Steven Berghuis shines

Co Adriaanse will claim to have discovered the lanky right winger. He made his debut for FC Twente under the success coach but was considered too lithe, too soft, too easy to push off the ball. He won his first trophy there (the Johan Cruyff shield). He had a loan spell at VVV and moved to AZ Alkmaar.

He played 3 seasons in Alkmaar, finishing third in his third season and qualified for the Europa League. He also won the National Cup with AZ. He wasn’t a mainstay in the team and had good games and invisibility games… But he did catch my eye with his incredible passing range. There was no doubt this kid saw the game and had the ability to make his feet do what his eyes/mind saw.

Watford signed the winger for 6,5 euros, even though Watford played without wingers. He played nine EPL matches for Watford. In his second season, Feyenoord got him on loan where he was an immediate success and he won the Eredivisie title with Feyenoord. The Rotterdam based club signed him permanently for the same amount Watford paid for him.

He developed as a goal scorer, at Feyenoord in his first seasons for Twente and VVV, he’d score 1 goal every 8 games. At AZ he scored 11 times in 22 games (50%). At Watford, he never got a goal and at Feyenoord he scored again in half the games he played (over 4 seasons), every second game a goal. And in this season he almost scored 1:1. Every game a goal. For a right winger, that is exceptional.

So much so, that AS Roma is keen to sign him during the winter break. But more on that in a later post.

Steven Berghuis found his way into the Dutch squad and now in the starting line up thanks to some amazing games, very consistently, for Feyenoord, his work ethics and mentality during Oranje practices and – of course – the minutes he made against Mexico and Bosnia Herzegovina (as a sub).

In the away game vs Bosnia Herzegovina, De Boer left Berghuis out of the starting eleven. He impressed against Mexico, but De Boer decided to bypass him. When Steven entered the game in the second half, he created a number of opportunities and could have decided the match for us.

The next game, away vs Italy, was surely the game in which Berghuis would start! De Boer admitted after Bosnia away, that Berghuis was causing him some headaches. But… no Berghuis vs Italy! This time, the tactical system Frank de Boer wanted to deploy simply didn’t have a spot for him.

The 28 year old returning to his club and had a mediocre couple of games in Rotterdam, much to the chagrin of coach Advocaat: “Nice. Berghuis get ignored with the NT and I have to deal with this for weeks now. He’s not happy.”

The Spain friendly was upon us and De Boer said that he’d play 4-3-3 with Berghuis starting as the right winger. And, De Boer said: the plan is to use the same forward 6 against Bosnia! This meant Berghuis was going to get two opportunities to convince the coach.

The Three Faces of Steven Berghuis

On the ball: Berghuis started this season really well and is leading the goal scorers ranking. He also had 4 assists in the Eredivisie. He again is the MVP in Rotterdam. He is important in and around the box, because of his creativity is also an important playmaker. His mates love to pass the ball to him, as he hardly ever loses it. The skipper loves to have the ball wherever he can, in order to set up the attack, race forward, and if possible receive the ball again to score. Only Dusan Tadic creates more chances from open play. Berghuis is second and AZ sensation Calvin Stengs comes third.

The number of passes he distributes is another indicator of his importance for Feyenoord.

PlayerChances created from open
1. Dusan Tadic (Ajax)24237
2. Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord)16381
3. Calvin Stengs (AZ)14170

At Feyenoord, Berghuis is the Alpha Male. At Oranje, that is Memphis Depay. The first pass is always meant for Memphis. If he is marked, the next one in line is usually Berghuis. In the first half vs Spain, Berghuis is regularly able to create space and time for his team maters, by playing pinpoint passes to the left flank, looking for Memphis or Wijndal. See below

Running in behind

The only negative of playing Memphis, Luuk de Jong and Berghuis is their lack of depth, their lack of running in behind. Both Memphis and the former Watford man love to come into the ball. They like to make the play, create the opening. And Luuk de Jong is a striker who needs to take advantage from his heading capabilities in the box. Not his speed.

It was refreshing to see that De Boer was able to implore to Berghuis to go deep and make dirty yards and stretch the game. He did so against Mexico, and now vs Spain, he did it again, like he did vs Bosnia at home.

The only downside is that in some cases, his team mates overlook him – focusing on Memphis first. And in some cases, the ball did come but Berghuis failed to score.

Here is a situation where we fail to benefit from his runs. Georginho Wijnaldum drives the ball forward. Berghuis crosses from the right into the central area, coming from Garcia’s shoulder. The defender doesn’t see the Feyenoord captain. Wijnaldum omits to send the pass deep in the stride of Berghuis but opts for the safe route: Memphis.

Now the 36th minute. A new moment, but comparable. Luuk de Jong made space for Berghuis who is coming inside (number 7). The Spanish CBs Garcia and Martinez step forward while Berghuis avoids the off side trap and is ready to be launched in front of goal. He offers Frenkie de Jong a chance for a deep pass. Frenkie sees it but overcooks the pass and the goalie can clear.

Or this one. Frenkie de Jong, a bit under pressure. He can play the pass to Berghuis. Not an easy one, but someone like the Barca midfielder should be able to do it. Instead he opts for a square pass to Luuk de Jong.

Statistically, Berghuis had zero attempts on goal in that first half. But could have had a hattrick too.

Disciplined without possession

Coaches think in couples and triangles. Hateboer played three Oranje games in a row and has demonstrated to be a great force moving forward, keeps in running and always positive. But defensively, vulnerable. Against Spain, Berghuis is up against Gaya and Reguilon, two offensive players. He is tested repeatedly but never lets off. He is really good at containing their threat. There needn’t be any doubts about his ability to help out the defenders.

Against Spain, he could have had a hattrick, if only his team mates would have serviced him properly.

Against Bosnia, he could have had a goal and two assists (one assist stands, the other one was ruled illegal). With a bit of luck, he would have 4 goals and 2 assists. Not bad.

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  1. Nice Article Jan..its Truthful…Berghuis is under rated..He needs little time…and he is getting it…Berghuis and propper has venom that would result in brilliant goals…
    but my doubt is ‘””Coaches think in couples and triangles. Hateboer played three Oranje games in a row and has demonstrated to be a great force moving forward, keeps in running and always positive”””””…this guy is all about backpass,cannot dribble cannot cross…and liability in defense…So how.????????

  2. Netherlands XI v Poland: Krul, Hateboer, Van Aanholt, De Vrij, Blind, Klaassen, Frenkie, Wijnaldum, Stengs, Malen, Memphis

    I understand Van Aanholt. He deserves a look. Not sure I get Hateboer over Dumfries; but, hopefully, he’ll make this comment look silly. 🙂

  3. Jan,

    I can say that I appreciate your time writing about Berghuis but it does not change anyone’s mind and certainly not mine. I believe the NT team deserves the very best. This guy isn’t good and I stand by it. Having this guy on the dutch national team is a sign that we don’t have any better. All these guys went abroad and very few of them made because they were not good enough. Then again when they are back in Holland, they become starters, I don’t get it. Does not matter who is the coach, if you don’t have a good roaster, you can win competitions. I think right now the dutch team needs a much better left back and right back a # 10 a # 9 and replacement for Robben.

      1. You play with what you got but no one can convince me that these are are good enough to be on the NT. Some years ago, some of these guys wouldn’t even be on the bench never mind being starters. I am watching as i speak Holland playing Poland. It is very sad. If nothing change, we’ll exit the Euro in the firs round and we might miss the world cup one more time. I don’t know what happened to our talent production. LOL

        1. With the current squad, we should be able to win Euro first round and go to World Cup. I am thinking that we are very close in talent compared to Robben, Sneijder generation. Comparing this team to 2012 team, GK is the same situation, defenders are a lot stronger than the 2012 team, midfielder is somewhat equal or a little less than 2012 generation, forward is a lot worse than 2012 team. We need to form the right team and we can challenge. In term of talent, the 1990-2000 team are star studded but they have less achievement than 2012 team.

          1. They’re different teams. That generation was all talent, no finish, this is more of a blue-collar team.

            Also that team had no defense, and an unlimited number of talented forwards, where Huntelaar/van Persie had to share time. This team we have the best defender in Italy on the bench and are using a midfielder as our 9.

  4. I am glad that Wijnaldum and Depay got back their form for NT. Berghuis is a nice to have option. I hate to say this but it looks like Hateboer will never work for national team, just like what happen to Seedorf before.

          1. I do. I would like to see NT to be on the same par as them. You look at spain for example, they have come out of no where and have caught up with other big nations. Especially after that humilating WC. Compare this to NT who were powerhouse just last year and now are dragging.

  5. In my opinion, I think we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves hoe did we produce these talents such as Van Basten, FD Boer, Berkamp, Gerald Vanenburg, Edgard Davids, Gullit, Brian Roy, Frank Rijkaard, Robben, Arthur Numan, Patrick Clivert Kluivert ect..
    Once we find the answer, we’ll start producing talents all over again. As of now, these guys that we have can even make an international competition, never mind winning one.

    1. The part that captured my attention was ” gave 32 players their debut in the last 2 years”

      And we have people here who say coaches only get limited time to prepare for internationals and other bullshits about rotation of players.

      Well this is what I have been talking all this time.

      Comments pliz.

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