Ajax back at European Top

While the party in Rotterdam is slowly coming to and end, the rivals from Amsterdam are slowly preparing for their party. Tonight, Ajax is back at the European top in their finals against Manchester United. I’m sure you were aware…

People ask me, what would be most epic: Feyenoord’s title after 18 years or Ajax’ first finals since 1996… The answer is simple, also for Feyenoord fans: Ajax’ achievement is more epic! Every season, one Dutch club will win the domestic title. Feyenoord can win it every season (and should!). For a Dutch club post-Bosman arrest, it’s just incredible….

And one has to be in awe of the way they did it. With one of the youngest teams ever, playing highly energetic free-flowing football, scoring goals and simply being electrifying.

ajax scoort

If football wins tonight, it means Ajax wins it. Man United, in particular, can not be blamed of being too entertaining these last couple of years. Sir Alex’ last season wasn’t great, Moyes and Van Gaal couldn’t get the team to dazzle and anti-football egomaniac Mourinho has put the Mancunians even further down the line of what used to be a dominating football club.

I won’t go into too many details about Mourinho’s pathetic statements about Ajax (“they are the favorites”), about his terrible trials and tribulations (“we have so many games to play”) and silly press conferences (“I don’t want to talk. I am in the finals”).

As I’m traveling at the moment, I will post more on this after the game.

But it seems Peter Bosz will use the same line-up as per usual. Only with Viergever suspended, Riedewald will play. Lasse Schone will start, most likely, despite lacking form and Justin Kluivert will start on the bench.


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  1. Lucky goal for Pogba but in general ManU is stronger and is bossing around. Ajax looks a bit lightweight and timid. It will be very hard to win this. This is nowhere near the Ajax of old times. Big success to come this far though. The win would be a bonus.

    1. Man-U is a boring team. They just sit back and play counter attack.
      Although Ajax has more in possession but our up front needs the magic for the results.
      Let’s see what gonna happen in the second half.Go Ajax goal!!!

      1. I agree about ManU being boring and all but you need to score in order to win and Ajax doesn’t seem likely to score. It’s man vs boys so far and unlikely to change. I would hate to see Man U win so easily.

  2. Ultimately a pretty disappointing game (and outcome)!

    The worst thing possible from an entertainment standpoint was for Manchester United to score early…

  3. It’s a shame that Ajax lost. Although we’ve to recognize Mou is a fucking genius when it comes to finals. Ajax has a very young team and I know they can only improve.

  4. today’s final is another remainder of what to expect vs France with the likes of klaassen playing in the midfield. though progba’s goal got deflected in but the time and space he had to shoot was simply, all yours mate.

  5. the only way for NT to win over France is to foil their midfield especially progba and now with. they need someone of nigel’so calibre. the question is who?

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