1. @Jan, what do you think about LVG as the CEO? Is he suited to it? Would he be able to delegate?

    I have immense respect for him. But he seems to me like one of those guys who would take the job with every intention of being a CEO, but he’d get frustrated with being so far removed from the team on the field…and he’d either resign out of the frustration or end up appointing himself to run the team.

    He just seems way too hands on to have so many layers between himself and the product on the field.

  2. The LVG question on him being fit for CEO is an excellent question. We all know he has amazing background as player, coach and director (charities and management role with Ajax).

    He has the skills and experience.

    But the key question: will he have the right personality… I can’t answer that but there is a high chance he will go through the China cabinet like a bull. Might be ok for this stage the KNVB is in though

  3. Hello guys I will be going to Amsterdam to watch the game Holland vs Bulgaria on September 3rd and I’d really appreciate some advice for a centric hotel with a private bathroom and not too expensive.

    Does someone know about EasyHotel Amsterdam City Centre South? or is there a better option with a good price/location?

    I would really appreciate some help.

    1. Sorry, I always try to stay in a suite for at least 1000 euros a night.

      On a lesser budget, you might try the rather unfortunately named Breitner House. I hear it is nice

      If you prefer to stay by the coast, I would highly recommend the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. There is even a Louis van Gaal suite there and a free beach shuttle!

      1. Louis,

        Why don’t you offer him some suggestions within the realm of reason.

        That said, I’m surprised that you only have a suite in Noordwijk. Van Marwijk and I actually have penthouses there!

      2. Thank you Aloysius. The Breitner House hotel is sold out and the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin seems like a good place but it’s too far from Amsterdam center.

        But thank you anyway 🙂

        I am so excited I’ll be watching Holland for the first time.

        1. That’s awesome! Hopefully we’ll do better than the last match against Bulgaria.

          In terms of hotels, I think there are tons of options. It just depends on where you’re coming from, what you’re looking to spend, and how authentic / touristy of an experience you’re looking for.

          If you just want somewhere to crash before and afterwards, there are tons of good options that should be relatively inexpensive.

          If you’d prefer a more cultural experience, obviously the price will be a factor and the options more limited.

          I’ve never stayed at the place you mention. Anyone else have suggestions?

  4. LVG would be great as Director…He has the personality for that he is made for that..
    by the by
    Since we knew that Depay is Shi%%t at LW..why cannt we look for another option Justin kluivert..He would be a better choice than Depay at LW.

      1. But Depay is real piece of shit these days??To get spot over Depay you dont have to replace Younnes who is doing really well in Ajax..
        We need that blistering pace and skills of Justin in NT to get a result vs tough teams..While Depay is playing shit by hit every day in NT..
        So wats wrong you to play Depay in team when your team is in turmoil and we need to beat some tough opponents..???

          1. Ugh. Wilson, grow the f*** up. Tiju, shut the f*** up about Memphis. We get it. You don’t like him. Woohoo. Move on.

            vanfadly and others, let’s not stoke the fire/feed the trolls.

          2. jus one chance. jus like Van Dijk, toornstra, and some others. he for surely will raise to the occassion.

  5. This van dijk thing is killing me . Every two hours there is an update about him .

    Every two Hours there is something new coming out . Is he going to Liverpool or Chelsea
    Now or what ? Just make
    It happened man! What do you guys think about this ! It’s a waste for him to stay in Southampton

    1. I think southampton are playing hard ball here and only clubs like city,chelsea,Madrid and PSG could dare to sign him with that 60 million pounds price tag.but looks like chelsea is the only team in the running to capture him so fingers crossed he will end up at Stamford bridge.

      also I dont see how another season at Southampton will be bad for him especially after coming back from injury.

      1. That’s correct. The price tag is simply ridiculously too high and scaring clubs off.

        Personally I really wish he could go to Liverpool. But Chelsea wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

        At Southampton he has reached his peak. Van Dijk needs Champions league to prove himself.

        I am eager looking forward how he will work with De Vrij . Hopefully he’ll be our new STam.

          1. talking about Cutting Hair, i think Nathan Ake needs a haircut

            I really hate to see how he’d called the new Gullit.

            Why the heck would he looks almost the same as Ruud Gullit! Have a haircut and be yourself.

  6. well another european U21 championship without Holland is coming to conclusion and again one had to wonder what lies for NT ahead. Germany and Spain final. some household names in both sideside, but have to say the English had one hell of a squad.Redmond, Baker, Abraham,Chilwell,Pickford, Chalobah, Gray, Ward Prowse. unfortunate to loose on penalties.

    was just trying to picture what if Jong orange would have been in the competition. what would have been their chances. it’s sad to say this but very slim.most probablyand as usually it would have been the Ajax contingent again. tete, Riedewald, De ligt, Donny,Frankie, but still can’t see them toppling the germans, spanish and the english team.

    it is also surprising to see there is no qulaity striker in the U21 ranks who has the potential to make it to NT in years to come.I mean Meing and Vermij. you have to be joking.but then again there aint much better options either.

    1. we have Sierhuis coming up right?

      the more worrying spot is goalkeeper, I think. but I remember how poor Zoet was at U21 Euro, and he turned out to be more solid now.

  7. these are the players for me who have good individual qualities and should be considered leading to WC.

    Ruud Vormer
    Daley Sinkgraven
    marco van ginkel
    nathan Ake
    Alex Buttner
    jerry st juste
    jens toornstra
    tjaronn chery

    1. Scrap of vormer….Sinkgraven as LB???we have kongolo,mensah and Blind over there with Annholt and Jetro as wild card entry…so no chnace for Singraven and Buttner….
      Juste and Ake can be our solid DM they have what it takes to suceed over that spot..
      Chery is much better than Depay and promes so he still has chance…
      Toonstra should have been there since 2012..the new dirk kuyt in NT..

    2. I agree Wilson. Especially Van Ginkel, he’s very much under-rated.

      He played very good during his time with Milan. Too bad Chelsea ruined all his years and never gave him a chance.

      Ake is another great talent , whom has proven his quality in the Premier League. (But seems Conte wants to sell him back to Bournemouth..)

      As for the rest.. time will tell..

      1. only Ake, van Ginkel, and Toornstra are NT proven. Ake and van Ginkel should move to new clubs so they can play regularly.
        as for Toornstra, a step up to Serie A/Bundesliga will do him great. but I doubt Feyenoord would let him go.

    3. the rest of them should step up another level. yeah they have talent and blah blah blah, but you should play regularly first (Buttner) and deliver good performance consistently (Sinkgraven, StJuste) and in stronger league (Chery… come on, CSL is way below of Eredivisie).

      Chery should return to Europe (if he really care with playing for NT).

      StJuste should jump to a bit more competitive club. PSV maybe? Moreno already went off. maybe Scotland a la VanDijk?

      and Vormer should finally get a call. although I’m not sure what he would add to the NT because we already have some players of similar mould to him.

      he should move out of Belgium.. Italy or Portugal maybe.

      1. Van Fadly, see this is What I have been trying to emphasize throughout. you were quick to say only Ake,Toornstra are proven at NT level. based on what? just one game. isn’t it. I will exclude van ginkel here but
        considering if it only took them one game to get proven then what will happen when others get the nod.this is why I always like to go with players who individual have more to give.

        look at Berghuis.when he got the nod for NT.he had barely played for watford but yet he made the difference. he isnt a flashy winger but yet his contribution were vital. this is where the individual qualities of a player kicks in and determines where their ceiling lie and in Berghuis case, he went on to prove he has what it takes to play for NT.

        1. also if eredivisie is stronger than Chinese super league then MLS too is weak league hence it would be interesting too see what happens to sneijder coz if he goes on to be selected in NT then I can’t see any reason why chery should not get the nod.

          1. up until now, I still consider call-a-Berghuis as a poor decision. he’ll only play when there’s literally limited option on the right (his debut came when Robben is injured, Lens/Babel out of form). he’s been called up (but not used) before his debut game (v Ireland), Narsingh could have easily play that game instead of Berghuis. and alsooo, there’s an uproar happened that time, because Berghuis only nets 200ish minutes that season at Watford.

            yeah, I know what you mean, that single first chance at NT. but by all means, players should EARN it. that’s why I straightly disagree w/ the idea of calling Kluivert Jr. he has to earn it first.

            Ake has earn it (from his Bournemouth time), van Ginkel has (AC Milan+PSV), Toornstra has, De Ligt has.

            re: Sneijder v Chery
            Sneijder already has great reputation. but here’s the thing: players from top country are tend to be ignored when they move to big money league (China, America..). they were considered as “finished”. look at David Villa, Nigel dJong, Kaka… now Chery hasn’t even build a good enough reputation to even be considered whenever there’s a lack of option (Kaka still got called up once in a while).

            also, that’s why Diego Costa reconsidered his move to China.

            wilson, I respect your opinion about Chery, but that’s kinda the general fact of this football world. I’ll be gladly accept him in NT if he has the desire to compete in higher league. cheers mate.

  8. Sneijder on his way to Los Angeles FC?

    Van Persie and Diks to Feyenoord?

    Tete to Lyon or Crystal Palace?

    Van Leer off to Ajax (goalie)

    Ajax courting Haps

    1. Van persie will have to take a pay cut though. don’t think Feyenoord will be able to pay him, his current salary now. we’ll looks like the old rivalry is set to continue with him and Huntelaar both in the same league for the first time.

  9. Oranje14, really cool that you’re off to Amsterdam and going to the game!

    Did you visit Amsterdam before?

    I think most Dutch people can’t help you with hotel question as most people who live there wouldn’t know. It’s probably fellow travelers you should ask. Or tripadvisor.

    But there are numerous good options! I’d stay in the Jordaan or at least on or close to the canals.

  10. Thank you Jan! that’s exactly what I’ll do thank you for the advice 🙂

    I bought 2 tickets for the game but didn’t assing them names and both tickets have my name. I am going with my wife I suppose she won’t have any problem entering the stadium as she will be with me, right?. I am sorry it’s the first time I’ll watch a professional live game…I’m a virgin in that way LOL. 🙂

    1. They usually don’t check ticket names (last time for me in the Arena for Oranje game in 2013) … but with all that security and terrorist incidents I suggest you have some ID with you. That should do it.

      As per hotels I usually stay at the Double Tree next to the Centraal and that is super nice and convenient for everything but it could be pricey from time to time.

      Good luck at the game, I think the Arena is 3 metro stops from Centraal.

      I am considering going for the last game versus Sweden but not sure yet.

      Have a nice trip and Hup Holland !

  11. mourinho has been rumored to be a big admirer of Marteen De Roon and some reports in Italy claim Man United are now linked with a possible move for the midfielder.

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