Ronald Koeman, hero in Rotterdam

We covered and congratulated Ajax on their title win. We will most definitely congratulate a WONDERFUL PEC Zwolle with their bashing of Ajax in De Kuip. It was 5-1 for PEC but it could have been 8-1.

This does link to the topic of today’s post, as Ronald Koeman as Feyenoord coach was opposed to PEC playing European football just by losing a cup final (he said that before the game of course). So, now Ronald can sleep soundly, as PEC deserved it!!

As you will know, the game was seriously disrupted by Ajax fans (!!) throwing fireworks onto the pitch. The theory now is that they did so to ruin Feyenoord’s impeccable pitch! As Ajax supporters have been banned from the Feyenoord temple for years, this was seen as their opportunity to inflict pain to Feyenoord. Well, it worked, as the Feyenoord groundsman was spotted crying when all this happened….

Louis van Gaal decided to wait with announcing his first practice prelim squad until Monday, so we will take the time to look at our Eredivisie Number 2’s coach (and ex player ) Ronald Koeman. No love lost between him and Louis, by the way.

In three years under Ronald Koeman, Feyenoord has made some good progress. Although as a fan and a football connaisseur I personally would not uncork the champagne after this season… But, Koeman is on his way out, and through the front door, as opposed to predecessors Been and Verbeek.

Feyenoord finished second, third and second in three years. The objective of Feyenoord was/is to win the title at least once every three seasons. And they didn’t. And this season should have been that season, of course. (We are a football nation of should haves).

Fred Rutten will now come and give it a go and Rutten is a very decent coach, so who knows. But the question will be: with whom will Rutten have to do this… It seems many international scouts are hovering around this Feyenoord. When the Rotterdam club played PSV in Eindhoven, scouts of Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Spurs, Man City, AS Roma, Napoli and several German and French clubs were spotted. Some PSV lads were on the short list, for sure, like Wijnaldum and Matavz but the crop was there for Clasie, Janmaat, Kongolo, Martins Indi, De Vrij, Vilhena, Boetius and Pelle.

Martins Indi apparently is still on the list for Everton, while Brendan Rodgers is a fan of De Vrij. Kongolo will definitely be on the Man City / Chelsea short list while Vilhena seems to be the real hot property. Clasie and Janmaat are linked with moves to Italy while Arsenal has shown interest in Janmaat earlier.

Pelle is getting on age wise and has the best options working on his retirement plan with a move to the Middle East or Turkey.

Tech Director Martin van Geel already stated that Feyenoord doesn’t need to sell players, per se, but De Vrij and Janmaat have already announced they won’t be renewing their deals with Feyenoord before the World Cup. Van Geel is quite positive about Feyenoord’s chances renewing Kongolo’s, Vilhena’s and Boetius’ contracts.

Koeman is a football hero in Holland. He played for all three big clubs and therefore can count on sympathy from most people in Holland ( and Groningen of course). And when he moved to Barca he made us proud with his Europa Cup 1 winning strike at Wembley. His role in Oranje made his a true hero with most Dutch fans secretly loving his “wipe the ass gesture” with Thon’s jersey in 1988.

Koeman R thon

As a coach, he didn’t seem to cut it. He did well with Vitesse and Ajax but his somewhat “cover your behind” antics (re: Van Gaal at Ajax) and his sudden exit at PSV made him suspicious. He got fired at Valencia and AZ and the jury seemed to be coming back with a negative verdict. Until Feyenoord.

A conversation with Ronald Koeman:

The 5-1 in De Kuip versus Cambuur was most likely your last home game in The Netherlands as coach?

“Well, that is quite rash. It will be for Feyenoord and it might be my last ever as club coach, but who knows… It will be a special game. I normally am not that sentimental about things but I did feel tingles during that game. It was in the back of my mind…. And we are closing somethings special here. I highly enjoyed my time at Feyenoord, my relationship with the lads. This is quite a unique club.”

What did Feyenoord bring you?

“Happiness. I lost my happiness as a coach. Being fired so unceremoniously at AZ was a big deal for me. I sort of took a hit and then my wife got very ill and I really didn’t wanna go to another country. Feyenoord was perfect for me. I had very good memories of my time here as a player and the moment I got in the club was ideal. I once had to replace Van Gaal at Ajax after he won a title and I had to replace Hiddink at PSV after he won a title so that follow up season is always tough. At Feyenoord, getting some quick wins in the beginning was not that hard and very essential.”

What did you bring Feyenoord?

“I hope that I taught them that they’re not talents anymore. They need to be killers, they needed that mentality. That and some old fashioned bringing up you know. Some values. When I came here, the players were allowed to have lunch at home. And they sometimes trained at 1 pm and the players were free in the morning! Well not with me… I made them come to the club earlier, we’d eat together… I have so many young players and when you let them come at 1 pm, God knows what they do with their morning… Sleep in? Have a pizza? Play games? I needed to bring them in. I needed them to have a decent lunch before training. I also made a clear statement. “Age is not an issue for me. The best man plays. But…if you do play, even if you’re only 18, I expect you to deliver. No hiding behind “but I am still young” arguments.” As a coach of young players, you have to sometimes act as their dad…”

Not all players enjoyed that!

“That is sadly also the case with your children. But when they get older, they’ll understand. I had my fair share of clashes with Sneijder, Van der Vaart and Ibrahimovic as well but they all said since that they learned a lot under my reign.”

Was this Feyenoord group tough?

“Not really and most things we were able to keep indoors. There were some unpleasant situations. I had to strip De Vrij of his band and later Pelle. I had to tell Vilhena off with a penalty, those sorts of things. Can’t keep that indoors, hahaha. But otherwise we did well. I never understood why players have to go out and talk to the media about things they don’t get or don’t like. It’s easy to knock on my door and simply discuss it with me… But that is youth, I guess.”

koeman LVG

Vitesse, Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord. Which club will be your best memory…

“Oooh, that is a difficult one. And a dangerous one to answer as well. I have had so many good memories. Winning the title on the last playing day with PSV, with Ajax I won two titles and we did well in the CL… With Feyenoord though, we had to make do with limited means and although we didn’t win anything, we did win the respect of Rotterdam and we brought pride back to De Kuip. That is probably worth more than silverware, if I think about it…. The Feyenoord feeling goes deeper than anything else. This is the biggest club in Holland. Reaching second spot is not worthy of a celebration but we do feel like a party. And I can understand why.”

When you took over from Mario Been in 2011, it didn’t look too good….

“It didn’t. They had finished 10th. Which is really really bad for Feyenoord. There was not a lot of confidence. Fer and Wijnaldum had just left. But we did alright, we started well and when Guidetti and Bakkal joined us we suddenly had a team that clicked. Some players even made it to the National Team. That season we ended second. Amazing. The next season we lost the complete axes of the team: Vlaar, El Ahmadi, Bakkal and Guidetti gone. What now? But we got Pelle and we reached the third spot. This season, we kept the squad together while Ajax, Twente and PSV had some changes. So I figured: this is the title year. But we ended up not being consistent enough. We conceded too many late goals and we had a horrific start with zero out of three. This gave us a bit of a stressed out attitude from the start. All in all, not winning the title is a disappointment.”

So what is more dominant: the pride of being number 2 and potentially gaining access to the CL or the idea that the title was lost?

“Both I’m sure. Both. This season, we scored more goals than Ajax. That doesn’t happen often. Normally Ajax reaches 100 goals. There is a shift in hierarchy coming. But we forgot to kill off the small games (Den Haag, NEC, RKC, Cambuur, PEC Zwolle) and that has cost us the title.”

So you actually did go for the title?

“Of course! The start of the second season half, we started great against Utrecht. We had to go to Ajax and then Den Haag. We lost without a hope against Ajax and then we lost against ADO too. 6 points in 4 days. I knew, that if we would survive these two games, for instance a draw at Ajax and a win at ADO we would have had our tails up. But, every coach can look back like this. If if if…. But I can’t shake the feeling we could have won it.”

The last 8 games you started to rotate more and play 5-3-2 and you won almost all the games. Why didn’t you start like this?

“I did! Against Zwolle I played with Vormer and Goossens. I wanted more resistance for the others. But we lost three in a row and I needed my strongest team to pick up points. Once we did, I wanted to let that line up settle for a while.”

You wanted competition in the squad?

“It’s all about taking responsibility. Players need to be 100% committed to their job. I’ll give you example. I asked goalie Mulder at a certain point “Twente is our next target, how many points do we need to take them?”. And Mulder, and most of the players, didn’t know! They didn’t know… How is it possible that you don’t know this? So I had to discuss this with them and make them aware.”

kooeman wembley

Guus Hiddink will be the new team manager of Oranje, but many polls said that the Dutch people wanted you.

“Yeah, but the one guy who decides didn’t think so… Ideal for me. Staying in Holland, working with the best players, visiting and watching football all over Europe. But I’m done with it. The KNVB called me last year to ask if I was able to do it. Now they take Hiddink and needed an assistant who would take over from Hiddink. And I was willing to do this. Why not? I have no ego in this, I would love to have done the field coaching and Guus can do the press, hahaha. But they never called and Guus, whom I consider to be a good friend, never ever called me either. Which is something I will check with him. A simple call and a cup coffee would have made all the difference.”

Oranje has dropped significantly, to the 15th spot on the FIFA ranking. Disturbing?

“Oh yes, the signals are there. There is always generations and quality differences in those… I don’t see the quality of Robben, Sneijder, Van Persie, Van der Vaart, with all do respect. And our development is focused on technical and tactical while in England, Spain and Italy is the focus more on mental strength and physical strength. I saw Oranje Under 21 last summer against Italy Under 21 and it was boys vs men…. I personally believe that young talent can only develop well in the bigger competitions. I am sorry to say so, as it would mean the big talents will leave Holland but our development is too limited. They have to play against better opponents.”

You have a number of great talents in your squad. Which one of these do you see becoming important for Oranje?

“Hmmm…it is always hard to say. I think all the players we have, have demonstrated to be of great value as club players in Holland. Period. That is what we know for sure. Whether they can make the step up remains to be seen. One never knows. I played with tremendous young players in my time who never made it. And others who did make it big were not always the ones who excelled in the youth system. I believe someone like Jan Wouters never even played for rep teams in his youth! Or Jaap Stam! Like I said, they all have the basic skills. The foundation is there. The technical skill of some of these guys is phenomenal, but they need a balance in all their skills. So, mentality, tactical smarts, coaching, reading the game, etc. I think Clasie, Boetius, Vilhena, De Vrij, Martins Indi and Kongolo have all this and will need to further develop, week in week out. Clasie needs to be able to read the game better and become more dominant. He will need some of Sneijder’s venom. De Vrij and Martins Indi need to become tougher and shrewder. Meaner, maybe even! Boetius is still young and somewhat naive. But he will probably keep on developing. Vilhena can be a bit unchoachable at times…. I think Janmaat has shown over the years to be ready for a next step. He is very consistent. But, to take the right step is very important. Club culture, what coach will you work with….what is the vision of the club, what players do they have… Etc.”

But all in all, this World Cup, Oranje won’t be highly successful in your view?

I didn’t say that. I think we have potential. We don’t have to lose against Spain. And we need to be smart in the group. Draw against Spain is a good result, for instance, but we’ll be dependent on what Spain does vs Chile. Or Australia for that matter. It will be a bit of a lottery, sadly. I think Van Gaal is smart enough to have the lads peak at the right moment but I do think he needs to fix the Strootman absence. That is not just a matter of putting another name on the team sheet. I think Sneijder’s lack of fitness and Strootman’s absence calls for another, more conservative, approach. Once we survive the group, anything is possible. At the end of the day, two teams reach the finals and a lucky draw can mean that some of the big contenders get beaten by other nations… We’ll see. I won’t place a lot of money on Holland, though, hahahaha.”

Do you miss the ex-players in the KNVB development programs?

“These guys all work in at their former clubs. The KNVB has teachers on the payroll, not coaches or ex players.”

So, what is the next step for you?

“I am intrigued to take on a higher level. I would love to work in the Premier League, for instance, but I won’t be rigid about this. I’ll entertain the options. We have some requests here and there and we’ll start talking after the competition is over.”

ronald koeman en guus hiddink

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  1. Davy Propper is a must in my humble opinion for Barzil.

    He has the skills, intelligence and form to improvised and create magic opportunities

  2. I would like to know if most of you would agree with me going back to Oranje squad, before WC 2010, players ratings, to know if we are in the same page for the players in 2014.

    Back then in 2010

    Stek 8
    VDW 8
    HEITINGA 7,5
    GIO 8
    NDJ 7
    MVB 8,5
    WES 9
    VDV 8
    RVP 9
    HUNTER 7,5
    ROBBEN 9
    KYUT 7,5

    I remember during the 2010 WC I was so impressed with VDW that i thought he was going to be better for EC 2012, and i also would take out of the squad NDJ, MATHIJSEN and would place KUYT as a box to box midfield.

    Today i change my perception about NDJ and realized his importance, but may be not that much on a 4-3-3.
    VDV is playing better than ever
    Janmat is twice as good as VDW in defense and offense.
    RVP is an artist.
    ROBBEN same quality but has lost improvisation. Needs to play more freely like he used before joining Bayern.
    If Kuyt goes he should play in the middle where ability to dribble is not a must

    My ratings before WC 2014 starts for Orange squad

    GK ???
    JANMAT 8,5
    VLAAR 7,5
    REKIK 7,5-8
    BMI 7
    BLIND 8
    VDW 7
    NDJ 8
    VELTMAM 7,5
    DE VRIJ 7
    CLASIE 7,5
    WES 8-8,5
    VDV 8,5
    FER 7
    NARSHING 7,5
    RVP 9,5
    ROBBEN 8,5
    HUNTER 8
    LENZ 8
    DEPAY 7,5
    KUYT 7
    KONGOLO ???
    PVA ????
    VVD ???
    BOETIUS 6,5

    MVG big ???
    AFELLAY big ???

    1. I don’t know how you give a Propper an 8. He got talent and is in good form recently but overall speaking he is no where near VDV 2010 for now. Propper played horribly at the start of season. His pass is very inconsistent.

  3. I think we can do well in brazil, it depends on many things like key players playing well , opponents etc. But I do think that we can perform to greater than the sum of our parts if van gaal plays towards the strengths of the squad and the players follow. I honestly think whilst it may difficult to beat spain, we can beat brazil AGAIN. They have scolari who is bit of a nutter and we have van gaal .. the biggest nut job of them all so i think we trump them there.

  4. Hi All, wow… I just returned back to the blog for comment reading after writing the Koeman post and returning from my travels. This is really painful.

    I considered calling it a day even. It feels like opening up my backyard for the kids in the street to play football and when I return to watch them they are kicking and punching and hurting each other.

    Shit guys…. Really…. I will work through the comments this weekend and delete the hurtful ones. But I can tell you, that is not just Laurents.

    I understand he has taken a leave for a while. Good.

    I promised to comment further this weekend and I will but I hate being the referee here….

    1. This is a great post, Jan, and much appreciated.

      You are right, you certainly shouldn’t have to be the referee, that’s total BS. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult to stick to football nor why we can’t just disagree without all of the slander. C’mon all- let’s not give Jan any more reasons to shut this thing down- let’s all work on toning it down and having some perspective.

  5. Schaars might be out of the world cup!! That could be great news!! Sorry but he is awful to me!! I prefere anita or fer or anyone else!! Even Propper is better than Schaars currently, the thing is that he is veeery slow thinking, and cant cope with the eredivisie tempo, imagine if he has to play in the WC!!

  6. @Jan: great article and great comment “It feels like opening up my backyard for the kids in the street to play football and when I return to watch them they are kicking and punching and hurting each other.”

  7. … and now back to the football!

    I do think there are a lot of unknowns. Even Van Gaal doesn’t know what he will do. We still have the GK conundrum. I mean seriously, the fact that Krul is our #1 keeper (according to most people on this blog including myself) and he has not played a single game under Van Gaal is beyond me! Has he played any games under LVG?? Maybe I am wrong on this one.

    Belgium should count their blessings knowing they have 2 solid GK (I watched the Atletico game and I have to say, Courtois is the real deal).

    I still think Steks should be there for moral support. He has been present at the last 2 tournaments and we need his experience even if he is second string at Fulham. Cilessen is too young and inexperienced but if he does go it should be at the expense of Vorm. I am worried LVG will take Steks, Vorm, and Cilessen at this point.

    In defense there are no givens either. Scary considering this is our achilles heel. I am very curious to see who will be in the provisional squad and who will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in the next few friendlies.

    1. I think Krul is well suited for the game v. Spain, a line goalie who can absorb pressure. Cillessen is better as a libero goalie and coming off his line for crosses, much better than Krul in games where oranje has posession.

      I think Steks will be numero 3

      1. krul is equally good coming off his line if not better than cillesen…i know looking at tim’s structure this might not be obv..but its the truth

  8. Come on guys just focus on footbal related issues.

    I’ve always thought Koeman was a good coach although he might not be as good as others he is very decent.

    I liked the fact that he focused a lot on giving players a winning mentality.

    The “I’m still young” excuse is not an excuse for Koeman which is great. Young players sometimes want to hide and not take responsiblility so it was very good of Koeman to tell them they can’t use that excuse.

  9. so no strootman and now no schaars no willems


      1. i won’t lie that looks a bit like a second string line up with robben and robin to me, the sort of thing that would get used in a friendly

    1. its what i’m guessing van gaal will put up though, using his methods and philosophy. I would prefer 3-4-3 with depay and lens as a right back, or left back

    2. BMI–Blind ARE the weak link in this line up.if Vaart is fit and lenz wokrs hard,its the MOST POTENT ATTACK OF wc.wIJNALDUM AND fER will have hell of workd in midfeild there.

  10. This is the 1st tournament I have no clue how our team will do. Normally I’m too optimistic and I am optimistic but I guess we are all, even LVG, hoping for the team gels at the right time.

    LVG won’t use a 4-3-3 formation. Strootman was very important and without him changes need to be done.

    Louis will do wonders mark my words. Robben, Sneijder and RVP will have to lead this team and LVG will give them the freedom to do so…that will be the key to our team’s success. If these three players work with each other and help youngsters to shine well we can go far in the tournament. 🙂

    1. Miguel,i’m very sceptical about sneijder. he’s really far from the brilliant player he was in 2010. lvg is an enigma: he’s a genious,but also capable of the biggest mistakes. this time he rather needs de jong style warriors than artists: rvp and robben are enough for the artistic side. realistically i expect second place (chile will be a difficult game) in the group and elimination in the 1/8 by brazil. i cannot see fifa letting brazil so early eliminated on their home soil.

      1. I agree it will be very tough ferenc for all top teams in our group although it wouldn’t surprise me to see Spain crash out early leaving us to battle it out with chile for too spot in the group.

        I also wouldn’t put it past chile to face and eliminate brazil in round 2.. On their day they are that good

    1. Thanks for the link. Good analysis but bad to see the comments on the WC2010 campaign where people keep on saying we played negative and nasty football… I couldn’t help myself and left a note….

      1. Me too Jan. I don’t care what JC or others called us anti football in 2010 but that was the second best memories for me after 1988.

  11. I Cannot wait for team that feilds kuyt to face Demarias,CR7 Agureo,messi and co ..
    This is goin to be artociuosly ridiculous if kuyt gets a seat to Brazil.The greedy kuyt,he himslef knows he cannt win it,so are soe other players,i really wish kuyt withdraws like seadorf did in 2008.
    Cannt wait to see De vrij handles demaria and CR7,Silva,navas,alexis..Same goes with vlaar who faces messi,Chemberlains,Sterlings etc……wow…
    Also cannot wait for sneijder self gloryfying shots towards goal when ver he gets a half chance.
    RVP is goin to get handled physically..
    The world cup doesnt look good because of Typical corruption/Ego??/of dutch coaches and killing their own country;s pride everytime.
    Only thing is as fan i will watch game of oranage only if orange pays with out kuyt,and sneijder.

    1-Presence of kuyt in attack makes team weak in attack,will not have edge in finishing or in wings would be shut down.Though he is far better than Elia and Afellay,dutch lost in his positions when we take other teams are flooded with creative players at kuyt’s spot.
    2-Wesly sneijder has immmense fans support and LVG may be pressured to play him,which will break rythm of team and RVP-sneijder combo never works,We migt escape with fluke goals like Brazil2010 QF we had ,,but wouldnot sustain much more.
    3-Vlaar is so slow to handles Reus,Alesis ,Silav etc,poor vlaar
    4-Devrj—Ditto with vlaar
    5Vaart-Vaart fitness and combination play is the key pass to our first crowning,oragne need 120 minute fit vaart.
    6-Then comes all ABOUT sacrifice,YOU WIN many things by unselfsh scarifice.
    7-Mental a Gladiator..if LVG allows me i will work like a psychatrist for team on free cost.but i will have one person with me.I CAN make this dutch team who will challnge not only just other teams ,the whole oopposite fans ,fifa etc etc.
    8-WC is battle feild there u have to fight camly and methodically vs other teams and their tactics,idiotic medias,opponet fans and fifa.
    So get ready for the battle royal,most imporantly its good that if u are weak go to JESUS otherwise u need all th requirmnents in the world to be champion of fifa2014.
    LETS TAKE JESUS with us this time arround.

      1. Jesus and his spirit is inside me,not with any spanish players or dutch players.Jesus is not a fantasy story,the more u mock Jesus,;Western civilization will be eradicated from this planet and will be conquered by indians,asians and arabs.i dont know how old are you now,if you live for another 30 years u will see from naked eyes.End of times is very soon,hardly 30/50 years pending……..

  13. Ferenc, I agree I can’t see FIFA letting Brazil getting out so early either that’s why we need to avoid them at all costs.

  14. Huntelaar scored again today. His form is impeccable at the moment with 12 goals in 18 games.

    Like @Wil mentioned previously, he’s not a player that performs well coming off the bench; he needs to be in the game from the start in order to make a impact.

    And with RvP not being 100% fit, and having a subpar season (for his standards) we can’t rely strictly on him or Robben, who will quickly start to get predictable.

    LvG needs to find a way to utilize both Hunt and RvP on the field at the same time, whether it’s a 4-4-2 or 5-3-2.

  15. depay scored a nice goal today set up well by hendrix, good vision but he was given far too long on the ball. He will probably step up more next season, i think schaars could be done soon at psv.

  16. I got an idea for a poll on this board.

    Let’s vote and see who our favorite NT player is. I think the final votes would end up being very interesting.

  17. Great idea Sam,

    Make it not only for our favorite player, but favorite starting squad and subs as favorite formation

    Lets see what people want and think

  18. Dutch AC Milan midfielder Nigel de Jong has taken aim at coach Clarence Seedorf.

    Seedorf “talks too much” at Milan and the change of management was “complicated.”

    “The move from Allegri to Seedorf, with that change of philosophy, complicated the situation,” said De Jong.

    “For me Milan are a team who belong in the top two places. If the results are inadequate, then at the end of the season everyone has to look in the mirror and ask why.”

    De Jong added: “Perhaps Seedorf talks a bit too much, so he needs to gain experience. He is a winner, loves Milan and knows how it feels to wear this jersey.”

  19. 4-4-2


    janmat vlaar/veltman rekik/ bmi/blind

    proper clasie/ndj ndj/blind vdv

    robben rvp



    janmat vlaar/veltman rekik bmi/blind

    clasie vdv ndj/blind

    robben rvp lenz or rvp hunter robben

  20. ————Krul————–
    Vorm for penalty
    No kuyt,sneijder etc
    Stand bye
    Davy propper

  21. Is it neccesary for lvg to name 3 keepers, I was thinking why not take a gamble and take that extra squad member becoz we really need it. I don’t think cillesen is needed if we take krul and corn. Basically in each world cup 2 goalies spots get wasted every tournament. an extra goalie is a required precaution but having done advanced statistical programming I have calculated that the odds of a country losing to gks to injury in the space of 3-7 games is almost close to 0.

    1. injury and suspension can happen. Imagine if we had a keeper sent off vs spain and we just got stek(who is injury prone) go off we would be screwed….. Saying that the chances are low and we could probably play BMI in goal

      1. Right so even if krul were to be sent off, we would have vorm. I dont think steks is even in the picture!
        I was thinking of the following squad

        Tim Krul GK
        Michel Vorm GK
        Daryl Janmaat RB
        Paul Verhaegh RB
        Jeffrey Bruma CB
        Virjil van Dijk CB
        Joel Veltman CB
        Karim Rekik CB
        Alexander Buttner LB
        Danny Blind LB
        Nigel de Jong CDM
        Leroy Fer CDM
        Davy Klassen CM
        Wesley Sneijder CAM
        Rafael van der Vaart CAM
        Arjen Robben CAM
        Georgino Wijnaldum CM
        Robin van Persie ST
        Klaas Jan-Huntelaar ST
        Steven Berguis RW
        Ricardo Kishna LW
        Roy Beerens LW
        Memphis Depay LW

  22. I know this is an unrealistic squad that wont be picked by LVG but it is definitely the strongest, and most skillful squad we have at our disposal with the pre-condition of having played enough games for their club this season (Elia, van Ginkel, Afellay may be more skillful but not enough games)

  23. Its so annoying to see what is happening to dutch players in the prem,

    Leroy fer is on the bench and will probably watch his team get relegated and van ginkel is just watching his team not win the title.

    Steks and heitinga are down… WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!

    LDJ and RVW can’t get a goal between them, this is so upsetting for dutch football, i think there needs to be a rejuvenation somewhere we have been so unlucky with talent in this middle generation and also with the decline of the eredivisie we don’t have any top opposition for players to grow against.

    1. very true Steen, thats why I fear for Clasie, Wijnaldum, Veltman, De Vrij, etc when they make a move to the PL. Will they warm the bench, or they will excell?? Lets hope for the second one!!

      1. I do think the best place to go would be the bundesliga and italy for teams they can play at. Strictly speaking i do think that ginkel is a lot ether than henderson of liverpool and stuff so its chelsea letting him down with their tactics he has gone to the wrong team and it sucks.

        1. The truth is that MVG whas very unlucky with his injury and was a victim too of the shitty partnership of Vittesse-Chelsea!! He could been great at united or liverpool like you said!!

  24. Hey, DRB — if you’re checking in — what do you see happening for Jorrit Hendrix? Just now watching the first half of PSV/NAC, and he’s looking like a young Strootman.

    Wishful thinking? He’s tall, seems smart. Only a couple of matches for young Oranje…

  25. Things to Note from the last round of Eredivise…..

    As Usually BMI warmed the Benched on the expense of Kongolo
    Whats happening here man and what does this mean for BMI.

    Wijnaldum went full 90′

    Viergever started at CB vs PSV

  26. And in typical Nigel de Jong fashion he got a yellow card as well 😀

    BMI being benched is a good thing, IMO. It would be wiser for LvG to use Kongolo vs. Spain/Chile anyway.


    I hope this is not the case other wise first round knock out is unevadable. It is also funny that van Gaal in 2 years of in charge has not been able to come with a formidable first team lineup and the crisis on hand definitely reflects that especially when it has come at the last minute. This shows his incompetency as a coach and if he picks the above squad this will this WC will be biggest failure in the Dutch soccer history.

    A formidable squad is one where there is no room for mistake and the players have proven records going into the WC cup and not from the past games as in qualifiers or friendlyS coz that will definitely create a different picture. If you look at the most of the players that were used in the qualifiers, most of them have either fallen out or performing averagely now at this moment.

    It is clear that Van Gaal is rating players in eredivise as his bench mark for selection criteria which I think will back fire big time.

    Blind, Cillessen, De Vrij, Weil , Vlaar were all exposed big time in recent friendlys and most probably he will gamble again at WC and expecting that the team jells on the expenses of Robben and RVP which will never happen.I he rates himself to high in KNVB and if he lets his ego do the work for him then we all know what will happen……………..then again he has nothing to losse coz most probably man United will be his escape route out. I wish Man United ditch if he fails at WC.

    1. If robben starts on right then our entire left side will be vulnerable. After his failure at LB and wit his recent performance for Ajax in Midfield, Blind has being tagged as utility when if you look at Emanuelson who has being a utility for

    2. If robben starts on right then our entire left side will be vulnerable. After his failure at LB and wit his recent performance for Ajax in Midfield, Blind has being tagged as utility when if you look at Emanuelson who has being a utility for Milan for quite some time now is not even ggod enough for NT level. Without speed you are jus as vulenarble as cab in the jungle and I dont see how Blind can jus do that with the top class playmarkers. once again it wlll come too late for van gaal to even stniff what happened when he shits in the midfield. Jus like what Guardiola did to Lam and then admitted that he made the wrong choices.

      No Blind, Schaars, Kuyt, Devrij, Vlaar

      50/50 sneidjer, Vaart,Van Ginkle, Wijnaldum (fitness)

      wildcard…..Dijik, Buttner, Kongolo

      starters….Clasie (CM), De Jong, RVP, Robben, Janmaat,Huntelaar, Fer

  28. My dreaam IX…..i’II go with what Miguel suggested with few moderation …..provided if van gaal doesn’t go for wild card.

    Veltman – Vlaar – BMI

    Wijnaldum – Dejong – Fer – Sneidjer/ Vaart


    Hunter – RVP

  29. # Squad
    1 Tim Krul
    2 Daryl Janmaat
    3 Karim Rekik
    4 Alexander Buttner
    5 Virjil van Dijk
    6 Nigel de Jong
    7 Leroy Fer
    8 Georgino Wijnaldum
    9 Robin van Persie
    10 Wesley Sneijder
    11 Arjen Robben
    12 Joel Veltman
    13 Paul Verhaegh
    14 Jeffrey Bruma
    15 Michel Vorm
    16 Jasper Cillsen
    17 Danny Blind
    18 Davy Klassen
    19 Klaas Jan-Huntelaar
    20 Roy Beerens
    21 Ricardo Kishna
    22 Memphis Depay
    23 Rafael van der Vaart

        1. kuyt,vlaar,devrij,hunter will go and sneijder might start over vaart.then bet me it would be 2-0 vs spain,2-1 vs chile and 1-0 vs australia and firts round exit from WC.

        2. What if luis philpe scelary dropped Ronaldo from brazil 2002 squad??they would have sucked.if the player is fit for 120 minutes and has talent.he must be selecetd over an average player who played for a long season.

          1. there is a small difference,Tiju: ronald was a proven player,had already played a world cup final,did brilliant things in big european clubs (inter,barca,psv because in the late 90 s dutch clubs were far stronger than today). he was worldclass. van ginkel is not,played approximately 0 minute for chelsea,maybe had some good games last year in a less than average league. btw,if you select van ginkel you could select your beloved affelay as well 😀
            what’s the big difference between sneijder 2014 and vdv 2014? i haven’t seen vdv for lomngtime and all i know about him that he’s playing in a relegation-threatened hamburg. is he really in good form? i know that sneijder is far from his best,but your argumentation against sneijder has nothing to do with his actual form. you don’t want him because it doesn’t click between him and van persie. btw,van persie is not at his best either after this disastrous manu season,but you don’t want to drop him 😛
            only important oranje players who are really in form are robben and de jong. rvp maybe,sneijder and vdv are probably not,and we don’t know how the others are capable perform on a higher level than they usually do. without playing any game in the season i cannot see this happening

          2. @Ferenc ,Van ginkel has not gven chance in chelsea to prove,that to with Jose is leading him to defend.i am worried about such an onfeild intelligent player who is with money team.While ronaldo was a striker and could play even in wings,extreamly talentd with ball.if Ginkel was winger he would have suceeded in chelsea too.poor guy..
            Dutch team has not have a options i mean there is not much better player than vanginkel in mdifeild.So has to be picked.Ginkel is already proven and thats why he is in chelsea at 20.
            Neither leoryfer or clasie or klassen is better than him.sneijder and vaart doesnt have the lungs too.
            I feel bad for Ginkel,bruma etc i mean the players who the REAL capacity to take orange up in a WC for lesserones.
            tats wat my point is.
            Note:-plastic money clubs always go for the very best in the market.they would never go for kuyt like players.thats why vanginkel is in chelsea and kuyt went to liverpool.otherwsie kuyt would have been signed by madrid or chelsea.

    1. Hi Jad, where did you read this?
      Interesting indeed!



      –Blind————–De Jong—————Janmaat——–

      ————BMI/Kongolo————Veltman/De Vrij——–


      How’s that for a line-up??
      I believe this is quite possibly the strongest 11 that we can field…

      1. BMI,is still vulnerabale ,Devrij can be a snail…Depay over wijnaldum is a question?.feynoord has leaked very good amount of goals in this season..which changed bit after konglol arrival,I think LVG has to stop Micky mouse league concentration.Vanginkel is the best fit with RVP i think..not hunter..

        1. Yes..that’s why I’d prefer Veltman as our starting RCB..Van gaal, however, seems to trust De Vrij more than we do hence, barring any injuries/ last minute changes, De Vrij is certainly gonna start against Spain..

          MVG has not played any minutes for the Chelsea first team since September and its highly unlikely he’ll be called up!

          1. i think we are same side,but i can say if things go furthur as we discussed its bad and bad luck.
            My concern is defense,Vanginkel is supper runner with good skillsa nd enormous stamina,that would complimnet with RVP.
            its bad that all coaches goes with a misconception that a player didnt pay for a while so he has to be dropped.

          2. Veltman,kongolo,bruma,reikik can be a deal +Virjil are th real potential defenders who can handle classy forwards if they show the concentration.

  30. Just in!!

    Louis van Gaal has named 20 Eredivisie players to take part in a pre world cup training camp. It’s not a provisional squad.

    Defenders: Karin Rekik, Terence Kongolo, Joel Veltman, Bruno Martin’s Indi, Daryl Janmaat, Daley Blind

    Midfielders: Davy Klaassen, Tony Vilhena, Jordy Clasie, Georginio Wijnaldum

    Forwards: Memphis Depay, Jean Paul Boetius, Luc Castaignos, Jurgen Locadia, Luciano Narsingh, Quincy Promes

  31. LvG has selected 20 Eredivisoe players for his perliminary squad.

    Goalkeepers; Jasper Cillessen, Kenneth Vermeer, Jeroen Zoet

    Defenders: Karim Rekik, Terence Kongolo, Joel Veltman, Bruno Martin’s Indi, Daryl Janmaat, Daley Blind

    Midfielders: Davy Klaassen, Tony Vilhena, Jordy Clasie, Georginio Wijnaldum,

    Forwards: Memphis Depay, Jean Paul Boetius, Luc Castaignos, Jurgen Locadia, Luciano Narsingh, Quincy Promes

    1. this tells me de vrij is done, also, vermeer being in here means he might get selected, van gaal’s favorite keeper is vermeer. and kongolo is there which we all suspected him of being the wildcard.

  32. Not convincing..Boetius(too much falling)Quincy promes(something is lacking)Memphis (Afflay syndrome)
    Weak link Danny blind
    Horrible missing out- Jefry bruma

    1. the issue is that Bruma can stop balotelli,costa etc but devrij or BMi or vlaar cannot.thats poor story.
      it reminds me of selecting MVH for Isreal over Bruma,some times coaches select the worst players as tey might played a season full..

  33. Narsingh has looked a shadow of himself since his return from injury.

    Also, Castaignos hasnt looked too impressive of late.

    1. On may 30. Here you can see it:
      On a side note I think that mostly the eredivisie player will be cut off from the final 23 man. If you add guys like Sneijder, RVP, Robben, Vaart, Vlaar, Krul, maybe Anita, De Guzman, De Jong, etc. You could see that there isnt to much space for the eredivisie players.
      Thats why I believe he will get like 6 or 9 players, not more.
      Mine selections of these players could be:
      Depay (Of course!!! LOL)
      Karim Rekik,
      Terence Kongolo,
      Joel Veltman,
      Daryl Janmaat,
      Daley Blind
      Jasper Cillessen
      This could be added to the preliminary 30 NOT to the final 23 man.
      Just curious what eredivisie player to you think Van Gaal could pick??

    2. Gabriel I think made a mistake. According to the world cup rule book, the deadline to submit 30 man squad is on May 17th. After the first preparation friendly against Ecuador.

  34. I hope we could give a shot to Hakim Ziyech for the 10 role, waaaay better than guys like Klassen I think, maybe he is too light but the kid has style and good vision, he only needs to get more consistent on his play. I like also Vilhena but I reckon that the kid isnt ready for this tournament, like Boetius isnt ready either!!

    1. Vilhena is better than Ziyech, Ziyech is light weight and one footed, his weakness is too apparent. Ziyech occasionally get outmuscled by tough opponent. In the long run he can be a very interesting player but he is not ready for this world cup yet (I really enjoy watching this kid play and his fk). In the long run, it will be really interesting to see how Ziyech and Maher compete with each other.They are very similar players. I hope Ziyech mover to AZ with Van Basten. Then Sinkgraven will shine for Hereenven next year.

      1. Interesting way to see it, I like the Sinkgraven idea, altought I think ziyech is currently better than Vilhena, Vilhena is also one footed, but is truth that he has better complexion. I see a better player in Ziyech because he seems to work better in small places than Vilhena, better vision too!!
        Altought I think Vilhena can play the 10 role, he is not playing there at Feyenoord, lets hope that the next coach put him there!!
        In the long run Ziyech and vilhena seems better than maher, those three player will compete for the 10 role I think!!

        1. The thing for Maher and Vilhena is both of them are not put at Number 10 the place they want to play at and the place they should play at. Look at how Vilhena excelled when playing against Cambuur when he started at AM. If this kid work hard he can become one of the best AM in the world. He was the most important player when we won the U17 championships. I think he has the highest ceiling out of the three. Klaassen is another option for AM. Duarte’s natural position is AM as well. Siem De Jong and Toornstra can be backups when we have injury.

          1. If this kid work hard he can become one of the best AM in the world…. AGREED!!
            The thing is that I heard in some forums that Vilhena doesnt train very hard, lets hope he can overcome this issue!! Dont get me wrong, I always see in Vilhena the ideal replacement for Sneijder and Vaart!! He is a very complete player, and I completely agreed that he has the very high ceiling. I dont like Klassen tought, Duarte is a very interesting player. Lets see what we can make in this world cup and in euro 2016 lets hope we can see a Vilhena and Ziyech battling for the 10 role!

  35. Look, I like MVG as a player. But, realistically, he is a young player who had good years for Vitesse in the Eredivisie, and showed that he might be a player who could jump up to the next level. But he was in a substitute role at Chelsea at the start of the season (meaning he hadn’t moved past any of Chelsea’s first teamers), and really hasn’t played at all this year. He is only appr. 8 mos. removed from ACL surgery, which typically takes over a year before an athlete is fully recovered. There is no recent record of form to go on, and his physical capability to handle the rigors of World Cup is in question. Unless someone is seeing something extraordinary on the training ground, its hard to see why he would be considered.

  36. Van Ginkel has been injured for most of the season, and has not featured for Chelsea’s first team since suffering a knee injury back in September. However his return to the bench for the English side has prompted a recall to the Netherlands U21 side.

    Netherlands U21′s face Scotland on May 28th before facing Luxembourg on June 3rd, with coach Albert Stuivenburg naming a strong preliminary squad for the ties.

    His squad will be whittled down to 23 men, with some still hoping to be part of the first team squad heading for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

    Groningen forward Richairo Zivkovic, PSV midfielder Adam Maher, and Roda JC winger Guus Hupperts are all involved.

    The squad is as follows:

    Goalkeepers- Sonny Stevens (FC Twente), Warner Hahn (FC Dordrecht), Jesse Bertrams (PSV), Mickey van der Hart (Ajax), Stefan van der Lei (FC Groningen)

    Defenders- Joost van Aken (SC Heerenveen), Hans Hateboer (FC Groningen), Nathan Aké (Chelsea), Sven van Beek (Feyenoord), Lucas Bijker (SC Cambuur), Mike te Wierik (Heracles Almelo), Stefano Denswil (Ajax), Doke Schmidt (Go Ahead Eagles), Mike van der Hoorn (Ajax)

    Midfielders-Chris David (Fulham), Jesper Drost (PEC Zwolle), Kyle Ebecilio (FC Twente), Jorrit Hendrix (PSV), Marco van Ginkel (Chelsea), Adam Maher (PSV), Deniz Türüç (Go Ahead Eagles)

    Forwards- Guus Hupperts (Roda JC Kerkrade), Ola John (Hamburger SV), Lesly de Sa (Ajax), Richairo Zivkovic (FC Groningen), Hakim Ziyech (SC Heerenveen). Bilal Basaçikoglu (SC Heerenveen)

    1. Van Aken and Hateboer are both interesting under radar player who both shined after given chance to start. Groningen and Herenveen has been doing well producing young talents.

      1. I hope Fulham will lent him to a good Eredivisie team, he moved to Fulham for money and he played some first team football this season in the FA cup. Did pretty good in the U21 league but now Fulham degraded there is no reason to stay. Last time Martin Jol brought a young dutch talent (Hafluid) to EPL and he was a flop. He currently plays in the third level of Dutch soccer. I hope Chris David do not go to the same route.

    1. When I see that kind of comment I simply continue my reading. Sneijder than Vaart is a fact that has NOOO discution, so I advise you to ignore this kind of statement!!

    2. When I see that kind of comment I simply continue my reading. Sneijder better than Vaart is a fact that has NOOO discution, so I advise you to ignore this kind of statement!!

      1. Nope, @Tiju’s right and that video just makes that statement that much clearer. Raff is surrounded by a bunch of amateurs in Hamburg, yet he is still able to produce flashes of brilliance.

        The numbers speak for themselves. Since 2012, VdV has scored 8 goals in 16 games. Sneijder? 3 in 17.

        But most importantly, with VdV on the field the TEAM has looked better and more cohesive. I’ve watched practically every NT game under LvG and when Sneijder is on the field the team looks confused, and unsure of what to do.

        Wes doing better at his club has no relevance towards the NT. I’m willing to bet that if they switched places Hamburg would do even WORST with Sneijder.

        1. Agreed, it’s all about the team chemistry. Watching Netherland against Estonia is pain in the ass. Watching Netherland against Hungary was amazing. Unless Sneijder found back his 2010 form, I would not want to see him start.

          1. also we must agree that Defense was stable too,with Bruma and was amazing too.Bruma replaced Bruno martins.
            Sneijder has top class intelligence agree but on ball skills vaart is almost clsoe to zidane,sneijder is too far away from vaart in that deparment,in addtion to this vaart is second to none in vision and intelligence,Vaart is more precise in shots,vaart corners are more dangerous than sneijder.Vaart and sneijder has scored number of goals for us.But some of the goals of sneijder was bit of luck,while Vaart goals were carefully made by him.
            With his skills on ball vaart has exceptional chemisrty with fit Robin and Roben.if we support these trio with players with intelligence,stregth and stamina.We will reap a lot,we will convincngly win Vs brazil,spain unlike fulke victory we had vs Brazil in 2010.
            Only shit thing is vaart stamina at the moment.

    3. snijder was mentaly stuborn and strong that i agree,when did vaart got chance over sneijder??????just give a chnace to vaart with Robin and roben,than we will see the difference.
      Vaart was always benched for kuyt coz of idiotic prejudice concept of coach.only games vaart started was euro games+portugal game in EC12.where we won all the matches ecept portugal wher vaart gave us lead.
      My point is vaart is not given fare chaance he always came as sub though he had some supergames vs Cezc in 2004/05,2008 EC,etc..So far we moved with sneijder now let try vaart as starter.

    1. Actually I feel like the chance become higher. Apparently, Mathijsen and Bruma are out for this world cup. Van Gaal is switching to 5-3-2 which means he probably need 5 CBs. I think he will get called for the next selection.

      1. 532 doesn’t mean 5 cbs

        It is pretty much a variation of a 3 at the back formation
        like 352

        so really it can swap between attacking and defending fairly easily

        like lb and rb acting as effective rms which could be solid if we have the runners e.g. janmaat or even vdw could work with the extra defensive stability

        the 5 across midfield could even be lens who acts as a Lb / lm like many people have suggested

        with blind as a 4th unless veltman or whoever plays as this middle forward cb

        then we would at least have place for de jong and the other place which still needs filling whilst sneijder plays behind rvp with robben in a free role.

        This could work in the way that our players aren’t very balanced but we need to play to our strengths and protect our weaknesses.

        1. You need 3 CB and 2 WB to start and at least 2CB for back up that’s why you need 5CBs in total. It should be 3CB for back up but since Kongolo can play both CB and WB and Indi can play LB, it’s ok to take one less.
          Based on how Feyernoord play. The backline will be like
          LWB: 2 of Kongolo/Viergever/Buttner/Emanuelson/PVA
          Pieters would not fit in for 5-3-2 so I think he might miss this world cup
          CB:Indi Vlaar Veltman/De Vrij Van Dijk/Rekik
          Feyernoord defender definitely has an advantage here because they are more familiar with the system. I believe Van Dijk will get a chance to compete with Rekik for the last CB spot.
          RWB: Janmaat one of VDW/Verhaegh

          1. You can also pick players who can play on more than one spot.

            Kongolo and BMI can both play left back and CB just like Pieters.

    2. I think he still has a chance given that Van Gaal has not yet called up players from foreign leagues. I’m not sure why he has not paid much attention to Van Dijk over the course of this past year. VVD apparently was nominated for the Scottish league’s player of the year. Not bad, for a youngster of 22.

  37. Nice u-21 selection.

    I would have liked to see Lukoki included though.

    Also, I think Elvis Manu is a good talent too, but I think he doesnt want to play for us.

    1. I think Manu said he wanted to play for Ghana because he feel like he has a chance to play for them for this World cup. If he can not make it, I do not think he will be that interested in playing for Ghana anymore. Anyway, it would not hurt too bad if he choose Ghana. We have plenty of good talents at winger position who are currently better than him.

  38. It would address our biggest problem, defending. Janmaat and Buttner/Van Aanholt would be the perfect attacking fullbacks fo this system.

    Kongolo/Viergiver/BMI would all be good defensive LBs. These guys would not bring the kind of speed and threat going forward as Buttner or Van Aanholt would, but they could defend solidly.

    1. Les see van Gaals selection from the outside leagues but yeah Buttner will definetly meet that wing back criteria. Van Annholt was not named in the provisonal 20 so I doubt he will be called up.

        1. I have feeling Van Gaal might not call them. Cillessen is Van Gaal No 1, Kenneth Vermeer is his x no 1 and van gaal is fan of him. Im not sure about Zoet….Krul might pip him .

  39. I think De Vrij selection has come at the expense of the formation which Feyenoord has been playing recently which has worked out quiet efficiently and that is a clear indication that Van Gaal might go with that same formation.
    At eredivise level it worked out but I have second thoughts about it at international. AS it we are exposing more spaces in the midfield and with long range torpedoes can easily beach this formation.

    with goals like this you this you can have up to six defenders but still wont make any diffrence.

    I agree with steen and his 3 – 5-2 variation which is more enhance and suited to NT given our midfielders which can provide a effiecent engine room with wing backs covering the 3 CBs .


    Veltman – Vlaar – Kongolo

    Wijnaldum -De Jong – Vaart – Buttner


    Huneter – RVP

  40. Bosnia Squad Announced as shown below. Only players that would might get into the Dutch Squad would be Begovic(gk), Besic(df), Medunjanin(mf), Misimovic(mf), Pjanic(mf), Salihovic(mf), Dzeko(st), Ibisevic(st) (8/23)

    Goalkeepers: Asmir Avdukic (Borac Banja Luka), Asmir Begovic (Stoke City), Jasmin Fezjic (Aalen).

    Defenders: Muhamed Besic (Ferencvaros), Ermin Bicakcic (Eintracht Braunschweig), Sead Kolasinac (Schalke), Emir Spahic (Bayer Leverkusen), Toni Sunjic (Zorya), Ognjen Vranjes (Elazigspor), Ervin Zukanovic (Gent).

    Midifelders: Anel Hadzic (Sturm Graz), Izet Hajrovic (Galatasaray), Senijad Ibricic (Erciyespor), Senad Lulic (Lazio), Haris Medunjanin (Gaziantepspor), Zvjezdan Misimovic (Guizhou Renhe), Mensur Mujdza (Freiburg), Miralem Pjanic (Roma), Sejad Salihovic (Hoffenheim), Tino Susic (Hajduk Split), Edin Visca (Istanbul BB), Avdija Vrsajevic (Hajduk Split).

    Forwards: Edin Dzeko (Manchester City), Vedad Ibisevic (Stuttgart).

  41. Where is laurent???????
    I liked his observations because it was not biased(Comment on dutch players),i dont know about him as person or whether is angry about Jews or not or a racist.or whether he played politics or not.He would have replied in provoking ways to many in this blog,still he was honest about dutch players i feel.

  42. Some time ago this blog moved away from being a great place to read the views of those of us who bleed orange. Then some posters started getting into arguments which resulted in truly horrendous language. At the time I said I was saddened that I would not be able to share this blog with my son.
    Tiju used the foulest language of all and regularly bothered us with his religion. He should have been banned then for the abuse. Then other posters like Laurent who don’t even support Oranje were allowed to contribute post after post of negative comments.(as if any of us are happy with the NT right now!)! It’s not that people can’t be negative, it’s the non stop bull. Again this continued with no modification until it descended into racist abuse.
    I suspect like many people, I will not visit this site so much in the future. It is a shame but it is now home to racists, religious zealots and foul mouthed adolescents.

  43. Jan..what the hell is wrong with this place??
    I’d request you once again to ban these idiots who come here for trolling!!
    This used to be such a nice place..
    A massive purge is needed!!!
    I urge you to reconsider your decision..

    1. this problem can be fixed if we just had accounts for this blog and had the ability to upvote/ down vote/ ban members.

      This could be plausible as rather than jan having to mediate it there can be a series of moderators on the site ( whoever he elects ) which can stop the weird stuff we are seeing.

      If not i think i am going to not bother looking at comments anymore, because the content from the articles are always there.

      Also its not jan’s job to deal with peoples behaviour its simple enough to not be a total moron behind a keyboard

    1. Thanks for jumping in, Jan, but bummer that you have to do this kind of thing. Don’t give up on the site, please. This is a great place that you’ve created

      1. Srinjoy …i want to change my name as Son of lion of judah and i didnt troll at all..i said that to abhirup openly in the blog,there is nothing to catch or catch me if u can.
        I didnt troll too.Some troll were on back on me and i had to bite them back ,nothing else.its Tiju the son of lion of Judah.

  44. Del Bosque has revealed that he has been watching a lot of Louis van Gaal’s side to best prepare his side for their match.
    “We respect the Dutch and the style they use, despite the changes of the past four years,” he told NOS.
    “That’s the team that we have the most watched in the preparation. There are still major players associated with the very best clubs.” (

    Our opponent has been studied us. I hope LVG does the same by studying all our opponents carefully. I see that LVG is leaning toward all the young players for this WC. What is the average of 20 Eredivisie players? 22-23 maybe? Does this leave 10 spots for non-Eredivise players or can he name more than 30 players for provisional squad? Would this be our youngest squad ever at the World Cup? Perhaps these young legs/lungs can outrun and pressure Spain enough to win the opening. We still have some veterans (1/3 to 1/2 of the squad depend on final cut). On the optimistic view, LVG lay out a good foundation for his successor (Mr. Hiddink) nicely. We definitely has a lot of unknown heading into this WC. It is a bit scary but also a blessing b/c I think our opponent will have a tough time to figure us out. LVG kind of redeems himself for the first time failing to make the WC. I am sure he does not want to be remembered to be the first coach in Dutch history not to make out of the group phase in a WC (or else he has to come back to coach the 3rd time to redeem himself again). I did not like his appointment back then but now heading in the WC, I have to believe in him as I believe that we still have a chance to win.

      1. I wonder if Las Vegas or William Hill have the odd on LVG doing another karate kick on the sideline during this WC. They also may the odd of which next striker will become the next national team’s assistant coach after LVG picked Kluivert and Hiddink pick Van Nistelrooy. Perhaps Blind will pick Bergkamp?

    1. yes,it seems luis enrique will be our coach. i would have prefered frank de boer,but have no complaint if puyol will be enrique’s assistant. i still would like cruyff and laporta back

    1. It could be good because he has done very well with the poor squad he has , remember the ac Milan fans don’t like the players so imagine how hard it must be to be in seedorfs position. As soon as seedorf is screwed over Milan can rot in serie a

      1. Completely agree. Seedorf has acquitted himself well, and should be getting more opportunities. The article even mentions the possibility of going to Inter. Wouldn’t that be ironic.

        1. Yeah not even inter is the positive thing, he could be a potential replacement for de boer, but. Having said that seedorf belongs in Italy hopefully somewhere his ambition can be backed

  45. buttner starting again for united, pretty sure lvg will be watching as his captain is on the bench, so a good shift today and it is highly likely buttner will be starting in the coming friendlies at LB, which wil lbe awesome coz we need his pace and skill to keep up with spain and chiles wingers

    1. I do not see Buttner ready for the WC. Had he pushed Evra hard this year and became regular for most of this season then he can earn the right to be called up. He only starts regularly in the last few meaningless game.
      It looks like Kluivert is not joining LVG at MU. I think the condition for MU to offer LVG head coach is if Giggs, Neville and possibly Scholes are his assistants as MU wants LVG to groom these ex-MU players to be LVG’s successor at MU. Make sense. I still feel LVG should ask René Meulensteen to come back. Perhaps I am wrong but I think René Meulensteen is the one who runs on the first team’s training at MU when he was with Alex Ferguson. However LVG prefers to groom young player-turn-assistant coach as he keeps reminding us that Pep, Mourinho owing success to him.

  46. Two important news: RVP is playing right know for United, wich is veeery important for us, since he will have another game I think he will be ok for the WC.
    Another news is that Vidal has to go tomorrow to surgery, wich is very likely that he will miss the WC OR he will be not a 100% fit. I am sorry for the player beacause I really like vidal but its a great news for us AND a little fair since we lost our better midfielder: Stroot!!

  47. Yeah I agree with Hien……Buttner is not ready and it has come too late for him to tempt his way into the squad.

    Alexander Büttner Rating

    Looked to get forward but was involved in little of any note. If Evra is to depart, a replacement he is not.

  48. So happy RVP came back with a goal 🙂

    I want Vidal and all the stars play and if we beat them great if we don’t it’s just because we weren’t good enough.

    I think we will beat them. It’s obvious all coaches are studying each other but LVG is a master and will shut some mouths this summer.

  49. Robin van Persie
    Showed some lovely touches with his back to goal and, after missing a couple of chances, secured the three points.

  50. Hunter again could have topped the goal scoring tally in Bundaliga if it was not for his injury. Lewandoski sitting on 18 and Huntelaar on 12 and given he missed quiet a hand full of games for schalke’s since August till Jan. Van Gaal needs to come up with strategy and fit both him and RVP in his starting lineup….otherwise its totally useless taking him and benching him second to RVP. We have seen that in 2010 and 2012.Hopefully van gaal takes a note to that and changes it. The 3 friendlys will be the perfect place to unleash both.

    Hamburg will pay the relegation playoff with either Paderborn (59) or Greuther Fürth (57) after the last round this week. It sad to see Vaart, John struggling there given their talents. it has been a horrendous year for hamburg given their overall performance and with the coaching crisis has concluded their collapse in Bundasliga.

      1. And check this out if both Bayer Leverkusen and woifburg loss in the last round than Borussia Mönchengladbach will be tied with Bayer Leverkusen with same points (58), Same goal forward (40) and against (18). Intesting……

  51. Has The Hunter ever had a fair crack starting for the NT in the big tornaments? Im not sure.. from memory Rvp was first pick in the last Wc and euro… did he contribute? correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t recall him making a impact? Good in the
    qualifiers but on the big stage?.. predictable mayby?
    Does anyone else here think the hunter needs a fair crack on the big stage? Imo hes looking hungry and looking dangerous. Teams pre pairing for us in the wc would assume Rvp is a starter im sure, .. could the hunter flip the switch for us..

  52. @jdv – I’ve never been a massive Hunter fan because he is generally very one dimensional as a player, but I can’t deny that he is in fine goal scoring fashion at the moment albeit in the Bundesliege where only a handful of teams are any good. I’ve changed my tune on him and feel he should make the trip to Brasil, not to replace RVP but some how to assist him. Maybe he plays as the 9 and RVP as a false 9 sitting deeper.
    RVP has shown his willingness to drop back and work hard for possession and surprisingly he does this verywell usually passing wide and then looking for a return ball at the top of the box, Hunter may just be able to create a bit of space for this tactic and also pick up the scraps for goal scoring opportunities, as the poacher he is (RVN like).
    I’m more concerned with the midfield now , for my Vaat, DeGuzman and Van Ginkle maybe DeJong against the tougher opponents. The only way a see Snjieder in the team as in a deep lying role (ala Pirlo for Juve), sitting just in front of the two CB’s.
    Anyway none of what I say will happen but it’s nice to dream!

  53. RvP playing the false 9 or even in the playmaker role with Hunterlaar up front and Robben menacing on the wing is almost the best attacking three bar none

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