3 Reasons why Oranje needs Jeremie Frimpong

He might well be the best Dutch player to never have played for The Netherlands. Jeremie Frimpong (21 years old) again impressed last weekend at Leverkusen: he scored twice and gave his new coach Xabi Alonso a nice debut. Born in Amsterdam, the right full back must have impressed Louis van Gaal as well. Here’s three reasons why he should be called up for Oranje.

Note: It’s not for his Dutch language skills. He’s probably the only (young) Oranje player who doesn’t speak Dutch as he left for Manchester at a young age.

Frimpong moved to Man City when he was 9 years old (!). He used to play right winger or left back and shared the dressing room with players like Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho and Eric Garcia. In 2019, he decided to leave Manchester as his chances to play for the first team were slim. he played 1,5 seasons for Celtic but Peter Bosz signed him in 2021 for Leverkusen. He has 60 official games to his name and these games paint a pretty picture

Young Jeremie at City

  1. He seems born to play wingback

Leverkusen usually plays with 4 or 5 defenders. Frimpong can play in both systems but his strength is the wingback role. Against Schalke 04, last weekend, he demonstrated his blistering pace and lungs again as he has the ability to cover the whole right flank. He can repair defensive issues and is constantly available and threatening in attack.

It seems that Alonso wants to play in a 3-4-3 which is a blessing for the Dutchman. This system is almost identical to the way Van Gaal wants to play. The statistics tell the story: only Borussia Monchengladback striker Hofmann had more forward sprints than Frimpong, who payed way less minues. Only four other players in the Bundesliga demonstrated more speed this year, than Frimpong (who clocked a whopping 35,77 km per hour).

Frimpong marauding

2. The dribbel king of Europe

It’s not just running and bombing forward. He will find space in behind without the ball, but he’s amazing in the one v one. As he has a history as an attacker, he is very skilled on the ball. Probably way more so than Dumfries. His speed, explosiveness, his agility and his technical skills make him a player who is tough to defend.

And it shows in the stats. Of all the defenders in the five top leagues in Europe, Frimpong has the most successful dribbles. Only Cancelo, the City signing who was indirectly responsible for Frimpong’s exit at City, comes close.

Frimpong dribble king

3. His effectiveness

The Dutch NT has always been leaning heavily on the production of Memphis Depay. When he was injured or otherwise not able to play, and Wijnaldum was also absent, there was no one left in the Oranje squad with more than 10 goals. Davy Klaassen of all people is the third in line as top scorer with 9 goals.

In other words, we can use some more prolific players. And Frimpong demonstrates he can bring this, at Leverkusen. He has four goals and is the most prolific defender of the five strongest leagues. Usually, he is the man of the assist. Last season, he had 8 assists in 32 games. Four weeks ago, he had two assists in the CL match versus Atletico Madrid (2-0).

Frimpong scoring goals

4. What should improve

Of course, Frimpong is not yet the finishded article. Dumfries is currently the man for the right back, without much competition. Rensch, Hateboer, even Veltman, they seem a long way from the Orange jersey. Rick Karsdorp is close to the NT but he got injured and only returned to the training pitch this week. Dumfries is important for Oranje, also with his heading capabilities. Oftentimes he is used for the long outball of the goalie. Frimpong is 171 centimeters and not able to compete at this aspect of the game.

One could argue that Dumfries is the better defender of the two. The orientation of the Leverkusen man can be better. Just like recognising the right moment to start the dribble. But it’s undeniable that Frimpong will be a key rival to Dumfries in the near future.

But, Van Gaal will need to act! The Ghana Football Federation is also courting Frimpong at the moment. Van Gaal invited Frimpong twice, or named him twice in the pre-selection. The first time, Frimpong had to reject the invite due to injury. This time around, Van Gaal picked Rensch ahead of the former Celtic man, as Frimpong had less games. So he went to Jong Oranje and showed himself against Belgium. In the Romania game however, Frimpong disappointed gravely, as did the rest of the sloppy team.

In theory, Frimpong could even play for the England squad, albeit that England has an overload of amazing right backs at the moment and won’t be pushing for him. The quick dribble king will have choices to make and it’s up to Louis van Gaal to make sure he picks Oranje. He is a player for the future, alright. Malacia on the left, Frimpong on the right. Van Dijk, Timber and Ake at the back, with Frenkie in front of them. Maybe with Tijani Reijnders next to him and Xavi Simons in front.

The future looks bright.

Source: VI Pro


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  1. He should be ahead of Rensch. Between Karsdorp and Frimpong, I will take Frimpong as his offensive output is better. At the moment, I think Dumfries is the best RB we have. But Frimpong will take over that position if he can stay healthy. Another big if is LVG need to call him for WC. I would not blame him if he choose Ghana because of unfair treatment.

    1. I agree Kevin, but Frimpong is part of the Jong Oranje squad and will as a result be firmly on LVG’s radar and I would be surprised if there has been some type of contact. I don’t think Frimpong has been treated unfairly. As yet.

      I think Karsdorp has similar offensive sensibilities and more experience too. It’s a toss up for me. whether to use one or the other. I am not yet sure how Frimpong’s defending is.

  2. I was initially supporting Rensch > Frimpong, thought he did OK against Luiz Diaz. However his subsequent performances in the Napoli defeat, coupled with Frimpong good showings in the CL made me start to think otherwise.
    Frimpong and Malacia on either side of the defense will surely be exciting to watch.
    Karsdorp will be long shot to make it.

    I would also really see Pascal Struijk make it. He can be a useful member given his versatility in LB/LCB. Daley Blind looking increasingly vulnerable.

  3. I think the options are stacked in coming years for RB just like CBs.
    Dumfries can go other world cup after this one. Frimpong offcourse is attracting big clubs now. Hope he takes it slowly and dont rush.
    Rensch till and like others at Ajax will always be at the fore front as backup. Milan Mwijk you can expect him to follow the same footsteps as Dumfries. Ki Jana Hoever as well next Karsdorp. Assisted twice for EL ghazi in space of 13 minutes vs Utrecht. His future at Wolves looks to be in balance with performance like this.

    Hopefully after this WC things will starting rolling at LB as well.

  4. The outcome of the upcoming clash between PSV and Arsenal will likely have repercussions on the Dutch worldcup team selection. If PSV performs well, then Xavi and Veerman will get attention from Vangaal and also PSV will become one of Favourites to win the Europa

  5. Simons can wait,that wont affect us much..but struijk,frimpong should get the nod as we cannot loose them to belgium and Ghana..
    Blind was subbed again..He is so slow,fading away,he is almost done…time for youri Baas and malacia
    Also we should see What Rensch and Frimpong can do at right wing as we have seen what dumfries can do,Hateboer wasted lots of time with us…
    Gravenberch Made a stupid decision to go to Bayern in a world cup year…Not a smart move..With a dutch coach it might have been okay…
    As of now for me its
    to start on bench
    adddtional 4 on squad
    Bijlow/any penalty stopper
    Luuk De jong
    kennth taylor
    No blind(old , slow and almost done),No Danjuma(Pathetic work rate,poor connection with team mate)
    No dumfries(Hard feet)..To play a better fluid game without interruption we need to get rid of these players..

  6. Rensch has no business being in the national team as of now! Frimpong should be the back up of Dumfries unless Karsdorp puts up some great performances with Roma after his injury.

    Also I’m skeptical about Timber starting!! Having watched him every game with Ajax I have come to a conclusion that he struggles with aerial duels. Way too many times he’s unable to keep up with taller strikers when a cross comes in. He isn’t the tallest of CB’s but his positioning should be better to make up for his lack of height. Martinez ex Ajax player was exceptional at it being shorter than Timber. This is definitely something Van Gaal and his staff need to look at. Imo if De Ligt keeps starting for Bayern he should be starting in the world cup for us.

  7. Botman seems to be doing well at New castle united. He shut out Ronaldo in the match against Man united last Saturday which was 0-0.
    He could be an option im the backline for the wirld cup.

  8. This one is hard to choose. Timber struggle with aerial duel while De Ligt seem error prone. Given De Ligt is starting for Bayern, i think it is reasonable to expect him to start over Timber.

  9. Karim Benezama become the third frenchmen to win the Ballon dOr. Lewandoski will join the list of those elite players never to win it. he should have won last season but unfortunately his performance before that season was not considered.(covid disrupted, carried forward)

  10. Doesn’t speak Dutch. Can be used by Ghana, or England. Sth in the mold of Ziyech, Zivkovic and some others who didn’t feel dutch. I don’t like these type of players. They have no dutch national pride and I don’t like a conglomerate of nationalities representing the side of Cruyff, Van Hanegem, Neeskens, Van Basten, Van Nistelrooy, Robben, Van Persie etc etc. Probably nobody here will agree with me, but this is how I feel. At least Frimpong was born in Amsterdam but the fact he doesn’t speak the language is a big minus to me. I love it when players who proudly belch their national anthem.
    Anyway, I know I’m a dinosaur.

  11. Thanks for this great post Jan. It’s seen a no brained decision for Van Gaal to call Frimpong instead of Resnch.

    So, having debate a lot about:

    Blind vs Malacia
    Rensch vs Frimpong vs Kardoshp

    Let me propose a new debate:

    Timber vs De Vrij vs De Light as started beside VVD.

    My candidate to star is De Vrij, then Timber and then De Light.

    De Vrij is like Ake and amazing and solid defender totally underestimated.

  12. Balkan, I don’t think Frimpong is anti-Dutch :-). He probably does speak Dutch, but like Melle Meulensteen (Vitesse) he grew up in England. Give the guy a break :-).

    He plays for Jong Oranje so he’s not all negative. I don’t think Ghana is as important to him (and his family) as Morocco is for Moroccan players….

    1. Jan, you got me all wrong. I have nothing against the guy. I just long for the old times when half the dutch or belgium players were Van Something, when only France would have african players in their team. The national pride was so much higher and games were like fierce war battles between nations. F.k. n globalization has ruined a lot of things.

  13. Real Madrid is scouting frimpong….that says a lot..they dont sign average ones or less skilled ones…you should be top notch to start in real madrid shirt..Malen is doing pretty good at dortmund…Lang is getting back from injury…
    Timber is a monster player,has speed,ball controll his areal issue will be adress with Ake and Virgil as both are excellent in air..Deligt is error prone…Devrij struggles vs Pace…though De vrij is master defender perhaps the most disciplined defender..

  14. Brazil coach Tite is reported to have said that he will take into account a players club form in team selection, this has given hope to the likes of Martinelli who plays for Arsenal. Vangaal also need to do it the same way and make the selections.

    1. Im sorry, but wouldn’t you think it’s normal for every coach to take club form in account??? Do you think other coaches don’t do this? How do people get into the squad in the first place :-).

    1. I agree. He is a natural. He’s quick, thinks quick, has the technique and in his post match interviews he’s polite and humble (take note her Noa Lang!!) and you can’t not like him.

      In every tournament, we see players that are not yet on everyone’s radar making an impact. Memphis in 2014, Elia in 2010, Van Basten in 1988 etc… And these are just the Dutch examples.

      I think Danjuma will be a no-brainer: speed, power, ice in his veins, intelligent player.

      Simons would be on my list too. I haven’t seen anything from Lang as yet, this season? Anyone?

  15. read and he was left out of the squad vs Anderlecht.


    Noa Lang is slowly getting impatient at Club Brugge. The attacker would love to go to the World Cup with the Dutch national team, but the Belgian top club is also doing great without him. He will return to the squad on Wednesday. Trainer Carlo Hoefkens thinks along with his player.

    “Noa is under some sort of time pressure for the World Cup,” Hoefkens said in the press conference in the run-up to the duel with Sint-Truiden. Lang, who had returned from an injury, was passed against Anderlecht , much to his own dissatisfaction. “This is a difficult situation for him. Just to be clear: I am extremely satisfied with the way in which he presents himself this year.’

    Still, Hoefkens understands that Lang’s patience is being tested now that his ticket to Qatar is on the line. “It’s not easy for him. The squad is on and I’m not going to change just to change anything. I’m just satisfied at the moment. He may disagree with certain things. But opportunities don’t come by themselves. Sometimes you need patience, as others have needed it in the past.’

    ‘It is important to me not to think about Noa’s time pressure’, Hoefkens continued his argument. It goes without saying that Lang is not happy with the situation. A month before the World Cup, he needs minutes to convince national coach Louis van Gaal of his qualities. “He has to put his energy into performing on the field. Will we see the best Noa again at Club? Yes, that is absolutely still possible.’

    Still, Hoefkens’ words show little confidence. Without Lang, Club qualified for the eighth finals of the Champions League and the team seems to be standing. Although the attacker will get minutes against Sint-Truiden. “If he can fill in, it’s up to him to show himself. I am incredibly looking forward to that. The fact that he was not there against Anderlecht has no influence on that chance.’

    1. I think Lang is another of those players who can deliver whenever called and given NT are likely to face Argentina and Brazil, you need players like him and Danjuma in the squad. Game changers. Let’s say if the trio of Bergwijn, Depay and Gakpo are unable to make an impact you can always have Lang and Danjuma coming on and Depay falling back in the hole.

    1. @Kevin i agree on Gullit on Blind…But He is wrong about Timber…What you expect from timber when he is paired at centre with Blind…Ajax has only one CB thats Timber..He has to take care of attackers of opponent team and Blind..He has to cover for Blind…So he will be compromised..there will be chaos…No wonder…But thinsg wont be like that with Virgil or Devrij or Botman…i follow ajax games..There problem starts with Blind…

      1. I agree. Timber has shown very good skill in Oranje team so far. I think he is more of a victim of the current Ajax squad. Rensch has potential but he is very raw. Blind is so old and cannot run. So he has to cover for both the left side and right side.

  16. Noah lang goal Vs Wales was sublime example of his finishing and skill…that goal belongs to him completely..i have never seen kuyt scores like that and kuyt played 100 games at the expense of Van der vaart in many games….i think Noah lang is must ,So is Donyell Malen..Both are mercurious theye create chance,they put defenders in akward postions…Malen Goal Vs Germany…i always see we struggle to create chance with Danjuma ..this is purly due to his lack fo work rate and availability to recive a pass…this is where Berjwin outclass him..luckily LVG has noted it…Even Berghuis is available though his finishing is very poor..

  17. As WC time is coming up, it is tricky to judge the forward players.

    Depay is coming back supposedly this week. He will not get much minutes as Xavi rate other players higher than him unfairly.
    Noa Lang is back but does not get much game time. Hoefkens is right though. Why should he change a winning formula?
    Danjuma is slowly regaining his form and I hope he can get back to fitness in time.
    Luuk De Jong will be back soon and suppose to get lot of minutes in Eredivisie.
    Malen is on a goal drought streak. He will go to the bench soon if he cannot score.
    Brobbey did not do much at Ajax but he has the advantage being at Ajax.

    So it seems Bergwijn and Gakpo lock their place. Depay will go to if he can stay healthy.

    Weghorst will be preferred over LDJ given his current form.
    That means Janssen, Brobbey, Danjuma, Lang and Malen will fight for the last two places.

    1. it is 26 man squad….Gakpo,Depay,Berjwin is locked..it would be a stupid idea to take 4 Goal keeprs with team ..Waste of spot…..i am scracting my head, What Danjuma has done in NT than Malen??i dont get that..What Danjuma has done than Lang??i dont get it..Since we play 532 WE MUST TAKE 10 DEFENDERS WITH US…i would be over the moon if we could drop winjdal and Blind…which is unlikely.
      also i dont think van gaal will drop De roon…it will be
      Total 26…
      For me i feel LVG midfeild–Frenkie-koopmeiners-klassen-Gravenberch-Taylor-De Roon–6nos
      if Xavi simmons gets to qatar it should be at the expense of Berghuis..if we dont get Lang/Malen together we would short of wingers..that will cost us ..

      1. Yeah given Malen had so many chances at NT, i did not get what he has done. Plus i don’t think it is good idea to take someone not score or assist in 10 most recent games.

        I don’t get your obsession with Danjuma. He played two games, in one game he gave the assist that led us to WC.

  18. From nations league matches Lui van gaal wasted so much time with Blind and BMI…instead he should have seen Struijk and Botman..thats horrendous mistake…i feel LVG is so fond of eredisvise players…thats the reason behind dropping of karsdorp,botman,frimpong and struijk…these guys are playing in different country under difficult circumstance,they are winners abroad…they are overlooked for loosers at eredivise..Blind failed abraid came back,Bruno marins failed aabroad and came back..hateboer failed in NT he is not great in atalanta either..Rensch is still raw,perhaps rensch is one who can compete with frimpong..

  19. I honestly think the Dutch could built a decent team and have a decent WC only if Van Gaal is open to bring some of these other/young players that everyone is talking about. If he wants to stick the same old team like the one who played against Belgium recently, we are done. Why are we bringing Janssen and Weghorst to the WC, are you kidding me? Why is Blin, Klassen are going to the WC? These guys are dead weight. We have so much better midfield option than Klassen. So much better left and right back option. Then again, after the WC we already know what is going to be the HEADLINES. THE DUCTH IS THE GREATEST NATION ON HEARTH THAT NEVER WONE A WC. ONLY BECAUSE WE ARE SO STUPID

  20. I think the Blind issue Gullit is talking about is actually not a Blind issue. They got Wijndal in for Blind replacement (in time) but Wijndal got injured.

    They got Bassey in for Martinez, but that is in no way a comparison.

    Blind is not the only issue, Bassey is an issue too. He’s erratic under pressure, his tactical awareness is not good enough yet and his touch is not perfect. I can fully understand Schreuder in needing to put BLind in next to inexperienced Timber and Bassey (and Rensch). I mean, really, Ajax is to blame – not Blind – for not dealing with the exit of Martinez. They let one of the world’s best headers and defenders go for 50M and got a young rough diamond in. Of course you get problems.

    1. Blind is not the only problem. He is part of the problem, a very big part. He cannot run so he need someone like Martinez to cover his space. Bassey is not there yet. One solution is to start Winjdal. But because he has to play, they put him in as CB. This is what Gullit said.

      Now putting Winjdal there will not solve all the issue. Because there is a lot of holes due to the mass exodus. But at least that will solve part of the problem. However, the coach does not want to do anything. ETH put all the captains on the bench after bad loss and has turned around at MU. Ajax is not doing that at the moment.

      1. You’re not the Ajax coach, clearly. He would never play a back line of Wijndal, Bassey, Timber and Rensch. All young and inexperienced at top level. Do you not think Napoli would have scored 20 goals against them :-).

        You do not get better defenders when you pick Wijndal and Bassey over Blind and you do not get better build up.

        I think Schreuder makes do with what he has got.

        1. So when Timber get selected for Oranje, it is because he is already good at his age and when Ajax got hammered, he become inexperienced and need pairing with Blind? Timber has played at Ajax first team his third season now, he has played Europa League semi final, entire CL campaign. This come back to the same thing “He has to play” and people made justification to make him play.

          And if experience is that important than ability to run, shouldn’t Ajax overrun Napoli defense and scored 20 goals already 🙂 With two experienced old leg Tadic and Blind, they should be able to score 40 goals against those no name Kim Min-Jae.

  21. Noa Lang showed his class after coming on after HT for brugge. Had one assist.

    “Bruges substitutes score points with Noa Lang in the leading role again, Konaté is the schlemiel at STVV

    Half muddling through, half electricity. Club Brugge had no trouble with Sint-Truiden thanks to an enthusiastic substitute by the much-discussed Lang and an exclusion for Konate. It was an evening of confidence refueling, also for the striker of 16 million.”

    Bjorn Meijers also with an assist. He also has come into spot light just after few games joining from Groningen. Maybe after the WC he should get looked at. Brugge also qualified for quarters for the first time in CL. Their Barce import ferran Jutlga has a top signing for them.

    Elsewhere Botman had another clean sheet vs Everton. Newcastle and Arsenal are two teams in form in epl atm.

    Sven Botman 8

    Very tidy and showed his class with both feet. Still unbeaten as a Toon player

  22. Elsewhere y misery and disappointment again for Philippe Sandler. Made his debut for NEC and only lasted 36 minutes before being subbed. The same hamstring that has been giving him one hell of a nightmare. Remains me of Dembele few seasons back

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