Robey Sportswear to be NEC Nijmegen’s new sports material supplier

NEC Nijmegen released the information that from next season onwards it will have Robey Sportswear as its new supplier of sporting goods. The contract was signed this Tuesday and will run until the end of the 2026/27 season.

In addition to the professional team, all of the club’s youth teams will also be dressed in Robey Sportswear. The company is a supplier to several Eredivisie clubs as well as the Keuken Kampioen Divisie.

“We are extremely happy with this new partnership with Robey Sportswear. The Dutch clothing brand has a very rich history within our professional football. Robey Sportswear is known for providing very high quality products and is the ideal partner to increase our reach across the Netherlands” said NEC Nijmegen Commercial Manager Robin Faber.

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  1. @Wilson

    Just read the Football Oranje article and it is word for word what we have been saying. We see it not because we are some football gurus and have higher IQs but, simply because we refuse to live in an alternate reality.

    A reality where the quality of your opposition do not matter and your 4-3-3 is going to be employed regardless.

    A reality where you insist on 4-3-3 but won’t use the best wingers you have but rather a never-been who never assists and has scored 2-3 goals in nearly 50 international appearances. How is this even possible in a coach’s mind?

    A reality where you are still tolerating baby Blind to get his stripes or have some influence in the game. Hard to figure which is worse.

    A reality where Kenneth Taylor is heralded as the next big thing in your press conference and yanked out before halftime.

    A reality where the team is plied with veterans who have played numerous qualifiers and 3-4 major tournaments with no hint of progress or any indication of future promise…but yet

    We thankfully do not live in that alternate reality. We know your ego and obsession with the past is always going to cloud your judgment for the path to a greater future.

    But as fans, we are going to speak it as we see it. No gaslighting tolerated.

  2. Nathank ake what a player we have…He was eating kingsley koeman for breakfast.koeman looked like school boy infront of Ake..Bayern got punished for sacking Nijelsmann..i apreciate that..
    While on the other hand Pep guardiyola is revolutionisinng the teams…3241 yesterday with John stones and rodri as holding mid…this gives himw wingers and tactical flexibility…But still koeman or LVg cannot play ake as DM like guardiyols did…We play with de roon…de roon who??/ a mediocre at best…
    who is a fool??? Repeating the same mistakes and expecting results.. thats what dutch coaches do except Ten haag and Arnie slot….i think Heitinga will make a better coach..

    1. You are correct on that one. I wanted to write what you have said last week after watching them. Imagine he let a player like cancelo to be loaned out without any hesitation and yet it has not affected them at all. You have to give credit to pep for his innovation.

  3. I have been watching a lot of Valencia games and keeping tabs on kluivert. He as become such an intergal figure in the team that the commentators mention him often as someone who likely will make that break through as in scoring or in assisting. His pulling of the ball from behind ( right) and bringing it on his left foot while at full speed has become trade mark feature.

    He has been deployed all over upfront and started in 4-4-2 in the last game as a second striker featuring on the top right. Pulled in a hamstring doing the same nutmeg ( mentioned above) and was subbed off . His crosses are deadly as well.

  4. We will have stunning team on paper at least we drop some failed experienced ones…..Brobbey and taylor has to step up their work to get in to NT.i beleive both can….But the dead woods needs to be cleared at the earliest..there is no place for wijnaldum,klassen,De roon ,Blind…also dumfries is not un questionanbale starter…
    some what like
    ———–Joel piroe————–
    —–Botman—–Virgil—–De ligt———–
    on bench
    ———–Thijs dalinga———————–
    for 22 players
    Extra 3 players
    Donyell Malen

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