Happy Summer Solstice from Australia

Hi all, merry xmas and all that. I’m not into this sort of thing. Sure, I like the food and love the Boxing Day games in the EPL but I’m not religious and do not have a lot of time for the whole hypocrisy around the whole peace on Earth and baby Jesus thing.

Let’s not get into it! December 25 is Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere and Summer Solstice on the Southern… We will enjoy the day half naked, chasing kangaroos, downing cold beers and eating prawns while swimming in the bay with dolphins.

I will get back with some “end of year” posts soon.

For now, I’ll leave you with the news that the KNVB is open to starting Boxing Day games in the Eredivisie as well!

I wish you a nice time and will bring you a nice insight into life post Johan Cruyff in Dutch football. The man got a raving tribute from Frank Rijkaard at the Dutch Sports Gala and I hereby pick him as the Dutch Sportsman, woman AND team of the year.

His legacy is dominating the headlines in the Dutch media’s look back on 2016.

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  1. Happy Christmas to all…Not much in to Christmas thing…But Like Christ and accepted HIM as my Lord and Savior.
    Antonio Conte is making waves in PL and Chelsea seems unstoppable..with 1343 for mation
    Cannt we do that
    Second line
    Kevin diks–Bazoer–Blind—Williams

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