HAPPY NEW YEAR….. 2014: Oranje World Champs!!!

Happy New Year all!!

And apologies for being late….

I have taken a break over Xmas and came back with a stack of work awaiting…

Lots of cool projects on the go and one of them will HIGHLY excite you as it will most likely take me to the action this Summer :-).

YES!! World Cup Brazil here I come!!!

A very cool World Cup Sports Marketing related project from Holland…. Very confidential still, but will fill you in in the coming months….

I do not have a lot of time till next week Monday, so please bear with me and enjoy this little lull before we move into….


Gotta Run!


PS Pleaae excuse me for making a fool of myself in this pic, ok?

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          1. Ghana would be great and if it is at their house it would still give us a warmer climate to ‘warm’ up to. FIFA site saying Amsterdam.

  1. Happy New Year to you, Jan, and thank you as always for keeping the site running. As with, Vincent above, I don’t post as much as I used to, or as often because of time constraints, but I still open it daily. Best of luck on your new venture—hope to hear more about it when appropriate.

    1. De Boer told Voetbal International, ”I made ​​the decision. We’re going to do it with this group. We have so many talented right wingers who can play.”
      “I have a good feeling over junior Ricardo Kishna. Lesley de Sa is doing well and we have Bojan Krkic and Lasse Schöne, ”

      1. Frankly I think this is good news. About 90% of the time Ajax buys a player it’s a complete waste of money because their scouting is terrible (I think Pantelic was one of the biggest disgraces to ever wear an Ajax jersey).

        They are much better at developing their own talent. It’s cheaper too! We are just now starting to really see the benefit of a reinvented confidence and emphasis in the youth system.

        1. I don’t agree about Pantelic, I think he was quite important during some games. And I liked the fact Ajax could take him to Herta Berlin while he was their best player. You don’t see often dutch clubs taking good players from clubs in England, Germany, Spain etc. that’s valuable for the dutch league.

          Now De Boer says that he doesn’t want Ola John because he has Kishna, De Sa, Bojan and Schone. I don’t know much about Kishna but I doubt that he is already better or at the same level than John, De Sa is a crap player, Bojan isn’t doing good at all and will leave as soon as he can, and Schone is no right winger.

          That shows a lot about Ajax ambition to mention four names who are all under Ola John.

    1. a) Again, why are you putting a left-footed defender as RCB? Do you understand why certain defenders play on the right side and others play on the left? Are you also going to suggest putting v.d. Wiel as LWB?

      If you put two same-footed defenders in the central defense, it leaves a huge gap which can fairly easily be exploited. This is the whole reason that when van Gaal played with Vlaar and Veltman against Columbia, he pointed out that it was only because he had no one else left available on the left.

      b) I rate Vlaar, Veltman, and van Dijk all over Bruma.

      If PSV continues in its current form, I think maybe Depay might be the only I’m interested in seeing at the WC, with perhaps Rekik or Bruma on the bench. Neither of those should be a starter based on current performances.

      1. I read this blog every day (thanks Jan!) but sometimes I think people need to relax a bit. If you watch the video you will see that Bruma is right-footed. Also, I think these centre-backs should go to the World Cup: Vlaar, Martins Indi, Bruma and Van Dijk. Veltman, De Vrij and Rekik can be the back-ups. But lots can happen between now and June.

        1. I was always told he was left-footed, hence the reason he is often positioned in the left center back position. A quick search on google states he is either left-footed or both-footed.

          Either way, I definitely rate Vlaar and Veltman higher than him. A defender doesn’t need much speed if he uses proper positioning.

          As for “relaxing a bit”, I don’t think anyone here made any stressed comments? If discussion is not permitted, than it quickly becomes pretty dull.

      2. A lot of this is wrong. A left-footed player can play right back and vice versa. Regardless of the combination of footedness of your central defenders there will also be a space, the only thing that changes is where the weak space is.

  2. u cannt contain Demaria,reus,ozil,ronaldo,nani,Alexis,jesues nas,messi,augero with turtles,So turtle centre backs should be MUST BE DROPPED FOR WC2014.
    Non creative players should be dropped up front.
    Lesser runner/must be dropped from midfeild

  3. Happy new year to everyone as well and best wishes for 2014.
    Keko, I hope you are right about Kishna. Frankie has just announced he will be on the A squad for the rest of the season. Another youngster.

    1. I think depay could be our next biggest talent, he has all the qualities to be a very good winger. I haven’t been able to watch him throughout a match but he has skill and an attitude to match. Apparently he isn’t that consistent as of yet but when i think of eriksen he was only consistently good in his last season.

  4. There is another winger in the youth ranks in which, I believe, will be the Robben’s successor in a couple of years. Him and Kishna should be the new oranje wingers.

  5. I wouldn’t like to see the Moroccan Football Association going after him, before he gets to be known for the great public, if you know what I mean. He’ll probably make his debut next season.

  6. I wonder if Bobby Adekanye will play for the Dutch NT. Him and Nunnely might be players that could reinforce the winger position for the Netherlands in time.

    Concerning Dutch Moroccan players, I think it is a great filter on it’s own. Them choosing. If they have second thoughts to play for the Dutch NT then please let them go play or the Moroccan NT. I remember 1996. Basically a group of black players that had a ax to grind with Dutch society and/or racism. The Ajax salary’s were just used by them to make a point about something that bothered them on more levels.

    It’s not worth it to sacrifice group harmony for a talented player. Either the player is proud to represent the Netherlands or he should not go for it at all.

    I think Keko is referring to the FC Twente player Ould-Chikh. I really hope the Moroccan FA tries to tempt him to play for them. Let him show his resolve to play for the Dutch NT. Let him be tested and if he is off, then he was a threat for group harmony and group process to begin with.

    Imagine a player not really wanting to play in Orange from the start. Having to deal with negative public opinion after some losses. Having to deal with negative journalists. Having to deal with remarks maybe from certain politicians. Having to deal with some racism from small groups of backward people that every society has. Having to click with all the other Dutch players or at least deal with them professionally to achieve big things.

    To do all that you must love the idea to play in Orange. If that love is not really there, then I get worried about problems I have seen arise in the past. Not having that again.

  7. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is believed to be plotting the signing of Dutch international midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum. The Metro say that Rodgers is keen to add more creativity to the Liverpool midfield and has identified the PSV captain as his preferred candidate. Wijnaldum has scored 39 times in 105 appearances since joining PSV from Feyenoord in 2011 and the 23-year-old could be available for nine million pounds.

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