Captain Robben addresses Oranje!

Arjen Robben has been there too. Top talent in the Groningen youth. Made his debut at 16 years old. Was on the hitlist of many top teams at a young age. Decided to stay in Bedum with his parents while signing for PSV. He played one more year for Groningen, so he could finish his high school. Dad was in education and Arjen was always a serious lad. Ajax and PSV had the best papers. Both clubs sent their reps North to discuss with the Robben family. Ajax came across arrogant. PSV wanted what’s best for Robben. Frank Arnesen (technical manager of PSV): “We would always beat Ajax in those days. We actually cared about what was best for Arjen. It was a very positive experience, the Robben family had their wits with them.”

Arjen wanted to finish his high school, because “you never know if that football dream would pan out.” Robben spent three years at PSV under Hiddink. He had some weaknesses. He didn’t do anything but stand on his right leg. And he was a whiner. A sissy. When he was young, everyone in Holland thought he was to weak, to soft, to become a big player.

And look at him now. World class. In the same category as Zlatan, C Ronaldo, Messi and Rooney.

robben back


Captain Robben was sorely missed during the Euro campaign. To say we didn’t qualify because of this is a bit strong. But fact is, that he carried us during the WC2014 campaign. And he is still not fit. But he definitely is at the Oranje camp right now. Not to train, or to play. But to inspire. So there was suddenly a hint of world class in the Oranje camp. At last. “Passion, professionalism, mentality, this will have to come from the players themselves, for 90%” Danny Blind asked Robben to drop in and the captain was happy to oblige. “Not because of guilt or anything, but we are in front of a big big year. I made it work with my recovery program, so here I am.”

What are you going to say to the group?

“For starters, don’t blow this thing up out of proportion ok? I am not here to tell everyone how it’s done. I don’t have a list of players I want to talk to or something. We have four professional coaches here with massive experience and the role of leaders starts on the pitch. I’m now a captain on the side of the water (beste stuurlui staan aan wal, Dutch expression). I am not even training with them so let’s not overdo it. But I do know this: if you start thinking about the away game vs Sweden in September, you’re too late. We are not starting against Andorra or Malta. It’s Sweden away. We don’t yet have a firm line up so we need to start the work now. Today.”

robben young old


How did you experience the away game vs Ireland?

“I heard from the coach that the boys trained really well last week and that it was a bit strange that they couldn’t make it happen in the first hour. It was sloppy. That is not good. And also not after a disappointing season or right before the holidays. How can I explain… Everyone is happy to go on a break, sure. And one player got relegated, another player missed the title on the last day of the competition and another player had a disappointing season… It’s all influences, sure. But it can’t be the excuse. You have to a be a 100% pro. No matter how bad you feel, you need to find the will to play a top game. And Wednesday against Poland and Saturday vs Austria. I hear people are complaining about the coaches but that is bullshit. It’s the players. If you need a coach to motivate you, you don’t belong at this level.”



Asked about his own career, Robben said his mental strength was key. “Sure, I am talented. But I played with lads who were as talented as me, in the youth. And in the Oranje rep teams. And where are these lads? You need to be balanced and you need to really want it. It takes more than talent to reach the top. When I was 18 years old I went with Louis van Gaal to the youth World Cup in Argentina. We had good talents there, players like Stekelenburg, Huntelaar, Theo Janssen, Van der Vaart… Van Gaal was so different, so intense. He was constantly on our backs. I remember most players having great difficulties with this. Theo Janssen would go nuts! I loved it… Every day I would challenge him and he would challenge me. He wanted to make me better and I wanted to become better. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I played my best football at Bayern when I reunited with him, after Real Madrid. That is what players need to learn, to invest in themselves, all the time.”

training poland 2


Danny Blind said in a press conference, that he rates Poland higher than Ireland. “Sure, Ireland is tough, they play physical, they’re a real team. But Poland is shrewd, they’re like East Germany in the olden days. Tactically strong, agile and with two pretty decent strikers (Milik of Ajax and Lewandowski of Bayern). It will be a real test.” Asked about the line up: “I will make changes. But not because of disappointment in players or so. But because I want to see different players perform. I will probably make a change in every line of the team.”

Asked about Memphis’ antics off the pitch. “I won’t discuss players individual in terms of their off pitch behaviour. Not relevant for me to discuss publically. Memphis is working hard in his own way. He is not in his best form but he’s young. He has a lot of talent and he will get back at his usual level. I am not worried.”

daley poland


Danny’s son Daley will not play for Oranje at all this trip. The calf injury he ended the Cup Final with, is too hefty and might result in an early summer break for the Man United defender. Marco Asensio Willemsen will make his debut in the National Team of Spain. The son of a Spanish father and Dutch mother will make his debut because Spain will be without the internationals of Atletico and Real Madrid. Asensio is not selected for the Euros. In October, Danny Blind approached the midfielder for Oranje, but the kid felt he was more Spanish than Dutch and wants to go for his chances with Spain. He did leave the door open for Oranje. Should the Spain national team not be interested, he might still pick our colours. The 20 year old player is on the pay-roll of Real Madrid but plays on loan for Espanyol, where he had 4 goals and 10 assists. If he does play this friendly, he can still decide for Oranje, until Del Bosque actually uses him in an official Spain game.


Danny Blind is working on a new hierarchy, with question marks behind names like Huntelaar, Van Persie and Sneijder. In the Ireland game, he had seven players with ages between 24 and 29 years.

Advocaat: “Some people say we need to build this Oranje around the PSV core in the squad. But when you have players like Bazoer, you won’t go there, right? He’s one of our brightest talents.”

Blind is happy to confirm, that at least seven or eight players out of this current squad will need to become firm starters for the WC qualification. “We need a fixed framework for the September game.” Coach Blind: “Strootman is important for us, not per se as a player, but his personality is that of a leader. He is a born skipper. He has very high standards, applies them for himself and his colleagues. And he expresses that loud and clear. This is an area where Daley and Wijnaldum need to make steps quickly.”

Strootman was pleased with the skippers band but also said: “This captain’s band was given to me before the knee injury. I am now post injury. I will need to earn my stripes again.”

Blind uses Advocaat’s opinion after every session. A quick word, a quick glance… Blind: “Advocaat has done all this before. He observes sharply and sees things I might miss, and vice versa. So we always have a quick chat after a certain practice. We need to work towards a new team and hierarchy and personality is important.”

van dijk janssen

As for Danny Blind and his job, a question was asked about the selection process…. Well, the answer is simple. Danny Blind is national team manager. He is end responsible for all decisions re: the first team. To even think a “panel” would be selecting players is a bit silly. As if Hiddink, Van Gaal, Van Marwijk etc would EVER accept this :-). You are being sacked because some panel decides to bring in a player you don’t want? No….

But, there is an advisory panel. It’s called the assistant coaching back room staff. People like Mourinho, Van Gaal and Hiddink would not want dominant people in there. So these coaches pick you ex-players with good insights but also happy to learn and take the second fiddle as we say. Less experienced coaches, like Gio van Bronckhorst, Frank de Boer, Danny Blind and Frank Rijkaard usually pick experienced coaches as assistant. De Boer > Spijkerman, Gio > Jan Wouters, Frank Rijkaard > Henk ten Cate and now Danny is picking Dick Advocaat.

So, there’s probably not more than 30 players abroad of any substance. The Oranje youth scouts will have lists of young talents coming through. And there is the club coaches who are consulted. The Oranje staff will have around 60 players they follow on a week by week basis. Reports, footage etc. Once you’re “in” the system, the players communicate with Blind and co. via email on their fitness, nutrition, etc. And based on their performance and the feedback from coaches / scouts, Blind makes his decisions. Every Monday/Tuesday the coaches meet and discuss the performances of all players. They keep track of their findings and know exactly what stats are relevant to the players. Tackles, passes, forward passes, back passes, mistakes, etc.

oranje training poland


Blind picking Memphis for Oranje despite his lack of game time has everything to do with his status. He already is an Oranje player, he demonstrated before that he can perform (WC2014) and they probably feel there are no real rivals to Memphis on the left flank. Elia? Maybe. Locadia? Not really a left winger. Afellay? Not a left winger and not always effective in that role? Etc etc… Same with Van der Wiel. Janmaat not available? Tete not tested yet? Van der Wiel didn’t have a lot of game time with PSG when he was selected for the Iceland home game, but at least he has played big games for Ajax, PSG and Oranje and he’s fit. So why not use him instead of Karsdorp. Who never played big European games and mainly deals with left wingers of Groningen, NEC and Heracles….

In hindsight, it’s easy to criticise. But as Robben says above: desire and passion need to come from the players. Not the coach… It is like Rooney said it in the Cup Final post match interview: “I am grateful for the coach helping us to win this game.”

rooney lvg

Last word is for Van Gaal. It seems club icons like Sir Bobby Charlton, Sir Alex Ferguson, Eric Cantona and Ryan Giggs are not happy with Mourinho coming in. These people all believed in the reason to bring in Sir Louis. To get Man U to play more exciting, to work on the youth academy and football philosophy. I think they all agreed that this Manchester United season was not great, but with 1) less injuries next season (Jones, Shaw, Schweini, Valencia) and 2) better players coming in for next season, all were convinced the club would go on the up and up. Sure, replacing Van Gaal is not necessarily a bad move, but replacing him Mourinho….? According to insiders, the corporate money men in the club want trophies, whereas the football people in the club want performances. Ronald Koeman, like many other Dutch icons like Blind, Frank de Boer and Van Hanegem, believe the way Van Gaal was sacked and left hanging for months was ManU-unworthy. “A disgrace, really. To read rumours for months, being left dealing with the media without support or honesty from the board is really bad conduct. No one deserves this, and most certainly not a seasoned coach like Van Gaal.”

Post Ireland presser by Danny Blind (in Dutch). Very funny, because at a certain point, the wall behind Blind collapses which results in the interviewer to say “Wow, the most exciting event of the evening!” 🙂

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  1. Naaa don’t think so. My question is what happens in the upcoming season if other players start to perform expectionally well.

    I jus can’t see 7-8 players from these squad starting in the qualifiers. Write it down some where they will fail to qualify.

    I think I said this in the previous post. Blind is trying to do the same thing which Van Gaal did.Robben and guns on his shoulder. First thing first Robben is becoming injury prone as his age is goes by and this is evident at Bayern now.secondly even if he is fit that doesn’t guarantee he is on the same level as before. (Vs Iceland.) He is not getting any younger and you can expect is form to drop.So just minus him from the equation simply as that. If he is fit and available it will be bonus and if he not available again it will be bonus if the team is not centred around.

    The squad selection is as bad as Blind as manager. I jus hope he gets the sack after this friendlys and somebody capable enough can take over.

    1. Well, I don’t think another coach will find better players :-). SImple as that. Leicester didn’t have the best players, neither did Greece 2004. I think we need to rebuild my friend

      1. That is what Wilson tries to elude on: we need a coach who would better use the available resources, i.e. players. I do not think the quality of Dutch players are worse than any European Championship participants, but the way how Blind uses them can not allow to build a good team. It is the same thing when good and bad cooks use the same quality food: good cook creates a masterpiece, while bad uneatable mass. I believe Blind resembles a bad cook in the above mentioned analogy. He was supposed to have a complete squad but he still changes players ” here and there”….To me, Blind’s appointment is a political move of pro-Ajax KNVB, it is exactly the same thing as an appointment of the useless woman candidate for the high corporation position only because US corporations have to “solve” gender issue…

  2. I’m again telling Bazoer and Propper are nothing specially.they might be good at eredivisie level but once they move out of eredivisie then they potential and ceiling will come into the picture

    1. you focus too much on the individual player. Bazoer is 19 years old. Do you remember how critical people were on Ronald de Boer, Seedorf, Davids and Frank de Boer when they were 19 years old.


      1. Also, maybe we can test Propper before writing him off? Has only played 33 mins for Oranje a year ago and has had a great season since that..

  3. I’m again telling Bazoer and Propper are nothing specially”””””””””””Not at all they are special.but they need to be consistant..
    Proper,Bazoer,Ginkel.strootman,Vilhena,Ake and Hendrix are teh only real hopes we have,,rest are crap…Ramselaar is pretty good too i see him following sneijder footsteps..more like a playmaker…

  4. Dutch NT is really good
    if they play
    ———-Veltman—-De vrij———–
    on second line
    ———-vermeer ,krul—————–

  5. Transfer rumours… Juve for Janmaat, Inter for Vilhena and Bruma, Lazio for Sven van Beek.

    Ronald Koeman offered 6,7 mio pounds p.a at Everton. Would make him the fourth highest paid coach behind Mourinho, Pep and Arsene…

  6. Looks like AZ is moving forward with Weghorst (Heracles). Does than mean Vincent will leave AZ this summer? I personally think he should stay in AZ and challenge Ajax and PSV for the title in 2016-2017 season and reach Europa League semi-final.

    1. Nah, Janssen will go. This is his big opp. Never again will he score 20+ goals in half a season. He’ll be earning 250k max at AZ, probably less. He can get 2mio tax free p/a now for sure somewhere.

      Weghorst is VERY limited striker and doesn’t belong in an AZ Shirt in my view

      1. AZ are waiting for a bid of >10 million euro from abroad. Looks like Janssen does not want to play in Eredivisie and is set to leave abroad only. That is what Max Huiberts tells. With this price tag, he will not be affordable for any top three of Dutch football.

        With respect to Weghorst, I have never followed him and not sure why AZ is after him…I believe he is cheap…and they hope to develop him. However, AZ have already had bad experience with forwards who never lived their expectations, including Ruud Boymans, Graciano Pele, Eli Babal, and Robert Muhren…The last one has not given much opportunities yet but I do not think he has any potential to break into first team.

  7. ———————-Cillessen——————–






        1. i like gini…he was good in last game for newcastle..benitez has benched him before that…thats due to inconsistancy/lack of form..

    1. – Don’t mimic MU & Watford, we should utilize Mensah & Ake as DM, we have so many good players for R/LB. For CB position our best players are de Vrij, van Dijk, van Beek some players are developing good such as Letschert, Hoedt we need to consider to give them a chance too.

      – With me: Vlaar has already done like Kuyt so let him relax at AZ, Bruma & some players that have failed from abroad average team & back to Eredivisie to save their career such as Luuk, Siem, Ginkel, Elia we shouldn’t give them anymore hope as they have showed they can not improve anymore.

      1. Luuk and Ginkel are team players their performance depends on teammates…they cannt be ruled out….Who saved us from ireland in last match???Luuk is threat when he plays with annholt,Willems,propper,Bazoer,Ginkel etc…Luuk is not a threat when plays with Memphis..thats how it works..

        1. Oh boy… Luuk didn’t save us. He was totally unmarked. Bad defending and a super Willems cross saved us. And when Luuk plays with Memphis, he might get less crosses but he will always bind two defenders so he will have his fair share of contributions to the team

          1. Bullshit Tiju :-). Memphis had a couple of good crosses vs Ireland and for Man U too. Stop the hating 🙂

            Last season, he had many goals and many assists. You are not objective.

    2. – Also, some mediocre players that quite old now but didn’t show any potential or contribute for Orange pls forget about them too for ex: Krammer, Cherry, Vormer, Buttner, Nuytinck,etc. Tks

  8. Well let’s see if Blind will be on his way out of Man Utd it’d be stupid from Mou but Blind has shown this season he can compete so he will have many offers if the gossip is true.

    I also believe Man Utd treated LVG very bad. As Koeman said this rumours have been in the media for the past 6-8 months and he didn’t get any support from the board that’s really difficult to deal with but I am so happy that his work got some recognition.

    1. Blind said re rumors of being sold:

      “I am looking forward to working with Mourinho. We will have to wait and see whether anything changes for me,”

      “I might not be as big as Pepe, but I think I have shown in the Premier League that I can hold my own defensively. We conceded the fewest goals in the Premier League and I think we got the most clean sheets. That’s something to be proud of. I played nearly every game and that is a good feeling.

      “You might be looking for a certain statement [about my future], but I will just give my all under Mourinho.”

    2. These rumours come up when ManU is focusing on buying new defenders. But that is what LVG would have done too. He was after Varane, Hummels, Stones so no news here.

      Blind is an excellent utility player, who can play CB, LB and midfield. I think Jose will keep him for this, unless they get a good offer for him.

  9. Beside of 21y old contingent, good thing for this season is we have some very good talents at u19 that appear regularly in their club first team & high performance & people in the world also appreciate them.Somehow due to our current experiment, battling between countries for someone who have multi-citizenship, to encourage them because they deserve with their potential & developing well we should also give them(bellow list) a debut or more chances at Orange.

    – Ramselaar, Fosu-Mesah, Riedewald, Živković, Kevin Diks, Bazoer, Dabney dos Santos, Juste

  10. Imo this is the best lineup for the qualification games assuming all of them are fit.


    ——–Tete——–De Vrij—–Vlaar——Blind—-–Willems——




    1. Do we need to crowd up with 5 defenders????Anyways ur selection fo players has quality..they typical smart dutch players….
      but i doubt on fitness of Vlaar,Roben and Sneijder..thats a big concern..

  11. Latest rumours: Dirk Kuyt called with Vilhena to get him to revisit his decision to leave Feyenoord.

    Daley Blind on the hit list for Barcelona.

    1. Netherlands: Predicted Line-up (4-4-2)

      Cillessen – Tete, Veltman, Aanholt, Vlaar – Wijnaldum, Strootman, Depay, Van Ginkel – De Jong, Dost.

      1. thats bad idea as we no pace on wings with Depay,luuk,Dost upfront….
        Blind must stop giving chances to memphis ,first he has to prove in his club,where he is utter failure..he helped LVG to get him sacked…if Depay is given chances today then it is more than grace…
        is the best complimenting and balancing line up
        Coming from bench…
        Blind must stop his stupid consumption like if the guy play as LB then let him play as LB…thats stupid stubornness….
        i am sure if he keeps MEMphis for long time with injury of Roben..we wont make it to russia and Danny Blind will be sacked….
        Memphis case with Blind is similliar to Afellay,weil,BMI case with Hiddink.Now we know we are watching euro with out dutch…i dont want that to happen in 2018 in russia…

  12. Still unclear. I think we’ll see a new defender (Vlaar? Tete? van Aanholt?). I think we’ll see Van Ginkel start on the right. Vilhena on the left maybe?

    Upfront, we’ll see Promes on the left, Narsigh right and potentially Dost centrally.

    Blind wants to work towards a frawework for September. I would not be surprised is he uses Memphis and Janssen again, with Willems as left back.

    I do think he believes in those players. Tete might come on as Veltman was not that great and in the post analysis he hailed Van Ginkels sub turn.

    Robben will most likely be the right winger in September so he will probably play around with that position vs Poland.

    Sneijder will most llikely also play vs Sweden so I think he’ll use Wijnaldum again to have some body and experience in the team for now as #10 and Vilhena coming on as a sub?

    1. Jan seriously this will never will end up just like euro failure. I have said this before and I’m saying it again.
      This is typical Blind relying on Sneijder and Robben to bail him out. In case if you guys have forgotten the first half of the euro qualification was quiet OK but come the return legs the seniors players jus dropped their form in a blink of eye. This will happen again if Blind relys on the senior players.this is also what happened to van Gaal during the WC qualification when he jus used one set of players to build the frame work for the world Cup. Though it turned out to be in his favour during the WC but Strootman injury did affect the team in the build up.

      I’m telling this now,alot people think here that its only a three horse race in that group. France,Sweden,NT but dont be suprised if Bulgaria create few upset in that group. They can be the under dogs in that pool. They also somewhat gave Italy and Croatia a nightmare in euro qualification but were eventually unlucky in the end.the last time NT played Bulgria,they lost 2-1.back then all the top guns ,you name them played in that match but still lost.jus some facts to backup my argument

      If he sticks to this squad with the perception that Robben and Sneijder will salavage the team and qualify NT to the world cup,the 2 is on the way.

  13. This is another prediction for Netherlands’s lineup vs Poland, seems DB will give chance to the rest of players
    that on the bench of last match with Ireland & give more times for some players like Strootman to recover himself , it’s make-sense to me, i don’t see any news related to a debut for Vilhena, anyway let’s see.

    Probable lineups Netherlands: Vermeer – Tete, Vlaar, van Dijk, van Aanholt – Strootman, van Ginkel, Wijnaldum – Narsingh, de Jong, Dost.

  14. Depay has already helped LVG to pack his bag from Manu…Now he is aiming at Blind…Blind was able to get rid of Weil,BMI,Afellay through injury….Now Memphis and Narsingh must be dropped for sake of the NT.

  15. Tiju: for chrissake man, STOP your CONSTANT whining about Depay. How many posts are you going to publish telling us that you don’t like him as a player–and calling him “bodybuilder” etc.–1,000? 5,000? Stop repeating yourself, man. You keep saying the same thing over and over and over again. STOP. You are not the coach. You cannot do anything about Depay–get it? Your incessant whining about him on this board is not going to influence Blind. Stop saying the same thing incessantly.

    (and now Tiju will post again telling us that “Depay the bodybuilder” is no good. Jan, you need to do something about this. It is gone way past annoying.)

    1. richarde: for chrissake understand none of (Vanbasten,Blind,Dick) are better than LVG..if that LVG sits Memphis on bench ..then there is a reason for it…if these coaches doesnt understand that from past mistakes,then they are goin to make penalty for it..Depay is not Messi,CR7,brazilain ronaldo to give this much priority….he played like real dirt shit for Manu except low class mitjlaand and Brugge whose best defender is Ruud vormer..thats syas it all..
      We are @#$$$ked in th a@#$$s with Depay and Narsingh upfront…

  16. I can totally understand why Blind plays Memphis. I would do the same.

    He is the only real big talent we have. If Blind thinks he lacks rhythm and confidence, he needs to play him. To help him get out of the rut. These friendlies are perfect for this.

    With van Aanholt and Van Ginkel there is enough speed on the flanks. Wijnaldum can move into space too. I don’t think Blind should change the team totally. Would be absolutely ridiculous.

  17. Richarde, I agree. It would be great if we could have a group of people who support Oranje through thick and thin. Who understand football and who are supportive.

    I am afraid Tiju is one of these people who feed off controversy and rattling cages.

    I will never forget how people criticised Van Persie when he was young. “Arrogant, selfish, lazy, self absorbed”.

    Now look at his career.

    Or Seedorf.


    The list goes on.

    It is disrespectful. Memphis didn’t sack LVG you silly Tiju.

    You have turned into the villain on this blog. Well done!

  18. watching Spain vs Korea….3-0 lead for spain after 38 minutes…..Korea goalkeeper is a garbage…i dont see this spain team winning Euro…

  19. Poland is really good team they are better than Ireland…if we play with Depay-Narsingh with any striker we are goin to loose with at least 2-0 or 3-1 fluke goal..

  20. I think our most ideal setup right now (with in parentheses backups for aging/injury-prone players)

    Janmaat—-van Dijk—-Blind—–Willems
    ———–Strootman (Bazoer)—–
    Robben (Promes)———-Depay
    ————Sneijder (Wijnaldum)—–
    ——-Huntelaar (De Jong)—–Janssen—–

    Spacing is probably way off on my phone but gives a 442 with our current best options. Id prefer us to focus on rebuilding the squad now. Id rather see them try 442 or 352 before continuing to force 433.

    Itd also be good to impose some type of max posts per day. Ive been reading this site since 2008 and it seems like now its the same handful of people posting the same thing over and over again. It significantly reduces the quality which is a shame. There is no real discussion anymore just mindless babble ungrounded in any logical thought.

    1. Rooben and Depay as midfeilders..thats brilliant idea..Both can tackle,both has immense work rate..this team would excel with static hunter upfront with old sneijder…

      1. Robben does a lot of good defensive work at Bayern, he has improved greatly in this aspect. Depay has also improved in backtracking and still has time to learn. He’s young.

        Hunter plays as a target man with a more mobile Janssen to support. Sneijder as a playmaker. Both positions which don’t require a lot of speed.

        I like how you criticize my lineup even though you spout the most useless suggestions I have ever seen concerning Dutch football. Without fail, your theories never fail to make sense and seem to be quite opposite to any truth whatsoever.

        You criticized Kuyt for years even though he was one of our most reliable players and meanwhile kept calling for Castelen, a huge flop.

        Please don’t bother responding to my posts, your comments are a waste of electricity as far as I’m concerned. I was being polite before not mentioning any names but your verbal diarrhea is why I stopped responding to this blog. You literally fill it with nothing but ridiculous crap no sane person would consider real.


        1. FYI-Castelen was nenevr a flop poor guy was njured for 4 years and that ended his career.he played excellent 10 matches for holland.much more thretening than ur kuyt..FYI.Van der vaart didnt get much chance coz of kuyt….so in the end we s%^^&ked……
          Ur idea to play Roben and Depay as midfeilder are really great and most excellent idea that i have ever heard..i am sorry i cannt understand it…

  21. @Jan: It’s easier to keep scrolling don’t worry. Depay is a great player even if there are some (TIJU) who hate his attitude. He’s just 22 years old, he ir rich with plenty of pussy at his disposal it’s understandable that the change from Holland to England hasn’t been easy for him. He will mature mentally and when he does he will get back his confidence and then he will succeed again.

    We’ve seen at PSV and with Holland that he is a great player.

    1. @Miguel..he is 22 …thats not teenage…i can understand if it done by nauri,mensah etc…
      Danny Blind has already pointed out that he had turned his back to certain training…Which is really bad…
      Some says he will come back…i am less optimistic about him.Reasons are the following..
      1-At Manu he had money and LVG to support,LVG gave him immense support,this is rae case for Vanginkel,ake etc..they all had to play under unsupportive coaches..if not under LVG then when he is goin to deliver???
      2-He shows very poor attitude.
      3.-More interested in 8 packs,hevay biceps,calfs and thighs..So he has amassed 85kg.for 1.75m lad…this affects his speed while dribbling.So he ends up fails..
      4-Heavy massed body makes him tire quickly than other guys like Ginkel,Wijnaldum etc…
      So i dont think he will make it,okay thats okay with me.Beacause of him and other players like him i dont want dutch NT to be missed in WC2018..
      Blind is going in circles
      So far no first team…
      From afellay,Weil,BMI,Depay,Narsingh,RVP,hunter,Virgil to again afellay,Weil,BMI,Depay,Narsingh,RVP,hunter,Virgil

    1. – DB still trust almost player at backline Bruma-van Dijk-Willems, he has already realized Veltman is not a real L/RB and give a chance to Tete, let Depay & Strootman have a rest 🙂

      -BTW, just reviewed yesterday match and see that even Berghuis’s dribbling skill is not very good as Robben, Depay, Promes but his style ‘s decent , able to pass the ball to Striker from flanks stability.

  22. Doubt that Blind had much say. I’d be shocked if the decision on Strootman’s playing time was not made well in advance of these three games, in consultation with Roma.

  23. Dutch are athletic and look good in transition. Some sloppy passing early in the half, back four caught out of position a few times–and Tete gave the ball away, which led to a golden chance for Poland that was scuffed and hit the cross bar. We were better as the half went on. Promes was active and effective on the left, though seems to give up on his runs. Can’t get a reading on Bazoer–the stream is rather fuzzy.

  24. The team did better but we’ve a lot to improve. I was really happy with Janssen he really looks like the real deal.

    Berghuis was good in the first half. Bazoer improved from previous games and Van Ginkel was good.

    I am positive with this performance. I thought Blind would try different systems rather than 4-3-3.

  25. Great to see us winning again. It’s high time that our first team lineup and formation gets established to an extent.

    With the lack of talent and unavailability of some players, the only way we would do well is with greater understanding by our players of the system and of each others.

  26. No Depay,no Afellay,no BMI,No weil,No blind,No RVP,No hunter….against strong opponent. we won…
    is int say something???
    Reason behind victory and game…
    Enormous energy of midfeild trio..Ginkel,Wijnaldum,Bazoer,whcih was missing in NT for past 14 matches or more….
    Better hardworking/effective wingers on wings
    Depay<Promes..better quality
    Narsingh<Berghuis–better quality
    a better young moving fast striker janssen/Dost over oldies RVP,Hunter..
    this determind team this we could have qualified for EC2016.

    1. @Wilson

      I think People in the world and even DB has answered your question, Willems ‘s surely better than Annholt for almost of views class, form, skill, younger, physical, defensive, threating, ect. Annhold’s also good IMO but cannot compare to Willems this time.

      1. I agree with Ruud, but Willems does need to improve on his set piece deliveries! van Aanholt looked a little out of place, but I think he’d improve with more time.

  27. jajajaja i cannt stop my happyness…with out Depay we won….We beat a better team…..But this can be collapsed again if we add Depay,narsingh upfront with RVP/Hunter…with Afellay in mid..u can loose to a severe marjin if u add weil and BMI at back…
    Things to learn from this..
    1.Changing certain nonquality players makes difference..
    2.IF you have quality degraded generation then play the most hardworking players.who plays as team,attack as team and defends as team.
    3.Both annholt and willems can start like real total footballing nation..Both are really good for team than Depay,elgahzi,kishna etc…
    Why still blind cannnt get rid of nonperforming players comepletly…his slecetion must be based on how they perform in their club,how hardworking they are etc.

  28. Much needed win!
    After a rocky start, we were generally a little quicker on the ball (that should still improve for me), played with much more heart and a with a lot more grit than that boring and uninspired Ireland match.
    We seemed organized defensively (besides the series of gaffs leading to the miss for Milik) and put a few really nice attacking moves together as well, I think we deserved it.

    Cillessen was fine but don’t remember any shot on goal before the header on another corner goes in which somehow van Aanholt misses.
    Anyway, why not try Zoet or Vermeer?
    Tete had some nervy moments but usually made up for it or wasn’t costly thanks to Milik. I like him on RB if we do not have a great winger in front.
    Bruma was solid defensively and had that crucial block on Lewandowski but a little wasteful on the ball for me. Seems to be making a good partnership with van Dijk though, who was pretty much flawless (and didn’t notice any big clearances into the upper decks!).
    2 matches in a row with no goals against from open play, probably best to stick with this CB partnership and maybe they improve more together. Interested to see what happens when de Vrij is back fit.
    I thought Willems was good, but really needs to do better on set pieces.
    van Aanholt was a little out of place, didn’t offer much going forward or much defensively but maybe some more time would help. We know Willems game, I hope van Aanholt plays Saturday.
    Bazoer is still much too slow on the ball for DM to me. I hope he learns soon to speed it up. I did appreciate that he completed all his passes in the first half and didn’t lose the ball, and also liked to see a little bite in his game.
    Strootman on for 20 mins was good. Great passer and so good at reading and breaking up plays. My god how we have missed him, what a big presence.
    I didn’t think Wijnaldum was great technically besides being fantastic on his goal, but he was fired up and appreciated that spark in the team compared to vs Ireland.
    van Ginkel had some ok moments in the first half but was poor in the second, was really weak on the goal against.
    I thought Berghuis on RW was pretty poor besides his assist. Strange work ethic off ball, one minute he won’t run 5 yards to close an angle and the next he is tracking back at our own goal line. Seems like the 3rd winger spot is still up for grabs.
    Janssen also provided a much needed spark. Not the fastest or purest in technique but is always working and moving and is a handful for CBs. A goal any striker should score but made Sczcesny work a few other times as well.
    I thought Promes at LW had some ok moments and made the cross that led to Wijnaldum goal via Narsingh, who for me was like Berghuis – strangely, wasteful or anonymous besides their assists. If Promes is our best wing option when Robben is out then we still need him to improve a lot yet.
    Dost came on and ran around for a bit..

    Really need to end this chaos we break into during set pieces ASAP.
    7 of the last 9 goals we have conceded came from set pieces, including four corners. There are strong players there so what is the problem – is it random personal executional errors, or is the tactic not working?
    I’ll have to go back and check on the previous 5 sometime, but these last 2 corner goals had the same general set up. 2 players next to the keeper and everyone else man marking.

    Some interesting possession stats from opta Johan: 44.2% – The Dutch national team had less possession than their opponents for the 3rd time since the World Cup, winning all 3 games. (winning only two of the last seven games which they had more than 50% possession)

    Looking forward to seeing how we lineup against Austria on Saturday.
    I hope either Zoet or Vermeer and Vilhena get chances.

    Let’s go 4 games undefeated for the first time since the WC! (wtf)

    1. the Kevin diks is awesome RB…
      Tete–kevin diks–Mensah are the best we have got for RB…
      Willems-Annholt–kongolo-mensah are best LB we have got

      1. I think berghius hasn’t played much and this could be factor for his on and off peformance.
        If Im not wrong he only featured in few games for Watford. The last two games where he came of the bench and some late cameoes before that.

        Van Annholt also with more games should get the rythm going.

        From the replays,it looked like the ball would have hit van Annholts hand if he wouldn’t have reacted in that bodily manner which resulted in the polish goal.

    2. Janssen may be is not the fastest player, but he

      (1) can shoot on target from any possible positions and angles and actually score (not always but it will come eventually)
      (2) is agile and moves consistently
      (3) occupies right positions. That is why it seems that his goals could be scored by anybody.
      (4) is smart
      (5) humble and hard working

      All the above-mentioned makes him very unique forward.

  29. RVP has been linked with Lazio once again and the transfer could personally come down to how much he will earn in principal.

    Also Alexander Buttner has been linked to Bekitas who are strengthening their squad for champions league.

  30. In my opinion i think we have a solid skeleton crew in the pipe line
    Sorry Tiju but to me van Dijk is absolute quality, a natural leader if you will. Paired with Bruma we build around t

    1. Yes, van Dijk is our best CB now and even at PM, as a human noone is perfect from all of views, cannot wait one day to see de Vrij vs van Dijk to play together in front of goalkeeper.

  31. yes memphis its only a matter of time. hard work and determination will pay of for the lad. if he wants it and works for it he will get there

  32. Memphis needs to change his “Drenthe” attitude. If he keeps doing that – in a couple of years he will be playing somewhere in Qatar or UAE. He is very talented and might have a bright future if not that arrogacy and “I-am-better-than -anybody else” attitude…

  33. I’ve seen Janssen play very few games but every time I watch him I am more impressed with him.

    As AZ-forever said he can shoot from every angle. I am so frustrated with RVP and Huntelaar’s girl fights they are “experienced” players but they keep fighting.

    I wonder what will Blind do when his son Daley comes back from injury because I am happy with Bruma and Van Dijk’s partnership, I am happy with Willems and Daley isn’t a holding midfielder so it’s time for him to start warming the bench and fight for his spot.

    I saw last night a very dynamic midfield with lots of energy. They need to improve a lot but at least Blind got them motivated.

    1. I think the pairing should be dependent on the situation. As far as I’m concerned, van Dijk should always play: good in the air, confident tackler, good long ball, occasional good shot, and sometimes charges forward with the attack.

      I would use Bruma against teams where we expect to be on the backfoot and those that are exceptionally good at set pieces. Against teams that park the bus and we expect to dominate possession Daley Blind is the better option as he basically adds another attacker going forward. He can slot from sweeper into CDM allowing the midfield to push further forward. Also Blind is the best defender we have in building up play and delivering pinpoint precise through passes to our forward line.

      IMO van Dijk is applicable in both these situations.

      I can also see Blind playing sweeper in a 352 when playing against a 442 with Bruma and van Dijk manmarking the 2 forwards. I think de Vrij en Bruma are similar type players and should be selected according to form. For years I have felt van Dijk is the next big deal and seems like he is really developing now.

      1. Agree with you on your player assessments and ideas, except one important for a team like ours where the players play all over the place is that real game playing time together is so important, and especially for a good CB partnership, so I could also see the point in sticking with a CB pair for a bit of time, if possible.

  34. I thought Berghuis and Janssen showed the beginnings of a pleasingly innate, tacit connection last night.

    I do not agree at all with the assertion above that Berghuis in any way went missing, or played ‘on and off’. What game were you watching? He had a great game, and was constantly looking to pull his opponent into places that they did not wish to venture. He’s a smart player. When the defence went to sleep, Berghuis was the only one still clocked on – saved us twice. He wasn’t quiet. He was plotting!

    Janssen looks comfortable up front. I am hoping his confidence grows and grows now. In my opinion, going forwards, the position is his to cement. He has all the talent and mindset needed to progress to the top. Reminds me a bit of Ruud the Dude. Maybe I’m just getting old and misty eyed, but I do love a proper centre-forward.
    His mother swam for the Netherlands, did you know? Sporty family. Always helps.

    We need to work on our set pieces, at both ends.
    Otherwise, pleasing game against a decent in-form opponent.

    I still think Cillessen looks like a startled meerkat, and inspires little confidence in the men around him. But alas, he’s currently the number one and I’ll back him.
    Oranje forever.
    I’m out.

    1. That’s cool about Janssens mother!
      And agree on Cillessen, I’d prefer Krul if he gets back to his old self.

      Surprised to hear such Berghuis praise though, and do not see any tacit connection.
      I rewatched and stand by what I said. He made some ok possession passes, had a good through ball for Promes. Tracked back all right, specifically that time he shielded the ball out. But that time he was nutmegged the ball came back to him even though he didn’t move and then he gave it away right away after when he could have eased the pressure. Gave it away a few times actually, and was muscled off the ball easily on more than once.
      Does not mean I do not wish him well, would love for him to find some great form!
      An assist should help, even though that was some awful defending and probably should never have happened.

      I appreciate that people can watch the same match and get different things from it.
      I thought we were not bad but still not great, even though some good moments and MUCH better than v Ireland!

    1. Berghuis played really well,like a fox,,,like some one said here they had tacit connection my book which is deadly and decides outcome of match than Futile dribbling of Depay,Afellay etc…
      the reason behind the victory was due to introduction of
      Vanginkel,tete,Berghius….We had 4 player who had horse lungs Promes,Wijnaldum,Bazoer and Ginkel..that made life difficult for Poland..None may not have the talent of Sneijder,but the workrate made the difference.this wont be the case when we Add Depay,Afellay,snijder we will not have the workrate in mid…So we will be schooled like we did in ECQ2016..

  35. am watching Portugal Vs England…if England plays with
    —-Rooney——Dele Ali———-
    then they can score goals and win Ec2016..but you know coaches are so stubbon and england wont win it by stupidity..
    Only 2 teams are capable of finding gaols in difficult situations that are France and Germany…Either one will win it…End of the story..

  36. Does any one think Tim Krul is still no 1 GK for NT. Apparently he has been linked to Crystal Palace as Alan Pardew is a bit admirer of his.

  37. Stefano Denswil is also wanted by Norwich city who were relegated from Premier league.I think he should rather stay back at Club brugge for another season,play Championship league and then make a move.

  38. I read in a British paper that England was not good today–and that Rooney was not good. We’ll see how they do–I doubt very well.

    1. I did say this before,the talent is there and it will all come down to how best Roy Hodgson can utilize them. If he loses the plot all those talents will go to waste. He has too come up with a good frame work which doesn’t necessarily fit everybody. The game vs Germany had a good balance in the team. He needs to focus on his best starting 11. Vs Portugal he shifted Kane to the wing and brought in Rooney.I think he has to make some big decisions here rather then trying to fit everybody together.

      This is same thing Belgium are to do. Trying to fit all their stars in the starting 11 which is not working.

      1. As for Portugal,they could be the dark horse in this tournment.they have a good mixture of young and old players and with Ronaldo if you around good fitters which they do possess,he can be absolutely lethal in front of goal. One team Im looking forward to seeing in Euros.

  39. Portugal put steallar defensive performance escpecially after going down to 10 men….Carvahlo is still amazing..Cannt belive 38 year old thin player….like vardy simply effective in his duty..With CR7 and 11 men Portugal should be able to beat england wit yesterday line up..
    Vardy–kane duo is not goin to click.
    Vardy is better smarter player than kane.
    A comibination of
    Sturridge—Vardy—–Rashford looks 1000 times better than Kane–Rooney—Vardy…
    Anyways they are not goin to win it as everyone are in delusion with kane-vardy partership…which is goin to be utter failure…

  40. I can see Future of Nathan Ake at Chelsea if Conte reverts back to 3-5-2 which he is the master of executing perfectly.

    Ake- Cahill- Zouma

    Ake- Terry – Zouma

    Ake- Terry- Cahill

    One thing good about conte is, he loves to rotate which was very evident at Juventus. So you can expect him to use as many players given if they are quality player.As it is Conte is concentrating on job at hand and only after the euros,the incoming players would decide Ake’s chances of playing at Chelsea.

    Im hoping Ake will make it in the squad for qualifications. They need some muscle in that midfield.

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