1. Really didn’t knew the guy when I was growing up but talk about love , respect and honorJC could be well on par with other greats like Pele and maradona who in some expects were outdone by him. RIP

      1. Exactly, Wilson. Amen and RIP.

        Saw a program on Cruyff a few years ago. Sjaak Swaart had the last word. “Pele, Maradona, Cruyff. The rest of us were just passing through. But, Johan, he was the best.”

        Thank you, Jan, for this piece.

          1. You are right, Jan. I hadn’t had the time to open the longer links when I first looked at your wonderful and moving tribute, and when I first posted. It only dawned on me after I started watching several hours later.

            I certainly wasn’t meaning to step on anything you posted. Yours is terrific.

            Thank you, again.

  2. Great Johan and one and only Johan…
    Timothy mensha had anther stellar game,his workrate is very good,great speed very fast,almost win every challenge..had great save and an assist….while Depay was warming his A@##sin bench..desevedl as LVG understood if he play this floppay it will cost his job as Depay has done his work.
    if Jose takes i can see future of depay in turkish league..
    Timothy delivers Depay chokes..Timothy is becoming fan favorite..

  3. De room today is getting too much praise in the Italian media after the Milan game, he was for many of the Italian websites man of the match!!
    de Roon 7,5 – Domina in mezzo al campo. Recupera tantissimi palloni e li gestisce con grande qualità. Decisivo nell’azione del gol vittoria dell’Atalanta. Un gigante. Dal 78′ Milgiaccio s.v.
    They say here he is dominant in midfield, has so much quality, gigantic!!

  4. watched Southampton and Leicester. I havnt checked the stats but Van Dijk was absolutely a beast in the defense for Southampton, unfortunately the same could be said for the Leicester back-line who kept Mane and Pelle at bay all night,even though southamoton had more ball position and attack wise. they dealt with everything that were thrown at them. were lucky also as Southampton was derived of a clear penalty after manes break so the ball hit one of the defenders hand.

    Clasie was ok playing along side wanayama and again he looks good in more advanced role . Koeman started with 5-3-2 and then switched to 4-3-3. Clasie was replace by James Ward Prowes

    1. wat about foul on vardy who was through on goal???>leciester could have burried the game,they bottled thier chances..
      How u rate skinny fast Vardy and Bodybuilder frog Depay???Does muscles affect speed??i mean muscle mass??

  5. in fact, Timothy Fosu-Mensah can jump into senior Orange team without u21 level if he appear regularly in Manu team. Our Orange need some new wind like him.

    @P/S i remember few week ago i tried to search him on wiki but couldn’t see now already there => right direction 🙂

  6. we also should give chance to someones such as de Roon, Hoedt whom have most appeared in their senior team at same position of big league Serie A as they are still young and developing well.

  7. where are the stupids who say Mensah is not yet ready for orange and still want to support Depay????????ha haha

  8. @Migual u can like depay thats ur freedom,i dont mind it.i dont like him as he is more in to other stuffs like bodybuilding,thigh muscle building especually,Rollsroyce chasing,tatoo on top of it not helping his defenders when he play and offcourse he never plays well Vs a good team and plays like king vs Minows.
    but we clearly have a disagreement that u say he has future,while i dont see future in him…End of the story..So far he plays crap and he is proving Tiju is right…thats how actually it is,i mean truth…Hope u got it.
    then comes
    “”””””By the way you said “if Robben can be selected of course Mensah can be selected as both are success in their clubs”. Are you smoking weed while you write on the blog? because it’s unbelievable that you even dare to compare Robben who is a UCL winner, a WC fnalist to an 18 year old Fosu Mensah who has played only some games for the Senior Man U team.””””””””””
    this is STUPID understanding of MY statement ,i would LIKE TO POINT THAT ,here no compares Mensah with Roben…
    All i said was both plays crucial role in their team and should be selected.i mean in TOPCLASS TEAM in better leagues.not lazio…
    Mensah was really good and handy he played much better than Virjil,Blind of current CBs…so why not he???
    please i dont want to talk abt this anymore..as u lov to support a shit player(Depay) who plays like real shit for MAnu and u dont want to see the developmennt and improvement and capability shown by an young player when he was given chance…and still u have time to support Floppay…ITS AMAZING Miguel..

  9. wilson
    OK this is crap man.. But then again it’s coming from Tiju so no surprises there.

    Tiju go and find the stats for Wesley Hoedt at Lazio first and then talk about TFM.

    TIJU1234 April 3, 2016 at 4:46 am
    Lazio who???who are them infront of Manu???Nothing…nothing…when did they won anything???Lazio who??Hoedt who???u go and follow afellay ,Hoedt etc…all ur favorite players are bigflops..if u want to follow hoedt just do it and follow no one cares…and u r against one of the best players of Manu i mean Blind.Blind is physically weak but he is way better than ur Vrijil vandijk and hoedt…Go and smoke weed or whatever u do…i know u r so stupid and dumb…

  10. 1 vote for TFM to be first call up to Orange 🙂 not because of his assist to help Matial scored and help Manu win a very important game, be honest i think that moment he also could not believe that assist will pass some players of Eveton :), we appreciate him because his overall performance 🙂

    In my country, the people have a sentence ‘If you win a person then you surely deserve with their position’. At this moment we can see TFM only 18 but he even dominate Macos Rojo who now playing for Argentina nation team. So a question for Danny Bline. 🙂

    1. “”””In my country, the people have a sentence ‘If you win a person then you surely deserve with their position’. At this moment we can see TFM only 18 but he even dominate Macos Rojo who now playing for Argentina nation team. So a question for Danny Bline. :)”””””””””
      Logically,emperically well said..Amen…
      Blinds are still supporting Floppay…….
      I dont count on assist or it might be like Depay slefgoal assists..

  11. One more thing guys, not sure if you guys agree with me on this or not, recently after Cocu took over PSV i am feeling that our player at PSV developing very good even better than Ajax, especially after they reached good result from Champion League even A. Marid not easy to win them. Some players such as Zoet, Bruma, Propper, Willems, Hendrix. I am feeling that now even Zoet is better than Cillessen.

      1. Not true, Zoet is pretty decent at stopping penalty shots.

        Actual stats:
        Zoet: saved 7, not-saved 28 (20%)
        Cillessen: saved 2, not-saved 29 (6.4%)

        1. i didnt see his excellent vs Athletico were he could have saved a least one before that stupid narsingh took the kick..but he is deal while play…

  12. @Tiju: I like TFM but he has played very little for Man U’s senior team. Like yesterday he only played 45′. I also think he has an amazing potential and I really hope LVG gives him more minutes. If he keeps playing like this with Man U’s senior team then he might get a call from Blind but I doubt Blind will call a player that has played 4-5 games.

    About Depay I think everyone has the right to have an opinion if you don’t see potential in him it’s Ok I guess I am crazy but I still.remember his time with PSV and also he did great in the WC.

    1. “”he did great in the WC.”””i think was ok that time,now very worse…
      Marcos rojo is very decent and very good defender,TFM is performing convincingly better than Rojo…TFM had more contribution to Manu in EPL than Depay..
      what i dont understand is that u are fond of Depay he flops in week in week out and other guys excels were he play..u cannt support the coz he is too young and played 5 games only….u need to look in to how a player plays rather than mere goals or result…i dont like Depay due to following reasons not just coz of he is not scoring…i have seen Depay doing well against mediocre defenders at lesser level opponent am not blind..

  13. Unfortunately didn’t get to watch the Man U game but from everything I’ve read Blind was the MOTM. This is now back to back amazing games for Blind who seems to be growing stronger and more confident as a central defender as the season progresses. This might actually be bad news for Fosu-Mensah. At the moment his best chance to break into Oranje is as a CB but as long as Blind keeps playing like a beast hard to see him playing there for Oranje or for Man U. Really hard for him to play for the national team as a LB at the moment with Pieters, Willems, Ake, and PVA all at the same position. That said he is doing a great job of cementing his place in the first team for next season!

    1. @dwherway….
      Agree Blind was excellent and amazing,just awesome, wht i dont understand is how it affects Mensah?????Really good form of Blind deosnt affcet him at all….
      Mensah can play LCB,RCB,LB,RB…he is much more capable than Vandijk,Peiters and williems and even Bruma and Blind are not spectacular at times…So how could you say it will affect him…
      He plays for MANU in top league,he does extremely well.He is playing 1000 times better tha million dollar sigings like Rojos,darmian, etc .
      18 year old thats the mistake he has????..He plays way better @dwherway he deserves a call on merit…he is consistant..just join team in 2014 and now in senior team that too he has preserved at least 6 point for Manu his own effort….

      1. Yes I see what you’re saying TIJU and if he continues his good form and actually gets a few starts he is in line for a call up regardless of which position he’s playing especially thanks to his versatility. I was just personally wishing that he would get a chance to play at CB as I see that as a bigger need going forward for both MAN U and Oranje. I totally agree with you about him outperforming Rojo. I hope he is gone in the summer and TFM and CBJ are kept in the first team.

        1. @DWherway..Real threat is Jose taking over from LVG,that would be a disaster for younger ones ..Jose maurihno is a confident booster and manger of players.Not a great coach or professor of football.he is extreamly opposite to wenger,LVG,klopp kind of natural coaches..i am sure Depay will be thrown out deservedly but he is not goin to trust youngser or develop anyone…
          Have u ever heard Jose developed any player?????No..he always just manage the developed players At this point at 18 mensah needs a coach like Blanc,LVG,wenger,klopp,tuchel,Cocu kind not Jose…thats what worries me..

          1. Selling Depay after one season would be extremely stupid. Kind of like selling Angel Di Maria after one season. Yes I completely agree with you about Mourinho. LVG really has not done a good enough job in his two years but I would still prefer him over Mourinho.

  14. ——Janssen——–Wijnaldum—-

    would be an awesome team
    Second 11
    ——-Donyll mallen—-Promes——

  15. @Tiju: I am not Depay’s biggest fan if that’s what you think. I also don’t like his attittude. I wouldn’t play him either at the moment all I am saying is that he has potential and can have a future but I wouldn’t bet my money on him.

  16. Timothy Fosu-Mensah now has 182 minutes in the EPL. Good for him to get an assist this weekend, even if it was maybe deflected and also horribly defended.
    I hope he gets lots more minutes and shows some consistency before we start to hype him up too much.

    1. @sybe pals..u can degrade Mensah that ur freedom…i consider defelected assist better than assisting slef goals hence costing JOB of a manager who trusted u enough and gave chance after chance by benching senior players..
      Anyways i am not concerned about asiist or goal…the MENSAH showed AUTTHORITY IN EVERY CHALLEHGE HE DID,and 2 of his save was top class,he did same vs Watford…
      As a defender u need to defend first ,,he simply class in his Job….i really shocked to see even flopped players are backed over really talented ones on this blog..

      1. I don’t think Sybe Pals is trying to degrade Mensah, he’s simply trying to make sure we don’t hype him up too much based on a small sample size. That being said I’m a firm believer in his abilities and if he’s given a few starts and I’m sure he’ll have us all convinced including Sybe Pals. Also what do you think his best position is going forward? For me its centreback.

  17. Cruyff’s minute of silencie in the Amsterdam Arena was amazing really. People have so much respect for him and what he’s done.

    I am very happy in Barcelona they recognized his work so much.

  18. Pliz guys let’s don’t count the eggs before they hatch. If they make it big,well and good for NT. Remember Jetro Willems in Euro 2012. Was seen as the next best thing. Until today he has only lived up to expectations for PSV. Pretty much average at NT level.

  19. Rekik, De Vrij, Martins Indi, Donk, Van Beek, Viergever, Denswil, Marcellis, Gouweleeuw….so many defenders that looked good at first and so many that disappeared.

    Mensah looks the real deal but he only played what? 3 games in the first team? It is ridiculous to have players like that put on the orange jersey.

    We should have Boetiues, Hendrix, Karsdopr, Buttner, El Ghazi, Cherry, De Leeuw, Vormer et al also in the team? Maybe we should field 23 players in the team??

    Give Mensah some time otherwise we’ll get another Memphis :-)?

    Look at how Robben and Van Persie were discussed when they were 21 years old. Robben was one-footed, spoilt, weak, diver. Van Persie was arrogant, selfish, difficult… etc etc.

    We seem to forget all this all the time.

    Beenhakker called Bergkamp, Schip, Van Basten etc the chips generation.

    Alan Hansen called the Class of 92 “kids’

    Give. Them. Time. And Keep. The. Faith.

    1. Agree to the bone Jan. You need some senior players in the team.
      Also I was looking at the French team,majority are black players and boy they add the thrust in the team especially when it comes to one on one tussles.as for NT,Bazoer seems to be quiet opposite. He is not rugged like Davids and Seedoorf but has the wheels to burn. A modern day midfielder I guess.

      Was watching lazio and Roma. Roma totally decimated Lazio 4-1. Hoedt was red carded in the 94 minute but midfield in front let the defense down.also had a header come of the post. Boy this Nainggolan guy ripped apart the Lazio midfield with so ease, even Biliga was left to ponder what’s happening. Strootman will really need to work hard if he wants to get his spot back. Even the likes of De Rossi was on the bench. Braafhied also had a nightmare game as the all the back four collapsed resulting in Poili being sacked and Inzaghi the new incoming coach.

        1. When did I say he was good.in case you have forgotten he was another of Van Gaals flop at Bayern. Anyways he should just retire now or come back to eredivisie.

          Another thing Tiju are you saying Man United is better than Lazio.

          1. offcourse????any doubt????agree on brapheid i just wanted to point out the level of brapheid and Lazio.both are on same level..thats it..

  20. As for Memphis, Tiju talks shit in my view.

    Memphis has demonstrated to be ridiculously talented. Whether he will weather this storm he is in, who knows.

    But he oozes quality, he doesn’t choke, and he has all the goods to become a big player on the world stage.

    Whether he will. no one knows. But this applies to all young players, including mensah.

    The fact that he doesn’t play much now at Man U is unfortunate. LVG sticks to his winning team.

    Comparing Memphis with Mensah or with Rashford is ridiculous. Rashford is a striker. He scores goals and he does well. Other than that, he is not contributing that much. Which is fine. He plays his role.

    Memphis plays in a different role. It’s apples and pears.

    If Memnpis needs to go when LVG goes, that doesn’t mean a thing. We had Robben, Sneijder, Huntelaar, etc all had to go. It’s part of the change in power not necessariy quality. Don’t believe Giggs and co don’t know how good Memphis can be….

    1. “””But he oozes quality, he doesn’t choke, and he has all the goods to become a big player on the world stage.”””
      “”As for Memphis, Tiju talks shit in my view.”””””.
      Memphis shits in bench now previously he was shitting on feild..THATS UNDENIABLE FACT.
      Quality????Quality in big worked up thighs??or pathetic work rate??or tataoos??i do agree he has quality Rollsroyce..Memphis was not ridiculous talented if so he would have been a success by now under LVG like kluivert,zeadorf,Davids,Xavi,Muller etc..its simple logic
      So i would say he was ridiculously talented when compared to amateurs.
      if u cannt develop under LVG the ur chances of development is zero in future..
      i do agree that he developed well his body 6 packs,with big thighs(which affected his efficient dribbling and speed)…i do see his future as bodybuilder or like Akinfewa..thats my view..

  21. Again I will take Janssen as a example here. His first two appearances has led to many teams scouting him now. It kind of marketing I guess when you get a opportunity at the top level which indeed will land him a lucrative deal. On the other hand we have Klaassen whom Napoli was offering 20-25 million but did not live up to the value and also expectation in the National outings. If more players get the Call up it will open more doors for marketing as what NT needs now is players playing in stronger leagues and in top 6 teams atleast.

    1. Wilson, what NT really needs is to keep younger players longer in Eredivisie until they mature and show consistent performance. What happens now is that one good season gets attention of big foreign clubs. They pay good money to the Dutch clubs and greedy and non-ambitious Dutch clubs sell that player. 1 out 50 players that go abroad at young age can not re-produce their form in foreign club and end up on the bench. Then they disappear. Look at Berghuis. He was developing well at AZ and he had not played one full season though. He went to Watford and disappeared. He is not even within bench-warmers. The same thing will happen to Janssen if he leaves AZ next season. Remember Janssen started scoring consistently only in the second half of the season. First 12 games he had zero on his score sheet.

  22. Also on TFM note, may be perhaps you would like to look at this guy. Alen Halilovic. Croatian wonderkid who broke into the senior team at 16 and then saw Barcelona sign him. Many believed he was the next Messi. Currently is on loan at Sporting Gijon.he also came up the ranks to fast and couldn’t cope up with high expectation.

  23. Manchester United have experienced a new power horse at their back. After a shaky performance by Marcus Rojo last night against Everton, Louis van Gaal had to take him off and it was the time for the young Fosu-Mensah to show what he is capable of. Darmain was sent to the left flank and this young Dutchman was at the right. Mensah wasted no time on the pitch and instantly put his mark on the game by assisting Anthony Martial who fired the ball into the back of the net.

    But when Blind was taken off, Valencia was introduced and eventually Mensah was positioned at Centre Back alongside Chris Smalling. Well, the player made his professional debut for United by replacing Rojo at Left Back and played in the position for the rest of the game.

    Considering all the above points, we can surely say that Manchester United might not need a new Centre Back. Mensah is capable of playing in every defensive positions and not just that, he played as a defensive midfielder while playing for Manchester United’s youth teams. He even played as a central midfielder in the academy. .

    Due to the injuries of senior players and Rojo’s poor performance this season, the young boy had his chance and he showed how tough he is to beat. Rojo was unable to grasp the pace of Gerard Deulofeu but Mensah gave a solid competition to the Spanish Winger.

    Fosu-Mensah might be a long term solution for the shaky Manchester United’s defence. He had a vigorous test against Sergio Aguero and Romelu Lukaku, but he handled them in style. Van Gaal, this time, made a tactical switch which would be praised by the fans. He took Michael Carrick off in place of Ander Herrera and as Blind was losing his every physical battle against the Belgian, he decided to give the youngster a key role in front of the goal knowing that the boy would be a tough contender to beat.

    He has made just 4 appearances for the club and has already played in three positions i.e Left Back, Right Back, Centre Back. The way he performed in all his matches, it seems like he is the missing jigsaw in the Manchester United’s puzzle.

    Being a Dutch Blood, the player has some excellent technical abilities. He has a great vision, can provide some deadly through balls that could work for the team in many cases. He has got pace and the attitude that could surely make him a leader at any club.

    United U21 boss Warren Joyce said: “He is a footballer.

    “If you’re looking for footballers, you’ve got to look at what their real strengths are. He played at the back for us and, in the first game against Salford, he was arguably at fault with their three goals.”

    He is very composed with the ball at his feet. He has a strong muscular built that could well be used against the strikers like Romelu Lukaku and Diego Costa. He also possesses the ability of being and an excellent passer of the ball.

    Just 18 years of age and the player has got the ability to play many different roles. These are the basic instinct of a true leader which he will be some day. Hopefully, in three to five years United will still have a manager who would love to give the youth their chance.

  24. I can’t believe I’m drawn into this discussion :-(….

    Walcott sits on the bench. THe Juve loanie at Bayerns spends time on the bench. Bony sits on the bench.

    Top clubs like Man U have many good players but only 11 can play. Memphis got his chances in the start of the competition (which I didn’t agree with) and now Martial is doing well as LW with Rashford playing striker.

    Bergkamp went to Inter when he was 24 years old and he couldn’t cut it either.

    As for tattoos, that is irrelevant. Buttner has them, Sneijder has them, Clasie even has them. What does that have to do with anything???

    Memphis went from protected player at PSV in Eredivisie to one of the young talents in the EPL. Big step. V Persie also needed one season if not more to settle.

    I wish you stop the hating. Surely, Hiddink, Cocu, Rutten, Pochetino, Van Gaal, Blind, Blanc can’t all be wrong?

    They’re wrong and Tiju is right? I don’t buy it, whatever you are selling.

    1. “””I wish you stop the hating. Surely, Hiddink, Cocu, Rutten, Pochetino, Van Gaal, Blind, Blanc can’t all be wrong?

      They’re wrong and Tiju is right? I don’t buy it, whatever you are selling.””””””
      Like all of them i also thought/fooled that Depay is crazy talent.After seeing his funny running with heavy legs and struggled dribbling made me think he has lost his pace and core stretgh. So i am convinced that he wont make it like Roben or RVP or Bergkamp.he will be just other Brapheid.they (forementioned are good mangers they will understand their fault in coming years.
      i still thank Barca would have won it had bergkamp and RVP{ played instead of freddy luinberg at 2006 CL.
      Bergkamp played under a italian manger and booed by fans ,never got support while Depay got everything fanslove,loyal coach,rollsroyce,girlfriend etc..
      so its just matter of time to prove that Tiju is very right..hope this settles..

    1. Ake is pure holding destroyer,since he is heavily talented like Wijnaldum and blind he play some positions.but i think he best at DM..
      timothy is one hell of a defender in making i mean like stam,maldini etc..its just matter of time ..i hope he doesnt do much gym stupidity…in my book Ake Vs Hendrix for DM i would take them both and i feel both are efficeint in their duties with ake looks slightly better..both can start as well..
      Timothy is needed in back line were dont have such fast CBs and solid LB too..
      So for me there is no compettion between them and both deserves to start in Orange and their as both outclassess their respective opponents..irrespective of age..

  25. I can’t see Ake at LB at all for NT.if you would have watched Arsenal and Watford last weel you would understand what I m saying.Berllin and Sanchez dag a tunnel on his flank.
    Was good to see Grim rotate him at DM against Norway but it was to light and too light.only played for 6 minutes replacing Hendrix.

    Rodney kongolo also is doing pretty good for City U21. Both him and malen scored in 2-2 draw
    as city pipped Arsenal on agg, resulting in City qualifying FA final.
    Was really surprised to see Winter never select him for the U19 Qualifications.

    1. Let’s wait and see where he ends up in the summer.Benitez is also closing monitoring him as it was under him that he made his debut for chelsea.

        1. Not very sure whether he is eligible to play for the U21s or no. Peps arrival at City could also put his future in jeopardy given if he goes for big names rather.

    2. @WILSON FYI I dont want to see Ake as LB at all..infact i get annoyed everytime i see him as LB,i want to see him as DM natural takeover from Dejong the beast..Since he is so good that he can play anywhere even as striker..i have seen highly talnetd players becomes utility players and got spoiled,i hope that desnt happen to him…
      Rodny Kongolo is very young 17/18 i think..i heard that he has something thats why Manshitty the plastic snatched him to spoil..i just pray that he develops well..so far i dont see him regular so no comments on him..

  26. It’s a shame we’re not going to the Euro. But I’m confident because there are so many former players involved in coaching:

    F. de Boer
    Van Basten

    We’ve also more experienced coaches who can advise or help in some way like obviously Mr. LVG, Hiddink, Advocaat, Jol, Co Adriaanesse, Van Maarwijk, Foppe de Haan.

    There is so much knowledge about football in Holland that’s why I am VERY CONFIDENT.

    I would really like LVG to work as an advisor in the KNVB after he is done at Man U.

  27. “””””wilson April 5, 2016 at 11:18 am
    Oops Kongolo is 22.”””””

    ””””””””””wilson April 5, 2016 at 10:06 pm
    No I was right Rodney is still 18 and did not feature for the U19s.”””””””””””
    what nonsense is this???

  28. Also to let’s you guys know,Napoli has long secured the buy out option for marteen de Room and its only a matter of time when they decide to use that clause.

    1. With Roben,Wesly ,Rfa,RVP,Dejong,Bommel,joris,Giovani,Heitinga @at their prime age.he should have won that WC as we faced only 1 real threat that was brazil QF.He just used kuyt for Rafa and he suckedd,Orange played boring football…It was all show by Roben and Sneijder Both found goals of their own,there no special tactics for Him…He was too bad for younger ones,he was so stuborn and biased so fianlly and deservedly he got humiliated at EC2012..
      It was LVG tactics and miracle lead us TO Wc and when Wc arrived LVG found the right team..
      Bert era was darkest and broing era of dutch whom depopualrised dutch name built by Johan and co..i feel he is disgrace to dutch football.

      1. Agree on the kyut over Rafa selection. Boy The back passes kyut did in that final,if only you had a whip to make him run straight,never to turn back.

    2. @Miguel i really get pissed of by the name Bert van marwijk..for me its Fart vanmarwijk.
      1-He was a poor player developer.
      2-He was stubborn
      3-He was biased and his own loby.
      4-No tactical plab B.
      5-blindly sticking with same team even after failures
      Why did he preferd Kuyt over Van dervaart???coz he is so stupid and coward…
      He was biased that he started all 3 games with van bommel instead of fit and flying Kevinstrootman..i have seen Kevin and Dejong literally kicked out everyone in Brazil friendly match..Orange played a nice game with Kevin-Dejong..
      willems or another LB should have been molded earlier or at least he could considerd buttner too..i think HE WAS AN a@##$$HOLE RUINED DUTCH NAME ended up with zero and zero future in EC2012..Honestly i really hate stuborn,blind folded coaches like him.He is outdated and at cost he should not be hire back,its like goin back to primitive age…

  29. Hey hey come body stop this guy.he on a rampage.another goal for Chery as he came of the bench to inspire QPR to a late draw vs Leeds.though it was a penalty but it was his introduction coming of the bench which certainly helped them win the spot kick

    1. YEA,,but cannot comment much as i saw only some youtube videos..anyways i didnt feel anything special..
      Xavi simons looks like a Messi in making…

  30. looks like Van Der Weil is heading to Roma with agreement reached with his super agent Mino Raiola. can be a turning point in his career if he fully commits himself to soccer.

    1. Van der weil turning point?????Hmmmm LOL.if u say crow can fly on reverse mode i can understand,..but this is too much from Van der weil ..

      1. Hard work always pays off,you jus have to make a genuine effort.if you know you are weak in something, you have to focus on that it or let’s say put an extra effort there. Van der weil half of the time is half naked posing for magazines and fashion shows.
        Jus needs to work hard and balance his game really.nothing much from my point of view.no expectation here,if he improves,good for NT and if he doesnt,good for him,he can become a playboy.

        1. Van der weils brian is not working or he might jst have that for sake of name…i doubt abt his hardwork…Stupidity is infinite and Weil is best example of that…

    1. Wonderful link Tiju. Thank you. May I remind you that I have backed Daley Blind from the day his name was whispered around the Ajax grounds as a highly talented player, who was the best of his youthful generation and was touted by JC, LVG and others to probably become our best player when mature? A lot of people – incl Tiju? – didn’t see it until…now I suppose?

      Football is a game you play with your mind, JC said. And Daley is the perfect example.

      1. Jan and I’m telling you he will always be the weakest link in the team. He is intelligent no doubt but you jus can’t expect to go and win a tournament banking on the weakness and strength of players.I think I have already talked about Demichelis. I don’t think he will survive when the competition for that LCB starts hotting up. Well maybe till Daddy Danny is there but the question is he won’t be there whole his life.

        For me one CB who seems to have it all is Jairo Reidewald.complete package.Van aken also.it will be interesting to see when these two hit their prime.

    1. So my friend why did u laugh when I put him as the starting central defender with Bruma in my ideal line up:)???
      I think him and Bruma can become an ideal partnership of covered well by two good defensive mids!!

      1. Alaa agreed i was not against Blind or neither was a fan of blind.if i laughed i dont know..i am not sure..anyways i was not a fan Blind being LCB..But considering Vrijil i think Blind is above him…Its always Blind Vs Wilson…
        Anyways Guy has improved as LCB this is am talking based on MAnu matches..still am worried about his physial presence though..

  31. Gks….
    Zoet/Vermeer/Krul/Cillessen….thats handy
    Bruma,Mensah,Blind,Devrij,Raidwald,Veltman,kongolo,Kevindijks,Tete,Willems thats luxuary……
    Holding mids
    thats quality
    thats quality too
    Luuk,Narsingh,Depay,Afellay thats crapiest shit we have now….

    stand bye
    Rest we can forget but Annholt can be picked by kicking out Depay as winger…

  33. Have we got any exciting prospects for the #10 role? Seems like that might be a weakness along with striker going forward. I know Wijnaldum can play there but he has failed to convince for the national team and might be better as more of a #8. Anyone else worth metnioning besides Klassen and Maher….

    1. Wijnaldum lacks something for a playmaker..But since we have shit of wing players…Wijnaldum and promes might play in wings…Wijnaldum was extreamly good for NT as DM..he has shown that in NT…
      What makes me worried is low quality of Depay,Afellay,Luuk,locadia narsingh and promes(Whom also i consider avergae at his best..)

    1. and the WC qualification remains in balance. cant remember when was the last time any dutch team failed to qualify for Successive major tournaments.

      As for Janssen. I personally would like to see him move to Ajax as Milik is high likely to depart from Ajax in summer. the reason why

      1. the reason why I took him as an example was simply because it only took him what 100-110 minutes to get his suitors into scouting him. this is what can happen if potential players who are playing in average teams get selected for NT because this is the only time when all the eyes are on you. .you think about what will happen if players like Buttner, Chery, De Roon, Ake will step on the big stage, don’t you think the results will be the same.
        Who will benefit??????

        1. even after getting 3 spots in group?????
          82–16 teams
          86—16 teams
          82 ec—-8 teams….so thats excusable….
          EC2016 is due to stupidity ans stubinness..

    1. I also fear wijnaldum will never reach his fully potential if he continues to play all over the park.he needs to decide his strongest position and start concentrating on it other wise he will also become jack of all trade, master of none.

      if you remember this guy, Marquinhos at PSG now, he was such a big talent at Roma before moving to PSG. he has been rotated all over in the back line at PSG,which has deprived him the chances of making the cut in the brazil team. you compare him with Ruiz, he is far more composed defender the him.

      I jus hope this doesnt happen to wijnaldum as there is a lot of good midfield players coming up in the ranks .him on the wings,again if he doesn’t play regularly at any preferred position its useless.

      1. Talk about the ghost,Barcelona has completed the signing of Marquinhos.another good capture of Barce.I think Man United too were after him.

  34. Memphis depay is the next eljero Elia, next move is a mid table German team (Hamburg, Frankfurt) for a couple of years and then back to eridivisie!!

    I remember how much hype we had about eljero during World Cup 2010, as he aslo was a very valuable sub in 2010 just like Memphis in wc 2014!!!
    Why didn’t eljero get to become a top player???

  35. @dwherwey
    Life after Sneijder and van der Vaart… sigh
    Here is my best answer to your question about the #10 role..

    First, players who have played in the role and I am sure can remain useful, some maybe forgotten/overlooked, some just under-used, and some just faded in some peoples opinions (not necessarily mine!):

    Afellay 86
    de Guzman 87
    Chery 88
    Toornstra 89
    Wijnaldum 90
    *Fer 90
    Propper 91

    Now born 92 or later.. more of prospects, ones who have not had much chance there, yet.
    Some maybe more of box to box mids, but again generally AM/CAMs:

    van Ginkel 92
    Klaassen 93
    Maher 93
    Vilhena 95
    *Singkraven 95
    Vloet 95
    Haye 95
    Amin 96
    Dos Santos 96
    Ramselaar 96
    Schuurman 97
    *Nouri 97
    *F de Jong 97
    Paal 97
    *Peeters 98

    (* = ones who I like in particular 😉 )
    So I do think the future can be good!

    1. Thanks for the list Pals. Not many of those older guys get me too excited haha so hopefully someone like Nouri can step up and fill that role in a few years time.

  36. Annholt——Janssen——Wijnaldum




    I dont think with this team no one will beat us…the hard Rock defensive line with Workholic midefilders and forwards….
    Second line11

    ————Van Ginkel————–


    Kongolo—–Veltman—Devrij—-Kevin diks

  37. This is a good article on how fucked up KNVB is and why the U21s never qualified for Rio Olympics.


    This is quite an old article
    and given the status right now it comes has no surprises that the senior team also couldn’t qualify. Past ,present , future. With the WC Qualifications on the horizon,only one can wonder what in store for NT with this two assholes at the helm.(Danny Blind and van Oostveen

    At one stage of the qualification this is how the team looked.



    Te Wierik, Van Beek, Rekik, Ake;

    De Vilhena (Ziyech 77), Ebecilio;

    Promes, Van Ginkel (Maher 83), Boetius (John 77);


    Subs: Van der Hart (g/k), Van der Hoorn, Denswil, De Sa.

    This was the squad in playoffs vs Portugal.



    Brenet,Rekik,Kongolo,Willem (Ligeon 71′)

    ,Ake, Maher(Drost 72′)

    Hupperts (El Ghazi 69′), John


    Subs not used
    van der Hart
    van Aken

    I mean look at that squad I jus don’t know what strategy they used in that 4-3-3 formation.

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