1. Hunterlaar stays on the bench and the formation is the same. I well and truly hope I am wrong, but I think we are going to be knocked out to night because BVM has stuck to his guns and will play the same way which I bet the Germans have meticulously prepared for.

    1. In the end of the day, jokes on them, they will end up bailing out southern Europe so the Greeks can sit back and continue to live life like they play football, doing nothing.

  2. Let’s wipe the field with them big time against what pseudo pundits on Polish tv say , they go on and on about internal feuds and that we do not play as a team . I am sick and tired of hearing this bullshit , Let’s hope the lads will prove all those non oranje believers wrong and show some shampagne fotball like back in 08 !!!

  3. The commentators in Canada are so bad. They have no knowledge whatsoever. It pains me to be Canadian – i can do better myself so i’m turning the sound down on my tv and doing it myself




  5. Hunt and VDV seem to be in pretty good moods sitting on the bench , just saw them smilling on TV – so much for the infighting crap !

  6. The war is going to start,i am looking forward for this exciting and entertaining match.I predict Oranje wins by 2-1 or 3-2.
    I knew many people has their thoughts but i am still very confident with Marwijk.Please reverse and have a look.Normally in the dutch football history,the coaches won’t be taking the job for so many years.As you can see oranje was doing pretty well most of the time.
    So guys,have faith and let;s enjoy this beautiful game.
    This time,the luck is on our side,hehe….
    Hup Holland Hup !!!

  7. keeping our formation and positioning pretty tight so far and no has wandered off, RVP has some flashes of brilliance but really needs to net it; feeling very good and would love a goal from anyone

  8. the lines are back together, cohesiveness.. good control and tempo.

    that’s the way to play… we have contained them very well.

    Hope we continue exactly like this.

  9. Another game playing down within the first 30 min…ridiculous. This is embarrassing for me, all my friends know how much i route for this team and now we are getting wiped clean.

    1. Yup, thats what i was thinking for days, i hope dont get embarassed too much. We need huntelaar. Simple as that, we have no target man, this is INSANITY, put in KJH NOW, DO IT NOW!!!!

  10. if BVM doesnt put huntelaar in at halftime, he needs to be replaced, how many chances does RVP need before BVM realizes he is not, and has never been a center striker.

  11. not over, this happened to us against Brasil, we just need a bit of luck and more concentration not hitting the panic button just yet, but we need to wake up

  12. I’m a huge fan but Rvp is still struggling — bring on Hunt!

    That was a fantastic turn by Gomez, I would be cheering if it was against any other team 🙁

  13. I dont see any improvement from last match
    6 def players but none of them are doing defence
    and bvm will continue his tactic which is no action before 65′

  14. Since Germany scored 15 minutes ago, our offense has regressed. The ball is not even getting to Van Persie to create (or miss) chances.

  15. We cannot play offense and defense simultaneously. Our offense cannot penetrate the German walll, our defense despite being set is just awful.

  16. So much going wrong here, it’s hard to pick just one thing. Why play 2 defensive mids if we are going to allow Schweinie to waltz up to the PK box without a challenge?

    And our corner kicks. We know the Germs are taller. Try a short one. (Although when Sneijder finally does this, Robben is asleep).

  17. I said it earlier today, Steks is not good, he is way overrated, Tim Krul is much better than him…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    This team needs to be revamped, BVM gone.

  18. Hunter and VDV looks set to come on, I mean the danes came down from 2 to get to port, I know what happened I saw it, but if we really try its not over and for f*** sake we need to score. Sorry for swearing before without censoring it I am a Dutch/Irish men from NY and although my temper has gotten a lot better over the years, it’s really hard to watch this but still have a good feeling, not that horrible pit sinker

  19. and off we go into football oblivion for the next 15 years.

    We had a great run guys, WC final, did ok in Euro 2008, this team doesnt have it anymore, too predictable.

    Time to focus on my fantasy baseball team.

  20. haven’t seen this poor from oranje. but still a thin hope. coach tried to be brave with selection by not putting an attacker in place of CDM but now it is too late.
    if we manage to draw this or get a goal at least there is some chance in the next matches

  21. It’s just horrible. I feel like there’s no midfield at all. We need to take out Van Bommel, he’s disgraceful. Wings?, Van Persie seems to just think about kicking the ball anywhere each time he gets it.

    I really don’t have much faith we can turn this around.

    Will the Germans beat the Danes? Is there a possibility they don’t tie that game and take us out?


  22. Dramatic, certainly.

    Looks like tragedy right now, especially with the announcers hating so, and singing about 2010.

    We should all hold on to see if there’s redemption to come — for anyone.

    David Winner will tell us what it all means in due time.

  23. Fuck you van Persie….

    Huntelaar was our only hope. We should have led early on and now we are chasing the game. Too late van Marwijk and too shit van Persie…..

  24. the worst team in Euro2012 is Holland, the worst coach is Bert, the worst player is Robben.
    Wesley didnt play a single good match this season, but why Bert still use him ahead of VDV when VDV is having a good season??? Robben, does he know he is playing in a team sport? all are rubbish

  25. Wow…like the Red Sea opening up for their CB to have a shot on goal…Do we not have CB’s today? every attack of ours slows down and then back to the middle, UGH.

    How can a team with so many good players play so poor…answer? The coach, the formation. Anyone who plays fifa knows what a difference it makes.

  26. oh yeah , BvM is on still 2016, yeah !! we perform badly, no attack, no passing , no defend …. while we played bad, there is not even a single change in the squad….. i just wanna to tell Bert, you are a fucking dickhead

  27. same formation every match, what the hell is Bert thinking? good players with bad coach equal a bad team….. not just a bad team, a fucking bad team

  28. Ok, I guess this it for the next two years. Yes, We’ll still have the Portugal game, but that will make no difference. Honestly, looking at this match typing with one eye on the TV now, it seems that Oranje really put in 100% at the last quarter or second half of the second if you will.

    I know this game wouldn’t be easy immediately after seeing the starting line up. Hunter should have had his full 90. Well. At least we got one goal to enjoy.

    Thanks guys/girls, Thanks Jan. We’ll its Orange tears again, nothing new.


  29. The worst Oranje since 1996. How could this team become so bad ? Please, van Marwijk, just go ! I want the old good Oranje back… Shameful performance…

  30. at least this bunch of underachieving losers has lots of time now to read their pre tournamant press clippngs on how great the great they are

    what a bunch a gutless fags..they make me sick

  31. I have to say that, we really showed some fire off an on, not as consistent but the other C word. We still have a shot here, we will need to beat Port 2-3 goals and Germany has to win, which I know they will because they might not qualify if they don’t try to, so they will have to show up. Damn we were so close thats why I feel good going into the next game. Keep your heads up high and no Orange tears just yet, please guys one more game we have to keep it in there.

    Maybe with MVB we can try something new and really should have not allowed these goals, but it is what it is and I won’t lie I admire him as a hard working defender (dunno what happened today) could have been a lot better or could have been worse. We really have 1 last game to prove ourselves and after destroying so many teams past 2 years we can’t go down yet without a fight.

  32. In Bert we trust!!!

    If we are this good now, IMAGINE how fucking awesome we will be in 2016!!!!!!!




  33. what the f*ck! Is Huntelaar a magician?…

    Why leave him on the bench until we’re 2-0 down?!?

    RvP’s goal was dumb luck….German GK unsighted because the shot comes through the defenders legs….

    If he was any good at all he would have put away his earlier chances. KJH should have been on from the start RvP should have been on the bench

    KJH was our only hope and its now gone.

    Denmark will play for a draw and we’re going home – regardless of our result against portugal.

    1 goal at the WK, 1 goal at EK is not good enough for Oranje’s CF.

    I may well be cancelling my Brazilian vacation in 2014 if RvP is not banished from the national team.

  34. Unfortunately we weren’t good enough today.

    Tough opponents expose the weaknesses in a team. We need a serious revamp in a number of areas. I think this lack of success will signal that it is time for some of our stalwarts to step aside and let younger talent through.

    At least one thing seems clear: Best defense is a good offense. Compare 2nd half and 1st. It’s the Dutch way.

  35. Nice knowing ya Bert.

    Oh where oh where is the beautiful football we all came to know and love?

    I’m tired of Robben, Bommel, Jong, Kuyt.

    I’m tired of RvP playing out of position.

    I’m tired of 4-2-3-1.

    Find me some true wingers.
    Stick Hunter at center striker, with Persie shadowing.

    The current Dutch way is no longer the Dutch way to be honest.

    1. Be fair on de Jong, he had a great game tonight – he was keeping Germany at bay on his own when van Bommell went off. I’m biased cause I’m a City fan but he did great.

      Robben’s head is messed up and has been since he missed that chance against Spain in the final.

      I still think Holland can and will beat Portugal. But Denmark will get a draw against Germany reserves. This has a feel about it much like the 1980 EC, the end of an era. Luckily, the WC qualifying group is not scary like the 82 one, so it won’t be the end of Holland in major tournaments like it was then, but still…. 🙁

    2. Yes, it’s time for Van Bommel, Kuyt, and even possibly Robben (unless something dramatic happens these next 2 years) to step aside.

      DeJong was not bad today, I would only switch him if we have a significantly better option. Perhaps one creative mid with DeJong if they push upfield higher on occasion.

      We need real wingers. For the most part Robben killed our wing game. I was hoping for Narsingh to come on in place of Robben sometime in the 2nd half.

  36. I am going to be in Kharkiv for the Portugal game , 1300 km from Bialystok (Poland) by car . It’s better be for a fucking miracle !!!!

  37. we don’t deserve to win the euros, and we don’t deserve to make it out of the group, but can you imagine, if germany beat denmark, and Holland beat portugal 2-0 we go through to the quarterfinals, that would be weird

    but if we do and we win the euros, i still think we should fire bert van marijk

    1. I think Holland can win, but not keep a clean sheet – Willems and vdW against Nani and Ronaldo? ummm….

      I go for 3-2, and Denmark to get a draw, so Holland finish 3rd. 🙁

  38. I’d say it’s time for a beer.

    Been watching the game with my wife. It may be the third game she watches in her life. At one point (shortly after the 1-2) she asked me why there was only one team running. For me that sums it all. It’s not bad luck, bad system, bad players, bad coach, bad subs. They don’t want it. Period.

    1. Guillaume vB:
      It may be the third game she watches in her life. At one point (shortly after the 1-2) she asked me why there was only one team running. For me that sums it all. It’s not bad luck, bad system, bad players, bad coach, bad subs. They don’t want it. Period.

      I think this is the thing that annoys me the most about the Oranje squad. I don’t think it is unreasonable to say Germany and England are always “less talented” than the Oranje squad but they are always “more hungry”.

      I was following the live-blogging on ESPN and one of the Dutch supporters there said the same thing. Only Sneijder was showing fighting spirits.

      We are 90% out of the door now.

  39. VanX I agree. Much better second half. We did not defend as a team. We were way too deep in our defending. If we want to keep the ball, then we need to press high like Barcelona does. No specific player should be singled out except perhaps that it is the end of VB. We need to revert back to the way we played with Van Basten. For that we need a coach who can be creative and get the best out of the players.

  40. Bert shows faith in RvP and lets him miss chance after chance and then replaces Robben with Kuyt?!?
    I really do love Dirky and would have preferred him in the team lineup but not at Robbens expense….Right back? In place of van Bommel? As far as Arjen is concerned….Selfish or not, he provides the pace that this team desperately needs and Kuyt just doesnt finish well – and neither does RvP!

    1. i don’t know if you saw this, but like, van persie besides missing three chances, when he scored the goal, the first thing in my head was oh no, oh crap, he didn’t pass it to huntelaar who could have had an easy goal.

      luckily van persie made the goal, then huntelaar tries to high five him, and van persie blows him off.

  41. Thank you Bert, Thank you players you’ve done a good job for making it to the Finals. But I think its the end of an era, changes need to be done, what ever system is currently in place is just not working….Holland is not just a team but it represents a country and its huge football history. Don’t stain that history and our fanaticism, if it were for bad luck I think we would all understand and be more tolerable but the system just broke down.
    Like in any nation, the administration or government has to take the hit and I think Bert it would be very honorable if you presented your resignation….

      1. Bert doesn’t play the game, he’s the trainer and Holland hasn’t exactly embarrassed themselves, they just haven’t scored goals and that is the players faults, more specifically the forwards

  42. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The main thing I appreciate form BvM is that in WC 2010 he inspire Orange with hunger of victory, hunger of glory; that he did a wonderful mental job. That team has the right attitude, they believe in themselves.

    But… this Orange, with the same players is a team without soul… a grey and cold team.

    What happened today??

    BvM made a huge mistake not giving time to young players… now, we have and old team without ambition. And we dint take this opportunity to build a team for WC 2014.

    I really wish to see players like Strootman in the next game instead MvB…. I want to see players with HEART, and blood in their veins!!!!

    And after this EC, I want to see new players: Naher, Classie, Viergiver… etc.

  43. We need to hammer the pork chops and germany needs to hammer the danes for some last day drama. if you go through, we certainly don’t deserve it but maybe a dutch miracle is in order

    Its not out of the realm of possibility. keep the faith, the football world has to throw us a bone

    Bert HAS done a good job so everyone should stuff it. There”s so much politics in selecting a squad, its almost out of his hands to begin with. look at the italy squad in 2008, the same thing happened after WC 2006

    1. You rightly call this a miracle. From the Oxford dictionary:

      “miracle |ˈmirikəl|
      a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency : the miracle of rising from the grave.”

      It would be a _miracle_ that this attack either scores the needed multiple (was it three) goals, if at all. It will also be _miracle_ that the Germans, won’t just be satisfied with a 1-0, or 2-0 or that the Portuguese won’t put up a fight of their own and even win or tie.

      You picked the exact right word, a miracle indeed. And also, rightly, Oranje doesn’t deserve it, not with this spirit. Its just a shell of the team that went to the WC finals two years ago.

  44. We’re all negative now . But let’s wait till the third game is over and we’re either in or out for good . Afterall this team still has a slim chance of turning this around so let’s hope it happenes . I think it’s better to start slow and improve as the competition progresses then to kick off on a high note and be out like in 08 without expecting it at all . I know it is all whishful thinking but what do we have left ? Let this amaizing group of players and the coach to redeem themselves , it is still possible !!

    Hup Holland Hup!!

    1. Our fate is in the hands of the Germans now. Just think about it, who would they rather face later on Denmark or Netherlands?

      Also there is no redeem oneself after this, they(players) clearly don’t want to win, all of them including the coach and staff.

      1. If the Germans lose to the Danes and Portugal wins against us at a certain goal scenerio Germany is out. Therfore i dont think they will look back on us and would do their best to get 3 points .

    2. The buck stops with the manager.

      Negative tactics.
      Negative line ups.
      Preferential treatment to inferior players.
      Bizarre substitutions at ridiculous moments.
      No encouragement to new talent.
      No sense of unity.
      No passion.
      No pride.
      No vision.
      No pace.
      No drive.
      No clue.
      11 women.
      1 huge fucking disgrace.

      Cheers for 2010. Now GTFO.

  45. Hello guys,
    What a sad game. Watched it at a local bar where almost 90% of the people were supporting Oranje but in the end, it was too disappointing.

    RVP’s goal gave us a little bit of momentum but then we couldn’t sustain the effort.

    I don’t know how we can qualify now. The 1st tie-breaker is the head to head matchup. If someone can please explain how we might still be able to qualify, I would be very happy. Maybe it comes down to goal differnce. I doubt we can score that many goals on Portugal as they will be putting us under pressure also.

    1. If Holland, Denmark and Portugal all finish on 3 pts, then it’s goal difference, cause everyone will have one win and one loss against the other two teams.
      So Holland need a 2 goal win against Portugal, and Denmark lose against Germany…

      If Holland win 2-0 and Denmark lose 1-0, then its Holland 3-3 Denmark 3-4, Portugal 3-4, Holland through.

  46. They lost because the coach is not pro-active enough. He waits until things are going wrong before making the kind of attacking changes that he should make in the first place. When those chances were missed in the first half (once again) there was always the likelihood Germany would go down to the other end and score. From the moment they scored onwards they could have been 3 goals up by half time if not for the save by Steks from Badstuber.

    Holland won the second half 1-0 after they went it and made changes in midfield and up front. But even then I have a problem with the changes he made. If you’re going to put Huntelaar then you must feed him with right and left footed wingers who are going to cross accurately with playmakers behind. IMO Narsingh needs to be brought in against Portugal. There was nothing from the right wing. Huntelaar himself has to sharpen up his concentration at times, too many lost balls and wasn’t able to make an impact in his 45 mins. And van Persie again missed more chances in the first 45 mins, but did better 2nd half and made a sweet strike for a goal. But unfortunately it was too little too late for Holland. We will see how it goes vs Portugal. I’m not too optimistic right now mainly because of Marwijk but hope for the best.

  47. i’m actually wondering if this is in fact a fan site. have some respect, this is the coach who took us to a WC final, the first time btw since 78′. This negativity is a joke, Italy wins world cups playing garbage games like this


    The Dutch are perennial losers, nothing will change that. Egos bigger than your talent. We have defeated you again, you 3 times world cup losers….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  49. The first 20+ minutes were great. But once Gomez scored it all fell apart. And then it got worse.

    On replay, the set-up for both German goals looked so easy / obvious. Schweinsteiger, with all the time in the world, able to feed Gomez with a simple push pass.

    Down on the scoreboard, Holland turned into a bunch of individuals. No more movement off the ball, no more pressing in defense, no more quick ball movement. Everyone just standing still waiting for someone else to create the chance.

    Van Persie continues to struggle in finishing, which is not a good thing as a striker, but at least he’s getting chances. For all the cries for his inclusion, I didn’t really see anything from Huntelaar at all.

    A very promising beginning but then complete collapse. I’m not a professional player myself so I can’t be too critical, but I just can’t comprehend the team’s lack of mental toughness and resiliency. The Dutch are known for their artistry and skill, but also their teamwork and movement. When down, this team however just completely lost its composure and stopped working together.

    I have no words for the defense. They must have immense trust in their goalkeeper.

  50. hmmm….points of notice:

    -collection of individuals (not even clans) not getting along
    -tactical stupidity by coach
    -players past their prime
    -when everyone is waiting for a cross from a teenager from the left, you know the $hit has hit the fan
    -the worst players on the field (dutch defense) was responsible for most of the possession.
    -attackers seemingly ‘dancing’ and ‘prancing’ around the goal while struggling to make contact with the round ‘creature’
    -Kuyt for Robben (genius tactical move that only part of BVMs brain understands)
    -Heitinga should be hired in films representing the Dutch resistance in WWII (“Black Book”) or as a POW surviver
    -Van Der Vaart should practice his look, where he looks dissapointed as his volley ends up 5 feet away from goal from his own half (an OSCAR is waiting)
    -Van Bommel was disintegrating on the field of play as ounces of sweat were puddling the ukranian harvest (his substitution was actually to save his life that of millions of farmers.)

    etc etc etc

    More importantly.

    A Racing Santander bencher (Postiga) scores where Van Persie always FAILS.

    ULTIMATELY, dark times ahead. A generation wasted (although maybe not, i feel 2010 was their ‘say’ and they did the best they could while also getting lucky).

    As much as I have supported BVM, he would be wise to apologetically resign sunday night. All the best to him on his future endeavours as the coach of a Belgian team!

    1. ‘ULTIMATELY, dark times ahead. A generation wasted (although maybe not, i feel 2010 was their ‘say’ and they did the best they could while also getting lucky).’

      I think this generation has achieved way more than anyone could expect. They have been nowhere near as talented as the Ajax 95 generation, or the Gullit/van Basten one, yet they nearly won the competition that matters the most, the World Cup.

      So maybe this is a mental thing. Having very nearly reached the top of that mountain, is it that these players no longer have the drive to aim for the summit of a slightly less impressive one? I think the main difference between Germany and Holland tonight was motivation, Germany really want this title… for too many of the Dutch players now, it’s as if it’s not really worth the bother. It was the World Cup they were aiming for. I don’t see any of the sheer determination that got them past Brazil in these current matches.

  51. The first 20+ minutes were great. But once Gomez scored it all fell apart. And then it got worse.

    On replay, the set-up for both German goals looked so easy / obvious. Schweinsteiger, with all the time in the world, able to feed Gomez with a simple push pass.

    Down on the scoreboard, Holland turned into a bunch of individuals. No more movement off the ball, no more pressing in defense, no more quick ball movement. Everyone just standing still waiting for someone else to create the chance.

    Van Persie continues to struggle in finishing, which is not a good thing as a striker, but at least he’s getting chances. For all the cries for his inclusion, I didn’t really see anything from Huntelaar at all. Sneijder and VDV were the only ones working.

    A very promising beginning but then complete collapse. I’m not a professional player myself so I can’t be too critical, but I just can’t comprehend the team’s lack of mental toughness and resiliency. The Dutch are known for their artistry and skill, but also their teamwork and movement. When down, this team however just completely lost its composure and stopped working together.

    I have no words for the defense.

  52. I haven’t been posting anything. I don’t get the time to do. I was one of the first people on this blog back in 2006. I am not going to be long. I really feel bad for you my friends. We always have something going on with this team. I said it in 2010 when they were going all the way the world cup final, I said this is the worst Dutch team that I ever saw and that I would rather see them loose than win it this way. I also said Van Marjwik is the worst thing that happened to the Dutch football. I said back then, we were being lucky with the teams we were facing. Nothing changed. This is still the same. the only thing was we had luck and easy teams facing us in 2010. Remember how japan deserved to beat us, and how Uruguay almost beat us and how we played the ugliest football of all time. Thanks a lot to Van Marjwik and to the Dutch football federation that extended his contract till 2016 as if he has done something great to this nation. However, I don’t want to throw everything on Van Marjwik. The players sucked as well. They did not want to win. I was watching the game and thinking to myself do they want to win? Do they even care? They were not running after the ball. They were not pressing the Germans got the ball. What buggs me the most is the people now are talking about how great Germany is. It is not how great Germany is, it is how F’ed up our team and spirit and coach is. One last thing, Robben should never be selected to play football for the national team anymore. All he cares about is himself and under pressure he is worthless… Oh and by the way, don’t have high hopes against Portugal, it is not gonna help. Take it easy and watch as spectators from now on as this is how it is going to be. I don’t want to see them qualify when they are this bad with this coach. See you all in 2014.

  53. I don’t want to blame BvM… even I am angry. He did great things (he changes the player’s attitude) but I think it’s time to new era. We must change our way to play, and a lot of players. I don´t know if that imply to change our coach (if we must, I vote for Rikjaard)

    It’s time to watch to WC2014, to build a new team with a good mix between young and experience players.

    Van der Wiel
    Ricardo van Rhijn

    De Vrij
    Ricardo van Rhijn

    Jetro Willems
    Van Aanholt
    Martins Indi


    V Persie
    Ola John
    L. de Jong
    Van Wolfkswinkel

    We must to said good bye to Nigel de Jong, MvB. Mathinsen, Kuyt, Bouma, Boula

    1. With all due respect Carlos, given the defenders you listed Nijel de Jong is the most critical person we could have. At least he can tackle and defend.

      I also think Vaart and Robben have a lot to contribute.

  54. Well as far as I m concerned, I think they played much better in the second half.. Much much better.. All the way , until the 75th minute when they got exhausted.

    Bert is the only person at fault.
    He is at fault for the first game playing with 2 destroyers, and he’s at fault for the first half in this game. We were jus sitting ducks , inviting the germans to have a go at us.

    Second half we beat them them 1-0 , and that with only 30 mins before getting completely exhausted in the dead heat of the game, after which the germans knew how to exploit the tiredness and kill the game. Shame.

    Bert just got lucky in 2010, cuz he really proved clueless this time around. I’m very disappointed with him. What does he see in van bommel still is beyond me.
    And don get me started on that sub of robben for Kuyt.

    For all of the idiots out there nagging abt van Persie, I’m sorry but he was the best Dutch player in that squad. He missed chances but he created or helped create almost 90 percent of them with his movement, running , dribbling and ball control. Huntelaar is world class no doubt, but not at the expense of van Persia. I’m sorry.

    We can still do it guys , next game.. But we need to play like we did In the second half, with nothing to lose. With van der vaart and huntelaar from the very beginning.

    Or else I’ll be damned if BvM doesn’t get sacked after this.

  55. We all knew we had a horrible defense. The only hope we had was that our offense would somehow carry the day. Well, it turns out that our offense also collapsed.

    My Ratings

    Steks – 5/10
    He had a couple of good saves but he could have definitely done better on the second goal. He also had a shot he spilled and a blunder towards the end where Klose almost embarassed him.

    VDW – 5/10
    This guy is seriously over-rated. Maybe if he moves to a bigger club, he might improve his game. His crossing ability seriously needs work and he is not defensively sound. I believe Boulah would have at least gave us a better chance in defense.

    Heitinga – 3/10
    What a disaster! Again! He was simply admiring Gomez when he was doing a 360 turn in front of him. How do you make that kind of error? What kind of defensive school did he come out of?

    Mathijsen – 4/10
    Another useless defender. He is raising his hand and calling for offside while standing instead of keeping with the play. He can raise his hand but don’t just stand there. Idiot!

    Willems – 4/10
    He lost Gomez during his 2nd goal. Kept making cheap, unnecessary fouls. His inexperience really showed. Had nothing to offer in terms of decent crosses going forward.

    MVB – 4/10
    Absolutely nothing to offer in the 1st half. Should not have started the game.

    NDJ – 6.5/10
    Much better performance than 1st game. He defended well especially towards the end. Maybe we should have let him play CB. I really doubt he would do any worse than those two other idiots.

    Sneijder – 6.5/10
    He seemed mad thru out the game. He had a couple of decent passes. Nothing special or game changing that we expect from him. No decent service to Hunter after he came into the game.

    Afellay – 5/10
    No idea what he was doing. No decent crosses. Very subdued performance.

    Robben – 6/10
    Another ineffective game from Robben. Had one decent shot on goal that was saved by Neuer. He did attract defenders towards him everytime he was on the ball. Should have been substituted by Narsingh.

    RVP – 6.5/10
    Finally scored a goal. It was a great goal but he kept falling and tripping whenever he had a decent chance in th first half.


    Hunter – 6/10
    No chances created for him. He was well marked the whole time but his off the ball movement to free himself up was also lacking. He was isolated for most of the time he was on the field or his touches went nowhere.

    VDV – 5/10
    Didn’t create much at all. Was walking around and not applying pressure in midfield. If he can’t do that for 45 mins, I don’t know when he will.

    Kuyt – 4/10
    It felt like Robben left and wasn’t substituted. Kuyt had absolutely no contribution whatsoever. He came in late but completely disappered.

    BVM – 4/10
    This team more than anything else looks like it doesn’t have any desire to play. No heart, no effort, uninterested. This was a game he should have started Hunter by all means. I’m very skeptical if he’s going to stay around after this tournament. He is under contract until 2016! Unless we somehow qualify with divine intervention or some miracle, he probably should resign.

    Overall team performance – 4/10
    In a game that was of such magnitude and importance, against our fiercest rivals, this team looked so uninterested and showed less effort than a weekend pickup game. Shameful performance.

  56. I don’t know where ppl saw disinterest among the Dutch players… All I saw was a system of defensive 4-2-3-1 that doesn’t work!!
    It doesn’t work , cuz we are hapless defenders , just outright poor at it.. Theres just no point. Why we insist on defending with 2 defensive midfielders at the expense of creating much more opportunities, enjoy much more possession at the opponents half, tire their defense etc, is completely beyond me.

  57. Dear friends:

    I´ll try to be objective. Bert Van Marwijk and this players reached the WC 2010 final with a great attitude, team spirit, hunger and efficiency (scoring goals).

    Now all those things are gone and the team simply didn´t deliver. Van Persie missing that first one was the tactical switch of the game…in these games and against this teams you can´t forgive, that is why some players like Bergkamp, Van Basten or Van Nistelrooy will always be remembered as Oranje´s heroes because they performed well not only in friendlies, qualifiers but in the tournaments with the national team. Van Persie and even Huntelaar have shown they lack that goal scoring touch when they wear the Oranje jersey.

    Some of us are being to hard with players such as Robben but the truth is that is not Robben´s fault or a single player fault. It is just what we all know: this team has great talent up front but in defence we are like an amateur club. Changes are needed for the future, if we progress would be a miracle but I think Oranje doesn´t deserve it.

    Said that, I think it is necessary to bring in a new coach such as Frank Rijkaard or Frank de Boer. And start building a team from the back…First build a solid defence that can be more reliable and with a strong defence the midfield and offence will be more stable. Now we depend on our “great” stars up front but every time we are attacked we concede advantages. That has to change. Don´t know what will happen in the next game, perhaps we will be lucky, perhaps not. At this point I am skeptical and not very optimistic but whatever happens after this Euro 2012, changes will be necessary.

    And I think Bert Van Marwijk knows too…so that is why he will resign. I keep the good campaingin 2010 although we didn´t play the Dutch way in South Africa.

  58. Bert Van Marwijk biggest mistake of all: He knew before WC 2010 he had a liability in defence but the team delivered because the players took the chances and the passion and spirit was there.

    What did he do after WC2010 to reshape to defence??? Nothing. He sticked with the same players introducing Pieters for the retired Gio VB and our biggest weakness that we all know is central defence is exactly the same. So, I don´t care what happens next but Oranje has to rejuvenate central defence to be a real contunder…without luck we simply are a good team with excellent attacking players and back there with a bunch of mediocre players. And if our great attacking players miss we certainly are hopeless. That is what is happening now.

  59. I have been a BVM supporter until today. Not now. Changes needed to be made before half time in this match and he let us all down. Robben out???? WTF!!!! We needed a goal! Take Willems or van der Weil off, they were terrible all night. Don’t take off a game changer.

    A glimmer of hope remains I suppose so I will be watching.

    I think MVB has donned Oranje for the last time. If we do keep the 4-2-3-1 NDJ and Vaart should be on the pivot.

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