Oranje keen for some Turkish Delight

And we’re back!! After a long pause, in which yours truly had to muster the energy to keep on going as well.

A long spell without Oranje and some serious side effects getting used to an Oranje sans Van der Vaart and sans Van Persie. With Van Gaal gone and Hiddink not yet having a handle on the team and with our former heroes struggling with fitness (RVP, Fer, Strootman), relegation (Van der Vaart) or even playing time (Afellay, Stekelenburg, De Zeeuw) I really loath watching EPL games with not enough Dutch names in the teams. Janmaat, Krul, Blind… That’s about it. I will have to make do with semi-Dutch players like Bony, Eriksen, Vertonghen and Chadli.

But, it’s starting again. And I’ll give it one more go.

Guus Turk

I do ask for your support yet again as I can use it very well these days. The cost are always there before the benefit (traditional Dutch saying)  and times are lean. So please find it in your heart to drop me some coins to sustain this adventure.

Two major topics, as far as I’m concerned!! The game vs Turkey and the Future of Dutch football.

Oranje has a good balance against Turkey. We played against them eleven times and won five, while we only lost two. We blocked their qualification for the WC Brazil in 2013. Arda Turan, Turkish playmaker in Atletico Madrid’s service is suspended. For Holland, De Jong, De Vrij and BMI are in danger of missing the next game when booked.

Arjen Robben had to take a break the last week due to a slight injury but Hiddink does expect the Bedum winger to play and carry the team.


Team manager Hiddink has added Bas Dost to the to the definitive squad, along with De Guzman and Klaassen. The latter two were not part of the prelim squad. RVP is not part of it, neither are Van Beek, Elia, Promes, van Rhijn, Vlaar (injured) and Jeroen Zoet.

Oranje will perform their away games in a classic tribute to the seventies. All white jerseys with the iconic lion on the chest. The shorts are very contemporary though. Orange with white stripes, resembling speed, according to Nike. “This new style is a tribute to Oranje’s style of play and is symbolic for speed, movement and energy”. Oranje will not wear this versus Turkey though, as Holland plays at home in the usual Orange kit. The friendly against Spain on March 31 will be the first opportunity for us to showcase the new kit.

Until De Kuip is renovated, the Amsterdam Arena will be Oranje’s home ground and the KNVB has sold 48,500 tickets for the qualification game. As per usual, there will be a lot of Turks living in the Netherlands cheering their team on.

Robben turk

Hiddink will not link his future to the result vs Turkey. “I did that against Lithuania. That is a small football nation. We should always win that. But Turkey is different. This is a big nation. Any team can lose against the Turks. But losing against them means we do lose grip on our qualification and that will be bad. But I am convinced we will get the result. ” Hiddink was a bit vague about his future after the last qualification game. “On purpose. For me it’s not just the football. I needed to get a better handle on things around the team. The broader organisation. I had to have a number of talks internally. And we did. I’m currently really pleased with my situation and the circumstances of the team.”

With Ajax’ exit from Europe, Guus was quized about his views on the Dutch clubs in Europe. “It’s a disappointment becaue we can do better. Sure, Zenit has a higher budget and AS Roma is a big club, but you can compensate that with effort, energy, spirit and smarts. It’s about taking those opportunities and giving it the extra 10%. But having said this, we have tremendous talents still coming through and if you see players like Van Beek, Bazour and Kishna, it’s ok if they make some mistakes. They’re still young. Oranje is still being carried by players playing abroad. Our next generation of players there, like Fer, Dost, De Vrij, De Guzman, will need to grow to the level of players like Robben, Sneijder and Van Persie.”


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  1. Dutch players in erdivisie are useless I keep wasting my time watching them against European sides hoping they can do something. We went low to a point where ajax can’t beat Dnipro and then u look at ajax line up and u think they have all those “talents” kishna el ghazi bazoer vetlman sinkgraven klaassen, but they are only talents in our heads we didn’t see anything special from them against Dnipro!! Same goes for psv against zenit, depay Willems wijnaldum all looked like kids against zenit!!!! Depay is a superstar in erdivisie, in Europe he is not able to produce one good play!!!!!
    Please don’t come and tell me they are still young and learning!!! When u have talent and class u still show it even if u are 18, ajax 1995 had players who were 19 and 20, but they were real talents so they won champions league beating all big European teams!!! I am not asking Ajax or psv to win champions league but there is a minimum which is reaching a semifinal of European league for example, these teams don’t have it!!!
    Erdivisie soon will be lower than Belgian and Turkish leagues!!! What’s next????

  2. Jan welcome back!.

    It will be an interesting week. I hope we can win against Turkey and beat Spain as well although the important game is Turkey.

    Robben will be back in time 🙂

  3. Hi all, I am happy to be back. Really needed some time out after the 2014 events, both on the pitch and off :-).

    I thank you all for the love. I do wish to proceed but I will lean a bit on you guys for support.

    I do agree with the Eredivisie talents. This is one of the reasons why I lost interest. We have 3 or 4 top players of 30 years plus (RVP, Sneijder, Vaart, De Jong, Robben) and the rest all “talents”. Players like Anita, Fer, Siem de Jong struggle to reach world class level. Even players like Eriksen and Vertonghen can’t sustain the level of Robben and RVP.

    The players mentioned (Kishna, Willemsen, Depay, Bazoer) are truly top talents. But we had so many. Babel, Maduro, De Ridder, Wolfswinkel, Drenthe…. Talent alone is not enough. This is what the second topic I will cover a lot is about: how to prop up our quality.

  4. Hi Jan Glad to see u back,Going hiatus is not a bad things it makes people fresh..i had a very bad year too,lot of losses ….Just Recovering it….

  5. I think selection pattern of the players from the childhood is wrong…Basically real ethenic/orginal dutch people are much more brilliant and intelligent than the Immigrant dutch.the lack of intelligence is the real decline behind the dutch football,Even after dutch produces the best infrastructure for young lads.
    Many young lads try to live in fantasy and nutshell,either they are not properly groomed or its congenital condition..Dutch must concentrate on selecting ethnic dutch guys over the Immigrants,
    But a Mix of Suriname and dutch seems strong and ok to me.
    Guys like Wijnaldum is Gem of guy and completely down to earth guy,but extremely strong.But this cannt be said with Afellay,kishna etc kind of guys…Drenthe case was less of attitude problem,he was misguided by pop/rap culture and i think he was surrounded by fools.
    These young guys requires proper upbringing and they need need to be thought what is professionalism,and on Top of it they must learn the character of real Men.
    They can Model Roy keane,Jaap Stam,Nijel dejong and Ron Vlaar..etc…
    Being brutally honest when i see some players of dutch i see pussies.

    1. @Idiot Srinjoy i didnt say about racism,idiot u dont know about old dutch players and their leagacy and elegance,u r a twat.Anas Achabar is a brialliant player in small stature…idiot i never spoke against Anas,i knew this guy Anas was odd from the crowd,Hakim zych looks another brilliant player…But None is no where near Bergkamp,Vaart,Neeskaesn,Cruyff….etc etc….U r an asshole Srijoy a real asshole in life…u r so immatured and u are copy cat,who blindly copy everything with no identity..prick asshole..

  6. @Idiot Srinjoy i didnt say about racism,idiot u dont know about old dutch players and their leagacy and elegance,u r a twat.Anas Achabar is a brialliant player in small stature…idiot i never spoke against Anas,i knew this guy Anas was odd from the crowd,Hakim zych looks another brilliant player…But None is no where near Bergkamp,Vaart,Neeskaesn,Cruyff….etc etc….U r an asshole Srijoy a real asshole in life…u r so immatured and u are copy cat,who blindly copy everything with no identity..prick asshole..

  7. @Idiot Srinjoy i didnt say about racism,idiot u dont know about old dutch players and their leagacy and elegance,u r a #$%%.Anas Achabar is a brialliant player in small stature…idiot i never spoke against Anas,i knew this guy Anas was odd from the crowd,Hakim zych looks another brilliant player…But None is no where near Bergkamp,Vaart,Neeskaesn,Cruyff….etc etc….U r an a#$$%^e Srijoy a real a$%%^^^le in life…u r so immatured and u are copy cat,who blindly copy everything with no identity..$%%^&&&.

  8. Hey Jan nice to hear from you again. feels like we are in for a orange fever.

    well I agree with Srinjoy,after the two losses it is very important focus is maintained against Turkey and with Robben most likely to miss that game its jus gives you that feeling that we are in for a bad weather. on any other day I would welcomed the new of Robben Injury coz with strikers like Bast Dot and Hunter you need to have the normal wing system operating rather than inverted one to fully utilize them,but as I have mentioned earlier we are in a critical stage sitting with 2 losses and cannot afford to slip which could turn disastorous leading to the qualification.In times like these you would need to rely on Robben as he knows how to find goals out of nothing.

    well looking at Turkey they have capable playets like Yilmaz,Bulut,Calhanoglu,Richards who can be lethal in front of goals and if we cannot score goals on the other hand it could turn into a nightmare.

    one thing for sure eredivise players will need to lift their performance and cant afford to choke especially Narsingh.

  9. Its seems like Inzaghi has finally realized Van Ginkle talent. Second consecutive full game gor the chelsea man

    Its also right time for Ake to get a loan move out of Chelsea and get some playing time jus like Van Ginkle.

  10. It seems that Robben is out injured? He will take a rest for several weeks. Without Robben, the goals must be coming from the central striker.

  11. Thanks for coming back Jan, this site is so easy to navigate compared to some of the others, especially now that we can get our teeth into some good banter about the Dutchies!
    I think Turkey will be a real tough test for us given the squad that is most likely to play, I’m interested to see Hiddinks influence on the way we play and formation used, it’s like 433 has been moved on for a lot of teams around the world with 3 central defenders being introduced , even Liverpool played with 3 at the back today.
    Daley Blind is improving every week with ManU, I think left back is his best position as he loves to get forward and has a great passing game from out wide, the extra space is his friend!
    No Robben or RVP, so who is it going to be , Dost?
    Hunter might get the nod, I think.

    1. I think your on the money with your lineup but that is a tired looking midfield, it’s a pity Stroot is out and Ginkle has not had enough football. I like the idea of inverting the front triangle, it would create more space if Hunter and Depay are starting from a wider position, Affelay can then play as a false 9 in between the lines.

  12. Promes to replace injured Robben. Jus looking at both Narsingh and Promes if Hiddink goes for 4-3-3 , who should get the nod. Promes has been consistent for Spartak Moscow with seven goal in 17 matches while Narsingh on the other hand has got 4. Both have the same style of playing but Promes seems to be more lethal in front of the goal than Narsingh. I mean looking at both Eredivise and Russian Premier League I would go for Promes. The last time Narsingh played was vs Italy way back in 2013 which NT Drew 1-1. Afellay also can also slot in that position but promes inclusion in the last minute is an indication that it will be either Promes or Marsingh. Its bit unforunate that Lens is also injured, coz after Robben he is the best candidate for that position as he was during his PSV Days and not on the left.

  13. Maybe its time Lens move to a new club where the competion level is tough to revive his career. Currently Dynamo Kyiv are leading the Ukrian League but the completion level is low. EPL or Bundasliga will suit him very well

  14. Another intresting thing to note about Hiddink selection is he has gone for three right footed CBs, Veltman, Bruma and De Vrij and jus one left footed BMI. kongolo exculsion seems to be mystery given his performance against in Europa League.

  15. Depay – Narsingh


    Clasie – Klassen

    De Jong

    Blind – De Vrij – Bruma – Janmaat


    this could also be an idle line up with Hunter as False 9 and we will have plenty of lung power in the midfield with De Jong as the destroyer.

    1. Just curious, is this what you like best or is this what you think Hiddink will do?
      For me those are 2 different things – although at least we should be back to a 4-3-3!

      1. steve looking back at the Mexico and Iceland game, Hiidink used 4-3-3 formation in both games and in both games it was the opposition forwards which proved to be lethal peeling through our midfield and the backs. vs Mexico it was Sneijder-pathetic Blind-Afellay and vs Iceland it was Sneijder-De Jong – Afellay. So that pretty much tells us the story if we use them in the same formation, you cant expect muxh out of them.I dont have fare idea of the strengths of Turkey but they have some lethal forwards which may prove the difference if are not focused. As it is Robbens Absence will felt hugely up front and if we fail to score on the hand we can be in for a suprise.I still remember when they held NT 2-2 in the second leg if the WC Qualifers .

        As it is this game is very crucial coz if we draw or lose then Iceland and Czech Republic will be in a commanding position.

        with the three losses that we already had,a a smart Hiddink should have realized that we need fresh lung power in the midfield and with Sneijder and Afellay it obvious that they wont be able to provide that especially if you opponents are fast.Thats where I think Clasie,Klassen or De Guzman can come handy with De Jong as the destroyer.

        with Robben injury,the only othe
        way tk get goals would be utilized hunter as much as possible. long Hunter has been living in the shadows of RVP and Robben.I think this is the perfect for Hiddink to use a new formation and step out of their shadows.

  16. the only player out of this young generation who is proving to be a real talent and getting better every single day is stefan de vrij. the guy is doing great with lazio. the fans there love him and his team is doing great and he is proving to be on of the best defenders in the competition thats most famous for defenders, in a couple of years he will be 30 million worth, lazio really got themselves an amazing player!!
    bruno martins indi already lost his starting spot and is a bench warmer in porto. ola john is just a bench warmer in benfica, van der wiel is not a starter any more. promes plays in russia, lens in ukraine!!!
    the future doesnt look good!

    1. I fully agree with Alaa,looking at France,Italy,England,Spain and comparing them to eredivise talents there is a huge gap especially with upcoming youngsters.

    2. I dont see any reason why we cannot start with Clasie and Klassen,both r young enagetic and upcoming talents. it would be wise to start them and then introduce Sneijder and Afellay who can be game changes maybe in the last 30 given their state they are in without the momentun shifting much or even one better.

      It would a risk the other way round not how the momwntum gona shift,fast to slow oe slow to fast as Klassen is more technical mildfielder.

      But looking at smart and simple Hiddink,I smell a 4-4-2 where will be able to utilize maxmium players in the squad.

  17. Since Roben is out ….best 11 from selected players are

  18. i think with hunter and blind as LB williams will be more usefulthan depay…clasie is better runner than sneijder..plz no afellay and promes…

  19. Hiddink doesn’t have the balls like van gaal. He is just another van marwijk who is scared to bench sneijder or afellay or blind or even indi!!!
    Indi is a bench warmer in Porto and afellay plays where ? In Greece? And he is not even a starter there that’s the funny part!!
    U will see how he will end up starting all of afellay blind indi and sneijder!!!!
    (By the way I am not putting sneijder in the same category with afellay and indi, he definitely is an icon of this team but well even him was benched with van gaal when he didn’t deserve to start, but would hiddink dare to touch him for example to start Clasie or wijnaldum or whoever? The answer is hell no!!! And that’s why since he took over this team we didn’t see anything good coming out, no results no good play)

    1. No Alaa I think he is cautious here given the two losses and the injury crisis on hand. its either go with experience or take risk and go with the next generations. this is where I feel that Sneijder and Afellay can come handy at some stage of the game when we need that extra thrust in attack and that why he should start with Claise/Klassen/Wijnaldum/De Guzman for that matter with De Jong as the enforcer.

      vs Iceland we almost had the best squad available.


      Weil – Se Vrij – BMI – bLIND

      Afellay(Fer) – De Jong – Sneijder (Huntelaar)

      Robben – RVP -Lens (Promes)

      But yet were exposed by the individual brilliance of Gylfi Sigurðsson and same wvs mexico where Carlos Vela and Javier Hernandez ripped us apart so its very important we dont make the same mistake again vs Turkey.
      Hunter needs to be utilized to the extent where is is the most lethal jus like vs Real Mardid where he was continuously making those surging runs behinds the backs. I guarantee he will diminish RVP shadow if fed with opportunities l ike that. so its really simple and its depends on Hiddink as to which formation to use and around which players Hunter will be vital.

  20. Turkey will be missing Arda Turan.





    *This is how I believe Hiddink will start the game.

    Captain: Sneijder.

    1. At the moment Janmaat is in top form even though he is playing Newcastle. from going forward,accuracy in crossing and defensive game has really improved after he not selected for previous games. I even dont know why Van Rhijn was dropped.

      Van Rhijn
      Van Der Weil

  21. ———Cillessen———

    Janmaat -Bruma-De Vrij- Blind

    —-Clasie-De Jong-Sneijder–



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