Danny Blind building a new Oranje squad

With all the comments on the site recently about Blind needing to do this, and do that, and try him and try her, I’d like to write a post about what can be expected and why.

It seems to there are quite some aspects to this game not so well understood by some.

A wise man once said: to know your future you must know your past….

Danny Blind’s job is to get results and a certain level of performance. The end result of this all is: happy supporters.

Happy supporters means: more kids playing football > more kids registering at clubs > more membership fees going to clubs > more supporters in the stadiums > more money for pro clubs > more investment in players and academies > better results > more sponsorship deals….

oranje fans

Tiju at an Oranje match

Results in the case is defined as: reaching the World Cup > reaching as far as possible.

Level of performance means: goals, attractive play, attacks, excitement.

The so-called “Dutch School of Total Football” has slowly been put to bed. Most people wouldn’t know what it means anyway. Is it 4-3-3? Is it possession?

The Modern Game today is Total Football mostly, anyway. The way Barca plays, Arsenal, Man City, Bayern Munich, PSG, Ajax… The way Germany plays, Spain, France… it takes a good debater to explain to me how what we think we’re doing is unique. It simply isn’t.

Danny Blind is the perfect man to design the way we want to play. He was a typical wing back at Sparta and Ajax, until he became a modern centre back, moving into midfield whenever he could.

He skippered the most attractive club team of the past 25 years.

danny Daley

Danny and Daley (some will joke that Daley still comes onto the pitch holding hands with dad… I’ll make the joke for you guys 🙂 )

He worked alongside the architect of that team for decades and worked for the club that is the role model of attractive football and talent development for decades. His only other job was at Sparta, which also has a longstanding reputation of developing tremendous talents. Think Kevin Strootman. Rene van der Gijp. Winston Bogarde. Jetro Willems. Memphis Depay. De Roon. Ruud Geels. Jan van Beveren. Theo Laseroms. El Ghazi.

People claim Blind doesn’t have a lot of club coach experience? Well, this is a totally different job. Coaches at club have “buying players” as their crucial tool. An NT manager doesn’t have that. Coaches are responsible for allowing young talents to enter the senior team. An NT manager doesn’t have that. Key differences.

I think an NT manager and a club coach are as different as a haute cuisine caterer vs a hamburger chef.

So Danny Blind made mistakes? So what! Hiddink did too. Van Basten, Advocaat… it’s likely any coach we put in that role will get some things wrong.

blind LVG sparta

All three at Sparta

Is Danny Blind to blame for missing the Euros? I don’t think so. We started badly under Hiddink, the post WC trauma, loss of key players, lack of quality overall. Sure, Blind contributed to that a bit, but who is to say his alternative (Advocaat? Jans? De Mos? Gullit? ) wouldn’t have….?

As for the choice of players, the names of Kongolo, Diks, Brenet, Vilhena, Toornstra and Ramselaar are suggested.

I’m not sure why.

I’d like to make a point that is under estimated by people who might lack experience in sports.

The step up from a youth team to the senior team is huge. Going from an under 17 to an under 19 team is much less impactful as the step up from – say – Ajax 2 to the senior team. Resistance is high. Pace is much higher. Pressure is much higher. Youth players are normally encouraged to play intuitively. In senior teams, tactics become much more important.

Normally, a player is fully focused on his own performance until he turns 23 or 24 years old. The experience and maturity sinks in for the players – not all – to enlarge their vision and circle of influence. Some 24 year olds get to “see” the game a bit more wider, others will see the full pitch. Some players have it very early. Cruyff, Van Hanegem, Fabregas, Sneijder, Kroos had it when they were young already. Others, like Robben, Rooney, Iniesta, develop it at a later age. And some will never get it…

fabregas debut

Fabregas debut for Arsenal

The step up from a mid-tier team in the Eredivisie (Utrecht, PEC Zwolle, Sparta, Groningen) to a top 3 team is huge too. Again, at Utrecht winning is allowed, losing is ok. At Ajax/PSV/Feyenoord, losing is a sin. Winning is a must.

The step up from Ajax/PSV/Feyenoord to Oranje or a bigger competition is huge yet again! Moving to another country brings its own difficulties: living alone, different language, different culture, different hierarchy.

Take Memphis: went from being the key man at PSV to being just another player at Man United. At PSV, he took every free kick. At Man United, he needed to compete with Rooney, Mata, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, now Pogba.

The pace and pressure in Oranje is much higher. Some players slide in effortlessly: Strootman, Blind, Karsdorp, Sneijder and Robben… Others struggle to find their feet: Promes, Clasie, Makaay, Seedorf, Hasselbaink.

It probably is quite relevant to point out to you that we have had many huge talents in the past, who never made it.

All players like the Kongolos, the Dikses, the Nouris and the El Ghazis of this world.

Answer me below if you have heard of them? Said Boutahar (playmaker in the same youth teams as Robin van Persie at Excelsior and Feyenoord). Cedric van der Gun (striker partner of Sneijder, Van der Vaart, Van der Meijde at Ajax). Frans van Rooy (playmaker at PSV, left for to play for Antwerp). Tarik Oulida, the new Cruyff… (as claimed by Johan Cruyff!… part of the LVG 1995 Ajax squad. Played some CL games in midfield, but ended up playing in Japan). Youssouf Hersi (Mercurial forward of Ajax, ended his career in Australia). Stef Nijland (Groningen talent, left for PSV, plays for PEC now). Ismail Aissati (partner of Afellay at PSV, left distraught to Ajax. Playing for money in Chechnya now). Royston Drenthe? Brutil Hose (Ajax striker…Kluivert said he thought Hose was better than him…).

Bouhatar oranje

Remember these guys? Said Boutahar, Riga Mustapha, Jurgen Colin, Jeffrey Leiwakabessy, Ruud Knol, Stekelenburg, Jeffrey de Visser, Romano Denneboom, Melvin Fleur, Leon Hese, Youssouf Hersi in 2002

This lists shows that any player who had a good season in Ajax 2 or at a lower level club in the Eredivisie can have a bright time, only to crash and burn. Is it their mentality? Their physical strength? Their lack of tactical insights? Different for all of them of course.

We also saw how the generation of Young Oranje under Foppe de Haan bagged two trophies some years ago, but from those squads not a lot of players made it into the big team (Ron Vlaar and maybe one or two others?).

This is the answer to the question: “Why not Diks? Why not Kongolo? Why not Brenet?”

An NT coach has a couple of days to gel players into the system he needs for a certain game. It’s not much. Before a tournament, he has three weeks or more. This is how LVG got the team to play 5-3-2 and we didn’t even do that too well, as you can remember.


Cedric van der Gun at Ajax

Blind relies on what we call “automatisms” in Holland. Players who are used to play together. This is why he’d have picked Bruma over De Vrij at this stage. Or why he has Veltman in the squad and not Diks.

Total Football today still exists. Atletico does it nicely. It requires complete understanding of what the parts that make the whole do. And it goes to the level of “distance between players”, “timing of forward pressure”, “squeezing to a certain part of the pitch”, “pacing”, “when does Janssen come into the ball, when does he turn and run deep”, etc etc.

Shifting players all the time because Kongolo or Brenet had a nice game is not helping in this respect.

Like Van Gaal, Blind has a list of “tasks and responsibilities” for every position on the pitch and he uses that to analyse and select the right players for the job.

He sees them more than we do. I believe we are condescending, ignorant and foolish if we try to second guess him (and his staff, and the club coaches feeding him info).

He is on an upward trajectory. I say we let him do his job. As one poster said: we could have had 7 out of 9, but due to some referee mistakes, we only have 4 out of 9. We are on course, as far as I’m concerned, and once we have a fit Robben back, we’ll be adding even more firepower to the team!

Hup Holland Hup!

oulida ajax

Tarik Oulida at Ajax

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  1. it great article Jan..we were keep on failing with some players,blind changed half of it he got rewarded for it.Now another 3 or 4 to be cut off..That will make team much stronger..
    Mensah has played 8 matches wonderfully for Manu untill that AS$$%hole coach came up.i think thats to club.
    Kongolo was there under LVg in WC2014.that mean LVG saw something in him.Kongolo put BMI in to bench under Koeman thats great too.He is consistant performer.He is our best lEFT BACK.Blind might be better than both Williams and annholt..But kongolo is the best we have got for LB.
    Kevin diks had excellent 2 seasons.its unfortunate that he joined some italian club where they perefer there guys..If Danny gives little help in NT like he gave to memphis.the poor highly talented lad will egt motivation and we might have a wonderful another RB in karsdorp catagory. or else we might permanently loose him.
    So far klassen,Clasie,Propper,Memphis has done nothing to NT when we had hard time and they dont show any kind of promise about giving something back to team..So they must be dropped like any other..if we can drop RVP we can drop all these 4 too.

    1. You’re too black and white in your analysis Tiju.

      Mensah was good for Man U but the other players for that position weren’t bad themselves. So every time a guy plays 6 good games, you want to remove a player from the NT and put the new one in?

      No player will feel confident with such a coach.

      Have you ever wondered why people like Van Marwijk, Advocaat and Van Gaal never did this?

      What makes you think all these great coaches are idiots and you have found the key to the World Cup?

      Are you serious?

      Everyone sees the quality in Kongolo but he was injured for a spell at Feyenoord. We don’t have big issues in LB poisition. Danny has other issues to worry about and wants to keep a certain number of “certainties”. Why would he risk it?

      I see Feyenoord every week and Kongolo also makes his share of mistakes.

      Diks is good for the future. He is not ready mate.

      Clasie, Klaassen and Memphis have demonstrated their value. And even if they’re all not in a great form, it is suicide to axe those guys for untried entities.

      1. i dont think high about Bert,he is too old and one diamentional guy…
        Advocate and LVG i rate high as u will never know which untested player form U18 sqaud he will select..he is master in it.. i am sure with LVG we would be in better situation.LVG has dropped RVP form manu for teh sake of the team,though initially he got enormous support from LVG,One second year Memphis got support when he proved as failure he got dropped…thats how a top layer coach should be..

  2. Jan I totally find it lame what you have said about Danny Blind.playing days aside,coaching is totally a different ball game.Guilt,Rijkaard Van Basten all went through the same crash and Burns ( borrowed your phrases) so how come Danny is a exception.eventually all national coaches get very little time to assemble the team but it does come down to experience and visionary (Koeman)which for me Danny clearly lacks.
    You cannot jus expect to follow somebody else’s idea thinking you will be able to excuate it and that’s What’s Danny is doing (Van gaals philosophy).

    Marc wilmot,Dunga,Maradona,jurgen klinsmann all were in the same boat as Danny now and yet all scumbbed to failure.

    1. Danny Blind is wonderful trainer on ground,he is good teacher of football,he will show the lads how to play,he is intelligent,he is honest to his heart except for his son.(u know all are biased when it comes to family).
      His problem is that he dont see the full picture and he needs to do a psychological analysis on certain players.Also must learn to think out of the box..As there is very little quality in his box..He lacks the tactical ideas to overcome it.and it is doable if gets one Brilliant open eyed assistant coach with him.

      1. I take a stand against the family comment. I don’t think it’s true. Johan never pushed Jordie at Barca. He used him, yes, but he was not high in the hierarchy.

        But I feel sorry for people who can’t see the consistent quality of Daley.

        Probably the most consistent performer of them all.

        You rave about Diks who played two decent seasons in mid-tier Eredivisie and none in Serie A. But you keep on putting shit on the guy who survived Jose at Man U against all odds. Strange. You have a chip on your shoulder :-).

        I do like all the other things you mentioned.

        1. @Jan i do think Blind is good a player,very good player..as of now Virgil van dijk outclass him as LCB,kongolo outclass him as LB..wat to do i am helpless..Blind over kongolo is too much for me.i can understand Blind over williams or Annholt..
          then Johan did,6000 years ago Abraham was ready to give his son to Lord.there are people like that exceptional people..

          1. What kind of Lord would test a man to kill his own son? That “god” is a bully and a sadist and it is ridiculous.

            I am sorry you are in distress of the use of Blind over Kongolo. Find some professional help.

            You might also be upset about Matic over Fabregas, Fernando over Toure and Firminho over Sturridge.

            Or Sinkgraven over Riedewald?

            The world is a tough place

    2. Hi Wilson, my argument was not “Blind was a great player and therefor will be a great coach”.

      I agree with you. Most great players do not become great coaches. But that applies to the ego centric players. The forwards. Maradona, Gullit, Van Basten. They didn’t think tactically.

      Players like Pep, Ancelotti, Capello, Koeman, Van Gaal and Blind were players who used their brains.

      They understand tactics.

      When Gullit was a player, the only thing he thought about was which nightclub he’d visit after the game (as told by Rene van der Gijp).

      The point is that there is not a lot you can teach Danny about football.

      Whenever Gullit now talks about tactics, people start laughing.

      He knows a thing about scoring, about winning, about leadership but not tactics.

      As you said: coaching is more than just having been a player. Wilmots like Van Gaal is paranoid.

      Can’t deal with the media.

      Maradona is a nutcase off the pitch (and on, by the way).

      Blind is a good analist, talks smart about football and does his research.

      You need to add all the other elements to the mix (his experience after retiring, being an assistant under LVG, etc) and there is the full argument.

      Can you name me a better option (besides Koeman)? Was Aad de Mos so successful as a coach? Advocaat? Van Marwijk?

      1. Jan,

        Nobody can say anything bad about Gullit as a player. He was a great player and driving force behind the Oranje’s first ever trophy (Euro-88) Thinking of night clubs does not tell anything about quality of a player. Gullit is a human being, he likes life and women, and it is so normal.

        1. Luke shaw is better LB than Blind..but thats only due to his speed..other than that they are same and Blind can play LCB,DM,even playmaker..Personally i dont go for Blind as long as i am having Kongolo or luuk shaw in team as LB..but i would prefer over him many other players.

          1. Maybe if Blind cuts his hair he gets better right wilson?
            Hahaha Jan I think you might spend less time answering to these 2, who say the most ridiculous things

  3. Gooooal Robben within 9 minutes haha

    “Bit awkward Arjen Robben is allowed to start this afternoon, but wasn’t fit enough to risk maybe a 20 minute cameo v France on Tuesday.”
    But it’s true it is likely better later for both Arjen and Oranje if he can have his wish to be consistently fit and playing.

    Elsewhere, Strootman left out injured of Roma’s squad this weekend

  4. I still have hope under Blind as we’ve improved in the last couple of games.

    He hasn’t been lucky he has had Strootman, Robben and Sneijder injured. Against France he had also Promes who was just starting to find his rythm with the NT.

    There seems to be a good environment within the players which is good, Strootman is back, Fer will be back if he keeps on scoring, Promes is doing well, Janssen might not be scoring for Spur but what a goal he scored with Oranje!, so all I can say is that Holland is not doing so badly. We should’ve won against Sweden and against France at least we should’ve tied.

    I am confident we will qualify and during the WC anything can happen. Holland as underdog is always a huge threat!.

  5. —————-Stekelenburg—————–




    1. very close to my ideal one!!


      —Janmaat—-DeVrij—V.Dijk—–Van Ahnholt—–



      i still believe Janmaat is stronger and more experienced then Karsdrop and i would like to see Blind Jr in defensive Midfield so Strootman can play box to box!

      1. karsdorp is really fast and strong,stronger than Janmaat..janmaat can be dribbled past easily,while to dribble past kardorp is tougher as he is more young and agile…
        Blind needs to be promoted to furthur up as we crowded at back with talents.
        Trio of Blind,Gini,strootman can run,dribble and defend together thats balanced midfeild combo..i liked ur line up however i though i like both janmaat and annholt…i dont trust much as they both can cause fatal errors..

  6. Great late 2-1 comeback win for Feyenoord away at NEC
    They just keep on rolling at the top!
    Good set up for Ajax at Feyenoord next weekend

    Nice to see Heerenveen sitting tied with PSV on 3rd too. Young CB combo of St Juste and van Aken working well behind captain Schaars in DM.
    Yet to play either Feye or Ajax though yet.

  7. van Dijk lucky to not get a pen early in the game but robbed of a clean sheet by a bad pen call. So dominant and rarely troubled.
    Love his big cross field passes.
    Clasie looking really good too, doing lots of the dirty work in the middle. He even stayed on for 90 for the first time this season in the epl.
    Both, but especially van Dijk, are a huge reason they have got the 3rd best defensive record in the EPL, behind Stekelenburg at Koemans Everton and Spurs, with their old Ajax CB combo – kind of funny!

  8. Also cool to see that the de Vrij – Hoedt combo starts again for Lazio, could be an important combo for us. maybe I’ll have to check a Lazio game sometime if I can stay awake!
    Looks like de Vrij left with a head injury 5 mins into the second half, hope he is ok.

  9. Jan;
    Thank you for a very insightful and engaging column. I was not going to reply, as I rarely do, and instead just watch you once again dismantle and eviscerate poor “Tiju” as he lobs up arguments to be swatted back like a 10-year old playing against Bjorn Borg. But I must make one observation.

    In my study from watching the games over the last 40+ years, reading the quality books that have been written (Brillant Orange among them), and also gleaning tid bits from the various interviews I am struck by one constant attribute that distinguished the periodically great Oranje squads as well as the more succesful club teams from the Eredivisie. The one thing that ties them together is an overwhelming elevated (in the squad) footballing intelligence. There was a free flowing and implied cooperation amongst the starting 11 that allowed the entire squad to support and anticipate the ebb and flow which in turn painted such a remarkable spectacle as we have been treated to over these years. It was not just because of two or three world class players or because of some hitherto genius of tactics that carried the day. To be sure, these were present, but it was when they were married to the intellect that we saw “Total Football”.

    Another aspect that seems to be hit and miss is the inability for the players to absorb whatever the chances of each specific game throws at them. My personal opinion (for a different thread) is that society as a whole has become a slave to over specialization. Just look at the medical field to see how that transpires. The older KNVB squads seemed to have players who could (maybe because of the intelligence?) effortlessly step up into the developing deficiency and neutralize it.

    Anyway, great read from you and I personally think (as I have written before) that we are in a predictable cycle of a transitory mediocre period. We just need patience and to support the youngsters.

    1. Evisceration is something u might have experienced in ur childhood.I dont buy certain points of Jan as usual…Pride goes before fall…FYI i dont agree that ATM Blind is the best LB for NT.kongolo is…Apart from that i think we did nt had any argument of recent.
      NT has qualified for EC2016 and strugglin WCQ2018.as Danny Blind is executing the ideas with favorite players of some fans here.which is repeatedly getting failure on the pitch..So i cant help it.On feild Dutch NT is proving me i am right…what to do ..

  10. Thanks Jan. Good and encouraging article!

    I’ve been one of the pessimists regarding this current generation of young Dutch players, but I actually am starting to feel like Blind is having a positive effect on these players and molding them into a team.

    I agree with you and Bret as well about the automatisms. The players have to have that collective tactical intelligence / understanding for them to really play well as a team.

    As a coach, I even see it in my son’s team (15 year olds) — they’ve scored 64 goals this year and only allowed 6, but as hard as I try, I can’t achieve the fluidity I’m after unless I put my son and two of his teammates from seasons ago adjacent to each other in the midfield. Suddenly there is flow and movement and interchange and dynamicism! The other players, many of whom are very skilled, are finally starting to see and understand, but it just takes individual insight and lots of playing together (or at least in the same system) to develop that intuitive understanding…

    Hopefully Blind has begun to assemble a consistent group of players who can develop that type of collective intelligence and relationship!

  11. I completly agree with Jan, JB and Bret here it is crucial to create a flow and dynamism within the team! And i cant be done by throwing great skilled individuals together, they need to be balanced and complementary! Furthermore it is really important that these team of players knows each other inside out, basically that they can find each other blindly on the pitch with passes! How to create such a team? Well if u look at Spain when they were really successfull and now Germany, all their players play together allready at CLublevel so they spend all year training together and playing highest level of competition as a team! Look Spains Midfield was Busquets Xavi Iniesta so no wonder they played with this flow! And Germany now is basically Bayern Munich playing together! We dont have this Environment where all our players play together at club level all year long and this due also to the weakening of the eredivise, when i look back to the Ajax of 95 there was almost the team playing as our Oranje team too (Van der Sar, Blind, Boegarde, Reiziger, Davids, Seedorf, R and Frank de Boer, Overmars, Bergkamp, Kluivert and i probably forgot some too). So i have to say yeah we are currently in a low decade for dutch football well reflected in our league and in the fact that we have no top players in the best teams in the world, we always had at least one or 2 at barcelona and other teams right now we just dont have that, exept robben but he is injury prone and getting old!
    so what to we need to come back to ancient glory? we need a revolution in the KNVB (philosophy, infrastructure and the right People to bring this reformes into play), in simple words we have to modernize and adapt new concepts in order to get back to top level internationally! And this starts in the youth academies at club level! i believe we can do it and i am alwys optimistic in our future and even if right now i am not convinced about the knvb our blind as coach i still root for them and believe that the best is yet to come for us!

  12. ok looks like its lights out for PSV. I hope those who always were critical about missed penalties, hitting woodwork, closes misses , no excuse now.

    was bit surprised by Cocu 4-4-2 formation.

    1. yo have u even seen the game? no excuse now lol ur funny PSV scored a clear goal that was not given due imaginary offside position! And in the early 2 half PSV had 2 great chances to make it 2-2 then the game goes differently! So the 4-1 Scoreline is misleading, cause PSV did play a good game only schwab and siem de jong were really really weak, also moreno and luuk and proepper not on their best!

  13. Dejong brothers and propper were the worst for PSV along with scahwaab..i hope Blind doesnt call any one from this in next games..
    Brenet had a nightmare to face world best RB,and world best RW..Roben and Alaba…Still he did okay.thats a miracle for me…

  14. And something positive:
    Arjen Robben: Man of the match – Rating 9.63, Goals – 1, Shots (OT) – 5(4), chances created – 5, Dribbles – 3, Tackles – 2

    He now has the outright third most Champions League wins for a Dutch player, behind Seedorf & Van der Sar.

    Robben said, “I am just happy to be playing again and I enjoyed every minute and it is special for me to play against my old club tonight. It is the first time that such a thing has happened to me since I started playing football abroad.

    “I always work hard during a period of injury. It is not like I sit and do nothing and wait to recover. You have to apply yourself properly to get fit again. I noticed tonight that things could go better in certain game situations but it is a question of finding the rhythm again in terms of playing 4 or 5 consecutive games to get fully back into the swing of things.

    “I am satisfied with my performance in terms of being involved in 3 of the 4 goals. I must mention how good the PSV supporters were when I was subbed I was grateful for their appreciation as that does not happen to players too often in such an obvious way so I commend the actions of the PSV Eindhoven supporters.”


    1. He is wonderful talent,excellent pace,excellent crosses,excellent dribbler,very good defender….But this is what happens to dutch guys plays under a forgin coach..i feel he is unlucky to get a such ans A@SS$$%$Shole ^coach…this is were i say Depay is so lucky that he got LVG..

  15. Hi Jan,
    I purposely watched the PSV vs Bayern game just to take another at Proper. You have said that David Proper is one of the best in the Dutch league. If that is true, i see why we are where we at. I didn’t see any difference between the Holland game and the PSV game. David Proper is SUCK
    The fact that he is in the NT means that we don’t have any better? Well the Dutch team is going to be in this shit for a long time.
    By the way we can forget about qualifying for the next world cup. Tell it like it is.

    1. Davy propper is stylist player with excellent vision and intelligence,not bad on ball too..perhaps Jan is fan of him coz of that.but he lacks ruthlessness,workrate and aggressiveness..
      We have luxuary in midefeild…like Bazoer,wijnaldum,strootman,Vilhena,toonstra,Hendrix,can do better than him not forgetiing little clasie too.its all up Blind and it his call..He will not play in my 11 as long he continues with same work rate..
      He was worst of the worst against france..

      1. I have been watching football for a long time. I know talent when I see one, trust me. David Proper is not one. Louis Van Gaal would not have selected him, i guarantee you.

          1. Time wasting and time wasting by Danny . vormer and Chery has more qualities than him but Danny wants to build the time around those who play together in eredivisie. I have said this before in a high tempo game ( Japan,Croatia, mexico)players like klaassen and propper whom Danny is trying to build the team around will simply end up being spectators on the Field.

            Why can’t Danny learn from Koeman who has succeeded with players from their talents and not from where they play.. Van Dijk (Celtic), Stekelenberg (Monaco),Martina (Twente) and now he is eyeing Stefano Denswil ( club brugge).
            This is is the first sign of a true great great coach.

            The problem is Danny all his life has being rubbing van gaals balls and now he wants to follow his philosophy which will eventually get him sacked.

          2. I have no problem with Vormer and Chery, but there is not much to say either can do anything on the same level as Klaassen or Propper. Equal at best.
            I can think of 10 dutch midfield players I would prefer over Chery or Vormer, and not even including Klaassen or Propper who I would also prefer, even though I appreciate them and think they can add depth value to a team.

            PS – neither Propper or Klaassen have played against any of Japan, Croatia, or Mexico – but those are probably teams they should compete against. 😉

            Another PS – to say Blind is building a team around Propper and Klaassen is pretty ignorant. What makes you think that? 14 games Blind has managed – Klaassen has started 4, Propper only 1.
            Seems more likely to be playing because of either injuries to others’, or poor form of wingers.

            “I have said this before”
            better to stop saying things like this in your comments! hahaha
            I am sorry but whenever you add this to your comments I just laugh thinking about things you have said before.

            And I thought of a 3rd PS – Blind has proven to be FAR different to van Gaal.
            So please do us a favor and stop with repeating your ‘balls’ comments too.

          3. Pals I was more comparing Koeman and Danny as coaches. Its all about building the team around right players and not one dimensional players whom basically can’t step up to next level simply because they lack certain ability,whether it is injury or no.this is how koeman has succeed at Southampton and now at Everton.

          4. But you do not actually compare them, haha
            maybe do not say things which you will not back up

            Funny, we would probably agree in preferring Koeman over Blind – but not many of your points make much sense… especially why you think Koeman would build a team around Chery and Vormer?

    1. dutch massacred strootman?
      he went into the last matches injured already, he and Sneijder originally training separately.

      Also, did not his massive injury problems all come playing for Roma?

      1. My point is if he was injured why risk him further.isn’t they should be used sparingly. He did the same to de Vrij and he ended up sidelined for how many months.

        1. Pretty obvious that they spend a lot of time trying to assess injuries properly (Robben, Sneijder), plus I guarantee captain Strootman would not have missed out.
          Also obvious are the reason to risk it!

          Blaming Blind for Strootman and de Vrij injuries is ridiculous.

          1. I don’t wanna exaggerate this story but players do get injured on international duties, there is no question about it,jus like wijnaldum and Promes but for the better welfare of players its the medic who should decide whether if he is fit to play or not.Strootman did complain about back pain which the medic should have checked and given green light before playing. If Strootman said he could play doesn’t mean jus let him play. Danny said he trained well but should have considered his conditions the right way.

          2. Frustration aside which off course could haven the the reason for spalletis’s outburst but again Strootman condition must have promoted in the lead up to his accusation especially after he was not used vs Napoli.

            I jus hope its nothing serious.

            Jus for the record if Roma would won in Europa,the question if Spalleti would have still bombarded Danny.I have no idea.

  16. I’m not saying Davey Propper will make it big. What I do know, is that he is a gifted player. He has vision, wonderful touch and is able to play one-touch.

    I agree he’s not in great form recently but he played a great couple of games in Europe last season (Atletico, Man United).

    Who knows which player will really make it. There was always doubt about Van Nistelrooy and Stam when they were younger. See how they ended up. While Quincy (the fast ex-Arsenal one) ended up nowhere. And Van der Gun also never made it big.

    Or Elia.

    Or Ola John.

    When Dennis Bergkamp, Richard Witsgche, Frank de Boer and Aron Winter came through at 21 years old, Leo Beenhakker called them the “french fries generation). Like Alan Hansen “you can never win titles with kids”.

    No matter how good you are in scouting Jean, you will not be the first nor the last to get it wrong (and neither will I be).

    We’ll see how we go.

  17. This weekend it’s Feyenoord – Ajax in De Kuip!

    Feyenoord only won 1 out of the 20 most recent meetings, but this season the Rotterdammers are 5 points ahead on the table.

    I’m hoping for a great game. Liverpool – ManU was another cracker, last week in our expectations but turned out to be a boring affair.

    Exciting duels to be fought: Dolberg (great talent!) vs Boteghin, Younes vs Karsdorp, Jorgensen vs Sanchez.

    I predict a 3-1 Feyenoord win!

    1. I think these will be the deciding games as to who will claim the eredivisie title this year.don’t think feyenoord will drop points with other teams except for Ajax,PSV and I will add Heerenveen who are in good form recently.

    2. Feynoord is so resolute and balanced..they should win it comfortably..As long as Bazoer sits in bench its going to be more easy for Feynoord.as this guy scores out of teh blue..

  18. Confirmed De Vrij will be out for two months and is expected to return in December.this means he will surely miss the internationals vs Beligum and Luxembourg. This leaves the question should Danny continue with Bruma or should he try a new combo. De Vrij injury also means Hoedt now will take his place. Van dijk and Hoedt Could be one option. Vlaar not sure what form he is in could be another option.Van der Hoorn also has been getting good reviews at Swansea.

    1. so Lazio massacred de Vrij?

      Hoedt does not seem ready.
      But doesnt matter.
      Unless injures we all know Blind will surely go with Bruma, van Dijk, and Blind.

          1. Karsdorp was far more convincing, plus totally scenario for different players in different positions.

      1. at Lazio, yeah. Hoedt will have more chance.

        at NT? impossible. Hoedt isn’t a regular starter this season. Van Der Hoorn will have more chance making it into NT than him. hell, even BMI can make it too.

  19. At any Cost Klassen and Propper must be dropped…both have nothing to do with NT.Klassen is a poor finisher,a light weight player and not a winner..Propper is a better finisher but rest he is same as Klassen..With both of them we wont be having edge in our mdifeild.we need comabative and Brilliance and physical strength in midefeild…
    If De vrij is injured belive me Raidwald,Tete can play as RCB may be better than Bruma..or Jerry st juste is huge upgrade ,this guy is alert and beast..i heard that Denswil is becoming good.I dont think Van der hoorn is as good as Bruma..
    with injuries of Sneijder,Roben and De vrij,strootman team must be
    Bruma>St juste
    Mensah>>De roon
    Janssen>Leory Fer
    When De vrij comes in Bruma out
    sneijder comes in Clasie out
    Roben coems in toonstra out
    stroot in De roon out

  20. i still remmber people say karsdorp is not ready ,it too early…infact real talents doesnt have age issue…Karsdorp was simply ready.So was kevin diks..Fortunatly karsdorp got only only only ONLY ONLY ONLY due to injury of Janmaat,and Tete was not playing…thats THE CURSE OF The DUTCH team and many other team..
    Kevin diks was satr RB of last yeare eredivise,he didnt get chance instead it was tsupid weil,tete and Janmaat got chance.i felt that guy kevin is sjust unlucky..sometimes injuries are really good to see some real talents.

    1. ‘karsdorp got (called up) only only only ONLY ONLY ONLY due to injury of Janmaat,and Tete was not playing…’

      Only speculation and I disagree – looking at the RB position it makes more sense to assume that Blind has been still searching for the best RB, since no RBs have played more than 2 games in a row under Blind!

      Also, I thought Karsdorp was also better than Diks last year.
      Better defender and put up better offensive numbers as well, as did van der Wiel and Janmaat in much stronger leagues.
      PS van der Wiel has not been called since Sept 2015, I bet you had not even heard of Diks yet.

      1. Here is your post from Sept 2015 with Tete and Janmaat as your top picks, not Diks and Karsdorp hahaha:


        1. i have no problem with Tete and Janmaat,
          I would take Janmaat as winger or back up Rb always…Tete is Robust RB with little threat in offense…i have no problem with both.
          i have problem with
          Propper–Shit workrate
          Klassen–Shit finisher,lacks accuarcy
          Memphis–Shit workrate,lacks pace for winger.
          Narsingh-No quick thiniking in feild.
          Rest of the players i dont have any much issues and those are temporaray.

      2. i have become fan of Diks for an year or more now..Initially i thought he is still young,but when the experienced players play like Real shit..i had to rethink..so i did that.
        Am i am least CONCERNED ABOUT players who does shit for NT but plays for stringerleague ,as long as they dont contribute to NT..i dont give a damn about them…i will look for new ones and they will get us result…
        i rate Karsdorp and Diks same,almost in every aspect of defense and offence….
        this is the Curse of the NT is that hesitating to drop players who let us down due to lack of intelligence,talent,and finally but more importantly who shows very poor work-rate for NT.
        I am not talking about Janmaat howler or strootman howler…those are odd mistakes happens in a while and i can live with that,no issues..
        Just beacuse u play in better league doesnt mean that player who contribute much in to NT..Thats so stupid perception..

  21. I don’t watch Manchester United much, but it seems to me that Blind is much better suited to a midfield role than playing as a defender.

    His passing is so good, and his individual defending is not that great. I hope that his career allows him to develop more in a midfield role.

    Also as just a point of amusement, Antonio Valencia doesn’t bend his arms when he takes throw ins..

  22. Tough game for Blind and United losing 0-4 at Chelsea. Bailly went out injured so I imagine Blind will slide back into CB with Smalling, who was horrible today and all 4 goals go through him.. still impressed Blind has lasted so long for Mourinho, even though I think he would suit that side better in a DM position.
    Or even better, he would leave Man Utd for a good club haha!

          1. First goal he let Pedro lose.

            Second goal he gave his ass to cahill.

            Third goal both smalling and Blind couldn’t shut down hazard

            Fourth goal kante totally left him for dead.

            This is what I saw.

          2. Manchester evening news .com? right
            Hahaha how long did it take you to dig that garbage up?

            What a joke, stop wasting my time.
            Your football opinion means less to me than Tiju’s

          3. I didn’t follow that shitty link to the metro either.
            You can waste your own time with those.
            Pics and stats don’t lie, they can prove a point but they don’t tell the whole story either -so here is a video clip just for you, you can feel free to go and ‘suppose’ whatever you like.
            It is just as clear as when I watched the game live, that although Blind could have done better too, ALL of the goals went through Smalling:

            Anyway what is your point – why are you obsessed with pointing out to me when Blind has a bad game?

            I even agree he had a bad game! hahah
            So what is it?

            You begrudge me because I will defend Blind when you have made up stories?

            Did I upset you when I asked you to stop insulting me?

            Why come to my friend Jan’s blog and behave this way? People here just want to talk about football, buddy!

          4. gave his ass to Cahill? HE TRIED TO BLOCK THE SHOT. if you want someone to blame, blame de Gea. he’s much closer to the path of the ball, should’ve reacted quicker using hand/dive as he’s a GK.

          5. Pals I don’t think I insulted you.I only asked you for Blinds stats was simply because he was exposed big time vs chelsea and you only seem to post stats when teams win.what about when they losses which can also give another side of the story.

            That twitter site you posted is deceiving. Take a look at this highlight.for the record I did watch the game.


            The replay of the goals gives you a better picture how it unfolded

            The second goal is gets a deflection of Blind.

            The last goal before kante receives the ball Blind losses his marker.

            The reason why I’m always skeptical about blind his simply because, he only ended up at man united was because of van gaal and every time when he gets the nod at any position in NT,the only reason is because he is playing in Man united when there are other players who jus won’t get the nod. I feel its injustice and sooner or later it will affect the team.

            He will always be weak link where ever he plays and that’s what happened vs Chelsea. As Usually the tempo of the game dictated his flaws. Well obviously Danny will not consider this and will continue to use him, the end result will be failure in crucial matches which really will be heartbreaking. I’m sure he won’t be around to answer it but it all comes to why and why he was deployed there in the first place and why no body better than him which there are.

            Remember Kyut in 2010 final.

          6. You are wrong – you have insulted me many many times here and I have let you know and asked you to stop many times too, so stop pretending like you dont.

            So you keep doing this to me over and over because I am not negative about players which you want me to be negative about? what a joke
            I speak about what I like, I just say my opinions and back it up with stats (real data).

            I am interested in reality and not building stories.

  23. And just how much do Lazio miss him?
    Looked up Lazio’s results since de Vrij moved there after WC14.

    *48 matches with de Vrij in the lineup:
    45 goals against, 20 clean sheets
    29 wins, 7 draws, 12 losses (94 pts)

    *59 matches which de Vrij has now missed:
    74 goals against, 15 clean sheets
    23 wins, 16 draws, 14 losses (85 pts)

    – a clear jump in goals per game, from less than 1 up to 1.25
    – almost half as many clean sheets per game
    – about quarter less points per game overall

    Would normally not expect just one player to make such a significant difference overall.
    Would still be nice to see him move up to one of the better leagues though!

  24. Once de Vrij is fit again, I hope Blind gets a CB pairing of deVrij-vanDijk playing together as soon as possible.
    A CB combo not yet tested, but seems to be by far the best option – overlooking de Vrij’s fresh injury, obviously – and at ages 24 and 25 it would have some longevity advantage for us too.
    Unfortunately it will not be likely be ahead of next spring… 🙁

    I do believe lots of time together is important for CBs (obviously good for all players, but I say especially CBs since I am one) to really learn to trust eachother and build a good strong partnership, and I think this is especially meaningful for smaller international sides like ours whose domestic league is weaker and the ‘stars’ play all over europe at different clubs.
    So I can appreciate that Blind has given Bruma-vanDijk 10 games now, but to me they still do not seem as comfortable as they ought to, and still have only the 1 clean sheet. So why not give Bruma a rest, he has played every game for us under Blind (the only player to do this besides Wijnaldum, actually), and not only is Wolfsburg struggling right now, but he has been a bit error prone for us.

    Karsdorp seems like a lock for RB.
    Maybe we can give vanDijk-Blind a try (since Blind will likely move back to CB for Man Utd), with Kongolo at LB. I cant really see anyone else besides him being able to do enough to convince Blind to his back 4 over the next 14 days.
    Or am I missing someone?

    1. Amazing pals,two games and Karsdorp is s lock. Imagine what will happen when others get the oppurnity to play. This is why Im always adamant about using two or three players in one position rather than jus continuing with one. really has the competition going.

      1. Well that’s not what I said, or the point of what I was talking about at all.
        I don’t disagree with you.

        So then you must appreciate that Blind as manager has never let anyone play RB more than 2 games in a row so far? 😉

        1. Unless u give chance to them u wont see THE LIGHT…What if Vanderweil is again played instead of karsdorp??????..thats how it works..Blind has dropped many and some 3 to 4 still out there to be dropped
          those are

          1. oh sweet jesus… now both tiju and wilson making things up and insulting each other

            I give up – so much for having a decent conversation about players!

  25. Daley blind should stay away from LCB as he will always be targeted as opponent has no respect for him,they will take on him and charge on him direct.that will make life difficult for him…
    Instead he must concentrate on DM with Strootman as partner..Both can combine well and we will have a visionary holding mids..
    Kevin diks played his first game for fiorentina…
    I see light for Mensah now,i want this clown Assembler Jose to be sacked.Neither smalling Nor Blind is not really good as CB..Mensah can step in and Baily is injured..i hope the clown give chances to Mensah.

      1. Quotation about how D. Blind played last game: “Daley Blind had an evening to forget for Manchester United as his side went down 4-0 at Chelsea. The left back was caught napping on several occasions during the match….” football-oranje.com

  26. As far as this obsession with Daley in his last game…
    Yes, he had a poor game. Should have been more alert for the first goal. Second goal, tried to block the shot, after Smalling left Cahill on his own…

    Really, trying to pin the blame of that result on Blind is foolish and short sighted. Are there not 10 other players?

    Yes, he had a bad game. No one is denying that. Smalling was worse. What was de Gea doing on the first goal? Why didn’t Mata track Kante on the last goal? Why did Lingard lose possession so many times? Why didn’t Ibra score his chances? Why didn’t Pogba impose himself on the game and play like a 90 million pound player? Why is didn’t Fellani use his elbows more?

    The play of the entire team was bad, including the manager. Interesting, United are in a worse position than last year under van Gaal.

    Sybe, Wilson and Tiju are best ignored. Reason is wasted on them.

          1. Haha, there certainly is a comma there. It’s nice to discuss and read the opinions of passionate, yet reasonable posters.

            Thanks vanfadly for your sharp eyes.

  27. I don’t want to place too much emphasis on any individual game, but I feel like the Chelsea game clearly displayed that Daley Blind is not really a defender (center back or full back). He has a great footballing mind though and is a creative and accurate passer. I just fear that LVG’s 5-3-2 / 3-5-2 was a short term fix to address the absence of certain key players during the World Cup, and now Blind’s stop-gap role in 2014 has continued to define him as a player going forward. I’d love to see him play as a deep-lying midfielder for club and country, but I guess that depends our our ability to develop someone better at the defensive role he’s currently playing in order to push him up the field.

  28. Interesting comments on the Man U game.

    I agree Blind didn’t play a great game. He made more mistakes personally than usual.

    But, I think the main problem ManU has is Mourinho :-). He got it wrong again. The 3-4-3 Conte used was too much for ManU. Fellaini was lost. Smalling played dramatically. Valencia let Lindford/Rashford do his bidding. It was a mess tactically.

    Sure, individual mistakes don’t help and for the first goal, Smalling, Blind and De Gea were to blame. What was he doing there, our Spanish goalie?

    Herrera was drowning in midfield, Zlatan keeps on drifting away from the box, it was overall a dramatic performance.

    We can all blame Blind for everything, but key players like Pogba, Zlatan and De Gea also shared in the debable.

  29. jus wanna make a point here. everybody is entitled for their own opinion here whether its negative or positive,whether you like it or not and also nobody is stopping anyone from ignoring any thing. if you like it fair enough and if you don’t, its up to you.

    the last thing you wanna see is NT reaching QF,SF or final and conceding jus because somebody is defensively weak. also this is the stage where everything matters and one mistake can be decisive. kyut in 2010, was heart breaker.

    you cant build the house on weak foundation, it simply wont stand any chance and this is what Danny is ignoring.

    jus bring in the competition and you will realize what Im talking about.

    sort and simple, whether you like it or not.

  30. Wilson, you are totally right. We all are entitled to our opinion.

    But if the opinion is based on what you see or think you’ve seen, it is fair for others to analyse and do an assessment and give their opinion.

    Is your comment aimed at Daley as a defender? Or just generic?

    Because we were all analysing Man United’s loss vs Chelsea and even though Blind did have a weak(er) game, I don’t think its fair to say he lost ManU the game.

    I believe some people are better at analysing football than others. The last Chelsea goal (Kante) is a typical example. Smalling looked weak in trying to stop Kante 1 v 1, but the real mistake was the two holding mids not positioning themselves properly.

    Not everyone can see this.

    1. No he is speaking of van Dijk, not Blind.
      He does not like Virgil because of his hair length causing him to be less Agilent something, also he made lots of errors in his first couple games for us, so he should get the axe – even though he is one of the only couple CBs who is playing at probably the highest level.

    2. “”””Smalling looked weak in trying to stop Kante 1 v 1,”””””””””
      Fosu mensah would have F#$$ked Kante in that sitauation as did for Manu many times already….but wat to do coaches go for experienced and Jose cannt see it…
      Yes maourhino cannt see it..

  31. Blind is not great CB but defintly not bad as CB…that how the reality is…
    Dutch NT need a great CB to win something Daley is not in that level.
    Manu needs a Great CB to win EPL ,Neither Blind nor Smalling are in to that catagory.
    Blind needs to focus on holding mid as he is an intelligent player..this is were we could utlise Daley Blind at his optimal level.

  32. It all depends on what you want from the team, first and foremost, before you fill in the individuals. When you play Blind as CB you have a defender with limitations and a build up player with great vision and passing.

    If you play Smalling, you get – usually – a good defender but with less passing skills.

    If you play Carrick in hold mid, you can use Smalling/Baily, if you don’t have Carrick but Herrera and Fellaini, you can really use Blind.

    It’s not the players who determine the game outcome (mostly) but the team and the team plan.

    There are exceptional players who can win you games (Messi, CR7, Mahrez, Ziyech, Robben) but coaches usually look at balance, team dynamics etc.

    Players making individual mistakes is not on the coach, but Mournho was outclassed by Conte’s tactics as well.

    Problem with football is, goals are usually the result of a defender / goalie mistake.

    But I hear no one talk about Zlatan missing a golden header vs Chelsea?

    1. Forwards are entitled to miss.it happens with urgency psychologically. thats how reality is also no here cares about zlatan or Pogba..People here care about Blind,Mensah and Depay..unfortunatly wilson doesnt like Daley Blind as CB and i think he has a point over there.i Dont like Depay as well..
      As long as Danny satay as a coach he will find a way to play his son.i am sure it has affected as..I dont mind if Blind playing over Depay,klassen,propper,Hendrix etc ..but playing blind over kongolo as LB or LCB is not wise idea..Blind can start from bench at least in my book.

  33. Jan I totally don’t mind that. As I said different people,different opinions but in this case its more about accepting the fact that Daley Blind is jus a one dimensional player whose play is dictated by the tempo of the game.you can write this down if you want,in a high tempo game no matter which position he plays he is bound to get exposed.Now this is what I find funny. When they win there is no blame game but when they loose it all about the coaches,this that and so fort.vs Leicester.

    As for Blind, you don’t need to look far to tell where his vulnerablilty lies and the type of opponents he is most likely to get exposed. Vs man city when Daley Blind was caught napping on both goals the comments were the same as what has been after the Chelsea game. Jus an example

    This is what Syber pal said “Blind looked below par too and esp when he was caught on that de Bruyne goal. Utd was not prepared to defend the long ball from a Pep side, Blind is not so strong in that scenario anyway. I thought his small error of keeping Iheanacho onside for second goal was the same sort of thing, the last player in a long line of small errors. Bad team defending. Should put blame on the manager if anywhere”

    After the Chelsea game he said this “Tough game for Blind and United losing 0-4 at Chelsea. Bailly went out injured so I imagine Blind will slide back into CB with Smalling, who was horrible today and all 4 goals go through him.. still impressed Blind has lasted so long for Mourinho, even though I think he would suit that side better in a DM position.
    Or even better, he would leave Man Utd for a good club haha!”

    You see this not once in blue moon case senario, it jus indicates at what level he he will falter.in context to NT you are looking at the knock out stages where the top teams always colide. This is where you jus can’t afford to have one dimensional players like Blind especially when the tempo will shift to another level.

    Jus to answer some of your other questions. Im afraid Blind in any defensive position will in let the team down in crucial matches jus because he has his limited ceiling.

    Also the whole idea for bringing this topic up was to highlight the fact that if this is whats happening to him in man united,then you can imagine what will happen to him in the same context when playing for NT.

    1. I understand your worry of Blind’s crucial weakness.

      I can imagine if our NT has to face an opponent who has a quick player like Robben, at the situation like his last goal vs Spain at WC’14, with Blind at Ramos’ position. Blind’ll never catch up with the counter…

      but it’s what we have. like Jan said above, it’s all about team setup. Bruma-Van Dijk pairing (without Blind Jr. playing) will guarantee lesser creativity overall. adding Clasie/Blind
      Strootman/De Jong will yield something different.

      we can only wish for a Bonucci, a Barzagli, a Veratti. pretty complete defensive unit. but until then, we’ll have to make do with whatever in our disposal.

      I’m hoping that Riedewald could step up, so we can compare him fairly vs Blind.

      1. “”””””but it’s what we have. like Jan said above, i””””””””””””
        BIG NO my dear vanfadly…
        We have Fosu Mensah and Terence kongolo both are incredibly fast and strong to out muscle any one..Danny Blind is Blind to that..
        would be a nice combo…With kongolos on left and karsdorp/kevin diks on right we would be untouchable..when add 2 combo midfeild ofStrootman=Blind/Wijnaldum/Hendrix

        1. i think Daley is playing in wrong spot like kuyt played form 2005-2012 under Bert and San mark…kuyt best tournament was 2014 WC,though he didnt score a goal.when we utilised him in propper way…

        2. I partly agree w/ your opinion. Kongolo should’ve been called by now (vs Belgium/Lux maybe?).

          now Mensah have to play regularly first. this isn’t Blind’s fault, he already tried to call him up before (and then dropped him b/c he’s unfit).

          if all of sudden Blind called him, it’ll create unrest among the squad: that we don’t have to work hard to earn the call.

          I’m saying it: players have to play regularly and consistently to be called up. but before that, Blind has a gameplan. players called up should be fit to his gameplan.

          with fierce competition at NT (apparently top Eredivisie club player wins favour (Klaassen) vs mid-low club (Fer, Chery) vs Belgian (Vormer)…. in this case, I think Blind should’ve at least tested Fer.

          so, yeah. I think few players should already been tested by now. it’s just a matter of time… w/ current form, maybe next ones are Brenet, Fer, BMI…

    2. I guess I’m obliged to respond since you use my name (sort of).. well I stand by my words!
      I criticized Blind and his manager when they were below par or did not get it right.

      You want us to write this down: “the fact that Daley Blind is jus a one dimensional player whose play is dictated by the tempo of the game”
      Should we write that next to all the questions you won’t answer, or maybe next to your assessment that van Dijk is not agile enough because of his hair? Let me know.

      Well that is not a fact anyway, that is your opinion (and although very arguable, it is one I probably agree with actually! but who cares).

      So you assume my opinion? But you haven’t asked me. You make bad guesses.
      In fact, I agree 100% with @vanfadly.
      Personally Blind not a player who makes me feel particularly confident on our back line – but that does not necessarily mean there is a better option, to me. Also, I would rather someone who might make an error in a top level over someone who might make a mistake at a lower level.

      But regardless – why didn’t you pull my quotes from after the Liverpool match where Blind had a clean sheet against the highest tempo team with the most ‘goals for’ at the time, in the highest tempo league? Now THAT is a fact.
      But, does not quite fit into the story you’re making does it? Hahaha

      You drag us (and esp me!) through this ridiculous Blind discussion every time he has a bad game.
      And you quoted me, why, you are upset because my criticism of him was not harsh enough or something? WTF buddy
      Why didn’t you follow your advise and ignore my comment then?

      1. You know what, kindly leave me out of it from now on because I don’t care for your opinion and feel it is pointless to debate this with you – even though I normally love to debate.
        Out of respect for you and your opinions, I will tell you some of my reasons why – you call your opinions fact, show no respect, wish bad on our players, make things up, and you insult people who disagree with you – except Jan apparently – although insulting others on his blog is insulting to him, but that’s just my opinion 😉

  34. I have to agree with Jan and Sybe here, football is a teamperformance(balance, determination and tactics)! Blaming only Blind is complete bull**** and i really dont know why Wilson and Tiju have some players they constantly bash like Depay and Daley Blind while they idiolize other players that are far from the level of thoose two like Cherry and perhaps Kevin Diks.
    Back to Man U situation i am kind of glad to see Mourinho fail like this, after all the media bashing of poor Van Gaal who did not do such a bad job! And yeah Mourinho is a meathead always using Felliani in his lineup, i would much rather see Daley Blind in that position! I was quite dissappointed of the klassiker Feynoord Ajax and i am rly upset that Peter Bosz is not using our most talented dutch players such as Bazoer, Riedewald, Tete and El Ghazi! Instead he plays players i really dislike and that are performing low with low future prospect, such as Viergever, Gudjel and even Traoere/Younes who have both been abyssmal in my opinion!

    1. Kevin diks is victim of bad coaching while Depay is responsible for his falling as LVG did his level best to Depay suceed Depay in Manu.
      I am really enjoying the failure of Jose as i expected..Jose seems clueless now..he is just a assembler not a good coach..very bad feild coach IMO..having said that i am sad about teh sacking of LVG and current situation of Manu…
      i like to see Mensah starts with Baily..and Blind moves to midfeild with Herrera and Pogba..with Rashford as main striker and makthitaryan and martial on wings…
      I am pissed of by the situations of Bazoer,tete and Raidwald,especially for Bazoer…Elgahzi is just overrated empty vessel..so i dont think thats a big loss for NT…

      1. i believe ur being a little bit harsh on Elghazi i see potential in him, he always tries to make a difference and he is always searching for a direct approach! And when he came of the bench lately he was far better then Younes and especially Traore! I just hope that Bazoer/Riedewald and Tete are not leaving Ajax in the winter due to lack of playing time and trust from this stupid Peter Bosz!

  35. And yeah Van Dijk is a must in our NT, but wihtout Bruma who is having a bad season at Wolfsburg and has never been quite good for Oranje! I really would like to see De Vrij with Virgil once he gets back from injury, til then i would like to see Blind Jr alongside Van Dijk so we can deploy someone else as left back!

  36. but one thing i gurentee to this team and Danny Blind..Orange will be defintly better with out Berghuis,Narsingh,Propper,klassen,Depay(these shoudl be dropped for God sake) and Blind as CB.

    1. i want to see certain players gets exposed against a good team..To get them exposed we need to play them with another players..

  37. Hoedt quotes:
    “Stefan is a full Orange International and I try to be. I learn from him, he learns from me. So we try to make each other better.
    It’s important that I show in Italy that I deserve a call from the coach. Hard and strong defense, then the rest will come,”

    Great attitude!

  38. Ouch – PSV crash out of the cup losing 1-3 away to Sparta. I was unable to watch, but it does not even look like a weakened lineup at all, as some big teams will do for the cup.
    I notice they had most of the possession and lots of chances (and 15 attempts) again but no finish (only 3 shots on target), not unlike their match on the weekend..
    anyone able to watch?
    Hope to see Cocu turn it around!

    1. PSV defense is derailed now..After the departure of Bruma..they were good unit of defense,they defended collectivly that they lost now..Brenet is really good wingback he can play both RB and LB…
      Karsdorp—De Vrij–Virgil—Kongolo as first choice back line
      Kevin diks-St Juste-Mensah—Brenet as second choice would be nic Robust defense of 8 players…
      if we move 433
      then we could work like
      ——-De Roon/Hendrix————-
      with wingers
      with strikers
      Vincent janssen

  39. Interested to see how Ajax lines up tomorrow. Lots of prospects sitting on their bench.
    Specifically I’m interested in seeing these mids take their next steps:
    D van de Beek

      1. right? Sinkgraven at LB seems so strange to me with Riedewald sitting right there, and he keeps doing it – 4 times in a row now? Singkraven looks so uncomfortable to me, I do prefer him on LB to Younes, and he can play in the middle too.
        I cant see him benching either Klaassen or Ziyech in the eredivisie or EL, so bad news for Bazoer (unless he can pull off DM, though Riedewald seems great there too), Nouri and van de Beek – except maybe in the cup!
        But Bosz keeps getting results so maybe he prefers only to make changes when he must.

  40. I jus wanna say this in light to some of the comments above. I judge players based on their abilities and not jus because they can play as a team.simple as that. I’m crtical ,I’m judgemental just because of that aspect.

    Again you don’t have to look far to justify this.yes you guessed it right.van dijk. I dont wanna keep repeating this but looking at how things unfolded for him and what he has gone to become,there is no denial that there are others who may not get the chance to play at top level or in top club but they do have what it takes to play there and thats where I’m coming from.

    This is also why I rate Vormer,Chery and buttner highly even though they are not playing in a top league or top club. They are good individual players. I can guarantee they might struggle in first few games jus like Van Dijk did but will gradually settle down and peak as they play more and more matches.

  41. These Blind debates will go on and on…. The proof is on the pitch. My statement for all to read is:

    Ever since Blind was in the spotlight (Ajax youth) coaches like Cruyff, Van Gaal and others hailed him as a true player. Since coming of age, coaches like De Boer, Hiddink, Van Gaal and Mourinho use him. English analysts like Danny Murphy compliment him.

    That to me is worth more than the limited opinion of fans.

    Yes Kongolo is playing really well. Yes Riedewald might become a better player, same with Fosu Mensah, but a team manager needs to field a team that can play together NOW. Not in 2 years. Select the best team now.

    People who think that the Dutch football community would allow Daddy Blind to select Son Blind because he is his son is a complete ignorant moron.

    Do you really think pundits like Van Hanegem, Adriaanse, Gullit and Derksen would accept this without saying something about it??

    Did you ever read any word on this?

    PSV has lost it a bit, but it’s not due to their defense, its the midfield that lets them down. Propper is out of form and Guardado too. The Mexican playmaker was told by PSV he couldn’t play Copa America and the Olympics tournament – which he wanted – and ever since he seems unhappy. They miss Van Ginkel too.

    Feyenoord lacked flow for 7 games last season and are rocking this season. It happens.

    Ramselaar does offer something special and PSV will definitely turn this around.

    1. Thanks for this Jan. Everyone on here is so hard on Blind and every time he has a bad game (very rarely) all of sudden he’s a horrible player. Still a classy player and a GOOD DEFENDER. With De Vrij out he’s my pick to start alongside Van Dijk at CB.

    2. Jan I agree with what you atw saying but he will always be vulnerable at some stage and this is one reason why I always scrutinize his games.jus bring in healthy competition in the team.that all ,everything will be clear.

  42. An Ajax squad fresh with youngsters thrash poor Kozakken Boys 6-1 away.. Nouri with wonderful reviews from his 3 assists.. 2 more for Cerny and van de Beek.
    Goals from: Casierra (2), Clement (2), Cerny and even El Ghazi

    Let’s see if it’s good enough to get any of them into the first team, unlikely (except for maybe Bazoer who was playing DM) because Ziyech and captain Klaassen keep finding themselves on the score sheets.

    1. Feyenoord also advance with a 4-0 dominating defeat of Excelsior.
      Elia scored, Toornstra had a goal and assist, back in his CM position since their injured wingers are back fit.
      Plus another couple assists for Karsdorp (also 4 chances created)! 👍

    2. yeah i saw the game, for me that second youngster team plays a better and faster style then the first team of Bosz! Yeah Nouri had incredible passes that just unlock the whole defensive line! Also Cerny and El Ghazi with great perfomances as Wingers and Cassiera is a great finisher too! De Ligt and Riedewald in CB where great going forward which such skill and ease! Great potential for us!

  43. Nice response from Blind and United to their bad game v Chelsea winning 1-0 at home to City.
    Blind was ok, playing RCB (!?) so did not look as comfortable. Iheanacho got better of him a couple times but blew it. Still always a pleasure to watch his passing game, so good with the ball.
    Memphis stayed on the bench, no sign of TFM.

  44. Voorselectie Nederlands elftal:
    Daley Blind (Manchester United), Jeffrey Bruma (VfL Wolfsburg), Jordy Clasie (Southampton), Memphis Depay (Manchester United), Virgil van Dijk (Southampton), Bas Dost (Sporting CP), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Rick Karsdorp (Feyenoord), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Terence Kongolo (Feyenoord), Davy Pröpper (PSV), Bart Ramselaar (PSV), Arjen Robben (Bayern München), Stijn Schaars (sc Heerenveen), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Maarten Stekelenburg (Everton), Joël Veltman (Ajax), Tonny Vilhena (Feyenoord), Michel Vorm (Tottenham Hotspur), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool) en Jetro Willems (PSV).

    notable absentee(s): Leroy Fer

    surprise: Stijn Schaars (don’t know his form), Memphis Depay (…)

    I believe Strootman will serve suspension. but article says that Strootman, Elia, Promes are still doubtful, they might be called up if there’s any necessity.

    notable injury: Zoet, De Vrij, Narsingh

    look who’s back: ROBBEN!

    probable (not my favoured) lineup

    Karsdorp, Bruma, Van Dijk, Kongolo
    Blind, Klaassen, Sneijder
    Robben, Janssen, Depay

    1. vs Lux, I’d prefer

      Karsdorp, Van Dijk, Blind, Kongolo
      Clasie, Wijnaldum, Sneijder
      Robben, Janssen, Ramselaar

      well Lux is not as strong as Belgium, but it’s qualifier. so I guess we may experiment just a little.

    2. Stijn Schaars was doing ery well, a wellldeserved call..As Blind looks experience at back…its a good call..
      Worst call is offcourse Depay comes first i ahve never seen such a lucky player in my life time,thats show Blind is clueless,propper,stekelnburg(one good day)

  45. Toornstra and Hoedt should have been called. again its no use wasting time on Veltman and willems.I know they are backup players but what the use when in long run they wont be part of the team. its better to invest in some other player who in future might go on to become better players than them. for me Toornstra is above propper and Klaassen even though he plays on the wing. it jus makes no sense having both propper and klaassen in the team.claise at BTB is a upgrade than both and which is where he should be playing and not at DM.

    good to see schaars back.


    kardsorp – Bruma – Dijk – Kongolo

    wijnaldum – Schaars – Sneijder

    Robben – janssen – Depay

    1. zoet’s injured. will have to make do w/ stek/vorm.

      agree w/ Toornstra, but Hoedt should play more regularly.

      I assume you meant Clasie at CM? he’s not fit as B2B, doesn’t have lungs for it.

      I haven’t watch Schaars for a while. is he so good than, say, Blind Jr?

  46. I am really pissed off to see Klassen(poor finishing and lightweight)Propper-(No workrate and energy)Depay(No pace for a winger and poor workrate).
    Toonstra desevred a call over overrated klassen and lethargic propper..
    Selecting Depay is sending wrong messages to new generations that you dont have to play for ur club regularly to get a spot in NT..He is now shit of player…i am pissed off and i cannt stand this anymore..Danny is going to S@#44k with him as a winger…i know against poor luxumburg he will be king as he did vs Brugge and mittjland..

    1. Depay did quite good vs France.

      do we really have regularly playing, quality, wingers? seriously. apart from Narsingh, Promes and Robben.

      Ramselaar is there too, I think it’s enough. once Nouri make it to first team, we’ll have another pick.

      1. Depay was completely downgrade to promes in over all game..Promes is every where on the pitch,though he lacks quality he makes up that with tremendous workrate…Promes is available,helps defense etc…Depay is just showing 1 or 2 tricks..thats teh maximum he can give…Very poor team play..i mean he cannt work with connetion of his playmates..very poor first touch..it is impossible to play fluid game with Depay as looses the ball quite ofetn too…he is pathetic.
        Zivkovic is better and faster
        Annholt is better and faster who can helps defense too.

        1. For me the wingers are Roben,Promes,zivkovic,annholt,williams,vanrhijn,janmaat.kevin diks,nauri…they all more productive and can contribute to team more than Depay

          1. For me the wingers are: Fosu Mensah, De Vrij, Steklenberg, Seedorf, Nigel De Jong, and Blind Sr.

        1. Tiju – gret inteligence, dosn’t run around like headles chiken. Defens well, covers his baks, great balance. Tremendous workrate. Not pathetic, doesn’t loss ball ofetn. Has 2 or thre triks, always fool oposing defendr.
          Very productive Plays fluid game not looses the ball.
          Not pathetic.

    1. Reason to choose Tiju on the wing over others:
      1. Quick pace: he finish posting his 10 comments while you still select your words for your first comment.
      2. Hard work rate: Tiju is available 24/7 to post comments, who can compete with him?
      However, he also has some problems that he need to solve:
      1. Connection with his blog mate: ….#$@3432
      2. Poor first touch: he often mistype the player names.

      For me the wingers are: Tiju and Depay

  47. Glad too see Zivkovic named in the U21 squad. Looks like he made the right decsion joing Utretch. More game time and he is showing his potentials.

    Also looking forward to seeing Ake in midfield. M starting to like this guy.Art Langeler. Jus doing the basic stuff right. Right players,right position and off course players with abilities. This is where it should start going on to the transition.

    1. The selection of Vito van der crooy who plays in ereste divise jus shows his intent of scouting players based on abilities. Havnt seen this guy play but given his selection,must be a player with some potential. This is what you wanna see in coach and what I would like to see Danny do. Giving more players opportunity.

      On a sour note bit disappointed with Sinkgravens ommission.not sure if he is injured.

  48. Goal and 2 assists for Robben v Augsburg so far..

    Blind is playing his second game in a row at RCB, with Rojo his partner. So strange.

    Watching Janssen v Leicester instead, he is certainly a handful for CBs and holds up the ball well with his back to defenders. Nice work to earn a penalty which he finally just scored his first in the PL.

    Also looks like Promes is over his injury, back in starting lineup for Spartak.

  49. Barring injuries between now and then, I’d be surprised not to see:

    Karsdorp Bruma van Dijk Blind
    Strootman Wijnaldum Sneijder
    Robben Janssen Promes

  50. I dont mind Schaars being named in the provisional squad – which doesnt really matter anyway.
    Seems like a decent place to acknowledging probably the most efficient DM in the eredivisie (along with El Ahmadi) and the with the most touches and interceptions of any player (per Opta stats). Obviously as Heerenveen captain who has played every minute for them so far he is a huge reason for their sitting on 3rd and have lost only 1 – although maybe worth mentioning that so far their only top half tests have been an early home win to slow starters Twente and their recent draw against slumping PSV (which was close to a 1-0 win, if not for that unlucky St Juste own goal).
    Will be good to see him tomorrow v Feyenoord!

  51. I dont mind Schaars being named in the provisional squad – which doesnt really matter anyway.
    Seems like a decent place to acknowledging probably the most efficient DM in the eredivisie (along with El Ahmadi) and the with the most touches and interceptions of any player (per Opta stats). Obviously as Heerenveen captain who has played every minute for them so far he is a huge reason for their sitting on 3rd and have lost only 1 – although maybe worth mentioning that so far their only top half tests have been an early home win to slow starters Twente and their recent draw against slumping PSV (which was close to a 1-0 win, if not for that unlucky St Juste own goal).
    Will be good to see him tomorrow v Feyenoord!

  52. Possible transfers in Jan.

    Stefano Denswil- Milan/Monaco/everton

    Memphis Depay- Milan/Roma

    Alexander Buttner- beskitas

    Riechedly Bazoer- Milan

    Daley Blind- Inter.

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