It’s showtime! Oranje prepares….

While Amsterdam football fans are still in shock as a result of the exit of success coach Peter Bosz, Rotterdam (and elsewhere fans) focus on the big game on Friday. The qualification game vs Luxembourg, in De Kuip. Never before was a match vs the minions from Luxembourg a hotter topic than now!

Bosz leaves for Dortmund and six times the salary he bagged at Ajax. But according to Bosz, it was time to move on, as the Ajax board refused to go along with his plans to re-arrange the backroom staff. In particular icon Dennis Bergkamp and stallwarts Spijkerman and L’Ami were at loggerheads with Bosz, at times. Ajax’ board felt they should determine the organisation of the technical side of things and not a coach.

The future NT manager (mark my words) played for Hertha in the past and speaks German well. A must for Dortmund. He gets quite a talented squad to work with.

oranje dick train

Old hand and now three times NT manager Dick Advocaat, in the meantime, showed himself from his comical side at his first press conference. With Ruud Gullit at his side. Advocaat is known to be a very warm and funny guy amongst friends and he dropped his serious mask for a bit when questioned about Oranje and his future.

Asked about the results under Grim earlier this week: “I called Fred. I said it might be better if I stayed away a bit longer, hahaha.”

About his return: “I didn’t put my hand up. I was happy for the KNVB to find someone else, but no one wanted, or was able or dared… And I like a challenge, and so does Ruud, so here we are. I don’t apologise for leaving the squad earlier. I do realise people see me as an opportunist. I guess I am. I did profusely apologise to Danny. He worked hard to get me in and I have let him down. But that’s it. I also spoke with Danny when the KNVB came back to me. What we talked about? That’s between me and him. But probably was the 15th choice of the KNVB.”

dick lacht

More explanations: “I had difficulty with the role, to be honest. I thought I could be an assistant but I can’t have someone telling me when to say things or when to act. I had 4 offers already and said no to them. When Fener came, I simply lost sleep. And I knew. I have to do this.”

Advocaat doesn’t believe he owes an apology to the players. “No why? Do you think the players really care? It’s between me and Danny and the KNVB. They forgot me after 2 weeks, I’m sure. And if they do have a problem, it’s their problem. You are in or you are out.”

“Wesley Sneijder starts on Friday. No discussion. Is he’s fit, he’ll play. Why? I watched him for the whole season at Galatasaray and Wes is still the best midfielder in Turkey. What, he probably was the best player of the competition. I have no doubts about him.”

The new coach’ first decision was to give everyone an additional day off (Tuesday) and start the prep for Luxembourg on Wednesday. “I think they deserved that.” He now only has two training practices to prepare in the autumn-like Dutch spring.

dick memphis

Advocaat quickly added: “But, it’s not because I expect frills and glorious football. It’s not about that now. We need to win. That’s the only thing that counts.” Gullit chimes in: “When I was at AC Milan, we were considered a very attractive team, but with Sacchi it was all about the organisation and making sure we couldn’t lose. We didn’t play all great games, you know. And when we won the EC in 1988, we played really well versus the USSR in the first match, but we lost. In the finals we met them again and they were better. But we won! And now everyone talks about how great that team played. It wasn’t really the case.”

Dick: “And I’m not saying: play defensively. In Germany, Italy, Spain, clubs play to win and play attacking football, but from a solid organisation. They’re hard to beat. And I want that grit in Oranje. That game vs Hungary, the one that meant the end for Danny Blind… that can not ever happen again!”

dick ruud press

Against Luxembourg, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. But against France away, in August, Dick will most likely build a 10 player compact wall, with a freewheeling Robben on top. Will Van Persie play a role again? Advocaat: “Why not? He’s still playing top level. He’s certainly not off the radar for me. In Turkey, he didn’t play all the games, but he was decisive against the big opponents. I can see a role for him but this game was too early. I wanted to work with Danny’s group now, but in the future, who knows…?”

oranje dick train2

We’ll most likely see Cillesen in goal for Oranje. I expect Memphis, Janssen and Robben up front (even though Robben missed training due to stomach issues). Sneijder, Strootman and Wijnaldum in midfield and Blind, De Vrij, Hoedt and Veltman in defence (even though De Vrij received a knock on the ankle from team mate Hoedt).

Expect a 6-0 win over Luxembourg and expect birthday and record holder Wes Sneijder to be on the score-sheet…

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  1. Jan:

    Thank you for the very positive article. I’m glad that you appreciate my sense of humor. I am actually very witty.

    However, these new track suits are quite snug. I think they end up squeezing out more of the wit than I would like.

    By the way, you quote me as saying that the loss to Hungary was Danny Blind’s undoing. I actually said (or meant to say) Bulgaria, but they’re basically the same thing anyway… I think they even have the same flag

    And don’t forget Jeremain Lens in your write-up. I predict a dominant performance from him in the next few matches

  2. P.S., I’m not sure if I will be able to post live comments to the site during the Luxembourg match. I will try to let you know my thoughts in real time if I am able to sneak my phone in. I may try to conceal it in Tonny Vilhena’s hair

          1. @Goldstone let them start i have no issue if they play well,but that was not the case earlier..

  3. Wijnaldum—Janssen—Roben
    Stand bye
    Van de beek

  4. Source:




    ——– Robben—Janssen—Promes——–

    I’d like Ake to play some minutes tomorrow so we can secure he’ll play for Oranje.

    1. Veltman as RB is wrong choice….its luxumburg and we must attack with venom and should score maximum goals..Not playing defensive RB veltman…
      Wijnaldum-Strootman-Sneijder combination has failed so far..there will lack of momentum i think…
      Promes is 1000 times better choice than Depay..

  5. Most likely formation 4-2-3-1

    Veltman-De Vrij-Hoedt-Blind

    Big Dick says so far:

    1. Likes the center back duo cause they play together
    2. Prefers Depay than Promes
    3. Wants to see Strootman more present

    Things might change but Big Dick says the following players are certain to play: Joel Veltman, Stefan de Vrij, Wesley Hoedt, Wesley Sneijder, Arjen Robben, Kevin Strootman, Vincent Janssen

    PS: most info comes from AD…

    1. I like this formation if Sneijder is going to start. You need defensive mids who can cover for him so he can run less and concentrate on attack.

    1. we cannot play 4-3-3 against any significant opponent or even tough teams who have less quality but they give up possession and wait for us. We need to be realistic and this is what DA promised

      “Advocaat: Oranje gaat puur op resultaat spelen”

  6. Looking forward to a strong win by our lads tomorrow , I really don’t care who plays as long as whoever is on is giving everything they have to get a good result for us. Our squad has enough good players a mix of old and new to field a team that should beat Lux comfortably.
    If Stroot does start I want to see a dominant performance by him, he is a future captain of our NT and needs to stand up and be counted.
    I hope Wes gets his present and bangs in a goal or two just for laughs, like the one he used to score from distance!
    @Edwaurdwo- the Ajax situation is really disappointing , but I don’t blame Bosz for taking the pay rise and also a rise in football league’s.
    Hup Holland!

  7. Hi guys, exciting times! Advocaat was quite open about his approach. Cillesen will start, as will De Vrij and Hoedt. From practice, it seems Memphis will keep Promes out of the starting line up, with Gullit in particular taking a lot of time with Memphis one on one.

    The line up is quite logical. Blind and Veltman as full backs. Sneijder, Strootman and Wijnaldum in the middle.

    I think Luxembourg will be played drunk tonight. I say 6-0 with two Sneijder goals!

    Expect a post on the match, and a big post on Ajax’ debacle and internal strife. And obviously, Mr Oranje Record Wesley Sneijder deserves his post and our celebrations as well.

    Marcel Keizer is top candidate to replace Bosz at Ajax. Currently Young Ajax coach. Best buddies with Bergkamp and the nephew of Ajax icon Piet Keizer.

  8. There really shouldn’t be any anxiety before facing the likes of Luxembourg, but I’m feeling it. Hopefully the Dutch players are as well– as was said above by van Fadly, its most important to me to see the team come out with 110% effort and to not let up. Too often I’m the past few years, you watch these games waiting for our team just to start playing and many times they never have. Hopefully that’s not the case today, or I’ll lose my mind. I also hope they drive up the score, winning big for the mental boost, but also the goal differential.

    Great to hear about Gullit working with Memphis. Gullit had the swagger and style (football, not clothing) at a level that Memphis has got to respect, but he also had the accomplishments and recognition that Memphis undoubtedly wants. Hope that has some effect.

  9. Guys,

    As much as I would love to see us blow away Luxembourg as we did Ivory Coast, I think we need to manage our expectations.

    We certainly have the talent to score numerous times, but I think the more important goal is for us to ensure the necessary outcome while building a cohesive line-up and playing style under Advocaat.

    Luxembourg’s recent matches suggest a low scoring game, although they did lose to the Cape Verde Islands in March. They will have seen what we did against Ivory Coast and likely play very defensively, so this should be a good test to see if we can break down a bunkered in team.

    My hope is that we just play well and secure the victory with no significant injuries, and that France soundly defeats Sweden.

  10. My eye is more on France Vs Sweden away game.In away game France drew with belarus,that makes me scared.
    We should have at least fired Blind before Bulgaria match i feel.
    Really dont want to see Memphis playing,all i felt was and overweight player trying to do some trickery and failing every time when he meets a real defender.Total misfit to cohesive team.

  11. I do believe we will win this game with a moderate score (2:0 perhaps). However, win in this game will not bring any confidence in the team as the most important game is still a clash with France. If we get a point there, then confidence will come back. If not then we are done.

        1. @AZ–we might be inferior as i do agree,but this french team is very beatable with babel-Janssen-Roben upfront…i am sure..100% feild a team of
          we will win if…

  12. I’m pleased with the pace and the ball movement, especially the vertical balls to the feet of the attackers, but we are lacking in the final quality at the moment.

    Also, the camera certainly likes me, but I try to put my phone up when they pan my way…

  13. Luxembourg is struggling physically with the current pace.

    The atmosphere here in Rotterdam is again fantastic!

    All we need now is more goals!

  14. Thankfully I’ve been afforded a loose fitting coat for today’s match rather than that teenage girl sized track suit

    Robben’s obliques are very well developed

  15. CILLESSEN is going to get dropped with distribution like that!

    Thankfully he redeemed himself.

    On a side note, that happens to me all the time when I try to play goalkicks short on FIFA..,

  16. We have been getting away with some shakiness in the back that a stronger opponent will punish. I worry about Stefan. He always seems to be on the reciwiving end of physical abuse

  17. I will pay tribute to my countryman. — the speed of the ball does determine the speed of the game.

    And Robben with another brilliant attempt.

    I hope everyone is enjoying this performance. This is what we are capable of

    1. We are not out, there are still four games. If Sweden won France we can do that too…I did not expect it but France does not look invincible…

  18. Guys…
    France some how won in Home game vs sweden..they drew vs belarus..
    Stekelnburg wanted france to win against they won REMMeBER we really played well vs france..
    Blind mistake was Feilding BMI+Deligt(first game
    )or else we could also had 13 points by now perhaps 14..
    what i feared was a draw swden vs france,but they beat them again a goalkeepr stupidity..

    1. Mr. Emmanuel:

      How is it that I can post comments from the dugout during a WK qualifier that are more coherent that this rambling.

      Are you typing on a corn cob? Is your keyboard arranged alphabetically?

      There must be some explanation

  19. crazy day – the ball is definitely as round as it always has been! anything can happen, but you have to earn your luck.
    Beating Lux is one thing but now there is lots of work to do

    4 games left for all, 12 points up for grabs
    Sweden 13 +8
    France 13 +6
    Netherlands 10 +7

  20. Don’t waiver in your faith. We accomplished great things today. And we are just getting started. Take one match at a time and we can climb back into qualification.

  21. Sweden catching a break after the other…. The Bas Dost goal… now the Lloris howler… I am glad to see the goals flowing in for Oranje… I just don’t see how Memphis can deliver… he’s too f-ing slow.

  22. We are fully capable of defeating every team in our group. Our backline is coalescing and passing very well, our midfield and attack are flowing with lots of automatisms and movement, and our strikers and wings are pressing with great energy.

    At the World Cup, we would likely be playing teams like France and Sweden, so we will just need to start beating them earlier than usual.

  23. Well, not the preferable result in Sweden, but…it does give Netherlands a chance to actually win the group. Oranje would have to win in France—they will be underdogs, but it is certainly possible. Otherwise, they need at least a draw in France, and to look for Sweden to lose or draw in either Bulgaria or Belarus. Both of those teams play much better at home than on the road.

  24. I would assume that 2018 is likely Sneijder’s and Robben’s last chance to feature in a major international tournament. I’m sure they will give everything against France and Sweden in order to have one more shot!

  25. after the last 3 games, I believe we’ll be able to grab all the remaining points. this team is becoming more and more potent.

    and suddenly we have no problems in our defensive line too!. De Ligt, De Vrij, Hoedt, BMI, Van Dijk (when finally fit).

    let’s hope there’s no significant injury until we won the world cup 2018. lol.

  26. What is the difference between Danny Blind and Advocaat??? Common sense.

    The line up was very well chosen and the team play finally like a team. I liked it a lot…of course I know LUX sucks but agaings very bad rivals we were winning 1-0 or 2-1 and suffering and playing horrible games.

    I am sure now that Oranje stands a chance. Regardless of the result in France, Sweden ha to visit Bulgaria, Holland and Belarus while hosting LUX. I think in the the end France and Holland will be number 1 and number 2 in the group, if Holland wins against Sweden and Bulgaria at home and against Belarus away we will claim a spot in the finals or in the play offs and either way I am confident that in the end of the day Oranje will be in Russia.

    It has been a crazy qualification for Oranje and Danny Blind should never have been in charge of Oranje, and certainly he should have resigned or been sacked right after the Euro 2016 fiasco.

    Anyway, we live to fight another day and I think the players are gaining top level and hopefully we have a full squad against France. Arjen Robben continues to be the soul of this Oranje and if fit he can gives us reasons not to fear the French.

    My line up considering a complete squad and all playing at their top is:

    1- Cillessen
    2- Veltman
    3- De Vrij
    4- Van Dijk (Hoedt if still injured)
    5- Blind
    6- Strootman
    7- Promes
    8- Wijlandum
    9- Janssen
    10- Sneijder
    11- Robben

    So, Advocaat did a good job in lining up finally the best players and I would just switch Promes instead of Memphis and Van Dijk if fit, because the rest of the squad I think will be the core team for the next games.

    I really liked Hoedt and De Vrij. They were not tested actually but the flow they have is very good and I think that a fit Virgil Van Dijk can give Oranje a boost in central defence. It has been so freaking crazy for Oranje that Van Dijk and De Vrij have never played together in the National Team even though they are our best defenders. That says it all about Danny Blind´s bad luck with injuries. Of course Danny sucked but injuries were all over the place during his tenure.

    Well my friends, I am confident the Dutch National Team is waking up and starting a new path with success and good results. Results that have been great until Brazil 2014 and the hangover is OVER for good. Mark my words, we will be in Russia and there is plenty of new talent out there, the future is bright. Advocaat will do a good job in this transition period and in the long run there are coaches like Koeman, De Boer, Cocu, Bosz and others that can take it from there and have a very potent national team.

    1. Mario its just luxumburg…i do agree Veltman and Daley are brilliant players..Both knew there is no threat from they stayed up,involved in attack especillay daley.
      But this wont be the case against a strong team with fast wingers.i saw veltman collapsing against lyon as Tete came from bench to save Ajax.luckly we have Tete and karsdorp in that spot..
      Then Daley,he is a clever player he knows he deosnt have the pace to catch up,so he will also stay back..this will affcet our POTENCY IN ATTACK.
      other point is kevin strootman..i saw big cut throuh holes in defense with him he is not trusted protector for me..He is no were near ngolo kante.instead of chasing the ball he will his fingers towards other players..we need a better DM.
      then Finally Depay….He is loosing the ball so frequent(i said this 1000 times)but still we have not learned..
      all i felt was one fatpig is tryig something in pitch…Ryan Babel would be best candidate there if we call him as Babel has history of Fu@##king every big team in EPL..if not i would go with Gini there.
      Pogba is so physical and there are not many guys in football can deal with such physicaity..Fortunalt we have a mensah who has that and he will eat Pogba..Strootman might be big and strong but he has ego and he wont win the duals with pogba..

  27. Excellent posts all. Thank you Nicholaas for posting from the dug out. Excellent work :-).

    But do control Gullit a little ok?

    Good result, exactly what was needed.

    The Sweden – France result is great for us!!

    We can go for top spot in the group. It’s happening people!!

    Expect a match post soon and a good post on Sneijder to follow up. Mr Record Breaker!

  28. Memphis doesn’t belong in the starting eleven!!! If he can tear a defense like the Luxembourg defense what will he do when we play sweden and France!!!!! He just keeps losing the ball, frustrating…..
    And strootman is not a defensive midfielder for gods sake, he keeps proving he can’t protect our defense, and since wijnaldum and sneijder do have their places secured in midfield then the defensive mid has to be someone else but not strootman!!! I wish dick advocaat took the chance today to try vilhena in defensive mid position!!!

  29. How lucky for sweden, that bas dost goal the referee cancelled for oranje when they played sweden and today the mistake from France last minute….. those are 4 points total gifted to them!!!!

  30. sweden’s win over France isn’t a good result for us i feel. Not easy to beat France at their own backyard..if we lose, we are likely to be out. 😕 Didn’t watch the game between Sweden and France, but think it’s a fluke result and Sweden got lucky. France is a good team.

  31. That’s 10 goals in 2 game.

    Friends, i’m very happy with these two results. Despite the fact we may or eventually may not get into the world cup, at least this is the first time I can see were are back in the correct direction.

    I have faith in Dick. (We got to..)
    At the moment, I am sure he is the best choice. I can’t remember exactly he it was in the previous 2 times he was coach, but I’m sure he learnt from his mistakes and he will give everything he has , as this would be his last chance in his life.

    Friends,how are our chances now to beat this current France team? If we got a fit both Sneijder and Robben, we won’t lose. But can we win in French soil?

    On a side note, Depay once I had great faith on him. But he seems to be a future rotten tomato for me now. First bust up with Van Persie, now Robben. You do not have clashes with your seniors in that way…. he starts irritating me. Unless you score like C Ronaldo.. but you are not and never close to his level.

    Nathan Ake – I’m glad he got a chance. This proves that Dick is a hundred times clever than Blind (yes he was blind to neglect him).

    Ake for me, I see him one of our most talented player for the future (although his hairstyle irritates me… – youre not Gullit).

    Another thing , I can see our back may be the strongest one in decades. Especially when Van Dijk is back. De Vrij, Hoedt, Veltman, Blind etc. (and we still have Janmaat standby )

    But no BMI please. Never ever want i see his face again. he is just like a bomb you never know when he explode and gets red

    1. Now points levels are
      13 sweden
      13 France
      10 Orange
      with sweden leaidng goal differnce of 8,we got 7 and France 6.
      But sweden has to play luxumburg in their home ,which is guarentee they will win with multiple goals..
      and we dont have a guarentee against france..tat means
      in worst case
      swden 16
      france 16
      orange 10
      then we win 3 games
      so we have
      orange 19 points
      and sweden must loose against us and either bulgaria or belarus.or they drew both vs bulgaria dn belarus..good thing is that they have to play 3away games.only they hots luxumburg.
      So goal difference is very important..
      my blame goes on
      first cultprit
      KNVB-should have fired Blind after that crap game vs luxumburg were we won by 2 depay fluke goals.
      Second cultprit
      Danny Blind
      third culprits
      Davy propper,Strootman,stekelnburg,BMI and Referee.i would have add Depay in to list as by fluke he won a game for us vs luxumburg..he was crap in other matches though.

  32. What a night! Ruud has taken me to Toffler after the match. He is telling all the girls that he is Nathan Ake and that I am Wesley Sneijder and that we just look older because it is my birthday ha ha!

    He also says that I am Natural in the dance floor and that the track suit enhances my moves

    Ruuuuudddd is so much fun. I can’t believe I missed out on this with him in 94

    And yes, jeremain does move like a secret agent cheetah

    Ya! Hip holland

  33. Mr emmanuel

    I don’t know what these light blue drinks are but I’ve now had seven + my nose is neon purple

    Femke, Saar and what’s your name? Nova! They have no idea what you are talk ing about either.

    I like nova 😍

    N+N 😘

  34. Worst come to worst, even we got kicked out of the world cup, we got to accept it.

    We are currently in a transition moment, and it may take another few years to rebuild . Maybe up to 4 years and 8 years to reach our peak again.

    So we need a good , experienced coach, and I hope we got one now. (anyone concerned with Dick’s age? he’s 60’s now….)

    With the current players at the back, i am not worried for the upcoming 4-6 years.

    But our midfield and most important strikers is what worries me.

    We are yet to wait another born star to replace Van Persie, Robben and Sneijder, VAn de Vaart etc.

    We don’t have them yet. Vincent Janssen is no where near them, but he is young, and hopefully he can improve. But I don’t think he will ever become our top striker.

  35. Don’t worry mates, I’m taking “Wes” here home to sleep it off.

    Thanks again for your support!


    Ruud (“Nate” for tonight)

  36. The Memphis-Robben thing is over the top and exaggerated by the media.

    Anyone could see what happened: Robben should have passed the ball sooner. When the moment passed, and Robben had another touch, Memphis had to check his run so when the pass did come he slowed down.

    Memphis had every right to have a go at Robben (who even apologised in the match putting his hand up) and they will have dealt with it like pros.

    This happens dozens of time every week at club level.

    And ask Lewandowski, Muller and Ribery what it is like to play with Arjen at times….

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