RKC Waalwijk announce replacement for Vurnon Anita

Godfried Roemeratoe is RKC Waalwijk’s newest signing. The 23-year-old midfielder has signed with Waalwijkers until the end of the 2025/26 season. He leaves Israel, where he was playing for Hapoel Tel Aviv.

“We are delighted with the arrival of Godfried Roemeratoe. After Vurnon Anita left, we started looking for a replacement part. We are really looking forward to starting to see Godfried Roemeratoe wearing our shirt on the pitch,” said RKC Waalwijk director of football Frank van Mosselveld.

Before his adventure in Israel, Godfried Roemeratoe was in the Netherlands, where he played for FC Twente and Willem II. It was at FC Twente where he was most able to perform. In all, he defended the colors of the Tukkers in 50 games. At Hapeol Tel Aviv, he played 25 games and at Willem II, there were 23 games played.

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  1. Hi Tarcisio, it looks like there is a bug with the blog that in order to post comments in new blog, I have to first click reply button to the older post even though i logged in.

    1. Hello my friend. Thanks for sharing this issue. I’m looking into what’s going on so we can improve your experience on our site.

  2. Many Dutch players transfer this summer:
    _ Noa Lang is going to PSV. Good for PSV. I hope he will help PSV go deep in CL. I am surprised that he went back to Eredivisie. He really need to control his temper as big clubs hesitate to go for him.
    _ Reijnders is going to AC Milan. I am excited to see what he can do next. I rate him highly. Milan seem like a good destination at the moment as they are able to develop young players. But is it too big of a step for him?
    _ Geertruida and Simons might to Leipzig. This looks like risky move, especially for Simons.
    _ Timber to Arsenal, can he get the starting spot at Arsenal? If he does, then it will be very good for us but it will be tough job.

  3. Simons is heading back to PSG—hope that Mbappe or Neymar leave, if both are still there, his playing time could be limited. Agree on Lang—wish he’d gone to a bigger league. But playing for Bosz could end up being quite a good thing. Make or break time for Timber. I was a little surprised to see Reijnders go to Milan—hope it works out for him. I’m very interested to see how Verbruggen does at Brighton, same with Van Hecke.

    Any of you guys going to watch the Women’s World Cup? The 2019 tournament was alot of fun to follow. Haven’t followed the current Women’s NT these last four years, so I don’t know how they are currently rated.

  4. I was only able to watch the first half last night, but the Dutch women’s team was fairly dominant against the US, and probably should’ve won the game. For the women’s team, the midfield play with a huge strength, and I wish our men’s team could keep possession and move off the ball is fluidly as they did. It may be that last night was more of an aberration, but you rarely see a women’s team played that well together, and it was a shame the match ended up in a draw. Hopefully they can keep up that fluidity going forward and go far again in this tournament!

    1. Fun game. The NT was very good in the first half. Agree on your comment about how well they moved the ball around and kept possession in that first half…They have moved to a 5-3-2, but the last time I saw the NT play in the Euro’s, the two current wingbacks (Pelova and Brugts) were wide attacking players. So putting them at wingback is a creative use of talent. They were better than the US in the first half. US was better in the 2d half; imo, that was due to the middle CB, Van Der Gragt, going off at halftime with an injury.

      1. Andrew: I think your analysis is right on. Yonkers really has the team playing well, significantly better than in the last World Cup or Euros. And I thought Wiegman did a good job previously, but she was just a little conservative in her style. I think the 7-0 score line against Vietnam probably flatters a little, but still the team is playing with so much more confidence and cohesion in attack. You don’t watch and have to go “Oh, it’s just a women’s game. That’s why there’s so many misplaced passes.” A lot of these players have a whole lot of skill, and it’s great to see players like van de Donk and Martens really shine and live up to their advance billing. It certainly helps as well that the young players you named are really making a contribution as well, although in typical Oranje fashion, the back line still frightens me…. I would really love to see them make a run to the final!

  5. JB: Agree, Vietnam was playing its third game and were probably tired and a little discouraged (especially after the early goals, so you can’t take too much from that. But as you say, regardless of the opponent, they are playing style that is nice to watch, pinging the ball around, interchanging, lots of good passing and movement, and they’ve showed some toughness and ruthlessness—what more could you want? They don’t have an easy road. They’re favored over South Africa, but SA gave Sweden a real run for their money, and so not to be overlooked. Then Spain (probably) and if they get to the semis, either Japan (my favorite “other” team so far), US or Sweden. Nothing to do but sit back, enjoy the show and hope for the best.

  6. PSV crowned winners of JC shield. Lang with winner and can say he is the next crown jewel of Dutch football. He is such an artist on ball and crafty when in full stride. You just wanna see the ball go to him. Can pull something out of nothing. Man of the match and well deserved goal

    Must say Trademark Peter Bosz football ( leverkusen days) and had Slot in his pocket. going laterally side to side, stretching opposition,creating space allowing forwards to move in and using the flanks to attack with de jong as target man

    feyenoord did create good chances, I think 3-4, one goal disallowed which was rightfully ruled offside but apart from that they played into PSVs tatical play. PSV maintained possession for large periods and set comfortably exploring opportunities that came their way and eventually they scored.

    Veerman vs Wieffer- Veerman really stood out in this one. Both defensively and offensively. Wieffer had few interventions but was mostly just running. While Veerman creatively stood supreme showing his authority . Even stengs looked faded in this department and lightweight as well. Did have few good intervention with his passes but that was it I think slot should have started Van der Belt but am not sure how both did in pre season and particularly stengs who arrived late

    Have to mention Teze as well here, he was beast and really kept paixao, stengs and Hartman quiet. Stood his ground astoundingly and was rarely troubled or got beaten

    I also liked that new PSV guy babardi, really played well in the middle linking and setting up. Had a goal disallowed, offside in the build up from de jong

    bosz vs Slot – Bosz 1-0. Like I mentioned on top. Bosz outclassed him in the tatical play

    For feyenoord I think their midfield with the departure of Kokcu will definitely need to be looked at as zeerouki partnership with Wieffer didn’t look productive and there was no cohesion between all three, stengs, Wieffer and zeerouki . It looked like they were playing on their own. Zeerouki also played mostly on the right at Twente and not sure whether how comfortable he will be playing on the left. Maybe they need more time as it’s still early days but they really need to sort this out before CL games

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