Almere City FC announce signing of Christopher Mamengi

After nine seasons wearing the FC Utrecht shirt, Christopher Mamengi leaves the Utregs and signs for three seasons with Almere City FC for the Eredivisie dispute. The Dutch defender, born in Amersfoort, will try his luck at the newly promoted club to the elite of Dutch football.

At FC Utrecht, Christopher Mamengi was unable to establish himself in the first team and accepted an offer from Zwarte Schapen to compete in the biggest competition in Dutch football. In the first team of FC Utrecht, Christopher Mamengi played only one game.

Christopher Mamengi is the fifth player to leave FC Utrecht and sign with Almere City FC in their history. He rounds out the roster with players like Jonas Arweiler, Gianluca Nijholt, Enzio Boldewijn and Leon de Kogel. The most recent player to have made this move was Jonas Arweiler who in the 2021/22 season left Stadion Galgenwaard to play at Yanmar Stadion.

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  1. since Timber and Malacia is outs for months,We have to plan different..on current form who all gets the nod??who al will be stand bye….for 26 man squad….i think Depay is out with injury as well.
    since Depay is out i would take Poku for that we get an anonimous attacker with potential,if he fails he can be dropped when Depay comes back
    Frenkie,koopmeiners,Veerman,van den boomen,Matusiwa,Ake-7 nos
    Maatsen,Hartman,Botman,Virgil,Deligt,schuurs,Dumfries,Frimpong,Geetruida..9 nos
    Starting 11

  2. Good win for PSV. The left side of Dest, Lang and Veerman threatened all night. Picking up Dest looks like a master stroke right now. He and Lang kepts pushing Rangers back creating space and time for Veerman, and he took advantage of it; not only on the ball, but in his running and positioning off the ball (superb pass to set up the first goal after being released into open space; quality free kick to set up De Jong for the third goal, nice finish for the fourth). He dug in on defense Excellent game by him.

    PSV could make a run in the CL; sure hope they keep Sangare.

  3. Decent CL group draws for both Feyenoord (Atletico Madrid, Lazio, Celtic) and PSV (Sevilla, Arsenal and RC Lens). Neither easy at all, but both teams can be competitive.

  4. Reading Koeman’s press conference is just depressing. He totally lost it and this KNVB is so rotten that they completely changed the story about Frimpong to sound like he is the bad guy and should be dropped for disciplinary punishment. And then Gravenberch just moved a country and he denied the U21 call which is totally understandable but Reiziger, Koeman and Nigel De Jong is already going to the media and blame him.

    The same guy who dropped Frimpong is now crying that we do not have attacking option. Yeah, for sure, you dropped the player with the highest G+A after the first 3 rounds and what do you expect? Oh right, he want to call over the hill Wijnaldum who went to Saudi and LDJ out of retirement. So smart, so creative.

    And we still have this elephant in the room, Daley Blind, that soon will become a dinosaur in this roster. As long as he want to play, he will be there. This organization is so rotten. We have decent players everywhere except a striker but with this organization, we will even miss out on next Euro.


    danjuma and zirkzee should have been called based on their late outings where they have shown their performance an upward trajectory hit . its a shame that danjuma time and time again needs to prove him to get a call up when he is proven scorer in NT and everywhere he has gone. zirkzee has shown he is better than brobbery with his workrate and overall strikers instinct and here you have him saying he is frustrated by the lack of attacking options

  6. The Frimpong exclusion becomes sorrier and sorrier. IIRC, Koeman prevously offered was that Frimpong did not suit a 4-3-3, or at least Koeman’s vision of it. Now, it is because Frimpong opted out of the U21 squad. So which is it?

    The U21 is reasoning is silly for a several reasons. First, Frimpong excels in the Bundesliga; nothing for him to prove or show at the U21 level. Second, in the last go round, Koeman said he had discussions with Frimpong about this when it happened. Is this how he manages people—talks to a player about this sort of issue and then announces disciplinary measures 3 months later? This is not the way to get the respect of the players or to build morale.

    Put up or shut up time for Koeman now No more excuses that they didn’t give enough or that they didn’t follow his tactics closely enough. They should beat Greece at home and shouldn’t lose to Ireland on the road. If they don’t get the results, this will be the third phase in a row that the team underperformed.

  7. PSV and El Ghazi mutually parted ways which is a surprise after then they went on to sign chucky lozano from Napoli. I really didnt understand the relationship between El Ghazi and Bosz. latest on him he is on his way back to epl. sometimes you just don’t understand what’s happening inside those mind of Dutch coaches.

  8. Xavi Simons- RB Leipzig/ PSG
    Armature Danjuma- Everton/ Villarreal
    Ian Maatsen- Chelsea
    Ryan Gravenberch- Liverpool
    Micky Van de ven- Tottenham
    Jurien Timber- Arsenal
    Justin Kluivert- Bournemouth
    Gustavo Hamer- shieffied United
    Mark Flekken- Brentford
    Bart Verbruggen- Brighton
    Tahith Chong- Luton Town

    Noa Lang – PSV
    Branco Van den bommen- Ajax

    Tijjani Reijnders- Milan
    Mitchell Bakker- Atalanta
    Jayden Braaf – Hellas Verona
    Sem Beukema- Bologna
    Sydney Van Hooijdonk- Bologna

    Daley sinkgraven- las palmas
    Daley Blind- Girona

    Won’t Weghorst – Hoffenhiem
    Sven Van der berg- Mainz

    Emmanuel Emegha- Strasbourg
    Stijn Spierings – FC Lens

    Tony Vilhnea- panthinaikos

    Justin longwijk- Anderlecht
    Owen Wijndal- Antwerp

    Kjell Scherpen – Sturm Graz

    Sam Lammers- Rangers
    Dylan Vente- Hibernian

    Milan Van Ewijk- Coventry city
    Ki Jana Hoever- Stoke city/wolves

    Anwar El Ghazi – free agent
    Donny Van der Beek- out of favor

    I’m looking at this list and trying to figure out what koeman said about the lack of options and NT not producing talents.

    I mean if you look at it from a reality focal lens, players playing in smaller/ mid table clubs are often not considered and overlooked and then if you look at in the case of Ajax players players whom get invested in Like Taylor, Van der Beek , rensch, wijndal have faded out and they continue to do the same with brobbery selection (out injured) who again doesn’t have a high ceiling. Still they are prepared to invest him in. Also the hype for Hato and that Vos guy is already started cooking.

    In other words they keep hitting the fork in their own foot and still are not deterred to make amends for it and take a different approach and then when other coaches come in they face the dilemma of cleaning others shit.

    Folks this is what is the root problem of Dutch football, they don’t want to look outside of the box and the Ajax legacy which has to be encrypted with the NT.

    1. I think Koemen’s comments were about the current lack of depth in attacking options:

      “I don’t know why there are few attackers breaking through, generally they are all number tens and defenders. I think Ajax has been looking for the new Kluivert for a long time – Brobbey also looks difficult, doesn’t play everything. But he should get a good 9. We have a list of alternatives for many positions, but that is limited in the front.”

      Which attackers, not on the the current squad, on your list have “broken through” and should have been included; who could be a difference maker in the upcoming games?

    2. @wilson – I like your idea of expanding our attacking options.
      Danjuma – 3 goals last year
      Zirkzee – 2 goals last year
      Boadu – 3 goals last year
      Kluivert – 6 goals last year
      Braaf – 0 goals last year
      Lammers – 2 goals last year
      Piroe – 19 goals in championship
      Hornkamp – did he play in eredivise last year even?
      Dalinga – 12 goals last year
      Summerville – 4 goals
      Dilrosun – 1 goal
      Stengs – 1 goal
      Van hooijdonk – 16 goals

      The above list is actually pretty poor in terms of goal scoring. Dalinga and van hooijdonk are the only decent returns from first division players. Piroe obv is doing well but why didnt he move up to the prem this year?

      I can understand why koeman wants more options when you see that most of your attacking sub options only score 2-3 goals a year.

  9. What I don’t understand is if there is shortage or lack of option upfront, why don’t they lower the bench mark and give nod to players playing in lower leagues or clubs instead of making it sound like it’s totally barren

    Joshua Zirkzee
    Myron boadu
    Joel piroe
    Jizz hornkamp

    Well and capable strikers whom a call up to NT could well market them and open doors for scouting. Instead this privilege is only reserved and given to Ajax players like I mentioned on on top like to that of brobbery who gets a call up based on nothing and neither has proven anything.

    1. @wilson – Don’t try and put words in my mouth and make up some nonsensical argument. I am not arguing for weghorst. If anything, weghorsts lack of goals strengthens the arguments that we don’t have quality attackers.

      However, he scored 8 league goals last year so hes in the upper section of dutch goal scorers regardless of how you or I rate him. I’m just talking stats here.

      Depay – 5 goals – poorish (injuries – 50% goal to game ratio)
      Bergwijn – 12 goals – decent (injured)

      Of the guys selected, they all have decent or good returns on goals last season.
      Lang – 9 goals – decent
      Gakpo – 16 goals – good
      Simons – 19 goals – good
      Malen – 9 goals – decent
      Weghorst – 8 goals – decent

      If you just look at the stats, Dalinga is the only player who can feel hard done by. Piroe as well depending on how you value the quality of the championship.

      P.S. Brobbey was not called up. He even dropped out of the U21’s.
      Luuk is retired.
      Klassen dropped.
      Stop living so sourly in the past. Theres lots of new faces that were called up. For once, I thought you’d be happy that your beloved maatsen was called up.

  10. And again brobbery’s selection was based on what, just because he clocks minutes at ajax and scores vs average team.

    Danjuma is a proven scorer where ever at least and when ever he has played.

    Even zirkzee is better than brobbery in terms of what he brings.

    Once again do these guys has come back to eredivisie and bang goals for fun to get a call up because that’s what’s happening. Berghuis, luuk klaassen,

  11. The expectation of Greek putting up a good fight turned out to be no show. this sums up all the wary dat was put forward before the game. I wouldn’t sit any comfortably looking the gamble.

    As for your comment on weghorst goal, de roon also scored his first goal of his career for NT. I mean it says alot

    1. Does it not say that the team is more well balanced compared to the over reliance we’ve had on memphis for the past few years?

      I dont get the negative spin on everything. You get upset that weghorst is in the team because he doesnt score. He then scores and you try to spin it that its meaningless and “says alot”. If youre going to dismiss his accomplishments, why criticize him in the first place that he won’t accomplish anything.

      Youre just digging your heels in. You could also say, “its nice i was proven wrong by weghorst. Lets see how he does against stronger opposition”

  12. Very pleased to see the start of a new combo of Simons and dumfires. Simons dropped every where. Wings, exchanging flanks, middle, back. His workrate was phenomenal.has to be bit careful when going into tackles wildly and becoming injured.

    Disappointed not seeing maatsen as Blind is loose but which can fall anytime.

  13. Full marks to Koeman. The team had not performed well either in the Euro openers or the Nations League finals under him. Rather than being stubbornm, he adjusted his formation and tactics, and he made some selection decisions that would have opened him to ridicule had things not gone right, and in the end he got an excellent performance from his team, coming into a game that felt like it was going to be tricky.

    De Jong was very good, and Simons and Gakpo showed what a dangerous tandem they can be, and what can you say about Dumfries, a different player in that formation. Ake is better suited at playing CB. While he is the best option at LB right now, his full talent seems a little wasted there Van Dyke looks better in the center of a three CB set up than he has at as LCB.

    A Sunday win puts the Dutch in an advantageous position for the rest of the qualifiers, a draw gives Greece the opportunity to aim for a big win in Athens in October, a loss undoes the benefit of today’s win and brings Ireland back into it; it is essentially Ireland’s last stand, and Dublin will be a difficult venue Sunday. But they have to be able to win such games, and today gives me alot of hope.

    1. @ Anthony

      The team needs improvement and there is nothing wrong to express about it.

      It would be encouraging if the balance you are taking about becomes a consistent feature which everybody knows wont be case with different level team. This is why fans are being critical on what koeman is doing especially with the options that are now available. the vulnerability of investing in over 30s from dutch point of view is being injury prone and dip in form at anytime and this really comes back to haunt the team when others or backup options are not on the same page.

      There was a lot buzz in the air that the Greek would be competitive but it turned out to be one way traffic. There is nothing much to hype on but take the three points and move on.

      1. @wilson – You must be fun at parties…..

        I have my doubts about koeman and his team selection but was proven wrong against greece. To judge someone before they are even given a chance, when their most recent game was successful, is mind boggling to me.

        Guilty until proven innocent and when proven innocent hes still guilty.

        Why so miserable all the time?

  14. A win is a win. And from that point of view and the Now, everything is rosy and Oranjeland is absolutely jumping.

    Koeman was humble enough to change formation and the team seem to know what their roles were. De roon played some of his best football I have ever seen in an oranje jersey and Blind seem to never be in any kind of danger for a man his age and pace (or lack thereof). All well and good.

    But who knows, knows better.

    I really do think this performance, ironically, would serve as a catalyst of the total collapse of koeman’s reign.

    Koeman is undoubtedly going to look at this game as a stamp of approval of his genius level in terms of team selection and tactics.

    And where credit is due, his formation was bang on as he casted total vietball 433 by the wayside and went with practicality.

    The real worry, moving forward, I contend, would be team selection. This win is going to cement in his mind justifications for his bias in selecting Blind and de roon and maybe even render Wout an untouchable(minus Memphis)

    Remember, Koeman and his ilk are full of excuses and justification in doing things they want to do or not do.

    Frimpong. Oh he rejected the Jrs so we are going to reject him.

    De roon. Oh he played the game of his life against an uninspired Greece and we’ve found our answer moving forward.

    Blind. The less said the better.

    I will never, ever, forget how shockingly ordinary de roon has looked in every big competition and game that has mattered to Oranje. Good hardworking player but it’s just a matter of levels and he hit his ceiling a long time ago.

    Blind will never be that left marauding player that this system needs if this would be koemans decision moving forward. And he also is a defender that needs to be accommodated and compensated for, taking away from other areas of our defense.

    Wout is not that much of a worry. Depay will claim his throne though I think there was more fluidity with him in the lineup.

    All said and done, Koeman is exactly who I thought he was. More of the same.

    He may even qualify the team but “building” with de roon and Blind is just going to end in tears when push comes to shove.

  15. Agree that Koeman should not see De Roon and Blind as anything other than stop gaps. But, I’m not convinced he does. If the team qualifies, I don’t think you’ll see them in the starting lineup in Germany.

    I’m hear you on Frimpong—as I said several posts above, I don’t like the way Koeman has treated him.

  16. @ anthony

    “Why so miserable all the time?”

    My friend simply because we have seen enough of how it plays out come different level teams which I mentioned above in response to your ” team well balanced….” claim.

    The team needs improvement, not experiments.and no it’s not tactically

    1. To think about it players like maatsen shud hav got nod above blind at least. This plus vs NI would have been a good confidence booster for him to feature vs france and but now that left flank will just continue to drag. This is where the improvement I’m talking about needs to come at least but koeman seems to have other ideas deciding it too earlier for them to start.

  17. So, from what I understood, and I do not necessarily agree with this, but Ronald Koeman’s player selection was to allow the team to use a fluid formation.

    When in possession of the ball, the team would line up with a 3-4-3, or a 4-2-3, with Blind and Dumfries effectively turning into wingbacks to make darting runs up the channels. In this situation, both Blind and Dumfries, who we can agree are defensively weak, were given no defensive responsibilities.

    Now, when Greece were in possession of the ball, the formation would switch to a 4-3-3. BUT, it would not be Dumfries or Blind that slid into the back 4, but rather de Roon. So we’d be lined up as:

    -Geertruida–de Roon–van Dijk–Ake-

    This is also why Koeman is starting Geertruida over de Ligt, because he can play both RB and CB, as well as why Ake is so valuable.

    Basically, he is using de Roon so that he can alleviate all defensive responsibilities from Blind and Dumfries. That way, when we don’t have the ball, we have 4 players who can actually defend, playing in natural positions. For example, if we play France, and they quickly get the ball and break down the left with Mbappe, instead of Dumfries trying to track back from the opposite side of the field, Geertruida will be on him, playing RB, and there will still be 2 CB to support.

    1. In possession:

      —-Geertruida—-van Dijk—-Ake—-
      ———-de Jong—–de Roon————

      Without possession:

      -Geertruida—van Dijk—de Roon—Ake–
      –Dumfries——de Jong———-Blind

  18. The Frimpong situation is unfortunately, but right now we can’t displace Dumfries from the squad. The only thing is maybe we could play him as a winger, at Leverkusen right now he is effectively a LW. Shift Simons to the right, and Gakpo through the middle.

    Or maybe Frimpong could play on the left.

  19. A win is a win, fine! Let’s be real guys, this team has no future under Koeman. While you have all the new comers, Koeman still playing Blin, De Roon and others. Why ain’t we looking to the future and hoping to have a competitive in 2026 and have a decent World Cup. If we start now, 2 years from now we can have a competitive team. This game didn’t mean absolutely anything. We played against a very weak Greece. Koeman has all these young players at his disposal, he kept on playing Blin, and all these mediocres. I’m sorry guys, that game didn’t change my opinion about Koeman in any way. We need to look forward and Koeman isn’t that guy.

  20. So Ake and Geertruida are injured. Koeman had dropped Maatsen and van de ven for the Greek game which potentially will have limiting impact on the team and also valuable time is waste from a transition point of view. This is why Maatsen shud have started both games.

    So let’s see what might happen. Either Van dijk, de vrij and de ligt starts or blind, Van dijk and de vrij/ De ligt. This is why the transition in NT sucks and lags.

    Best of luck koeman.

  21. @Derekvdberg, good info, thanks. Nice to see you again, its been a little while.

    @Wilson, I’m a little confused, and maybe you know. Van de Ven and Maatsen were dropped from the 25 man group to get down to the 23 active player roster for the Greece match. I don’t know the eligibility rules. Is there a reason why either or both can’t be added to the active squad for the Ireland match? Re: Maatsen, Koeman rates Hartman above him.

    1. They will be now given the injury. It was only for the Greece game that they were overlooked/ dropped

      Now koeman has no choice but to continue with the likes of Blind who just continues to kok block the transition phase.

      Remember how malacia was used as a spare tyre under Van gaal. They give the excuses of blind experience being a plus but that ain’t helping the team in any way.

      Even with Ake injured, Van de ven shud be in the frame to start. He has gone from bundasliga to playing in epl and starting.

      How else the transition shud take place.

      1. I think the NI game will be more compact and evenly played out especially being played at Dublin. They also deploy 3-4-3 and will play defensively waiting to pounce on set pieces / counters.

        3 points will be koeman for koeman giving into next set of qualifiers

  22. Also Germany lost to Japan 4-1. As somebody mentioned most of the players are playing in top leagues and they run continuously for 90 minutes. I think they were very unlucky at the World Cup going out on penalties.

    The Germans are also struggling in certain positions, defense mainly and while the up and coming players are available flick continues to struggle opting to go with experience.

  23. Will give Credit to koeman. Nice tatical change. Extra man in the midfield. 4-3-3. Gained possession superior ty with target man upfront wout. Hope koeman learns from his mistakes. This has to be the last of blind.

    I think the Irish had no firepower upfront. As predicted they were going for set pieces and mistakes if any by the Dutch. Good win, positives, three points move on. France next

  24. Flekken- 7

    Though nothing much to do. But looked shaky all through out.

    Dumfries- 8
    Two games 4 assists and again was the danger man from the wide. Made good runs, won the penalty and assisted again in the winner

    De ligt- 7

    Solid as usual. Normal day in office. Can’t recall him making any mistakes apart from giving away fouls. was a Arieal threat on set pieces.

    Van dijk- 7
    Solid in defense as usually. Good to see him full of confidence. Did give away a penalty which was marginal.

    Ake- 8

    Solid outings. Was a beast in defense and did well going forward when shifted to LB. looked formidable even with blind on his side bailing him out at times

    Blind- 5

    No comments

    Frenkie- 8

    Excellent if not world class performance in his position.


    I’m afraid he has lost his form and is being selected because of his performance for feyenoord last season. Didn’t look comfortable at all both on and off the ball

    Gakpo- 7

    Looked dangerous when making those penetrating runs, good workrate as well, dropping deep and helping in defense. Unfortunately didn’t get any clear chances

    Malen- 7

    As much as he was lively on ball and in space, didnt look threatening and even when he got on few of those through balls one on one.

    Simons- 8

    Work rate excellent, all over the park. Just needs to work on the timing of releasing the ball. Some times but too long .The Irish defense were quick to defuse him with lunging tackles. Was threatening as always on counters and when linking up. Shifted in and out when called upon. Always gives his 100%. Warrior instincts


    Super sub and got the winner. Apart from that was just a pedestrian loitering around waiting for opportunities to come by. Did pop up with few interventions in defense


    Really made impact of bench in turning around the possession superiority which saw the momentum shift in 2 nd half. Would be intresting to see who forms that bond quickly with frenkie that is missing in the midfield. Veerman also is lurking in the background.

    Koeman- 8

    Credit to him. Nice tatical change. Extra man in the midfield. 4-3-3. Gained possession superiority with target man upfront wout. Hope he learns from his mistake . This has to be the last of blind.

    I think the Irish had no firepower upfront. As predicted they were going for set pieces and mistakes if any by the Dutch. Good win, positives, three points move on. France next

  25. when you are playing with teams like Greece and NI it’s easy to make those technical decision especially when the opposition are not pressing and neither are competent enough. I mean the smaller clubs they come and play from. We have seen this a lot over the last few years where the Dutch coaches tatically reign supreme. Vs N Macedonia, Norway, NI. They can put up fight but are outclassed due to their incompetence to sustain the same level of pressure through out the game

    this is often not the case with with upper level teams who bring pound to pound stuff and this is where the individual qualities, pros and cons of players are tested and get exposed. Unfortunately this is where the bench mark currently is and not vs teams like Greece, NI and Gibraltar. Of course this is in context to if the Dutch wants to win a major tournament.

    Now if you look at the two outings dumfries by far was the most influential player for the Dutch but at the same time there was no limiting factor for him playing a high line. With a team like France it will be as having Hernandez and mbappe ( both ultra offensive) on his side will limit him playing a high line. This is where you gauge the players and their capabilities. We have all seen this under Van gaal and why now it’s time for change. Vs weaker average team and then vs upper level or pressing teams

    RWB: Denzel Dumfries – 4/10 – Creeping very high down the touchline, Dumfries looked uncomfortable when up against the wily Enner Valencia. Vs Ecuador

    RM: Denzel Dumfries – 5/10 – A willing runner but, in keeping with the rest of the match, very little quality. Vs Senegal

    Now check him out vs USA

    RWB: Denzel Dumfries – 9/10 – A supreme performance from the wing-back, who set up the first two goals before scoring the third himself.

    then vs Argentina

    RWB: Denzel Dumfries – 5/10 – Spent a lot of time playing high up the pitch, but couldn’t repeat his heroics of the last 16. Gave away what proved to be the decisive penalty.

    you see this is nothing new and this is where the Dutch coaches are going wrong. They are not building a competitive environment to get the right balance and consistency

    coming back, koeman failed with two positions in this outing. Flekken and Blind. Flekken was very lucky the Irish were tooth less upfront and some of his blemishes were not punished. If it was the French you can just imagine what would have been the score line and the sad part for the upcoming game vs France it’s has to be a new gk starting from scratch who has not played and lacking that self confidence. I just hope it’s not cillessen. I really don’t understand why koeman doesn’t rate noppert even after his performance from the World Cup.

    For Blind the less talked about the better. Would Maatsen have been more worse than him. He offensively is way better. Also the Wieffer selection which again turned out to be waste, straight off.

    This two outings was suppose to be good build up to the France game but that clearly that objective has not been achieved and neither based on a productive and improved second half performance vs A team like NI.

    finally It has to be second place but If NT and koeman want to win a silver ware, much more is needed.

    1. Always has been underrated. I thought with Depay injured he would get called up. I rate him above all current wingers there is . He only falls out because he has been injured a lot of time during NT games and doesn’t have much caps. He again showed at Everton that he will get goals for them.

  26. Hi all nice to be back.

    Lots of work to do for Koeman. Unbelievable how we started vs the Irish. Virgil’s pass to Flekken was a mistake, Flekken’s pass to Frenkie was a mistake… shaky shaky and the first corner was a fact. Typically something the Irish can do well.

    Disappointing that no one was able to make the tactical changes in the first half. You have Blind, Van Dijk and Frenkie on the pitch so you’d expect some intelligence.

    Dumfries is growing and growing, his impact is unbelievable. Last year I said he was not good enough on the ball but that has changed dramatically. His touch is good, his crosses are good, he’s grown so much.

    It’s good that we can play multiple systems but we do need to raise our game still, Malen should have scored once at least and I felt Xavi was also a bit lacklustre at times.

    6 points out of two games is what was needed. I am confident we’ll get to the Euros but not sure if we have something to aim for there.

    Btw. Danjuma plays for Everton now and is fit. Didn’t warrant a call up though as he hasn’t been too effective as yet.

    1. I have watched both of everton last two games where danjuma has played full 90. The most impactful player for them in terms of build up/ chances created.

      To say he is not effective is not true

      I remember when he moved from Bournemouth to villareal and was featuring of the bench and still scoring van gaal and co came up with the excuses he hasnt played much as he is a bench.

      But any way the dont think he would have got minutes either if called up. I mean you look at lang.

  27. So Second spot it is so really doesn’t matter NT wins or losses vs France. On the other hand efforts shud be made to build a good platform for euros from here onwards. Gets things right, work on getting that right balance, consistency and depth. Get frimpong up, let him compete with dumfries for those days if dumfries is not available. Build that midfield combo which is key. Get those bench players up and running so to they are on the same as starting 11. Get rid of all the dead woods.

  28. A pleasure hearing from you Jan.

    Here is my reading of the koeman’s tenure so far. Koeman seems to get it but not quite. The KNVB kulture of doing things still has its tentacles buried deep somewhere in his psyche.

    Going with Weiffer(very disappointing performance) after an encouraging game from de roon is both progressive and very surprising. Letting Tijani earn some valuable minutes is also something relatively commendable in Dutch terms. I would like Tijani given a start in our next game. Good physique and shows glimpses of high intelligence.

    Weghorst has been playing well and deserves to be in the team. I liked how Koeman went with Malen nevertheless to start the game and finished off with Weghorst who brought in a totally different dimension.

    This is how you build a team with role players and players seemingly on the verge of breaking in continued to be given a chance.

    This energy should be shown to Flekken. I am not convinced by him and we may need another starter and another until we find someone suitable. And from evidence of the Ireland game change in personnel, this is under realm of possibility.

    Then there is the curious case of Blind. It’s hard to fathom the lens from which Dutch management views baby Blind. Is he the most intelligent player to ever play the game? Are his deliveries beyond anything one can imagine?


    The man’s legs are absolutely totally gone. So I ask again, what’s the fascination? Why do we always have to have this negative spirit of bias and undue distraction within the team?

    Again, very disappointing but not surprising.

    If Koeman could wrestle himself from the clutches of this Dutch management mentality of undermining oneself, he has a good chance of a fair showing in the Euros.

    The resources are there. Only bravery and mentality is lacking.

    1. @orangutan

      Good post. I agree with it all.

      Although I was disappointed to see blinds recall, I am ok with it against the “minnows” using the logic that Derek spoke about. Dropping de roon into the back 3 + 1 and giving blind essentially no defensive responsibility is the only way you can play blind (not saying he must play). Against a team like greece whos expected to defend in a low block, i dont mind a player who cant run or defend but can pick out a pass to break lines. I dont think maatsen would have better build up play and the low block may have rendered his runs forward useless.

      I think Koeman using this logic was proved correct against greece. I’m not sold he will play blind next window though. Certainly not against france…

  29. Portgual are showing they are another level team and are ready for life without Ronaldo. It’s their golden generation and will be contenders for the euros. This is what you want to see in a team, balance, depth, quality.

    Big decision for Martinez whether to bench Ronaldo or continue with him

  30. @jan nice to read your comments again

    What do you see in Simons in the Dutch team do you think he will continue improve ( which I’m sure he will but to what extent) and do you see he will become the next “ oranje big player ?” And what kind of role ?

    Still it’s weird for me to see him as a winger I think his best position should be more in midfield ?

    And who in future do you see becoming the best partner with frenkie ?

  31. @Anthony

    Re:I think Koeman using this logic was proved correct against greece. I’m not sold he will play blind next window though. Certainly not against france…

    So what’s the rationale of Blind getting a start against Ireland?

    You can’t say you agree with all that I espouse and in the next breath claim to see the benefit of Blind starting in any capacity with Oranje.

    We’ve been hooked and sold this myth that Blind has such a high understanding of the game that his liabilities are all worth it. Even when players are blowing by him as if he’s not even there.

    There is no building from the back, no through balls, deliveries or what have yous that Blind is capable of at this juncture that Maatsen cannot execute.

    Stop letting yourself get gaslighted by this people. The last time I saw Blind play at a level of a player deserving the grace he has received was back in 2014(superman cross yaddi yaddi yadda)

    The most insidious and probably worse thing about Blind’s persistent inclusion in Oranje is not even what it takes away from team in the present. It is the lack of any type of development and progress in that particular position because like Gullit said “it seems like whatever the case Blind has to play”
    It is beyond ridiculous.

    And undermining.

    Because if we fans can see this what do you think is the cost in team morale of players who are practically muzzled over the issue?

  32. @ orangutan – Wow.

    I literally tell you I agree with you and you come at me with condescension and negativity. You must be dutch LOL.

    My opinion is that I didnt want blind starting. However, I am not so arrogant to say that koeman did not have his own opinion. Explaining what I think koemans rationale for his opinion does not mean it is my opinion as well.

    The result against greece proved koeman to have the correct lineup. He used the same rationale vs ireland. It didnt work. He made appropriate subs of blind etc to correct his mistake.

    I like maatsen but hes not as technical as blind no matter how much we would rather have him start over blind.

    Its wildly condescending to say Im letting myself get gaslighted, when I provide my own opinion but still acknowledge that someone else has an opinion that is different to mine and i disagree with.

  33. “I like maatsen but hes not as technical as blind no matter how much we would rather have him start over blind.”

    Have you watched maatsen play?

    And when was blind technical?

    This is what orangutan was saying about that once upon time superman assist.

  34. “I like maatsen but hes not as technical as blind no matter how much we would rather have him start over blind.”

    Maatsen can play ,LB, LWB, RW, LW and AM. Has being playing I must add and you say he is not technical enough than blind.this is the joke of century.

    1. @wilson – nonsense.
      Right before he left to BM Blind led the Eredivisie with 1049 overall passes this season and 243 passes to the final third. Blind was third in the league with 44.44% completed through passes and fourth with 88.48% completed passes to the final third.

      And there is more. Blind also led the Eredivisie with 23.07 progressive passes per 90 minutes while ranking second in the same category with a 90.57% completion rate. Finally, Blind led the league with 9.7 ball progressions per minute. All of this playing primarily as a defender.

      How can you claim he isnt technical when he leads the league in so many stats. Does that mean every single player in the eredivisie is not technical?

      Its not flashy but he consistently has ball progression into the attacking 3rd.

      Obviously you guys will try and put words in my mouth. So to be clear, I do not want blind to start and i am not saying blind is better than maatsen overall. But to say blind isnt technical or that maatsen is better in the stats listed above is absolute nonsense.

      Here is the link to Jans analysis on blinds ball progression in case you want more statistical evidence that blind is technical.

      I would love to see any shred of evidence that maatsen is better or equal in any of those stats…..

      Give credit where credit is due and fault where fault is due. Stop being so close minded and shrouded with negativity.

      I also know that you will try and take this waaaaay off topic by talking about why blind sucks and his lack of speed, blah blah blah. I want to reiterate that Im not defending his shortcomings or him as a whole. I am specifically referring to only 1 attribute that Ive used stats to back up.

  35. I really dont want to drag much here because I can write whole day and even write a book on him. You bring up blinds stats playing in eredivisie and off course in a team surrounded by quality players to vs lesser or average team and players. Obviously he will shine and also in comparison to Maatsen who has just started his career in top flight.

    The evidence or facts that is hidden or not presented in you statement or is not transparent is the same stats when blind is playing vs quality team. Remember you brought the stats up and don’t bring the rich and poor argument here.
    Everyone knows eredivisie has become hub for the Dutch flops abroad who come back to resurrect their career.

    It’s very easy to settle the dust here. Look at their overall ratings and potential. One is on the twilight of his career and the other taking off

    1. @wilson – Even though I said that I didnt want you to go off on some random tangent several times in my post, you have. Of course maatsen has potential. Of course Blinds stats are only in the eredivise. NO ONE is arguing about this unrelated content you spew.

      All I am saying is that blind has some of the best technique in the eredivisie as evidenced by stats. I would bet he has some great stats for girona as well. That doesnt mean he wont get roasted against vini jr.

      Wow is it exhausting to have you intentionally mislead arguments to fit your bias.

      @orangutan – How can you say that “Not a single thing koemna has done in regards to blind is right (thats an opinion that you are presenting as fact)”. And then in your next sentence say opinions do not mean right or facts. Are you saying that theres a possibility that your opinion of how koeman handled blind could be wrong or are you all powerful and the smartest person in the world where you are always right.

      Exhausting board. So negative. So arrogant. So hypocritical. Lack of ability to admit when they’re wrong (ex. weghorst scoring twice).

  36. The unfortunate answer no one wants to read or hear 😂 is Daley Blind will still be under RK’s selection consideration just as long as he still starts & “performs” AND Girona continues to perform above expectations in La Liga.

  37. It doesn’t matter if Blind continues to be selected but the outcome will the same and that left flank will continue to lag and drag the team down come decisive moments or stages.

    I think orangutan sumed it up nicely on top about mental aspect pertaining to Dutch coaches and how they ruined the team building with their selection and only to get shot in the foot again and agin

    But in Blinds case you don’t have to be a genius to tell why the acceptance and preference. It’s a bond, soft heart thing to favor him silently with respect to his background and keep him floating. Not sure if nepotism would be the word applicable here?

    Under Van gaal it was the same story with malacia used as spare tyre and now koeman is doing the same of not trying to upgrade and inject quality and enhance that position.

    Again the mental aspect, they are prepared to take the risk with him but not in another positions. I mean you look at Frimpong case and how koeman in the last outings labelled Maatsen and Van der ven were not ready. Geertruida on the other hand was playing in eredivisie. Bahaaaa.

    This is why koeman will suffer the same faith going forward when these things will come in play playing a critical role in the outcome of big games.

  38. @Anthony

    Re: Although I was disappointed to see blinds recall, I am ok with it against the “minnows” using the logic that Derek spoke about.

    You are being ambiguous and talking out of two sides. You are disappointed but OK that Blind is played against minnows? Where exactly do you stand? Is it ok for him to be accommodated against small teams and leave the hard task of France in the hands of an untested left back or a shuffled up defence as Ake is shuttled back and forth?

    I will tell you where I stand. Blind should not be in this team because his “technique”, reading of the game, building from the back or what have you is not worth the unsettling effect he’s had on this team going on a decade. Winning against minnows only to be shaken to the core and taken off against the great republic of Ireland is NOT IT. Blatant accommodation of a player is NOT IT.

    Re: Its wildly condescending to say Im letting myself get gaslighted, when I provide my own opinion but still acknowledge that someone else has an opinion that is different to mine and i disagree with.

    There is a world of difference in allowing opinions of others and agreeing with them. Not a single thing koeman has done in regards to Blind is right. Opinions do not mean right nor do they mean facts.

  39. Blind inclusion is trash decision. He is a traffic cone in the games and it is really hard to get negative ratings in two winning games but he achieved it. There are other options: Use Maatsen or let Ake play LWB and put Botman/Van de Ven competing for the LCB position.

    But guys give Anthony a break. He did not support Blind inclusion in the squad, he EXPLAINED to you what Koeman might think when he use Blind.

  40. @Kevin
    Re: But guys give Anthony a break. He did not support Blind inclusion in the squad, he EXPLAINED to you what Koeman might think when he use Blind.

    There is NO viable explanation for Blind’s involvement with Oranje.

    Only excuses and lame justifications.

    Anyone claiming to be a mind reader in support of Koeman’s arrival at a regressive position as such is just in subtle support of a tragically broken system.

    Blind’s inclusion and hurried Withdrawal in the Ireland game debunks that Greece game theory.

    They simply want him to play, regardless.


    1. @ kevin – Thank you mate!

      @orangutan – youre so arrogant that you deny koemans basic right as a human to have an opinion. You act like its impossible for koeman to have his own thoughts and try to shut it down. Even if the explanation is nepotism, its still an explanation. Stop acting so high and mighty. Get a life.

  41. Girona currently third in La Liga, behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. it’s even more remarkable given they have a blind and slow and old centre back who is only in the team because his dad is… oh… wait…no his dad is not involved. hmmmmm….

  42. @ Anthony

    I didnt know being conservative is a human right. for 10 years if you are blind to see that left flank makes the team drag and lag with Blind then ball is in your court, you can believe the earth is flat

  43. @Anthony

    Re: @orangutan – youre so arrogant that you deny koemans basic right as a human to have an opinion

    I, disagreeing, with a decision(a speculation btw), for Koeman’s inclusion of Blind in Oranje set-up is not tantamount to I denying him his “human rights”(so dramatic lol)to make whatever call he deems fit. He has that right. Just like I have the right to disagree.

    I think your problem is I having an opinion and being able to express it so concisely it feels like an attack.

    Again, the purported arrogance you keep drumming about could simply be interpreted as cold, hard confidence of a foregone conclusion, borne from the empirical observation of a sad, tragic and broken organization being what it has always being. PATTERNS DO NOT LIE.


    Re: Girona currently third in La Liga, behind Barcelona and Real Madrid. it’s even more remarkable given they have a blind and slow and old centre back who is only in the team because his dad

    Are we now suggesting that Girona is faring so well because of a has-been, possibly slowest player in La Liga? The promotion never ceases lol

  44. @orangutan – You literally said there is NO viable explanation for blinds inclusion.

    Thats your opinion. Not fact.

    There are many viable explanations. Hes a starting CB on the 3rd best team in la liga, he is one of our most experienced players, his statistical passing progression is off the charts.

    I am not saying I agree with any of the above arguments. I am simply saying they exists. I am simply saying that other peoples opinions have merit.

    This is in stark contrast to you and wilson who speak as if no one else has the right to have an opinion and everyone else is wrong except for you. You won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments to your opinion. No one is saying you have to agree with the counter arguments but at least acknowledge the existence of differing viewpoints.

    Lets also acknowledge our little debate started with me agreeing with you, only for you to become condescending so that no one else can stand upon this little throne you create for yourself. Your need to pose yourself as almighty on an online forum where you can’t even consider differing opinions to your own, screams of insecurity.

    The lack of inclusion for others opinions is whats killing this blog. But go ahead, keep this up because its the orangutan show and the blog is just for you.

  45. @ Anthony

    “The lack of inclusion for others opinions is whats killing this blog. But go ahead, keep this up because its the orangutan show and the blog is just for you.”

    get real man, this is just bullshit.

    “You won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments to your opinion. No one is saying you have to agree with the counter arguments but at least acknowledge the existence of differing viewpoints”

    try to look out and not inside of the well only. its funny, first off all you want to sail on two boats at one time and ten you are saying we are killing this blog. im not insulting you here but if there is fans all over and including other forums (fan based) who are in the same view.

  46. “You won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments to your opinion. No one is saying you have to agree with the counter arguments but at least acknowledge the existence of differing viewpoints”

    try to look out and not inside of the well only. its funny, first off all you want to sail on two boats at one time and ten you are saying we are killing this blog. im not insulting you here but if there are fans all over and including other forums (fan based) who are in the same view then I cant do much

  47. “You won’t even acknowledge the counter arguments to your opinion. No one is saying you have to agree with the counter arguments but at least acknowledge the existence of differing viewpoints”

    try to come out of the well and see whats outside and always from t inside only. its funny, first off all you want to sail on two boats at one time and then you are saying we are killing this blog. im not insulting you here but if there are fans all over and including other forums (fan based) who are in the same view then I cant do much

  48. Blind is not NT quality. This is the highlight of his last game

    Watch 1:29 and 2:20, this is how he play CB.

    Sure, he play for the third team in Girona and that deserve some credit. At the same time, we have Botman performing well in CL, Van de Ven playing for 2nd team in EPL and Hartman playing in CL and those are overlooked for over the hill player. We can have Ake playing LB and let Botman/Van de Ven take over the LCB position and that instantly improve the team. If we want traditional LB, then there is Hartman and Maatsen.

    1. I can’t watch all the games, but I have been following the player ratings game by game, and Van de Ven, Botman, and Van Hecke (at rb) have all been starting and getting consistently high ratings in their games. (Van Hecke got an 8 in one of the ratings I saw after his game at Old Trafford.) Good signs for the future.

      Lb obviously is a question mark. I’ve been following Maatsen since seeing how well he played in the U17 in Brazil a few years back. (He played mf there.) Good looking player, but he is only getting late game minutes at Chelsea right now. If he forces his way into the starting lineup by the end of the year, he will have shown he is the obvious choice. Until he gets regular minutes, though, will he have shown enough to warrant starting for the NT? Hartman, at this point, is performing decently for Feyenood, but I don’t see him better than Ake. So your idea of plugging Botman or Van de Ven in may be for the best, even though I think that Ake’s talent is under utilized at lb, and especially so at left wingback.

      To me, Blind was just a stop gap for Greece, a coach’s decision to play him (and De Roon) because of their experience and familiarity with the 5 man back line. It worked out okay, in part because of the way Greece played. Against Ireland, with their early aggression, intensity and pressure, it didn’t. Koeman remedied that at halftime. I’m hoping/speculating that he knows going forward, it is time to move on.

      As far as Jan’s comments about Blind’s play at Girona, he is not wrong in what he said, but I think for the most part he was was just having a little fun, some playful teasing. (Feel free to correct me I’m wrong, my friend.)

      1. You sum it up quite well Andrew. I forgot about Van Hecke. He had a couple of nice games so far. It might be too early to tell but if he can nail the spot at Brighton then he will be strong candidate.

        Botman and Van de Ven has performed at high level for quite some time so shifting Ake left might be the best move. Ake did very well last season playing LB at City. His crossing is getting better and occasionally he can get into the box and score.

        Hartman and Maatsen are for the future. Maatsen had a poor choice staying at Chelsea where there are interest from other EPL clubs. I hope he will go for a January transfer.

  49. Gravenberch started and had a good game for Liverpool today, but then he limped off…Ajax continues to teeter on the edge of falling off the edge of the earth—gave up 2-0 and 3-2 leads. It all went wrong for AZ. They had a 0-3 lead and lost 4-3. Ugh.

  50. It is September 2023, oranje has so many issues in the attacking department and lesser issues in the midfield department now that we have three top midfielders in frenkie, tijjani and gravenberch!!! But we are overwhelmed with the amount of elite defenders who play in the best teams in Europe week in week out but we are still talking about a 34 year old Daley blind who goes at Turtle speed…. His two positions are either central defender or left back and for central we have 7 or 8 elite defenders ahead of him and for left back we have ake and Hartman , but somehow and magically the guy keeps popping up as a starter, performs descent against a super mediocre team like Greece then some people start saying he is still good until he embarrasses himself and us against another mediocre team like Ireland, and you wonder why oranje keep dropping and dropping on that elite scale of world powers in soccer…. Keep going Daley, you will be included in oranje even when you’re 70 because somewhere someone decided that you have good vision ; so because of that good vision we have to live with your never-ending defensive mistakes and lack of speed that gets embarrassing sometimes against any descent winger …..

  51. Oh by the way I saw somewhere that wijnaldum koemans friend scored two goals in Saudi league today so maybe koeman will surprise us and include him in his list next month, don’t be surprised if that happens;)

  52. i want Malen to be out for stengs
    De roon for quinten timber.
    Brobbey for Piroe
    Blind for Maatsen who all will be final 25?
    Gakpo,Lang,Simons,Piroe,Berjwin,Stengs-6 nos
    Frenkie,Reinders,quinten Timber,Gravenberch,koopmeiners,Geetruida(DM)-6 nos
    Ake,hartman,Botman,Virgil,deligt,Devrij,dumfries,frimpong..8 nos
    Goal keeprs
    Verbruggen,Noppert,Olij…3 nos
    Weghorst-24 the man
    Summerville -25 th man…
    No more time wasting on De roon,Malen,blind,Berghuis..

  53. Van Hecke impresses me. Great defending but his forward build up passing is top too. I was positively surprised.

    Btw, no one seems to comment on the big drama that is Ajax?

    1. Yes, on Van Hecke. But watched his match against AEK, and he struggled. (He ended up with a 3 rating, for whatever those are worth.) Reijnders, who impressed for Milan and looked good for the NT, had a bad game against Inter and didn’t start in the CL match. I think that both will end up as high quality players, but it just shows how difficult it is for young players to break through at the top level, and to judge them. Looking good for a week, a month, two months is no guarantee of anything.

      Re: Ajax. What is there to say. They have gone off the cliff—terrible performances on the field, not much shown so far from all the players they have bought. The present team looks like what they are—a collection of strangers to each other. There is no sense of a team identity or a connection to who Ajax is or is supposed to be. They don’t seem to have any leadership, or even appear to have an idea as to who to call on to give them direction. (Van Gaal said not interested at the present.)

      Anyone have any news on Frenkie De Jong’s status? From what I have been reading, it does not look great for the October qualifiers.

      1. 3/5 rating is pretty good score infact..we cannot play every game 4 or 5..Van hecke and shuurs are real contenders for our RCb spot..i started noticing van hecke after he pocked man city haaland last year..ever since he is impreesive…if you can stop halaand who plays under pep guordiyol man city…its epitome…vs such an attacking team like city..

  54. good time to call up matusiwa. remis has climb 5th in Ligue 1. good outings but I havent watched any of their or his games.

    for Ajax it was already crumbling when overmars left. the academy too looks like has have had a halt in the production of top talents.

  55. Jairo Riedewald received the highest ratings for crystal palace vs man united.

    DM: Jairo Riedewald – 6/10 – One of the few Palace players who actually looked capable of making something happen. A few nice passes in a desperate attempt to drag his side back into the game.

  56. I never understood why Riedewald is so underused. He’s a good player but maybe not for the EPL.

    Is anyone interested in an Ajax article by yours truly ? A deep dive into their issues?

  57. Frenkie de jong will be out till november thats what i read,,,i think this is blessing for us in NT..Lets see who could fill his boot…only candidates closer to hi are Timber and Gravenberch..

    Goalkeepers: Alphonse Areola (West Ham United), Mike Maignan (AC Milan), Brice Samba (Lens)

    Defenders: Jonathan Clauss (Marseille), Lucas Hernandez (Paris Saint-Germain), Theo Hernandez (AC Milan), Ibrahima Konate (Liverpool), Jules Kounde (Barcelona), Benjamin Pavard (Inter Milan), William Saliba (Arsenal), Dayot Upamecano (Bayern Munich)

    Midfielders: Eduardo Camavinga (Real Madrid), Youssouf Fofana (Monaco), Boubacar Kamara (Aston Villa) Adrien Rabiot (Juventus), Aurelien Tchouameni (Real Madrid)

    Forwards: Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), Ousmane Dembele (PSG), Olivier Giroud (AC Milan), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Randal Kolo Muani (Eintracht Frankfurt), Kylian Mbappe (PSG), Marcus Thuram (Inter Milan)

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