World Cup 1994 USA and Oranje: success or disappointment?

Only 35 days to go!! And to warm us all up, some more venturing down memory lane. We’ve arrived at 1994. The US World Cup. That disappointing tournament. We were knocked out in the quarter finals and only Advocaat thought that to be a decent result.

What a deception this was, in particular for me ( most fans thought it was alright I guess). But this sort of got me off football for a while…

As a kid, I had to process losing as the Best Team in 1974 and losing because the powers-that-be wanted Argentina to win in 1978. In 1988 we finally won something only to screw it up massively in 1990.

In 1992, we regained some respect ( the Germany game, anyone?) in the EC Sweden and the World Cup in 1994 was supposed to be ours.


Because after the drama that was 1990 – in which megalomanic Michels picked Bully Beenhakker instead of JC – it seemed totally outrageous that the KNVB would ignore our Number 14 again!

So, we would go to the USA, with Johan as the coach, Tonny Bruins Slot as his scout and most likely Ron Spelbos and Wim Jansen as assistant coaches.

But no, the Federation determined. Cruyff is too high maintenance. He doesn’t accept KNVB assistant Bert van Lingen as his right hand man. He wants to pick his own physios. He claims a lot of money. Fook ‘m.

Let’s pick Dick Advocaat. Hey… Advocaat…? Wasn’t he the assistant to Michels in 1992. Wow, what a coincidence, eh?

But wasn’t Advocaat lacking in the interpersonal skills? Isn’t choosing between Cruyff and Advocaat chosing between a 32 course dinner at El Buli in Rosas, Spain vs Kentucky Fried Chicken in Tallahassee? Didn’t Advocaat go for defensive football, whereas Jopie wants to attack, score goals and teach the world how to play soccer….eh….football?


Dick Advocaat got the job. Ruud Gullit walked. Not so much because of the Cruyff/Advocaat thing, but because Ruud felt Dickie wasn’t preparing correctly for the hot hot summer in the US ( Holland would play in Florida…) and because he felt he wasn’t used well. The big star and leader Gullit wasn’t treated the way he felt he should be and he saw the signs on the wall.

advo gullit

Press conference where Gullit announces to leave the Oranje camp

Holland would land in the US and had to play its games at not the best of times, temperature wise. The hydration was a problem and Holland played horrible group games. The first was against Saudi Arabia in Washington DC.

Advocaat used these players:

Ed de Goey
Ulrich van Gobbel   Frank Rijkaard    Ronald Koeman   Frank de Boer
Jan Wouters  Wim Jonk  Ronald de Boer
Marc Overmars (58″  Taument)  Dennis Bergkamp  Bryan Roy (81′  van Vossen)

Saudi Arabia scored the first goal after 18 minutes and the sluggish Oranje had severe trouble finding openings. Wim Jonk scored the equalizer after 50 minutes and sub Gaston Taument found the net with his head 4 minutes before the end of the game after a goalkeeper mistake.

For the second game, we played our big rivals Belgium. And it was quite a strong Belgium too with Preud’Homme (who would coach FC Twente later on), Staelens, Degryse, Scifo and Grun. Oranje lost that game, 1-0 thanks to an Albert goal. Holland got 5 yellows and the fact that Bergkamp and Witschge were on the receiving end says enough. Van Gobbel was replaced by Stan Valckx and goal scorer Taument got a starting position at the expense of Overmars.

So Holland lost one and won one. The last game was against Morocco in Orlando. Holland had to win. And did.

Dennis Bergkamp and Bryan Roy made sure of it, but it was still close: 2-1. This time around, Van Vossen and Overmars started with Roy and Taument being subs. Van Vossen’s dribble on the left allowed Bergkamp to score while the Menace did the same later for Roy. But what a dreadful game again…

But…we progressed and played Ireland in the 16th Round. Ireland had Bonner, Whelan, Keane, Townsend and McGrath. Advocaat played Overmars and Van Vossen again, while Wim Jonk was increasingly becoming the leader on the pitch. Ed de Goey had impressed in the group stages and was key in keeping Holland in the competition against Morocco and Belgium. In the hot American summer, Wouters and Koeman clearly struggled to keep their mojo going. Bergkamp and Jonk both scored in Orlando and the nation hoped the tournament would now really start.

A good first half and a nail biting second half with pressure but not tremendously good football from Ireland.

Oranje started to find some traction and got ready for the quarter finals against Brazil, the surefire fave of this World Cup with former PSV striker Romario, Deportivo striker Bebeto, Dunga and former AC Milan star and coach Leonardo… And a bloke called Branco.

Up to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas:

So, Oranje reached the quarters and plays what would become a classic World Cup match. It would also be Ed de Goey’s last. Whether it has to do with Brazil’s third goal or with his club form, legend Edwin van der Sar would get the nod after this World Cup.

The fans at home were disappointed. Losing against Brazil can always happen, but the quality of Holland’s games was poor. A better result at group stages could have meant we would meet Brazil later. Dick Advocaat played and plays defensive football and never demonstrates the bravado and gung-ho we all like to see from a Dutch coach.

When he returned at Schiphol he was proud that his team was among the best 16 teams in the world, and that was enough for most fans to change channels disgustedly…

This USA World Cup would go into the history books of the only World Cup of which the qualification games were more exciting than the actual World Cup matches (bar the Brazil game).

Qualification on Wembley, 1993: England – Oranje, 2-2

At home in De Kuip: Oranje – England: 2-0

Another factoid: The World Cup 1994 is the start of Bergkamp’s fear of flying…. But that is a story for later…

I wasn’t happy to be exited vs Brazil but at the WC 2014, we might get the same result. If we get through the group, we actually might face Brazil again…

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  1. Nice stuff Jan!

    Our game against Brazil @ WC2010 is one the best memories I have of our team.

    I will never forget Sneijder patting his head when he scored his first header as if he never scored a header before and Martin Tyler screaming and laughing emphasizing how the game was turned in an instant.

  2. IF we get out of the Group Stage only do we meet Brazil.

    IF we do meet Brazil, the score will NOT be 2:3 like it was in 1994. Unfortunately this time it will be like 0:4.

    1. Netherland hasn’t lost by 3goals for a very long time. I think last time it was 1:4 against England. Losing by 3 goal sounds very negative. However it can be a 2 goal loss at most. The chance we beat Brazil in Brazil will be very slim especially if it is in last 16. The country is already kind of unstable. Imagine what will happen if they lost just in the first round of last 16

  3. Van Ginkel who’s barely played a game for Chelsea the entire season making the World Cup squad says it all about the state Oranje!!

    1. A similar case happened in 1988 , When Michels gave a call up to AC milan player , Marco van Basten , who was a young bench warmer back then with AC milan 🙂 . The young man brought the only trophy to the Dutch 😀 .

      Deja Vu 😀 especially both are called MARCO VAN Basten/Ginkel 😀

      I do feel Positive , bro 😀 .

      1. marca had already won a lot with ajax before,he was world class when milan signed him. his last match with ajax was the cupwinners’cup final and he scored the winning goal. sorry,Mohamed,but i cannot see any parallel. he wasn’t benchwarmer at milan ac,he was injured. the 88 team had a worldclass goalkeeper,a more than solid defensive line with two worldclass players in the middle (r.koeman,rijkaard),a warriorlike midfield with jan wouters,then in front two superstars,ruud and marco. all of these players were at the peak of their carreer. oranje 88 was the second best dutch national side in history,just behind oranje 74. the current team has young talents – but not as talented as marco or robben in their early 20s – and some well established worldclass players (de jong,van persie,robben). much more unbalanced than the 88 team. honestly i don’t know what to expect from them. realistically 2nd place in the group,then an elimination against brazil (2-4,2-3,1-3,something like this). however they might have lucky against spain because of the dramatic end of la liga and the cl finals. they’ll have much more time to prepare for the world cup than spain. on the other hand everybody knows the probable spanish starting eleven,and not too many know the dutch starting eleven.

        1. I know Basten was a proven talent when he left Ajax bro 🙂 , But the fact that he was injured and returned bafore the tournament is very close to MvG who , though not really proven on high level yet , was mentioned as Eredivise top talent before he goes to Chelsea.

          I understand your scenario for Oranje and I said before , Hypothetically , Oranje shall reach the 2nd round and will be eliminated by Brazil with 2 goals difference at least , But Football is full of surprises.
          I believe Oranje will top the group and go far in this tournament 😉 .

          1. in the last 5 days i also noticed that football was full of surprises 😀 😀

  4. Brazil announces squad… doesn’t sound like a wow squad to me at all:

    The full squad:


    César, Jefferson, Victor.

    Centrail Defenders:

    Dante, David Luiz, Thiago Silva, Henrique.


    Dani Alves, Maicon, Marcelo, Maxwell.


    Fernandinho, Hernanes, Luiz Gustavo, Oscar, Paulinho, Ramires, Willian.


    Bernard, Fred, Hulk, Jo, Neymar.

    Notable omissions from the Brazil squad:

    Kaka, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Leiva, Rafael da Silva, Miranda, Felipe Luis, Lucas Moura, Robinho and Ronaldinho.

  5. Good to see Van Ginkel given a chance. I am not a fan of calling players who have not been playing, but in the situation that we are in I am ok with it. We have very limited quality available in the squad and guys like Van Ginkel, Buttner and Afellay who have not been playing a lot are still better than many of our current guys that have been playing a lot for their clubs.

    This is the WC, the big time! we have to take our most talented players, even if they have not been playing a lot at their clubs.

    Therefore, I say that guys like Buttner, Van Ginkel and Afellay should all make the final squad. In fact I would probably even add Elia to the squad.

    Anyways, I am starting to feel the WC excitement coming on more. Countries announcing their squads this week, I am watching over our games from last world cup and I have already applied for my vacation in June to stay home and immerse myself in WC all month long.

    “Send on the Greatest Show on Earth” Mi ready fi it!

    Big up

  6. @Van hasselbaink
    same here man, i applied for vacation starting one day before the world cup and the chile game i will be in asmterdam, so i am hoping to watch somewhere in the city centre with all crazy oranje fans:)
    where do u work and where do u live?

    1. I hope Man United said take Netherland to the final eight and we will hire you. He will definitely be commited in this case.

    1. That’s what I am thinking while watching the match haha. This kid is definitely talented, but with Robben Depay Lens probably Kuyt on the wing,and Van Gaal indicating 5-3-2. I don’t see any of Promes Boetius Berguis will be called up.

    2. Anyway, he was playing against a 19 year old inexperienced Van Aken who impressed in the last several games but in this game he was totally exposed. His turn is kind of slow for LB.

  7. I,m sorry but I don,t agree too with this public story…
    And always the same story .Those who did not play is the best.When Holland lost of England 4:1 in England(1996) I thought that Hiddink is the worst coach in the world.I wanted van Gaal to be a coach NT(1996).Now Netherland lost to France and normally we want Hiddink before WC.
    If Van Gaal loses against Spain ..solution will be someone who has not played.Sometimes it is sometimes it is not so.But it can,t be a 100 percent so.
    Holland world champion with Cruyff 1990??Maybe,maybe not.But not one hundred percent to be sure.Gullit,van Basten,Rijkard acted tired without wishes for new games..Erwin Koeman,Jan Wouters,Ronald Koeman(fat?) were out of form ..etc
    Cruyff really was then at the height of its power of coaching..But people say:”Michels was jealous that Cruyff would become world champion and stopped him”.There is no logic in.By that logic Michels would be the greatest enemy in the Dutch football.Michels probably thought he(Cruyff) was too much whimsical.And this was not good for Michels motto: ” football is war”.In war there is no affectation.
    Netherland in the final 1978 was better than in the final 1974.Under more difficult conditions.
    (Jurgen Klopp in Feyenoord would be a good idea today!Something like Ernst Happel yesterday.)It is a good idea to put Netherland on the ground.Holland then can develop them own ingenuity.Georg Kessler and Ernst Happel had previously helped in some way 1970.s.But the Dutch clubs half a decade before German clubs ruled in Europe and the world.Black lion in the fires of Valhalla !.!..
    In the character of Johan Cruyff “British were fighting against Germans”.And also northern discipline for game against southern, Latino, instinct for game.Many things in a person who is Dutch.(Spain and Holland-Cruyff is football alchemist ) and Holland lost..but Spain is not country of the Ring.
    This crucifixion has made him the best genius in football.But the genius and madness are often relatives and perhaps made Cruyff whimsical in the reality.Michels was trying to return him on the ground for that reason.General is general.I think so… about 1994 I have no idea: Did Cruyff wanted to be a coach?I think he didn,t.And I thought Gullit did not want to run too much.

    Back to the present.How to play against Spain?
    If you have a weak defense you can not put a bet on the defense.And only to play defense.Cruyff is right.
    But there a lots of opportunities for attack.Some options may be dangerous(Bayern-Real 0:4)
    We could see four big matches against Spain and Spanish clubs(Bayern-Barca 4:0,3:0,Dortmund -Real 2:0,Brasil-Spain 3:0).Bayern is stopped and off balance their key players open space,hungry and accurate..and over Barca.With 30-35 %ball possession.Reminded me of the old Borussia Monchengladbach.With open space there was” a thirst for blood(to score)” in this space,discipline,talent,chemistry,accuracy and simplicity.If they played 442(does not matter) in this case could add 4,5,6 players in attack whenever you need.
    Ball possession is the illusion sometimes.
    We were able to see the match Dortmund -Real 2:0.Real had greater ball possession(51-49%?) but Dortmund played attacking press.
    Against Spain ,Brasil has managed to destroy their rhythm (throw them off balance) with instinct ,intuition and running and impose their own rhythm .To win.
    “Bayern style” (Jup Heynckes)monchengladbach,does not suit the Spaniard.But in “brasilian jungle” I can,t believe Holland play something like Dortmund or Brasil.
    Louis van Gaal makes choice.
    “If you want to win ,you must attack faster then your opponent”-said Cruyff 1970s.Today Cruyff talks about ” ball possession attack”.
    Ball possession is good just only to prepare you to be ready for attack.It 40 percent enough it is good.If it is 60,good.
    But what is a trap in the statement of Cruyff?Players:Robben,RvP,VdV,Sneijder,Blind and many others..they are not champions of Europe(with 2-4 good foreign players) with Groningen,Feyenoord,Ajax etc.
    Then they could have 55-60-70 percent ball possession..for planning attacks…Freedom and lightning action..
    Deep Purple rock and Justin Bieber rock not the same thing!
    Holland today can attack the Spanish defense only occasionally and preserve the geometric position in their own abilities.And pressure ..And strike when the moment in the game.Make Spain to make a mistake..error in the balance ..As when Kuyt got the ball in the final in the first half(and didn,t know what to do with this ball).

    We live in a kind of hypnotic illusion.Or an optical illusion.If the players are weak and slow we think that they need to go in England to be stronger and faster.Another illusion.Money illusion.Birth of plastic football -Bosman rule.Football trafficking like sex trafficking.Many players were better in the Neherlands than abroad.Drenthe,Affelay,Babel..even larger stars.They only get inferiority complex in abroad(o.k. and some experience).Instead of being developed in Holland in Ajax,Feyenoord.PSV and to beat Real,Juve,Bayern Benfica…etc.This is possible if you want it.Not to have brain washed into who caught even the biggest football stars in Holland.Van Basten said once that “he can,t understand why RvP wants to go in Manchester U. because Arsenal is not Ajax(small club). PS Look at film “Heartbreak Ridge”.Clint Eastwood(1986).Holland need 20 Michels!
    Kishna is o.k. He said :I want to be “number one” in the world.But Ajax and Feyenoord have to say the same thing.And to work to win.
    But still the same old story probably in the future?FdB wants to Barcelona?Totenham?If he can take some new Affelay with him..(Affelay is The King of All Benches).Bergkamp maybe wants same thing in Arsenal?Van der Saar and Stam in Manchester one day..etc.Okay never mind.

    How to play against Brasil and Portugal?Scandinavian model is very interesting for them.Useful. Norway,Finland,Danemark, often winning 5:2,4:2,4:0,4:2!!!But when they need to win in official match they haven,t heart for that.Sweden 1994,Denmark 1998..They are not burdened “ball possession”.Enjoy to perform fast and accurate combinations to score into the empty space with lots tricks..imagination and impertinence.Sometimes they beat Brasil and Portugal in the same way as these beat Holland.Strange.(but today Brasil and Portugal have better solutions for them)
    Good recipe and match Netherlands-Brasil 1974.( If all else fails you can listen the Swedish music,ABBA..Golden Earring is good too)
    Against Chile something like Holland -Paraguay 5:1(1998)(friendly)
    In the next round could play Brasil-Spain.Why not?In my opinion favorites on paper are Brasil(Brasil could be champion in WC 2010.Spain had many problems against Chile and Paraguay.With Brasil it would be much more.. they will train hard now .5,6 hours every day) then Argentina ,Italy, Spain,and Portugal.Germany is also good but the climate is not good for them(1/4?).English and Belgium unknowns.France too.Then same of southern american teams teams…then a sudden surprise teams Greece 04,Croatia 98,Danemark 92,Chech republic 96,(Africa ?Japan ?Croatia? Russia?…Paper.
    For Holland is important to go step by steps..great spirit and heart ,lungs and endurance…

    About Sneijder .
    He was good in 2010 and not even worse than the others players 2012.He is not guilty because Robben twice missed.Or as RvP missed in 2012.He survived in the south(Italy,Turkey) and has experience of these countries.He has a strong character.Robben and Vaart “hed fled” to the north.I don,t think he,s forgotten to play the Dutch football.He needs some time..
    Many say Vaart was better in 2010(WC)than Sneijder (especially in 2012).Everything is possible but when Vaart came in the match in 99 minutes against Spain I felt the game was lost.Why? ‘I don,t know why.Intuition.
    Maybe because I have no confidence in Vaart.Sneijder seems to me mentally safer ..he is fighter..”in the catacombs of the game”.
    RvP,Robben,Vaart,Wes have a good chemistry.The only problem is van Gaal vs “fab four”.But Cluivert is bridge.Just kidding.It says Japanese KIGAKU.

    Against France van Gaal probably wanted the young players to have experience with atmosphere and team who wants a revenge .Sneijder was o.k.Important for me is what he will be(and Vaart too) on 13 june against Spain.If he would be in Brasil.LvG decides.
    About Ajax
    Johan Cruyff started to sale Ajax players 1980 s.Coaches of younger categories were outraged.Now is a great Cruyff made a decision .Lead an English coach in Ajax.It is a good idea.To learn Ajax players to be speedy,to be fighters,to be stronger..Something like Steve McClaren in Twente.

    And on the end…
    My favorite artists are Isaac Bashevis Singer(writer) and john Lennon .I,m Christian but it is not important..
    In Judaism has a lot of diversity.It,s so much complicated.
    And has nothing with AFC Ajax …
    Great conspiracy is the impossibility that Brasil loses of Spain in the next round(1/8).And much greater conspiring is Russia and Edward Snowden..and I don,t think that Laurent is enemy Holland and Ajax.He tries to find mistakes..
    (PS Unfortunately perhaps Tiju is right about Western civilization.Should read the trilogy of Swedish author(Frenchman)Jan Guillou:1.The road to Jerusalim 2.The Templar knight 3.Birth of the kingdom. “Translated ” into modern times gives spirit warning)

    Ajax when lost of Real Madrid 2:0(September 2010) I thought the same:”These guys can not run under 15 seconds 100 meters”.
    ( They have not looked”Heartbreak ridge”)

    Tiju has a passion and it is superb and sometimes it turns into religious trance.SON OF LION OF JUDAH!I laughed for half an hour.But people are not robots.

  8. Van Ginkle inclusion indicates that Van Gaal is giving a lot of thoughts in the midfield which might be one of our weakest link. this also indicates that 5-3-2/3-5-2 might the formation he will use at the wc. His fitness should be problem as the extra training he went through as part of his rehabilitation program. he jus has prove his sharpness to Van Gaal apart from that its green light IMO……

  9. I honestly think we can beat spain and brazil. I think if we set the bar very low,

    we beat chile – great ! dutch football is back.. nope not ok

    whether or not we finish first, we can beat a hard team like brazil, remember they have huge amounts of pressure on them with relatively few champions in the team. Their best players are hulk(plays in siberia,) neymar( lives inside veltmans back pocket) and thiago silva who is a monster. Lvg is definitely tactically smart enough to do in brazil.

    Think about it, by playing young and experienced players in qualifier benefits almost everyone.

    – They get exposure and imprinting to the nt style
    – Our older players we will need to rely on get more rest throughout the season
    – The old players can give confidence to the younger ones
    -We can see who is ready and who isn’t
    – the nt is not predictable

    I think Lvg wouldn’t sacrifice his ego by playing with low expectations largely for his job prospects and legacy.

    On the day we all know he will coach the players more than any other coach and also get them fired up.

    just remember Man U vs Bayern , Fiorentina vs bayern and juve vs bayern.
    He is able to successively beat adversity

    For the job in hand we have plenty of reasons to suggest LvG will be the man especially as he knows what he wants and he is aware of what he has( no other country has done what he has done with the training camp) – He really does care/ he is shitting himself :))

    1. Don’t worry, then if Bosque want to study us he will get confused as well. If Van Gaal knows what he is doing, we will be fine. The thing is if he knows. Only the worldcup can answer the question.

  10. Who do you all think is someone that may emerge and become a star or at least a solid contributor at this world cup for the Oranje?

    I like Depay and maybe Kongolo(If he gets the chance to play) not necessarily to become superstars but at least make a name for themselves at this world cup

  11. I think it’s fine for LvG to call up v.Ginkel even though he didn’t play much first team footy this year if was due to injury not form which is what LvG’s rule should be

  12. well I dont want dampen the Buildup excitement but I still think we dont have enough ammunition to make an impact at the WC. Strictly speaking we can come up with reasonable starting IX probably with Robben,RVP,De Jong even maybe Humtelaar if we go with two strikers up front but then again we will not have players on the bench who can equally can come on and change the game when we need them the most. lets see all the big teams.
    Brazil, Italy,Germany,Spain, Argentina, the coaches will have players off and on the field to resort to when the game demands injection of more fluidity and amoury which IMO NT will lack when SOS call comes ringing.

    I bit optimistic on what You are Joke said about the non importance of Friendly games and those who think Van Gaal can deliver his tactical expertise at international level which he has already failed with the best generation of NT. but lets forget about that and concentrate what on hand presently. For me all the friendlys that we played, it was a clear indication where we were heading. I think vs Japan we were exposed big time and then vs France were left to wonder in the wilderness. the question here is what we have done to tighten the lose ends.

    In most of the games some key players were injured which was quiet reasonable but then again the result was a clear indication subsequently that we dont have backup players which can deliver what our bests are capable of producing and in terms of the impact they come on. unfortunately it is just like pyrimd with the point downward.

    I have always being emphatic on sup subs,capabilities they posses when they come on and ability to the ball game . Spain will come in the world cup with 23 players capable backup each other, same with brazil,Germany and Argentina and with team comprising of such a squad it makes you wonder where does NT stand when compared with them.

    with 20 member squad that has named and with other players that will come in, for me I think we have got 60/40 chance at the world cup even if we reach the second round. being said this it not about demoralization…. we jus have look at the true picture and see what is on our plate

    1. I agree against Japan and France we played badly but do not forget we never lose a game last year. And we played against Italy Germany 10 men against Columbia those are not easy opponent as well.
      Overall, I think this world cup will be kind of like 2006. Get out from group and lost in the first round knock out. Unless Van Gaal can do some magic. The team is not ready yet, 2016 Euro and 2018 will be better.

      1. I forgot we played against Portugal as well. If we did not play against Indonesia and China we will be still in top 10 and also get seeded.

  13. For me the team that has got the best back line will win the world cup. if you look at Italy Cesare Prandelli has stuck with the majority of squad from the starting with that NT friendly, all other the friendlies,Confederation Cup WC qualifiers and with the mixture of some young players like Insigne, Veratti, Immobile now the team have jelled out perfectly

    lets see in contrast what van Gaal has done……he went for a complete overhaul with the big three….RVP, Robben,Strootman as main weapon. I remember when De Jong came back from his injury he was never considered throughout and now all his has variations including his formations have backfired ….this after what happened to De Vrij, Blind, BMI and strootman injury.

    Once again competitiveness of eredivise has changed and is not somewhat like before in level with other big leagues. and yet he has gone with that as his bench mark. one thing that van Gaal has failed to do is to maintain a cohesive group and jellying the team by injecting young players.

    The only thing that might be a worry for other teams at this stage is they dont not what to expect from NT especially when they still are in that final transition stage and also they have nothing to analyze given the on going rotation that was made throughout. In a way this could work out wonder if they click at WC and can catch them off guard but then again the probability is 50-50

      1. Right you are!! If he could Louis van Gaal would want to become Louis XIX.

        Let’s hope he wins the world cup for himself!! (and for us … :))

  14. wow wow wow what have Brazil done??

    They have left out Coutinho?!? Kaka?! Ronaldinho?! Lucas Leiva, LUCAS MOURA ?!?!?!?!?!?!! Robinho ?! and taken players like Bernard, Fred, and Jo? hahah

    1. well,kaka,ronaldinho,robinho are the past. they are only names,but with moura,miranda and felipe luis the squad would be stronger. scolari is very conservative in his approach,this squad is almost the same as one year ago

  15. sneijder won his gala the cup with his goal, i think his decline is a bit understated.

    He isn’t playing in a top league or anywhere near as good as he was 4 years ago but he is still showing he is valuable. even though he has changed in terms of how he plays i think he can be a real asset this wc especially if he is underrated again.

    When has sneijder done well? when he had something to prove, thats when!

  16. Correct Steen!!

    By the way, Barcelona expert Edwin Winkels (Dutch journo living in Barcelona) was on telly in Holland recently. He visits the Barca trainings often and has a good link with most Dutch (ex-)Barcelona heroes (Cruyff, FDB, Cocu, Rijkaard) and he said this:

    “From what I have seen, LVG should ALWAYS select Afellay. He is in fine shape, fitness and form. Martino hasn’t used him yet as he is starting from the bottom in the hierarchy but he is doing well. Barca didn’t want to let him go last winter for a reason. Ibi is so versatile and keen to prove himself.”

    This could apply to Marko van Ginkel too but I don’t know.

    I rate Winkels very high, and I tend to agree with him. Ibi should be our wild card.

    1. Very interesting, Jan! Where would you think Afellay fit? Is he the offensive mid (meaning VDV, Sneijder on the bench) or would you use him as a winger (Lens on the bench)?

    2. Who knows what is in the old man’s mind at the time. Risking with the unused (by their clubs) talents or go by his principles and play Kuyts, Sneijders and Fers?
      We’ll see. The only sure thing is that things are always inteersting with Louis.

    3. I am sorry but I don’t buy this idea. The sentence has many conflicts. If Afellay is in good form then why did he not start any game? Using the hierarchy as an excuse can not hide the fact that Afellay was not able to prove anything. Similarly, being versatile at 28 is no longer a good point. It only shows that he is not being to compete for any position.

  17. I was at Wembley for the 2-2 draw in 1993. The most hostile environment I have experienced. I don’t know how Overmars coped running the wing and as for Vossen, wow, balls of steel. Massive delay with hordes of English animals baying like wolves. I was in amongst the English and it was rather uncomfortable.
    Of course, my all time favourite Bergkamp showed that artistry transcends time and place yet again. 21 years ago…..sigh!

    1. Great memories!!!!
      At the time I was in England wathcing the game in the pub full of Engerland fans.
      When Bergkamp scored that goal, one of the english fans said it was an “orgasmic” goal.

  18. In looking over the likely roster for this summer, I sat down this morning and considered whether any of the current players would make it into an all-time Dutch XI.

    Obviously the current team are still active and we cannot yet evaluate their full body of work, but here goes:

    Van der Sar/Van Beveren

    Suurbier R. Koeman/Israel Rijkaard/F. De Boer Krol

    Neeskens Gullit/Bergkamp Van Hanegem

    Rep Cruyff / Van Basten Rensenbrink

    Needless to say, the above players (or others you might prefer) are not all from the same generation and certainly could not all play together in the same game.

    But would you really take anyone from the current squad over any of these guys — Maybe Robben?

    The Netherlands has not won the World Cup with players such as these in the past. Not to be pessimistic, but how is the current side supposed to accomplish that?

    Spain probably has many current players in its all-time XI. Perhaps Germany has one or two, and maybe Brazil as well?

    Do we just overrate the players of past eras, or are these current players just not as good?

    I know this has been beaten to death as an argument already, but I really feel that the players’ familiarity with each other from their club teams helps them all play better at the international level.

    In 1974, the team was primarily Ajax and Feyenoord, with Cruyff having recently joined Barcelona.
    In 1978, the team was pretty diversified, but most players still played for Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV or Anderlecht.
    In 1988, it was Ajax, PSV and Milan.
    In 1998, it was Ajax, PSV and Arsenal.
    By 2010, the only starters who played together at the club level were Stekelenberg and van der Wiel at Ajax, and Robben and van Bommel at Bayern.

    In my view, our all-time favorites are held in such high regard because of how well their teams functioned collectively at the international level. With the current Dutch starters playing for teams all over Europe, and the Dutch style of play dependent on possession, creativity, and movement, I just don’t see how they can come together as a team quickly enough to defeat teams like Spain, Germany, Italy, etc. (whose rosters are comprised primarily of players playing at just one or two big clubs).

  19. I was at the 1994 WC, I went to all the games except the Brasil one – I was in Aruba when that gamed was played. I watched it on some black and white TV in a small beach bar, surrounded by Brazilians. Heartbreaking. Afterwards I taught them a lesson on the sand.

    The US TV stations were seemingly giving ‘soccer’ a higher profile for the first time, but it led to some hilarious commentaries of the games:
    “he just top-nodded the sphere into the score-bag!”
    (was my particular favourite)

    My father was good friends with Ruud Gullit. I can tell you that the real reason Ruud left the squad was because of a stolen watch.

    Not the best tournament, but good memories. And LOVELY weather.

  20. Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), Roman Weidenfeller (Borussia Dortmund), Ron-Robert Zieler (Hannover)
    Defenders: Jerome Boateng (Bayern Munich), Erik Durm (Borussia Dortmund), Kevin Grosskreutz (Borussia Dortmund), Benedikt Howedes (Schalke), Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund), Marcell Jansen (Hamburg), Philipp Lahm (Bayern Munich), Per Mertesacker (Arsenal), Shkodran Mustafi (Sampdoria), Marcel Schmelzer (Borussia Dortmund).
    Midfielders: Lars Bender (Bayer Leverkusen), Julian Draxler (Schalke), Matthias Ginter (Freiburg), Leon Goretzka (Schalke), Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich), Andre Hahn (Augsburg), Sami Khedira (Real Madrid), Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich), Max Meyer (Schalke), Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich), Mesut Ozil (Arsenal), Lukas Podolski (Arsenal), Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund), Andre Schurrle (Chelsea), Bastian Schweinsteiger (Bayern Munich).
    Forwards: Miroslav Klose (Lazio), Kevin Volland (Hoffenheim)

    1. klose inclusion means he will become germanys all time highest goal scorer if finds the back of the net. he is one behind Gred Muller. Redemption for 2012 when he was left.

    2. Is it just me or does Germany’s defense look vulnerable? Boateng for example is ponderous and can be beaten by speed, as we saw against Real. Germany is also light on the options for strikers, although to be fair they have a glut of talent in the midfield. Imbalance aside, they will probably win their group.

      1. To break Boateng you need to get through Lahm and Shweinstiger… It took the fastest 2 players in the world to break him (Ronaldo and Bale)… it’s not an easy task.

  21. wow.. too funny:

    FIFA World Rankings: May 8, 2014
    Position Nation Places Moved Points
    1. Spain 0 1460
    2. Germany 0 1340
    3. Portugal 0 1245
    4. Brazil Up 2 1210
    5. Colombia Down 1 1186
    6. Uruguay Down 1 1181
    7. Argentina Down 1 1178
    8. Switzerland 0 1161
    9. Italy 0 1115
    10. Greece 0 1082
    11. England 0 1043
    12. Belgium 0 1039
    13. Chile Up 1 1037
    14. USA Down 1 1015
    15. Netherlands 0 967
    16. France 0 935
    17. Ukraine 0 913
    18. Russia 0 903
    19. Mexico 0 877
    20. Croatia 0 871

    USA above NL!!! No way

    1. If Netherland did not choose to play against Indonesia and China we will be in top 10. Plus we played too many good teams last year and all of them are ties.

  22. Diego Costa is hurt for Atletico with a hamstring injury – with the upcoming La Liga and CL, the chances of him missing the 1st game of the Worldcup goes sky high.

    Artuto Vidal is having a knee suergery – same story, his chances of participating in the world cup are very low.

    With the La Liga being on the line… all of Spain’s players will be exhausted before they worldcup… (with the exception of Silva who plays for Man City).

    Oranje players are younger and rested… with the heat in Brazil, I’m really starting to like our chances of not just advancing from the group stage, but by topping the group and avoiding Brazil in the 2nd round.

    1. See i think these other factors are starting to play into our favour now, if the mentality is there and the performance matches we can be spectacular in the groups.- This heavily depends on either a huge swan song for our golden generation or for the young players playing with some steel

    2. It’s your assumption that Costa is going to miss the first game. The media did not say that and there no was no tear so the injury was not bad. Plus the doctor said Vidal might not be 100% against Australia but he will be fit for Spain and Netherland.

      1. Costa’s playing 3 more games with Atletico – his hamstring is injured and he’s going to play – there’s less than a month for the world cup. How do you like the chances of him making it to the World Cup Uninjured?

        Re: Arturo Vidal from the Doctor

        “The [recovery] period is the most important question and the one that worries us the most. Unfortunately, in these cases, it’s not something so definite. We can say that the player is by no means ruled out from the World Cup. But we don’t either have lots of time and giant and super-relaxed deadlines.”

        “Arturo Vidal recovery from surgery could take as long as 12 weeks, say @GoalChile .That would be World Cup over. Would be another huge loss”

          Costa will only miss one game.

          Vidal will make the world cup but miss the preparation period.

          Unless offical announcement comes out saying they are out there is no reason to believe they are out for the WC. It is WC and everyone wants to play. Unless something went wrong, I would expect to see both of them play against Netherland.

          Vidal will make the world cup but miss the preparation period.

          Unless offical announcement comes out saying they are out there is no reason to believe they are out for the WC. It is WC and everyone wants to play. Unless something went wrong, I would expect to see both of them play against Netherland.

  23. What do you mean by if we played better at group stage we’ve had played Brazil later ?!! For Christ sake the Oranje was on top spot of the group at 94 group stage !!

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