Frenkie: “We have so much room to grow!”

The competitions have started again. And with a focus on the Dutchies, it’s clear that we are seeing – mostly – pretty decent developments. Yes, Mathijs de Ligt might need a tad more time to get used to Sarri’s new way of playing for Juve. Even Bonucci says in interviews he needs more time himself! And yes, Luuk de Jong hasn’t scored yet (but don’t worry: he will). Cillesen is allowing goals, yes, and maybe he’s not as good as Neuer or Kapa or De Gea but he’s still good enough for Oranje.

It’s all good news. PSV’s forwards, Ajax’ continuous run, AZ’s talents knocking on the door, but also the return to fitness of Danjuma, the goals of Weghorst, the minutes made by Chong and most importantly the key role Frenkie is playing already in this Barcelona. Only Feyenoord is a bit of an up and down team at the moment… Epically beating Porto and then losing horrifically against Fortuna Sittard? But all good lessons for the players and hopefully they’ll find their spine soon.

Frenkie oozes confidence: “We have made a good run with Oranje, but now we really need to win the next two matches as we will make a giant leap forward to qualification. Northern Ireland is the key game, and away against Belarus, well…with all due respect, we really should win that. We will have the upperhand vs Germany and Northern Ireland in terms of 1v1 result and we have it all in our own hands.” Frenkie has a right to be cocky. He started in 10 of Barca’s 11 official matches and the media can’t stop talking him up. He’s seen as a real asset, providing creativity and solutions from midfield and accelerating the game where possible. Some media even claim that the current Barcelona team is struggling to keep up with Frenkie’s game!

“Yes its going well, but I never worried about that. For me, it’s new team mates and a new stadium and a new country and language, but the football for me is always the same. I wouldn’t know how to play differently. Barca signed me with their full brain, as we say in Holland, and they know what they’re getting. And to be honest, we’re not playing that well. We can still do so much better. But a Barca that plays average, always has a Suarez or a Messi to break the deadlock. That bycicle kick of Suarez? He doesn’t it constantly in training. That was meant to happen like this, I can tell you. And I am as surprised by what he does as the fans are, hahaha. We have so much quality, we can always find an opening.”

Oranje is not that far progressed. “Not yet!”, Frenkie smiles. “But we will work towards this. I believe we can play better but if you see how we played partly during the Nations League semi finals and the second half vs Germany… That is the level we need to hold on to. We can still improve and that is a good thing! We all sense there is room to grow.”

The goal is reaching the Euro2020 tournament. “I did play final tournaments in the youth system. It’s really good fun to play at those, but this one is the real deal! It’s a disgrace in a way that The Netherlands missed out twice! I really want to be part of the group that will qualify again.”

Another player who entered the trainings camp for Oranje with his chest out is skipper Virgil van Dijk. “We’re now 8 points ahead of Man City with Liverpool! Who would have thought that so early in the season. Wow! Winning the CL with Liverpool was huge, but winning the title in England will be even bigger. We want to win everything now, the title, the FA Cup, the World Cup for clubs, everything!”

Van Dijk never played a final tournament. Not even in the youth. “Four years ago, I made my debut vs Kazachstan. Boy, what a difference. Things didn’t go so smoothly, to say the least. And if you look at the steps we made since then? It can go quickly and it all is based on the talent coming through. It’s cyclic I think and we’re on a good run now.”

Van Dijk wants to temper the euphoria. “We haven’t won a single thing yet. Yes it’s going well but Thursday, Northern Ireland…it will be tough. Yes, it’s a full Kuip and all this, but I know the Northern Ireland team and I know most of their players and I’m telling you: it will be a tough match! But no matter how you look at it: we want to win and we will qualify because we are ready. We have the players, the technical staff, the history, the fans, we simply belong at that stage.”

Ronald Koeman was asked about this new look Oranje. His analysis. “It all comes in waves. I was also part of a young group in the 1980s that had to be brought in because Oranje was disappointing on all levels. With Vanenburg, Van Basten, Gullit… And we were kids. But we had the pizzazz, we had the courage and some luck. Now, we see another tremendous generation knocking on the doors of the top. Frenkie de Jong, two seasons ago, was not yet a certainty. Virgil was overlooked by most clubs, Dumfries, Ake, Van De Beek… And there is more coming and that is wonderful. I also believe we changed things at club level. Today most clubs have their players 8 hours per day. In the years before, other countries trained harder. Longer. Players were fitter. Today, I think we can compete.”

Asked why Koeman is not open to make changes in his squad (think Weghorst vs Luuk or bringing in Stengs instead of Berghuis), he said: “You have to understand that I have been working with these lads for 1,5 years now and we don’t have a lot of time before matches to fit in new players. There is always that urge to give younger talents chances, but we need to win Thursday. I don’t have time to focus on a young player coming in and getting him into the system. It’s definitely something I long to do, I can also see we have some good players coming through, but I want to do it slowly but surely. I selected Berghuis over Stengs, both left footed forwards, because Steven has the experience within Oranje. He has been part of Oranje for years, on and off. But Stengs is definitely knocking on the door. Koopmeiners too, a player I am following. He has leadership skills, great feet, mentally strong, so yes. And there are more options, I am aware but we will find the right time to start to include these new lads.”

Asked about the Weghorst / Luuk de Jong debate. “Weghorst scores easily and now he has a number of goals while Luuk hasn’t, but I don’t look at that only. I look at what they do without the ball and how they can be of use for the team. As a pinch hitter, I think Luuk offers more. More “gogme”, more smarts and experience. Luuk is great in holding up the ball and finding team mates, with his head or chest or feet. Wout is more a finisher. But you can’t claim Luuk doesn’t know how to score, right? He was Eredivisie top scorer so he knows how to do it.”

Asked about Mo Ihattaren. “It’s clear that he will become a European top player. No doubt. We really want him to play for Oranje, but considering his private situation (Mo’s dad recently died) we have said we would give him time. I am not going to stalk him, particularly not now. He is only 17 years old and he needs to decide on his own time.”

He did have to drop players, as for instance Donny van de Beek is back to full fitness. “I decided to drop a midfielder extra as Davy Propper isn’t fit either. We now have one extra forward. I think it’s legit, as we will be playing opponents who will want us to have the ball. Tonny Vilhena was part of Oranje for years now, so it’s hard on him, but things will keep changing, I’m sure. Players get injured, or we need more midfielders maybe against other opponents. The least fun thing for a team manager is calling players who are loyal and have had contributions to tell them they are not needed. I do look at how polyvalent a player actually is, of course, and with the likes of Donny but also Malen we have players who can play on more than one spot. I think Malen can play on 4 positions… That is rich.”

The Northern Ireland match is seen as a key match and a difficult one.

I think Holland will thrash them: 4-0. The Belarus away game will probably prove to be more difficult… Malen, Memphis, Donny and De Ligt on the score sheet.

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  1. Wilson said:

    Jan,few questions for you.

    Why do you think Van Gaal shifted Blind from LB to CB at man united?

    Jan: I think LvG wanted better build up at Man U. The whole fanbase wanted better football and Jones and Smalling and Rojo etc are not the best passers of the game. Playing CB is a great compliment to Blind. That is where your top lads need to be.

    Why janmaat fell out from the NT?

    Jan: Janmaat caused that late goals of the Czechs vs Holland in 2012 (for the 2014 Euro qualifications) and Hiddink punished him. Things might have been said? I am not sure. Janmaat has been struggling with injuries on and off since. Had a good spell at Watford, then got injured again. Tete, Karsdorp and now Dumfries simply took his spot. Janmaat is awesome going forward and has a good cross but is not a top defender (like Tete seemed to be).

    Why so many Rotation at RB including veltman,Karsdorp,Tete,Dumfries,Janmaat?

    Jan: See above. Tete didn’t play all the time, Karsdorp got two horrific knee injuries etc.

    What happens if daley blind gets injured?

    Jan: At Ajax, I think Pierie or Martinez will take his CB Spot. In Oranje, I am convinced Van Aanholt is next in line. Ake can play there and Koeman can also use Vilhena there. Pieters is an option, for me as well. Or Haps or Wijndal. The latter is an AZ full back who plays really well

    On van van gaal

    If you are saying he is a dutch Guru then the stain on his face from the 2001 disaster is not less than what he triumphed in his own career.that failure also will never be forgotten.

    Secondly his ego has always led to his downfall and its well documented where he has gone.

    Again all this gives another context when viewed from the outside of the box and most probably would be kept low when seen from inside. This is how the dutch system works and thats what are you doing. You wanna potray Blind from the whole teams perspective while not reflecting his weakness. Im trying to isolate that weakness because it will be exposed at the critical stage of all.

    Jan: I noticed you focus on his weakness. But why only his weakness? I never see you criticising Frenkie for not scoring enough? Or being a bad header of the ball? Why not complain that Donny van de Beek is not fast enough? I mean, why single out Daley all the time and making comments about his father-son relationship? It’s ridiculous and it’s a witch hunt for me.

    Jan: Do you think Koeman plays Blind because he is Danny’s son?

    Jan: Do you think Arsene Wenger said Blind was magnificent vs Spurs in London, because his dad is Danny?

    Jan: So judge players on their contributions and try to be more objective.

    Bert Van Majwik 2010- heitinga and Mathijsen.

    I wasnt on this site back then. What was your reaction after the final whistle?

    Jan: I can probably find that post and will post it here, if I do.

  2. Shit, that post was on the other blog. I might have it somewhere, but I’m currently traveling.

    I do know I was quite positive on the whole campaign but the Spain finals in 2010 was such a disappointment.

    Firstly, we didn’t play well. At all.

    And secondly, UK ref Webb fucked it up for us. I think he completely missed the touch by a Spanish player, when Sneijder hit a free kick via the Spanish wall past the goal. Oranje was ready to take the corner, but Webb gave a goal kick. When Holland was astounded and protesting, Spain kicked the ball and from that attack, Iniesta scored!!

    I was gutted.

    Also, Puyol should have been red carded for trying to hack down Robben on that run towards Casillas. He wasn’t and later on Heitinga was red carded.

    I think we were hard done by, but at the same time, we never reached our usual level. Van Persie in particular was spent.

    1. Re your comment on the goal kick vs corner that lead to the Iniesta goal. THANK. YOU.

      I’ve been screaming this for the past nine frigging years.

      1. Everyone in Holland would know. Wesley Sneijder says it constantly too. It was a disgrace. With the VAR, this situation would never have happened. I also think Puyol should have received his second yellow.

        1. What if Howard webb given Redcard for Dejong at 45 inutes…Spain wuld have finished us before 90 minute..Spain were diving and whining..Presence of vaart would have killed spain by 2 or 3 goals before half time
          Instead we played with a back pass champion,Bert van marwijk paid for stubron stupidity,,,
          2012 he played Bommel for inform strootman,yet again he got schooled darkest era of dutchfootball,Got name thugs..Cryuff publically supported spain..Disgusting 4 dark years wasted the talents of fab4..

      2. @ jan

        Why is that you always wanna see things from one side.I have indepth argument points to repond to your explaination but that will lead us in another direction and which alter the focus from the current one. But I have one for the record.

        As much as Blind was better at distribution than Smalling,Jones and Rojos, he was equally vunerable at LB and arieally and he did get punished in few games. This was evident under mourinho era where even though he had prasie for blinds professionalism and versatility,he still had him on the bench and later let him go.

        You dont want to take into consideration the fact that Blinds mistakes comes from his weaknesses and like what tiju always says he compensates it by not venturing forward and sits back low vs tougher teams and with lesser teams he comes out. Does this affect the team? Big games big time. This is well captured in Nations league final.

        I wont drag this one more but I will bring it up later on because I think both your new post and this one are linked

  3. Just dissecting koeman explaintation based on the report:

    “You have to understand that I have been working with these lads for 1,5 years now and we don’t have a lot of time before matches to fit in new players. There is always that urge to give younger talents chances, but we need to win Thursday. I don’t have time to focus on a young player coming in and getting him into the system”

    Im just wondering here the coaches for the other big nations also have limited prep time as any other but still they rotate players or inject new talents who are doing exceptional well at club level. I mean you look at the chelsea contingent Manson Mount, Tony Abraham and Tomori were all called up by Gareth Southgate.They replaced the likes of Delle Alli and kyle walker whom I dont know have how many caps for England. The bottom line here is this is very much contray to koemans approach and what he is saying about experience and time management. Yes at the end of the day koeman is the coach of NT, He knows what he is doing and whats best for the team but given his proven record especially what happened at everton it will always remain question mark. Mind you note here in this case,you cant use club level to international level has an argument point because his approach was same both at southamption and Everton compared to now. One can also argue here,No under koeman the results are coming and under his regime the dutch are back on track but you also have to take into consideration here the fact that he has avalibity of some of the finest up and coming talents under his current tenure which other coaches did to have.looking at What Dick Advocaat did with Utrecht last season.he too imo would have pulled NT back on track like what koeman is doing.

    “I selected Berghuis over Stengs, both left footed forwards, because Steven has the experience within Oranje. He has been part of Oranje for years, on and off. But Stengs is definitely knocking on the door”.

    Fair enough he has stengs on his radar but what I cant understand here is the experience he is talking about of berghuis .malen and groeneveld neither had experience over the likes of Promes and Babel but both made instant impact. You can always argue here with the berghuis experience what impact has he made thus far at NT level and for the record most of his appearence for NT has being late camoes.

    I have to jump here to what he said about dropping vilhnea because thats where the contradiction is:

    “Tonny Vilhena was part of Oranje for years now, so it’s hard on him, but things will keep changing, I’m sure”

    On one side he saying its experience and then he overlooks at it and says change is why not invest in someone who can bring the change.berghuis with so called on and off experience has never established him self as a impact player. It took malen only 30 minutes or so to establish himself on his debut. Groeneveld had the same long run Berghuis will fall out eventually so why not call up stengs and start up with some late camoes and build it up from there like malen and Groeneveld.well off course when they are winning. I mean its not hard and it also about taking in to consideration whats in the best intrest of the team going forward and which has stengs written all over it

    The luuk and weghorst one has been discussed so I wont go there but its ridiculous but I agree with who ever said it time to move on from pinch hitters and ball holders. Its time for modern day strikers who are all rounded, Fast and clinical.Lammers,Boadu,Malen,Redan,Brobbery are all in that boat.

    For the record these are agruement points only.

  4. koeman surprised me by dropping Tony vilhena and he kept strootman inside,what the F@#k??.
    Vilhena saved us in 2-2 draw to reach nations league final,Excellent dribbler,team players with double work rate of kuyt…He was never given enough game time though he was sleceted,finally he dropped him..Yes i do understand we going to face lesser attacking teams and we can affford to take risk..
    Strootman over Vilhena THATS SIN..

  5. HAVING said all this..
    While hiddinski and Danny went under skirt when they 3/6 spots to qualify from 1 group,only the crapiest coaches of Holland cannot make it from that.2 direct qulifers with 1 play off…I AM SURE holland was bad,but we would have at least qualified if they were not the coach..

  6. Luuk Dejong HOLD UP IS PRETTy good he connects with team mates really well,much better option than BAs dost who scores goals from luck or tap ins..
    i AM SINCERELY thankful to Bas dost who retired from NT,and Depay took over form HIM.
    we DONT NEED luuk or weghorst,debate is immetierial..
    players who ate defenders with paec and trickery with brilliant finish also when team struggles for goals,THEY SCORE GOALS BY INDIVIDUAL EFFORT..

  7. Koeman LB pecking order is


    Rb pecking order is


    But it should be


    on right
    Dest>karsdorp>dumfries>ki jana hoover

    1. We know your opinion. You don’t need to write it down every single day.

      Dest hasn’t even committed to Holland, but lets give him a spot in the starting 11.

      1. Still couldnot forget match portugal Vs 2006..kuyt for RVn
        2010 final kuyt for Vaart
        WCQ2016 and ECQ2018 with Basdost and Co for Babel…
        So its better to change earliest..
        With Dest or Winjdal We will by 4-3 or 5-2…
        But with Dumfries or Blind we could loose 1-0..

  8. The france group is looking intresting. France and Turkey are both leading the group with 15 and Iceland is second on 12. A injury hit france will travel to Iceland in Group H and will then face turkey on monday which is a must win game for them. No Lloris,Mbappe,Probga,dembele,Umtiti,Laporte. This group will go down to the wire.

    1. Deshamps is much better than Danny and hiddnski at least as 3rd spot he will have play off chance,Frane will get through..
      We were in 4 th spot for ECQ2018..
      Deshamps is not a great coach,he got pool of talents still..
      COACH IS THE key look at SAF,klopp,Guardiyola, Ten haag, Arnie slot..touchel,
      Coach can ruin wonderful talented team Eg
      Wilmots belgium in the past
      Hiddinksi and Danny for us.

  9. The next generation for the english is also looking very good and what a platform euros will for them leading to the world. Hudson-odi,sancho,Rasford,Abraham,Mount,Loftus cheek,Madison,Rice,Alexender Arnold,Chilwell. The only think southgate needs to realize is harry kane needs to be rotated.

  10. Wilson, we will have to accept that we wil never see eye to eye about this. I am 100% sure that LVG didn’t move Daley to CB because of weakness. He moved him centrally for strength reasons.

    Even today, Man United fans would like to see Blind back. Have you seen Man United play recently?

    In today’s VI (I am not making this up):

    Daley Blind is in a strong phase of his career. Not just as a player for Ajax and Oranje, but also in life, as he just became a dad to his son Lowen.

    The stats show that he grew into the best passer in Amsterdam.

    After Frenkie’s exit, the centre back gets the ball more often but also much earlier. Blind sends more passes than last season and the most passes of all Eredivisie players. And he has a very high accuracy as well, mostly on the opponent’s half.

    “Frenkie has exceptional qualities, with his dribbling. Now with him gone, we need to compensate this with passing. I think passing is one of my strengths and I feel complete responsibility with every pass I play. Playing the ball to the right foot of my mate, with the right pace. So he can make the right decision quickly. I see it as I can send a message with the pass. I really learned this in my football education.”

    “When I play into someone’s right foot, I hope they will turn the right way. It doesn’t always pan out but it’s always the plan. I look where the space is, and with a pacey ball I aim to play through the lines. And in this way, passing has become my weapon of choice.”

    I am really puzzled how you are the only one (maybe with Tiju) that feels that Blind shouldn’t be in the team, while none – and I mean none! – of the analysts in Holland think he is a key player. Wim Kieft, Kenneth Perez, Rene van der Gijp, Willem van Hanegem, Johan Derksen incl all the team coaches (Van Gaal, Hiddink, Blind, Grim, Koeman).

    I cannot understand how someone like you – without any formal qualifications or credits to your name as a player or coach – can keep on claiming that you are correct.

  11. Wilson comments on Koeman:

    You claim Southgate does make changes where Koeman doesn’t.

    You will remember that Koeman already introduced new players. But why change a winning team?

    Southgate doesn’t use Alli and Walker for a reason (Alli has been terrible for months). Mount is a great example of a player who is in top form.

    If in our case Wijnaldum would lose his spot at Liverpool and play shit for months, Koeman will use Promes in his stead, I’m sure.

    Berghuis vs Stengs. Stengs has had 1,5 season on the highest level in Holland. Berghuis around 6 seasons. He won trophies. He played in England. And he has 1000s of minutes at the highest level. Berghuis has worked with Koeman and in Oranje for years now, on and off.

    I do think Stengs will take Berghuis’ spot soon but for now Koeman stays with what he knows.

    As for Weghorst and Luuk de Jong, I don’t understand why you think it’s ridiculous.

    Koeman’s explanation is quite clear. I understand it perfectly and I don’t think it’s ridiculous.

    I find it scary that we both support and love Oranje, but we don’t see eye to eye on anything….

  12. I’m curious to see how Hollands U21 team does against Portugal. The team is full of players that many people on here claim should be playing for our First Team, so I would imagine they should be able to dominate the Portugal U21’s.

    1. just 1 crap player can spoil the game…
      Winjdal,Stengs are Good partially boadu as well.Boadu needs little time more..
      i agree if 11 players are eligible for senior squad plays as u21…
      Please stop your crack pot theory..

    2. I will rate the current u21 squad as one of the best right now. All most all the players are playing at top level.europa,CL including domestic league league. If maarten stekelenberg fails with this contingent he should just resign.

  13. Wow, only a half chance in 44 mins. This may turn into a long night for us. We have no ideas about unlocking irish wall. Having deRoon, Dumphries, Bergwijn on the field doesn’t help. Depay is a pedestrian too.

  14. Irish.
    Half comes to an end. A waste of energy and time. I thought we would make it easy by being up at halftime. I don’t know what to expect in the next 45 mins.

    1. from last 16 years After LVG,koeman is the bes coach we got…After all koeman is also dutch ,stubornness cannot be removed..
      kuyt -RVN
      now its dumfires who is joke in going forward.
      De Roon,Dumfries should not be playing for NT..
      Wijnaldum thinks its offday

  15. More important thing is we play against germany and belarus and north irealand with same selection. Really awesome. U play against germany and big teams like brazil and then against team like north ireland or belarus with no change.
    Why we need coach??
    U never has surprise. U always play with same 11 player. U know. France or other country know netherland next year selection from now. 😅😅😅

  16. Shame on you Koeman for your pragmatic squad selections and hesitancy to make earlier substitutions. To start de Roon (I’m not personally blaming de Roon) against a Northern Ireland team that could barely pass the ball is a joke

  17. I thank Luuk deJong for the goal but please do not make him a hero. It was pure luck and some strange freeze on 2 irish players who stood there watching.

    1. ha ha ..Still i would give him 1000 rating over Basdost and Dumfry..
      Terrible mistake was not playing promes and De beek from start.instead he played De roon and dumfry..
      since northern ireland was busparking team we didnt loose…
      anyone seen that Blind fall down???

  18. We are lucky to win this game!! Ronald Koeman needs to be arrested and spend the next two days in jail for committing a crime against his nation. He starts De Roon in a game where you know the opponent will sit back and he keeps him for 65 minutes on the game!! How in the hell you watch your team not have a single shot on goal the first half and you choose not to change a thing??? Why is Van de Beek on the bench?

  19. In the end, this team showed resolve and character to come back from a goal down fighting against an opponent defending with all 11 players!

    De ligt made a critical error in his clearance and failed to challenge the incoming cross that resulted in the goal. I have been defending him as being young and full of promise but I’m starting to get doubts about him. He maybe a little too hyped than he actually is at the moment. He will be a world class player one day but he is not there yet. He has got everything but he needs to work on his concentration.

    Blind had a bad game all day long. He wasn’t beaten one on one by a speedy winger/full back but his passes were errant and his failure to deal with the ball in the box contributed to the goal conceded.

    Koeman is lucky things turned out well in the end but it could have easily been another missed tournament if we had lost tonight.

        1. he was in awkward position i mean was facing our own goal..ball was pretty high and dipped down towards opponnent ,when he coudnt connect with head ,he tried with hand..why the f33ck blind fall down and allowed that perfect inch cross???

    1. You have to understand that the English don’t know shit about other countries players

      This is what you called English arrogance

      What Man Utd were playing AZ Alkmaar , their fans were frustrated as they were not able to beat a team “ they have never ever heard of !!”

      They will only know Virgil and Wijnaldum and depay who they still call “ flop of Man Utd “ everyone they mention on their media

  20. With Dest on RB and winjdal on LB and De roon out..We would could tear up these kind of teams…koeman is still insecure play Blind and dumfry against big teams..

      1. I am following karsdorp..he is still lacking fitness i feel..Dest is the perfect Dani alves of dutch,incredible dribble and fine crosses ..a dager in attack..When he connect with Malen,Depay,Stengs,and winjdal as LB its going to be handy for any teams..We might concede goals but we will outscore opponent for sure..

  21. @Jan

    I will wait for your analysis. but I hope you are getting some of the answers you were looking for. (why?)

    I did said this in the last blog” I hope koeman gets a reality check vs NI” Well looks like he got one and hope his notebook will be full.

    some credit to the Irish coach as well, he did his homework well. playing without a true striker, the threat was always going to be on the wide and that’s where their wings backs played a low line.

    1. I don’t think Koeman gets it. No reality check for him. Even if we lost he would start the same 11 in the next game.Actually winning this game might have enforced his “greatness” in his mind. Mentally he seems closer to a mule than a human. He has been blessed with a bunch of very good players and has had a ton of luck.

  22. This forum is slowly becoming a naming and shaming of blind and de ligt.
    Can’t imagine the negative comments once the team starts losing. Justifying all that was said when the team is “winning”

  23. Well, came here to read jans posts and wasn’t disappointed as usual. But then I curiously check the comments and see a a ton of blasting on the coach and some players. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves (Faraz, Emmanuel, Wilson). You guys have no soccer intelligence. Netherlands can’t have a bad game? This was a totally different type of game that they have had to play basically since Koeman has taken over. He changed the system with time left and it worked. A win is a win. You 3 should be embarrassed. I’m embarrassed for you guys. Go cheer for another team, you guys don’t deserve to be fans.

    1. “”””””You guys have no soccer intelligence
      You guys have no soccer intelligence
      Netherlands can’t have a bad game?””””””””
      you mean playing the same 11 in every game????irrespective of the opponent??????

  24. What a game. Some serious difference makers! We are a few players and heart attacks away from being serious title challengers!

    Agree we need to be more positive in this forum.

    By the way, can we please upgrade this blog and make it more user friendly ? NL DUTCH Soccersite 2.0? Mobile friendly? App maybe? I would chip in !

  25. @emanuel
    U r in love with e ligt. All of sites. also foorball oranje said he was gulity in a goal. He did worng job and also before goal his mistake cause the ball go to blind position. I see blind didnt good job and he was guilty too. But de ligt was totally the worst player in the pitch.

    1. Agree Deligt made 2 mistakes,that doesnt mean he was the worst..ball went to Blind by deligt fault..
      what was dumfries doing?
      what was de roon doing?
      What was wijnaldum doing?
      i think Dumfries,wijnaldum de roon killed our game,that affected us..May be fatigue …

      1. This is why I am never putting my trust in Wijnaldum

        He occasionally takes a day off

        On a good day he will play like the champions league final and score two goals

        If not last night is what he shows – absence

  26. Bizot should be our starter he is more clam and trustworthy than cillessn,though cillessen is not bad..Bizot could kill penalty,Cillessen will never do that..ESPECIALLY VAR is there to decide some crap penaltys..

  27. 1. Poor game but fantastic result.
    2. Very resilient team. They have proven being resilient many times in Nation League and this campaign. I do not think it was a pure luck.
    3. I am very confident that Koeman knows what he is doing. He has analyzed and studied very well his players and here is the result.

    Congratulations on three more points!

    1. it was luck as well,the guy was freezed and watched Dejong scored…there was luck..luck came after we starred playing after got kickd in the A@@sss..
      koeman should forget certain players Strootman and Co…He should start Bizot as keeper,Guy is more assured than mighty Cillessen..Cillessen is not going to save any penalty,,
      He should start Ake as DM…kind of
      –Frenkie——Van de beek——
      on bench

    1. Modern day football era, you cant win any thing with 3 or 4 quality players in the team and the rest playing in their shadows. What you wanna see is quality in all departments and on the bench as well.

      This is one reason why I like to see things from modern day football pespective.

  28. @ MasonK 29

    A constructive criticism is a constructive criticism, at the end of day, what we say,write and talk here wont make any difference to anyone or in any way or force changes that we feel is needed. from fan view pespective, everyone body is itching to see NT win a silverware but its becomes frustating seeing the same f#ck ups happening over and over again.its that frustration that sparks the criticism or bashing as some of you call it.

    The was the same team and same lineup that beat germany,France and reached the nations league final and you are trying to tell, vs Northern Ireland they switched off. You know what,this is the embrassement part for me.

    You said”.. You guys have no soccer intelligence. Netherlands can’t have a bad game? This was a totally different type of game that they have had to play basically since Koeman has taken over.”

    What is this what is this, what totally different type of game are you taking about. To me it looks like you are just embrassing yourself my friend . Pliz if you are reading this, Im anxiously waiting to hear what you mean by the above.

    More importantly this game will definitely bring koeman back to the ground and prompt him to re access his options going into last few qualifiers .As predicted im glad it happened now and not later and if he still doesnt take hid of this, again best of luck to him, he is the one ridding the horse.

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