Oranje needs more oomph!

Talent? Check. Energy? Check. Balance of experience and young exuberance? Check. Goals? Check.

But still, despite all of this, we still look like a team of juniors, the way we play. In particular compared to the likes of France and Italy.

Austria shouldn’t be a problem for us, but despite an early 1-0 after a foul in the box on Dumfries, the Orange were not able to get more light between the teams, despite some good chances!

I can see a couple of reasons.

For starters, yes Weghorst is a work horse and a handful but he simply is not good enough in open play. His lay offs and passes never come off, he’s lacking speed and guile and really doesn’t belong in this team. With the space behind the Austrian backline, I started shouting for Malen from the 15th minute onwards.

Another problem we have, is the lack of ruthlessness up front. Again, we saw opportunities for Memphis and for Wijnaldum but the finishing is just not good enough. Too weak. We seem to have a team with talented players but not enough real hunger and desire.

You see this in the physical duels as well. Not when De Ligt or De Vrij are involved. These “Italian defenders” understand what is needed in the duels, but Dumfries, De Jong, Memphis, it’s regularly too soft.

The third problem, as has been mentioned here a couple of times by others, our key players are our wingbacks and Dumfries and Van Aanholt are simply not good enough.

That last problem is not resolved in this tournament. We’d need Karsdorp on the right and a player like Malacia or Willems as left wingback. Or Vilhena even.

The intensity and hunger is a typical Dutch problem, I fear. Compared to the Portuguese or Argentines or even the South Koreans, our youngsters are spoiled and lack the grit some of the youngsters from other countries possess.

The most simple solution to the issues we have is: Malen! With De Ligt and De Vrij and Dumfries, we have enough header strength. But we lack players with depth. Memphis wants it in his feet, and so do Wijnaldum, Weghorst… Malen has everything to be our “Mbappe”.

In the second half we see similar situations. Lots of possession, lots of passes but in the final third it becomes weak. Undecisive. Hesitant. Lacking quality.

After 63 minutes, it’s Malen on the pitch. Lets see…

Well, he’s 2 minutes on and he does exactly what I want to see. Use his speed and run in behind. Well done Memphis, with your pass and well done Denzel Dumfries in running along with Malen: 2-0.

The number of times the Dutch were able to break but then stop playing, start walking, looking around, and then playing back. They just were able to get back from right wing position to the left back position where Ake simply pays the ball out of bounds… That really needs to improve!

Statistically, we probably played an amazing game. Austria literally had zero chance. I don’t think Stekelenburg needed to flex his gloves during the whole game. But against the tougher teams, we will not be able to play this sloppy.

We did see some quality moves, the individual class of Wijnaldum, Frenkie and the two central defenders were on display and even though Memphis played a mediocre game, he still scored a fantastic penalty and is always threatening.

As it stands, we’ll win the group and I hope Frank will mix it up a bit and use some other players. I’d love to see Timber as right back, Gravenberch and Malen from the start and Koopmeiners instead of De Roon…

85th minute in… Ake, whom I really like, dribbles into the midfield with some nice long strides and then he passes the ball square into the feet of…an Austrian player… This is just maddening.

So, in terms of results, nice work Oranje. But looking at the quality of the performances (Ukraine and Austria), I think we need to man up a bit more if we want to get into the quarter finals.

We need to have way longer spells of intensity and pace and directness. Not vs North Macedonia or Austria, but against the big guns.

By the way, a big fat congrats to Mempis Depay for his big transfer: he is now formally a Barca player!

After the match, skipper Wijnaldum said: “We are happy to qualify and to be the first group winner. That is awesome, but I don’t want to become complacent. We cannot relax. This team needs to work hard for it’s success and we need that intensity to stay up.” The PSG midfielder admitted that there wasn’t as much “flow” in this match, compared to the Ukraine game. “We lost the ball too quickly, our short passing wasn’t up to speed. And then a game goes up and down. And we didn’t score the chances in the first half, which also doesn’t help. But, at least our pressure worked well and we did create chances. That remains key. But this is tournament football. We didn’t give a lot away and we want to grow into the tournament. You know, we finish the group as leaders so we should be happy and focus on improving.”

Daley Blind: “We have a plan for the press and in this match we wanted to use the press to push Austria to one particular side. If you then win the ball you can open up fast on the other flank. The plan was very good, the execution was not that great. Yet. But there were also moments when we were pushed back but we remained compact and I think Stekelenburg had a relatively easy day today.”

Blind continues: “It’s ok to not always have the ball. You can dominate without the ball too. If you saw France vs Germany, I don’t think France really cared not having the ball.” The Ajax defender was surprised to see his number on the substitution board. “We didn’t plan for my substitution and I felt I could go on, but hey, the coach decided. It took me two glances to see it was me, but the coach has his reasons and it’s all good.”

Memphis definitely didn’t play his best game, but he’s again crucial when it counts. The penalty kick was converted with gusto, and it was Memphis’ smart pass in behind which launched Malen into space. The PSV forward decided not to be greedy and allowed Dumfries his second goal of the Euros.

He did get a very good opportunity to score. “That was a superb ball by Wout and I should have scored it. It is that simple. I was a tad late and the ball bounced up and didn’t get my leg behind it, not well enugh. It happens, luckily it didn’t have negative repercussions. Next one will be in the net! Today we were sloppy, yes, it wasn’t top. But we worked hard, we kept to the plan and we pressed well. I think we can be pleased, 6 points, clean sheet today and top of the group. It’s fine.”

Marco van Basten was not happy with Mathijs de Ligt: “He is playing in Italy, but I don’t think he learned a lot. He has been playing football for, what… 15 years? It’s always the same. Eleven v Eleven. And as a central defender, you see the game in front of you. Twice, he allowed himself to be pulled into midfield. Twice, there was a gaping hole. Unbelievable. Austria didn’t know what to with it. Against France, Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, Germany…you’re out.”



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  1. Yes the game wasn’t great but I think the team will improve.
    The positives:
    – De Ligt and De Vrij were super solid. Many last minute interventions. Stekelenburg had only one basic save to make all game.
    – Wijnaldum, De Jong were fantastic again, considering theyre constantly outnumbered in midfield with this formation, and had to do a crazy amount of running right till the last minute.
    – Dumfries has certainly outshone his normal potential and ability in this tournament. He’s actually been a sensation, involved in all 5 Dutch goals.

    The negatives:
    – De Roon needs to be benched. Seriously, what will it take to bench him? Bring Gravenbergh on or Klassen. I prefer Klassen because he’s more experienced. He played in Germany, he’s been through tough situations, been under pressure before and so it should be easier for him to adapt to a high level for a few games.
    – This tournament may have come a tad too soon for Wijndal. He may be one for the future but I very much prefer a more experienced player like Van Aanholt at the moment. EPL trained, and again like Klaasen, he may not be that talented, but he should be able to understand the task at hand.
    – Memphis and Weghorst still not working well upfront. His individual mistakes and form aside, which are terrible, it is a apparent that Memphis enjoys playing with Malen more.

    If De Roon is eventually replaced with a more ball playing midfielder, better then to also replace Blind with a taller , more physical , better defender in Ake. He can also pass and cross decently enough.

    I hope we play like this moving forward:
    – Stekelenburg
    – Van Aanholt, Ake, De Vrij, De Ligt, Dumfries
    – De Jong (6), Klaasen (8), Wijnaldum (10)
    – Depay, Malen (for tougher opponents) / Weghorst (if we’re chasing a goal and need a striker in the box)

    1. I’m with Marco van Basten on this: De Ligt needs to learn a lot still re: positioning. He is superb in the one to one, yes. But he isn’t leading well enough. He’s the central defender. He needs to command. He doesn’t.

      Klaassen is not a replacement for De Roon. Klaassen is more a box to box player. The best replacement for De Roon would be… Wijnaldum (in his Liverpool role) allowing Klaassen to move to #10 (or Berghuis).

      Dumfries is lethal moving forward with his runs, but once opponents snuff that out he is too limited in his ball handling.

  2. After a long time we are in to next round of EC..thats good to see…i am pessimistic about our chances Vs any teams..De boer is a tubelight to understand his players and whats needed…i will blame him for not taking Botman,Malacia,Bazoer,Danjuma and karsdorp….
    B/W Dumfries with his work rate he is becoming new kuyt, i am sure he is no where near Timber or kasrdorp when comes to football talent and quality..But he athletism is good and i am sure he contain the types of Mbhappe…(thats okay..)..Since dumfries put hardwork i cannot say it was failure,at least in bench Dumfries gives a better option than hateboer..So cannot blame De boer much..
    Winjdal is slow,poor cross,lacks concentration ,lucky bastard to make in to team by disposing Jetro williams ,Tyrell etc…i blame De beor for bringing him
    I dont see any need of De Roon…when you have Gini,frenkie,koopmeiners,Ake,Bazoer,Blind and gravenberch…All WILL DO BETTETR THAN HIM…i blame De boer for that..
    Weghorst is also a work horse,reminds me of kuyt.yes we do have better players in Gakpo,Malen etc..
    selecting QUALITY players is basics of a winning team…We failed there..WE COMMITTED SIN by not taking karsdorp,Malacia/Jetro,Danjuma,Bazoer,Botman…
    I will give an example how good we were with out klassen,De roon,Winjdal,dumfries etc..

  3. This post I will say is worthy of applause and after a long long time I have fully agree with it. To say what needs to be said. To all those from previous posts whom were in the “too much negativity about the team” boat, this post depicts the brutual truth about the team and why not. Sooner or later it will surface up. There is nothing wrong in saying no if something is not right

    I must say though Jan,bit curious why the change of tune. I had tagged you previous post for later where you said few stuff about winning and quality.

    More later, after the euro concludes.

    There is one more thing I want to say here looking at comments coming, its not that NT needs to improve but others teams are already improving and jelling as well. There is a gap there and thats whats im critical about the most.

    1. Overall, I am supportive and positive about the Dutch team. I think we can win World Cups and Euros. Before a tournament and during prep camps etc, I tend not to be too critical as the team is practicing, the coach is trying out things.

      I also don’t like comments that are personal attacks. Like “Kuyt is blind” or “Blind gets in the team thanks to daddy”. I think that is 1) disrespectful, 2) not like a supporter should talk and 3) simply not true.

      Loads of former top players (Van Basten, Sneijder, Van der Gijp, Van der Vaart, Van Hanegem, etc) think Blind is one of the key players for Oranje. That negativity really annoys me.

      But after a game, if it was shite, I will say it. Today, was an opportunity to set the Euros alight, with a 7-0 win over Austria.

      But we ended up demonstrating how much works needs to be done. And don’t blame Frank de Boer for this. It’s really not his fault. We simply don’t have much better, at the moment.

      Yes, I personally prefer Karsdorp, but I can’t say Dumfries is not delivering…

      I also think De Roon had a good game vs Ukraine, for instance, so I won’t be slagging him off.

      I personally believe I have always been very balanced and insightful 🙂

      1. You can not deny there is nepotism in Dutch football. You have also covered on this. Well in many ways, places and circumstances .looking at the past and the present, they have only ended up hitting the folk in the own foot because of it.

        I dont want start with Blind again but can you sincerely explain to me what has NT achieved with Blind’s versatility or his intelligence.

        1. I have covered what exactly? Nepotism in Dutch football? I am not sure what you are talking about.

          As for your question on Blind’s contribution to the NT, that is the same as asking what De Ligt has done for Oranje, or Wim Jansen or Mark van Bommel. A bit silly.

          Can I answer with: a cross / pass in 2014 vs Spain, with minutes to spare in the first half?

  4. @wilson the problem is that Jan says Blind is good… yes we agree Blind is good,he plays top level football..But Botman is better at LCB…case closed..We should look for better one always ,i would blame coaches for it,Coaches should have the insight and balance with courage to experiment than You,me or Jan..thats where dutch NT fails..
    if you say De roon is good yes he is good for atlanta level agree..but can he play for plastic money clubs like mancity,chelsea,real etc??? no way…Orange level is higher than atlanta..Bazoer should have been stunning if FDB wants 532 …as he plays in that system…ferocious slide tackles,vision,impeccable skills on ball…Bazoer is quality…Next is Propper vs klassen…every time propper played he delivered ,he got us goals,his Finsihing is sublime,he can finish from half chance, however i do agree his work is little low or not famous for tackle..
    i shocked to to see why these kind of quality players are continuosly omitted for favoritism??????
    During 2014 Wc Gini Just recovered form back injury and LVG stood with him and gave chance look at Gini now…

  5. Sorry Wilson but no one can build up from the back better than Blind. He passes and crosses better than anyone on the team. Even Frenkie. And that’s only half the job, he has also the confidence and mental awareness to do it flawlessly too.
    He’s just physically one of the slowest and weakest, and that’s a liability, which is a shame.

    Re De Roon, hahaha maybe for De Roon standards, De Roon had a good game vs Ukraine.
    But Jan, you are right. Klaasen is obviously not a direct replacement. Wijnaldum would have to play as a box in box midfielder, which is also a shame because he usually links up well with Memphis as a 10.
    For the record, I don’t have high expectations of Klaasen. He went abroad and failed. But we really don’t have plenty of options do we? Wish Propper or van de beek were available so we have more options.

  6. Jan, winning 7-0 against a team like Austria is no longer possible. Tactics and tacticians rule in today’s game and Austria are a well managed team. Having said that, it could have easily been 4-0 … we created enough chances. It’s easy to criticise your team, try to apply the same ruler on every game and you will find errors, misjudgements and out of form players in every team and in every match, big teams included.

    Disagree totally about Dumfries – he is a workhorse and can play the ball, very difficult to mark and contain and his defensive skills are ok. UEFA man of the match for both games … don’t forget that.

    The only team that has impressed so far is Italy. Following Italy, there are 4 or 5 second best teams and Holland is one of them.

    1. I mean we are clearly behind the top tier of


      Maybe that’s why I am more encouraged than some by the last performance. We are in a group with Germany and maybe Spain as teams that aren’t favourites but still have an outside shot at winning. We also may have a very favourable draw to the semis. Once you get to that point anything can happen.

    2. Of course you can beat Austria 7-0. Didn’t France beat Ukraine 7-1? If you score 1-0 in the 10th minute, and you get chances to go to 3-0 in the first half, surely you can completely demolish them.

      Wasn’t there a certain German team scoring 7 vs a certain Brazilian team back in 2014? BRAZIL!!

  7. I disagree with you today Jan.

    Yes, we can improve, but sometimes the game doesn’t need more and I don’t necessarily need them to trash Austria 7-0. We did what we needed to do. I fear you are falling on the negativity of some.

    I think they are coming together well. Let’s see if they can keep it going against a top tier team.

    1. I am not negative :-). Please check my posts, I am supportive to the hilt but one needs to be critical and realistic.

      This is what De Ligt said about Marco van Basten’s criticism: “Coming from him, it’s actually a compliment. Apparently he expects more from me. I am proud he even mentioned me. I will take his criticism and see where I can improve.”

      That is how criticism should work

  8. Jan:

    I agree with much of your commentary, not that it is more negative as much as it is very accurate. Weghorst is not a starting quality player. But I’m glad that he’s been given this experience so far, because he can be a great “Plan B” / change of pace player who can be brought in late in the match to give the opponent a different type of threat.

    Memphis has not looked particularly comfortable with Weghorst and would probably be better suited partnering with Malen, particularly if we are just playing the two up top. Malen provides more speed and fluidity and I’d love to see him get the start vs Macedonia. Without a valued partner, Memphis becomes a solo artist and is much less effective playing that way.

    I’ve actually been very pleased with the Wijnaldum / de Jong partnership in the midfield. Both seem comfortable in their roles and with each other. I feel like right now, they are the strength of the team and a real positive for Oranje going forward. For me, the jury is still out on de Roon. I tend to notice him only when he makes a mistake or is not where he should be. Otherwise, he just seems to blend in. Maybe that’s a function of his role, but I feel like he could be doing more.

    Dumfries is what he is, but he has been far more effective than in the past and for that I’m immensely grateful. Van aan Holt is fine and can get the job done, but is not a spectacular player. I do think his athleticism has been helpful though and he does get into dangerous positions.

    The backline, even without Virgil, should be a strength, and I hope that they will gel and improve. Unlike many others, I’m perfectly fine with Blind and his role and I think he is very helpful in maintaining cohesion in possession. He brings vision, patience and intelligence to the backline that may not be conspicuous in his presence but I feel would be glaring in his absence.

    I would like to get a look at many of the new faces as well, and, given our assured advancement and group winner status, maybe de Boer will do some experimenting against Macedonia. Surely Gravenberch, Malen, Timber and maybe Wijndal will get significant minutes. But you can’t just throw out a whole second team or the new players will not get real game time interaction with the regular starters — the guys they’ll be expected to play well with in the knock-out rounds.

    I’d say I’m cautiously optimistic so far, perhaps due to the relative weakness of our group. But confidence is very important and if we can continue to have success and develop comfort with each other, we will be much better prepared when we face a Germany, Italy, etc.

    1. I like Holland play like this without winning 7-0.
      Others has been claimed that France should play a more offensive game but they simply not how international football works, and their coach knows it. Especially Deschamps won the World Cup three years ago.

      Italy may have made a brilliant start to Euro 2020 but it is more than likely they will run out of steam before the tournament ends.

      France playing a system that won them the World Cup. They are using a tactical setup that is perfect for international tournaments, perfect for pandemic football, and perfect for the players who already tired with their club competition.

      It the same system used by Greek winning euro 2004. Spain winning worldcup 2010. Portugal winning euro 2016. The list can go long.

  9. Two questions:

    1. Curious why De ligt was playing as the middle CD last night. De Vrij had played well there against Ukraine. Can anyone shed any light as to the thinking?

    2. The commentator (on U.S. Television) yesterday said that the Dutch could play the round of 16 in Amsterdam. I looked at the brackets again. Group C winner is scheduled to play in Budapest. Was he just wrong? Something I’m missing?

    OT: Van Ginkel signed with PSV.

    1. 1. I don’t know. I too think De Vrij should be central. More experience in reading the game.

      2. He is wrong, it’s Budapest. Good thing: they allow full stadiums.

      3. Yes, and they are also after Davy Propper.

  10. I really try to find a way to appreciate every match I’m able to watch, and to learn something new. This Crotia Czech match though…. The announcers have just been discussing the Croatian goalkeeper’s desire to study diplomacy and international relations when his football career is over. You know when the announcers are going that deep into the players’ bios and backstories that the game is not very compelling.

    I normally try to watch the Spanish telecasts because they’re much more interesting to me. I don’t speak Spanish but the announcers seem to stick to the action and their excitement is obvious as a particular move starts to build. And the goal calls are obviously fantastic!

    Croatia seems to be a shadow of its WC team. I guess Mandzukic and Rakitic are gone, but still. And this was hyped as a much more attacking line-up…

  11. Agree, not much in this match, though, now deep into the second half, Croatia appears to have picked it up, while Czech republic seems happy for the draw.

  12. This England – Scotland media hype is truly unbelievable. The disproportionately large number Scottish football announcers is astounding. Today’s match would be like hyping a contest between the Netherlands and the West Frisian Islands. It literally should be no contest at all…

    1. A possible scenario.No matter what hapeens in Group F, all the big three will qualify with better GD thanks to Hungary. At most even if germany loses vs portgual they will beat hungary and qualify with 3 points and better GDs. If the portgual- Germany ends in a draw, well and good for everybody. Still all will qualify.

      Finland with three points will fall out of contention as they will play beligum in the last group game and their GD 0.things will only change here if Denmark beats Russia which looks highly unlikely.

      The other group which is likely to miss out in Austria in Group c who also have 3 points and face Ukraine in the last game. They also have GD of 0.

      If this is the case B&C, then Im afraid NT will meet 3F.

      So from Group A will be Italy,Wales and Switzerland who play Turkey in their last.

      Gruop B would be Belgium,Russia

      Group c would be NT,Ukraine

      Group D England,Czech and who ever wins betwern Croatia vs Scotland.

      Gruop E, spain,Sweden and Slovakia

      Group F, France , portgual and germany

  13. @ Jan

    Leo Beenhakker over Crujff 90,players wanted Crujff.

    appoitment of Hans van Breukelen as the new technical director of the KNVB. I think you covered on this.wasn’t this nepotism or whom you like/want, if wanna call it.

    Hiddink over koeman after 2014.


    FDB appointnent

    Ziyech saga. We have talked on this in detail but at the end of the day it was KNVB fault and off course daddy who was the coach. I think ziyech was at Twente that time and the excuses ” to be patient” was just bullshit.

    The Dutch football and including hierarchy are full of this shit. and like I said they keep hitting the fork in their own foot and I dont think this will ever change.

    The only thing that will change is the new breed of players coming up who might inject more quality in the team and mark the start of a new generation for NT

    As for Blind, I just knew you would bring the 2014 cross up but I had this ready.just like everybody will remember Dennis Bergkmap’s goal vs Argentina in 98 and not FDB precise cross, the same will the case for RVP goal in years to come.

  14. @JB

    You are quiet true about looking at the new faces . They could change the whole complexion of the team but they need to start. Looking at the past every time the Dutch have been forced to make changes, the team has looked better. Gakpo and Koompmeiners should start vs NM.

    1. Yes agree on that ..Gakpo for weghorst,koopmeiners for De roon willl take us to next level, a contender level at least..We must rest Deligt…Probably rest to Gini,De jong as well…let other guys play..

  15. As long as Group A third place doesnt make it..We can forget group F..lets keep it simple…Switzerland has up hill task ,they have -3 goal differerce..They should beat turkey at least..i see that unlikely..
    Then Denamrk will beat russia and might even get second spot if finland loose..at group B..austria -ukraine will be draw..so lets pray for turkey game as turkey wins…

      1. As a Swiss (and part Dutch) myself, I hope to god this swiss team crashes against Turkey and gets booted out. They are just terrible and do not deserve to stay in.

  16. We have the Best center backs in the world , Virgil,ake,Botman,De ligt,De vrij…..thats enviable quality..Even with out Virgil we can rule…
    then we have
    Frenkei and Gini ..Frenkie is the no01 midfeilder in th world Gini might be in Top 10 as well…
    Depay is not No1 striker ,But he can cause damage and his efficacy at difficult situations makes in in top 5 strikers…
    If Greece won 2004 ..We can make it with these guys as well,but we need luck and organization..Do WE HAVE THAT???
    wE HAVE comitted blunders by dropping some quality players and taken averages..such mistakes invites punishements…SAD part is that Players like Virgil has not played any Natonal tournament Ec or WC..and we would be wasting the right age of certain players with failed and non quality ones…
    You cannot expect Gini,Dejong,Devrij,Deligt ,memphis to be 100 perecent in 7 games…they need help who will help????thats where dutch failed since 1998 at least…
    there is no optimal usage of players by dutch NT manager except LVG 2014..

  17. I wish our players had 1/10 of passion and pride that Scotish players have. A bunch of mostly unknown players who left everything on the field against England , same against Czech republic even though they lost. Same for Italians.
    Any team in the next round will be hard. It will be harder as we play outside Amsterdam. It can be the game that totally exposes us and we crash out. Out attack is weak with Depay in a bad mood or form or whatever. Thank god his lion is alive and well on his back. Defense and midfield are good but this is probably the poorest attacking set of players we have had in 30 years. But anything can happen. What I hope doesn’t happen is that FDB makes same mistake MVB made in 98 when he selected the B team in the last group game vs Romania which screwed up the rhythm of an amazing team that thrashed Italy and France but lost to Russia.
    Blind, Deligt, De Vrij, Wijnaldum, DeJong = great players, great characters, great attitudes. Unfortunately not enough to take us too far. A LOT of luck will be needed in addition to some sort of a voodoo trick to wake up the moody lion.

  18. Hungary 1 France 0 at the half! I just turned on the game and Hungary scored immediately. Scotland ties England 0-0 yesterday. Anything can happen!

    It’s going to be a tough balance for this third match. Keep the momentum going and continue to build chemistry, but also get some players some needed rest and give some new players a chance to get on the field. As many of us mentioned above, there are certain deserving players who can provide a spark and might possibly become regulars if/when given the chance. But wholesale changes can disrupt the flow of the team and there needs to be a mix between starters and replacements. Otherwise, the back ups will only be comfortable playing with the back ups. With the ability to make up to five substitutions now, de Boer has a lot more flexibility to get new faces on the field and hopefully he will do so in an intelligent way.

  19. I think the french will come back. The hungrians will get tired given the high tempo game they are playing in the last quarter. The french super subs might do the job. This was also said by the commentators who also did the portgual – Hungary game.

  20. God, I used to hate Portugal for so many years especially Ronaldo but now I can only admire them. What a talented team and what a player Ronaldo is.

  21. Gosens one of the best players for Germany. He is half dutch. I wonder if there was ever an effort to get him to play for the dutch. Wish we could swap the Atalanta colleagues.

    1. Yes he wanted to play for Oranje initially. His dad is Dutch and he played in Holland as well. Now he opted for Germany, when he had the chance. I think playing the Bundesliga is his big dream

  22. If I were to chose which one to play btw Ger, Por or Fra I would chose Portugal. I believe all 3 of them are stronger (maybe much stronger) than Hol but we are due to beat Portugal. It’s been forever since we last beat them (did we ever?) so maybe this is the time this comes to an end.

  23. Just watched Hungary-France. Once more time got convinced that in this type of competitions, determination and courage can take a team much further than the quality of a team, depth of the bench etc etc We need more players like De Roon who will destroy confidence of such players as Greizmann etc. Bravo Hungary.

  24. Watching Germany vs Portugal and see what a miss opportunity with Gosens. We used that space in the squad to have Babel sitting on the bench instead of locking him to our team. Imagine if we have Gosens and Ziyech at this Euro, we would be one of the candidates.

  25. The rumors of Germany’s death were obviously greatly exaggerated :). They’re not dead yet and apparently are feeling much better!

    Spain, on the other hand, looks pretty past it…

  26. Both Poland and Hungary showed today how with pretty average team you can beat undisputable favorites. Just do not tell me that Hungary and Poland are better than NED as their players are regular in Bundesliga. Austrian team is also composed of Bundesliga players and we saw how Oranje completely cancelled the former.

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