More updates from the Oranje Camp

Van Gaal thought he had the whole squad together now in Portugal, with Verhaegh, Janmaat and Van der Vaart slowly returning to the training pitch. But the training camp was in slight shock when Van Gaal had to announce that poor ol’ Rafael is not going to make it to the World Cup. The tear in his calf will be such that his fitness cannot be guaranteed for the tournament.

It would have been massive for the 31 year old midfielder who played an important role in the qualifications but his 110th cap will have to wait.

raf dissa

Wesley Sneijder is his old confident (cocky) self. The little general did have some question marks about this World Cup earlier in the year but is quite comfortable now. “I did have my doubts in the past years. Mr Van Gaal was pretty intense in his judgements and I have to say, looking back, he was right. I was not 100%. I might have been 95%. Good enough for Galatasaray in the Turkish competition, but not good enough for CL glory or World Cup glory. I see that now. But over the last months, those doubts melted I was gaining fitness and form. And I walked into this training camp with a good feeling.”

So you are confident you’ll be on the plane? “Well no… actually, no one is apart from Robin and Arjen I guess… We’re all a bit tense with regards to this last cut off.”

Dirk Kuyt can be seen as a real veteran. The 33 year old believe he has much more years in his body. “The doctors at Fener always say I have the body of a 25 year old. It feels like that too. I will happily play more seasons in Turkey and maybe return to Holland one day. Who knows…”

Kuyt enjoys the process preparing towards the World Cup. “The actual tournament goes really quick. You’re in this haze, in this flow. But the prep phase is good fun. You grow towards each other, both on the pitch and off. Some of us know each other really well but most of the youngsters I don’t really know that well. And once you are in this pre-tournament process, it happens. You talk about other things than football, you play games, you socialise. It’s cool.”

What kind of games? “Well, we are all winners I guess. So we play games like cards, or table tennis or playstation games… There is a lot of rivalry happening and its always fun to try and beat certain lads. Arjen Robben has tremendous fits of anger when he loses, hahahaha. And there is nothing more fun than watching him…. But I’m the same, to be honest…”

Jordy Clasie is the table tennis king at the moment, as the lads have an internal competition. The little Feyenoord playmaker analyses his perfect pass on Van Persie below:

“I had a little bit of time, looked up and saw space behind their defence and Robin was already moving in that space. A pass like that needs to be firm and have enough speed. So you gotta put your laces through the ball, to keep it flat and to have the ball beat the defenders. And Robin is wonderful to play with, as you can do anything with him. He can have it in his feet, or in his stride, high, low, doesn’t matter with him.”

Here are some highlights of the training sessions:

Tomorrow, LVG will announce the final squad for Brazil.

Without Van der Vaart, it seems Wijnaldum has a real chance, although Louis might actually consider Depay or RObben for that role too or even Vilhena depending on how well the PSV midfielder is doing…. He is lacking rhythm too, so with a 5-3-2 LVG might decide to take an extra midfielder like Fer or an extra winger like Promes who impressed against Scotland….

We’ll find out soon!!

De Vrij LVG training

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  1. Good stuff !

    Are your nerves setting in yet 🙂

    Who’s your starting 11 for game 1 as it stands and what formation, Jan?

    You do a fine job of relaying the news for us in the media but what is JAN thinking….


    1. Hahahaha, I will post my thoughts with the definitive squad ok?

      But it includes Stekelenburg and Afellay, so not sure if you will like it hahahaha

      (just kiddin’)

  2. My biggest concern is how De Jong will operate in a three man midfield coz he hasnt played in that formation. Even he doesnt go forward to much meaning that there will be huge gap in middle when the other two midfielders are attacking…..defending is not sneijder type of game which means the burden will come on the Box to Box Midfielder. More running and tackling and creativity. Only one guy meets that resume for me.guess who?

    1. I would put Clasie at CM vs Spain to match them in the pace department especially it will not require him to tackle to much which doesn’t go with his light weight. At least he is fast,precise and has got liung power to fall back regularly to provide cover up for De Jong and whoever starts at Box to Box.

  3. kind of ot but anyone else think Van Ginkel should get a loan away from Chelsea? Really don’t see Jose giving him much of an opportunity.

      1. this guy Van ginkel got totally spoiled his game and day by day its getting worse by maourihno football.Chelasea is not for younger players look at sturridge play for liverpool now under Brenden.its shame that Ginkel moved to a shit club where is been used as same as Dejong role where he doesnt excell and people will make an opinon on him that he is not good.
        Vanginkel is best when playing as AMF who comes in to help defense when needed..

          1. under corpot Stroot was playing nijel role not Ginkel.Ginkel was a runner with Maher
            team was
            team was well balanced and fanstatic…..but subs were below par i mean Fer was the best among subs…Vanderhoron was worst,Depay due to his selfishness couldnt connect with team mates.

  4. Can someone describe Classie’s defensive abilities ? we all know his passing style & vision.

    I see that no one here is considering Lens, mind you he had a good qualifying and teamed up well with Robben & RvP.

    Also the Goalkeeper spot is key & I hope LvG chooses Krul, we all know we wouldn’t have beaten Brazil if Stek wouldn’t have saved Kaka’s shot.

    My line – up:


    ——-De Vrij—Veltman—-BMI——

    ————-De Jong——————-

    1. Clasie has some plusses and minuses. Plus = good reader of the game and the fact he is small gives him an advantage at times with this weight point being low. It’s also a minus, as big players like Pogba or Toure will basically crush him. He is not a great header of the ball and he lacks the killer mentality in a challenge of Nigel de Jong. But I don’t think we have anyone that lethal.

  5. i had very good hope about dutch team this time arround which was especially due to LVG and Vaart.This has diminished a lot in my mind,Absense of Vaart is huge for our team game,which is the only hope makes us to stand vs strong teams.Orange lost a wonderful visionary player in vaart,The omissions of Bruma in defense is huge question mark.anyone thinks thank we could stand against a strong teams (Spain,Brazil,France,Germany,Arjentina)with Depay,Boetius,promes has got serious mental issues.
    I feel so bad for Bruma,strootman,vaart and Van ginkel.Another player wo can fill in Nijel,s boot is Ake,trust me guys Ake is ready for Nijels role.
    Kishna is a better dribbler and better threat than Depay at any day.Zivkovic is better striker than kuyt at any day.

  6. My future team after Wc
    BMI———Virjil—–Bruma—–Van rhijn–

        1. I dont like Weils attitude,he is mentally weak,though he is pretty skilled,his crosses are not up to the mark etc.Van rhijn is more productive than him i think…
          As for LB PVA,buttner,blind and willimas has problems..none are perfect,its really hard to pick.i like buttners intelligence and Annholts physique and williams skills and Blinds vision..thats how it is but still i feel PVA and Buttner will do better in coiming days if they play regular..

      1. Natahn ake is very solid holding midfeilder with very good postioning and anticipation,he is strong too.
        I think he lacks bit of pace as LB.he has got better brain too.

  7. @willson personally i dont stand players with selfish attitude,greed,arrogance,girls mentality etc.I dont see any chance for dutch to beat a strong team with the likes of Depay and sneijder as starter unless they/NT get a fluke early goal.

  8. I really wish dutch players become so bold.To beat brazil in brazil u need to beat the fans first mentally.No matter how they roar in stand,the more they roar,more u must raise up ur game and must stand courgously no matter even if u loose ur life.thats the stand and mentality each dutch players should have.

  9. Guys , Chile will face Egypt tonight “Well , it will be 3 am here in Egypt 😀 ” . I will try to watch Chile closely. Btw , Egypt played with 3-5-2 system last game so I’ll try to know how Chile will face this strategy.

  10. Man Utd after Promes
    Arsenal after De Vrij
    Benfica after Van Wolfswinkel
    Sven Nieuweport free transfer to Go Ahead Eagles
    Verhaegh rejoined group training

    1. Hey you are a joke a have one question?
      It seems that ALL the teams wants De Vrij? What do you think about that??
      Cheers and thanks for the info!!

      1. De Vrij get attention from multiple teams because it is his last year in contract, this is the best time to sign a player where the price will be cut to half. He is not better than Indi but got more attention because of his contract situation.

  11. Ake should always play as a no.6…
    For all his versatility, he’s not a natural LB IMHO…
    His handling speed is pretty good and therefore Stuivenberg should always play him as the lone destroyer (in an attacking 4-3-3 formation/ with the point backwards)who’s capable of breaking the opposition’s attack and releasing his own players quickly with incisive passing..
    Busquets does this quite well and we should always follow this example to facilitate smooth triangulation in the middle of the park..Let’s follow the real Dutch model and dominate world football with our own style!!

    1. @Abhirup….Some coaches does stupid things,and we all makes mistakes too,but repeated mistakes is the issue.Ake is born for holding mid like nijel as far as my observation.Another dirt thing i am sseing is wijnaldum is been used in midfeild ,like u said ,inspite of all his talents and versatality we are in short of real wingers and wijnaldum lacks the incredible intelligence of vaart and sneijder. i feel terrible,we must utlise wijnaldum strentgh,speed and dribling capability very wisely.which is not happneing.

  12. As I said I’d stopp with the 83-84 generation after this tournament.

    Keepers : Krul, Vorm, ?

    CB : Rekik, Vlaar, Van Dijk, Douglas

    LB : Willems, Blind, PVA

    RB : Janmaat, ?, Brenet ?

    DM : Strootman, Ake, Ebecilio

    CM : Van Ginkel, Clasie, Fer, De Guzman

    OM : Afellay, Duarte, Vilhena

    RW : Wijnaldum, Lens, Promes

    LW : Depay, John, Boetius

    ST : Castaignos, Kishna, Locadia

    Here is a group of players to start with.

    Of course I don’t exclude BMI, De Vrij, Bruma etc. but I think Van Dijk and Douglas deserve to be tested before. It’s nonsense to call BMI and De Vrij every time who have respectivly 7 and 8 european games with Feyenoord and to keep ignoring Douglas who has 56 european games behind him. Hiddink wanted Douglas with Anzhi, so he’ll probably count on him.

    I also don’t exclude the others players from the 86-89 generation like Emanuelson, Elia, Anita, Buttner etc. if they perform good with clubs.

    Let’s also to keep an eye on Maher, Ziyech, Hendrix, Zivkovic…

      1. Krul without hesitation number one so far. Vorm is from 1983 and never impressed me with NT, agree that he isn’t essential.

        But Cillessen is a bad and VERY overrated keeper for me, Vermeer isn’t good enough, Zoet and Mulder no thanks. Who else ?

        Warner Hanh maybe yeah, what about Marsman ? I didn’t watch Twente a lot last year, how was he doing ? What about Bizot also ?

        1. Marsman maybe, I didnt wath too many twente games either. But Bizot doesnt have anything special, in fact I think he reacts a litle slow to the shoots!
          What about Bazoer and Ayoub for the DM role? They are veery big and strong players.
          Also I dont rate Strootman as a DM per ce, but he could play there too I guess

          1. Bazoer I didn’t watch him actually. Ayoub has qualities but he should join a better club to see if he is real material or no.

            Strootman not so good defensivly so far indeed, but can improve in Italy.

          2. What are you talking about? Bizot has the fastest reflexes in Eredivisie. Look how he stop Vitesse and AZ from scoring in the Euro playoff. That’s 10 saves a game. And also that win against PSV. He was absolutely perfect. (9 saves).
            The only thing is Bizot is bad at distribution.
            Marsman is ok nothing special. Good in the air, ok reflex, ok distribution. Slow to get down the ground.
            And go back to the Euro U21 playing against Spain. Without him we will lose by even more.

    1. This actually looks really good on paper @Laurent, but the ST position still looks shaky to me.

      As of right now I’d still take RvP at EC16 just because I don’t feel safe with any of those options…and he’ll only be 32 years old at that time.

      I think guys like Kishna, Luc, and Locadia are still too young/raw and need more time to develop. Lens can be an option at CF…as I think he’s played there a few times.

      Just my two cents.

    2. @Laurent,

      Agree on keeping an eye on Hendrix. He may be a real find as defensive mid. He played there at the end of last year; I know its a small sample, but he looked like he moved around and read the game well, and could slip a nice pass to through to the offensive players when the situation presented itself.

  13. Thanks mohamed for letting us know, I just checked it is at 8 pm for us and it is broadcasted on bein sports 2, I will watch it to see how this chile is playing!!

  14. My final 23 man roster (What I expect):

    Jasper Cillessen
    Tim Krul
    Michel Vorm

    Patrick van Aanholt
    Daley Blind
    Daryl Janmaat
    Bruno Martins Indi
    Joel Veltman
    Paul Verhaegh
    Ron Vlaar
    Stefan de Vrij

    Jordy Clasie
    Jonathan de Guzman
    Nigel de Jong
    Wesley Sneijder
    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Memphis Depay
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar
    Dirk Kuyt
    Jeremain Lens
    Robin van Persie
    Quincy Promes
    Arjen Robben

      1. Depay is already there,there is no competition for Depay,
        its Promes Vs hunter Vs Wijnaldum,i think Fer would make the cut.i think 23 would be
        Jasper Cillessen
        Tim Krul
        Michel Vorm

        Patrick van Aanholt
        Daley Blind
        Daryl Janmaat
        Bruno Martins Indi
        Joel Veltman
        Paul Verhaegh
        Ron Vlaar
        Stefan de Vrij

        Jordy Clasie
        Jonathan de Guzman
        Nigel de Jong
        Wesley Sneijder
        Leroy Fer

        Memphis Depay
        Klaas Jan Huntelaar
        Dirk Kuyt
        Jeremain Lens
        Robin van Persie
        Arjen Robben

  15. Is there actually a legit chance Hunter gets cut? I would be shocked.

    On another note, is anyone else going to Brazil to follow Holland? This will be my first WC and I got tickets to all Holland games …so excited

    1. i’m going, ill be there for holland chile… and the round of 16 holland game if we finished second in the group.. you?? where are you going from?

    1. rekik out really,?? the guy is a brick wall man- i would take him over de vrij any day

      why all of a sudden everyone is in love with de vrij???

  16. Germany appears to be in trouble… Remember the days when they could field 2 great TEAMS (as in a few months ago) ??

    With so many injuries and off-field issues they suddenly seem so beatable (Bender brothers out, Lahm, Schwein, Neur, Khedira injured or not fit, Ozil mediocre) .. wawawiwah as Borat would say.

    Ah, our young Dutch team that will come to surprise everyone suddenly excited me more and more. 🙂

    1. you do realize we don’t play in the Germany group? So whether they can field 2 teams or 3 players – it won’t have anything to do with our chances to progress from the group stage.

      1. You do realize as a loyal Oranje fan (and I speak for most other Dutch supporters on this blog) it gives me great pleasure to see our arch-enemies fail?

          1. No way Germans are being nice to Dutch stars. Robben was booed after the UEFA final. Luuk De Jong’s 2nd year in Germany is a nightmare, he was puting in right before the game ends for nearly every game. It’s like a humiliation, he got in and game ends in 1 minute.

  17. Hey Bitterballin’

    I am travelling from Canada with my dad. Will be our first world cup. We have tickets to hollands 3 group stage games and if they make it further we will continue to follow them. We got TST-5.

  18. Ok Spain beat Bolivia 2:0 they are not that impressive. The first goal is a penalty. Iniesta is the real danger man, he changed the game pace after he came in the 2nd half.
    Spain is creating plenty of chances but they do not have a striker who can finish the final strike.
    Spain is definitely beatable if their striker situation is not getting better.
    If we can tie with Spain, I think we have a good chance winning the group by goal difference. Bolivia is not that disciplined at all but Spain has trouble scoring more.

    1. Spain doesn’t care about friendlies. They lost 4-1 to Argentina, 4-0 to Portugal, they lost to England,South Africa, United States…

      Absolutly useless to watch their friendly games. They can even use Fabregas as striker, it will still be better than Huntelaar…

    1. Marsman is always behind Bizot in U21.
      Bizot VS Marsman
      Avg save per game 2.57 VS 1.74
      Avg Claim success 96% VS 91%
      Avg Punch 59% VS 24%
      Rating 7.08 VS 6.78

      1. these kind of statistics work better in icehockey, where one strategy is too shoot as much as possible because the puck is small and the goal is small, almost every goal will get some kind of lucky bounce along the way, just make sure your shots are on target. More shots (and saves) also makes for more accurate statistics (like taking a poll from a larger number of participants).

        Football is about special moments. Casillas foot. Krul’s commanding presence and Gandalf the Grey ‘You shall not pass!’ aura vs Tottenham this season (building more aura energy from 1 save to the next). Stekelenburg’s save vs Brazil.

        Statistics are going to be impossible to use to tell the whole story, and hard to use to even tell a big part of the story (that’s also why Sneijder’s so good at these tournaments, he always lives for the big moments, the moment supreme, the big games).

        1. You can check the video as well, as I said Bizot can be on fire like Krul pull up 10+ save in one game and lead his team to win the game but you can never see that happen with Marsman.

    1. That’s actually could work!

      Kuyt has 1) lungs to run back and forward, 2) he always tracks back, 3) his cross quality are good too IMO.

      But is he better than Janmaat in that position? That’s another question.

  19. Egypt is playing the way I want Netherland to play against Chile. With better crosses they should have lead by 3-1 or even 4-1 at half time. Sanchez and Vargas looks very dangerous though.

    1. did you also manage to see the Spanish cheating again to get their opening goal?

      All they have to do now apparently is raise their hand if they want a penalty after screwing up their chances themselves.


    Well, I dare to say Chile is not a real danger as we may think.
    With well organised defending and fast counter attack you can beat them with a big goal difference. They can cause troubles to teams playing attacking football , but I ensure you a 5-3-2 will be very tough for them. They play with a high defensive line using offside trap. Robben and Persie “also Depay and Lens” can cause them big damage with their speed.

    El hadary “the keeper” is just below par , so is the defense that looked too “lazy” to defend in the 2nd half and I hope this won’t bethe case with our defenders and keeper. Anyway , In my Opinion Oranje and LvG has no execuses not to win this game.

    1. You can know from the look of their coach after every conceded goal how seriously they took the game. This is , I think , the best they can do.

    1. De line-up in the final training session, yesterday, was

      ——Robben—Van Persie


      —-De Guzman—De Jong


      —–Indy–Vlaar–De Vrij


      1. yeah, too bad Blind doesn’t have van Aanholt’s speed, insight and killer cross/pass.

        Neither does he have the defensive qualities of Pieters or BMI.

        I’m afraid our left may come out a bit boring and still pretty wide open to attack, as we’ve seen against France, when the exact same defensive left was on the field there, BMI and Blind. Vlaar next to BMI.

        De Vrij adds less than Depay, who is being taken off now to make room for an extra CB (but of course, van Gaal would probably still see Lens as first option for the LW).

        1. pretty sure van Aanholt is better defensively as well (if you’ve read my analysis about what went wrong in the goals we’ve been conceding lately you may have noticed that Blind’s speed and resulting positioning had a lot to do with those).

  21. Hunter will go to Brazil. There is no doubt about it coz if RVP cant score then no body else wont be able to do so apart from hunter. And yeah if supposeeingly if van gaal does drop hunter and take kuyt instead I personally come and punch him. Nàaaa jus joking but that will be insane.Imean its bit unusal when you look at how both Lens and Depay might fit in the picture. It obvious Robben will play all minutes and given if RVP fails to spark then we need a finisher which both dont posses .

    1. the most notable exclusion is Klaassen. Best Dutch player of the eredivisie this year together with Promes and Depay. He won ajax their title, not Sigthorsson, not Schöne, not Serero and most definitely not Blind and/or Cillessen.

  22. De selectie

    Doel: Jasper Cillessen (Ajax), Tim Krul (Newcastle United), Michel Vorm (Swansea City).

    Verdediging: Daley Blind (Ajax), Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Paul Verhaegh (FC Augsburg), Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa), Stefan De Vrij (Feyenoord).

    Middenveld: Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord), Leroy Fer (Norwich City), Jonathan De Guzman (Swansea City), Nigel de Jong (AC Milan), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Georginio Wijnaldum (PSV).

    Aanval: Memphis Depay (PSV), Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04), Dirk Kuijt (Fenerbahçe), Jeremain Lens (Dinamo Kiev), Robin van Persie (Manchester United), Arjen Robben (Bayern München).

  23. This is something that I dont understand.We are going with six forwards when we will be playing 5-3-2 formation.I think they should have considered someone for vaart replacement. Again kuyt selection is unjustified man. As usually he will a player spectator.

    1. Yes, indeed only eight defenders. But don’t be surprised if Van Gaal pulls 4-3-3 out of his hat 🙂 Like against Australia, or when the need arises to put more pressure when trailing.

      1. I dont like Kuyt selections either, but he is a very sacrifice player witha a great character, so we need him to give strenght in difficult times, like another coach, like some people wanted mathijsen

  24. These are the selections I would have chosen differently:

    – Promes rather than Kuyt.

    – van Aanholt rather than Kongolo

    – Bruma rather than de Vrij

    – Klaassen rather than Blind

    – de Vrij, Rekik, Douglas, Emanuelsson or vDijk rather than Clasie or Veltman, since we’re playing with 5 defenders anyway and Klaassen and de Jong are enough for my midfield, otherwise I have Fer, deGuzman and Wijnaldum as well, and if I take Emanuelsson I have both a LB and LM, but this last one is not that important to me, might pick Clasie instead

    But whatever, I guess even if Promes had scored 10 goals for Jong Oranje it still wouldn’t have mattered. And even if Klaassen had become topscorer in the eredivisie we would have still seen Blind in the midfield paired up with Clasie, we’re keeping it humorous.

    1. Bad 23 over all,……
      I miss Strootman and Vaart
      Bad choices done by LVG
      Zivkovic for Hunter.
      Vanginkel For Deguzman
      Kongolo for Annholt
      Veltman over Vijil van dijk
      De vrij Over Bruma
      Cillesen as first choice is bad move..

      1. your comment makes no sense to me, did you mean van Aanholt for Kongolo, van Dijk for Veltman and Bruma for de Vrij?

        You switched in the middle of your comment from starting with players that are not selected to starting with players that ARE selected.

  25. it’s funny, van Aanholt has produced more offensive threat in 45 minutes than Blind has produced in 2 YEARS, playing every single game almost.

    Yep, we’re keeping it humorous. Comedy capers.

  26. Hi Mates,i knew many of you will feel not really comfortable with the final selection.As you know,different people has different favourite players.But we need to be confident and respect for LVG,Denny Blind and kluivert selections.I believe they are wise enough for it.

    Have a thought here,from the formation of 433 is being changed to 532 and without De Jong and Sneijder,they are back to the team.Everything happened with a reason.So i hope we should have a little more faith with Oranje.Why???Becos we are the die hard fans.

    Hup Holland Hup !!!

    1. I agree that Louis deserves some respect. He did achieve something as a coach, unlike some of us.

      But only our opponents should be fooled by the switch from 4-3-3 to 5-3-2 … Its only one substitution: one CB for LW and we’re back again. With lots of differences to which the opponent has to adept.

      Given the quality of the players at hand, this pretty much sums up the possibilities. As far as i can see that is.

  27. It’s the ‘sensible’ squad. Disappointment for me is that Kuyt and Verhaegh are both there – you only need one guy to cover right-back.

    If Kuyt’s there for any other position that’s also a bit of a mistake.

  28. Blind selection smells nepotism all over it. This guy is nothing special.
    Good thing we won and most importantly without any casualties. Defense was not tested by a weak Ghana. Lens and Depay were both sluggish when they came on. I liked Sneijder’s form. Robben was wasteful. Janmaat reconfirmed his jerk status with a few meaningless provocations. I wish Huntelaar played a few minutes.

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