Ridge Haps wants to be Oranje’s left back

It seems we are doing nicely now, developing defenders and defensive minded players…. Some while back, it seemed we were great at developing wingers, strikers and playmakers… We always complained about the defensive strength of Oranje. Since the 1970s (Israel, Laseroms, Suurbier, Krol, Rijsbergen, Mansveld, Drost, Hulshof) we were never able to develop world class defenders. Frank de Boer, Danny Blind, Reiziger, Wijnstekers…all former attackers. The only real defender with world class capabilities was Jaap Stam. Now, with all that focus from the past decade on “better defenders”, we seem to have a list of potential world class players, from Van Dijk and De Vrij to Strootman and De Roon. From Rick Karsdorp to Riedewald, from Tete to Kongolo and Nathan Ake.

A player who escaped the spying eyes of most big club scouts but who is regularly touted as the coming man for Oranje by analysts in Holland, is called Ridgeciano Haps. Which I will call Ridge Haps from now on :-).

gijp haps

He’s the 23 year old left back of AZ Alkmaar, playing under the guidance of experienced defenders like Ron Vlaar and Stijn Wuytens and part of the weekly core group of players discussing football and tactics with coach John van den Brom.

His Roots

“I was born in Utrecht, like my sister. My parents are from Suriname, but they studied in Holland. My dad used to play football in Suriname but not at a high level. My mom was a very good basketball player. She did play high up, as a playmaker. Fierce and quick. I’m probably more like her, to be honest. She’s a very industrious type. Worked for Abn Amro for 40 years and always giving me advice.”

Early Start

“I didn’t play at a club or anything. My parents didn’t want me to. But I played school football and after one game a guy walked up to my parents and asked where I played. He was gobsmacked I didn’t play for a club. So my parents decided to give me a go, with the Zwaluwen in Utrecht (Swallows). After three weeks, Feyenoord came! I did a six week period there, with Karim Rekik and Annas Achahbar. They were allowed to stay, I wasn’t. I didn’t care, I think I was too young to really care. I went back to the Zwaluwen, I liked it there.”



“A year later, Ajax and PSV wanted me. I was delighted! I picked Ajax, as it’s closer to Utrecht. Every day, my dad drove me to Amsterdam and my first season was great. But I think my second season disappointed as Ajax let me go. This time, I was shattered. I felt like a failure. I thought my future as a pro player was gone. My parents helped me a lot. They said “stick the course, keep believing…” They were convinced there were other avenues to the top. That helped.”


“With my Ajax background, Elinkwijk wanted me. That is one of the best amateur clubs in Utrecht, with good youth development. I went there and the funny thing was that I was playing in a competition with AZ and Ajax as opponents. AZ immediately asked me for a test period. They had this tournament and I went along and played that with AZ. I was voted as player of the tournament and made a move to Alkmaar. By then, my parents decided to relocate to Amsterdam to support my life as a player. I played left winger and I was really good at that age. But after a couple of years, they moved me back, first to midfield, then to left full back. I was pissed off! I didn’t wanna play defender! I was a winger. Everyone started to explain it to me and all that, but I would not listen. Were they crazy ? I would not play in defence. I was horrified. Insulted. I needed to force myself to go to practice and decided to leave.”

u20 haps

AZ Again

“When I left, I got several calls from pro clubs but I had had it with them. I wanted to regain the fun of playing football. AFC called and I decided to go there. A top amateur club, playing against pro club youth teams. Still a good level. But I said: I will come, only if I am allowed to play left winger! And they said: sure. So I did and had great fun there. And at the end of that season, we played a friendly, against… AZ. It ended 4-4. I scored three goals and had one assist. The next day, the AZ Academy director calls me up. “Do you want to come back?”. And I did…  I missed the pressure of a pro club. I wanted to reach for the top. So I went back and 7 months later I was offered my first real contract. I made it. I was a pro player. I played for Young AZ as a left winger which means you train with the full senior squad.”

Gert Jan Verbeek

“After half a season, first team coach Verbeek wants a meeting. He said: “I like how you are developing, but I think there is a wonderful future for you as left back!”. Bam! No, not again… I had to process this. But Verbeek explained why he saw it like that. How left wing backs are the new wingers. How modern wingers play on their wrong foot and move inside. How I would have the ability to go for glory 10 times per 45 minutes. Running, crossing, dribbling… I took some time, and learned from games, focusing on Alba, Lahm, Zabaleta, that sort of players… Dani Alvez… And I saw that Verbeek was right. I realised that position allowed me to do what I want. I have a lot of energy that I need to get out of my system. You can do that on the back spot. I was 19 years old when I made my debut for AZ 1, versus PSV Eindhoven. I knew it then and there: I am a left back!”


The Future

“I’m a lucky guy. I have a good friendship with Max Huiberts (technical director of AZ) as he was my youth coach, years ago. And he was a creative left winger of course. He has a good relationship with my manager as well, I’m with Raiola’s cousin. And the plan is to make a move when the time is right. I’m ambitious. My contract runs till 2019 and I think by then I’d like to move to a Dutch top club, if they want me. And after that, when I prove myself there, maybe something in a bigger competition… But if the top 3 isn’t interested, well… I might make the move away earlier. Money is not my motivator. I want to reach as high as possible. But, the Championship in England these days is also interesting. I do think my game fits a bigger competition. And who knows where my ceiling is…”

haps run


“Am I the left back for the future in Oranje? Well, I don’t know but I sure hope so, hahaha. Oranje is one of my personal goals. I haven’t progressed past Oranje under 20. But, I think it’s realistic to think I’m close. Playing for AZ means you are on the radar, I’m sure. Schaars of Heerenveen, Vlaar who’s with me at AZ… I think I’m playing well this season, but as a team it’s not consistent enough. That doesn’t help of course. A step up will help me with my chances in Oranje as well of course. I think I’m close but not good enough yet. Btw, I’m happy Terence Kongolo is in the squad. He’s a good friend, we played together in the U20s and I think he’s doing really well. I told him, you’re doing so well. And he’s a lovely guy. He said: so are you hahaha. I really like it for him and wish him all the best. But, I’m ambitious and I will go for the left back spot in Oranje!”

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  1. Hi guys, fascinating exchanges yet again. I have to assume that we here are a micro kosmos representation of the whole Oranje legion?

    I don’t mind what van Aanholt said. I think it’s cool for a player to speak his mind. Depends on context of the interview of course and Voetbal Inside is known to try and find controversy. These comments could have been made in an innocent way, with Pat responding to probing questions. I don’t think he was willfully attacking Blind.

    but I get his point. I think he’s overlooked for too long too. But not just by Blind, also by Liverpool, by Arsenal, by Chelsea. I think he’s top notch.

    Comparisons between van Aanholt and Memphis are not so relevant though. Why compare Van Dijk with Zlatan or Jeroen Zoet with Dirk Kuyt??

    It’s hard to compare players on the same position so let alone different roles. I don’t get that.

    “Bruma should be benched and Dost should play in his role, because Dost scores more goals than Bruma.” Right.

    Lesson #1 for any coach (club or NT): you pick the best team. Not the best players.

    Btw, I get the criticism on Memphis past season and a half. It was a disappointment. Yes.

    Will he come back to form? I’m positive!

    Criticism on Daley Blind? Outrageous. Perfect professional. Not arrogant, pleasant, team player, always focused, gifted, etc etc. Loyal soldier of Orange.

    Criticism on Klaassen? Not warranted for me. Blind might have used him in a role he’s not 100% fit for (as has happened before with Kuyt, Van der Vaart etc) but a coach does this to balance the team out.

    Klaassen has demonstrated season after season to be: hardworking, capable of creating goals and scoring them, box to box, leadership, amazing “nose” in the box for the right spot.

    He’s an Ajax player, but I do rate him high.

    Baffles me all the time how intolerant some “Oranje fans” are towards Oranje players. I really really don’t get that. The negativity, the hatred, the blind criticism, the allegations that our coach favours his son while NO ONE in Holland says this, not even Blind’s biggest criticaster….

    I can not give you one name of an Oranje player I would criticise this much like you do here in a daily fashion. And I’m watching Oranje 40+ years….

    1. Ridge haps Seems level headed..Wish him the best…
      I think we have really good Quality LBs in kongolo as first choice and Blind as Second as of now…So Annholt can be promoted like Ridge haps is been converted as LB..I think coverting defenders is tough job as it requires more focus and concentration as u can be blamed for 1 mistake…
      Depay Got a real chance to show us and ,if he was really capable he could have taken us to EC2016 just by His goals or asssits like Great RVN did,RVP.ROben,Sneijder or Vaart did..HE could not..
      He was a total failure in a Good Club where he has Immensely supported by his compatriot…
      So still we expectig him to be in team,thats a big mistake…if he cannt deliver under 29 games under LVG,then i dont think he is top notch especially considering that plethora of young talents were benfitteed from LVG in Manu itslef..Martial,Rashford,Mensah,Brothwick jackson,lingraad…then goes to Muller,alaba,Bastein schweni in bayern,Kluivert,Zeadorf,davids in ajax..Xavi,inesta in barca…Depay was just overrated nothing else..

  2. Jan a question for you. When do you think or under what circumstances do you think Danny will give Haps the nod over Daley so simply give him the chance to have crack at NT. I’m very anxious whether once again it will due to injuries or whether in the best intrest of the team he will actually bench his son and give him the benefit of doubt.

    1. I’m also hopefully with more game time Buttner will also push for that LB spot as he is the most explosive out of all and he is also comfortable with his right foot.

      1. I would like change my statement above and in the best interest of the team Danny will actually let’s both Haps and Daley to battle it out for that LB spot.

    2. Now Virgil Van Dijk is injured for 3 months at least…So Haps can have Hope…
      Still you cannt through 2 super Left backs Kongolo and Annholt..
      As long as Blind plays as LB Haps wont play there..

  3. Every one thinks Big about Brazil beating Germany in 2002Wc as big thing..Infact That German team was peanut for Portugal,Holland and Rep Ireland..Entry of Italy in 2000 in 1 semi and final was also lucky one.
    I do agree we were to lucky at 2010 that we met only one good team that was Brazil in QF as we had to sweat..When we meet another tikifuka we lost…i still rate
    Roben–RVP–Sneijder-Vaart over Xav–inesta-Puyol-Villa…though vaart was on bench on crucial games we lost..
    We should have won 2008+2012EC and 2010WC considering our talent..

  4. Nice work for Janssen today, coming on for the second half with his team down 0-2 and scoring a pen and assisting the winner, helping the Spurs win 4-3, beating Wycombe out of the FA cup.

    Unfortunalty Wijnaldum and Liverpool crash out of both english cups in one week..

    Ake got his first Chelsea start in ages, playing LCB in their 4-0 win over Brentford.
    Did not watch that one but sounds as though Chelsea fans are happy with him.

    Robben scores a beauty of course!

          1. no, you definitely dont get it! haha

            we can keep explaining to you but we cant understand it for you.

  5. Memphis Depay started a league game for the first time since May (Man United vs Norwich), 266 days ago.

    Southampton really missing van Dijk already (plus Bertrand, and Fonte), survived at Anfield midweek but now an Arsenal are up 3-0 after the first half.
    Virgil is supposedly looking at missing at least 3 months..
    Clasie unable to do much besides scuff a couple long shot attempts. Not really directly responsible for goals against really, def was never going to catch Walcott for the 5th.. still appreciate his passing though, best passing % in the match and 90 mins is good.. But that back 4 really poor and the match was mostly over after the first half. 5-0 final.

    Watched a bit of Lazio at home to Chievo before the Southampton Arsenal match for de Vrij and Hoedt, they seem not too troubled but I notice they lost 0-1 conceding in the 90th min 🙁

  6. Watched the second half of PSV at Heracles.
    Saw the highlights and stats at HT first, PSV were dominated and would be down if not for a great Zoet PK save! Seemed to be much improved for the second half.
    Ramselaar capitalized off some bad defending on a Willems pass. Heracles had a nice equalizer.
    Propper wins it as a shot from outside deflected in. Propper and Willems look improved from the first half of the season, in the last couple. Guardado looks really out of form now for the last few times I’ve watched him, seems like time for Hendrix step up!
    Luuk de Jong looks like his confidence is completely gone, if he does not turn it around then I will be surprised if he stays in Oranje any longer.
    Would love to see Lammers get more action.
    van Ginkel looks great on the ball, gets an assist and 3 created chances, but a bit clumsy or late without the ball still, I’d expect him to improve on that as he regains fitness. Ramselaar was good, I don’t really see the Sneijder comparison though, besides body type..
    But PSV manage to get the job done, 2-1 keeps them within 5 of Feyenoord for now.

    lots of positive action today!

    1. Ramseelar brings energy,workrate and class ,though he may be Sneijder but he can hold the ball and make a nice intelligent pass ….thats very important…I think Clasie can also do that..Sneijder just go out of lungs as he needs to be carried by team…With Ramseelar or Clasie we have better workrate.Van Ginkel can score and assist more often than klassen..

  7. nathan ake also started at wingback for chelsea and played the whole 90 vs brentford.havnt checked his stats but this was his goal rating. “Sprightly in both mind and body, in his first Chelsea appearance in over two years. Consistent support out wide for Loftus-Cheek, linking up kindly with the winger in the attacking third.”

    good weekend for dutch players in term of playing minutes.

    alex buttner aslo featured for Jong Vitesse. lasted only 45. not in good shape but still manged two assists.

      1. And 19 goals in all comps 👍
        Yes, very in form with 8 in his last 5 league games.
        Zeegelaar also had a little time off the bench, apparently rejecting an offer from Norwich.
        No time for poor Castaignos..

  8. Looking at Ake,it looks like Conte will use him at wing back as back up for marcos Alonso.depending on the minutes he plays,he could well be another option at LB,though I would like to see him in the midfield.

    I doubt he will be able to crack into the midfield given the options Chelsea have there and also because of the formation.but then he has surely proven he has ready NT.

    Well it will jus be interesting now as how Danny will get his selection going with more players coming up for that LB spot.

    Haps,Ake,Buttner,Van Annholt and off course sonny boy.

    Does anybody think,with Van Dijk injured,de Vrij and Hoedt should be tried out especially with both playing together at Lazio.

    1. Bruma is better than Hoedt..So not required,…but you know only Daley will play as LCB..Anyways that seems good …You know why???
      When Daley moves to LCB ,kongolo will be LB.By that time kongolo would establish like karsdorp..So Virgil comes back He will dispalce Daley from LCB…Then he will be probably on bench…

    1. Moallim (the one that article refer to) deleted his tweet. maybe realized that he’s wrong about Depay. and he’s wrong.

      I watched the game. certainly not invisible. there’s some good play from him, either pass or movement. tracked back too.

      1. No player can be invisible for 68 minutes..Everyone will have touched ball…His passes were not great,he was often loosing ball,He disrupts the fluency of game…Getting subbed after 68 minutes means,Coach is seeing everything…
        This is what exactly in NT Depay is doing finally NT is loosing…Depay cannt help the team..

          1. i dont waste time on done thing..i have posted the video which had all his touches…thats enough in game..

          2. That doesn’t show the entire picture, does it? Ah, but you judged him, and found him wanting.

            He’s a kid. 21.
            I’m 37, and I can say for sure that there are a lot of stupid things I did at 21. I can also say that I performed better in my mid-twenties, than I did at 20 or 21.

          3. And, on the point of match reviews and highlight reels, how many times have you seen some (for example) english defender praised for a body on the line block, but no mention of the five times the same defender mis controlled, or wasted possession with a piss-poor pass, thus making the desperate last ditch highlight reel tackle a necessity?

            Or, is there any point in trying to reason this out?

          4. OK, did you watched that video you posted?
            me, Sybe, van den Berg, Kevin, all objectively think that while he still has long way to go, he did pretty good.

            it’s the top league, Lille is one of great clubs in France. it’s winter transfer, where new signings don’t get much time to gel with the club.

            if he’s being withdrawn at half time, I’ll be in the same boat w/ you, tiju. that’s not the case.

            watch the other Lyon attackers highlights. at least be fair with him.

      2. For a guy who did not play a season, this is a decent performance. He got some good dribble, he did not pass to the teammate in the good position for a couple of times. But he is new to the team so he will need time to connect with his teammate.

    1. Fosu had solid game untill the injury,hope he is okay.Though he was not a flying wingback liek shaw…Fosu patrols his area with authority,he is a strong guy,he outmuscles everyone comes in his way…

  9. @Jan, Over the last couple of years, Ake has played mostly on the backline—this weekend he played as a left wingback. But there is a lot of talk on this board of his playing s a CM/DM; I assume because that is where he played as a junior, and because he looks the part.

    My questions are (1) what is your view of the difficulty of players playing in one position for the club team and then slotted into a another position for the NT?, and (2) is there any reason to think, right now, that Ake could be useful to the NT as a mf in the remainder of the qualifying campaign?

    My thoughts are that there are some guys that can just play football, and will do a good job no matter where you put them, but much of the capability to do so depends on experience, and having played a lot of games at a high level, which kind of rules Ake out as a DM through the qualifiers (unless Conte all of sudden makes him a regular mf for the remainder of the season—which isn’t likely).

    That said, you know much more about this game than I do, so I’m curious as to your thoughts.

    1. 1. It is difficult for players to stick into different roles, usually. It takes a certain intelligence which you have or don’t have. It’s intuition or second nature. Can’t learn it. Ake clearly has it. Blind has it. Dost for instance not so much. Davids could do it, Robben as well. Kuyt….

      2. Yes I think a player can play in NT on a different spot, but it depends on them and their football intelligence and focus.

    1. Yes he is the real deal I think. The key thing with him, is that he is so eager. Which is something Robben didn’t use to have when he was young. Was a bit of a prima donna and cry baby. Somewhere down the line, he developed that mental strength and desire to become a winner.

      I think Kluivert is very exciting!

  10. Stekelenburg

    Karsdorp- Bruma- Van Dijk- Blind

    Wijnaldum- Strootman- Sneijder

    Robben- Janssen- Promes


    Sinkgraven-Van Ginkel- Toornstra

    Ake- St Juste

    Haps- Hoedt- De Vrij- Janmaat


    If all available whose gonna win.

    1. If u take out Janssen,Roben,strootman,and karsdorp from first team i sure second team will win it…You know always quality players covers the shit of nonquality players..

      1. OK the first team is typically what Danny would go with.

        The second team is what I think can counter the first team in all aspects.

        Janssen- Huntelaar

        Strootman – st Juste/Ake

        Karsdorp – Janmaat

        Lastly With haps playing I don’t think Robben will last long on the field.

        Why 4-2-3-1 so that Huntelaar is the focal point with three midfielders servicing him from all sides.

        1. 11 vs 11 .this is something danny should do in training sessions to see how best it can work with different players,so that when there is a injury,it well covered.

          1. that will invite injuries to both eleven and it is dangerous i think,during my collage days our Coach did that..We played with real spirit and chances for injuries are really high..We cannot loose our quality players in training..
            Both karsdorp and Roben are so deadly..Janssen is a mover a workhorse like kuyt with better skills..When you add Strootman,wijanldum you get workrate and Strong midfeild..When you add Sneijder to that you get venom..Promes is player who does work of 2 players .So is Wijnaldum and stroot…
            Stroot-Promes-Gini-Karsdorp will balance the team..Janssen–Roben-Sneijder will finish it..When you have Bruma-Virgil and blind at back…

  11. On another good note Fiorentina have confirmed Kevin Diks will return to Vitesse on loan. Good move given it was not looking any good for him deprived of game time.with Buttner on striding his way back,this could well be another fullback partnership in making.

  12. @Jan – cool story on Haps , what I gleaned from the interview is that he has potential but is not quite ready for a big move, which is fine, let him develop further in Holland before going to a big club.
    I watch the Tottenham FA cup replay V Wycombe , although Janssen did not start he got 30+ mins in the second half. Janssen said he was really keen to take the penalty to make it 2all as he has not had many chances to show what he can do.
    I thought he was trying really hard to make an impression on the game, he chased everything down and was looking to get the ball at his feet in the box, he nearly scored the winner with a header except for a top save by the Wycombe keeper.
    All in all not a bad cameo appearance !

  13. I will comment on Tiju’s post here (it was an early comment and I only came to the blog today, so I copy paste it here):

    “So Annholt can be promoted like Ridge haps is been converted as LB..I think coverting defenders is tough job as it requires more focus and concentration as u can be blamed for 1 mistake…”

    Promoted? Do you mean, convert a LB into a LW??? Really? Most of them were left wingers turned into defenders. You want to change that around? Now that is innovation!! Like Watford’s Gomes was a striker till he was 17 years old and then turned goalie…. You should be Marco van Basten’s assistant as innovation manager at FIFA.

    “Depay Got a real chance to show us and ,if he was really capable he could have taken us to EC2016 just by His goals or asssits like Great RVN did,RVP.ROben,Sneijder or Vaart did..HE could not..”

    What utter bullshit. You are a believer in one saviour, clearly. It is never one player who wins games. Memphis is one player in a poor NT, mismanagemed by federation and coaches. The other guys all played in a good team, with clear tactics and all on a good level and in a good age bracket. Tsssss

    “He was a total failure in a Good Club where he has Immensely supported by his compatriot…
    So still we expectig him to be in team,thats a big mistake…if he cannt deliver under 29 games under LVG,then i dont think he is top notch especially considering that plethora of young talents were benfitteed from LVG in Manu”

    Here we go again… He was NOT immensely supported by van Gaal. You clearly have no idea what happened and what Van Gaal (narcissistic personality disorder) is like. He was not a total failure. He brought ManU into the CL with his goals and he kept them in the Europa League with his goals. Might I remind you one Angel Di Maria didn’t work well with LVG (and the Jersey #7). Is Di Maria also a failure? A loser? The pressure was too high. LVG should NEVER have given the #7 jersey to Memphis. He was expected to be the star and was judged on that, while Lindgard played many a stinker but was seen as a kid who needs to learn.

    “Martial,Rashford,Mensah,Brothwick jackson,lingraad…then goes to Muller,alaba,Bastein schweni in bayern,Kluivert,Zeadorf,davids in ajax..Xavi,inesta in barca…Depay was just overrated nothing else..”

    Gold Help Me…. Martial was brought in for big big money. He’s not a talent coaxed by LVG. Rashford and the other lads were only used by LVG because of 14 ijnuries (incl Keane) and if that didn’t happen, Rashford would not have played! This was not “sensational management by LVG” but Hail Maries… and if…. big IF…. Depay was overrated, it was LVG who did the over rating… He signed him. And that applies to Koeman, Hiddink, Advocaat, Emre, Kluivert, Klopp, they are all overrating Memphis.

    No one gets it. Only Tiju.

    You are dilussional and extremely annoying.

    Didn’t I give you a last warning on Memphis Bashing?????

    1. Yes agreed its Delusional to think Depay will save us and he will play important role to qualify us in WC2018, and its annoying to see him in NT these days.

    2. I think Tiju has sucked us in.

      Definition of insanity, “trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

      We try and try to reason with him, hoping against hope that he will see the light, or at least stop pissing on the Blind’s and poor Memphis.

      Maybe we are the insane ones…

  14. Ok back to business:

    Feyenoord played well vs lowly NEC. Elia in good form (45 minutes) and some nice goals.

    Ajax played well too. Lasse Schone on fire.

    Interesting story: he’s been with Ajax for quite a while now (7 seasons?) and overlooked and wrongly used for seasons in a row.

    For a time, people at Ajax were keen to sign a player with experience to guide the youngsters, while Schone was there all the time, playing for Ajax 2!!!

    When Bosz needed a controlling midfielder, Schone at some stage said: I can play there!

    And now he’s one of Ajax’ best players.

    Goes to show, many many good coaches (De Boer, Spijkerman) and good ex players (Bergkamp, Trustfull) and more can get it wrong…..

  15. Expect a story here soon on an unsung hero.

    A guy who never made it to the NT. And not even to an Eredivisie club.

    But has mythical status in Dutch football… I’ll have you guessing….

      1. Sorry no, it’s not him. I don’t think anyone will guess his name…. He literally is an unknown for the masses. Until I post the article. Then he’s world famous, finally.

      1. Coerver had a great system in place for youth, we could always tell which lads had been do the “Coerver Training” as we used to call it, there ball control was usually better than most!

          1. I vaguely remembered that, and tried to google it up. Couldn’t find it. Hence the comment…

    1. I can’t help but think of Gulitt when they show the close ups of him.
      He definitely looks fit and sharp on the ball, he is still young too, let’s hope he stays injury free !

  16. Atalanta Bergamo have signed Hans Hateboer from Groningen.good move for the young lad.Atalanta are having a good season,sitting 6 th on the table. Just needs to build his confidence level and force his way in starting 11.

    Kishna’s super agent Mino Raiola is also in talks with Lille for a possible loan move for him from Lazio.

      1. apart from van der weil I cant think of any of his clients who has gone stray. he gives priority to his clients when ever they are in crisis.he has good relations with tops clubs and awlways has the best intrest of the clients when it comes to transfers or when they hit rock bottom.
        balotelli is jus one example.

        also didnt know he is a itlaian dutch

  17. Rumour has it that Chelsea have accepted a large bid for Ake from Bournemouth and now it’s up to him to decide.. maybe that is why he isnnit on the bench?

    What do you think, where is the best place for Ake?

    1. I don’t think Danny will give him a call up if he goes to Bournemouth. Sonny boy will always be first on list even he plays once in month at Man United.I think he has already confirmed this. Also I think LB and CB is well covered in NT so even he goes to Bournemouth, he is only guaranteed playing time and that will be it. He will have to wait till summer and see what happens to Wilshere’s loan deal to have a shot in midfield.

      At Chelsea he will always be a backup and again a shot in NT will always be slim.Chelsea also had a offer rejected by schalke LB sead kolasinac and have confirmed they will come back for him in Sumner so all in all Akes chance of marking the first team again looks slim there.

      I think Bournemouth is a better offer on the table for him as he will be guaranteed playing time and might be somewhere down the road, he will be able to convince Eddie Howe to give him a shot at DM.

      As for NT ,I don’t no how it will turn out for him in either situation.

      1. Conte has already said he wants to integrate Ake into the first team which is the only reason why they shut the door on Bournemouth offer. Given that chelsea is in a good position for the epl title it remains to be seen whether he will really be able to have the integration going. Meaning give him more playing time.

        1. FYI, Daley Blind has never only played once a month.. although this January he played the least minutes he has ever played.

          Here is what Danny Blind said when questioned about his concerns about Daley not starting all games any longer (in late December):
          Blind is currently active in four competitions and even if he doesn’t play all games, he still plays as a starter once a week. He has 70% of the Man United games still and this means he’s part of the Man United core group. I don’t think Daley will leave Manchester United.

          1. FYI Man United now have 4 LBS,shaw,Rojos,Blind and they have also recalled Cameron Borthwick-Jackson from his loan spell at Wolves. if all are fit then automatically once a week will become once a month. simple logic pals which again brings me to my comments earlier on the translation part.

            Blind only played 2 games in Jan. one epl and FA CUP match and this is how it will be from now wards. Mou will only rotate him either when there is a injury like today vs Hull, vs average teams or when MU plays in consecutive matches in a week and there is need to rest players,which might again depend on which players are available.

            this is exactly what I was saying about enhancing competition at at various position. it will always bring the best out of players. you look at Daley and Rojos under Van Gaal and both under Mou now.Rojos has clearly stamped his authority at LB and with Luke Shaw on the road to recovery, its only a matter of time when somebody will be deemed surplus. who,only time will tell.

          2. Oh, it was your guesses about the future..
            Sorry, didn’t mean to comment then, not interested.

            Blind rants, Memphis tangents.. so annoying

          3. Its not about rant,its all about what’s in the best interest of NT,Syber Pals. It has jus started to unfold now at Man United.As I said earlier its competition at his best and you cant deny this.this is where the curtains will raised and the true picture will automatically surface.

            Once again for YOU it may be the rant,but for me its basically associating what’s Happening at Man United now to what should be done in NT to build a formbidable squad and if situation arises in terms of upgraded players,again enhance the formidability to the level where it becomes hard to even breath around each others neck.

            This is the only way how the depth in the team can be enhanced.


            Listen to what some of them to have to say about why depth in the team is important.

            Talents aside, depth is also one of the influential factors when it comes to shifting to another level.

          4. Oh your don’t like rants?
            Here is another rant!

            Asking my opinion about the best place for Ake?
            Well then, let me share my messed up theory about Blind that’s is based on things which are not true AGAIN and add some super obvious things about depth.

    2. I find it is hard to believe this rumour. Say if Conte accept that kind of bid, then he already decide that he won’t play Ake much/not at all until the end of season. Then why don’t Bournemouth wait a few months so that Ake’s value drop instead of bidding right now? Also, for team like Bournemouth, they do not know if they will stay in EPL next season so planning ahead 6 months sounds a bit weird to me.

      1. I was wrong. Bournemouth bid 18M to bring him back on the last day of transfer window but Chelsea rejected. I read that Conte has a plan to integrate him into first team. Let’s hope that he will be given real chance.

        1. I’m sure both parties must have sat down and had talks about it.
          To reject £18 million,and then make him sit on bench would be jus crazy.

          Also looking at his video vs Brentford, his passing game and touches, it jus gives you a glimpse of what to expect if he moves to the Midfield.

          LB,CB,WB,I don’t think he will be any different at DM.

  18. Van Annholt had a winning start with Crystal Palace as they beat Bournemouth 2-0. Sam allydace has blostered the squad with some new signings, including Van Annholt (Sunderland),Sakho (Liverpool loan),Luka milivojevic (olympiacos).

    Wesley Hoedt and De Vrij both played full 90 as they saw of inter 2-1.

    1. Big Sam is great coach,he is kind of Redeemer type coach..He has history of saving teams from relegation…He has saved the career of many players who lost confidence and playing time etc….
      Annholt made wise choice to dumb that Idiot David Moyes who will be relegated soon..

  19. Well I think this has being another good transfer window for Dutch players and looking for ward to the selection coming up in March.

    Alex Buttner- Dynamo Moscow – Vitesse

    Kevin Diks- fiorentina – Vitesse (loan)

    Anwar El Ghazi- Ajax- Lille

    Ricardo Krishna – Lazio- Lille ( loan)

    Hans Hateboer- Groningen-Atalanta

    Memphis Depay- Man United – Depay

    Marco Van Ginkel- Chelsea- PSV (Loan)

    Mitchell Dijks- Ajax – Norwich (Loan)

    Nathan Ake- Bournemouth – Chelsea ( loan return)

    Jean Paul Boetius – Basel – Genk (loan)

    Tim Krul – Newcastle – AZ Alkmaar

    Luicano Narsingh- PSV – Swansea

    Riechedly Bazoer- Ajax – Wolfburg

    Patrick van Annholt – Sunderland – Crystal Palace

    Some ones to look out for.

  20. @Sybe – I think Ake can do better than Bournemouth, I’m not talking money, $18mil is a lot of cash for Ake, but Chelsea don’t need the money so why let him go. I think he needs 6 months to try and crack a spot in the top side, which won’t be easy lest injuries.
    Also Chelsea are looking solid for the title so that is a nice feather in your cap for Ake. My only concern is the same as everyone – playing time!
    A bigger concern is Virgil’s injury, are we cursed? It always seems like a key player cops an injury right at a crucial time for our NT, sometimes it’s a proven player – Robben, Stroot, Sniejder etc and then sometimes a kid who we are excited about like Van Ginkle. Is it just us or do the other NT’s suffer like we do?
    The positive news is ( based on what I read on this blog) we have a number of potential players waiting for an opportunity to step up,

    1. Van Banger…Loss of Virgil is a concern..But the bigger problem in Danny Blinds lack of plan B..
      DE Vrij is Back….Kongolo is there…Also this terrific Jerry St juste is there…
      We can have amazing Back line Even with out Virgil..Coz now our talents are in back line and midfeild..We have no wingers
      see the back line first choice and sceond choice
      karsdorp—De Vrij—StJuste—Kongolo
      Second choice
      its still amazing….Blind needs to opne HIS BLIND eye..to fid combination..

  21. @ Van Banger

    ” are we cursed” you make it sound like its some kind of horror show
    I have already mentioned this earlier, the injuries will always be the biggest downfall of danny and it will continuously disrupt the flow simply because of no depth in the team. This is why I have always being adamant about rotating players so that during injury crisis the back up players are on hand to cover up without disrupting the flow.

  22. yea van banger, completely agree on Ake — I’m glad he stays and I think he can be better than Cahill and Azpilicueta, not to mention Terry and Zouma.. but now it’s up to him to show it!

    As for injuries, yes, in times like we are in now when we lack depth in quality, I think we notice it more than some of the bigger countries because of this.. for the same reason we scourge the U21s and youth squads for young stars to through our hope in…
    So someone as solid as van Dijk has started to play this season is a huge loss – although we don’t know yet how long he is expected out for (I read that Puel was hopefully for the EFL cup final, which is Feb 26) so who knows maybe he makes it for the Bulgaria match anyway.
    Will just have to be patient and see..
    (though that won’t stop others from making up stories and making uninformed guarantees about who should replace him).

    Personally, at the back I do think we have more depth in quality now than we did even last season..

    Sure does seem like we are cursed with injuries at times!

    1. Initially Virgil was expected to be out for 3 months,lets see….There is always another way arround thats depend on the coach i mean successful coaches like SAF,LVG etc…Or else if you follow wenger u can end up as looser.
      We lost Strootman and we reached WC Semi in 2014 perhaps we would have won that WC.If Germain lenz started the match..He would have man handled that turtle Demishellis who was constantly fouling injured RVP and Roben..
      Jerry St juste is the best cover up for Virgil,Daley Blind is another option…it seems..
      Defense is collective unit,u defend as a unit..We can cover up the absence of Virgil by placing right defenders at back..

      1. He is agile
        He is fast
        He is alert
        He has power
        With De Vrij as leader at back and kongolo and Karsdorp on wings with Ake as Guard DM..We will have balanced Defense..

      2. St Juste??? He is not that good people. I’m sorry….

        He is good on the ball, going forward (in the Eredivisie!) but I don’t think he has ever won a defensive header…. More suggestions??

  23. Out side Dutch football world Daley Blind is not considered as First choice LB or LCB,thats a fact..Jose is showing that He play as starter in lesser matches only..its fact..i do think that he is good squad player than a starter,coz Football is game with lots of injury,presense of Gini,Wijnaldum(DM,LW,RW,CAM),Blind(LCB<LB<DM,Mensah(RB,LB,LCB,RCB,DM),St juste(DM,LCB,RCB),Bazoer(DM,CAM),kongolo(LCB&LB),Annholt(LW &LB),Ake are excellent multy purpose oriented players can be used in various roles and are team players…So it is better to have him in Bench in NT than a starter…

  24. @Tiju- St Juste has something that’s for sure, and I agree that we have good depth in the back line, however it Took Virgil some time to become the player he is today, he has played a lot of tough grinding matches in the EPL and is definitely headed for a leadership role with NT, this St Juste does not have!
    @ Wilson – to me it is a “Horror Show” coming up to 48 years of supporting my home country, it takes it’s toll when I see players that can make a difference get cut down by injury, I feel for them and the Nation.
    I will trust Danny to make the right choice, his career depends on us making it to the WC, we all may have other opinions but the buck stops with Danny. And I will hope that Virgil’s injury is only minor and he gets back soon, for Southampton’s sake aswell, they really need him!

    1. @Van Banger…i was telling Dont worry at defense,we are okay there,my worries are upfront..
      We will be really fine with
      As first choice,i mean it would be water tight defense.
      thats not a bad second line
      But if u add Veltman to this we might have a weak defense..

      1. if u selecet the right quality of players in right spot then you teach them tactics and trainings…then u will be rewarded…
        Karsdorp—-De vrij—-St Juste—-kongolo



        Annholt—-Bazoer–Clasie—-Kevin diks
        I dont trust stekelenburg,vorm,depay ,or klassen etc..

        1. This is real life we are talking about, not Football Manager.

          Your first choice defensive line has a total of 34 caps for national team between them.

          And, to break that down a bit, 30 for de Vrij, 2 each for Kongolo and Karsdorp.

          I don’t disagree that they have talent and potential. Ready for the big time? De Vrij aside, not sure yet.

          (If you say you don’t trust someone, I automatically trust them even more. So there)

          1. Bha aha…
            How many games veltman played over Karsdorp???
            How many games De vrij played to start against Belgium under LVG????
            How many game Virgil took to dispalce Daley from LCB?u got to remmber blind is playing for Manu and Virgil for Suthampton.
            Van den burg its talent+coaching
            not about mediocre ones getting coached..
            Its your freedom to trust anyone ,even though most probably they will let you down when it matters..So keep beleiving in them dont stop..

          2. You didn’t answer what I brought up.You go on about talent and coaching, and blind trust.

            Until these guys experience playing time against hard opposition, how can you say…”they are the solution”

            You bring up Veltman. I get that you don’t like him. Your choice. Fine.

            I think he has done well at Ajax, keeping a talented Tete out of the team. Veltman has also played against such teams as PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Celtic… That is real world experience. Granted, Ajax struggles against the big boys, but do you see how playing this really difficult games you are expected to lose in gives a player experience? St Juste, a great talent, but which is the biggest club has he played against? PSV? Feyenoord? With all due respect, if I had to choose based on a players past experience, I’m going to choose the guy who played against Ronaldo, Di Maria, Messi, Neymar, Zlatan, Cavan… Not the guy who has played against Luuk de Jong, Kuyt (bless him, still a fav of mine).

            You will now likely say something about, “give juste the chance, he will show you, he has the intelligence, he just needs good coaching, trust me.”

            I respect your right to have an opinion. I hope you respect mine.

          3. @ Van den Berg

            I think he has done well at Ajax, keeping a talented Tete out of the team. Veltman has also played against such teams as PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Celtic… That is real world experience. Granted, Ajax struggles against the big boys, but do you see how playing this really difficult games you are expected to lose in gives a player experience?”

            then how the hell did Karsdorp surpass him by jus playing two games for NT. has he played with any of the big guns you have mentioned. Denswil,Van Rhijn, Anita, Siem de Jong all played for Ajax against big guns during they stay at Ajax but yet never lived up to expectation. what makes you think veltman wont be another one of them.

            Veltman at CB maybe but at RB, he is a joke and was just a wate of time until Danny released it after the Greek game.other wise it makes no sense benching him vs Belarus and France and giving the nod to karsdorp when Janmaat was injured.

            again if Karsdorp turned out to be better option than veltman, what is the possibility others wont turn out to be the same.its jus a matter of taking chances and giving the opportunity.

  25. @ Van Banger

    “@ Wilson – to me it is a “Horror Show” coming up to 48 years of supporting my home country, it takes it’s toll when I see players that can make a difference get cut down by injury, I feel for them and the Nation”.
    How can you freaking win a competition with this kind of mentality.Injuries are always part and parcel of any game for that matter but does this mean you jus sit back and let it take its toll on the team. No, you need to have depth in the team and backup players who can coverup in worst case scenarios. simply as that and if this is not done Im afraid that 48 years that you have acknowledged will keep on extending.

    on my cards injuries is no 2 on the list. its the players choices that is at no 1. I know we have talked about this and how Jan mentioned “The thing is: coaches look at aspects that we don’t know about and have their opinions and insights they won’t share publicly.”

    Ok fair enough,but then how the hell there is no depth in the team and when ever there is injuries its takes it toll on the whole team as you said.

    Ake had a 18 million pounds rejected by chelsea after being called back from his loan spell. what aspect did they look at.

    Sam Allardyce forked out 12 million for Patrick Van Annholt even though it was deemed overprice. what aspect did they look at.

    If two household names in coaching can see what Danny cant see then Im afraid something is wrong.

    1. So recently there is a AI competition to detect fake news http://www.fakenewschallenge.org/

      I hope you and Tiju find it useful and stop fabricating story about Daley Blind is picked based on “sonny boy” skill.

      Below I list the match history of Netherlands, Ake and Daley Blind. Main takeaway is: last national team match is November 13 against Louxembourg. Up until that point, Ake is an unused sub for the whole October and Blind started all matches in October. So Blind call is based on performance not on relationship. You prefer other LB than Blind, fine, then make your argument based on football rather than fabricated story without any backup data.

      Appreciate if you could watch this video and stop spreading false news.


      1. Kevin..I am not Antiblinds….Daley is a brilliant player…AKe is brilliant player…but i see both as DM and Daley as back up LCB and utility player,Daley can even play as playmaker..
        But we have a beast in LB thats kongolo…Now there is Annholt Vs Haps….Daley should be a 3rd choice LB in NT..As other guys offers much better than him at LB spot..

    2. That is not that hard is it?

      If you have 4 CBs who have played alright for Oranje and are developing their partnership, it doesn’t make sense to drop one for young upstart Nathan Ake who had a good run of 8 games with Bournemouth.

      Why would you take that risk? If it fails, Ake is deflated and the player you subbed for him is deflated.

      And all of you here will yell “Danny Blind is an idiot!”

      So Ake needs to stand in line, simple as that: Vlaar, Bruma, Blind, De Vrij, Van Dijk, Kongolo…

      Pat van Aanholt was / is part of the Oranje squad. There might have been things Danny saw in his games for Oranje (and in practice) that he’s not happy about ? Or there is a personality issue we don’t know about?

      Don’t forget: Chelsea was happy to let Patrick go and Sunderland is a relegation club for years now. So lets not get too overexited.

      Do I believe Van Aanholt has the quality to play for Liverpool, for instance? Yes, I do. But Liverpool keeps James Millner at LB and didn’t make a move for Van Aanholt…So…there ya go

      1. Wasn’t karsdorp a risk.

        Wasn’t Brenet a risk

        Wasn’t Berghuis a risk.

        Having played no games for NT.

        Jan which 4 CBs are you taking about. I presume its De Vrij,Bruma, Daley and van Dijk.
        All have coughed up somehow or another at some point so saying they have played ok for NT is false imo. only Van Dijk with every game has looked like being the only consistent CB after a shaky start for NT and rest Bruma has been vulnerable at times,Daley no comment,De Vrij hasn’t played for a while and still hard to call whats his status after his recent injury.

        Ake versatility is what warrants him a callup in NT.if he can handle EPL,I don’t think he will be a risk,If you put him any where or in any position. LB,CB,WB,he has excelled in all positions. Or has given a above average performance.what’s makes you think he can’t handle international stage. Karsdorp did,Brenet did,(Berghuis did to some extent)

        1. Ok…

          Yes Brenet and Karsdorp were risks. Brenet cost us a goal! But we had issues on that position…. You have to play someone??

          Berghuis is an attacker. Different.

          CBs in particular need to develop a partnership. I totally get it that Blind is not taking chances ruining that by bringing in a lad who played 5 games as CB in Bournemouth.

          I think you focus too much on the individual performance when you say “no risk”. A coach looks at the team dynamics, the compensation of weaknesses with strengths, the personality of a player, leadership and coaching, automatisms as we call it in Holland.

  26. I can’t believe it, now St Juste is the solution for the NT??

    Like I said before, the kid is fine on the ball in the Eredivisie, but hasn’t won a defensive header for a while :-).

    He is to be blamed for many goals conceded. He’s not even ready for U21. Stop saying stupid things…

    I will post an amazing article soon, which clearly states that Ajax is better playing with Veltman than without… You’ll be surprised…

    1. How many headers Daley has won in headers?? both are 180 and 182 CM both will have trouble in headers..
      St juste is a missing puzzle when you have Karsdorp-Devrij-
      kongolowith him…
      Or else
      We need to go with

        1. @Wilson, I don’t want this to come out wrong because I like what I’ve seen of Ake as a player so far, and I haven’t seen St. Juste play enough to have much of an opinion.

          But you’re spending a lot of time here pushing the qualities of both players, and railing against Blind for not picking them. So, I’m curious. Are you saying that one, or both, should start against Bulgaria in March? If so, at what position(s)? Who should they play ahead of?

  27. Brenet was just mere better attacking option than Veltman…The Real deals are Karsdorp-Kevindiks and Hataboer…if you want to play dutch style football..
    I do like Tete and Fosu mensah as Both are cannibals in RB as both will eat the opponent..
    Irrespective of age Mensah,kevindks,St juste must be selecetd for NT…They can do much better than some players in the squad who are repeatedly getting selection only due to experience number…i mean they are experienced in doing in wrong way..
    LVG was tlaking aout experience and he seected Verhage for RB….Finally he had to hide him and Janmaat saved his A@SS during WC2014.

  28. Daley Blind was playing as LCB for Manu,Danny played him as DM and LB ..How is that??You can put certain players with out a doubt if they can do the job decently if not great..Ake is not a great LB,but he will do it..i have seen Stij schaars doing it as LB ,he was excellent i mean just 1 game in NT..
    Why waiting till injury to happen to test an option??

  29. Jan, I can’t take Emannual and Wilson any more.

    Names are pulled out of a hat, inserted into fantasy lineups and touted as ‘the solutions!’ Any attempt to have a reasoned discussion is buried under the glut of.. well, whatever it is that these two spew out.

    1. Hang in there, van den Berg.

      Jan: It might help if we could upvote, downvote comments. Or if there were an ignore option. Or something. Thanks for all you do!

    2. You just dont worry,the moment we beat france with Depay,klassen and Blind in the line up..i would stop my rants…agreed???untill then u support them ,thats ur freedom,i will support the players who were ignored blindly..

        1. haha good call, can’t believe that was 2 years ago almost..

          eh Tiju has lossed similar bets in the past but he’s still here.. even with a different (less blasphemous) user name.

          1. but that wasn’t an A team from Spain blah blah blah… yea yea we know
            (it wasn’t a Dutch one either)

          2. i never lost a bet here FYI…
            Schooling og Ec2012 hasnt you got it???its some other stupid who lost it not me…i never lost a bet here as wheever i preicted NT loss,the dutch coaches helped me in betting,i am thankful to them..
            Sybe u are a liar…

          3. Well, not you, Emmanual, but a fellow named Tiju swore he would leave this site once.

            Something about the Spain match in 2014? Does that sound right? My google skills aren’t what they used to be.

            But that was Tiju, I think. Not Emmanual.

            But I could be wrong.

          4. Haha goldstone 😂
            Thanks for correcting me, I admit I don’t remember exactly, I believe it was the old blog so no its longer around..

    3. I have the feeling that all readers except 2 will agree with you, haha

      unfortunately narcissists crave attention, even negative attention fuels them..

      I like goldstone’s idea, not sure what the options are here in wordpress.

  30. Tiju, stop making people believe that you will stop being an ass when Memphis becomes #1 in the world. By then, you’ll have another enemy in the NT you hate and you will find all sorts of other new players to push.

    Don’t you guys see that everyone here is pulling their hair out??

    I can’t believe some of the questions and comments you come up with.

    but the worst is: it’s not that we don’t have compassion for people who don’t understand the game that well, what annoys most here is that you don’t seem to want to learn, listen, process…

    You just keep on going!

    Let me guess: are you single and jobless?

  31. Btw, I won’t do the ignore button…

    I think half the comments here are responses to Wilson and Tiju, so if you put them on ignore, you’ll miss a lot.

    I will try and find a like / dislike option…. I’m just not good at this blogging thing (I’m an ok writer, that’s all)

  32. @Goldtsone..dont confused Tiju=Emmanual….He changed his name after seeing Depay scores a Header goal Vs Luxumburg….
    It is Vincent who lost the bet and left site…
    Every one know that i was against kuyt play as striker on winger and that rants went to peak at 2012,so i put a bet about dutch schooling in 2012 EC under BVM with kuyt in it..I won it and i came back…
    The Second bet is still running
    i Predict Depay o be a flop…you guys are on opposite side..So lets wait for the results…
    Hope that clears all

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