Van Basten’s innovative plans for FIFA

Marco van Basten. Icon. Legend. Saint. Super striker.

Johan Cruyff was one of his biggest fans and supporters. He considered Marco as a son. And he pushed and motivated the striker where he could. After his playing career ended, brusquely, he disappeared for a while, only to return to football as a youth coach for Ajax. With his best friend John van ‘t Schip. Interestingly enough, Schip was the head coach, Marco his assistant.

Johan Cruyff always claimed San Marco had a tremendous brain for analysing and understanding football. He would debate with Van Basten for hours, something Van Hanegem enjoyed doing too. The cool and collected Van Basten could be seen squinting his eyes when he watched the Ajax youngsters play, while the more animated Schip would be coaching and pointing and yelling…

marco suit 2

When Cruyff was invited by a clueless KNVB (what else is new?) to assist in selecting a new team manager in 2004, after Dick Advocaat failed to impress at the Euros 2004, and Van Gaal’s failure in 2002 (another experienced club coach) Cruyff pushed Van Basten/Van ‘t Schip to the fore. His other protege, Frank Rijkaard, did well with Oranje at the Euros2000 and JC wanted another young innovative coach at the helm. Without any experience as club coach, Van Basten was the pick for the coming 4 years. And in typical JC style, he suggested Marco should be the head coach, with Johnny as the assistant. As Marco would be a better figurehead for the media, in the pr department.

Cruyff: “A national team manager doesn’t need to have extensive club coach experience. It’s probably even a disadvantage, look at Van Gaal’s results… There is no guarantee. You need someone that has gravitas, good vision and tactical understanding. Marco knows football like no other.”

Van Basten wasn’t able to produce the results, but did manage to inject some excitement in Oranje. The group games at the 2006 World Cup were promising, but some internal strife (lack of managerial experience, for sure!) and a horrific match vs Portugal resulted in Oranje being exited from the WC, with egg and mud on the faces… The group games in 2008 were actually quite amazing, with football analysts across the world hailing the performances of Oranje vs France, Italy and Romania. Stuff got undone vs Russia when an ill prepared Oranje lacked the intensity to deal with the opponent and the aftermath of Boulahrouz’s personal drama (loss of baby).


Marco didn’t cut it as a club coach. Not because he lacked the skill. But because he got fed up with the shenanigans that go along with being a club coach. He turned away from Ajax in disgust, after being personally harassed and insulted by the Ajax supporters. And at a lower level (Heerenveen) he missed the professionalism he needed around him to feel at ease. At AZ he realised being the head coach is not his thing. Not unlike Willem van Hanegem, another big influence on San Marco, he despised press conferences and he had no patience with obstinate players. So he stepped back. Became Van den Brom’s assistant. Just wanted to work on the pitch, with players and a ball.

Some quotes: “If I see Frank de Boer coaching, you can see he was born to do that job. I wasn’t. I think football comes naturally to me, but a lot of the managerial tasks… I had to really work hard for that.” At Ajax, he once said: “Ajax deserves a better coach. I’m not good enough.”

And the perfectionist in him couldn’t deal with it. As a player, he was able to focus on his strengths, while others in the team covered up for his weaknesses. Even with a crooked ankle, he was able to add value, coz he was part of a bigger unit. In coaching, it all comes down to you. You’re alone. So he looked in the mirror and decided he could do without that stress.

When Oranje needed him, he supported Danny Blind as assistant coach, but his dream job was always at a higher level. Not on the pitch. In the board room. Marco wanted to change football. He aims high. He doesn’t want to work on one player, or a set of players, or even one club. Marco wants to serve football as a whole!


And when the dream job became available – Chief Officer of Technical Development at FIFA – he jumped to the opportunity.

A month in the job, after speaking at a football conference in Germany, the comments about his performance are telling: “This is not a fresh breeze of wind! This is a Hurricane!”

Van Basten: “Well, we Dutchies are direct. I say it like I see it, that’s what I’m paid for. Just call it.” And with a smile he walks off.

Marco is now wearing suits and working in an office (if he’s not traveling to conferences, meetings and football matches). Wife Liesbeth is still in Holland, with their son (his two daughters have left the nest already) but she will join Marco in Zurich in the coming months.

If Marco gets his say, football will be changed dramatically. In an interview with German Sport-Bild, he talks about his plans.

“We need to continuously try and find ways to improve the game, to make it more just and honest, more dynamic and more entertaining. The question is: is our sports still attractive enough to capture the fans, viewers and sports lovers?”


These are the points he’d like to change:

No more offside
,,A lot of people get upset when you say this. And I’m not saying we should abandon it, but we should analyse and test what the game will be like without offside. Because at this point in time, football looks like handball. Six players on the edge of the box, plus a goalie, trying to stop the better side. Parking two buses and hoping for a counter. Without offside, forwards can force defenders back, can open up space, and defending will not be as easy as it is today. We’ll see more goals.”

Time penalties instead of a Yellow Card
,,A yellow card has no direct impact on the game and doesn’t give the team that was disadvantaged anything. Worst case, the next opponent of the wrong-doer has the benefit. Ridiculous. If a player fouls another player cynically, or pulls a jersey or whatever, he needs to get a 5 or 10 minute time penalty. This will work wonder, because playing 10 mins with 10 v 11 is not a good thing to have to do.”

Shoot-outs instead of extra time
“I think shoot outs should replace penalties and even extra-time. A player gets the ball on the middle line and 8 seconds to score. The goalie is restricted to his box. If the goalie stops the ball, the shoot out attempt ends. It’s much more exciting for the fans than the static penalties.”

live blogmed2

Real playing time in last phase of the game
“The game loses a lot of effective or real playing time, particularly in the final 10 or 15 minutes. Substitutions, time wasting, set pieces, injuries… The fans want to see action. And I think it’s unfair at times how little real playing time we all end up with. So, it’s a plan to use real time for the last stage of the game. Every second, the ball needs to be in play.”

Flying substitutions
,,Not sure what the term should be, but allowing teams to change players on the run, like with other sports. But we need to check in with the referees and officiating people, as they do need to know who goes on and off, of course.”

More than three substitutes
“If we do keep on going with extra time, we want to offer coaches one or two extra subs.”

No more hassling of referees
,,The hassling, complaining and showing dissidence is becoming embarrassing. Every decision is being commented on and debated. It has to stop. There are other sports, Rugby, where players have learned to treat the ref with respect. In rugby, the captain talks to the referee. And no other player. Show dissent, and you’re off! I want this in football too.”

Maximum number of fouls 
“Again, a yellow card for a repeat offender will usually only benefit future opponents. I think we should learn from basketball. Five personal fouls and you’re out.”

8 v 8 instead of 11 v 11
“In pro football, we should nicely keep on playing 11 v 11 on a big pitch. But I think the youth teams and even seniors should play 8 v 8 on a smaller pitch. This will give players the ball more often and gets them involved more in the game.”

Less matches per season
“We need to focus on quality. Today, it’s more quantity and we are losing viewers and fans. 80 games per season is ridiculous. We are seeing a lot of issues with young talent that can’t keep up, physically. We need to go back to 50 games per season, so players like C Ronaldo, Messi and Zlatan will stay mentally and physically fresh.”


I am keen to hear your opinion on all of this.

I am not convinced re: offside rule. I need to see it in action. Off side is such an intrinsic part of the game, today. But I’m open.

Time penalty instead of yellow card: YES!

Less matches per season: YES!

Real playing time and no more hassling the ref: YES!

I’m not too sure about the shoot outs vs penalties. I think penalties have a lot of drama and shoot outs…. not sure.

What do you think? Lets have a lively debate. I will collate our ideas and flick ‘m on to Marco (I’ve got a line to him, as you may know…)

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  1. We cannot call back offside rule…that would give football cricket run score….
    Rest of the points are interesting…
    Instead of 8 seconds it should be 10 seconds…in shoot outs..

  2. @Jan, nice article again. I had read this one just before yours:

    Ha ha ha.

    That being said, I agree with you, except for the shout-out and offside rule (and perhaps the monkeys ;-)), all the other ones would definitely help. I would even suggest the “time rule” be extended to the whole game, say, have 2×40 minutes (or something) where the ball is in play. Main problem with that is the networks would then slice the game like hell with ads and crap like in basketball. So… Good idea in theory only, probably…

  3. I think his spell at Heerenveen 2013- 2014 season trugly brought out qualities of a good coach in him especially when they finished 5th behind PSV,Ajax,Feyenoord and Twente. Had a young squad with the likes of Sinkgraven,Ziyech,Van Aken,De Roon, Basaçikoglu,Slagveer, and with with (Finnbogason) up front. For me this is when both Marco and Heerenveen caught my attention.if I’m not wrong the following season he resigned half way I think due to medical reasons after moving to AZ.

    1. He stopped being head coach due to stress. yes. But he said before (at Ajax) that he didn’t “have it”. You need to be obsessed, detail oriented, fully committed (Klopp, De Boer, Conte) or manage a backroom staff that is (Giovanni).

      Van Basten is not a people manager but more a lone wolf, like he was as a striker. It’s no coincidence that players like Wouters and Rijkaard were better at it.

  4. His offside needs to be demonstrated before I total understand what he intends.

    The other ideas have a lot of merit, especially the players interaction with the Ref.

    Here’s link to Rugby Ref Nigel Owens controlling matches. How cool would these interactions be in football? The shamelessness of players demanding cards, surrounding refs…

  5. Marco as a coach he had issues with RVN,Bommel etc…He even started Davids as captain and after 2 matches there is no Davids in team…i think he ruthlessly dropped the senior players in 2004..that benefited as really well though…i dont understand why he dropped Edgar…
    Anyways i didnt like him for benching RVN vs portugal for no footballing reason..Ruud wanted to play the game and Ruud was crying after the game as we played a fantastic game with Zero gaols..if didnt play well and then Ruud wouldnot have cried..
    2008…San marc was unlucky that Roben and RVP were injured,as we know when they dont play will loose…fab four were carrying us that point of time…Even with Bula tragedy we would have beaten Russia by miles had Roben and RVP stared with RVN…My God that was a deadly combo…with 2 holdings with Bloody Sneijder or Vaart….that was hell for any opponent..

    1. As far as that Russia game. I’m not sure any changes to the lineup would have made a difference. Van Persie was good mates with Boulahrouz, other players visited him and wife in hospital. I don’t think you can understand the trauma that losing a child has on a person as well as those around him. (My wife miscarried 10 years ago, and to this day it destroys her when she dwells on it)

      I know these guys are supposed to be players and pros, but at some point, the human tragedy Khalid and Sabia suffered has to have a dramatic effect. You know, kind of what really matters? This match? The tournament? In that moment, none of that matters. Changes your perspective at that moment.

      Sad for them

      1. Sachin tendulkar’s father died just before match Vs Zimbabwe in 1999WC cricket…Next day he came back and scored a century and we won the match vs keniya…
        Vs Russia we missed Roben 90 minutes and RVP 45 minutes..or else we would have burried them..

        1. Fine. Well done to him.

          A new born child is different than a (aged? sorry I don’t know the situation involved with this cricketers father) man. I don’t expect you to understand, if you don’t have children (again, apologies for not knowing your personal details).

          Of course, we can say… “so and so had this happen, and they reacted this way…” fine. No arguments with that.

          But every situation is unique. Every person is unique. How we react to different situations is unique. You can’t say… “if Robben played this would have happened”. Maybe it would have. We will never know.

          Thats all I want to say on this subject.

    2. @ Tiju, lol. While I appreciate the point you are trying to make with RVN and the 2006 Portugal game, I have never heard anyone say, or write, that Oranje played a “fantastic game.”

      1. I would like to look at this whole thing from a different angle. Russia was clearly the underdog team in that tournament without a doubt and also not forgetting Guus Hiddink was their coach. the Russians had a good young and upcoming squad with a better tatician. when you look at NT squad, you could say the same but for me it was all about “too many cooks spoil the soup” the russians took the chances and scored. the dutch were jus creating chances but could not finish.

      2. @Adrew ..Beleive me we played the best match Vs Portugal in 2006WC,we were better team..Only we missed Goals its just coz we did nt had a finisher like Ruu..still RVP,Bommel or cocu would have gotten a goal with little luck ..
        I dont look in to Goals scored in a match,i see how we played and how thretening we are,Coz in a football match u can miss goals in some games…but that doesnt take away the quality ..

        1. Goals are are end product of beautiful smart work..As long you have a poacher to utilize it goals will come..its just matter of time hardly with in 45 minutes Goals will come..

    3. Tiju, you don’t know what happened and you can’t judge the decision. Sometimes coaches drop players for good reasons, but won’t bring it out in the open.

      I am sure Marco had his reasons. There is always 2 at fault in these situations. This is the prerogative of the coach. Time to stop whining about it.

  6. No more offside:
    I’m not sure if more goals is a good thing for football or not! As a defender, playing the offside line is one of the best ways to defend properly. So of course, I don’t mind the defensive side of the game, and naturally, weaker sides will find a way to frustrate within the bounds of the rules (which is why we are where we are). So although I do agree there is too much bus parking, that may just be more a result of the growing difference between the rich teams and the rest, not a problem with the rule… maybe offsides in the 18 yard box only and make the field slightly wider?
    Definitely worth analyzing though!

    Time penalties instead of a Yellow Card:
    Actually I disagree that a yellow card has no direct impact on a game, because a player with a yellow has to play consciously of getting another one, but I do understand the need to make there be more impact on a game at hand, and less impact, or advantage, for a future opponent.
    Would there different penalty times for different offences?

    Shoot-outs instead of extra time:
    I actually don’t mind ‘static’ penalties if regulation time does not show a clear winner

    Real playing time in last phase of the game:
    Similarly to the offsides, I think lesser teams will find ways to do whatever they can within the rules to try to get a result, including wasting time – but regardless, shouldn’t the refs be able to control this issue better?
    Maybe this one might need a lot of testing first as well..

    Flying substitutions:
    Could be cool as long as managed properly

    More than three substitutes:
    Fine with me!

    No more hassling of referees:
    Completely agree, but I believe the rule in place is good enough if the refs enforce it!

    Maximum number of fouls:
    Seems like this may be similar to the yellow card issue?

    8 v 8 instead of 11 v 11:
    Maybe in a practice situation or for children, but for 17+ I think it would just create a larger gap between youth and pro levels..

    Less matches per season:
    Youngsters cannot physically keep up with the stars? Or is the problem that stars are not staying fit enough until their seasons are over?
    Anyway, I think that if young talent cannot keep up physically to the stars then they should simply work on improving the physical side of our youngsters’ game – maybe they are not used to playing on big pitches 😉
    Not that I am opposed to less matches per season, I’m just not sure it will solve this problem – or, maybe I’m not sure what the problem is! Haha

    Anyway – there’s my 2 cents!

  7. One of the things that drives me crazy when I watch football is all the time wasting that goes on. I would like to see the last 15 minutes be played stop time (every time the ball goes out of bounds or the whistle is blown the clock stops).

    Another change I would make is that in knockout games I would play extra time with a reduced number of players, perhaps 8 v 8. This would reduce the chances of having a game decided by penalty kicks.

    1. I think Van Gaal once suggested that in extra time the teams should lose a player every 5 minutes. I can imagine the medical staffs of clubs will oppose this vigorously.

      After 90 mins of play, doing a 10 v 10 or 8 v 8 is not a smart thing to do.

      It’s better to have a basket ball rule: a goal attempt every 3 minutes?

      1. Yes good point Jan I hadn’t considered that. I just hate having big games decided by penalties in any sport, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

        Are you referring to some short of shot clock? That would certainly be interesting.

  8. Good points Sybe. I just read that the no offside rule has been experimented with and it doesn’t so much result in more goals. Gotta read the piece still.

    Marco has also responded to the criticism of Klopp and Wenger. More on this later.

  9. Re: Innovations

    Not a big fan of the “no offside”—though putting the offside line further up might be interesting. But I don’t like the ideas of having players just hanging up the field looking for long passes.

    Like the idea of the time penalties for yellow. Or, how about kill two birds with one stone. Time penalties, but only for yellows given for dissent. Can’t stand when players surround the referee and motion for yellow cards.

    I like the stop time idea for the end of games. Again, if players knew it would do no good to meander off the field when they were subbed in the 88th minute, it would get the game moving.

    Maybe 4 subs? But to tell the truth, I like 3. Fitness and stamina are supposed to be part of the game.

    Don’t like the idea of the flying sub. Just seems too gimmicky to me.

    Less matches is good. But, even more, I’ll agree with Wim Janssen (and others) there need to be more meaningful games—i.e., games between the big teams in each league.

  10. This is definitely one of the more exciting posts you’ve written, Jan. MVB is proving to be the visionary Cruyff said he was.

    All the ideas are exciting. The shoot-out would be such a radical change. Eight very intense seconds, and probably more competitive than the 80% rate of penalty success.

    Getting rid of offside? Try it. Get the data, from some league, somewhere. It will take years, of course, for the consequences of such a change to find their level: Trainers/teams will have to probe for all manner of differences.

    But why not? MVB’s point about handball — six guys cluttering the box — is accurate. Free flowing football is much more attractive, fun to watch, and produces more goals. Lots of hardcore fans like 1-0 results. But casual fans prefer more action, don’t they? Grow the sport!

    Loved this one, Jan.

    1. I agree on all fronts, Goldstone: great post, creative ideas, let’s try them, get the data, and see. I love the waves MVB is making, shake up the dusty/musty corridors of FIFA a bit!

    2. Getting rid of offside…in my amature playing days we tried that in 11 Vs 11…total score was like 12-10 10-9 etc….when these professional plays it would 20-18 kind of score..
      As i still remember 1 guy was always with the GK as if he is the defender of opponent…

      1. This won’t happen according to recent tests. The no offside rule was tested on a small scale already and this is not the behaviour to expect. Apparently, it doesn’t lead to significantly more goals.

    1. its always good to how coaches recognize talents and how best to use them. thats one reason why big sam is adamant to bring PVA to Selhurst park. PVA did take a overwhelming stride when allardyce was sunderland. I think this move will be a good one for him.

    1. i think He was forced by injustice of BLind…if he said so….though u can call it as dumb move.after all we are human and we react at was horrendous to see Depay playing and Aanholt was not playing..

      1. Hahaha forced by injustice – very poor point since van Aanholt will probably never play LW under Blind, so nothing to do with Memphis – gonna have to get over that at some point, Tiju.

        IMO players who publically criticize their managers usually just show you that they have attitude problems, and thus should not be selected.

        1. Memphis was not playing regular at times he was not even in playing sqaud…if such player can be called ,then Annholt deserves a call too…that didnt happend…the guy is fit,playing regular,and playing better than selected ones..So he has a reason to get annoyed..However in this typical world for formalities if you react in such circumstances you become the culprit..others getaway easily…
          It was pure injustice and idiotic to drop Annholt when he was in form and we were doing bad…I stand on it..

      2. *Sigh*. Tiju, you clearly don’t read Jan’s posts, you just keep opining from your hermetically sealed little world. It must be lonely in there — please at some point consider opening the door and breathing the crisp, cool air of actual dialogue. It’s actually pretty fun out here. And hey, you might even learn something!

        1. No Robin if mine is little world ,then Blind world is much smaller,if not he would have looked for better options in wings..
          Now you tell me
          Non playing Player is selected and Regular who has scored more goals in EPL than the overrated player from left wing.Now he has reacted,RVN did,Bommel did,Davids did,Vaart did,Hunter did…Coz they felt they are deserved but ignored for soem reasons.Just think YOU in place of Annholt ..YOU may not react and you may wait little more,but you will bust up…Annholt would nt have busted up had we had Good wingers like Roben or Overmars…But thats not the case now…

        2. Eh don’t worry Robin, he reveals himself as totally out of touch – I should not have humoured him by responding …
          Apparently will not even consider that there are different situations for different positions.

    2. Indeed, it is a poor move if true. He close the door to the national team because he already make some enemies with this quote.

      “It seems that the coach does not see me, whether he wants to give me a chance. That’s a pity. Not only because I am fit, but also in form. I’ve heard that you have to play at your club to qualify for Oranje. I will not name names, but some guys with Oranje don’t even play every week.”

        1. well its also a fact that Danny only considers players playing in average clubs abroad when his options are limited especially when during injury crisis.they qualities doesn’t matter.

          in terms of balancing and adding depth to the squad I would say Danny has jus been a flat tyre and this will continue to haunt him during player unavailability or during injury crisis.

          most of the teams have already used three or four players in one position to streamline the best possible option but if you look at NT this jus doesn’t look like happening.

          I think it will be very hard for NT going forward if Danny doesnt start doing this.

          1. I dont believe that is fact, or that it is true that quality does not matter to Blind, because Blind has said only a few weeks ago (as posted by Jan):
            “but quality and fitness are key”

          2. lets me see “but quality and fitness are key”
            off course yes but when and how to utilize it, another 2 word cups maybe then he will realize especially looking at the rate at which he going and yes the selection policy I may add.well if he remains the coach is another question.

          3. Not really.what makes you say that. Name me one player Danny has selected and STARTED based on ” but quality and fitness are key” and also not due to injury causalities and which resulted in more balance and depth in the team.

            His approach is basically very narrow.if there is injuries,then look for options or players who he thinks will fit in the team.once he is done with them and when all his regular players are available to him,the doors are closed for them
            How the hell will this add depth to the team when he continues to
            isolate his regular 11 from competition and by not giving others opportunity and playing time simultaneously. Simultaneously meaning rotation when both are available.

            Being said this I’m jus hoping more players get injured and this will give more players to prove Danny his jus an amateur coach.

          4. so first yes off course, now not really..
            classic, and now you want me to look up information for you?
            No thanks, do it yourself!

            I dont buy any of this depth shit so why should I bother?
            NT managers do not control depth, they take their pick on whats available. just my opinion..
            If you want to say something otherwise, you’ll have to actually provide some info yourself.

            For instance, I’m curious which are the other national teams have started 4 different LBs? Let’s say, in the last 12 matches, as Blind has.
            Genuinely curious so that I can scrutinize their results as well, since I don’t really follow many others the way I do ours 😉

            I think that until Danny Blind has all his players available for selection at the same time, you and Tiju cannot make your assumptions on what he prefers and call it fact.

          5. Haha I started looking stuff up anyway cause you got me curious, with how this relates to van Aanholt… at just a quick glance, Blind has given starts to 5 different LBs (Blind, Riedewald, Kongolo, Willems, van Aanholt), plus there are 2 more who were called up and not given starts (Pieters and Zeegelaar) since he was placed in charge.

            So, I think it’s a fair assumption to say that he and his analysts have watched 7 LBs play at their clubs and then next to each other in the contexts of his own training games. Would you agree with that?

            Was also trying to think of who else is there who Blind has not selected yet who has really earned it. Sinkgraven or Haps maybe? although more of just recent options.. Buttner and Dijks hardly have played.. I can’t even think of any others besides Brenet who sometimes plays there

            So, 2 questions for you..

          6. Also don’t forgot to provide us with that info about how many LBs other NTs have used as well!

  11. Some news for ya..

    Wijnaldum was a late sub for Liverpool who crash out of the League cup, losing to Southampton 2-0 on agg (van Dijk out injured still, Clasie an unused sub).
    Southampton awaits the winner of the Hull United tie to see who they play in the final, with United holding a 2 goal lead going into Hull.

    AZ beat Heerenveen into the Cup, winning 1-0 from a Luckassen goal from a Dos Santos cross.
    Utrecht crash out too, losing to Cambuur on penalties.
    Sparta also won on penalties v Volendam on Tuesday.
    They all await the winner of tomorrow’s QF with Feyenoord at Vitesse to make up the 4th team for the semis.

    Also RvP scores a brace for Fener..

          1. At the moment De Vrij would be an above average defender but vs Juventus and Inter his weakness was openly exposed.

          1. I would assume de Vrij steps in for LCB, and Blind keeps his spot at LB.. but lots can happen before our next matches so a little pointless to presume so early, no?

            who knows maybe wilson will have his wish and we will have more injuries to deal with by that point 😳

  12. My Simpathy and Empathy Goes with annholt in this case as guy has not given a fair chance to prove..and Blind did make some artocious selection for NT.

  13. Hi, havent been posting anything on the blog for a while though i still read ur articles Jan!! Great Article about the De Kuip i have always preffered that Oranje plays there as the intensity of the oranje fans is much more intense on the pitch there compared to the Amsterdam Arena!
    As for Van Basten suggestions i agree with him that we have to evolve with modern football and that includes the rules! I agree completly that the attractivity of the game has suffered alot, but the reason is that the game got more competitive on a tactical and physical level so that even smaller teams can with a good tactical placement and high intensity in their physical implacation in the game hold a game against superiour opponents! I completly agree on the time bans instead of a yellow card but with different degrees for instance a tactical foul should be less punished then a really brutal foul or some unsportmanships behaviour! But the one thing football needs the most is not mentioned and i am a little dissappointed about that, for me the number one change should be that we have a replay system available for major game changing decisions (penalties, offside goals, red card fouls….). This should be handled in the way that each captain of the team has 3 challenge decisions per game for instance and can call for this replay system camera!
    I agree again completly that we have to change the fact with the time wasting in the last 15 min of a game, the clock runs only when the ball is in play! Lastly i really hate penalties due to our sad penalties history with our beloved oranje! I would welcome shoot outs as the bring more possibilities and more excitement! But without getting rid of the extra time! Furthermore i am against flying subs as in football u have to get used to ur adversary and engage in the individual challenge which would be nullified by to many subs or even unlimited subs! But we could actually increase the amount of subs to 4 to give more tactical options to the coach!

  14. Why Kongolo is not playing LB????thats injustice and stupidity…
    If He wants to keep Daley in squad i am okay with it…Why he starts over kongolo??thats injustice…
    Annholt has scored more goals than Depay even playing as LB…Annholt is regular..While Depay was kicked out of squad from Manu….At least Annholt should have given chance as LW especially we have a shit player playing there..thats injustice and stupidity…its harsh truth..
    I think Danny lacks plan B…thats why he is playing Ringa ringa Rose..i mean He had to Try 5 LBs and still dont have trustworthy LB..Still he dont have a LW too…
    Roben’s injury and Veltman injury has forced him to do something good in right wing….
    He still tried to stick with boy as LCB by keeping Virgil out….Greece kicked his Ass So very next game he restored Bruma-Virgil combo…

    1. Kongolo was injured last call ups, his form was not as good as Blinds was prior to that imo although I’d also like to see him get (another) chance.

      And actually, van Aanholt has started more recently for Oranje than Memphis, and has also played more minutes than Memphis since the Poland friendly… but it’s a different situation for LB than LW anyway.

      Also I do not call any Veltman injury, could you remind me?

      Anyway, these actual facts are my reasons for not agreeing with your opinions.
      Can we stop labelling our opinions and assumptions as fact or truth?

  15. ——–Daley Blind–Kongolo
    Kongolo wins by marjins in every department

    1. Tiju, as a Feyenoord fan I’d love to say that Kongolo is better than Blind, but that’s not the case right now. Kongolo is a talent and still improving, but there is a huge gap in the quality between the EPL and the Eredivisie. Kongolo may have slightly better physical attributes, but there is a lot to be said about Blind’s vision and experience not to mention that physical attributes don’t mean everything (van der weil vs. Ronaldo)

      1. Yes Agree Blind has Vision….thats only part Blind gets edge over Kongolo slightly..Belive me Kongolo has a wise brain too…
        There is nothing to compare about EPL -Erdivise….Its depend on individual talent..Kongolo has evrything to suceed in EPL…He will be a regular in most the EPL team…He is not overrated ,It doesnt mean that Depay failed inEPL so evryone will fail at EPL..
        Defenisvly and offesivly kongolo seems better than Blind…I am watching Blind regular if he moves forward he cannt track back due to lack of pace…hence he sledom runs forward…It affects our game…Due to his lack of speed he has to stay back to ensure defensivly…We need bombing from LB,Lw,RB,RW….thats not happening with Blind…

    2. Daley Blind–Kongolo
      Power (you mean balance?)——-75———–63
      Reading (what is this? K12 reading test?)

      As you see, FIFA has better rating than you and that’s why many people are playing it 🙂

  16. We can have balanced and ferocious team if blind opens his eyes and drops some players from squad and bench some players…
    on bench
    Kevindiks—St Juste-Bazoer——-Williams
    thats a Deadly 23 man squad….

  17. Syber this is the info you asked for. as far as my memory lane goes (late 80s to present day, there wasn’t a time when there was a shortage of quality players and also coaches for that matter . even during Rijkards spell as coach ,he had the luxury of quality players in all department compared to present day and what Danny has now. Van Bronckhorst held his regins for 16 years going back to 1996, same goes for Adri van Tiggelen in 80s coming into early 90s. back in those days the word use to be automatic first choice and were undisputed,compared to whats unfolding present day where quality is scarce and most looking vulnerable in certain aspects.

    so its no use comparing past and present. my point was on present day other teams who are also in transition.

    “Blind has given starts to 5 different LBs (Blind, Riedewald, Kongolo, Willems, van Aanholt), plus there are 2 more who were called up and not given starts (Pieters and Zeegelaar) since he was placed in charge” didnt i say above this were under certain circumstances and after that it was maybe another time. he never put in any shift to intensify competition amongst those 5 players (head on) and indisputably determine who is the best defender.did he???

    1. no, he didn’t thank god!
      awful idea, especially so with all the injury problems breaking up any flow imo

      And I’m not talking about anything in the past.. what is this info about?

      is this your way of dodging answering all of my questions for you and giving us all that info on ‘most of the teams’ that you were talking about?

      1. My bet,NTs- nerthland team/ national team.

        France- LB- evra,Kurzawa,Digne
        RB – sagana,Sidibe,Crochia

        Wings- conman,lemar,payet,griezmann,dembele,martial

        The list is long so I won’t go to forwards and midfield but again most of these players have featured extensively for the team and some have just broken into the squad. There are also some who play club level all the way in Mexico but yet they have been selected and have featured of the bench extensively.this is how depth is created with respect to playing time and talents

        Italy too same story even though they deploy different formation.


        Belotti,immobile, zaza,pavoletti,lapadula sansone,elder

        This jus shows the extent to how these coaches are going to in adding depth to the squad and at the same time creating that competitive environment to reinforce and extract the best options.

        Please note club is not a issue here but jus talents and playing time.

        1. You bet what?

          Hmm seems like just a list of players. you will have to go game by game with who started, or at the very least say how many starts, and compare it to Danny Blinds’ maybe?

          But you also said ‘most’ of the teams, and you have only mentioned 2 – France and Italy, who are two of the most deep footballing nations l, and that are in totally different situations, yet actually both have very obvious starters so far in the euros.. I believe those examples go against your idea?
          And to what benefit to them? We are one save / one goal away from being tied with France.. how are Italy doing, I don’t even know. Top of some really hard group, I’m sure.

          Any players from their second leagues, or even Russia or Belgium? ‘some’ players who play in Mexico, who is that? I don’t think we have any there do we? 😉

          Maybe just say you simply wish we had a manager that would try more fringe players and leave it at that?
          I’m pretty sure we are all bummed by our shortage of quality and depth in these times but theres nothing convincing in the way you are trying to blame it on Blind imo

          1. Haha Italy is in with Spain I forgot 😂
            They’re tied on top with 10, and wow Israel on 9 pts too

          2. Will do what?

            You have given no managers names yet either in your little story either..

            anyway, go on

          3. What Deschamps and Gian Piero Ventura has done or are doing. Ventura has used different formation with different players and now when required he can easily switch to any formation knowing which players will suit in which position and in which formation.jus for the record here I’m not saying or assuming this ,this is evident from the his tactically style and a smart coach will always do this when measuring the strength of the opponents and or if they have weaknesses in certain areas.

            You also said Italy and France have regular starters,some players,yes but still this hasnt detered the coaches from injecting new faces when ever possible to add more depth at the same time reinforcing quality backup for rainy days.this is again in respect to the quality of opponent they have played and also playing time. Not as an get the nod due to injuries and then see you another time.(NT)

            You also said Italy and France are two deep footballing nations.let me give you another example. Sweden,very similar situation to NT but a step back wards as Zaltan has retired. Jaime Andersson is in the same situation as Danny maybe more deprived in terms of quality but again his approach is simple,open and direct and there so little doubts surrounding the air of what the outcome will be.when Robben retires they will have moved one step ahead of NT.
            You also said NT is one save / one goal away from being tied with France.I would say this is big statement or at this stage you are counting eggs before they hatch. A smart enemy always know where to attack the most. Sweden I mean,they have been active and only on the match day it will decide whose tail is between the leg.

            Also I was taking about André-Pierre Gignac who plays club footy in mexico but still has been selected for France by Deschamps. When it comes to NT,where you play is always the priority and not how you play.

          4. Haha
            Now you add Sweden but zero info, and I know they have only used 442 because I just looked.
            I really don’t think you want to go on another tangent into formations. Blind is right in the middle of the other 3 managers for those bigger NTs as far as using different formations anyway.
            You’re just listing things every coach does now and saying the same things again.

            Weren’t you trying to tell us that somehow in relation to van Aanholt, most other managers try out much more players? but still no info.
            I don’t believe things you say without real data, mostly because of your history of saying things that are not true.
            you have now mentioned 4 teams’ names but nothing real about players by game in each position in their order of starts, compared to Blinds’ Netherlands.
            Plus you’re also still avoiding my other questions!

            Yes, if we had tied with France instead of Steks letting that Pogba goal by him then we are tied for top spot with them right now. It’s no big statement about the future (that’s not interesting to me – I leave the bad predictions as always to Tiju and yourself)..
            Instead France are just 3 points ahead, and we are tied with Sweden on second with points, although we take it because he have scored the most goals in the group so far – what about that?

            Hahaha Gignac, the veteren is hardly an example of a new face. So then what, a couple sub appearances and no goals? Haha

            What’s this tail between the legs shit now?
            We were better then Sweden last time and gifted them a draw, if we do it again at home and give them a win then we don’t deserve to be at the World Cup anyway! How’s that for a statement?

          5. I was told that Canadian English is different, I didn’t know they don’t understand normal English either.sorry guy I can’t translate this to Canadian English for you to make sense or understand. If you have somebody around you from british,have him read my post and ask him to translate it for and see whether it makes sense.

            As for the info,you have already said you don’t follow other teams so maybe its time you look for it because if I do it for you, once again there will be a translation problem or as usually you won’t understand it.

          6. Haha, really. you are from british?
            Strange behaviour buddy, not sure what to say to that weird stuff!

            Will not answer questions about those statements of yours then?
            That’s disappointing.
            Safe to say they were as fictional as they seemed, in that case.

          7. Another bad assumption – you will have to keep going, otherwise I understand only that you make absurd assumptions and will then refuse to answer questions about untruthful statements you make.

  18. Daley Blind is kind of utility player,he is master of none but Jack of all..In a 23 man sqaud he can be valuble not as starter….
    Blind has to stop experimenting with klassen and Depay…Klassen cannt score,cannt run with balll,cannot defend…He should not be slecetd just coz he is playing for Ajax..Ajax has much better players than him like Raidwald,Tete..
    Another time wasting is Dpeay on left wing as this guys lacks workrate,cannot connect with team mates and disrupts our flow of game in final third by loosing ball quite often,this will affect other players and eventually a move from such scenario can end up in goal for the opponet team.
    Daley Blind sits back more as he is smart player so he knows that he lacks speed..Hence when play Blind+Depay on LB and LW would limit our chances creating for goal.Having said that i can understand that Blind might be able to pull an assist even from a long range as he has accuracy in his shots.However his Corner kicks are jokes so is Depays…

    1. Another Daley/Depay post? At least in this you are consistent.

      Klaassen starts every game for Ajax, and Reidewald and Tete are rooted to the bench. Peter Bosz must see something there…

      Also, they both play in different positions then Klaassen, so I suppose this is apples and oranges?

      And, I know only 10 minutes, but Depay looked pretty good in his debut for Lyon. Also tracked back and made a tackle!!

      1. @Van Den Burg Are you out of Mind?????
        klaassen starts every game for Ajax that doesnt mean he is perfect for NT.After all What Ajax has acheived in this year,they cann even beat Feynoord with So called klassen and co..So dont tell me about Current Ajax…
        I see more quality in Tete as RB and Raidwald as DM spot than Klaasen as no 10 spot.its all about player quality..i didnt say klassen has to make way for Tete as 10.We have Ramseelar,Vanginkel and Bazoer on Top Sneijder would be there..i think we are wasting time on klassen..
        I am happy that Depay played 10 minutes…lets see what future has in store…I would go for Annholt or Promes as both has more pace,more workrate,both will balance team better than Depay…As we have seen that Promes injured vs fFrance after 10 minutes and then 80 minutes of Depay..What a step down we had vs France..

        1. I don’t think I’m out of my mind. My therapist says its everyone else thats crazy, not me. 🙂

          You see more quality in Tete as right back, and Reidewald as DM than Klasssen as a # 10.
          OK. Your opinion.

          This has been covered earlier I think. Klaassen not first choice #10. I agree. (please let that sink in)

          Lets look at some data, for comparisons sake. (From

          Klaassen this season.
          9 goals
          4 assists
          Rating 7.48 (out of 10)

          Ramselaar this season
          2 goals
          2 assists
          Rating 6.92

          1. CozRamseelar is gettng popular day by day,he was not playing as starter in initial days..give the lad time….let him play regular……

  19. A reunion with Allardyce, however, makes a lot of sense, as van Aanholt played his best football on Wearside under him. The former Chelsea player excelled in the system that had Jan Kirchhoff and Yann M’Vila patrolling the defensive midfield. They shielded the area around him, and adding to it the tireless defensive shifts of Wahbi Khazri, van Aanholt’s life was made easier. He was one of Sunderland’s most important offensive players, having contributed seven goals and further nine assists from the left-back position.

    1. Nice info from last season, maybe that’s why Blind selected van Aanholt? 😉
      too bad Sunderland was even worse this season – so from one relegation team to another, maybe another relegation battle will see him improve more with Palace.

      1. 7 goals and 9 assists…How much Depay had in EPL games the so called overrate LW.??.In a better team who was challenging for title.”???.
        While Annholt was in lesser team with lesser quality players to survive in EPL…?????
        Its injustice and stupidity together…
        You just pray that Dpeay improves in lyon..that seems unlikely though..

        1. I predict that Memphis, still only 22 y/o, will thrive in Lyon. All the quotes/interviews/etc. that have surrounded his departure from Manchester bode well to me — he has been gracious, humble, and thankful for the opportunities both in Manchester and now in Lyon. I have seen in his work for Oranje all the trappings of a wonderful player — flair/creativity, tenacity, strength, speed, team orientation. That’s what made his one-dimensional, stifled play at United so frustrating to watch. I can only conclude that he struggled to handle going at such a young age (did I mention that he’s still only 22?) from being a big fish in a small pond to small fish in a big pond. My hope and expectation is that United beat the arrogance and folly of youth out of him, and that at Lyon he will get his career back on a steady upward trajectory. WE NEED HIM to thrive in an orange jersey. We just don’t have the depth of attacking talent we’ve had in the past. So let’s cheer him on instead of writing him off (at the tender age of 22 — did I mention that yet?).

        2. injustice and stupidity? calm down

          Listen to Robin, he is obviously much more articulate and thoughtful.
          I liked his post.

          Where did you copy and paste that shit from anyway?
          Memphis had a goal or assist every 200 minutes in his career at United (2599 mins, 7 goals and 6 assists), van Aanholt had a goal or assist every 454 minutes at Sunderland (8183 mins, 9 goals and 9 assists)… so there ya go, if ya just want to look at goals and assists and not even get into how pointless van Aanholt would be at LW when we have to break down teams who sit deep in there own ends..

          Hmmmmm let’s see, should Danny Blind pick the mediocre 26 year old LB for our LW position, or a 4 year younger actual LWer?
          Yea, major injustice and stupity…

          1. (not to mention the differences in attitude *if the things van Aanholt said were actually said)

          2. Also jus curious do you think Memphis would have done 200 minutes per hour at Sunderland LW. I mean goals per minutes.

            Well I don’t agree Van Annholt should start on the wings, but what he brings to the game if utilized efficiently will benefit any team and I think this is one reason why Allardyce is bringing him to Crystal palace

          3. i thought Annholt was playing stsriker or Forward….
            Are You crazy Sybe???to harsh on a defender who scored more goals and assisted than Depay???Annholt really started playing when Bigsam came,untill then he was on bench…Now you are coming with minute ratio..
            Annholt didnt get chance to play against Luxumburg,mitland,brugge….i am sure his gaol/minute would be much higher…

          4. Sybe
            EMmphis played huge part in ECQ2016…WE SUCKED…
            LVG trusted him,LVG sucked…
            Memphis has given chance after chance…He only delivers vs Minnows mitajland,Brugge and luxumburg…
            HE is overrated….
            YOU are not going to get anything special from player of height 1.73 and weighs 85kG on wings…As he lacks the pace to outpace smart defenders…Depay is more Mediocre .

          5. Of course van Aanholt could get more points, he played way more. And good for him!
            Doesn’t mean Memphis would have had more points at Sunderland or anything, who knows. Just telling you the facts.
            Pointless to debate things that might have happened if blah blah..

            I’m not even advocating for Memphis in the lineup, just pointing out how out to lunch you are – not that I need to, I guess. Seems everyone knows!
            You’re the one who brought him up as always, you’re the one who over rated him and now you punish all of us.

            Your man crush who broke your heart, and you’re still upset maybe? Cannot make a comment without making it end up about Memphis?

  20. Hi guys, fascinating exchanges yet again. I have to assume that we here are a micro kosmos representation of the whole Oranje legion?

    I don’t mind what van Aanholt said. I think it’s cool for a player to speak his mind. Depends on context of the interview of course and Voetbal Inside is known to try and find controversy. These comments could have been made in an innocent way, with Pat responding to probing questions. I don’t think he was willfully attacking Blind.

    but I get his point. I think he’s overlooked for too long too. But not just by Blind, also by Liverpool, by Arsenal, by Chelsea. I think he’s top notch.

    Comparisons between van Aanholt and Memphis are not so relevant though. Why compare Van Dijk with Zlatan or Jeroen Zoet with Dirk Kuyt??

    It’s hard to compare players on the same position so let alone different roles. I don’t get that.

    “Bruma should be benched and Dost should play in his role, because Dost scores more goals than Bruma.” Right.

    Lesson #1 for any coach (club or NT): you pick the best team. Not the best players.

    Btw, I get the criticism on Memphis past season and a half. It was a disappointment. Yes.

    Will he come back to form? I’m positive!

    Criticism on Daley Blind? Outrageous. Perfect professional. Not arrogant, pleasant, team player, always focused, gifted, etc etc. Loyal soldier of Orange.

    Criticism on Klaassen? Not warranted for me. Blind might have used him in a role he’s not 100% fit for (as has happened before with Kuyt, Van der Vaart etc) but a coach does this to balance the team out.

    Klaassen has demonstrated season after season to be: hardworking, capable of creating goals and scoring them, box to box, leadership, amazing “nose” in the box for the right spot.

    He’s an Ajax player, but I do rate him high.

    Baffles me all the time how intolerant some “Oranje fans” are towards Oranje players. I really really don’t get that. The negativity, the hatred, the blind criticism, the allegations that our coach favours his son while NO ONE in Holland says this, not even Blind’s biggest criticaster….

    I can not give you one name of an Oranje player I would criticise this much like you do here in a daily fashion. And I’m watching Oranje 40+ years….

    1. Re VI, for sure, that’s why I was trying to be very careful about *if he said those things …
      I personally rate a few other of our LBs higher than he, but doesn’t matter much. Of course I still wish the best for him and would love it if he convinced me 🙂

      We do go on some insane rants don’t we!? 😂

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