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Total Football? Total Failure…. We are out!

In 1984, we missed the Euro’84 in France. Only 8 nations could make it and we had to allow Spain, who won 12-1 against Malta. It’s 2015 and again, Holland will miss a Euro tournament in France, but this time 24 nations were able to qualify. Albania did. So did Northern Ireland. Wales…Iceland… But not […]

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sneijder turk

Oranje: where to from here….?

It could be worse right? Eh… well… can it? We are now in the same league as Andorra, Slovenia, Kazachstan, Albania and Finland. The thing I had to think of (a lot!) was the comment by the media when the draw for this Euro qualification was published. The top 3 go through. We are in […]

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robben exit

Horror scenario Oranje vs Iceland

Any coach will go through potential scenarios in his head, when preparing for a match. All different angles are being talked through. What happens when we concede early? What happens if it stays 0-0 for a long time? What do we do when we score very early? What will Iceland do? What if we lose […]

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blind doceert

UPDATE: Do or Die for the Dutch….

UPDATE MATCH DAY:   Here is the latest. Skipper Arjen Robben laughs when asked about this Iceland game. “Listen, I played the game already in my head. A couple of times. We’ll win it. Van Gaal calls it “imagining” it and I did it and guess what: we did well.” Robben was pleased to see […]

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letland NL

Preview Latvia – Oranje

Tonight is the big night for Oranje. Another finals to play. Oranje will face Latvia in Riga with a new defence and mostly a new midfield, with Jordy Clasie a shock absentee for the game, as the Feyenoord player returned to Holland with a bowel syndrome situation. He won’t be playing against the Latvians and […]

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Sloppy Oranje loses again in open game

I keep on repeating myself… I don’t like friendlies. Because you can lose a friendly, while the coach has a wry smile and thinks “Great! Learned a lot. I have a lot of stuff to work on with the lads.” And if Oranje beats Latvia without a problem (thanks KJ) than Hiddink could easily hint […]

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sneijd will

Sneijder helps Oranje escape!

Bert van Marwijk was criticised to be a little bit too….blend. Too grey. Too vanilla. Not daring enough. So the KNVB wanted to go back to the swagger of total football. Back to the Dutch School. And decided to go with maverick coach Louis van Gaal. Results and attractive football are his two building blocks. […]

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hiddink press

Hiddink shows glimpses of his Oranje

Oops!! I forgot to give you my prediction!! Well, I think we will win this 3-1. The Turks will score a late consolation goal. I think we’ll grab them by the throat and score an early goal (15 minutes or so) via Huntelaar. This will allow us to settle and before half time it’s Depay […]

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guud denkt

JC: “Give Guus a Chance”

What is the problem? Hiddink? Is it that easy? The whole nation was in shock after the 2-0 defeat vs Iceland. And all those people who rejoiced when Hiddink was signed up are now screaming for his head. As if this wonderful squad ( no. 3 at the World Cup) under Van Gaal suddenly is […]

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