And the Germans are going: 3-0 for Oranje!

I am quite sure no one will read the title of this post and be surprised. I’m sure every Oranje fan will have seen the game or at least know the end result. The first time Holland beats Germany in 16 years and the biggest victory over the East Neighbours ever.

Well done lads!

A deserved win, but also a much needed one. Because, yes…it is clear we are developing great talent still and yes, it seems with Koeman now as coach and the older generation having made way, Oranje is on the up and up, but in order to really make the step up, results are key.

Good play (like vs France) but losing gets tiresome soon.

So, we bucked the trend. We played a strong team and actually won. And I’m sure we’ll beat Belgium too in a couple of days. That is what confidence and “flow” bring.

I was positively surprised by Koeman’s choices for the line up. I expected Hateboer or De Ligt on that flank, not Dumfries. But the 22 year old did ever so well. I was happy to see Bergwijn on the pitch – he was a tad unlucky – and didn’t expect De Roon either.

Koeman will have seen things at training which he liked. I think De Roon played a good game and he did surprise me with a couple of “Frenkie de Jong” like forward passes even.

Fair is fair, Germany isn’t that good anymore. They struggled clearly to get in a flow and top players like Muller and Kroos are clearly struggling with their form. Nevertheless, they did dominate the first stage of the game, when Oranje looked a bit complacent and seemed to take it a bit too easy. Too much confidence, maybe?

In particular De Ligt fell victim of sloppy play but he did improve quickly and played a good game overall.

I felt Bergwijn, with all his quality, was a bit unlucky with his decision making and passing, he had a couple of opportunities to play a deadly final pass but missed the chance.

Frenkie de Jong took some time to put his mark on the game but once he did, he was quite mercurial and his substitution was purely because if fitness issues (Frenkie’s first game since the PSV defeat).

The Dutch axis is becoming very strong indeed! Cillesen is the best goalie, De Ligt/Van Dijk a strong couple, Frenkie de Jong the ideal deep lying playmaker and Memphis leads the line with panache, strength and speed. I like Wijnaldum in the more attacking role, but I think Promes, Propper, Bergwijn and Van de Beek can play there too. Wide, we have options too, now with Danjuma, Berghuis, Kluivert, Dilrosun, Bergwijn and others coming through (Malen!).

Our future is bright.

Still, Germany was able to play through a couple of times, when Low brought Sane finally, for instance. But overall the team did well defensively. I think Daley Blind played well as left back and really well in the Frenkie role, when the latter was subbed.

If I can be a bit of a nitpicker: I do think we could and should have put this game to bed much sooner. 1-0 is a vulnerable score line. And with the break opportunities we had, we should do much better. We were also a bit unlucky on that Dumfries cross to Babel, where the German defender miraculously slid into his own goal but manage to work the ball into a corner.

Denzel Dumfries was glad to have made his debut in such a wonderful and historic match. The PSV right back was like a kid in the toy shop and with reason. Only 4 years ago, he played for the Barendrecht amateurs before he made his foray into second tier of pro football with Sparta. He then went from Sparta to Heerenveen and as the assist king made his way to PSV Eindhoven, this season.

Ronald Koeman had trouble hiding his victorious smile in the post match interview, and did concede that “there are still things we need to improve in” but he also said that this was a victory we really needed. “The players, the fans…the whole nation needed this.” And after a lot of bad luck (Dost disallowed goal vs Sweden, France-Sweden game, goal difference between Sweden – Holland), we did get some luck going our way, when Leroy Sane missed the target when he was through on goal.

But we managed to keep a clean sheet and score when it mattered. The first Van Dijk goal turned the game around, as Holland won in confidence and Germany seemed to be at odds and sods. The second and third goals came a bit late (Memphis had a go at the cross bar before that) but the goals did justice to the way Oranje played.

Another festive moment before the match, Oranje legends Dirk Kuyt and Rafa van der Vaart had their place in the sun, their farewell greeted with a standing ovation. The two centennials (Rafa 107 caps, Kuyt 104) were offered their epic jerseys framed with the new title of Federation Knight for both former Oranje players.


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  1. Great post and great game!

    Both, the second and third goals come just after an orange player recoved the ball and right after passed the ball to Promes and Wijnaldum.

    If I am not wrong, in both cases was Daley Blind, right? Or was the Roon?

    I want to analyze the contribution of these players in the goals

      1. I think this was the best we had played in recent years. I do not know (care) much about this “tournament” and was under the impression this was for 2nd/3rd teams. When I saw the starting lineup, I was like “OK, we’re in deep trouble!”.

        To my surprise, I was proven wrong …. this was a really good match by both sides. The score could have been 5-4, 3-5, etc. so despite 3-0 scoreline I don’t think we were that dominant.

        To answer your question, I can’t think of anyone from our squad played bad although I don’t think Groeneveld was the best. I think VVD and de Ligt were excellent, I’m hoping for a long term stable partnership in the anchor of our defensive line. There was a miscommunication earlier between de Ligt and Dumfries, which was rectified by de Ligt. As a Liverpool fan, I’m so glad we have VVD/Gini and VVD being the captain of the Oranje!

        I think in this forum most of us always nominate our “best 11”. I think there is no such thing as our “best 11” all the time BUT there should be stability and continuity of at least “core 8-9” with max 2-3 players that can be replaced if not in 100% fitness. Also a bonus when I saw No. 1 to 11 in our starting lineup (I’m really old school this way, always annoys me when I see random numbers in starting lineup, which I consider to be lack of stability in a starting squad).

        In yesterday’s match, even the subs played well ….. Ake is pretty good and he looks like he works hard when on the pitch.

        Koeman: “I really see a great future for Dutch football. Everyone needed this, the players, the staff and the whole of the Netherlands.”

        And to the fans as well, who had to endured 2016/8 without our beloved Oranje. I think Koeman is on to something positive and here is to our brighter 2020 and 2022!


  2. I think it’s good that Van Dijk will not be playing

    Good opportunity to let de vrij partner de ligt in case of future possible injuries

    Or ake / de ligt

    Anyone still want blind to move out ? He seems pretty much untouchable now

    1. Did you watched him Vs Muller???Blind was lucky that Muller didnt scored…
      Blind untouchable for what?????LB????thats Joke….He is the weakest link in 4 man defense…Mbhappe has shown it,even a slow muller out run him….
      Terence kongolo is the beast over there we need…Not Blind
      back line of
      we have iron defense
      but this gets collpase when Blind step in as LB…
      on Bench

      1. Blind might out class klassen if he play in klassen spot…i beleive thats where the strength of Blind is..He is the new kuyt i mean a player who plays in wrong spot at the expense of better player in NT..

  3. Yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing a new partnership tested at the back. De Ligt is a 100% certainty for us (Despite his lapses of concentration in the first 15 mins). Let De Vrij and Ake play together and use Van Aanholt as LB. Lets rotate. I like to see Donny van de Beek and definitely Rosario too.

  4. Finally something to smile about, a win over ZeGermans is always very special for us as a nation, well done to the players and Koeman for taking a gamble on a few players.
    The Belgium game will also present a tough challenge, if we can win that then I think we are heading in the right direction.
    Hup Holland!

  5. @Tiju, Credit where credit is due. Blind played a very good match, both at lb and when he moved up into the mf. I know that he had to scramble a couple of times with Muller (once making a superb intervention), but at that level, against a top flight forward, its rare for a defender to go through a match without being troubled. Overall, though, he held down the lb position, and offensively he brought stability and purpose with his passing, position and set up. He and De Jong were very good together in tight spaces.

    Agree with the above that it would be good for DeVrij and Ake to partner against Belgium. Ake impresses me each time I see him…he defends with such confidence.

    @Goldstone, yep, that would be good. First round on me.

    1. Muller is Not Roben or Mbhappe or Messi…that one moment is enough to destroy our chance when it matters…he did oaky thats down to muller…he committed 2 fouls..i feel really really vulnerable when he plays at LB…Yes he i do agree he offers a lot when he plays upfront,no dispute over that…
      i saw Mbhappe arrival and how he killed iceland hopes…
      Blind will be tored apart vs speedy attacker,,,,enough said…

    2. I was hoping to see Gnbary on Blinds flank but that never eventuated. This is typical the type of game where blind is in his comfort zone and blends in well with the team.both Ginter and Muller didnt have much to offer on his flank after from few balls where Blind as usually looked beaten to the ball which gain the germans failed to bury it.

      An oponent like belgium could prove other wise.

    3. I agree. Blind was playing well. He missed his man at one point. Big deal. It happens to De Ligt, to Van Dijk, to Hummels, to Boateng. It’s football. A game of errors. Blind played a strong game and made the third goal for us. Tiju has hang ups with players he doesn’t like and crushes on players he does like.

      1. I think his point is the dutch will not always play a team like the depleted germamny side which they played against. Blind is a liability at LB and the question is whether is it wise to build the team around him and pay the price at the most critical stage or simply acknowledge what to expect and address the issue.

        You go back to that 2010 WC final. Who was the rotten potato?

  6. Finally got to watch the replay and yes as much as you wanna take away the positives that yielded out from the game,you also have take into conderation the the fact that this was a very depleted germany side not just because of injuries but also the time has caught up with Low to scratch his balls again. I mean start overhaul with the new generation of players like what NT is doing. I think this will be a warning shot for them and reality check as well which im sure low will try to blame it on the injuries. Its is already evident now at bayern now with the contigent now that are playing there.

    The one thing that stood out in the game was the balance factor in team and this was clearly in NTs favour.from the backline, midfield to the frontline, it was well defined and the germans simply looked out of depth and coordination particularly in the midfield.

    As expected it wasnt a physical encounter and was free flowing game one which was execuated superbly from the flanks especially from the right where Dumfries was operating and boy this guy put in a good shift on his debut. He is a pure modern day attacking fullback and not long he will catch the eye of a top team if he continues with the same performance. There was good understanding between the wingers and fullbacks and complemented each other both in attack and defence and after a long time it looked like watching the NTs of 90s and 2000s.

    Frenke for me is going from strength to strength and has really sawed the midfield which has being haunting Nt for quiet some time now. He plays with so much maturity and you would want to have 2- 3 more frenkies in the team.

    All in all the the midfield battle was weakest for the germans and like the portgual game NT dominated it and with the flanks highly active more space was being created for the midfielders to work in the middle.

    Depay defintely has shredded some weight and both Hummels and boteng looked like old war horse when trying to contain him.his footwork was check-rish

    I think this is a good trajectory for NT and a good rotation will build more depth in the team to cover up for rainy days and at the same time fine tuning the best starting 11.

  7. On another note, it cant go unnoticed that the efforts Nathan Ake is applaudable when ever he comes on, he always siezes that opportunity and gives his 110% which really shows his character as player.he has a bright future ahead of him and I hope Koeman will one day acknowledge this. I think this guy will peak as he matures.he has some flaws at epl level.

  8. Question

    Is anyone of you worrying that fenke de Jong is a bit too skinny ? Or am I the only one thinking this. Adding a few more pounds muscles wouldn’t it be better for his development ?

    Another thing , how would abdeljoul Nouri fit in this current team if he was still here ? Just a thought

    1. Not really, he is quite a balance d midfielder and if you look at most of the modern day central mids,its not just about muscle but brain as well.Gundagon, Bernado sliva,jorghino,kante, casemiro, their physic is not a factor in how they play.its more about their workrate and efficiency.
      Strootman is a good example for this one.the physical factor is there but efficiency is missing. I watched a video clip of the France and nerthlands post match analysis on espn and analysts actually said that dutch grew into the when frenkie came on and bossed the midfield outstandingly.

    2. Ineasta ???Xavi???,Paul sholes??? what about them,,this football not wretlemania….Hope you understand it..
      Just watch Semifinl England vs Croataia…
      So called muscle men of england where clueless after 90 minutes….No stamina …it was a pathetic examaple foolish muscle building….
      Frenkie is okay , and as player most of the time u have the intution to get out of foul…thats what evry good player does…
      Its all about keeping ball in feet and it requires skill not muscle…

      1. No I mean into the oranje team

        Yes u guys are around . Of course I don’t means to be turned into a muscle man ( frankie ) but I mean a few added pounds , which could provide him the physical strength that’s needed.

        But then so far he looks ok while playing against the top team

          1. I would go one ahead and say even sneijder. He can play on wings and also as attacking mid.
            Defintely somebody to look out for. It will really intresting when all this talents collide in u21s.chong,Gakpo,lang, Redan, stengs, Boadu,gravenbarch, Bakker, Castillo,Piroe, pierie,aboukhlal,Baars, Brobbery

  9. I’m hopeful that a number of different players will start: Van De Beek is a natural replacement for Wijnaldum (and I don’t think Klopp would want Gini playing a friendly after the work he put in against Germany); it would be good to see Promes and Groenewald from the start, and get them experience playing with Depay—who is a different style of striker; Ake and DeVrij should play because they are both quality, and they need to be looked at on NT. Plus, it would be a good way for Koeman to show them a little appreciation. I would like to see Dumfries play again for the experience, and as a reward for how well he played in his debut, same with De Roon (though it wasn’t his debut, it was his coming out).

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