Georginio Wijnaldum celebrates Ronald Koeman’s return to the Dutch national team

Ronald Koeman’s return as coach of the Dutch national team has been openly celebrated by at least one person. Georginio Wijnaldum tells why the return of the Dutch commander was so celebrated by him.

“I had already looked forward to working with him before. When the negotiation with FC Barcelona was underway, I was close to working with him again. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. So you hope to be able to work with him again at some point. I think we all wanted Ronald Koeman to come back” said Georginio Wijnaldum.

Under the command of Ronald Koeman, Georginio Wijnaldum was one of the most frequent names in the starting lineup of the Dutch national team. When a move to FC Barcelona fell through and Georginio Wijnaldum ended up on the bench at Paris Saint-Germain, Louis van Gaal left the experienced midfielder in the background.

“I accepted and respected the decision. Evidently we had a conversation. Regardless, I’m not happy he’s gone. I am also grateful to Louis van Gaal for what he has done for my career. It’s not that I don’t think he’s a good coach. But I feel better with Ronald Koeman than with Louis van Gaal” commented Georginio Wijnaldum.

“This feeling of gratitude comes from the past when I played for Feyenoord. There is this feeling between us” concluded Georginio Wijnaldum.

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  1. @wilson.. It seems we have new son in law bond problem which could eradicate our any chance to win a trophy… After van marwijk-bommel.. We had Daley and aDanny blind problem.. Gini wijnaldum is is ghost of his the age of 32 Edagr davids was out of national team… Why cannot Wijnaldum and bLind cannot retire?? FFS… They are threat to our hope for a trophy at the age of 32….

    1. More silliness from Tiju? Of course Wijnaldum is back. Of course Daley is part of the squad. Read the interview with Koeman. He is perfectly clear.

      1. Jan forgot the gaol of molina… I couldn’t, we can blame virgil, ake ans frenkie…i won’t as they were marking messi.. Blind left molina for Free… That trigger the pass idea for messi.. That cost a goal.. We got trailed.. I don’t mind blind getting 100 the cap or wijnaldum has a retirement match vs france or Gibraltar.. But beyond that its suicidal… We had enough failures enough is enough… Lets try new ones with younger legs…

  2. My front three is gakpo- Depay – Malen. I was watching Dortmund game and while Malen was playing on the right wing, he played very narrow instead of wide and was often playing as a second striker in the box with their RB overlapping. If geertruida can do this, it would be great and for me this is where geertruida needs to prove himself especially with mbappe on his side.

    Simons should start at AM and not on RW to accommodate wijnaldum. Simons is fast and can setup up the tempo and this makes him the idle catalyst to be in the middle.

  3. I feel bad for geetruida… He is getting straight away thrown in to Mbhappe.. Who is arguably the deadliest foward on the planet.. Blind will not play as he needs protection… He was protected all the time… I dont feel good with koeman andnwijnaldum.. I scratch your back and you scratch my back policy…

  4. Some good new for ihattaren. He has been training hard with all his family ( mum) in Italy. Juventus will allow him play for their next Gene team in serie C. Let’s hope for an positive outcome.

  5. We have an outbreak. Gakpo, Botman, De ligt, Verbruggen and Veerman all sent home.

    Gravenberch De vrij and Scherpen called up.

    What do we expect for a line up

    Heres my prediction
    Geertruida Van Dijk Ake Malacia
    De Roon Wijnaldum Klassen
    Simons Depay Malen

    Heres my choice
    Geertruida Van Dijk Ake Malacia
    De Roon Wijnaldum
    Depay Weghorst Malen

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