Congrats and Thanks, Ajax!

Ajax won their 32nd title in the Dutch Eredivisie and with a record number of trophies and winning it for the third time in a row (Frank de Boer joins Michels and Van Gaal in an illustrious little group of success coaches, he only needs to win the Champions League now), Ajax establishes itself as Holland’s best club.

Quite a feat and a warm congrats from the blogsphere :-).

Ajax deserved it (as any club deserves to win it, after 30+ games in a competition). PSV should have won it, in my humble opinion, what with their investments in a strong squad but despite the presence of Mertens, Wijnaldum, Strootman, Lens, Van Bommel, Toivonen and Matavz, PSV never looked like they could really bother Ajax.

This will put even more pressure on the Eindhoven club towards next season, although it is quite likely that a number of big names will leave PSV (Mertens, Lens, Strootman, Toivonen). Feyenoord seemed to be a contender but in the last stage of the competition, they choked, spilling points vs Heerenveen, RKC and now ADO Den Haag. A young, bright and talented bunch, in Rotterdam, but simply not ready yet. And with the financial issues the club still has, they might sell a number of remarkable players this summer (Pelle, Clasie, Martins Indi, De Vrij), which will further erode their potential.

And with Vitesse and now even FC Utrecht making their way up, we might be looking forward to an increasingly interesting domestic competition.

Ajax is doing a lot of things well. I personally believe Feyenoord have eclipsed them in youth development, as Ajax is the Manchester City of youth players. They might keep the wallet closed for older players but at the youth level, Ajax is one of the big spenders.

But hey, they are not as good in development maybe as they used to be, they still know how to scout. With players like Eriksen, Fischer, Moisander and Boilesen, it’s clear that the Ajax scouts still now the way in Scandinavia. And now, Ajax is even scouting further afield, and China is full on the radar in Amsterdam!

With the JC revolution still going (more like an evolution) in the background, it is Frank de Boer and his staff who have been working diligently and without too much fuss on furthering the Ajax cause. Frank is a true manager. He says what he does and he does what he says. He is clear in his vision, he treats the players like adults and he is 100% himself. We all know that Dennis Bergkamp is not much different, so the leadership positions in Amsterdam are filled up very well.

De Boer lets Ajax play recognisable football and isn’t afraid to experiment a bit with his tactics (as Roberto Mancini must have noticed in the CL group games). He has also been able to lift question-mark players like Ken Vermeer, Daley Blind, Derk Boerrigter and Lasse Schone to a higher level. The first three even made their Oranje debut under De Boer.

Ajax did what it needed to do domestically and actually impressed in the European league.

The key thing for Ajax will be to hold on to Christian Eriksen and Siem de Jong. With those two players in the squad, and a fit Ryan Babel and a further matured Victor Fischer, Ajax could definitely try and survive the group stages in the CL. This year, they had to face the Spanish, English and Germany champs and they didn’t do too shabby. With a bit more luck in the draw, Ajax could start its renewed ascent under De Boer, allowing him to enter that somewhat bigger group of coaches who won a European Cup with the Sons of Gods.

So it’s congrats, and thanks… As Ajax will further stimulate the competition with the likes of PSV (ashamed) and Feyenoord ( wannabees) while Vitesse, Utrecht, Heerenveen, AZ and Twente will be looking up with jealousy. Offering us even more exciting games to come!

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  1. I must say one thing about Babel,it is true that Babel could nt go to higher level in his career.but this has has heart and very unselfish and plays for the team…thats great charactor..congrats to Ajax…
    @Jeff …Congrats buddy..You must be the happeist in this blog…….
    I will give one stint for FDB.Ajax need a charactor like Roy keane as holding mid along with ruthless defenders like stam…then they will go very far.

  2. Tnx Jan, Tnx Ajax and now i hope and wish to hear the best news.
    Errikson leave Ajax, i really want hear this news it coz better Ajax. if danish player just leave our league, we would have a better league. 🙂

  3. Thank you Jan! I felt good. As an Ajax fan, I would like to keep Siem De Jong but I think we can sell Eriksen and buy Maher.
    One more thing I like about Frank De Boer that Jan did not mention, is I like the way he blocked politics out of football. What ever JC’s camp and LVG’s camp fought did not bother him and his preparations. I hope Ajax has a better CL draw than this year cruel draw.

  4. First selection for the U21 :

    Keepers : Zoet , Bizot ,Marsman , Paadt, Hahn

    Right backs : Van Rhijn , Leerdam , Bruns

    Center : De Vrij, Martins Indi, Nuytinck, Bruma, Van der Hoorn, Van Dijk, Gouweleeuw

    Left backs : Willems, Blind, Van Aanholt, Nelom, Dijks

    Midfielders : Clasie, Strootman, Van Ginkel, Maher, Fer, Duarte, Vilhena, Van Haaren

    Right wing : Wijnaldum, Bacuna, Josefzoon, Van La Parra

    Left wing : Ola John, Depay, Hupperts, Wildschut

    Strikers : Luuk De Jong, Hoesen, Locadia, Zeefuik

    Narsingh and Boetius being injured. 40 names, The final squad which will contain 23 players will be given in 10 days.

        1. it’s ‘sure’?
          it’s not even hypothetical, you colossal bore.
          stop preaching your opinions as facts.

          May 6, 2013 at 4:36 pm

          if we play this team against our seniors bar Persie and roben..they will beat the seniors easily..’

          May 7, 2013 at 8:57 am

          Funny thing is if u dont play Roben and persie,then its sure they will beat the senior team..’

          why did you post this almost identical comment twice, a day apart? No-one else does this. It’s fucking annoying.
          no-one cared about your amateur opinion the first time. That should be a clue. By the second time you REALLY look an idiot.

          1. Sin don’t talk about other opinion, we really don’t need it here. and as i said it is not ur business.

          2. SiN: If you can’t say anything nice….

            …at least look up the word “gezelligheid,” and understand that Jan has created a place for us to enjoy it.

            Personal attacks and profanity have no place here, dank u!

          3. Sin the was a reply to one comment,other one was my opinion…..Idiot…..what i said is fact,u put roben and persie U21 squad they will eat seniors,whether u agree or not its fact.Idiot i know ur frustration..

          4. Hey chillax dude…. Allow anyone his opinion here please. No need to attack people.

        2. Without van Persie and Robben, this pretty much IS the senior team.
          The Senior team back line is all in that selection.
          Clasie, Strootman, Maher – all important sr team members

          1. @TFC ..infact i want to see a match between..Dutch 11 Vs dutch 11
            My eleven Vs Sins eleven
            ——–De Vrij——–BMI—————–
            Van rhijn——————–Blind———
            —————De guzman—————–

          2. Tiju if they play 12 vs 11, they can win indeed lol

            But you put Schaken, Boula with Lens and Janmaat, that would change a bit.

  5. Great U-21 team. It’ll be interesting and I want to see who will be the 1st choice for the LB spot. I’d play Blind he has been really reliable.

  6. I hope for Maher to play on the left wing and John on the right one, as the wings are definitly less good than the midfielders we have. It would allow to add Fer or Van Ginkel to Clasie and Strootman.

    ———–Clasie(Duarte)——–Strootman(Van Ginkel)


    —————–L.De Jong(Hoesen)—————-

    Would definitly prefer that rather than taking guys like Bacuna, Josefzoon, Van La Parra or Wildschut who are no material for the future.

    1. how is possible that castaignos has not been included in the squad, seriosly Cor Pot is nuts!! Castaignos had a great year, he is recovering his form. I think he could be a long term bet!!

    1. All the way at the back you see Hennie Spijkerman (with glasses). To his left (right for the viewer) you can see Dennis’ forehead and his receding hairline.

      As always, Dennis is humble in the background.

  7. Great article Jan… As an Ajax supporter I am extremely happy and to be honest halfway through the season I wasn’t to confident.

    I hope… like most people are saying on this blog is that Ajax sell Eriksen with the money we would get from his departure there is no doubt we would pick up Maher & Van Ginkel. I also think Alderweild will move to a bigger league especially after the success of his countryman Vertonghen.

    Was thinking maybe Ajax should try sign Nigel de Jong he would bring great experience to the side especially in the Champions league..


    1. De Jong would be a great idea. Like Mark v B at PSV. Still, it doesn’t always work out well. Witschge and Winter returned to Ajax and that was not a success. Same with Tomasson at Feyenoord. Clubs chance, players have more self importance when they come back….

  8. we really need better RW options for u21. That’s probably our most lacking area. I would put Ola there.

    The formation should be:
    – RVR – de Vrij – BMI – Blind
    —-van Ginkel——Maher—-

    however, since Cor Pot is the coach, the formation will be:
    -Leerdam – de Vrij – Nuytinck – PVA
    ———Clasie – Strootman——–

    I want this team to be all players who could be in the WC squad next year, which is why I don’t want L. De Jong or Wijnaldum playing. Luuk might be the best striker on the squad, but at this point the likes of Hoesen, Depay and Locadia can potentially go further. I also wouldn’t mind playing a winger like John at striker, but at this point we’re now short on quality wingers.

      1. Narsingh qualities are Speed,unselfishness and better finishing than Afellay kind of finishers.but personally i really dont like Narsingh in national team ,he takes so much time to take a decison,not a quick passer,lack the inettligence of muller kind of players.Definitly more intellgent and humble than idiotic SiN..

  9. I wonder if Nigel De Jong will entertain Ajax’s offer (would it be enough for him?). If he goes back to Ajax I hope he can play like when he was with Ajax in his earlier years, good passing, a bit less of those vicious tackles. He was a better footballer then but I guess others were not afraid of him as well.

  10. “We want to move forward in Europe and play attractive football. If we succeed in this, I’m convinced we can achieve something.” (Frank De Boer’s quote from
    After 3 Eredivisie, it is time to do some major damage in CL next year.
    RVP won EPL, Robben won Bundesliga, Sneijder won Turkey league, Ola John will win Portuguese league with Benfica. I hope and cheer for Robben to win CL, Ola John to win EL and U21 to win the championship.
    Question: How come U21 coach not one of the young coaches (Gio, Berkamp, Staam, Cocu…)? I understand that they have club commitment. Are they not having enough experiences to coach these U18, U19, U21, Uxx teams?

  11. Germany, Spain, Argentina might have good teams but just look at our midfield! it is not bad at all:

    Van Ginkel

  12. My first 11 would be 😀

    Keeper : Zoet

    Right backs : Van Rhijn

    Center : De Vrij, Martins Indi

    Left back: Van Aanholt

    Midfielders : Clasie, Strootman, Duarte

    Right wing : Van La Parra

    Left wing : Depay

    Strikers : Hoesen

      1. I don’t mind Maher taking the spot of Clasie, but personally I don’t rate Maher much. Also John can take the spot of Depay though I prefer Depay.

        1. I prefer Depay too, he is a very versatile player, but he needs to work in is character.Why do you like so much Van La Parra, I ask you because I dont watch his games, his he good??

          1. Yes I do watch him regularly and he is very under rated. He has the potential to do explosively mind boggling things. However he is not always consistent enough yet to play for a bigger club or getting called up to the National Senior team. However at U 21 level, he should be more than a handful!

  13. Thanks Kelvin. Did VDW play much at PSG? I admitted that I did not follow Belgian league.
    Thanks Stijnis! Ajax away shirt has orange blending in, nice touch in my opinion.

  14. some interesting facts about u21 squad
    With some NT players included in this U21 team, it wont be easy for the coach to decide the starting lineup
    Nuitinck (and bruma, aanholt)are not (yet) part of NT, but have been crucial to U21. Would Cor pot start them ahead of 4 NT players (BMI-vrij-blind-van rhijn)?

    The same with Wijnaldum-fer who have played many games in qualifications, do strootman-maher-vilhena would be beter fo the team?

    IMO the weakest point is RW and RB with no decent back-up for van rhijn and wijnaldum is never an effective winger.
    Unless we can shift john to RW and play duarte/ maher as LW (I think both are left footed). Normally Leerdam play RB which I think his spot should be given to more talented players like willems/Gouweleeuw/van hoorn

    IMO the one who wont make it:
    Warner Hahn
    Nick Marsman
    Virgil van Dijk
    Mitchell Dijks
    Miquel Nelom
    Kelvin Leerdam
    Leandro Bacuna
    Ricky van Haaren
    Thomas Bruns
    Género Zeefuik
    Yanic Wildschut
    Rajiv van la Parra
    Florian Jozefzoon
    Guus Hupperts

    and to complete 23players, they have to go home too:
    Mike van der Hoorn
    Jetro Willems
    Danny Hoesen

    1. @jake i was following HSV for a while,for vaart and bruma.i was disappointed by HSV.their defence is weak and bruma plays in that team.Vaart does score at times and he is deadly when he has the ball in his feet,but he lakcs good amonut of work rate and doesnt run much to recive balls form team mates.but he looks better than wesly.On the other hand Bruma could do very well if he supported by quality players arround him ,definitly Bruma will be a beast when he combines with Dejong,Fer,stroot kind of players with De vrij,Indi etc..the guy is strong and fast..

  15. SAF is goin to retire,,,,,,,Huge loss for MANU and fans……Well done SAF…completly wiped out Liverpool from EPL……no league for Pool in last 20 years…thats so cool……

    1. Not sure. It’s the media doing this. “Ajax sells Aldeweired, the next best thing is De Vrij”. Not sure if Ajax is actually considering it. Or De Vrij for that matter.

  16. Hello:

    @Jouracule said that Ajax reaches an agreement with Roma to transfer Alderwilde!

    If Alderwilde leaves Ajax, I wish they get Heitinga for free. I think can be a good option for him to go back to Ajax, considering his bad year in Everton that cost him even the spot on NT.

    @jouracule said too that Ajax is considering bring 2 new Barcelona B players on loan: Muniesa and Sergi. I am not happy to see Ajax become in a Barcelona B players new development step in his career. I will rather give chance to Dutch talents, not Spanish ones. We have enough with the Danes.

    So, if Alderwilde leaves, I prefer to sing Heitinga for free, or Gouweleeuw, Van Dijk or Van der Horn, or give the chance to Veltman instead to bring Muniesa on loan.

    About bring De Jong, I think he is not the kind of player Ajax needs, because he is a natural destroyer and he lacks good build up skills. Beside that, we have a very similar player on Poulsen. IMO Ajax needs someone can build up better, like Anita or Shone.

    If there is some chance, for that spot I will love to see Anita again (for mi the best Ajax player on the 2011-2012 season beside Vergthongen) or sing Clasie, the best player for that spot, but that’s and utopia.

    But the real Ajax problem is the wings. Specially the right wing. Only Fisher and Babel player good. Boerrigther, Sana, Lukoki, Cuenca (little time) didn´t reach good level, and FdB should try with Shone on the right wing.

    So, that my list of players can leave and the best replacements:

    Alderwilde — Heitinga / Gouweleeuw
    Eriksen —– Maher
    Siem de Jong —– Van Ginkel (and a very good central striker)

    1. I think Ajax should try to bring Okore, the danish talent of Nordsjaelland. It’s the typical player who would accept to come, he is rated quite good. I don’t understand why some people hope for Heitinga.Ooijer and Mathijsen came back in Holland, none of them did really good, they’re all always been average defenders, it’s time to try with new players. Heitinga on the bench to play sometimes, why not, but not to replace Alderweireld.

      About dutch talents, Viergever would be a good choice, I always liked him, more than Bruma. Plays with a lot of energy, and not slow. I don’t think Van Dijk would suit Ajax, especially playing with Moisander, Gouweleeuw is quite overrated, makes a lot of mistakes, Van der Hoorn why not.

      So : Okore, Viergever, Bruma, Van der Hoorn.

      About the midfielder, N.De Jong won’t come back as early, I hope Ajax or PSV to bring Schaars back in the dutch league, he has nothing to do with Sporting. A midfield : Schaars-Schone-Maher would be quite good technically.

      Heard that Andersen can do it quite good as RW, true or not ? Otherwise would keep Cuenca/Boerrigter/Lukoki for that side and would add a good LW to compete with Fischer.

      1. Yes Okore is a beast! would be a great signing! Yes spot on…Next Season is the break through season for Lucas Andersen on the right-wing just like Fischer was the revvealation in this season and Eriksen the previous. The right wing is secure for a good while now…worry not ajax fans!

    2. Schone is way better in midfield than on the wing. I’d prefer to make him the first choice DM with Boccara as his backup.
      No way to hietinga. He’s nothing more than an average defender now and would only stand in the way of Veltman and others. I don’t want Ajax to become a repair shop where players try to restart their failed careers. I would take Anita back because he’s only one year removed from an amazing season at ajax, and because he hasn’t actually lost it, he just hasn’t had a chance to show what he has.

      1. I doubt Boccara, Veltman or Sporsklede will be any Ajax material. Will be just like these last years with guys like Bonevacia, Castillon, Kappelhof etc. material for little dutch teams. I rate Denswil a bit higher, but not good enough to replace Toby.

        1. Denswil is left footer, that is why I didn´t mention him as Alderwilde replacement. Viergiver is also left footer, and Ajax din´t need left footer back because they have Mosisander and Denswil, but if they sell Alderwilde, they need a replacemen.

  17. Ajax just plz get Dutch young players, why u do that? why u forget history? Being Barcelona B team or buying Sucks Danish players or getting heitinga and jong would be the worst thing happened to any dutch club, why they buy Heitinga when they can buy De Virj? if heitinga was good he play in everton, i cannot belive someone in his blog has hope in player like Heitinga, he show us his failure before many times.

    1. De Vrij would be the ideal player to replace Toby. He is even better than him. But I really really doubt he would accept to leave Feyenoord for Ajax.

      1. His contract ends in one year. Always a difficult position for the player and for his club.

        The best for Feyenoord would be to extend his contract this summer and to sell him for a good price next year. But if he accepts and gets injured or performs less good next year, it’s a risk for him to be less interesting on the market.

        Won’t be bad to sell him this summer if a good offer comes (>10mo).

        1. I think if Ajax sells Siem de Jong, Babel and Eriksen, they will need some “experience” player. If Heitinga comes free it will be nice. Even 95 Ajax plays veterans player like Rijkaard and Blind beside the young ones.
          Off course that I prefer to sing Gouweleeuw, Van Dijk, Bruma or Van der Horn, but If Ajax don´t want spent so much following his new policy (remember Ajax didn´t want to expend 4million for Narsingh and bring Sana instead, and never found a good right wing on all the season), and Heitinga offers him for free, I prefer play Heitinga than bring a Barca B player on loan, considering that Veltman is not ready for CL yet.
          Heitinga (present) can alternate with Veltman (future) on the right back, while Moisander and Deswil play on the left back. You can deny that at the moment Heitinga is a better option than Veltman to play the CL.
          I really don´t think that Ajax can buy a Feyenoord player like De Vrij. If they could do, let’s bring Clasie to please!!!!!!!!!!!

          IMO the ideal Ajax is a team with plenty young players (please, Dutch ones, I don´t care if they play some foreign, but no so much) like Blind, RvR, Denswil, Boccara, Klannsen, Veltman, Ligeon, Krishna, Maher, Van Ginkel, etc, and some veterans: Poulsen and….??????

          Vaart said he wants to retire in Ajax. Honesty, I don´t have problem if he comes back at all.

          1. As I recall VdV wasnt happy in his last days in Ajax so I doubt would he say that.
            After all it isn’t time for him to consider retirement.

  18. Selling Siem de Jong, Toby Alderweireld and Eriksen will be good for ajax financially, not sure about babel though, who will buy him after he screwed everywhere. He has only option staying in ajax as second string player and help younger team mates. I dont even know if he actually bad and good influence to ajax’s youngsters.

    To get van ginkel-maher, ajax need to complete with PSV which I think they will push harder buying more players (hopefully dutch) to break ajax title-winning rows. With cocu’s arrival next year (rumour), PSV may pose greater competition to ajax. I hope cocu will focus on locadia-lens-narsingh-Depay-strootman (if he stay)-willems-wijnaldum-pieters (he may suit LCB alongside marcelo or sell pieters as PSV actually has koch, young LB waiting for chance).

  19. I hope they hold Siem de Jong. He can be a great player if he stays 1 or 2 more years and with the company of Maher and Van Ginkel he’d shine even more and more. Actually I don’t care if they sell Eriksen or Alderweireld because I want mostly Dutch players in Ajax.

  20. Eriksen is goot but maybe a little overrated player and Ajax could get good $ for him and Toby can help Ajax’s financially but that money should be invested in good players who can make Ajax competitive in Europe.

    Ajax is constantly selling their good players but if they get to hold some of them and add players like Maher and Van Ginkel, Ajax has more opportunities to make a good impression in the UCL and if that happens then they can sell them and get even more $! so business wise they should also try to do well in Europe!!!.

  21. I reallt want to see…..Van Ginkel,Maher and Bruma in Ajax……they can easily buy these 3 players if they sell Erikson alone…..This will help tthe national team too……..

  22. The PSV I would like to see next year:

    —— Zoet (better than Waterman IMO)

    ??—Van Dijk—Pieters—Willems

    Toivonen—Van Bommel—Van Oijen

    Narshing—-Locadia—Martins /Depay

    1. Tyton is a way better than Waterman, like Jorgensen is a way better than Derijck, Advocaat made silly choices all the year.

      Toivonen is normally leaving.

  23. I prefer Waterman over Tyton but Zoet is the best choice! Agreed that Zanka jorgensen is miles better derjick …what is advocaat smoking???

  24. What!!!! PSV lost!

    (Not that I’m too concerned — but after spending all that money – money saved by not training youngsters in an academy – one would think that they could do better)

    Good for Maher


  25. At least Locadia scored, I don’t how good he played, but if he scored in a good rate per game, he must be lethal.He should be given starting line and sell those expensive non-dutch forwards. IMO, PSV also need to buy good RB, you can’t rely on canadian RB to win title, kevin leerdam will be available for free transfer, he can play RB and DM.

  26. ——————-Stekelenburg————

    —-Janmaat—-De Vrij—-Indi—-Blind—-



    *Sneijder might not be doing great but Sneijder with the NT has always been great.

    *Our defense plays Dutch football and I love that because with Heitinga and Mathijsen we had 2 stff robocops.

    *Robben and RVP are deadly and Lens has a huge mentality and is lethal as well.

    1. @Miguel…i know that Janmaat,Blind are intelligent players so is Sneijder…Compared to Van anholt, Blind is slow,At present Janmaat look nice ,but i think Vanrhijn would be much better aginst faster opponents,Strootman is no where near Nijel as a destroyer though he is much better in build up.We need hell of work rate in midfeid like Shewni and martinz does for bayern,Wesly is trying hard but he is unable to do that..In past Wesly with NT was great like u said,but that cannt be said in future..coz of age…it would more wiser if we use Clasie instead of wesly for better workrate…There is substitue for hard work,especially when u hav skilled players with good workrate ,u must give them a chance..

  27. Vorm/Krul/Stelenburg/Vermeer/Jasper(3/5)
    Janmaat—–De Vrij–BMI—–Blind
    Vanrhij—–Heitinga-Bruma—Van annholt
    ———–Claise–De Guzman—————–
    —————-Van persie——————–
    Nijel Dejong

      1. No faraz…..We need experince in back line,i feel that heitinga is best among the experienced ones.though am not saying he is great..but he is best in available options.Bruma can play LCb also,all this guy need is a good coach this year,if he gets that he is goin to be relevation for his team,i hope he joins with FDB in Ajax,we will see another Bruma with FDB..lets pray for it,otherwise it will be huge loss for NT.Bruma is not wosre than Vlaar or viergiver considering his age.IMO…

  28. it looks rich clubs undrestand buying Erikson would be the worst thing for them :(. no one come for him,

    i would pay money if dortmund or other team undrestand Erikson is not good enough, just buy it i would help u to buy him, and realse ajax 🙂

  29. anyone know about “Jens Toornstra”. we didn’t talk about him this year, but i read he was wonderfully and suprisly his ranking was better than Maher, Van Ginkel, Strootman, Bony, Clasie, Vilhena, Erikson and Duarte for Wholse Season, he is Utrecht midfielder.

    anyone know him??

    1. That ranking I believe its take in consideration the team where you plays, therefore he should be on top of maher, that doesnt mean he is better than maher.
      By the way astoning performance from maher in the final cup!!

  30. Ron Vlaar
    Solid at the back in the first half, particularly against Mata’s early teasing crosses. Struggled a bit as Chelsea came forward late in the piece.

  31. Ola John goes off injured for pablo aimar yet again…in the title deciding games against porto…unfortunately more or less ruled out now against chelsea…wanted to see him tested on a big occasion! 🙁

    1. was he? I thought it’s just a cramp. about 2 weeks away from the final, hope he’ll be reserved.

      oh, and I hope Porto lose and Benfica win in the final fixture. 🙂

  32. Mark van Bommel after the lost match against FC Twente-known to say goodbye to his football career.

    Good luck Capitan, Wish u Best, i like ur style and respect u forever.

    Jan this is time to show us The Big Van Bommle history from start to End.

    Tnx Jan 😉

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