Serious questions for Dutch football

In a world that has increasingly become more and more convoluted, with heated debates between Conspiracy theorist and Complicity theorists, democrats and republicans, blacks vs white, Jose vs Pep and as a result the world become harder to understand…

The same applies to our world: the world of football.

What is happening with Liverpool and Van Dijk? What is going on with Man United? Why doesn’t Van de Beek play?

Or in the Dutch competition. Why would Berghuis consider a move to the US? Why is Ajax bringing Klaassen back? At the expense of Noa Lang? Why did the KNVB pick Frank de Boer, not Ten Cate? How did AZ give another big lead away? 0-4 to 4-4 in a spectacular game vs Sparta. Why is Schmidt at PSV trying to break Ihattaren?

These last transfer days are always annoying, hectic and filled with opportunistic knee-jerk deals. Rekik to Seville? Interesting. Lang to Club Brugge? Might actually be good if he gets playing time. Wesley Hoedt back to Lazio? Good!! At the same time, I expected Danjuma to make a move and Tim Krul too for that matter.

No matter. The games can really start now.

Ronald Koeman is impressing at Barca (or is it the 17 year old Ansu Fati??), who had some critical words for Frenkie, after their last Liga match.

Excited to see Koopmeiners with Oranje, I think the 22 year old could be a strong contender for the pivot spot next to Frenkie de Jong. Marten de Roon gets flustered when he has to take the playmaker role, should Frenkie be marked, something Koopmeiners won’t be suffering. Davy Propper still being injured, I would love to see Teun play in the next friendly.

Also interested to see how Sean Klaiber will fair at Ajax. I do rate him, he’s a hardworking atacking right back with a nose for goals and assists. And a pleasant guy too.

There is some debate in Holland re: Ihattaren and his selection for Oranje. A player who doesn’t play usually isn’t invited, unless he had a strong position in the Oranje hierarchy and has earned that spot (Strootman?).

My opinion is that, it was wise to keep Mo engaged. He’s a young raw talent, who happens to be the victim of Roger Schmidt’s alpha male “I am the boss” approach. As if the German decided from the start to pick on the club’s talisman and hope for the future, just to make a point. As Willem van Hanegem said: “if you have a talent like Ihattaren, the last thing you want is to hire a coach who wants him to play in a straight-jacket”.

I’m off the same opinion, of course (Willem and I hardly ever disagree) and I believe the kid needs playing time, he needs coaching, he needs guidance. He doesn’t need public humiliations. And by keeping him with Oranje, De Boer might win his heart really quickly and give him the positive vibes he probably needs.

It does seem he might have slight injury, actually and it remains to be seen whether PSV will release him.

OK newsflash! Both Bergwijn and Ihattaren are out due to injuries. Calvin Stengs is called up as replacement.

Frank de Boer as a team manager for the NT might be a good thing. He has a number of plusses: he had a stellar career as a player, he was brought up with the Ajax DNA ( = Oranje DNA), he is Dutch, he can work with young talents. The negatives: his coaching career is a bit up and down. He did well in Holland, and he didn’t do well outside of Holland. This means he might actually fair well with Oranje and Dutch players, who share his direct mentality.

Another negative, is that like his master Louis van Gaal, De Boer might be tempted to get players in the squad with an Ajax background: Klaassen, Bakker, Al Ghazi (kidding), ….

At the same time: I wouldn’t put it past Frank to sacrifice Babel and Strootman which is probably needed. Both are past their prime and we do have better options today ( Malen, Gakpo, Berghuis, Danjuma for Babel and Joey Veerman, Koopmeiners, Gravenbergh, Rosario, Bazoer for Strootman).

Speaking of Bazoer. He played CB in the PSV youth. He didn’t want to and coveted a place in midfield, so he went to Ajax. Now at Vitesse, he is centre back again and he was amazing in the game last weekend, with two exquisite long passes for two amazing goals. Top performance by him.

The next couple of days, we will focus on the NT, with matches against Mexico( friendly), Bosnia Herzegovina and Italy on the roster.

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  1. Frank and NL do NOT want to play Mexico. ‘3 games in 7 days is too tight’.

    How about using this game to play many fresh faces and give youth a chance !

    Tired of excuses from our Dutchmen. Time to take the opportunities we have by the scruff and appreciate them !!

    1. rotation, rotation,rotation. thats why 23 member squad was selected. but the problem is there are players in there that has been selected based on nothing and nor will contribute anything to the team.this has become feature of NT in the last couple of years. get selected to come and sit on the bench.

      why not a totally new starting 11 vs mexico. this is where they could have selected and thrown likes of , Veerman, Koopmeniners, Danjuma, Schuurs,El Ghazi,Bakker,wijndal with some older players and see how they fair on the big stage. even if they lose vs mexico what is there to regret.

      1. Exactly ! That’s my point.. instead of bitching and moaning, take advantage of these precious opportunities with the NT and give our youngsters a chance to shine. I’d love to see to see the guys you mentioned have the opportunity to showcase their skills and vie for a spot. They are hungry! Give ban Dijk a rest and play someone else. Give Bakker a chance!

        I love FDB as a player but his comments are of a loser’s mentality .. not a way to begin your managerial journey .. especially for us on this board who’ve been eager to see change and progress with our NT!

      2. selected but only sitting on the bench, especially in a friendly match, why?

        I agree that VVD needs a rest for a while, especially in a friendly match.

  2. the thing that caught by attention was this

    “Frank de Boer believes it is logical that he follows the same path as Ronald Koeman with the Dutch national team for the time being”

    why the hell he wanna do this when the team is clearly in a decline and there are New players who are pressing to get a shot in NT.

  3. Vs mexico De boer should play Babel,strootman,hateboer,Veltman,De roon …and show them where they stand..they are just numbers now…i really like Hateboer crosses and his first touch….Sergino Dest is crap compared to him..

  4. By removing hateboer,veltman,stoortman,De roon,Babel we will become a top team
    bazoer/koopmeiners/Veerman–strootman/De roon
    Danjuma/gagkpo —babel

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