How do the Dutch coaches do?

In a week in which I had some pleasant Dutch football surprises and some Dutch football shocks, I think it is time to look at the future of Dutch football. Yet again :-).

But this time from the coaching angle.

But lets first pick up the little tidbits of the week.

In which Alexander Buttner impressed (last week), Arjen Robben started in the 9-2 HSV whipping and came on quick against Juve for Kroos. And Wes Sneijder underwhelmed vs Real Madrid and got subbed. While Van der Wiel didn’t even play (for PSG vs Barca).

Alex Buttner is seen as a “fresh” player, by Sir Alex, in the business end of the season. And the way he played last week makes it clear that Evra can rest assured he can be missed. Strong in defence, working hard, and always a factor going forward. Buttner even showed he had a good right foot as well.

A high. And Arjen Robben was impressive too. Although not always for the right reasons. He works hard, he is keen to show Heynckes he belongs in the starting line up and against HSV he clearly did.

Against Juve though, he could have two goals in the first half of the game, but the CL curse keeps on bugging the former PSV winger, as he two shots were not well placed. With Kroos injured, Robben might see more action this season but one does wonder whether he needs to use that to play himself in the picture for a lesser team (Galatasaray? Inter Milan?).

Wes Sneijder looked forward to meeting his old chums in the Bernabeu but was sadly subbed after a mediocre first half.

Truth be told, I don’t think Sneijder played that bad. I watched him intensely and he does a lot of good without the ball. He is constantly available for the quick pass. Which would allow him to turn and find space for the forwards. But the rest of the team isn’t equipped to play like that. The Altintops of Gala are all keen to run with the ball themselves, till the cows come home and then they look up. Leaving a sad sack figure – Sneijder – in midfield. Chance gone.

I am not sure if it is just the team or also the coach who don’t see how to utilise Sneijder. I do know that if Galatasaray wants some yield from the former Ajax midfielder, they will need to play the ball to him early and they need runners who will explore the space for the through ball.

I have yet to watch Benfica play Newcastle so I will refrain from commenting on John and Anita (if they played), but I did see Feyenoord this morning with their clumsy and doubtful win over a fresh VVV.

Koeman used some harsh words after the game (Pelle wasn’t working hard enough and Boetius was subbed “because he was rubbish”… When the interviewer asked him what Boetius said about it, Koeman bit: “Nothing of course! An 18 year old is supposed to keep his mouth shut against the coach…”…. Well, well, well….

So lets look at our coaches. We do know by now that in terms of playing talent, we need not worry.

But in terms of coaches, we do have a category of top coaches, but they are all getting on age-wise.

Cruyff and Van Hanegem don’t coach anymore. Co Adriaanse is also in semi-retirement. I can’t see him moving down the Austrian mountain for just any club. Guus Hiddink is most likely working on his last gig, while Louis van Gaal might have the ambition for one more big gig after the Dutch team.

I don’t rate Dick Advocaat, as you might know, but he does belong in some list of coaches, but he will not be active too much longer either. Martin Jol doesn’t “have” it either, while Henk ten Cate is also back at the Jupiler level of Sparta Rotterdam.

The 1988 generation has a couple of active coaches left. Van Tiggelen, Muhren, Witschge, Vanenburg all seem to work at youth level and enjoying it.

Van ‘t Schip had his adventures in Australia and Mexico and is currently in between jobs.

We won’t mention Ruud Gullit, I guess…

Marco van Basten is impressing with Heerenveen, this second season half, but the jury is still out on him, I guess. He had a good spell with Oranje – despite some personnel issues with RVN and MVB – but a not so good experience at Ajax.

Frank Rijkaard won the CL with Barca but is now relatively anonymous in the Middle East.

It leaves Jan Wouters (Utrecht), Ronald Koeman (Feyenoord) and non-1988 Oranje player Fred Rutten (FC Twente) at the (sub)top of the Eredivisie.

Rutten was an exciting up and coming coach at Twente, but he didn’t deliver at Schalke 04 and didn’t win big trophies at PSV either. He is making an impression as Vitesse coach though.

Jan Wouters, a similar trajectory. Was hailed as the next big thing. Took on Ajax in a dreadful period. His demise there was documented in the Ajax documentary “Daar hoorden zij Engelen zingen…” ( “And hark the angels sang…” ). He left Holland for a spell and went to work for Glasgow Rangers, as the assistant coach. And the players and staff at Rangers couldn’t say enough great things about him, just like his mentors Cruyff and Van Hanegem did. After 5 years in Scotland, he returned to work as assistant coach at PSV, before returning to his first club FC Utrecht. First as assistant, and from 2011 onwards as head coach.

And Wouters is doing exceptionally well at the moment.

Ronald Koeman likes to see himself as the crown prince of coaches, but after somewhat questionable tenures at Ajax (clash with Van Gaal), PSV (exit during the season to hop on the Valencia train), Valencia (fired after abysmal results and clashes with key players) and an explicable early exit at AZ (“I still don’t know what happened…”) he is back in the limelight.

Koeman is leading a young Feyenoord potentially to the first title in 14 years. And as he likes to say “One day Oranje, one day Barcelona…”.

But, in all honesty, Feyenoord is waivering the last weeks. Playing with fear. Playing slow. No confidence and certainly not enough goals…

In this stage of the competition, it is key to see how the coach is able to keep the team together, motivate and take pressure off players and make sure they keep playing football.

After the VVV win, yesterday, he said “I don’t get it. They play as if they afraid.”

Well Ronald, this is the problem. This is something you should get. It’s your job. In this particular stage, to take your team by the hand. To keep the pressure away. To talk to them. To understand what is going on… Saying “I don’t get it” sums it for me. Koeman is not of the same level as Van Gaal or Hiddink.

Then there is the 1998 generation.

The man who shines brighter than anyone else, is currently Frank de Boer. Cool, calm and collected. Passionate on the byline, like he was on the pitch. Always in control. Always there for his team. And non withstanding the pressure of an Ajax organisation out of control, he won the title twice now, and is likely to be the first Ajax coach to win it three times in a row!

Young coaches to watch, are Jaap Stam (assistant at Zwolle, but joining the Ajax staff next season), Phillip Cocu (most likely taking the reigns at PSV next season), Alex Pastoor ( now at NEC, most likely the new man at AZ next season), Patrick Kluivert (asisstant coach to Louis van Gaal), Ajax youth coach Alphons Groenendijk and John van de Brom (Anderlecht).

Alfred Schreuder has been named as potential top coach but he has yet to prove at Twente that he is actually better than the man he replaced ( McLaren).

Another name that comes up is Nebo Gudelj, the Bosnian ex-NAC player who currently is guiding NAC out of the danger zone.

Enough options for the Dutch, I suppose. With JP van Gastel at Feyenoord even, ready to take control once Koeman moves to Barcelona.

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  1. Nice article, Jan.

    I’d like to see Van Basten given a second chance one day. If Van Gaal can have a second bite at the cherry…. hey?
    I think Marco was a victim of his own youth and inexperience – he couldn’t get the team playing in his (Cruyff’s) style and we became a disjointed counter attacking unit when he lost the egos in the camp. His decision-making was clearly clouded – excuse the oxymoron.

    De Boer would be my choice from the rest, on current form.
    I think Rijkaard and Koeman could steer the wheel for a few years too – if ever needed.

    I like to see a national manager who has played at the highest level – but also one who understands how to translate his playing experience to a new generation. It’s a rare quality because football is always moving on.

    Until then, I am happy seeing what Boss Louis brings to our team. We are playing nicely at the moment – but we need to maintain this form to build confidence. A slip up here and there will kill some of these young players mentally, in the way they are torn apart (especially on the internet) these days. Van Der Wiel, Elia, Drenthe, Afellay didn’t become bad players overnight – they just lost their way a little bit and need to be directed properly, not put on a mantle to be so easily torn down by jealous fools who seek attention.
    We are blessed with talents in all departments.
    It’s a MASSIVE job for any coach to get them all working as one unit.
    And then there’s our famous Dutch ego…! All these leaders, all these characters.
    The coach MUST have the biggest ego of all.
    And he must back it up. Over to you, Mr. Van Gaal…
    Take us to Brasil! And bring us back our pride.

  2. Nice article.

    I think Cocu has potential.

    Well rounded player, smart. If he does well at PSV i could see it.

    What about GIO? i think he is coaching material, doesnt he already coach at Feyenoord?

    Koeman was a disaster at Valencia, and had a terrible ending at PSV, i dont trust him to lead oranje, ever.

    De Boer has been good, but hasnt done well in the CL or high level games, he still needs to prove himself.

  3. Thank you Jan. I was not impressed with Gala’s coach and tactic so I agree with you that they do not know how to use Wes.
    You did not even mention Gio. I think he will be a good coach in the future, may be better than Koeman.

    1. We had a superbe witty man here our beloved Finnister i think we must dedicate this to him..He was always against the pridonnas,hairidoos, rapers etc..whenever i see players like this remmember finnister..

  4. I dont know if we definitely lost sneijder, but hes been again taken off at half time. He was sacrificed for a red card that another player took.
    Dark days for sneijder.
    But if there is anything we shouldnt forget abt him is that he is determined. Very determined, when the will is there.

  5. @Laurent: yes we’ve lost him, Elia is more focused on rapping than on football.

    @RamyE: Totally agree with you. Sneijder is very determined.

  6. I watched PSC-Willem game.

    Strootman was decent, Lens wasnt great, poor passing, didnt offer much.

    Strootman had a lucky flick on, i guess you can call it, for the 3rd goal.

    Overall it was a win but a lackluster win. PSV seemed to be lacking a spark until MVB ripped a shot before halftime.

    Willem was pretty well organized, but PSV were poor in the final 1/3. PSV had most of the possession but couldnt do anything with it.

    So it was a win, but not convincing at all, imho.

    Next week’s game against Ajax should be good

  7. “”””Puyol is also known for his leadership and work ethic. He often continues training alone after the end of a team practice session or on days off.[15] He said in 2010, “I don’t have Romário’s technique, [Marc] Overmars’ pace or [Patrick] Kluivert’s strength. But I work harder than the others. I’m like the student who is not as clever, but revises for his exams and does OK in the end.”[22] He is often described as the heart of the Barcelona team.

    Fellow defender Gerard Piqué said: “He’s someone who, even if you’re winning 3–0 and there’s a few seconds left in the game will shout at the top of his voice at you if he thinks your concentration is going.”[24] A former team-mate said, “Even four goals down he thinks we can still win”,[15] and another described him as “a pain in the arse” but added “that’s exactly what we need”.[15]
    adorable character of Puyol the winner.its not a surprsie this guy had so much sucess and still play at good level..

  8. You can add resolve to Ajax’s repertoire. Going down to 10 men today they showed a totally different style than the one we are accustomed to seeing. In the end 4-0 with great goals. So many players can score for us, it is incredible. I really loved Cilessen as well. Now he will be able to show to everyone how great he really is next week. Babel was superb as well….for all the doubters out there. We are not champions yet but if we don’t lose next week in Eindhoven, it will be tough for the others.
    @Paul, De boer did really well against Man City where he out coached Mancini. Not bad. Again it is all relative. If you compare your self to the absolute top then yes he may not be there yet but give him 2-3 years and he will be.

  9. Ajax is class. The only other dutch team that can have a decent spell in champions league (especially thanks to good individuals and enough ranking points to be in 2nd or 3rd tier) is Psv. Feyenoord is still immature and sometimes chaotic, Vitesse is going to lose the backbone of the team. Make it Ajax first and Psv second. 🙂

    p.s. sweet Eriksen goal! And pretty astonishing from Cilessen being able to block Duarte’s well angled free-kick and start the counter-attack for the second goal with such ease!

  10. John Heitinga
    Showed great power and strength to win tackle after tackle in the first half and made things very difficult for Adebayor and those around him.

  11. @Primo, I am not sure whether I am the biggest Ajax fan but for me Ajax and Holland go hand in hand. I discovered Ajax in the 70s so how could i not be a devoted Ajax fan? But as I said many times, the moment any Dutch team plays in Europe I support them with the same passion. I was in the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven at the PSV-AC Milan semi final of the CL in 2005 and left feeling absolutely gutted after the 3-1 win. Yet next week when PSV meets Ajax, there will only be one team in my heart and that is Ajax.
    I do a lot of medical research with Philips and believe me although most are hardcore PSV fans, they even named our research project the AJAX project in deference to me!! We always laugh about it that Philips Medical is sponsoring the Ajax project. How ironic!

    1. I think the key is waiting for the other team to get so bored that they start getting sleepy- then Barca finally makes the through pass. I nodded off at about the 18th pass.

      For entertainment value, this shows the worlds of difference between tikka takka and Total Voetbal.

        1. There are clearly similarities (tika-taka, of course, means tick-tock, like clockwork)… but we all prefer a strong attack instead of this hypnotic stuff.

          Sadly, like parking the bus at the World Cup, it often works. 😉

        2. I did not find that sequence boring at all. I think it was brilliant football. Tikka takka can be boring, at times–but mostly because it’s very hard to score in football and because teams park the bus against Barca, which makes it even harder. What else should a team do besides probe and probe and then look for that one opening? Most teams are not as skilled and not as patient with the ball, and so the ball gets pinged around a lot more, which creates more “action” but seldom goals. Barca and the Spanish NT basically have perfected the buildup.

          One could argue that Barca’s brilliant ball-control makes even good teams play very defensively, which results in low-scoring games and more defense than one wants to see. That I will concede. But they’ve also been hugely successful–dominant–with their system.

  12. Lazio flood forward again and Lulic forces Stekelenburg into yet another fine save! Another corner. Lazio could be 3-0 up already! Header from Cana saved by Stekelenburg.

    Appeals in the box for a hand ball from Marquinho. Nothing given. A shot comes in from Candreva and Stekelenburg is forced into another save. All Lazio at the moment!

    A rasping shot from Candreva and he forces Stekelenburg into a good save. Corner.

  13. Another dry game for RVP against City today. Only 1 goal the last 13 games for ManU. Speechles. Meanwhile, that squirrel Suarez is taking the best premiership footballer from him.

  14. Thanks Jan. Good article.
    I am happy with Louis for the time being, but it is nice to know that we have strong candidates when we need them. And we will need them.

    I would like to see an article comparing the various strengths and weaknesses of our current goalkeepers: Stekelenburg, Vorm, Krul, Vermeer etc.
    Behind every great team is a great stopper between the sticks.

  15. Just out of Topic
    Went to some other sites and based on Estonia and Romania match theres is been discussion About RVP.Some are saying that it would be too risky for Dutch if they use RVP as main striker in 2014 since he was given chances in 2010/12.Missing sitters would cost the team in knockout stages of WC/EC against a strong team.But if we dont play RVP then who we will play?Hunter is static and invinsible against strong teams.Luuk de jong is too far away from Persie,Kluivert RVN etc.then who….??.I feel that a roation policy in main striker would do some help.Considering Roony-Robin partnership…Roben need a bull with him who can run alot and who is able to out muscle pepe,Bruno,Hummels,Howdes etc..i have a fantasy idea that what if we use Leory fer???

          1. Sorry about that number, Tiju: Fer has, I believe, 39 career goals. Is that right?

    1. ‘But if we dont play RVP then who we will play?Hunter is static’


      RVP – averages 7.02 miles covered per game
      KJH – averages 7.47 miles covered per game
      Static? Hahahaha!

      RVP – averages a goal every 206 minutes of play
      KJH – averages a goal every 156 minutes of play
      Against teams of all qualities!

      Do you bother looking up the stats before you post your comments? Just curious, mate. No offence.
      Gave me a laugh anyway!
      Let’s stick to the topic, shall we? 😉

      1. You’re probably more ridiculous than Tiju to come everytime with differents nicknames.

        Static was maybe not the good word, but Van Persie has a better play without and with the ball than Huntelaar, nothing to discuss about their technical and tactical qualities. No matter who runs more, I’d be more curious to see a statistic about who touchs more the ball. Can you find that for me please ? Well, let’s make it more precise again, find me the statistic who touched more the ball during the game Netherlands vs Portugal, both were playing, I’d be curious to know lol

        Averages of goals are interesting if they are restricted with some parameters, Zeefuik scored 3 goals in 23 games with Groningen, and 9 goals in 8 games with the under 21, how logical…doesn’t make a sense as long as you don’t know he scored 5 of them against Luxembourg.

        Huntelaar doesn’t score against all qualities teams. Probably because games against good teams are often hard and closed, as striker you don’t get many chances from your mates, and you have to create them, Huntelaar is unable to, he scores mostly in open games.

        Take Bendtner, who is probably far from Huntelaar if we talk about regularity and statistics, do you know how much times Bendtner scored against good teams and made the difference alone ? Just against Portugal, he scored 5 goals in 4 games with Denmark. The fact is that Bendtner can always score with his head or after a ball won thanks to his tall, no matter who is behind him, he got some extreme qualities. Van Persie got no extreme quality according to me, though his technical and especially first touch are among the best ones in the world, but he made the difference against good teams many times, unfortunetaly rarely on crucial moments.

        Huntelaar ? will never make the difference alone, got no extreme quality, poor technical, average heading, no speed
        Didn’t score against Bayern in almost 4 whole games with Schalke, more than 330 minutes, how strange…

        Best teams he scored against : one against Dortmund, one against Arsenal, one against Atletico with Real (an offside goal lol), one against Inter with Ajax and one against England with the Netherlands (friendly game of course).

        That’s all. Never scored two goals against a good team. Really all. If you can find more, I’d be curious.

        I think it was you who was saying Babel is the worst professionnal player, I remember Babel scoring the victory goal against Arsenal in C1 quarter final in 2008, it’s already more prestigious than everything Huntelaar did.

      2. You are a joke …from ur u got that stat against sanmarino in one game????MANU is a mghty club and SAF is a mighty coach So u r telling Hunter is better???????or why r u putting just one game stat??How many goals hunter scored against strong teams?has nt he choked in italy and spain??

          1. Hahahaha
            …and I was being nice!!

            …yet you call me ‘a joke’! Why?
            You are not a very nice person. Or a very smart one. I see now why people here laugh in your face. You have my pity, but not my respect.

            No, silly boy, that stat is an ‘average’ – which implies MORE than one game, doesn’t it? Can you read? Are you capable of reading? Would you like me to explain what an ‘average’ is?

            And now I shall sit here and watch you BATTLE against relevant statistics – a fight you cannot ever win. You should know all about those too, the fights you cannot win…


            Oh, sorry Laurent – I didn’t read past the first line of your post.
            If you wish to engage in a sensible, rational, logical and educated discussion, it’s probably better not to start with a sentence such as ‘You are probably more ridiculous than Tiju’.
            I might dare to imagine you had some valid remarks to bring to the conversation but they have been lost in your witless juvenility. I hope it was worth it. All those words, all that effort, for nothing…. nevermind eh? You’ll learn for next time.

            So, if there is anyone else that would like to beat their foreheads against the scientific statistics provided above, feel free. I very, very much look forward to watching on from my consistently arbitrary position, and laughing at you some more.

            Jan, would it be possible to get an IGNORE button here, please?
            If the reward for bringing scientific statistics to a debate is being called a ‘joke’ then it’s not really a debate is it? Nor is it actually a joke. What say you, sir? Is this how people should be treated here on your website?
            I have posted here maybe three times in the last year – sorry for not being more prolific – but hey, I have a life away from my keyboard!! This place used to be a jovial and informative meeting of intelligent(ish) minds. What happened? I go away for 6 months, come back and it’s a stagnant cesspool of mediocrity, intolerance and ignorance.

            Nice work, guys! Nice work…
            Well done.

        1. ONLY ON THIS WEBSITE could some clueless retard preach about utter nonsense all day long, and then, when someone else charmingly pops up with some very interesting (but unsupportive) stats, call that person a ‘joke’.

          Tiju, if only you could see yourself. You’d laugh too!

          In all seriousness, what made you such a miserable and worthless human being?

          Why are you arguing against the poster (Kool), instead of the statistics they provided? The poster made no claims, no statements, no assumptions, nor assertions. Why do you wish to pick so many fights? Do you think one day you might even win one? LOL!

          Kool has done nothing more than provide some data, and then watch you defeat yourself with it. Wow!
          Kool +1

          1. The stats don’t lie!!!
            It is a shame when these idiots ignore them to support their own delusions. Thank you Kool.

          2. “Kool has done nothing more than provide some data, and then watch you defeat yourself with it. Wow!
            Kool +1”

            Seems like someone complimenting himself. Well, I don’t always agree with Tiju, but I have the impression one guy (or two maximum), have fun with creating 35 nicknames to humiliate him. It’s always the same writing style. Quite childish.

            Talking about an ignore button, while these guys only write on the blog to oppose things to Tiju.

            He just said Huntelaar doesn’t score against big teams, which is an undeniable fact, and that Huntelaar was more static, and a new nickname appears on the forum and brings statistics to show that Huntelaar runs more. Suddenly two new ones to support the first one. How strange.

        2. @ Tiju
          ‘How many goals hunter scored against strong teams?’

          Here’s the problem.
          THIS is the statistic that YOU should be providing in order to support YOUR THEORY. Where is it? Why do you not provide this statistic?

          If you find, as you will, that the scientific evidence does not support your theory, then either you have not gained enough evidence, or YOUR THEORY IS INCORRECT!!

          Your response is to cry like a baby and call people names, as usual, and you wonder why we all laugh at you…

          Grow up.

          1. oR some retard is saying Hunter is better than persie?why should i agree???
            All thse persosn are same and one…Literature says like that…i pitty all of you in ONE..

          2. ‘oR some retard is saying Hunter is better than persie?why should i agree???
            All thse persosn are same and one…Literature says like that…i pitty all of you in ONE..’

            Who is the ‘retard’?
            Why would you use that language?

            Also, who said Huntelaar was better than Van Persie???
            Can you read?
            I merely posted statistics which do not support your theory. Does that make me a ‘retard’?

            Are you trying to argue with me because you cannot argue with the statistics?? Haha!

            Who is asking you to ‘agree’?
            I do not want you to agree with me! Absolutely not. I am filled with horror at the thought of YOU agreeing with ME.
            I only ask that you conduct yourself in an adult manner.
            Why do you find that so difficult?

            This is not really going your way is it? I’d crawl back under that rock now.

          3. There is nothing to provide. I mean, It would be necessary to provide such things to people who don’t pretend to follow dutch football.

            If you do, which is supposed as you post here, you would probably know that Huntelaar has always been criticized for that. I thought the fantasy about him will end after his ridiculous Euro 2012, but apparently, some people are still discussing it.

            I complain Van Marwijk, he understood from the beginning that Huntelaar was nothing more that a guy who would play against Estonia and such teams when VP is injured, but he always had to face to medias, people etc who asked for him to be number 1, or associated to Van Persie.
            Van Marwijk was obliged to do it against Portugal, changed completly the schema team with Sneijder on the left, VDV as controller, VP in a strange position etc. and we saw the result, totally useless, no balance in the team,could have been much better with Van Bommel starting and the classic team.

            All that to please people who asked for Huntelaar and because that last hyprocrite one was profiting from the situation to make his whims to the medias. Ridiculous. Should have been sending off from the dutch selection.

  16. 15336

    Wesley Sneijder Top of the Match
    Combative and strong in the middle, earning a yellow card in the first half. Threatened at times from deep and notched a wonderful strike

  17. The difference was the style of play for Sneijder.. He played number 10 and he was all over the pitch… It is clear he hasn’t lost it yet. Sneijder is. Still the man… Amazing display… He plays on a terrible team. They had more passes to RM players in the first half than passes between each other

    1. I think he played number 10 also in the Bernabeu, the problem for him was of course the shitty team and first of all his bad attitude. Today he was more involved, in all the field, clearly he still has it, lets wait he go to other team in the summer. He is my favorite player and I hate to see him in that team at his semi young age!!

  18. well , i have to say Sneijder was far batter yesterday .
    he missed a great chance to score , but he scored a great goal too .
    anyway , i think he shoulud leave galatasary by the end of the season if he wants to regain his full form back .

        1. Are you suggesting I do not understand the meaning of the word ‘tough’?
          I have a masters degree in English Literature – and it’s my second language. What do you have?
          Is it not YOU who cannot read or write?
          If I were you, I would be very careful when seeking to lecture people about their understandings of the meanings of words. Very hypocritical. You don’t do yourself any favours, do you?

          Or are you suggesting that I have never seen Roy Keane play football? Fair enough – I probably didn’t watch many Manchester United or ROI games – but…
          I have been attending Oranje matches across the world since the 1970’s. Where were you in 1978, 1988, 1998, 2010? Watching YouTube highlights? Hahahahahahaha!

          So…. Which incorrect assumption are you implying here?


          We are all waiting. Enlighten us some more.

          1. @Kool then i am worried about students in ur class.
            “”I have been attending Oranje matches across the world since the 1970′s””””really????cannt belive it.ur words where full of hatred and childish and u just want to argue with other thats seems like u would take another million years to open up ur eyes.I have masters in psychology.So my point is i am interested in studying Especially mentally handicapped,nazist ,fasict kind of people etc its really amazing .So far u and some trolls were very informative.

          2. I’ve been following this blog for the past few years. I’ve been annoyed (like many others) by Tiju’s repetitive comments. However, I’ve come to accept them and move on. At the end, this is what being civil is all about.

            Recently, a schizophrenic scumbag under the name of (Kool, KiNG, Rolf, SHiNE; to name a few) started posting comments with one intention: insult Tiju and ridicule him. One can infer from the posted comments that this schizophrenic dick thinks highly of himself: his intelligence and football knowledge.

            What I find entertaining is that this schizophrenic loser is bragging to have a Masters degree in English Literature. What a fucking accomplishment in this day and age. Why the fuck would you 1) pursue such a degree, 2) brag about it, and 3) insult others on a continuous basis. It is all clear now why this schizophrenic asshole is behaving in such a manner. Since the 70’s all what he’s been up to is watch Oranje matches, while sitting in his mom’s basement after realizing that all he can do with his Masters in English Literature diploma is wipe his ass.

            Now, fuck off this blog and make sure your mom doesn’t forget to give you your mental medication.

  19. Sneijder plays a lot better on the big stage… He rises to the big occasion! Today proved that… it was a big game for Gala against a strong opponent. After playing in huge matches like WC final CL final and so on im not surprised that he doesnt play well and finds it hard to motivate himself for Galatssaray when they verse some lower ranked turkish side. he definitely has to move out of turkey at the end of the season even if it is to a side like Liverpool or Valencia etc

  20. Why would being as tough as Roy Keane and Duncan Ferguson make a difference? I do not understand the relevance.
    Are you suggesting that Sneijder is a similar player to those two? Your comment is unclear.

    What does ‘watch football in a wide area’ mean?

    Why are you seeking to cause confrontation? Did you get upset because I posted some stats above which completely undermined your poorly conceived theory?
    Remember, you aren’t arguing against me. You are arguing against statistics. Good luck with that, little boy.

    1. Roy keane has won so many and was unquestionable captain of Mighty MANU for years.CL,PL and even kept the star studed dutch at bay in 2002 with a lesser team (compared to orange).What else u expcet from tough guy?.look at his tackles,look at his will power,the small statured guys had amazing sucess…….he was ignored by fools that he was small at the age of 14…rest is underestimate anyone………

  21. And there it is!

    Another article comments section ruined by Tiju. This is happening too often now. He thinks the world revolves around him.

    When will Jan grow some balls and ban that fucking idiot?

    ^ just look what he does. This thread was about Football coaches. Now it’s about Tiju, and how much of a pompous fool he is.


    Worst troll ever. IGNORE!

  22. OranjeRules says: October 10, 2012 at 3:15 pm:

    “Tiju is like that crazy uncle we all have. You know he’s nutz and you wish he’d just shut the fuck up but you love hime ’cause he’s family!”

    Well, I am not sure about loving him, but at least leaving the guy alone would do.

    Proving someone is wrong only makes sense if he can understand the concept of proof (and do something with it)…

  23. i don’t think sneijder finish, but yesterday was real important for Real Madrid?
    they were in next stage from min 10. so i don’t think we have to get very serious Sneijder game last night, we cannot look at a “not important game” however i’m Sniejder fan, and hope he back to his best soonely. 😉

  24. * Van der Vaart has been handed the armband for HSV

    * Willems has signed a contract extension at PSV until 2017

    * Ajax reportedly interested in getting van Ginkel and Maher
    -> To get both they’ll need to spend well over 14m I expect. I think vGinkel’s contract isn’t near expiration.

  25. Sneijder was good but we need him to be consistent. Hopefully he can improve to be consistently good from now to WC and then be great during WC.
    How is Robben playing today? If the final 4 is Real, BD, Bayern and PSG, I would cheer for Bayern and would like to see Robben rising to the occasion, given starting role now.

  26. he was MOTM according to – he was very unlucky not to score. There were some flashes of the old Robben – the dribbling between two players.

    Arjen Robben Top of the Match

    Combined well with Ribery, while at the same time sparking panic within the Bianconeri back-line every time he started taking players on. His shooting was wayward during the first half but he was so unlucky to strike the post with a terrific curler just before the hour.

    Sneijder played well yesterday because he played his natural position. For the first time in a long time I see him this athletic, which is very promising. Told you guys not to write him off. I sure am not writing him off.

    1. Wesly sneijder went back to the basics,i think he worked so hard by putting his stardom aside…he left his pride and thats cool sign.Be humble and workhard reuld and sucees will follow u.

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