Playful Oranje dazzles in De Kuip

Evening matches in De Kuip are a joy. The stadium is big but cosy. The fans love it there and usually, so do the players. It has a real football vibe and usually the pitch is perfect. This season, not so much, but still, the atmosphere is amazing.

Louis van Gaal was not happy with the 0-1 versus Latvia, in the sense that he feels the second goal needs to come swift and as we play at home vs minions Gibraltar, we needed to entertain the fans.

For this, he went with almost the same eleven as used versus Latvia, with the addition of Lang on his fave left winger spot in place of the injured Gakpo and Wijnaldum back in place of Guus Til.

Gibraltar coach protested the use of Lang and Danjuma AND two balls!

Before the match, Louis explained how he expects Gibraltar also to have 1 or 2 chances, how he wants the forward pass quicker and demand more courage and creativity of his players.

He didn’t choose to hussle the team up. It would have been nice to see Malacia in action, with De Ligt and maybe Koopmeiners or Gravenberch, but Lous decided to build on his fave eleven, with the eyes firmly on next month’s key matches.

He also decided not to use a real #9, as was suggested by some experts in the Netherlands. “If you want goals against smaller nations, use a target man like De Jong or Weghorst”. Louis acknowledged the idea as a possible option but decided against it, by explaining the tremendous stats and workrate of Memphis as his key reason.

And the Barca man didn’t let his coach down: 2 goals and a missed pen plus 2 assists for the record breaker. He took Kluivert’s record of most goals scored in the NT in  calendar year (was 12, now 13).

At this rate, the often criticised artist will become the NT’s top goal scorer, top assister and most capped international.

Van Gaal will have been pleased to see how his forwards again were the key players in the 6-0 win over Gibraltar. We did what we needed to do: a quick goal by the captain, and the chance on a quick second goal. The penalty was justified, but Memphis was stopped by the debutant in goal for Gibraltar. Memphis’ 0-2 was a beauty with a tremendous pre-assist by Noa Lang.

And with Lang, we have another one of the top performers. The cheeky and gifted left winger was a constant threat with his dancing feet in the first half, impressing with his skill, his combination play, his dribbles and his through passes. With Danjuma nocking on the door with a sledgehammer, Lang could well play as a #10 as well. That makes me lick my lips. Great player.

So, Louis wanted to see Noa play and boy did he see him.

It must be said, there were no duds against Gibraltar although some players could shine a bit more (Memphis, Noa, Danjuma) than others (Frenkie de Jong, Bijlow).

Skipper leads the way

Van Gaal wanted goals, he wanted a clean sheet, he wanted his players to remain healthy and he wanted to entertain the public.

And he got all he wanted.

After the match, there was a positive vibe at the presser, with Denzel Dumfries and Arnaut Danjuma being feted and Van Gaal allowed the platform to gloat and shower praise over his lads. “This is a very very tight and good group!”.

I think it is clear that the quality will be there for us, right when we need it.

With Gakpo, Danjuma, Bergwijn, Lang and Malen, we have multiple options for the left winger role.

Lang and Gakpo can play #10 as well. Malen is actually a #9 (for me) and Lang and Danjuma can also play right winger, giving Louis options besides Berghuis.

Assist Weghorst, goal Danjuma!

With our central defenders, our goalkeeper, central midfielder and leader of the line Memphis, I think we’re in pretty good shape.

And yes, I know it was against Gibraltar, but I have seen so many matches of big name national teams (yes, our Oranje as well) struggling against the Cyprus/Malta/Andorra/San Marino/Gibraltar type opponents. Usually, you do win, but at times with limited score lines and lots of frustration.

This time, the team kept at it. Kept playing within the shape, disciplined, with frills and trickery.

Weghorst could have had a goal, Danjuma could have had a couple of assists. Danjuma: “I was waiting to come on with Wout and I said to him: where do you want them? He said: near post. I said, ok… Hard and low, near post. Make sure you are there!”.

Memphis Depay led the line like a real world class player that he can be. He fought, he made dummy runs, he assisted, created and scored. And even missed a pen!

Now, fans also want the tie of the coach!!

Lang and Danjuma will not leave the squad any time soon and De Vrij seems to have won the RCB spot from his best friend De Ligt.

For me, the midfield combination and the right back spot are still question marks. I’m a fan of Dumfries’ personality, his energy and mentality, but he is not good enough to play along in these type of tight games (tight as in “spaces are tight”).

Van Gaal will now focus on the last two matches: an away win v Montenegro means we only need a draw at home against Norway.

My player ratings:

Bijlow – 7

Didn’t do much wrong. Didn’t do much. Stopped a shot on goal from an off side Gibraltar player. Showing off.

Daley Blind – 7.5

Was active. Good passing range. Had several ventures in the box as a midfield-type runner. His team tried to reach him with passes over the top but it didn’t fall for him.

Virgil van Dijk – 7.5

Playing very high and was rewarded with a goal, the first one. A captain’s goal.

Stefan de Vrij – 7.5

Playing high up the pitch. Suffocating anything he could. Attacking prowess leading to (missed) penalty. Great long range passing.

Denzel Dumfries – 6.5

Doesn’t do much wrong but lack of technique and touch makes him a stumbling block in the velvety moves on the right. As always: great energy.

Frenkie de Jong – 6.5

Did his thing, let things ticking over. His long passing game was not 100% and he seemed not needed in this game.

Gini Wijnaldum – 7

Working hard as per usual. Made some great defensive sprints, when needed. Always available and close to a super goal after a great move involving Berghuis and Memphis.

Davy Klaassen – 7,5

Great understanding with Memphis. Wonderful timed runs, great energy and a top assist for Memphis.

Noa Lang – 8,5

First start. Dominant from first minute on. Played with discipline but also with a boldness not seen often, playing through balls with the outside foot, wandering across the whole pitch and setting the pace for the attacks.

Memphis – 9

Constantly hassling, probing, threatening. Allowing his team mates to shine with some good assists and demonstrating his skills in the small spaces. Got two goals, two assists, but should have had a hattrick. Passed some great names on the topscoring list and setting record after record.

Steven Berghuis – 7.5

Good performance, but never outstanding. Combination play was sumptuous, his crossing and shooting was thwarted. Great set piece deliveries too. He was booed by a small part of the (Feyenoord) Oranje fans whenever he had the ball. It didn’t seem to bother him much, but Van Gaal was dumbfounded by these “fans'” reactions.

Arnaut Danjuma – 8.5

Very lively play by the football professor. He’s fast, explosive, strong, direct to goal kinda guy. Took on opponents, had some potential assists, demonstrated a great rapport with his team mates and got his goal too. The golden wonder boy is back.

Wout Weghorst – 7.5

Wout does what Wout does and got an assist too. Should have scored with his head, but the ball should have gone 1mm further over the line. So unlucky.

Donyell Malen – 7.5

I feel for Donny. He is not the best left winger nor the best striker in our NT. But he’s an awesome player: fast, also direct to goal in his approach and a good ball player. He played right winger and looked better there now than he did under Frank de Boer. Scored his goal and is a great super sub to have.

Louis van Gaal – 8

He motivated and inspired the troops. He picked the right eleven. He got the tactics right. He used his subs well. If he does this with Oranje versus France, Italy, Germany and Brazil, he will get a higher mark.

Your views?

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  1. LVG has declared he wants to play for the crowd at De kuip and he kept his promise..I am happy that LVG turned around the plate for WCQ as we were threw in to trouble by FDB and Tim krul..i am enjoying these games…We do have holes in our game …Dumfires hard feet is still with us…Slow left back Blind etc..but we have the players to address that..hope he gives more playing time to Tyrell Malacia,Rensch,karsdorp…that would solve the problem…i also want a fit Terence kongolo to NT as LB back up..Doesnt want to see Berjwin getting ignored,lad is underated and Top notch nuisense for opponent at crunch matches VS BIG GUNS…..He has proven it in crunch times.. Berjwin,Danjuma,lang,Malen should be rotated for the better squad..Rotation is key to success and balance of the team.

      1. The NT without Danjuma and Lang did well under Van Gaal up until now. Bergwijn had a good spell when he was fit. Gakpo is a great talent, like Lang. Berghuis plays to his strength but is a completely different type of winger. Apples v Pears.

        I don’t think Danjuma and Lang are the be-all and end-all of Dutch football. It will take 22 or 26 players.

        One match against Gibraltar gives us a lot of hope but we need to see consistency. Andy van der Meyde was once amazing for Holland. Afellay too. Vincent Janssen. Lets just stay humble and also realise that De Vrij and Klaassen are key. Not just the artists.

        Let me know what I said a few weeks back.

  2. You know. I was checking and it seems we just need 2 points in the next international break.

    Tie with Montenegro.
    Tie with Norway.

    Of course, it’d be better to beat Montenegro and hope for a slip, while also securing 2nd place. But it all boils down to the Norway game (assuming we get anything but a loss in Montenegro).

    This assumes Turkey and Norway don’t score like 100 goals in the next two games (tie breaker is overall goals scored).


  3. This is a repost from a comment made under an earlier post by Urganguntan.

    Re: I hope I was clear this was the last time I will entertain this drivel. Urangutan showed his colours. I said “IF you are winding me up and I find out, you’re banned”. He immediately walked, so there you have it. Trolls.

    Jan, I can’t imagine why you would be using a term like “troll” to namecall me after the fact that I have kept my peace, on my promise to do so.

    I did not “walk”. I kept my peace. On the sidelines. Like so many other individuals on this blog.

    On the one hand, you clearly stated that I could only be part of the blog if my opinions pass the test of your censorship. Mind you, censorship not based on the eradication of vulgar language or abusive behaviour. But that I can’t criticize certain players.

    On the other hand, I am a troll because I kept my peace and silence and did not conform on parroting your talking points.

    I am a grown with my own point of view of the world including how I see Oranje. I am and have been a member of dozens of forums and blogs. This is the first time in my experience that an admin have ever told me or anyone I know, how to expressly convey their opinions.

    Why? You think I joined this blog to hold hands, form a circle and sing ‘Wilhemus’? Yes, I do have love for Oranje. Being a fan for decades. But not at the expense of “My Truth” and the way I see things. Not with the intention of joining some same-minded individuals enveloped in a cocoon of blind loyalty and group think.

    I like perspectives. I like to be educated. But my opinions are also mine. And WILL always be mine. I guess that’s why I’m not triggered, threatened by differing sentiments.

    I’m safe on my conclusions. Safe on the sidelines.

    1. Like I mentioned before, apologies to urangutan. I implied he was a troll. That was based on his response to my comment, where I said “IF I find that you are just winding me up for the fun of it, I will ban you” or something.

      His response suggested that he walked (in my reading of it). So I decided he was apparently winding me up.

      I am actually happy to learn that wasn’t the case. So my apologies. As you can see, I am not above saying sorry when I say something hurtful.

      Urangutan is not a troll.

      It’s good to still have you, as I think we can have many worthwhile debates here without having to dump shite on Daley Blind or Steven Berghuis :-).

      As for your comment on censoring… I don’t want to censor anyone. But ongoing debates and the ad nauseum repeating of how player A should not be in the team or Player B is in the team because of his dad are getting old.

      So call it curating. I will take it upon me to curate comments because clearly, most fans here are not in the mood to read multiple comments about an alleged conspiracy around Danny and Daley Blind.

      No as I said, you are not a troll because you apparently didn’t want to wind me up. That was the reason for naming you troll. That is what trolls do, right? Poking the bear? Disturbing the peace?

      I do concede that my irritation towards you will have been fueled by ongoing attacks by people like Wilson and Emanuel on the same players, time and time again. I may have painted you with that brush.

      I am happy for you to share your comments but all I say is “read the room”.

      Lets put this behind us. I will make an effort to control my growing agitation with some of the negativity and I hope some people will take on the comments of others here and try and see matters from a different angle, every now and then.

  4. @ Jan

    I was just looking at you Danjuma comment. ” the golden boy is back”

    these are some of the things you said which kind of was on different tune.

    “How do you know Danjuma is more skilled than Gakpo? Or is this your opinion?” I hope the dust has settled now

    “Danjuma is knocking on the door, loudly, and LVG has confirmed this. But with Gakpo, Malen and Memphis as options for the left wing, he is NOT going to drop either one to give Danjuma chance”

    “If Danjuma keeps his place in Villareal and keeps performing, he will definitely get a call up. But he will have to compete with Malen and Gakpo. I personally don’t see Malen as a left winger, but as a striker”

    Gakpo was injured and Malen and memphis was not considered.

    this is what I said,

    “In generally, the idea of danjuma to come up and compete against Gapko and Malen and above all vs Lativa and Gibraltar is deceiving and fraudulent. he can clean sweep them in any game. again go and watch his game vs Belguim, yes it was just one game and it was also a friendly but that doesn’t change the fact that he has already raised the bar in NT. he is not a rookie.”

    I have been going back and reading the old posts and I bring this up because I see you are changing tunes now that the things are changing for good. I mean your early publicity about Berghuis haters and now with lang and danjuma both coming into spotlight just in one/two games.

    this is why I have been adamant change is inevitable and there is more to come.

    RE: FDB called up Danjuma for spain Friendly and he declined due injury..

    I went and dug out the facts, the spain friendly was on 12/11/20. Danjuma was in action for Bournemouth and scored on the 08th and 22nd which was straight after and before the friendly

    do you have anything to back this up or is it……..

    1. Nothing I said conflicted with my comment on Danjuma.

      He is a special kid. He makes his own decisions. Could have gone to a big club, decided to go for NEC. Could go to a big club in Holland again. Went to Brugge. He’s smart, intelligent, well spoken and extraverted. A Golden Wonder Boy.

      I never bagged him. I merely commented on you, when you suggested Danjuma had more skills than Gakpo. I think the comparison is ludicrous. They’re different players.

      And the dust hasn’t settled after 20 mins vs Gibraltar Wilson although I have very high hopes for him. He can go to the top.

      And my comments about Danjuma knocking on the door were correct! Van Gaal didn’t drop a player for Danjuma. Gakpo had to get injured.

      You are not proving anything :-). I never opposed your opinion about Danjuma. You can go 4 years back to read what I wrote about Danjuma.

      This is not about Danjuma or Lang or Memphis. This is about me shaking my head everytime you find a new hero ( Diks, Zivkovic, El Ghazi, Joey Veerman, Danjuma) to praise and for a current player to be called crap.

      That is what I am ranting about.

      Lang and Danjuma are special talents, anyone can see. But so is Malen. And so is Gakpo. And Kenneth Taylor, And jurgen Ekkelenkamp, and there will be much more.

  5. @Jan

    Re: Like I mentioned before, apologies to urangutan. I implied he was a troll

    Apology accepted. We’re big boys. We move.

    Re: Btw, you said you were looking forward to my match review? What do you think?

    Pretty good review with the exception of 1 or 2 scores that I may have found too generous😊 This is how I think the players did.

    Biljow- 7.5

    Biljow’s assessment, in general, has been a tricky one for me. He’s come in at a time wherein the team have had a slew of winnable games without much push back. He has taken charge against the opponents put in front of him and the Gibraltar game was no different. He confidently saved the one shot(offside) Gibraltar was able to muster. Again, his goal mouth has been too quiet for me to give a final verdict on his selection over Cillesen(how is he not among the four goalies?) The Norway game might be a good benchmark to draw a conclusion.

    Dumfries- 7.5

    I hear people comment on Dumfries hard feet and so on. He was still our best player in the Euros over the silky FDJ and co. I will always take the industry and consistency which Dumfries gives us over flair. He is also in the habit of scoring goals which he did against Gibraltar. Pity he doesn’t have someone to push him in that position, a proposition I feel could bring out an even better version of him.

    Dr Vrij- 8

    Imperious and showed his range of passing. Too easy but never lost concentration.


    May his partnership with de Vrij last. Big, strong and can play like his partner. Topped it off with a striker header on the other end.

    Blind- 7.5

    This is perhaps the highest score I have given Blind because he did what a great full back was supposed to do; get truly involved at the other end of the pitch. He ran(??) and got himself wide resulting in very interesting positions to help offensively. The only thing is that he could only show this part of his game against Gibraltar(not even Latvia) which underlines how difficult or easier he could make life for the attacking left winger. LVG needs to sort this out. And his resort shouldn’t be shifting Blind to CB or midfield(an accommodating ploy) but decide on someone who has the legs against bigger teams.

    Gini- 7.5

    Gini is an important player for Oranje. Til was adequate when he played in his absence but I have to say I missed his presence. He is industrious and did much intangibles against Gibraltar

    FDJ- 6.5

    Is it time to be worried about the boy wonder? Nah. I think he’s had two indifferent games against less than stellar opponents which begs the question if consistency. A large group of fans have been holding their breath for that transition to the real maestro. I have yet to see it. Gullit compared him with Busquet after the game with Gibraltar. How Busquet seem to make the forward pass quicker and how FDJ carries the ball at every attempt. I tend to agree and we are going to need a lot more from him in Qatar.

    Klaessen- 8

    Klaessen for me has booked a starting berth in Qatar notwithstanding the gap year to the competition. He fits seamlessly in the system and works tirelessly in defence. Hen Tag, play him. This is the one time you will be doing your country a favor.

    Berghuis- 6

    Berghuis has been given his chances and must be dropped for somebody who can forge a meaningful partnership with Dumfries. A lot of the things he does and shots he takes just doesn’t seem to come off. I’m sorry. Not part of the brain trust but I just don’t see it.

    Memphis- 9.5

    The thing that has impressed me the most about Depay is how he’s cut down on his turnovers. There is an aura of seriousness and leadership about him. A focus. And boy can he play.

    Lang- 9

    Lang is exactly what I envisioned him to be. A go-getter who plays with his heart on his sleeve. Not to mention he’s got the skills to back it up. Very impressive. Made twice the defensive play against Latvia in 30mins than Berghuis did in 60mins. Natural replacement.


    Danjuma- 9

    Scored and was everything the buzz is about. Shame he had to be ushered in for international duties through the back door.

    Malen- 7.5

    Continue giving him meaningful minutes LVG. Malen still has a huge say at this party.

    Weghorst- 7.5

    Showed how profoundly wrong LVG is for occupying space with Luuk. Surely the way forward when caution is thrown at the wind.

    LVG- 7

    Great coach but lower score because of his mad scientist antics. Why four goalies? Why Luuk? Why not Danjuma in the first place? Plz come back from Mars Louis. We earthlings desire understanding.

    1. I can live with this.

      I think Berghuis was unlucky with some of this actions because he could have had 3 assists again, this time also going around the outside and crossing with his “weak” foot.

      As for Dumfries, I don’t agree with you on that. Yes, on the ball he is always formidable with his runs and he catches the eye when he is in the opponent’s box.

      But he is first and foremost a defender and he gets that wrong a lot.

      I also think his decision making needs work. He sometimes carries the ball too much and his crossing needs work. As for the Euros, he did score goals (two were tap ins) but he could have scored more goals, as he also missed some sitters.

      Versus the Czechs, I was yelling at my screen when he ended up playing left winger at times, making uncontrolled forays into the final third of the Czechs!

      Don’t get me wrong, he is from my part of the country, I have friends who saw him come up at the Barendrecht amateurs and tell me he is a great guy. In interviews too, he’s funny, sharp, intelligent and passionate but he is not a top full back (yet).

      I really think Karsdorp is better and deserves a call up.

      1. @Jan

        Re: I really think Karsdorp is better and deserves a call up.

        Never thought I would say this but I think you’ve come full circle on the question of alternatives. Something that i and Wilson have been harping on forever.

        How can you build a serious team without having alternatives? How could your alternatives be based on the changing of a team formation or playing players out of position to afford your compromise? Something that Wilson so aptly refers to as the pinching mentality.

        Even after playing soft targets like Latvia and co. LVG have still failed to bring in bodies in problematic positions and see how they would fare on. As far as we know Timber, who had a forgettable game against Norway is still the go-to choice on the right. How could Karsdop not get a game?

        Same with Blind on the opposite side. Is it Malacia, Ake, Winjdal or just Blind tucked in in a back 3 as he seem to be untouchable? Why can’t Blind sit a game or two so as to at least have a clear impression of who your second choice is?

        Why settle on Gakpo so quickly when you have bags of talent in that position? Would Danjuma/Lang have seen any light of day if Gakpo haven’t taken injured? Why this aversion to healthy competition?

        What has Berghuis done to claim that right side his own? Dumfries has more goals and assists than him. Talk about putting respect to his name. Dumfries is also a decent defender and made those forays against the Czech because he had the athleticism to recover and he was also playing wing back.

        How ready is Koop to deputies FDJ as we’ve only seen him make one appearance? Even against Gibraltar, the rhythm was momentarily broken when FDJ made way and had Gini tuck in.

        Is Krul who leaked goals against Turkey the 2nd goalie.? Plz Louis we would like to know.

      2. @Jan I have a different opinion and want to chime in here. I think your rating for Dumfries is low. We know that he does not pass a good as Blind, but you overlook his physical ability. And in some way, the Dutch school overlook that also. At the end of the day, he scored a goal because he can, he was there, he dominated the defender to head in the goal. But let take a look at a bigger picture.

        Here is Dumfries stats at WC/Euro including qualifiers:
        He played 16 games for us, score 3 goals, has 0 assists. So let’s say he score/assist 0.2 goals per match.

        Here is Daley Blind stats at WC/Euro including qualifiers:
        He played 42 games for us, score 1 goal, has 9 assists. So he score/assist 0.24 goals per match. Sound like Blind is a bit better right? Yes over the whole period but let take a look at the time when he lost his place at MU. Since the 2018 season, he had exactly 1 assist in 18 matches. At 2014, his passing was as good as Frank De Boer/Bergkamp and that statistics show that. Since 2018 season, his speed decline and because of that, he has less space now as he get into the position slower and that affect his passing ability as well. Does he still have good pass? Yes. Are they as important as before? No. I am not biased here, I think Blind at 2014 is twice the player that Dumfries is right now but I don’t think Blind at this moment is better than Dumfries. I don’t know why Dumfries are still being doubted even after Euro. I do agree that we need proper competition for him, Karsdorp or Frimpong need to be called to give him competition.

        Dumfries had an excellent Euro, I think only him and De Vrij deserve some credit last Euro, the other disappear when we need them. Czechs loss is first and foremost on FDB, but other typical Dutch players, who has good passing skill, don’t even show up in that game. The decision to put Malen ahead of Weghorst in that game is just wrong. I do believe that Malen has a higher ceiling but he need to develop and I hope he does but at this moment, he is not better. At Dortmund, he had 1 goal so far this season, he usually got sub out/sub in. Weghorst had 3 goals and 1 assists already and he usually play the whole game. The inability to use players that does not fit Dutch profile is making this system worse.

        1. @kevin

          Re: The inability to use players that does not fit Dutch profile is making this system worse.

          I don’t think anyone could have said this better. This, in a nutshell, is the albatross that hangs over Dutch football.

          This is the mindset that condemned Seedorf as uncoachable. That same Seedorf who has been the lynchpin of every CL winning team he has ever been part of.

          The same mindset that is suspicious of physical ability and athleticism. That never tires of making excuses for flair and technique regardless of every other shortcomings that comes with it.

          It’s truly a curious case. This enslavement to a system over hard reality and capability. And even more tragic that there is no justification for this obsession. The trophy cabinets remain bare.

        2. Btw, other than Dumfries’ rating, I agree with your rating in general. It would be more interesting to see how this system will work against stronger opponent. At the moment, FDJ is sacrificed for the whole team, against bigger opponent, he might be the weapon we want to have to play out of pressure.

  6. @ Jan

    well for me I like to follow players and then I open my mouth. I can tell that for a fact. I like to scout players. both danjuma and lang should have gone to the euros and there is no doubt about it. FDB was dump to ignore them. its not that danjuma after joining Villareal grew a third leg and all of a sudden went into beast mode. I said it before, you call danjuma today, in November or one week before the world cup, he will be the same Danjuma and do what he does the best. he is better than Gakpo in every aspect and yes you are correct that are different players.

    Even El Ghazi can Come on and dethrone Gakpo if he gets the chance but the LW now all of sudden looks congested and just as recently he has found playing minutes hard to come by after Dean smith changed formation to accommodate new arrivals and try things differently rotating the squad . even on the right he could clean sweep berghuis aside as well. I say this because I have followed him and see what he is capable of, evaluating with different opponents he plays every week in epl. its a bit different story now that he has to succumb to the bench.

    Im not wirtting off gakpo here so to speak, I like him and his time will come but that decision to overlook danjuma to him is where the argument originates (under van gaal). even you posted the stats I think in one of the previous post which was clear cut again. The dust settled part was merely in contrast to what the critics were saying about danjuma :just joined Villarreal lately, only off the bench appearance (last selection), has to show more consistency and will have to come and compete with others. van Gaal could have started memphis or Malen on the wings like you said when Gakpo got injured. but he didnt and called up danjuma. was a suprise but I suspect he had realized after the lativa game its best to go with a natural winger . smart move and it paid off.

    yes you never bagged him .

    but he certainly was when he joined Bournemouth and after they were relegated to championship.

    “This is not about Danjuma or Lang or Memphis. This is about me shaking my head everytime you find a new hero ( Diks, Zivkovic, El Ghazi, Joey Veerman, Danjuma) to praise and for a current player to be called crap.

    That is what I am ranting about”.

    the system and the Jury. we all know how it works. Veerman debate has been popular one in the nerthlands and I have posted videos on this. he will again gonna prove critics wrong.

    for Diks and Zivkovic, like I said, I scout and follow players who have good technical abilities, If I asses a player, that’s the first thing I look at. just like you mention Jurgen Ekklenkamp as a special talent. I dont, he is Klaassen Junior. right place and the the right time typo. nothing technical about him. if he was indeed a special talent, ajax wouldnt have sold him..

    1. just to make it clear as well, I dont think I have said anywhere that Diks and Zivkovic should be called up. I for myself know they wont, playing out of their current clubs if they were in top form.

      like I said the system and the Jury.

      I also said this to Jeff, my scouting of players doent mean that they need to be called up. I merely bringing them into spotlight for their performance.

  7. I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing both Danjuma and Lang in the side as well. I think that Memphis’ work rate and level have both elevated hugely, and these types of players add additional danger points for defenders to be constantly concerned with and distracted by. I used to have hopes that the likes of Bergwijn and Promes could have this effect with Memphis, but it appears it can be so much better with either of these two. The difference is that the tricky feet now lead to productivity rather than just tricks.

    All through the Euros, with all of the praise of Dumfries, I could never get past his lack of skill and his poor decision making. He is really only about work rate, not vision, not touch, not defending. I’ve also hoped that Karsdorp would push for this role and hope that will happen— in his previous turns in the Oranje Jersey I always found him to be hard-working, attacking, and skilled, and I’d like to see that again on the right side.

    As for Blind, it’s all about his vision and passing and maturity. But when Virgil is at 100% (I still don’t think he is), we have the leadership, vision, and even long-ball passing covered, so perhaps Blind won’t be needed anymore (at least not against every type of opponent) and we can move to quicker legs and a more dynamic back on the left side.

    It’s great to see the energy in this team. I think this will be a great year coming up if we can avoid injuries to our irreplaceable players (particularly Memphis and Virgil)

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