Sloppy Oranje loses again in open game

I keep on repeating myself… I don’t like friendlies. Because you can lose a friendly, while the coach has a wry smile and thinks “Great! Learned a lot. I have a lot of stuff to work on with the lads.” And if Oranje beats Latvia without a problem (thanks KJ) than Hiddink could easily hint that the US game was key for him to make some changes and brief the players….

And we will all have forgotten the US friendly when Holland opens the Euro2016 tournament with a superb win over Italy….


We haven’t beaten Latvia yet and we haven’t qualified for the Euros yet…

So all eyes on Hiddink….


The comments on my earlier post already said it. Shocking defending!! And as you will agree: defending takes more than four defenders and a goalie. I literally had to stop the video (see below) at times and play it again to see what went wrong… But with the first goal of the US alone for instance, you’ll see a series of horrible decisions being made by the likes of Wijnaldum, Clasie, Blind, BMI and the not so well versed football fan will end up blaming Janmaat for the goal… In my view, the problem already was there way before Janmaat could have done anything about it….

And on it goes. The intensity wasn’t there. The only ones with something to show were Depay (on a high after winning the title, the golden boot and the ticket to Manchester) and Huntelaar (keen to topple Kluivert on the all time scoring list).

The work rate and intensity weren’t there. You can’t play the US thinking you’re better when you do not put in the work shift. Closing down players, following the runs, going into the challenge whole-arsed (as opposed to half-arsed)… Basic principles of defending and containing the opponent. And this starts up top, with RVP and the Hunter.  The first opportunity the US got should have woken the team up (but didn’t). The high light reel shows it… Huntelaar attempting to head the ball away where his right foot should have done it and then lack of coaching and communication between RVP and Bruma (RVP did have a better position to head the ball away, but how could Bruma know if RVP didn’t yell at him?)…

Sneijder benchus

The US got two opportunities with the goal framework denying them while Klaas Jan had a good chance on the other end of the pitch to make that sort of even…. The first goal was a cracker. A superb cross in by Depay with his right (it is possible for a right footed left winger to cross balls in!) and the header was a goal Hunter would have  scored while asleep. That US equaliser I already mentioned… weak defending from the forwards, the midfielders and lastly the defenders with Janmaat and Cillesen as the least culpable…

In the second half Janmaat was exchanged for Van der Wiel and his first real move was to assist Huntelaar in scoring another great goal. An outswinger this time, presented by the PSG full back and another typical KJH goal. Van Persie had a heading opportunity and a back heel blocked on the line and was a bit unlucky there. That particular move showed Blind on the overlap and a decent attack.

The 3-1 was a bit of a lucky after a good move from the right (Narsingh for Promes) and a weak header by Wijnaldum. The latter playing in the Sneijder role as the little Gala man had just joined the group after winning the double in Turkey. Huntelaar took a shot to make his hat trick but Depay flicked it into the other corner, unbeknownst to him, and made it 3-1.

Any team, in any competition, in any country, in any era, on any planet would know that with 30 odd minutes to go and one goal up, you make sure you win the game. You absorb some pressure from the US who would try and force something and you would go and counter attack your way to 4-1 and 5-1. Two late goals in the dying minutes is usually what you get. But instead of Luuk de Jong keeping his composure and scoring, he decided to go for a thunderbolt and he hit the woodwork, offering Team USA to counter… And they were the ones making us of total chaos in the Oranje ranks to score some goals. The 3-3 was a lucky (deflection via Luuk de Jong) but the other two goals were wonderfully created as the Dutch midfielders and defenders played like amateur juniors and allowed the US a way back in….

rvp propper

Cynical viewers might have thought “matchfixing?”… But we know better than that, I suppose….

Robin van Persie, captain but of the pitch when the US scored their winning goals, was a bit shocked. “I admit, I am a bit shocked by the level. But…this is merely a snapshot of our process. The US deserved this. They kept on going, when we switched off. We usually score 4-1 you’d expect. And kill the game. But we didn’t and they fought back. It’s easy to criticise our defense now, but defending starts up top. And we made this happen as a team. But we have some homework to do for Latvia. Let’s hope we can learn from it.” About his own game, he was not dissatisfied. “I am not 100% still. Match fitness takes a bit of time, but I played 70 minutes and I think I could have played on actually. I’m feeling good.”

Guus Hiddink was definitely not happy and muttered under his breath that this team cannot kill games off. “We were playing Santa Clause. When it was 0-0 we even handed them opportunities. These didn’t go in, luckily, but it was a sign. In this temperature, when you are 3-1 up you need to finish the game off. And be smart. And pace the game down. Pick your moments. We should have made it 4-2 instead we lose 3-4.”

Hiddink went on to question the side’s desire to win and the ability to put it all out there on the pitch. “The US like Australia always fights till the end. We became complacent and didn’t want to suffer to much. Well, this is the result you get. I do believe we can defend decently, normally but we were outpaced at times and that needs to improve.”


Wesley Sneijder can look back at a good season with Gala. Winning the double and back in the starting line up (normally, but not against the US) with Oranje. He is aiming for the record of Van der Sar in terms of Oranje caps and is well on his way. That is probably the only positive for him, as Hiddink allowed him 10 minutes or so, late in the US game.

Another couple of positives: Daryl Janmaat received the silver scale for playing 25 games in Oranje while Davy Propper of Vitesse (and most likely PSV next season) made his debut, after having sat on the bench twice before. He came on for Robin van Persie but failed to make an impression. A good one that is.


Lastly, Hunter will be happy with his two goals and his fair share in that third one (he’ll get the “assist” honour). The rest of the players won’t be too happy. In particular the defenders can expect a rest. Bruma was shaky and nervous, BMI lacked intensity and offered the US acres of space and Blind seemed uneasy with his positioning and role in the team and looked tired. Clasie, normally always decent, wasn’t able to boss midfield and he might lose his spot when Jetro Willems is fit coming Friday and might force the coaches to put Daley in the mid midfield role.

Vlaar and De Vrij are both expected to be fit coming Friday and will most certainly play alongside each other against Latvia.



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  1. @Wilson

    Iceland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Latvia aren’t much better!! Against France you forget to mention that Van Gaal introduced a very young team since according to LVG he wanted to try some new players. After the injury of Strootman he decided that he had no other midfielder capable enough to do Kevin’s job so he decided to change the entire formation.

    You’re saying that even Hiddink can beat those teams with current squad but i haven’t seen anything like that so far!! LVG beat Turkey in both games, Guus on the other hand struggled to get a draw in Amsterdam. What makes you think he could of beaten Romania who by the way is above the Czech Republic in the FIFA rankings? Hell he cant even beat USA’s second team.

    Also you mentioned the weaknesses against Japan and France. But where were those weaknesses when Van Gaals team (using the 4-3-3) played friendlies against Italy, Germany, Portugal and never lost a game? In fact they deserved to win all 3 games….

    Do i think Hiddink should have done a better job with the current squad?? Hell yeah!! There is plenty of talent in this squad for Guus to build something good and to compete against any team out there. Not only he hans’t done that but he’s ruining everything that LVG built.

    Wilson, when Hiddink was appointed as the manager of the Dutch team he said “that its a privilege to coach this team that has so much talent and after doing so good in the WC”. He obviously liked what he saw thats why he picked the job. So how can you say that its not his fault?

      1. No RVP at any cost..Mr grey hair
        No BMI—–Mr error
        no promes-headless chiken,brother of Afellay
        no Van derweil–Mr.stupidity
        No Blind as LB at least…

  2. Holland should have scored 6 goals in this match, easily–some very sloppy finishing, and of course some very lazy, sloppy defending. This team needs Vlaar back pretty badly–and Strootman.

  3. Utter crap. What a horrible showing today. We are in the midst of what we went through in 1981-1987. Whatever magic “Lucky Guus” had is long gone. And for the love of Mike will somebody please get BMI off the team?!?! That guy single handed creates goals for the opposition almost every game.
    Simply put… we suck right now.

    1. winter is for Hiddink,RVP,BMI,Weil,Promes and Blind…Rest is fine..Hiddink and and his crew has no clue about team chemistry
      Combination of Janmaat-Promes was fantastic
      Bruma—–BMI another one
      Blind-Depay…was too good
      Clasie as holding mid,
      Persie is not persie now ,he is walkersie now..he sits on bench for Manu and Manu plays better with out him,Eeven better when Blind also doesnt play..How many games we need to realsie this???

      1. had we played with
        things would have been different..

  4. This Hiddink was real crap from start…He has no clue wat he is doing….he changed Janmaat after cezc game…for a human error…Kept o n with afellay the idiot in every game,so is BMI and Van derweil…
    Hiddink must be so stupid that he knows that Bruma is pretty new to set up and he needs an experienced and composed CB with him or least his club mate Reikik who understands him…
    There was no chemistry between Bruma and BMI from begining,so Goals was just matter of time to get in.
    i would be pissing in trouser if i see RVP,BMI,Blind,Weil,Afellay,Promes, playing aagin for NT.

  5. People say BMI was worse..yes i agree no issue…i have realised it long time back…But RVP is time is over and its the time foe Middle east for him…Welcome to uae or Qatar for RVP.
    Weil makes life difficult for his collegiues on feild every time he play.
    I know Promes is well stupid player with no vision,Brilliant Janmaat had to play on wings with stupid promes…thats was a stupid decision by hiddink..
    Weil was lucky that he got narsingh..i mean we say something is better than nothing..i mean Narsingh Vs Promes..
    LVG had to hide BMI in every match he played in Wc and last WCQ matches..the horrendous mistakes in starting line up was
    change of 4 players with clasie as playmaker and proper at holding mid..

    1. Tiju,Promes and Janmmat were both subbed at half time with Weil and Narsingh respectively and this was well prior to the last 20 minutes where the Americans scored 3 it doesnt has any relevance to Hiddinks selection of players or whether they had chemistry or not.

      BMI was the biggest liability in the game but Brumas anticpation was also poor and this is where BMI was constantly drawn towards him and hence the gap was opening.Lets dont forget that Rekik also doesnt have much exposure at international level and his only cap was as a sub vs France under Van Gaal prior to WC.

      To be wining 3-1 till 70′ and then throwing the lead away in the last 20 minutes is shear lack of concentration and fighting spirit and to blame Hiddink for that is not legit.

      1. what was promes doing ,wat promes did were also done in better way by narsingh…Narsinghg was way better…first point…goals had nothing to with narsingh…so leave Narsingh..Promes is a headless chiken he does nt know how to play with an intelligent player like Janmaat,so there was so co ordination between Janmaat and promes…so les creativity,when Narsingh came janmaat had to leave.
        Janmaat needs to work with Narsingh thats wat i said…Promes is less than average player like afellay..
        goals were due to blind and BMI basically but i cannnt rule out Bruma/Janmaat(1st one) and vanderweil completely.coz u defend as a unit..
        My quote is Something is better than nothing so here goes thhe equvation

        “””Tiju,Promes and Janmmat were both subbed at half time with Weil and Narsingh respectively and this was well prior to the last 20 minutes where the Americans scored 3 goals.”””””Wat r u trying to say???lets clear first.u feel Promes wre better??and Promes was the defender??which i dont was weil who played worse than janmaat bar assist.
        are we clear…for me promes is an attacker who must be able to do creative things and be effeiceinet infront of goal.Promes is utter failure like afellay in that.

          1. weil is more error prone than Janmaat,so sya that selection doesnt matter?????yes it matters mate…slection of player in right puzzle matters a lot..

        1. Tiju I was jus refering to your criticism towards Hiddinks and his selection.The game was not lost jus because there was no chemistry between Bruma and BMI or Promes and was simply lack of concentration and failure to stand their grounds in the last 20 minutes. USA never gave up and kept fighting till the end.This was the difference in the outcome of the game.

          1. @Wilson…now you y van gaal snubed promes,afellAY,BRUMA and co…His selected players were far superior to hiddink selection…Guus hiddink doesnt have clue infront of LVG…Lvg reached semi with out many of hiddink players
            bmi—hidden by kuyt when it mattered
            Rvp was not that old
            Afellay thrown out of team
            promes out of team after france game
            dont tell me about hiddik….he is so stupid and old man game…he is the culprit for this…

          2. whether USA fights or not it doesnt matter for me..i am concenrend about the quality of play displayed by RVP,Blind,Promes,weil and BMI,that ridiculous…If Hiddink is brilliant he must show the balls to drop these he did with Afellay..
            Mate now u may understand who is stefan devrij…and his importance…Bruma is a beast in tie,a right coach can releae him from tie.he needs to time with better center half..and his positioning…but vs 1vs1 he is a beast than BMI..

          3. I agree Bruma is beast but jus like De Vrij after moving to Lazio managed to polish on his weakness Bruma also needs to either move to a bigger club in a tougher league or more european competitions where he can come up with top strikers
            . At eredivise level,the result will he as in todays game.

          4. The only way to get rid of Daley Blind is to remove Danny Blind from the coaching panel.

          5. hiddink is the primary reason behind these catastrophy…so far he was carried by some players..and relying on luck..A stupid coach whom i dont think we have chance to win EC2016..

            My problem with RVP is as i mentioned 100 times,he is aged,not available at right spot,physically weak getting outmuscled,etreamly slow.lost bit of agility and dribbling too.
            with afelly its his idiotic brain and poor finishing
            With promes its same as afellay
            with weil no concentration and no intelligence and no reading capabilty.
            With BMI- same as Weil
            With blind…—I dont want to see dutch guy gets raped by strong speedy player..sympathy..but we need a better one.
            No more clasie as holding mid plz thats the problem with clasie..
            its time for Hendrix,Vanbeek in holding mid..

  6. For the sake of NT..RVP must realise that he is done,(i am not taking about misses he had vs USA),his speed is atrocious this forcing him to go offside all time,Getting raped by physical defenders,hardly for 30 minutes stamina..this makes the team fuction is terrible and hene th team performance in the final third ends with zero result or severe Goal drought.

  7. First time i feel hiddink will bench Blind for Williams i feel
    Against latvia we ar goin to win if RVP deosnt play

    1. instead i would like to see
      or if am the one who decides playing 11
      then t would be

    1. lets play 2 holding with Ginekl higher u than strootman.

  8. Orange problem is not just hiddink,there is collection of players involved in it.i mean less quality players is playing and defense is in experienced.Ever since hiddink took charge we always had an open door at back..reaosns might be BMI,blind ,willimas and weil basically may e janmaat too involved in it.
    hiddink need to stick with quality defenders if he cannt find other than BMI..then Hiddink is a liability a coach.

  9. It is difficult to find “Dutch soccer site” after the resignation of Sepp Blater. In Serbia.Always comes something else instead….

    Holland-USA 3:4.
    In my opinion…. Guus Hiddink was not at fault in some way.He did not” miss the theme” as Guardiola against Barcelona(tactics “blunt knife without defense”).(Frank de Boer did not missed theme against Barca too)
    Tend to agree with Tiju about choice some players.He need to see how someone plays football and not only where someone plays football(Barca,Chelsea,PSG etc…” piramide illusion ” against weaker teams).
    Reminiscent of Dick Advocaat. Big names hypnotizes people.
    I hope that everything will be fine later.

  10. Under hiddink this team plays like a dysfunctional clown show

    I do not believe lack of talent is the issue, but lack of intestinal fortitude being the biggest culprit

    Being Dutch Canadian, I am always in awe how important putting on the Canadian uniform means to Canadian hockey players. They are also multi millionaire athletes, who are always willing to put personal interests as well as their well being on the line. Please tell me 1 Dutch soccer player who would be willing to take a 160km/ kr puck in the face to prevent the other team from scoring.

    Until theses wining spoiled brats are completely willing to commit to achieving victory, they will be perennial losers. What a disappointing lot.

    1. Cool, where in Canada?
      Klaassen would get in the way of a puck!
      Also maybe Vlaar or Strootman. I know exactly what you mean though, you expect to see more from them when the orange jersey comes over their shoulders…

  11. Haven’t managed to watch the game, but seems like a horrible perf all round by the Dutch from the many negative comments here. 🙁
    honestly one player I never want to see playing is Bruma (the other is Afellay). I always feel he confused his fellow defenders with his play (committing a tackle when not to and backing off when supposed to tackle). From the highlights, I just felt that he was partly culpable for the goals conceded. No more Bruma pls. Sometimes just a bad player (or two) in a team can really throw the whole team play into disarray. I play the sport and I feel it first hand.
    Blind will never cut it at LB, unless he improves his pace.
    Still I believe my fav Holland will rise again. 🙂

  12. Well I will say this regardless of what the outcome is.I have full faith in Hiddink and NT will qualify for Euros,no doubt about that. I dont think given squad on the match day,Hiddink could have done anything to alter the outcome Of the game.
    Defense, Vlaar and De Vrij were deemed unfit so Bruma and BMI were the next possible option.Rekik vs BMI.Rekik has just come out of injury only to play last few games for PSV and compared to international experience of BMI,it perfectly makes senses why BMI was selected over Rekik.Everybody in Amsterdam Arena must have thought NT would have gone to win and I dont see any reason why to Blame Hiddink for the last 20 minutes when the players themselves were disorriented.

    Lets also dont forget Hiddinks approach towards building the team has being often hamperned by unavailability of some key players and I think this is where he is struggling to fine tune the team with Rotating players.Klaassen had a point to prove vs Spain and you would have expected Hiddink to give him another shot but unfortunately his injured.I think this is where the rythm usually breaks down with and when the rotating playets comes in it subsequently faulters the on building combination.

    If you look at the NT vs Lativa 6-0. The players bonded really well un that game with the formation. But come Turkey game after that,there was reshuffling due to injuries and it all came down to the wire.

    1. no you cannt have faith in a coach who sticks with afellay,Weil and BMI now RVP and Blind as LB for other reasons…if any one watches these players regularly will never select them for NT for their current spont ,mya be Blind as box to box attacker i would go considering his inettlligence.but not as LB.

      1. jus like Afellay,I hope this game has settled the dust on all the players you have Mentioned except for Weil.

        Weil is moody player.On a given day if he is on song he can be devastating on the flanks
        .But yeah on a off day he can be shitty.

        Again van Rhijin needs to move to a another league if he seriously wants to compete with his compatriots

        Van Rhijn

  13. Something else to note here,If Belgium beats Frnance in the upcoming friendly, they will topple NT in UFEA Co efficent Rankings and that will mean losing out on top seeds in the Euros.this is where I think this friendlys come in handy.

    1. UFEA Country Ranking

      Spain —————–99.427
      Germany ————–79.415
      Czech Republic———29.125

      Belgium won 4-3 vs France so you expect them to be either close the gap or may have moved above NT.

      1. Jason Denayer played 85′ for Belgium and after he was substituted,France clawed their way back in the game. I jus cant fucken understand why Van Dijik is been overlooked when Denayer has been putting in a soild performance for the Beligian team.

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