Peter Bosz: Let me entertain you!

Ok, that was Robbie Williams, not Peter Bosz. But the Ajax coach does have this as leading mantra in his football philosophy: “I want to entertain the fans. I want to hear the oohs and aaahs rolling from the Arena stands.”

Bosz made a name for himself as a defensive midfielder and captain in the title winning Feyenoord team of 1993 under Willem van Hanegem. He started his career at Vitesse but was loaned to AGOVV amateur club before moving to play for Toulon in France. The Rotterdam stadium club signed him and Bosz was a tough as nails but also tactically astute midfielder, with 8 caps for Oranje. He’d move to Japan after his Feyenoord days and played for Rostock in the Bundesliga. Bosz was part of the Oranje squad for the Euros1992.


The 1992-1993 Feyenoord champs, with – standing from left to right: Gaston Taument, Arnold Scholten, Josef Kiprich, John Metgod, Ed de Goey, – sitting, Peter Bosz, John de Wolf, Ruud Heus, Rob Witschge, Regi Blinker and Henk Fraser

Bosz started his coaching career with AGOVV – the team of his home town – and coached De Graafschap and Heracles Almelo, with whom he won the title (and promotion) in the Jupiler league. He got the technical director job at Feyenoord and was responsible for the signing of a couple of senior players like Roy Makaay, Denny Landzaat and Gio van Bronckhorst. He left the club in protest of the sacking of coach Gert-Jan Verbeek who clashed with the older players.

After that, he returned to coach, first at Heracles again, then Vitesse and a short stint at Maccabi Tel Aviv (managed by Jordi Cruyff). The latter raved about Bosz’ coaching capabilities and the similarities in vision with icons like (dad) Johan Cruyff and Willem van Hanegem.

jor joh peter

Jordi Cruyff, Johan and Peter Bosz in Tel Aviv

When Frank de Boer left Ajax, Bosz was the ideal and logical candidate to replace him.

When visiting Bosz in his sanctuary, the walls are “paved” with flip over slides and big diagrams. “This is where I watch the games back and make notes,” he says. “I make notes every minute, everything that happens. Good situations, mistakes, decisions taken. And in the bus home, after away games, I write it out. It’s the best way for me to work with the players. Taking situations they were in and using it as fast as possible to get them to process changes.”

So when did the tone in the notes start to change?

PB: “I remember that moment vividly. Mid September, the National Cup match vs Willem II. I used some players who needed a chance, players who hadn’t played a lot. I gave them a chance and I was enjoying myself on the bench. This was when I read back my analysis and was surprised to see many things just clicked.”

By coincidence?

“It was quite a journey for us, a quest. We had our vision alright, we want to play attacking, dominant and attractive. But over a long series of games, we weren’t getting to the right level. Every day we were talking about, I was scratching my head. We were trying to get the right players on the right position and in that cup tie, it was there!”

Did you ever have doubts that you’d make it work?

“Oh there were times when I thought: can I do it? And it took some time. To form the midfield, which is key to how we want to play. Would we use two holding mids, or just one? Or one deep lying controlling mid? And we had some more positions where it didn’t flow. I missed something and we were continuously trying things out, combining different types of players, looking for the ideal team.”


And Lasse Schone became the missing link in the team?

“I saw him play that match and thought: that is it! See, he started this season as attacking midfielder and in the past he’d played shadow striker, winger too. I didn’t know he had a controlling mid in him. But he actually told me at some stage: “Coach, I can play there!”. So we tried it at training and it worked. So I used him vs Willem II. It worked and now he is the key player. This is the #6 role and I have very specific wishes for that player. I don’t call it the defensive midfielder but controlling midfielder. I want a player with vision, quick feet and who can pass the ball in an offensive way, forward. And he needs to be available to get the ball always. That is tough. Someone like Guardiola, or Fabregas. I wasn’t that player, I was the defensive midfielder. If they’d pass me the ball with a man behind me, I didn’t know what to do so I’d played the ball straight back. But Lasse gets the ball and turns around and moves forward. Those qualities are essential to our game.”

As a result, first Bazoer and then Gudelj were the victims.

“Those are always hard choices to make. And some players don’t deal with it well. Take El Ghazi and Gudelj. That cannot be accepted. Although they were too different cases. I can understand players who don’t play are disappointed. Sure. But it matters that the players do understand that they hold the key themselves. I have discussed their failings many times, with them. And they weren’t satisfied with their own performances. And yes, when I try others and suddenly it clicks, it is hard for them. And I did not have a reason to suddenly change the team again.”

And then they get motivational issues…

“I was surprised. A player who says “I can’t motivate myself to sit on the bench!” No one I know in coaching land, including Hennie Spijkerman who’s been doing this for 35 years, has ever heard this from any player ever. My first response was: unacceptable! What could I do? What kind of signal would I give the others? I can’t have players saying “call me when I play, otherwise I’m not interested”.

bosz bench players

Unhappy bench warmers: Bazoer, Tete and Riedewald at the back. Nouri can still smile…

What was driving Gudelj?

“Listen, he’s a good kid and a fine player and I worked well with him. If he was a irritating SOB it would have made sense. We actually gave him a chance to revisit his stance. When he came back from international duties with Serbia, but in that meeting he was adamant. And I told him: think about the media, think about how the outside world will view you… But this was it. He would not budge.”

The media suggested you made hard promises to Gudelj, Tete, Bazoer….

“That is a lie. I can’t. I’m the coach, I can’t promise player A or B something? I heard those rumours too and I asked Gudelj in a conversation, with witnesses, and he was clear: “I worked well with you, it has nothing to do with you. I simply can’t motivate myself for a bench role. I am better than the rest, I think I need to play”. I like his thinking, but he needs to show me on the pitch, not with a stance like this. But every player, Tete, Riedewald, they all have a different story…”

Riedewald played well as central defender and defensive mid, we felt?

“And he did. I agree! It was a tough decision to bench him. I did not have much criticism on him. At home vs PAOK for the Champions League qualification he played ever so well. But his bad luck is that he didn’t play when it clicked.”

bosz ghazi

Bosz and El Ghazi had a falling out. The right winger is now at Lille

But you did say he was the only #6 in your squad in the media. That didn’t help.

“But it was true at the time. Jairo played ever so well. And he’s still young, he will develop and I do recognise his potential. But Lasse is simply a better option today. It was a comment I made about Jairo and it got all the headlines and it was repeated time and time again. And I get that. If I could use him as center back I think it would have had less impact. But Viergever and Sanchez have a solid partnership. Viergever is one of the few players who is vocal on the pitch. He coaches, he directs, he corrects. He is a good organiser. Most people don’t see this. But that is why he is quite unique. Sanchez doesn’t speak our language, so Viergever’s contributions are even more important. I discussed all of this with Jairo and he found it very hard and again, I get that. He’s a tremendous talent, but, you know, once he gets over this, he’ll be an even better player. His time will come.”


Peter Bosz, #6 of Oranje in 1992

Riechedly Bazoer was the Oranje #6 and there was talk of a Barcelona bid. Now he’s gone.

“Bazoer is a wonderful player, but not the ideal #6 for me. In our system, you need to be very disciplined tactically. Bazoer had trouble with the balance and I think it was his age. He’s very young and exuberant. Like Feyenoord’s Vilhena, a bit. He has tremendous potential but on his position you need to pass the ball, not bring it like a mailman. He runs too much, he does too much. So you need to compensate his style by putting an extra midfielder in. It didn’t flow. It’s a shame, coz he is has real potential. I think he had a transfer in mind anyway, there was talk that he was keen to go to Barca or any other big team. He reminds me a bit of Seedorf. I call them old souls. Wise before their age. And Wolfsburg gave him a solid perspective. For me, I would have loved to have had him at Ajax longer, but sometimes it’s the player that wants to go.”

And is Tete that much worse than Veltman??

“I don’t want to go into detail. Kenny knows he had a mediocre start this season. They told me when I came: Kenny is a slow starter. That might be the case. I actually gave him quite some opportunities at the start of the season because of that. But we got to the point where we wanted to use alternatives and with Joel and the other changes, it started to flow. So I’m not changing it now. But he’s doing it well. He’s working hard, he’s positive and he takes his chances when he does play. It’s only a matter of time for him.”

The media enjoyed all of this and became very pro-active in discussing the changes. You have only 3 starters of Frank de Boer’s team in your team!

bosz frank db

“We needed change, we wanted to be on the front foot more and we dealt with it. There will be lots of opinions about my choices, I’m sure. Everything you do at a club like Ajax is put under the microscope. I hardly watch those football talk shows and I try not read all these stories. It’s noise for me. The essential bits, people will tell me anyway.”

The criticism on Youness and Traore?

“I see the players daily. I can see what they are able to do and how they work. I call all that media stuff shortsighted. They judge players on 7 minutes highlights. Whether it’s Sinkgraven or Tete or Viergever or Traore. Man, if I would listen to all of that I would go insane.”

What do you think of the criticism that you block the development of the Academy players?

“I am brought in as outsider, with the aim to play attractive football AND get results. I will field the best team to do this. That is my job. I will treat all players equal, whether developed here or not. Whether young or older. On loan or signed for a big fee. I can’t make decisions based on where a player is developed! And some players who are developed here are killing it! Klaassen, Justin Kluivert, Dolberg… When I came here they said about Dolberg: “Here is a youth player. Maybe have a look?” And he’s our starting striker now. Mathijs de Ligt. Only 17 years old. We used him a bit, but expected a bit of a downfall, like many youngsters have, but he doesn’t have it. He’s the perfect example of a player developed here and given a chance.”

bosz mourinho

“And Jose, this is how big your ego is, man!”

Playing like you want to play, this starts with communication and guidance, I guess?

“Yes, a few things are essential. What players do you have and how can you gel them into a team, the best team? Midfield is key for me. This is the metronome if you want. And then it’s the understanding in the player about the way we want to play and what his tasks are, because the Ajax way and my way of playing demands concentration. And it all starts when we don’t have the ball. High press and forechecking by all players on the pitch. With tactical cameras you can see exactly the movements of players. Which players push up as well and which players drop down or lose concentration i.e. their man? And playing attractive and dominant football is step 2, after you manage to do this right. Most Ajax players can do a lot with the ball, but the thing is….you mostly do not have the ball. What do you do then, as a player, or line or team?”

Recognisable football is also a term you use?

“It is important to develop what we call automatisms… Patterns, if you like. We are dealing with conscious and subconscious developments in players. When I do video analysis with them, it’s concsious. They know what I am talking about, think about it, talk about it. But we also have practices where I don’t want them to think or talk or know about anything, I want them to subconsciously make the right decision, like intuition… And develop patterns. So we train different match formats. 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 or 9 v 9 but always with three free players who can be used for a one touch bounce. This will develop patterns both ways (for the teams and for the bouncing players) that I can see in matches too, and we’re making progress.”

bosz mourinho dick

“But then, this is the seize of your dick!”

And there is the infamous 5 seconds rule, isn’t this a bit of a hype?

“Maybe for outsiders, but what can I do about that. It’s a key foundation for our way of playing. See, when you defend, the pitch needs to be small, when you attack you want the pitch big. It usually takes 5 seconds for the opponent to regain position as a team, when they take the ball. This is why we want it within 5 seconds back. It’s easier. You eliminate their threat. And when we play versus a counter team, the 5 second rule is really important. Recently, we played Standard Luik for the Europa League and the execution was good.”

And in the meantime you are building a bigger squad…

“Well no, I don’t want a bigger squad. We will have players leaving. I want more balance. I have a lot of midfielders but I had only one real left back in Dijks. Now with Daley Sinkgraven I have another option, a different option. I only had one left winger so this winter we had to make some moves and we got Justin Kluivert moving up from the youth team. Mathijs de Ligt is playing his games. I want every player in the squad to have a chance to play, I don’t need 30 players. It won’t work. There will always be disappointed players and they can affect more than you know.”

bosz coaching

Ajax does play more attractive now then under De Boer. And the European adventure is going on as well.

“We have done well so far in Europe. I believe it should be doable, for a Dutch club to reach far, but not every year and maybe not so much in the Champions League. That league is determined by money. I’m sure a Dutch club with the right draw can reach beyond the group stage but at quarter final level, you will compete with clubs who spend 5 times more than Dutch clubs, at least. So yes, one or two surprising wins are possible, but the finals will be very hard. Europa League is different. We won vs Kopenhagen, a very decent club. If we get a lucky draw, semi finals is doable. And then anything can happen. But this doesn’t mean a thing re: the past. I don’t want to say anything negative about Frank de Boer as he doesn’t deserve it. Every season is different and he has achieved the impossible here, almost. I do like results, but I really want to be able to entertain. I want the fans in the stadium to yell ooh and aah a lot of times. Spectacle, speed. And it takes time to gel a team. We sadly lost too many points in the first half of the competition where Gio van Bronckhorst had his season last year in which he had to find the solutions. They’re very solid and hard to beat all season. We took more time. But I’m happy with the development of the squad. Onana, Sanchez, Dolberg, Lasse Schone and also the youngsters, like De Ligt, Kluivert, Van de Beek… We can be very proud of our Academy and good things will come.”

How far are you from your goal?

“I re-watched our home game vs Standard Luik. And I saw a remarkable low number of situations where I frowned, situations we did wrong. We are making good steps. But we need to keep on working and developing, we’re certainly not there yet. We have an urge to be perfect and we’re not there. We’re on course, but not there yet.”

bosz gio

Old friends, gunning for the title




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  1. heavy entertainment show, eh?

    25-man squad (vs Bulgaria & Italy)

    GK: Jasper Cillessen (Barcelona), Jeroen Zoet (PSV), Michael Vorm (Tottenham)

    Def: Daley Blind (Manchester United), Wesley Hoedt (Lazio), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Matthijs De Ligt (Ajax), Bruno Martins Indi (Stoke), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Joel Veltman (Ajax), Nick Viergever (Ajax), Stevan De Vrij (Lazio)

    Midf: Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Kevin Strootman (Roma), Jens Toornstra (Feyenoord), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool)

    Fwrd: Bas Dost (Sporting), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham), Jeremain Lens (Fenerbache), Memphis Depay (Lyon), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Arjen Robben (Bayern)

    surprise, surprise: DE LIGT is there.
    Sneijder returns after being omitted from provisional squad.
    De Vrij is there.
    and now we have 3 left backs (Martins Indi, Blind, Viergever. though only the latter 2 played there these days)

    1. it seems…
      Karsdorp—De Vrij–Hoedt—-Blind
      ————-Janssen————–would start
      i think

  2. now, about this post of yours, Jan.

    if everything he said in this interview are true (the tactics, the situation between him and Tete/Riedewald/El Ghazi/Gudelj/Bazoer), then I believe that he’s on the right track. they need result, so he has to pick the best available. if he sees young/homegrown players that indeed are capable of competing and playing consistently well, he will pick them (De Ligt, Dolberg).

    and Jan, is this the complete interview? I would like to know why he’s so fond of Klaassen in his midfield.

    Klaassen is great. score goals. but in my view, the midfield become greatly dysfunctional with him in it.

    1. I don’t think he is fond with him, jus like schone gave him what he wanted and which triggered him to bench players like Bazoer and Riedewald ,klaassen to is giving him what he wants from that CM position.

      Klaassen will simply fade with better tatical players around him and the least he will jus be running up and down.

      Ajax doesn’t have a complete CM who is both creative and as well as can score goals. Sinkgraven has been shifted to lb and Klaassen seems to be the only option Bosz has got now and he is jus doing fine especially if you consider the goas he has scored.I have mentioned this early,jus like others,only a more complete CM will be able to relegate Klaassen to bench.

  3. I kind of like the squad that was announced.still some players are injured whom could have added for thrust to the team. Van Ginkel, Van Dijk etc.but again ones loss is another’s gain and hopefully things will turn out smoothly for the new guys like hoedt and toornstra.

    On another note I still don’t see Danny working on that DM spot which will absolutely crucial vs France. If you look at progba and Kante,I don’t think strootman will be able to neutralize them alone if you consider if Danny goes with midfield of Klaassen,Wijnaldum and strootman or sneijder,Wijnaldum and Strootman.ts will be kind of unbalanced big time and if you give time and space to progba,I think he has already showed what he can do.

    Would have liked to see Nathan Ake get the nod at DM vs Italy.would have settled the dust.

  4. @AZ, thank you for posting the latest squad.

    Other than Daly Blind, I still don’t see someone who is identified as a regular left back, so I’m thinking that is where Daly will likely play. So assuming that DeVrij is healthy enough to start, looks like his partner will be Martins Indi or Hoedt.

    1. Obiously Daley is the one only left back he selected,So Daley will play as LB…
      On Center ffirst choice would e
      De vrij -Hoedt as both play together…
      Or Else Veltmand will step in for Devrij
      Then either BMI and Viergiver for Hoedt..

      1. i think he wants to cement Daley Spot as LB he knows that peoplle will question him if he puts him in LCB for Virgil..
        Everyone knows williams and Haps are ussain bolts with thunders on left wing..they will grab the chance if they get a chance VS Bulgaria.So its better to safe his kid..Cannot blame him for that,If Beert van marwijk can do that for Bommel in EC2012 against strootman..Danny can also do it..
        We just need to live with it..

        1. @Tiju, I guess you really do believe that Danny Blind would compromise the NT by not calling up any players who could play instead of Daly Blind, and you are entitled to your opinion…but you are simply wrong.

          Danny Blind excelled at the highest level of the game as a player; and players who reached those heights level have left notions of sentimentality way behind in the rearview mirror. And if he learned that as a player, he darn sure knows it as a coach…you can criticize him, or any coach, for their selection of players, or for not seeing what you think is obvious. You can listen to the reasoning behind his selections, and say the man’s reasoning is faulty…But to suggest that that a coach at that level is making a decision to play his son for no other reason than the player is his son (or son-in-law) is two-bit, pop psychology based on nothing.

          1. Andrew all i know is that Blind is not a Bad option as LB…in this particular time we need bombngs from left wing…that can only be done by Williams,Haps and Annholt..unfortunatly Annholt is injured…Daley is afraid to go furthur deep as LB,he does it with alertness as he know his speed is so poor to recover if anything happens wrong..i think if look for goals its better to put wlliams or Haps there..Blind is basically about draw..

          2. Andrew,I have maintained this through out,bring in competition no matter who it is and then only you will find out what father and son are cooking.until then it no use debating on this topic. Have you forgotten van Dijk vs Blind. It took van dijk some to dethrone him off from that LCB position but it happened and there was nothing father and son could do.

            You see only now when Van Annholt and kongolo are injured,then their names are popping up as being injured and Daley blind being the only other option. What about when all this players were avaliable,did daddy select them and give them the nod over his son. They only got selected in most case scenarios to come and warm the bench or when sonny boy was either injured or when deployed at other positions. Van Dijk- blind,Karsdorp- Veltman,Janssen-Luuk,you see how using better players reinforced the team and added depth.

            Obviously Pieters is defensively rock solid and if Danny gives him the nod it will exactly turn out to be as what happened above. I watched man city and stoke and there is no way on earth pieters form has dropped or he is rusty due to not playing. Still don’t see how he has missed out on selection.he is definitely not injured and again fingers can be raised why not him and why 4 LCBs and 1 LB only.well obviously both viergever and BMI can play at LB but again don’t think they are upgrade of Daley. This will always make him look like he is the best option when in actual if he doesn’t get injured,they will jus warm the bench and get forgotten in the next game.

            You also look at how things have changed for Daley at Man United compared to when Van Gaal was there. He hardly rotated Daley as what danny is doing now in NT. Rojos was stricken on the bench only to play when Daley was deployed in make shift position.

            Step in mourinho and after rotating both blind and Rojos,once again dust has settled and rojos has come out on top and is being getting the nod by mourinho with more physical teams.
            this is competition at his best and this is what Danny should be doing in NT.

            Fortunately for Blind is that both Shaw and Rojos are injury prone and hence he fits in the team.

          3. haha Andrew well put.
            So I suppose there are 2 who believe in the two-bit, pop psychology based on nothing.

            Except, maybe it is not based on nothing – maybe it based on making things up, or changing and repeating incorrect versions of history, some great examples directly above!

  5. Klaassen question:

    In this interview there was no Klaassen topic. But he is considered top notch in Holland. A true captain. A rare breed of players who sense where the ball is coming. Very hard working. Good mentality. Good goal scorer. That is the Dutch opinion.

    World class? No… Probably not. Dirk Kuyt category.

    Oranje squad: it’s not illogical. The left backs we have are mostly injured: Van Aanholt, Kongolo, Willems. Haps has a huge dip in his form.

    Blind cannot take risks. De Ligt is 17 years old but looks like he’s 27. He is truly incredible.

  6. I did find another piece on Klaassen by Bosz:

    “I use Klaassen differently than Frank did. I don’t use him as the #10 or shadow striker. I want to use his dynamic nature, his running. He does more without the ball now and he is unique like that. He finds space and opens it up with his runs, or he makes dummy runs for team mates. He works hard to keep balance and he’ll always score you goals or sniff out the opportunity. Most people won’t see the value he has to the team coz they only focus on the ball.”

    1. well that means the ball route will mostly skips him, doesn’t it? I saw some passing maps of Ajax games, and he barely received the pass from his defenders.

      if that is what he think about Klaassen, I can only assume that Bosz already know how poor Klaassen is on the ball (his first touch is often poor), and that he indeed instructed his players to play pass directly to forward players.

      Klaassen DOES have exquisite first touch when he did it right. but he’s been wrong most of the time.

      he’s an asset, in a way. but I can’t find suitable position for him, especially in NT.

  7. For me klassen is an intelligent player,i mean typical dutch intelligence is there.His poor skills on ball is the negative mark,at times u need to dribble past and create hovac in opposite defenders,like Coutinho does it for Pool,Even Wijnaldum and Mane doing it there..Hazard does it for Chelsea..u need such type of players in final third,that will GIVE CONSTANT headache to opposite back line..this gives the team and edge..When we play klassen type players we loose that edge..

  8. “”He got the technical director job at Feyenoord and was responsible for the signing of a couple of senior players like Roy Makaay, Denny Landzaat and Gio van Bronckhorst. He left the club in protest of the sacking of coach Gert-Jan Verbeek who clashed with the older players.”””””
    He almost spoiled Feynoord,they were near bankruptcy..With no youth players…only to focus his own stardom and business..

    1. I’m sorry. No. Wrong. Again. For F’s sake!

      It was Mark Wotte with Ruud Gullit who got it wrong. Not Bosz. He was instructed to short cut Feyenoord’s way back to the top and Makaay and Gio in particular had massive contributions. Hofland got injured and Gert Jan Verbeek seemed to rigid to work with experienced players.

      I call BS

      Like I call it BS that Klaassen has a bad touch and no ball skills. Really people? Any player who comes through the Ajax system has better than average ball skills.

      Maybe a player on the move has more difficulty controlling the ball than a player who is less mobile??

      And Willems is not so fast as you think he is.


  9. Martins Indi Pieters started for Stoke v Chelsea and played 90, Afellay and Ake were on their benches and neither played. Both playing very physical with Costa causing him to lose his temper a bit. Martins Indi scored a good corner kick goal unfairly ruled offside. Pieters strong defensively, but sloppy on the ball – until right at the end when he put the ball down for Cahill to score the gamewinner in the 1-2 loss. Tough for Pieters, but good match for Martins Indi.
    Janmaat started for Watford at RW away to Crystal Palace, still missing out injured van Aanholt. 1-0 win for Palace.
    Stekelenburg remained on the bench for Everton in their 4-0 win.

    Bazoer started again for Wolfsburg, RCM in a 4231. Played 80 mins in their 1-0 win, I watched some and he seemed tidy (32/36) and assured. Plus lots of recoveries and perfect on tackles. Missed a big scoring chance at the beginning of the second half but still a good response to shake off the criticism after his last match imo
    Gouweleeuw returned for Augsburg, and lasted 28 mins before off injured again, captain Verhaugh was out altogether.

    Promes in action starting for Spartak, scored the equalizer in the 1-1 match aand created the most chances.

  10. @Wilson, Tiju;

    Re: Blind selecting Blind,

    This is what I’m saying: Blind, as the coach of the NT, is making his selection for the Bulgaria game, and any important qualifier, on only one basis: Who he thinks gives him the best chance to win the game. The idea that he is going to select his 10 best players, plus leave a spot open for Daly just because he is his son is inconceivable to me.

    Coaches want to win games; they select players they trust. Sometimes they don’t get it right—but do either of you really think that if Danny had a lb back he believed was a better option than Daly, that he would still select Daly?

    1. Andrew its not jus about this game,as I mentioned above when has daddy actually given the nod to somebody else over his son with the intent to reinforce that LB Position when his weakness has been exposed in so mannnnnnnnnnny games (NT). mistakes asides, knowing somebody having weaknesses and and still not doing nothing about it ,what do you expect will be the outcome at the end of the day.

      didnt you see what happened vs greece. van dijk- Daley.

          1. Though it was the LCB spot,but wasn’t it obvious,he was overlooked in that Greece game after Daleys return from injury.
            And only when he realize that Bruma and sonny boy partnership is shaky,he had no choice but to start van dijk vs sweden.

            As I said earlier you don’t have to look far to see all this. What’s happening to him now at Man United, will exactly what will happen to him again when daddy is not around in NT and when more players start to get nod at that LB position.

            Let’s make this temporary pitch stop , wait and then see.

          2. he asks you a simple yes or no question, but you do not answer!

            ..just more of the same ramblings and more twisting history to match your ridiculous story that is not even about LB at all.

          3. I support Wilson and Tiju and also believe that Blind father thinks too much of his son’s ability and BLINDly prefers him over other players. Normally, in order to keep a balance and protect team from the unexpected injuries a coach have two players per position. Miraculously, Blind-father could not find a second LB to support his son in case if he gets injured. Also, when it comes to his son, he has deviated from his main rule: who plays regularly at domestic competitions, that one gets a place in Oranje…This rule for some reason does not apply to Daley. Is it fair? I do not think so. But then there is so much unfairness in this World…Blind father is not the first and he is not the last who does this type of things.

          4. I believe Viergever is Danny Blinds’ LB option, since he’s played there this season a bunch.
            Also, Daley Blind does play regularly!

            I do understand, and may agree, that someone else to Viergever may seem like a wiser choice, and that Blind playing less these days at MU should give the manager something to consider at the least….
            But who is there anyway, that Blind has not already seen? (Kongolo, Willems, and van Aanholt are injured..)
            Haps or Sinkgraven? Have not had the best recent form.. Pieters and Zeegelaar (though Blind has seen them) are all I can think of – and since Blind has seen them before, I am okay with him giving a nod to Viergever – even if not what I wouldn’t have done!

            Curious, how would you answer Andrew’s question?
            (which the other 2 would not)
            Here it is again:
            do either of you really think that if Danny had a LB back he believed was a better option than Daly, that he would still select Daly?

          5. @AZ, great,at least this goes to show there are some people on this blog who can see the simple logic which unfournately syber pals jus nevers gets its???

            Once again,as I have said earlier,NOWWWWWWWW when Van Annholt, Kongolo are injured, then Daddy is saying I dont have the luxury. what was he doing when all this players were not injured.Did he select them over sonnyboy.Kongolo,Van Annholt, Pieters and Ake, (Buttner) are direct competitors of Daley Blind and the day I see Daley Blind on the bench (not injured) and one of above, getting the nod over him. that when I will believe Daddy is pro coach.

            @syber pals

            he never selected them over daley before, whats makes you think he will select anyone over him now,so the answer is a big no.

            As for Viergever, again its jus a cover up on paper, by the time when everybody is back, he will be forgotten as usually and somebody else will in place of him and I can guarantee you it will be willems (not injured) who again is jus a waste of time and downgrade of daley Blind.

            you see how many times this has happened. when zeegelaar was selected after his impressive performance in CL ,did daddy give him the nod over daley. as usually he made it look good on the paper by selecting him to come and warm the bench and now when he has being on and off at sporting, he is left out. well its kind of legit but shouldnt this apply to daley as well. I will admit Viergever is a consistent performer for Ajax and I do like him, but he also has being on and off for Ajax and I dont think he is the sloution or is the right guy to invest for future.

            lets look at Pieters, he is in prime,he has being a consistent performer in a top league if not for injury and is rock solid. why not invest in him and who also has the capabilities of providing a good compettition to daley blind. short and simple.

          6. @Wilson, whoa back up bud, I know exactly what you are saying (I “gets its” 😂).
            I have no problems with you not liking Danny Blind (I’m not a big fan either) OR Daley Blind (not my first choice either), it doesn’t matter AT ALL to me if you think they are pro or not. Do you understand?
            I only have problems when you guys make things up and insult.

            But all of this is beside the point here, isn’t it?
            All these comments on Andrews post where he asks you a question… yet you just won’t answer? Haha
            Just a one word answer, but on we go…
            Andrew is always very respectful with you, even though you do not do the same.

            PS Willems is indeed injured, pulled out of training last which is why he did not play versus Vitesse.
            I also disagree with you on Pieters. I would much rather Daley Blind any day, though again, he is not my first choice LB either.

    2. Kongolo is doing really 1000 times better than Blind fr long time,kongolo was in Wc2014 squad..the guy has karsdorp..
      once u see kongolo in LB no one will prefer Blind at LB in karsdorp replaced Veltman from Virgil Repalced Daley from LCB..
      one chance for kongolo thats enough i think,so i am patiently waiting..

  11. Fer kept his starting spot with Swansea while Narsingh kept his, on the bench but playing the last 30 mins.. van der Hoorn out of the squad still. Fer had the most passes and tackles in the CM spot for Swans but they could not find a goal.

    Sneijder played 60 mins at Galatasaray in their 2-0 loss away at Trabzon.

    Dost with another double for Sporting.
    Can’t stop getting goals!

  12. if every one if fit…then team should move to 343 style
    on bench
    Stand bye
    Mathis de ligit
    St juste…

  13. Van Ginkel played full 90 vs vitesse.
    I think this was his first game after his injury.he was on the bench last week.maybe a late injury could open door for him.

  14. De Roon played 90 again in Middlesbrough’s match hosting Man Utd. Their miserable year continues as they lose 1-3. Was caught way out not the 2nd goal but was not his fault really, they have awful defence and offence as well, having only 2 goals in the EPL so far yet in 2017 until he outmuscled Bailly for a loose ball on Middlesbroughs goal – a good hardworking players assist! Unfortunately a VValdez slip gifts United a third goal and they win.
    Blind was still out injured, Fosu-Mensah was on the bench.

    Beauty goal for Vilhena completing Feyenoords comeback away at Heerenveen today – tough 1-2 away win keeping them on top with a great second half performance.
    Nice 2 way game from him, leading in tackles and takeons, with loads of recoveries as well as the winning goal of course.
    van Aken and St Juste held the most passes in the match whose possession favoured the hosts, but ultimately a fairly even match in the end with Feyenoord finish their chances while Heerenveen missed theirs. Most of Feyenoords chances coming from the right side, where Berghuis and Karsdorp were dominant.

  15. Ajax away at Exelsior.
    de Ligt had a great early moment with a clinical tackle probably preventing a goal, but then at half an hour his poor giveaway gifted Exelsior with the opener, which ended up being a Tete OG. de Ligt quite competent otherwise and you can see why the early selection to the NT, I hope he responds well to his error. A few moments later a Ziyech cross misses everyone except for Kluivert at the back post, the other 17 year old gets the goal! 1-1
    Unfortunately for Ajax, that’s how it ended. They fail to score, a couple missed chances maybe but really just could not create enough threat.
    Now 6 points behind Feyenoord, and just 2 above PSV.

  16. Janssen and Vorm start on the bench for Spurs as usual (even with Kane injured..) versus Southampton, who is still missing both van Dijk and Clasie… Janssen came on for the last 10 mins, pressured Southamptons backline and took a couple fouls holding the ball up, but not much other impact.

    nice to see Stefan de Vrij back in Lazio’s starting lineup, with Hoedt as recently usual, away at Cagliari. 0-0 is great for the CBs, who both played 90. Joint top players in the match for clearances, and rock solid once again.

    Hateboer got a start with Atalanta at RWB and an had an assist in their 3-0 win!

    1. This might be the last chance for Janssen to break through Spurs first team. I hope he can push for it.

      Dost scored a very good brace, especially the second goal from a difficult angle. At this rate, we might just want to consider Dost as main option.

      I watched first half of Liverpool game. Wijnaldum ball control is excellent. I missed Lyon vs PSG. Did you have the chance to watch how Depay did? From what I read, it does not look positive at all (Stay away Tiju 🙂 )

      1. I think Depay is lucky playing around players Nabil fekir and Alex lacazette.they really complement each other,creating spaces and setting up.apart from this he is often dispossessed when trying to dribble.

        If he keeps it simply,you can expect him to score. The moment he goes for something extra ordinary, that where it all fails.

        Aurier had him under wraps vs PSG.

        1. I watched the match. You are right, Aurier dominated. However, Depay’s job is to do exactly extraordinary stuff. At his current form, he can only perform these tricks against weaker opponents. I hope he can improve from there.

      2. No I missed the rest of Sunday’s matches, I noticed only that Lyon lost..
        (I didn’t noticed that Strootman was great in his match which I also missed 😉)

        I agree, seems like a good time for us to get something out of Dost, with his excellent form and with Janssen not playing much.
        Would you have Robben and Promes on either side?

        1. I saw the 1st half of Sunday’s Lyon-PSG match, and agree with Wilson’s comments. He had bad luck on a couple of plays (got pulled down and the referee didn’t call it, and he got behind the defense but fell over—or dove–trying to get past the keeper), but Aurier (who looked awfully good to me) had him contained for the most part.

          As Wilson says, he needs to play within himself, and in concert with the others, and the goals should come.

        2. If we use Dost, it might not be bad idea to use Robben on the left side and cross the ball in. If I am the coach, I will take Promes on the right side and depending on how the game go, I will sub Depay/Janseen in for Promes/Dost.

          1. @ kevin

            Exactly,if you look at 2008,it worked out perfectly and van vasten executed it perfectly with Van Nistelroy,Robben,Sneijder,Vaart,RVP and Kuyt..

            If Bert van Marwijk would have used the same strategy, I’m sure NT would have won the WC 2010.the inverted wing system was heavily exposed in the final especially in attack where Kuyt simply couldnt penetrate through the Spanish defense. He had Van der vaart on the bench who should have started in the middle as a shadow striker with Robben on the left and sneijder on right and RVP/ Huntelaar up front. Same in 2012.

            As far as dost is concerned if you have Robben, Sneijder and Depay playing together you can expect him to be a spectator on the field.

  17. Our next generation look bright, forget about older than 20yr

    Kluivert, Chong, Malen, de Light, Kongolo, Beek, Bergwijn, Drongelen, ter Avest, Troupée, etc

      1. I think so too, and while he hasn’t been super impressive in Oranje he’s also only had 2 starts.
        And while he didn’t get anything v Luxembourg, he had a goal and assist in his last start (ages ago v Wales).

  18. Danny Blind speaks:

    Here is a rough google translation:

    Blind: I have a luxury problem, that’s delicious

    Danny Blind must run up to the important World Cup against Bulgaria qualifier make some crucial choices.

    Who can stand in the forefront and who is the first goalkeeper? ,, I am happy a luxury problem, that’s wonderful, “the coach told today at the press conference, which can be read here back completely.

    Arjen Robben is Saturday just deployed to Orange in the World Cup qualifying match against Bulgaria.

    ,, Everyone is fit, Robben only had a small problem after the game against Borussia Monchengladbach, “said coach Danny Blind at the press conference. ,, During the flight has increased swelling of his pass. So we have postponed a new flight and thus tonight he comes to pass. ”

    ,, He is available to Bulgaria. Maybe he will train separately, but Thursday he should be able to eleven against eleven join in the run. ”

    Also with Stefan de Vrij looks good. The Lazio defender can count on a starting spot.

    ,, The doctor calls his knee dry and that means it’s okay. He is fit. Who’s going to play next to him? There are several options. Martins Indi doing well at Stoke. Hoedt doing very well at Lazio. Viergever is there, he can also play left back. And the blind can also play there.

    Blind reveals not know who’s in the forefront. Vincent Janssen and Bas Dost.

    ,, The striker must I choose between Dost and Janssen. Lens and could also play central. I am out who is going to play. Dost is hot and it is pleasant to me. Janssen is much said about it. Or I can go Dost? I’m glad I have two strikers that I can with the feet. ”

    ,, Promes plays at a very high level. Russia sits just behind the top four major leagues. He is right, left, behind the striker. I like to see him on the wings. Memphis is fortunately not do bad. We can choose. ”


    Even when the question of who is going to defend the goal of Orange, the coach does not look at his cards.

    ,, In terms goalkeeper I am also out. Also, I’m not.”

    ,, Bulgaria is a counter team, they have faster guys. A lot goes through Popov, who plays for Spartak Moscow. They have depth. We do not hang the pot, so we have to be alert.”

    luxury Problem

    ,, I am happy a luxury problem is not that wonderful? Choosing is difficult, but it is comfortable. We can Van Dijk, Bruma, Kongolo and Van Aanholt not draw. But we have anticipated. ”

    With Bruno Martins Indi, which could not always count on an invitation to orange, there is no problem as blind. ,, Everything is pronounced. D estijds all, I’ve already called in the first match that he did not when drunk. And when he returned from Orange we have also spoken at the Hilton. he Stoke a good development.


    Georginio Wijnaldum is one of the key players of Orange. Blind does not want to take the risk that he put the Liverpool midfielder in the wrong position and thus not optimally him.

    ,, Wijnaldum I sometimes abused, against the Belgians, he played as a glorified right back. But I want to leave him in his power play. He shows the weekly show at the highest level. I want to use him as he plays every week at Liverpool. ”

    de Ligt
    The selection of the very young Matthijs de Ligt, which has a basic place very recently with Ajax Blind received some criticism.

    ,, I talked to de Ligt. He made the impression I had expected. He learns from his mistakes. Bosz and Overmars predicted that. I believe in him. Everyone can find something for him that may be. But I think he can become a full international. I will not start with de Ligt against the Bulgarians. He has to listen, learn and enjoy. I hear the name of Van der Heijden. I see that he is having a good season. I especially wanted someone behind right leg’s free and that’s de Ligt. On the left I have plenty of alternatives. ”

    The match time is right for the Classic next week, which could be decisive in the battle for the league title.

    ,, there are no agreements with clubs about players around such as the Classic. There are still five days after Italy, so the schedule is well once in this time. ”


    Blind can see that the top clubs in England players are groomed differently than other teams. ,, You see difference between Liverpool and Spurs towards other clubs. But even in the same league, such as Stoke City. That does not say whether it’s better or worse. Janssen is good, after the game they train. Pocchetino allows players who do not play hard training, but not for the same day to be free. Janssen that trains a day later, just turn. We indeed reflected in data. ”

    ,, But it’s also about rhythm. I also know what is being written as I essay a player with less rhythm and things go wrong. But let me not passing enough, I stickler essay because I get less scorn defeat. If you do, you’re just in the count. We are not Germany or Spain, let that be clear. “

  19. I rarely watch French League, but this time decided to watch Lion’s lost game just to see how Memphis is performing. One thing really struck me was the extreme level of arrogance that this young kid exhibited on the field. I truly believe that if he puts that aside, becomes a bit more humble, he would definitely succeed. However, I am afraid that he has not learned anything from his miserable situation at MU. He is a talented kid but his attitude just so irritating. There are a lot of guys of his age playing in different Leagues, take even Vincent, but nobody behaves like Memphis. Some people are very unteachable…

  20. Hey guys, has been a while since i posted last, though i still read up sometimes!! Soon is the important game for us against Bulgaria!

    But with our usual oranje bad luck coming back for us, we got lots of injuries Van Dijk out has been known but now De Vrij and Wijnaldum have both picked up a injury in the oranje training! Both are questionable and both would have been starters and important pillars of our team!

    Personally if all where fit i would play:



    —————De Roon——————-
    ——Van Ginkel———–Sneidjer——

    Based on their current forms, i prefer to see Dost over Janssen cause he has more of a run and better game rythm. On the long run Janssen is our man and is the better and more complete player! Going for Lens in the number 9 as full speed option that could well for us too but then again Bulgaria is a counter team and is gonna sit deep in their half so speed is not the best perhaps! lets hope we gonna win this! Dunno why but i predict 2 Memphis goals!

    1. According to an article Blind has already decided who will play 9 vs Bulgaria and I think its Janssen. Which is weird because Blind said Benchwarmers will not play and Dost is in really good shape alhough he never convinced in oranje…
      I think Blind will play the midfield as followed:
      Wijnaldum ——Strootman
      Personally i would prefer vs Bulgaria a false 9 Promes flanked by Robben and Depay.Both Bulgaria central defeners are big guys and not the youngest so why not try speed.
      In defence all is open till we know about De Vrij. I think Hoedt will only play if De Vrij is fit. Otherwise will be Indi and Viergever I think even if I would not like to see that.

        1. onsoranje posted a picture of him and Hoedt training together in the camp. so I guess if he’s fit enough to train together w/ the entire squad, he’ll be fit to play in the qualifier.
          but if he gets injured again while playing, I’m sure Lazio will go crazy with the NT. lol.

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