpong as the rb. When in possession they’d have the versatility to push Frimpong up the field where he is dangerous. Time to see what he can do at that level. For the same reason, I hope you are right about Wieffer starting.

      1. If I was the coach, it’s no brainer.

        Lang- Gakpo- malen


        Frenkie- Wieffer

        Ake- Van dijk/ Botman- Dumfries


        This would be the best lineup but I dont think lang will be called up. It’s just how it is, somebody puts the word in your head and that has to be it. This is one of the problems I see with the dutch coaches, they dont wanna solve a issue and instead end up covering it regardless of it not being in the best intrest of team.

        They wont change their perception until the water reaches the neck and it’s too late.

    1. @wilson, I am more than sure he will. He is not one of those coaches who would experiment with the selection. Perhaps, this time we will see Dany Blind as a central defender and Daily Blind as a left back.

      1. If he keep calling dead woods, I don’t think we will get out of the qualification. A draw against Greece and we will start the second spot racing with goal difference.

  26. My line up on top ( second one), have depay, danjuma, Gravenberch, frimpong, koopmeiners,botman on bench . Rotate this squad at best. By euros we will a deadly team.

  27. its astonishing how Jeffery Bruma’s has declined over the years. 25 caps for NT and now cant even cant start at club like heerenveen. him and van dijk partnership some years back looked like was going to be a Rock Wall for the dutch. but that took a noise dive once he left PSV and with the emergence of de ligt.

    I really didnt ubderstand what happened to him or led to his downfall?

    1. He was never good enough though. He was good at youth level but he was never able to take a step up. His career looks ok though, he has some good phase competing at top level.

  28. under the radar. sparta has being a suprise package this season in eredivisie. currently sitting 5th behind AZ. one of their standout players has been vito van Crooj who has contributed with 11 assist sitting second behind tadic and 10 goals. not to mention their Norwegian striker as well Tobias Lauritsen. I remember following Vito at VVV-Venlo when his performace led to his first call up to JO only player to be called up from eerste divsie at that time.

    being tracking him operating on the right for sparta. have watched him vs the big 3, though he looked average, I wonder how he ‘d look in a better team or with better players around him. if he can get transfer and prove himself in a competitive team/league , he surely has that raw capabilities in him to pounce on NT stage.

    1. on the same note, Dilrosun’s trajectory seems to have hit the rocks at Feyenoord. hope to see him more next season and probably in CL if he can compete for starting spot.

  29. Stijn spearings and Boomen targeted by PSV and feynoord…How IS spearings? is he he good choice for DM?..if they play for feynoord and PSv it is highly likely that both will be called..
    i am eagerlly waiting to see whether koeman has the balls to drop Taylor,klassen,Cillessen,De roon,Brobbey,Weghorst,Blind and his son wijnaldum….Weghorst is a warrior but he cannot score goals..wijnaldum is pretty old…its time to move…
    considering the form and quality. At the moment..it should be
    Joel piroe,Dalinga,Malen,Gakpo,Depay,NOah lang,xavi simmons -7 nos
    Frenkie,Weiffer,koopmeiners,Tijjani,Gravenberch(quality),Boomen,wijnaldum(koeman favorite)-7 nos
    Hartman,Malacia,Ake,Botman,De ligt,Frimpong,Timber,Virgil,dumfries—-9 nos
    Goal keepers
    Noppert,Bijlow,Verbruggen…3 nos.. thats 26 nos..

    1. They need to a sign a very good striker who can be a real threat at CL level or at least has that killer instict to strike fear in the opponents. The wing component is good with depth as well. Ockun is likely to depart but then zerrouki is an equally a good replacement. They might need some back in the backline to their starters currently

  30. I agree, I’d also be disappointed if Koeman played some of the older fellows you guys have mentioned. But I’m a little more optimistic (or is hopeful a better word?) that he’ll move on. In his previous run he brought a number of new players who became core guys De ligt, De Jong (both no brainers), but also Dumfries, Bergweijn, de Roon, and Van de Beek; and he also gave debuts to Danjuma (hurt early on) and Malen…so he has shown in the past that he’ll make changes, try new players. Some worked out better than others, but that is the nature of experimentation.

    The points that De Jong and de Ligt were no brainers is valid, as is the point that he didn’t have much of a choice than to make changes. And that is my biggest worry—coaches who have had some prior success and then return have a tendency to rely on guys who performed well for them in the past. Hopefully (there’s that word again) he’ll get beyond that.

  31. Watched Bremen and Bayern. Gravenberch started this game but on the right and no surprises there and like I have always said, his stronghold is on the left ( frenkie’s position). Not saying though his performance was bad but he couldnt fluently show his strengths while playing on right compared to when he plays on left and indeed this was on the showcase when on occasions he found him self on left linking up with cancelo. ( like with blind during Ajax days). On the right he just had no to very little chemistry with mazzaouri and was often involved in passing phases (mostly back pass) , link ups , overlapping etc. from attacking stand point he was just average. I mean was not able to penetrate head on directly ( lateral and back passing), over head balls , or complement the forwards. Also defensively if caught upfront meant the back line had to dealt all the pressure . You can instantly recognize all this traits to his time at Ajax and it’s seems like he is still in the same bus.

    At this point in time he is just another Player to growing list of those whom will have to play second fiddle to frenkie on that LCM. I will also add koopmeiners to this list. It also would be in the best interest for koeman to invest players whom play that position. For example Wieffer ( already) or Anyone in future for that matter.

    I also watched PSV and Sparta and while sangare was not involved in the game, veerman had to switch to the right and Guti started on the left. First of all you could tell sangare absence with veerman not effective in the break down areas as sangare and then veerman had to drift to the left to make his presence felt more but then guti playing on the left had to move to the right but could not get into the game because like veerman he his stronghold also is on the left. So both were repelling each other out and often one of the two would be floating around. This is exactly what happens when frenkie and koopmeiners start in NT. Now if you compare them to Wieffer , he is more direct, and doesn’t drift a lot. Well to some extent outside but then instead of going side ways, it’s more out ( right) and up. This doesn’t clog space in the middle . I think this is the type of midfielders that koeman shud invest in.

    As for the game, Sparta had a good game and it only took the subs from the bench for PSV to come and turn the game around. I actually wanted to watch how Vito Van crooj does and while he was always a danger lurking in the background, didn’t get balls from where he could make those decisive moments. Really would like to see him around better players. Sparta looks like a good team though and their young Japanese kido was instrumental in their pressing attack phases. Unfortunately for them , they had no response to the super subs for PSV and EL ghazi scrambled home the winner. The Sparta GK also looks good. Made some good.

  32. Noa Lang needs to cut the bull crap and follow the footsteps of some of the gentle beings like saka or even Simons if he really wants to hit the absolute top and at the same time leave the jury with no excuses but to select him.

    I just hope he doesn’t shoot himself in his own foot.

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