SC Heerenveen shows interest in Robin van Persie

In recent weeks, SC Heerenveen announced that they will not continue with Kees van Wonderen for next season. The Frisian club is looking for a new name to take charge of the team.

The name that gained traction within the club was that of former Dutch national team and Feyenoord center forward, Robin van Persie. Currently working as a coach for Feyenoord’s U17 team, he has been promoted to the U21 team.

Stadionclub intends to keep Robin van Persie as youth coach for the coming seasons, given the excellent results he has been achieving.

Robin van Persie is studying for the highest football coaching license in Europe. Everyone at Feyenoord already understands that Robin van Persie is looking to become coach of a first-team team in the coming years, but with Arne Slot in technical command of the team, this will not yet be possible.

Given this scenario, a move to SC Heerenveen would be the open door for Robin van Persie to begin his career as a head coach.

In addition to Robin van Persie, more experienced names such as Rick Kruys and Maurice Steijn are also at the top of the Heerenveen team’s director of football list.

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  1. Frimpong played as an out an out right-sided attacker in the Dortmund Leverkusen match today. He offers something that no other Dutch player does, needs to be on the field for the NT,

  2. I feel terrible for Frenkie. I fear for his career. Copy of Van Basten tragedy perhaps. Didn’t look good at all. Great to see the applause by the Real Madrid socios.

  3. Frenkie should take rest and should not take part in euros…why to risk his career by helping a coach who decides to take Granpa blind,average old De roon and wijnaldum who can barely run and play in saudi..ohh i forgot saudi league is beter than english championship so that he can ignore our most thretening winger summmerville..
    Frenkie injury need real rest,thats how it heals..he should take a brake till august..
    koeman is delusional idiot who thinks blind still has role in top tire high intensity games..he cannot even barely run..why these clowns always think that with out Blind there is no NT…another Nahul molina is waiting in euros..
    its sad wonderful generation of virgil will go futile by clown coach and grandpas..Virgil,Depay,Frnkie,koopmeiners,De ligt,De vrij,Zirkee they deserve a euro at least…

  4. I have always being critical/ pessimistic about rainy days. in this case, in context to injuries and how the NT always find themselves choking when there is one. recall depay at Qatar world cup and how his outing was after returning from injury in time and making the squad . he barely had any impact through out the tournament and in the end it was weghorst who stole the show coming off the bench.

    similarly you cant expect much from those players who are currently injured and are expected to recover just before euros. this is another reason why koeman is going around begging to take 26 players so that they can accommodate some of this players and through the course of the euros can clock minutes and gain fitness which again is always a risk.

  5. some of koeman mistakes. not calling up zirkzee . calling frimpong to late. not utilizing koopmeiners to his best of capability (atalanta) and then persisting on with the dead woods. (tiju has mentioned this above)

  6. Our biggest problem is Ronald koeman..He was a legend as a player but a serial looser as a coach..He wil just ignore Quinten timber and Gravenberch both are on fire for his wijnaldum and De roon..he will drop maatsen for Grandpa Daley blind..this is sin…He will bottle this wonderful generation…He will come with excuses that Depay,Dejong had lacked fitness,brobbey lacked fitness ,hence we lost..i want this clown to be removed today reallt makes me pisses off…
    malen,Dejong,Depay,hartmann all injured..not counting on botman and timber as we have able back up for them..

  7. ————Gakpo—————-
    Ake—Virgil—-De ligt—-Frimpong
    on bench
    summeville —-Depay——Brobbey———-
    Maatsen–Van de ven–Devrij—Dumfries
    last 4 for 26

    1. For a guy who is extremely vocal about how stupid every coach is, your line ups are wild.

      Brobbey as a winger? That would be horrible.
      Gravenberch as a winger?
      Zirkzee as a 10?
      Gakpo as a 9? Can work but its so confusing as to why we would do that with depay, brobbey and zirkzee all in your 26.

      Summerville and stengs over xavi?
      Schouten over reijnders?

      Some wild opinions….

      1. Brobbey is part of two striker Depay..–Brobbey with lttile behind Depay as 9.5 and brobbey as 9..summerville as winger.
        Gravenberch not as a winger ,more left sided midfeilder..stengs is ditto on right side….
        Zirkee could play 10 or 9 or 9.5….
        Gakpo as 9 beacuse he plays at top club and Depay is injured always..Gakpo can move left and Zirkee can move in to striker spot with stengs and gravenberch swicth play no 10..
        what has xavi done in NT after getting so many chances ,whining???..let him sit in bench..
        i will not waste left sided reinders on right..schouten fots right ad he is better at its always Frenkie Vs Reniders…if frenkie is bad then we start with reinders..

  8. Just forget about euros. It’s not gonna happen. you just can’t play poker and expect to win euros. That’s the delimma Koeman is faced with now.

  9. Maatsen, brobbey,zirkzee,frimpong,van den ven are way forward with more experience will reinforce the team better. The two positions again that really needs investment is RW and RCM/DM. The next incoming coach really needs to do some experteming here. With so many and up and coming options on the left, especially those right footed, it’s time for some left footed winters or those who are fluent dual footed to come on board. Kluivert has had a good first season at Bournemouth and I also read PSV is in the market for him to replace outgoing bakayoko.eitherway regardless of where he plays,I think he has proven his credentials playing at epl level and shud be called up after euros for that RW spot. Chong as well if he can either find a bigger club or if they survive the relegation drop. Both have been outstanding for their teams

  10. I don’t have any expectation for the Euros. Its just the lack of high level talent on the offensive side. Simons, Gakpo, Depay, Malen Brobbey, Zirkzee, etc. have all had their moments for the NT and/or their club teams, but none of them have risen and stayed at a world class level. All of those guys can make plays and score, but none will scare other top national teams, cause an opponent to tilt the field defensively.

    That said, I still like to imagine how the team could make a run. With the defensive talent at his disposal, Koeman could build an airtight defense, and if an offensive player gets hot, well…as I said its imagination.

    As far as the lineup goes, I think he’ll go with 3 CD’s. And if so I’d like to see (but doubt it will go this way) both Van De Ven and Frimpong on the field. They have both been too consistently good over the course of the season to sit on the bench. And watching Frimpong play an entire match in the right sided attacking player position against Dortmund, you saw a player with the best winger skills of anyone the Dutch have right now (except maybe Lang—who is out with injury, I believe) Let Ake take over the question mark lwb position. Playing that far up the field, he can slide into the mf when necessary. A defense with that set up and talent would be hard to break down, it could soak up pressure and hit teams on the counter. So it would look like the following:

    Dumfries—De ligt/De Vrij—Van Dijk—Van de Ven—Ake
    Reijnders—De Jong

    If he wants to go more offensive minded, with CD’s:

    Dumfries—Van de Ven—Van Dijk—Ake
    De Jong–Reijnders

  11. Maatsen has proved everybody wrong and again this is what and where Dutch selectors typical keep shooting themselves leaving it to late to call them up. He shud have played in the last friendlys ahead of Ake in that game vs Scotland and then vs Germany was as well. The dilemma now is he does not have single cap yet and this will again be a side excuses to give preference to blind with whom there will be no success. With Malacia it was same thing towards the starting when he first arrived on to the seen.

  12. I will admit though Maatsen has the luxury of playing along the likes of adeyemi, sancho, sabitzer esque players who ain’t there in the Dutch NT but why not give him the same preference as blind received with his weakness but still was accommodated for his strengths. This is the time I want hear from the blind critics as to why Maatsen shud get the preference based on his attacking game. I’m not saying saying he is defensively weak also if compared to blind.

    1. @ wilson- Curious what you want the national team to do to accommodate maatsens weakness and strengths?

      That he plays higher up the field and we have to cover his side on counter attacks? I mean 3 atb does this already? I’m not sure what else we have to do based on maatsen’s playing style and abilities?

      Or perhaps he just plays the same position as blind and you wanted to use maatsen as some sort of excuse to rip on blind more…..?

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