The news is still ringing in my ears. What was supposed to have been his season after the exit of Davy Klaassen would become a horror scenario. Holland’s biggest talent at the moment will never show his magic in an Ajax shirt or Oranje shirt…or any shirt. Severe and lasting brain damage. He won’t be able to walk, talk, remember things, think even… The player with the brains of Cruyff or Iniesta or Zidane is now potentially a vegetable. Here are some thoughts…

David Endt, former Ajax player, team manager, press chef, players’ confidant…

“Like a feather in the wind, that is how Nouri plays football. With a smile on his face he dances football. His talent came up, it wen up and sideways, his talent went where it wanted to go, a sight for sore eyes to see Abdelhak play football from the heart. When he touches the ball, the straightjacket goes off, the rules of result fall by the wayside and…well not all…Nouri loves to score, or to let others score or to win, but he will do so as a free spirit.

fans Nouri2

Fans paying tribute to Appie Nouri

I admit here and now I sometimes left my office at the Youth Academy to stroll to a match of Ajax D1, C1 or B1… I admit I shirked my responsibilities because I couldn’t resist the lure to see these kids play, to see him play!

The kid that played like a feather, that only played the ball in order to get it back. The lad who was lovingly called “Appie”, an old Dutch name for a player with a Moroccan name. He was gifted by the football Gods with the gift of True Football. Light, but never lighthearted, you could tell he was shrewd, he knew the consequences of every move. He played for a higher cause. And after a while I turned around to go back to my office… but no, just 10 minutes more! “Look at that kid!”.

Look at him play, look at him go and every second of the match was used to feel complete happiness. Yes, he’s small, yes he’s thin but no one can even dare to ask whether he has enough to become a football great. Cruyff? Messi? Iniesta? All thin and small. He is all football, technique, control, timing, seeing the best solution in a split second. Light, even musical in a way, like a feather on the wind. And his heavenly game made you want the future now.

Joel Veltman nouri

Ajax Captain Joel Veltman joins in the tribute

Like a feather on the wind, in one moment all can change. Cruelly so. It makes you mad as hell. Abdelhak’s life has been utterly and completely changed, in that one fatal moment. The horror grabs your throat, you can’t believe it, your head fills up with tears, you clench your fist. You scream at the football Gods: “Do something! Give Appie his football back!”

And Youp van ‘t Hek, Dutch comedian, writer, Ajax fan:

“I never met Appie so I won’t call him Appie. Abdelhak Nouri made his debut in September 2016 in the Ajax 1 team. Vs Willem II. And since I’ve seen him I understand why everyone calls him Appie. Appie has something careless. When a window was broken by a football, surely someone called Appie would be responsible. His eyes look through the hole, to ask for the ball back. You see the smile in his eyes and you can’t resist. You give Appie his ball back.

This is how the other Ajax players treated Abdelhak Nouri. Their Appie. I know this because during his debut, he floated smiling above the field, in between the cautiously passing team mates, these carefully moving players. Since Gerald Vanenburg’s debut, many years ago, I can’t recall having seen that.

schone nouri

The Ajax squad – with Lasse Schone leading the line – at the Nouri tribute

I watched him that match with bated breath. With every touch of the ball, life struck through his body. After five minutes I knew enough. This Abdelhak was a a football player who played football because that was the only thing he wanted to do. And it was sensational, as it always is a religious experience almost, to see someone live his passion.

He loves playing football. And with Ajax. Always Ajax. I went back in my memory, of players with him whom I had similar experiences, with Jesper Olsen, Tahamata, Van der Vaart of course. I wasn’t in the crowd when Cruyff made his first appearance, but… all these player played with a smile. Never afraid. Always looking for something special. I saw a player who’d put his foot on the ball – Willem van Hanegem style – and looked around. Not some triathlon dude of 110 kilo and 40 kilo leg muscles. It was all grace. Nouri enjoyed every minute of the game and you could see that, as his team mates saw it.

fans Nouri

In his debut match there was that one special moment. Free kick Ajax. Nouri next to the veteran Lasse Schone. It’s 3-0 and Schone will use this free-kick to make it 4-0. But suddenly Nouri joins in. “Can I take it?” He wants to score at his debut. Schone says no. The camera focuses on the beautiful, touching expression on Nouri’s face. That is how I will remember him. He smiles apologetically and walks away. He tried at least. But Schone is ok with it. He accepts it but will cross the ball into the corner. Schone does get the desire of the youngster. He dreamed his whole life to play this game and he’d love to score. A dream. Scoring in front of the fans. So the next free-kick, Schone allows Nouri the ball. If he misses, he needs to pay Schone 10 euros. Nouri scores and the explosion of joy afterwards says it all. The joy of his team mates told me, these players love this lad.

2017-04-05 22:25:20 AMSTERDAM - Lasse Schone van Ajax viert met Abdelhak Nouri zijn 3-1. Ajax speelt in de eredivisie tegen AZ. ANP OLAF KRAAK

Lasse Schone and Abdelhak Nouri

 For me, this is why Nouri’s fate is so terrible. Someone who got so much happiness and joy from his passion, someone who had the ability to bring 1000s if not potentially millions joy sees his life cut short in a cruel fashion. This really affects me. He was a kid who didn’t see problems. Who’d dribble through lines of defenders, who would always have a broad smile on team photos. Nouri was who we wanted to be. Someone who trusts the world, believes in happiness and enjoys what he does. When watching Nouri, you knew what life was all about. He reminded you, don’t bow down, but dance. Don’t be silent, but cheer.

Daarom is Nouri’s noodlot zo vreselijk. Dat juist iemand die iedereen vrolijk maakte, iemand die onbevangen aanviel op het leven zelf, zo wreed tot stilstand is gekomen. Daarom grijpt het stilvallen van Nouri mij zo aan. Ik zag een jongen die geen problemen zag. Die door linies wilde dwarrelen. Ik zag hem lachen op clubfoto’s.

When we saw Nouri collapse on that fated Saturday, we saw ourselves. We all mean so well but in a flash it can all be different. Nouri gifted us the drive to live. He allowed us to feel what it must be like to be perfectly happy. What a beautiful gift.

Fey Nouri

Feyenoord comes onto the pitch with Nouri tribute jerseys on

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99 responses to “Tributes to Abdelhak Nouri”

  1. Depay9 is the best says:

    Thankyou Jan I really needed that

  2. Depay9 is the best says:

    I still believe he will be ok we all just have to have faith

  3. Miguel Rosado says:

    Beaufitul article and amazing video.

    Nice tribute for a good talent, and probably one of the main players of Oranje. Although it is difficult to understand…this is life, we can be great one moment but later anything can happen so it’s just about enjoying life all the way.

  4. vanfadly says:

    the moment I start followed Nouri, he instantly reminded me of van der Vaart. just pure elegant ball-handling, weaving it between players like a falling leaf.

    I really hope he’ll be the next van der Vaart. and I still am. all the best wishes for him and his beloved ones.

    I wonder how Donny van de Beek feels right now. every throwback pictures/videos of Nouri. their video with Touzani. he’s almost always there. he grew up together with Nouri. I really hope he’ll be able to hold on…

  5. wilson says:

    Feyenoord agrees to sign both Ridgeciano Haps and Jerry st Juste. Good for both players as this will a be step up for them especially by playing in CL.

  6. Miguel Rosado says:

    It looks like Gio is being smart enough to replace the likes of Kongolo, Elia and Karsdorp. RVP might be

    PSV also with some interesting moves with Van Ginkel back, Hirving Lozano is a good player I know him as I am Mexican. Locadia finally fit, it looks like Van Nistelrooy and Nillis are working hard with PSV’s center forwards I like that.

  7. Jan says:

    Thanks for all your kind comments. I’m the same as Depay9. I needed to do this before giving attention to anything else re: football.

    Dutch Lionesses won their first EC match vs Norway (top side) 1-0.

    The Haps/St Juste signings are inspired. Another two great prospects for Feyenoord, Oranje and a big money move in 3 years.

    I’m a big Amrabat fan too. Classy midfielder.

    At Ajax and Feyenoord, the key leaders are still there (Ziyech, Schone, Veltman for Ajax; El Ahmadi, Jones for Feyenoord). PSV lost a key player in Guardado so the dressing room hierarchy needs to get a shuffle. I think Van Ginkel will step up.

    As for Nouri: he did have what Van der Vaart had, but Nouri was super light and quick too, whereas Rafa always struggled with his weight.

    I really can see why they compare(d) him to Cruyff and Iniesta. Featherlight and shrewd.

    Such a waste. I wonder what the debrief will look like when they analyse the actions of the medical response team….

    • vanfadly says:

      true, Jan. that’s why I’m really looking forward to see Nouri finally reach the top stage, because seeing vdV best days was already a thrilling experience to me.

      • Emmanual says:

        Van der vaart was an artist.. Most of the time i felt that with Vaart we were more dangerous upfront than Sneijder honestly,coz Vaart is such an unselfish player,he wont shoot every now and then like Sneijder.Anyways he had to sit in bench under Dark era of Bert he is gone.
        Nouri looked really good and he was a hope for us.Sad for him and NT.We lost Ziyech by stupidity and we lost Nouri to bad of my known person was bed ridden for 7 years after a spinal injury,but he came back,though he didnt play after that but lives a normal life and has kids.

  8. Miguel Rosado says:

    @Emmanual: Dark era under Bert van Maarwijk? we reached the WC final and we lost against the Spanish’s best team in their football history!!!. Yes EC 2012 was a disaster but he reached the WC final!!!.

    Sneijder was way better than Van der Vaart. Rapha might be an artist but Sneijder is an artist, a winner and a much better player than Van der Vaart. Sneijder has given so much to The Netherlands.

    • vanfadly says:

      agreed on that. vdV was too inconsistent. still, on their best of form, I’d pick vdV over Sneijder.

    • Emmanual says:

      @Miguel…i dont want to add much..just remember the words of Johan Cryuff after WC2010.
      We got the name thugs.
      JC was pissed of by dutch hurt him a lot.
      Entry to dutch NT was impossible for any new players.
      He just relied on 3 extra ordinary players to score goals.they carried him especially Roben and Sneijder.
      When ever bert wanted goal,Roben,sneijder,RVP,even Vaart and kuyt gave him goals.
      Bert was a lucky rider of our immensly talnted fab4.He just got benefitted from it.
      He didnt play strootman in Ec2012 when stroot was in great form..instead he went with Bommel.
      Vaart was never used properly.
      RVP had to sacrifice evrything,he seldom scored under Bert,while he was a top scorrer under San mark from2006 to 2008 and then 2012 to 2014 under LVG.
      Finally deservedly he got humiliated in EC2012.
      End of the story..

      • vanfadly says:

        I always like the Euro 2008 lineup.

        Sneijder – vdV – Robben
        De Jong – Engelaar/vBommel/Strootman

        simply because we don’t have a really proper left winger (the old Elia/Afellay).

        Kuyt should be RB since 2010 (or perhaps 2008, but Boulahrouz did great).

        but Jan’s right. that time’s already passed. now we only have Sneijder and Robben.

        • Emmanual says:

          strootman never played in 2008 for NT..he came in to team after 2010.Thats a blunder Vanfadly..
          Englaar was not good..Dejong was king in 2008.
 was kuyt who started with Vaart and sneijder in 2008 EC..Both Deadly duro RVP-Roben were injured in every match and they played only 45 minutes maximum in any match..
          It was astonishing brilliance of Vaart,Sneijder,RVN,Roben,RVP got us such victories.even they played 20 minutes..Those guys are deadliest attacking 4 in the world till 2014…San mark was unlucky He lost Roben vs Russia,Got RVP only 45minutes…while Bert was a lucky rider..

  9. Depay9 is the best says:

    @emmanuel does not know how to judge players. He thinks Memphis depay is trash though clearly he is one of the best in the world

    • Sybe Pals says:

      that’s emmanual, you forget to spell it wrong – his name is Tiju and he has been posting nonsense here for many years.. better get used to scrolling past his insults and his rants.

      probably only him who hates Memphis, though I think a few may disagree with ya as for best in the world 😉

      • wilson says:

        Im jus wondering how Tiju will twist and turn when Depay starts improving with more games at Lyon.which he will for sure. I wont be suprised either if he is deployed upfront as striker with Lacazette gone now. Usually he eats his own words in this kind of situation but I jus want to see what he typically comes up with when depay hits form at lyon. Looking at lyon last season I thought Fekir,Lacazette,and Depay were playing too congestingly and were cancelling each other out alot, but now with lacazette gone, hopefully they will be able to breathe more space. Traore and Depay- two men up front and Fekir behind them could be one option.they have also signed Mariano Diaz from Real Madrid who also plays as a striker so he could well be lacazettes replacement.on another note I think they should move for loic remy who is rotting in epl.he is a experienced striker and can resurrect his career at lyon.

        • Emmanual says:

          When did i had to eat my words??You dont have to wonder Wilson.??Evrytime time Daley Blind plays well u are eating ur words..Daley literally FU#$$Ks u with his performance every time.
          Apart from that 2 fluke goals vs Luxumburg Most of the people had imploded at Depay whenever he played..
          i have never seen an over weight slow forward succeeding in top level football.
          So success of Depay is less likely there.

          • wilson says:

            Everybody knows daley Blinds weakness and in which types of games he is likely to bomb. The reason why im always picking up his flaws is simply because I know with more competition at LB he will be exposed and which daddy danny made sure never happened under him. He is a team player and alot depends who he is playing with or who he is up against. Dont think this is Depay problem.

          • Depay9 is the best says:

            Depay is not overweight or slow at all. He’s gonna be amazing this season

  10. Sybe Pals says:

    great post Jan, thanxx
    (sigh… )

  11. van banger says:

    Nice tribute Jan, I hope it makes you feel better , based on the comments about Nouri, I think he would want everyone to go out and have a kick and stay in love with the game. We can only hope that he comes out of the coma and can live a normal life.
    Thanks to everyone for all of the transfer updates, it’s getting me primed up for the start of the season (worldwide). ATM “Le Tour” is keeping me going with a lot of Dutch riders competing, even winning a stage 2 days ago”
    Hup Holland

  12. wilson says:

    Taking about strikers, whats happening to vincent janssen at Spurs. Is he going or staying?

    • van banger says:

      I’ve not heard anything to suggest he is going, Spurs have been very quiet in the transfer period, no major signings. I hope Janssen stays for another season and gets a chance to prove himself.

  13. van banger says:

    Excluding the Walker transfer out of course !

  14. Jan says:

    I happen to agree with Tiju on Van der Vaart. I also believe Bert would have done better even with Rafa. We never controlled matches in the WC2010, except for the second half vs Brazil and I believe Rafa played in that.

    The two holding mids were too static. I would have played Rafa for Nigel de Jong.

    But that’s all in the past now. Yes, we reached the finals but the flow was not in the team.

    • JB says:

      I agree as well. Had our backline been stronger, we probably would have played with just one holding mid (van Bommel or de Jong) and gotten VDV more game time in an attacking role. He was fantastic when given the freedom and license to go and create, but BVM obviously felt that a tighter rein was needed and that two defensive mids were necessary — which led to the whole 4 up front / six in the back split.

      That final vs Spain was so disappointing and VDV might have made the difference had he been introduced earlier than the 99th minute…

      • Emmanual says:

        Sneijder deflection goal vs Japan,Tight game vs Denmark…We created very less chances upfront ,but we were lucky that we scored some goals by by luck an extreme efficiency of 2 players..Header goal from 1.7 meter Sneijder was lucky.this was due to lack of cretivity up front…
        RVP was overlooked,he sacrificed a lot to make some creativity..kuyt was playing upfront and he was BUSY WITH BACK PASSES,our every move and flair ended once kuyt got ball in final third.
        We should have played Vaart as shadow striker and moved RVP to wing..
        With kuyt ,Elia coming from bench..

  15. Emmanual says:

    How about Lukakku Vs vincent janssen???
    i think Vincent is much more clever striker than overrated lukakku.Who just relies on his own muscle..

    • vanfadly says:

      once Janssen realise that he IS A STRIKER, he’ll be better than Lukaku. Janssen plays just like Crouch, he prefers being a wall, not enough movement for me.

      Lukaku, muscular, but knows how to properly use it. 20-ish goals at Everton is no fluke (I thought Everton midfield last season was a joke).

    • JB says:

      I like Janssen’s work in pressing without the ball. He creates a lot of dangerous opportunites for his teammates with his workrate. I don’t think he’s a top notch striker by any means, but with enough talent around him (Robben, Sneijder, Memphis, Promes, etc.) he can be very impactful.

      Lukaku is vastly overrated in my view. He’s like a slightly bigger Benteke. It’s one thing to be able to score consistently when playing for a smaller club who is rarely in possession (Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, West Brom) and you have opportunities on the counter and set pieces. It’s another to be the attacking focal point of one of the biggest clubs in Europe and the primary focus of opponents’ defensive schemes. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong, but I doubt he’ll score half as many goals as Zlatan did for United last season.

  16. aanvalluh says:

    This is a nice post, Jan, for a tragic situation. So bizarre that some people can be oxygen deprived for much longer than others with far less impact on their brain. Two people I know (healthy, fit people) have lived through roughly similar heart anomalies in the past year and both escaped without any permanent brain damage. But Nouri, with trainers and paramedics close at hand, was not so fortunate. Terrible.

    Watching the video, there is an amazing amount of Cruyff in this kid– his changes of direction really look like JC in a way that you rarely see. Also the unorthodox touches on the ball to make it do what he wants in the blink of an eye– streetball or freestyle stuff that you don’t see at the level of professional football.

    Hoping for the best for him and his family.

  17. Depay9 is the best says:

    Van Persie is probably going to Feyenoord. It’s a good thing because if they want any chance at succeeding they will need a better striker than jergensons

    • wilson says:

      PSV have not given any jersey number to Adam Maher and have told him to look for new club before the transfer window closes. Its really heart breaking to see talents like him go to waste specially when he such a big prospect coming up the ranks.was not bad either on loan in Turkey. I think the competition at PSV took its toll on him especially with the arrival of Van Ginkel .

    • Emmanual says:

      Nouri was like a breeze,sad we lost our messi….
      Justin kluivert,Bazoer,Ramseelar,Deligt were astonishing…Justin has got pace that will handy against France if we play him instead that Bodybuilder..Fosu mensah a proven winner in EPL were Depay choked.
      De ligt>>Veltman

      • Depay9 is the best says:

        They obviously won’t play them in the biggest game of the qualifying stage when they haven’t played a single game for the National team. The only person who did was de ligt and he lossed us an important game. I would be surprised if they chamged up the lineup from last game

        • Depay9 is the best says:

          Except maybe van dijk for hoedt

        • Emmanual says:

          @@Depay9 is the best”””—–
          1-Playing a CB in a crunch match is so risky,its gamble and no one does it ,whenever we do that could end up in disaster..But Fosu Mensah had some astonishing games for Manu under LVG.
          De ligt was paired with our worst CB BMI..that was a blunder by Blind..
          Blind should have veltman+ Hoedt in that match ..
          2.While playing an attacking forwrad winger in debt can end u sucees and opponent know little aboout him,or they may careless for unknown player..
          3.Most important point is Defenders are under pressure cooker not the forwards..Defenders has a svere responsibility to guard..while Forwrads are free and less pressured,they may not score goals but they wont be blamed..
          4.Depay was pathetic at his level best in last games..We need SPEED+TRICKERY+STAMINA+ACCURACY+VISION IN WINGS…
          ROBEN HAS EVERYTHING so one side we are okay.
          While Depay has trickery only,may be little vision also he has..
          Justin is thin,speedy,energetic,has vision,stamina..He can torment the french defense if not scoring…That would make french in back foot in both wings..
          One top of everything we need a solid and ALERT DM vs France..strootman was horrible,these days..
          So we need to go there either with Gini or Justin kluivert.NEVER WITH PROMES OR DEPAY
          on bench

          • Depay9 is the best says:

            No the lineup is

            I would be surprised if more than one thing was changed

          • vanfadly says:

            Karsdorp for Veltman. Hoedt for vanDijk.

        • vanfadly says:

          as long as Van Dijk still stuck with the Liverpool saga (if it lasts till the end of transfer window), I think it’s best to go with DeVrij-Hoedt/DeLigt. Southampton excluded him from the pre-season trip, if it last until the beginning of EPL, then he won’t be match-fit.

  18. wilson says:

    Ake, st juste or Riedewald. one of the three has to break into that DM Position.Maybe not vs France but in friendlys or vs Luxembourg, Belarus or Bulguria in second round, where they can get more minutes at international level and this is where DA should focus more in the coming months and in the build up to WC. sneijders situation also is not looking bad and I dont think he will he is going to serie A or MLS.instead homecoming looks set to be on the cards with Utrecht front runners. the transfer window is about to close and his decision will definitely have a big impact on whether he goes to WC or not.i can see him as a good impact players provided if he plays regularly till world cup and is in descent form. If he moves to MLS, he can forget about WC.

    • wilson says:

      ” Looking bad”

    • vanfadly says:

      Utrecht won’t be able to pay Sneijder’s salary. I don’t think any Eredivisie clubs can pay his demanded salary.

      Riedewald finally signed by Crystal Palace. with that, I think BMI won’t move there (main CB/LB/DM already filled). Stoke also already signed Zouma on loan, so BMI won’t move back there too. he also said that he want to challenge for a place at Porto. wish him luck.

  19. wilson says:

    The only players I would like to see play from the last selection is jurgen locadia and Van Ginkel and maybe clasie.sneijder is a doubt for me and if he doesnt play then he shouldnt be called. Jens toornstra or Van ginkel should get nod in Centre.

    Janssen also for me doesnt look like he will be able contribute much in crunch games.watched him vs PSG and often invoved in passing phases in and around the box. Never looked like scoring and the PSG defenders were too dominant on him pushing him out everytime he received the ball.


    Locadia- van Ginkel-Robben

    Strootman – wijnaldun

    Blind- Van Dijk-De Vrij- Karsdorp



    Locadia/ Depay-promes

    Van Ginkel- toornstra

    Strootman/wijnaldum- clasie

    Bring on the french.

    • Depay9 is the best says:

      Janssen just needs to find his confidence back. He has the potential to be one of the best strikers in the world but he hasn’t looked himself with the spurs

      • Emmanual says:

        He ha splayed really well for NT..He has confidence he needs playing time get rythem..
        He 10000000000000 times better than Depay in all last NT games…HE MADE THE DIFFERENCE which Depay and Dost could not do…
        Did you watched last orange games?????

        • Depay9 is the best says:

          Of course I did. And those were against teams that may as well not exist. Anyone would have confidence going in. Against a team like France that all changes

  20. wilson says:

    Is there any friendlys before the french game?

  21. Emmanual says:

    Joel veltman VS lyon ….Bosz had to hide Joel from fast agile lyon forwards..So Tete came in and Tete..F$$$ked anyone who came against him…
    Strootman is to inconsisnat for a trust worthy DM…
    then Depay he is no way better than Williams,Wijnaldum,Annholt and Justin…So he should be throwed out of team..

    • Emmanual says:

      these 3 are our weak points, we must address it..

      • Depay9 is the best says:

        I have a feeling you were the biggest fanboy of depay when he played for PSV and then after he didn’t play so well in Manchester you started hating him because you are such a bandwagon and know nothing about sports

        • Emmanual says:

          i was sure that Depay had talent,he HAS…But he bottled it up…sixpacks,biceps,He became so bulky,this hapend with me as player as well,i was literally crying after i came to know that i lost my agility and speed after bulking….
          Depay has got enough chance to get us to EC2016 and WC2018…He has done nothing bar 2 fluke goals vs Luxumburg…
          this is not the time to experiment with depay at LW..We need some one who can be a nuisence in french defense..
          Anotony martial will tear up Veltman and Van dijk..
          Pogba will pocket Kevin strootman.
          We need urgent replacement for 3 of them.
          Best would be Fosu VS Pogba..
          if you shut Pogba u have 50% chance of winning…with speedy boys up front…like
          on bench

        • Emmanual says:

          No didnt…In manchester i realised,HE ID DONE WITH BULK UP…

  22. Emmanual says:

    Roben at 32..he still thin and fast..No muscle build up like stupids do…
    Look at cryuff
    look at George best
    Look at Zidane
    Look at Giggs
    Look at messi.
    You dont have sh%%^&&t in gym to be a better footballer…

  23. Emmanual says:

    THIS jobless over gyming phyical trainers and doctors are disgrace to modern football..
    Nouri is suffering coz of B!@@SEEtard medicals…Who are all just copy cats..just boook worms.Doesnt know the physiology of the humanbody…

    • wilson says:

      Utter shit and again writting without knowing the facts. Were you f**ken diarrhoea pliz.

      • Emmanual says:

        You stupid F^&UKing piece of shit….Have ^you ever heard about Delaying of treatment by mis diagnosis???Idi&**ot???
        I have seen people escaping with timely interventions.Idio$%t wilson..You want to cut Virgil hair to increase his agility..there are idi%%ots like you in medical profession as well..
        Go and work with well learned doctors,they will F##$uvk u for even 1 second delay..
        I am sure some stupid would have taken it lightly as its just heat stroke etc…
        Then there is bodybuilding trainerd with football clubs…Wha the fu%%%ck is that.??
        You dont need heavy muscle and bulky body to rule this beautyful game..Loook at players from Cryuff,ineasta,xavi,pirlo,Maldini..None of them had the bulky upperbody of current generation…
        these physical trainers play a role in that..
        Do Roben has upperbody liek Depay??
        No never even at 32 he doesnt have that..
        These physical trainers are spoiling many players mainly english players ,i am happy Ajax doesnt entertain that,So is bayern and barca..Rest i dont know..

        • Depay9 is the best says:

          All the players you named were in the past and Iniesta and Xavi didn’t have pace anyway. Depay isn’t a body builder and he isn’t getting slower. You can still be strong and fast look at usain bolt he isn’t skinny at all

          • Emmanual says:

            Usian is just 100 runner,Depay has much more to do..Depay has to play 90 minutes and needs supreme stamina..Usian bolt do gym but thats normal,he is so tall and legs are lean or normal ,upper body is not bulky..That was stupid comparison.
            Ineasta and Xavi has won everything for a footballer,with out pace ,their positions didnt demand that.Xavi played from deep many times ,he also could have bulk up,but he stayed like a footballer..
            This is not the right time to RISK WIth Depay..We have Wijnaldum,Annholt,Justin who are all better than Depay in our situation…

        • vanfadly says:

          do you really have any idea to what was actually happened to Nouri? please don’t point finger towards anyone. nobody knows what actually happened there except the medical personnel and Ajax.

          • Emmanual says:

            THERE WAS A MEDICAL DELAY..thats for sure i dont know who that was..

          • wilson says:

            So what do you think the medics should have done or did not do. Delay of which trestment and which miss diagnosis😷

    • wilson says:

      Team news: Marcel Keizer has left both Daley Sinkgraven and Mitchell Dijks at home with neither fit enough to take part. Striker Mateo Cassierra and winger Vaclav Cerny are also unavailable.

      • vanfadly says:

        Ajax XI v OGC Nice Onana, Veltman, Sanchez, De Ligt, Viergever, Van de Beek, Schone, Ziyech, Kluivert, Younes, Dolberg

        Sub: Van Leer, Neres, Huntelaar, Eiting, De Jong, Dankerlui, Zeefuik

        Nouri was supposed to be there… 🙁

        • andrew says:

          (deep sigh), yes he was

        • vanfadly says:

          it ended 1-1, w/ goals from Balotelli & van de Beek respectively. nice gesture in celebration from vdB.

          the game started slowly for Ajax, didn’t create much chance at first half, too much fouls (and bookings). I thought vdB will play bad throughout the game, but he proved me wrong by stepping up his game. for me he’s MotM (him or Sanchez). the frontline weren’t lethal at all. the substitutions of De Jong and Neres really turned the tide.

          Kluivert still has a long way from NT. Neres was way better tonight. even Younes (who played bad too) was better than him.

          also, seeing how De Ligt played, I think Hoedt is ahead of him. unless he makes it up in the next games.

          • andrew says:

            @vanfadly, Thanks for the match report. I could only follow via the text commentary, so have no observations. I did notice that De Jong was mentioned frequently after he came on. How did he look? (The little I saw of him last year impressed me.)

          • vanfadly says:

            he, along with Neres, brought more dynamic into the play. they threatened even more than Younes-Dolberg-Kluivert. they were more eager and smarter on taking on the defenders.

            but the fact was, the whole team spirit were lifted up after vdB scored. add to that, Balotelli picked up a knock, so Nice wasn’t really as threatening.

  24. Depay9 is the best says:

    I know we have been discussing what the Netherlands will lineup as but what do you think France’s starting 11 will be?

    • vanfadly says:

      1. Cillessen (I think Dick prefers him than Zoet)
      2. Veltman (Karsdorp probably won’t gain sufficient match fitness, he’s not playing v Tottenham)
      3. De Vrij
      4. Hoedt/De Ligt
      5. Blind
      6. Strootman
      8. Wijnaldum
      10. Klaassen (Sneijder is still clubless, no match fitness)
      11. Robben
      9. Janssen
      7. Depay/Promes

      it’s not my preference. but it’s the most probable XI.

      another probable callups: Vorm, Tete, Bruma, BMI, Willems, Viergever, Bazoer, Vormer, Toornstra, Vilhena, Ramselaar, Dost, Lens

      • wilson says:

        karsdorp has had a knee operation. he will be out for 4 four weeks and has been scheduled to be back before the season starts proper.

        France has all the luxury in the world right and they can go any formation right now or can come up with three solid teams.if you look at their last game players vs England, players like , Payet, Griezmann, Rabiot, Matiudi were all on the bench and didnt even play. Kante and Probga combo in the midfield will be absolutely lethal if they go 4-4-2 and with two strikers up afront. again i expect Deschamps to decide on the match day or after from the training sessions on which formation to use. they could be the best team in the world right now.

        • wilson says:

          klaassen vs France. I dont think DA will follow Dannys foot steps. if he does, match made in heaven, countdown to 2020 and 2022.

          • vanfadly says:

            actually I’d rather put Promes on 10.. or Wijnaldum/Toornstra.

          • Emmanual says:

            Neither Promes Nor Klassen has what it takes to suceed Sneijder…Only players we have that is Ramseelar,Bazoer,Clasie,Nouri(he wont be there anymore)..
            U need players with exemplary vision in that 10 spot..with amazing skills on ball..

  25. wilson says:

    club Brugge and İstanbul Başakşehir also drew 3-3. Denswil with a double while Elia was also on target for İstanbul Başakşehir.

    • vanfadly says:

      was surprised too. I was checking out on Vormer, but turned out Denswil gave the goals.

      I guess we should say goodbye to Elia?

      • Emmanual says:

        off course with out doubt…
        If Justin kluivert is that bad ,how bad is Depay??Even after plethora of SU@@@King performances, no other player got as much as chances in NT as Depay got..
        We must stick on
        Janssen–Roben-Babel-Lenz-Locadia for striker spot…for some time….No other has quality..

  26. AZ-forever says:

    Very sad performance of Dutch clubs in Europa League today. Utrecht- Lech 0:0 and PSV lost at home to very modest Croatian club 0:1. If we continue this way we will never get to top ten clubs…

    • andrew says:

      That is disappointing. Especially PSV. Their mf was Ramsselar, Hendrix, Van Ginkel, all young guys who have been touted for the last couple of years. They have their chance now. Lets hope it was a first game/early in the season thing.

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