Lets build Oranje around Van Persie

We are on an interesting T-junction. I am not talking the economic crisis. Or the situation in the Middle East and Iran. Neither the GMO foods that are invading our supermarkets, nor am I referring to the recent floods in my hometown.

I’m talking Oranje. Of course.

We have Sneijder yet to show his level after months being sidelined. Will Raf van der Vaart be able to catch on to our pace? Is Robben ever match fit for a longer period? Do we really need Nigel de Jong now we also have Fer, Clasie, Van Ginkel and Anita?

But we still have at least one Superstar. The 29 year old Robin van Persie is one of the best players on the planet and according to recent statistics, the most lethal striker in the world. Even more lethal than one Leo Messi.

Sir Alex Ferguson never forks out big money for players older than 25 years old. He signs them young (C Ronaldo, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Phil Jones). Or he gets them cheap (Henke Larsson, Michael Owen). Only once in a Blue Moon (pardon the pun), he takes out his check book for a special player. He did it for Eric Cantona. And he has done it for Robin. 26 Mio euros for a player who will most likely not be sold with a profit.

And while signing him, Sir Alex mused about that Eric Cantona era, saying Robin van Persie would most likely do for his team what Cantona did for the team back then.

When the enigmatic French player joined United in 1992, he did give Man United a lot. Goals, sure. Intelligence. But most importantly: personality, charisma and class. This turned the Red Devils from a very good team into an unbeatable side.

Cantona was the cherry on the cake and became one of the first superstars in the EPL.

Just like Cantona, Van Persie is a mature, balanced player. Not a lot Sir Alex or Meulensteen will be able to add to him. And both players are heralded for their impact in the dressing room. Van Persie is complimented on his “glue-factor” off the pitch. Both Cantona and Van Persie will always give attention and energy to the club people behind the scenes. The material manager, the cleaning staff, the kitchen people, the secretaries… And Van Persie comes in, with a focus. To win trophies. Many trophies. A total pro.

Ryan Giggs: “Whenever a finished product, a world class finished product, comes into the team, it lifts everything and everyone. With Robin, that is so clear.”

Van Persie said the same, but vice versa. “Arsenal is a fantastic club. But I needed a new challenge. When I came to Arsenal, I was in awe. I looked at Henry, at Bergkamp, I followed them, watched them to their thing and it was addictive. I wanted to do what they did. They set the standard and showed me what it is to be a pro player. At Arsenal, I missed that inspiration, at a certain point. I needed a new environment. At Man United, I see that again. I see players focusing to the max and doing everything they can to be world class. Giggs, Scholes, Rooney, Vidic, Evra… Highly inspiring. I feel like a kid in the candy store again…”

And this kid needs an Oranje candy store around him soon. The man who can score whenever he wants doesn’t seem to be able to do so with the Dutch lion on his chest.

I still wake up screaming with images of RVP missing the ball vs Denmark if I had too much red meat at dinner….

He never really delivered for Oranje. But it can’t be his fault.

Watch the high lights of his first season at Man United and it’s clear. RVP can score from any angle, with both feet, head, backheel, chest, arse, it doesn’t matter. But he needs to be the focus of the team.

Even with 10 mediocre players playing in service of him, we should be able to beat at least 98% of all opponents.

So, mr Van Gaal. This is the time.

We have one of the best players in the world, in top form, in our squad.


Talk to him. Ask him how he would play. Forget systems, forget 4-3-3. How does Man United play? Is it 4-5-1? Is it 4-2-4? Who cares?

If fit, Robben and Afellay should be names to select. Van der Vaart and Sneijder will have to prove themselves again (in my book). With all due respect.

Other than that, we have some players who could do the job on the wing. Narsingh, Lens, Elia, Schaken, Boerrigter, Boetius…. (who cares, really).

We have Maher, Fer, De Guzman, Siem de Jong, Anita, Theo Janssen, Clasie, Strootman, Vilhena, Van Ginkel in midfield….

And Blind, Janmaat, BMI, De Vrij, Willems, Van Rhijn, Vlaar etc at the back.

And wonderful goal talent in Vorm, Krul, Vermeer, Zoet, Mulder…. Really…

Van Gaal’s job is not that hard….

( Used some insights from the great Willem van Hanegem)

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  1. Great topic Jan

    Let’s do this mind exercise and throw 4-3-3 out of the window for a second to build the team around RVP.

    We would need midfielders with excellent long over the top balls ability like Song (now Giggs sometimes and Carrick) and a player behind him with a good dribble that can get past opponents, but also has enough vision and technical ability to go for the 1-2 and has a good shot from around the edge of the box. On top of that, fast wingers like Walcott who had more than 10 assists on RVP last season.

    It would look like this with the material available at this moment:


    van Rhijn-de Vrij–BMI—–Blind

    ——de Guzman-Strootman——-

    Lens——-van Ginkel——-John


    United have played in EPl 15 times 4-2-3-1, 3 times 4-4-1-1, 3 times 4-4-2, 1 time 4-3-3 and 1 time 4-1-2-1-2. At Arsenal Wenger played this season all 23 times 4-2-3-1 and last season it was his preference as well.

    So it’s safe to say RVP is most used to 4-2-3-1. The big difference with the Dutch NT under van Marwijk is that instead of an architect type of 10 behind him like Wesley, now we play a skillful dribbler behind him with enough game intelligence and vision to make use of RVP’s excellent off ball movement. Also the 2 DM’s are instructed to look for RVP’s runs at all times and when they can place an over the top ball, they don’t think twice and give it. Both Strootman’s and de Guzman’s long ball distribution is up there with the best in Europe. People should take a look starting from the 40th second of this match highlight from the weekend:


    De Guzman can do the same. This was done sporadically under van Marwijk and I can only remember van Bommel doing it against Germany at the Euro. So the difference between our system under van Marwijk and this version of 4-2-3-1 is that the so called “10” gets skipped far more often. If he is used, then it’s to make a reaction run on a RVP’s off ball run, whether RVP is getting into a scoring position (and we want to mix up the way we reach him), or is making space for van Ginkel to dribble into the whole he is making by dragging a central defender with him. Lens could play this role also quite well, but then we need to use Schaken on the right wing …..

    Lens and Ola do just what wingers should do and look for that cross or drill it into the box for a RVP one touch goal. RVP always makes that feint run first to create space and time for himself in the box and they should be filled in on RVP’s every movement trick. This must be trained and fine tuned to perfection.


    1. ‘Lets build Oranje around Van Persie’
      Tried that. Didn’t work. Next!

      ‘throw 4-3-3 out of the window for a second to build the team around RVP.’
      Tried that too. Also didn’t work! Next!

      Do you people actually WATCH any games? Wow. Just wow.

      1. The team was never built around RvP. Van Marwijk’s system was designed for attacks to come from midfield, and for the striker to pop up in scoring positions. That system was more suited to Huntelaar.

        1. agree. the team was always built around robben and wes, with huntelaar poaching the scraps, typically against the san marinos. arsenal funneled through RVP and a midfeilder firing shots outside the box would be taken off the pitch, thats wes and arjen’s MO

      2. You’re wrong. When you’ve got Sneijder and Robben, you have not built the team around RVP. Robben and RVP do not complement each other at all–it’s been a problem for years.

    1. ‘Make or break around RVP. What’s to lose?’
      I dunno. How about a WC Final? Or maybe 3 straight opening round EC games?

      Chokers gonna choke.
      First flight home.

  2. Focusing only RVp has limitations.ie it is good that we take it as our plan A.But We should have a plab B.
    who is the most reliable forward to replace persie if needed?
    Hunter???No way
    kuyt???No way
    Ricky???The closest to persie among these three
    we need to find a talent or we should follow spains root/De bosque style in Euro12 with out striker.
    @Jan why Afellay again? i dont understand it.He takes so much time for a decision to pass a bal and does pretty uselss dribbles,end product of that dribbles are zero.i know that he has pace and trickery and he is 27.why him again?i think kuyt is more useful for team than him at least inn diffence and at times he has brilliant passess.or because we dont have any other talent than Afellay??/?

    1. Afellay is an established player. Of all the established players, I’d say Afellay is probably your smartest bet.

      Sneijder needs to prove his value again. Is he fit?

      Vaart: same.

      Nigel de Jong? A pure destroyer.

      Kuyt. Getting a bit too old

      Afellay has the level of Barca. Has played many games in PSV. Showed his quality at Schalke. Is 27 yrs old. Has something to prove.

  3. So, Leroy Fer signs for Everton. The midfielder was bought by Twente for 5,5M from Feyenoord last season. Everton pays around 10 mio Euros.

    Feyenoord gets 650k euro as solidarity payment and made 6M on a player with only one more year on his contract.

    Not bad.

    Soon, an article on Fer.

    1. ‘Soon, an article on Fer.’

      and soon, a comments section filled with YouTube team selections of the week entirely unrelated to an article on Fer…..

  4. As long as Wes and vaart are not fit for 120 minutes play.they should not be selected.
    Kuyt looks better than huntlaar these days.Kuyt can be the 4 th option behind RVP>Ricky>Dost>kuyt as striker spot.thats the only way we could accomodate him.
    i think we need to find a winger/wingers like roben or overmars again.There are guys like Lenz,Narsingh,Afalley, and Elia.these guys has a serious problem in coping with the brilliance of RVP,Wes,Vaart,Maher,Clasie,Ginkel.stroot etc.i think Ac milan player urby is overlooked and he is pretty good for team.works his socks off for the balance of the team with out compromising much quality in attack.Lenz and Narsingh are good at finishing..But i would rate Lenz,Narsingh,Afellay,Schaken and Elia as headless chikens compared to theier counterparts in other strongteams like germany,and spain..They are inferrior to Angel de maria,Pedro,Ineasta,Reus,Muller,etc…so dutch national team will find difficult to score against a strong national team with these players and they are not good at their second duty ie Defending…
    Van gaal must look in to other talents if he wants to win against Spain,Arjentina,Germany,Brazil,Portugal and ven italy.but against small teams these players are enough.

  5. Just on espn soccernet

    Chris Hughton is confident of bringing in Sporting Lisbon striker Ricky Von Wolfswinkel before the deadline to boost his attacking options at Norwich

  6. Even though Norwich isn’t a great team I think he will be guaranteed first team player and if he can hit the ground running scoring goals and making an impact I’m sure he could make the move to one of the bigger EPL clubs

  7. You are crazy! Van Persie is a national team flop…. I have seen Cruyff and Bergkamp, Van Basten and Van Nistelrooij and Van Persie is not worthy to shine their boots! I have watched Oranje play first hand for DECADES – Van Persie is the most overated striker Oranje has ever persevered with….

    Van Persie must be retire from Oranje – just as Raul was moved aside, Spain would still be nothing if they kept trying to score through Raul – too one dimensional, too predictable and easy to shut down. Van Persie goes missing during the important moments – EK, WK and even when he should have buried Barca when he played for Arsenal, he panics when the big moment comes…. Not Bergkamp, not Cruyff, not Van Basten….

    Van Persie must retire before WK2014 – i have already booked my accomodation and planned my vacation to celebrate with Oranje in Brasil, the only thing that stands in the path of Oranje glory is Van Gaal’s ego and the perseverance of Van Persie as our striker….

    I pray for an injury just before the WK, nothing terrible, just a hamstring tear 2 weeks before hand – Huntelaar to be given the chance to play as CF. Give him the same chance/s given to VP over so many years – KJH just needs a little time to settle into the role and his Oranje team mates to get used to his movements –

    I still believe – just not in Van Gaal or Van Persie…..

    1. @Ed mate u were too harsh on persie….
      Till 2008 RVP was excellant for NT.Dont u remmebr the goal aginst ivory coast and assist aginst Serbia???2006WC??
      Dont u remmber persie’s superb 5 goals for Ec2008 Qualifications???dont u remmber the goals against france and Romania EC2008??…
      Dont u remmber he scoring through Paulson against a solid denmark defnce.2010WC?If that did nt happend we would have ended up in draw thats for sure…Ever since van basten left persie was fucked up with three footballers who never had the skills to feed perise that was kuyt on left wing,who often loss the ball or zero movemnet from left wing….
      Roben cuts in from right and shoots himself.Wesly always shoots if he gets a ball in box.he would not pass though he was good at it…Along with 2 non football playing CBs Joris and johny the story completed…
      Persie sacrificed himslef for the team…he was subed in the end of every match,that time we had more chances to score..poor guy sufferd injuries a lot…Evn if Persie didnt scored for – BVM’s 4 years…He deserves credit for playing unselfish,working hard unlike static hunter and always dragged 2 defenders to mark him,this made plenty of chances to other players like Wes,Roben an kuyt.they scored …so tell me buddy whats wrong with persie?
      I agree that something was wrong and it was
      BVM-Biased coach
      Bommel-Static caption-Family business
      kuyt-Zero creativity from left wing but better than Afellay.
      Wesly-Always tried to shoot when he was in the box.
      Dejong-Less active in attack
      Joris-Pass to johny
      Johny-pass to joris
      What kind of game they played for 4 yeras under BVM.?
      did they played like MANU or even arsenal?..

  8. I agree that the players should feed RVP more, but what if RVP is hurt? His subs are not the same, (Hunter, whoever…). I still like Spain’s idea of playing the same if Villa is hurt (or his sub are not in good form enough, aka Torres) then it does not matter who plays up front (can be a midfielder like Fabregas but can score) we still feed to the player in front (especially the wingers). I am not saying we needs to play as Spain (passing too much leads to boring, we play a more direct approach). Look at the 4 big stars (used to) VDV, Sneijder, Robben and Van Persie, I agree that the first 3 are not the same (not top clubs, fitness, injury…) so the focus of the team is now RVP for 2014. I will not make him captain, leaving him free to score goals. I will make either Strootman or BMI to be the captain.

    1. If I were coach, I would play Sneijder if he was super-fit, but would not play VDV or Robben. Maybe bring those two off the bench in second half. Don’t think there is much chemistry between Robben or RVP, though one might argue that Robben commands attention and that might free up RVP. Chemistry is key: There is a reason Spain and Barca play so seamlessly–most of them have been together for a long time. We have seen RVP play spectacularly with two different EPL teams that give him good service. He needs that service with Holland. Big decisions…

  9. Hunter is nothing infront of REAL defnders.he is static and should make way for Ricky wolf..when did hunter scored against a big team in a cruicial match.???
    did nt he getb his starting spot aginst portugal?he was crap in that match.

  10. Jan – I think you should give me credit for mentioning building Oranje around RvP.

    Thing is, Oranje has been built around Sneijder over the past 4 years. When he was performing well in 2010, Oranje was very close to winning it all, but 2012 was another story.

    I think it should be given that you build your team around the best performing and consistent player. RvP has been the most consistent and has been performing superbly!

    Also, system wise – regardless of the system whether 4231 or 433, more midfielders should be feeding RvP (not necessarily more passes – he needs one chance to score) but more players should be feeding him, thus taking the predictability out of the equation that was there with Van Marwick’s team.

  11. Van Marwijk is one of the great Dutch trainers – it is a shame that people do not realise what he did with the talent at his disposal. He motivated a team of mercenaries to play as a team and came within a millimetre of casillas boot of winning a long overdue WK.

    We have been to 3 WK finals and no-one can take that away. I am sad that of all the WK tournaments I have been to, that I missed South Africa – it would have been a sight to behold.

    I believed that I would see Oranje win a WK in my youth but now I hope we can win one in my old age! I will be there in 2014, despite my detest for Van Gaal and Van Persie – but I fear I will be cheering on another famous capitulation rather than fulfilling the dreams of 16 million other dutchmen and women.

    Mark my words, Van Persie will NEVER deliver us a WK. In Holland, Van Persie is known as a club footballer – not Oranje material. We all believe in his technical abilities, just not his head. Football is played with the heart, the head and the feet – Van Persie has only 1…..

    Of his 31 international goals, 12 were scored in friendlies. Van Persie has only scored in tournament play in group games only (4), no important knockout round games – he is not going to deliver when it counts. In just 1 tournament (WK2010) Sneijder scored 3 knockout round goals, Robben 2 knockout round goals, they carried us to the final.

    Van Persie has had so many chances to finish perfect opportunities in many knockout games and failed on each occasion. It is time he retired from Oranje.

    Hup Holland Hup!

    1. Ed i agree that persie failed in EC12.but WC2010 i dont think he was complete failure..he sledom got pasess and how can he score form that.but always took away 2 defnders with him,that open up the way for Roben,Wesly and kuyt.Except kuyt both utlilized that very well.i mean unmarked roben and Wes.
      InEC2012 it was different story,persie got chances aginst denmark,but he was over pressuerd by his own team mate hunter.i mean pressure from hunter for striker spot.he wanted to do it eagerly but that eagerneess caused him all the misses.he was not at calm and peace mode…EC12 was a colectyive failure lead by BVM.
      I agree that BVM made a defencive block with Joris-Johny-Bommel-Dejong-Gio and weil with the help of kuyt as extra defender from attack.It worked and really worked.All these players were intelligent enough to defend any team so we had a defnsive stability ,that we dont have now under van gaal.Still now he is not fixed with at least 33 players.like u said Ego doesnt win any thing,BVM also had ego thats why he failed miserably in EC12.He neglectd so much the young talent.with talents at his disposal he should have won both WC2010 and EC2012.

    2. Ed,

      thank you for the below. Happy to know that there is one more person of my generation here sharing the same feelings. It is different if you have seen it all. It is hard to describe the effort we did in 1978 and we didn’t win it. There are teams who play lousy in finals and they deserve to lose. Our 1978 and 2010 performance was the highest possible, we gave it all (I am 3-4 years “younger” than you, I didn’t see the 1974 live). And we deserved it especially in 1978 when we were robbed. I will see you in 2014 (can’t believe I didn’t go to South Africa either) and let’s hope we will see one victory in the WK final in our lifetime..



      Van Marwijk is one of the great Dutch trainers – it is a shame that people do not realise what he did with the talent at his disposal. He motivated a team of mercenaries to play as a team and came within a millimetre of casillas boot of winning a long overdue WK.

      We have been to 3 WK finals and no-one can take that away. I am sad that of all the WK tournaments I have been to, that I missed South Africa – it would have been a sight to behold.

      I believed that I would see Oranje win a WK in my youth but now I hope we can win one in my old age! I will be there in 2014,

      1. I remember being very sad, upset and yet proud that we could do it all again without Cruyff….78 was our year, the expectation was so immense, so sure of victory and Argentina felt very tense – the military were everywhere. Memories of an old man – I wish they were just a little happier. If I think too much of that time It really brings me to tears. How it was that we could lose 2 WK’s – 2010 was no different for me. I was sad, very upset but proud of the team AND van Marwijk. I really wished I was there in SA. I won’t make that mistake again.

  12. i would say that With players like old slow joris,static hunter,headless narsingh,fatty vaart,Fatty wesly,headless schaken,Hairdresser Elia,Prick and useless dribbler Afellay,ok lenz,School boy Williams,oportunistic creator and finisher kuyt.Dutch have no chance of winning any cup…so forget it…its a sad story but ,i am sure with a right approach and open hearted coach will bring WC to Netherlands.

        1. @srinjoy i know that u dont understand things fastly i said Afalley,Elia,Narsingh are shit and kuyt is better than them .thats it.This doesnt mean i like kuyt.i was saying what i was seeing.Kuyt was and is always a shit finisher and non creater of chances.But always had the brilliance to play with dutch defence.At least was more useful to to the team than arrogant pricks and hairdressers.End of the story…

          1. Kuyt played well in the 10WC–quite well, I thought. He looks to set up other players and works his arse off without the ball–unlike Sneijder and others. He might be too old now, but he’s usually very fit and he’s proven more dependable than a lot of other Dutch players.

  13. Let me get this out the way, if van gaal has stated he doesn’t pick players in trouble with fitness, or transfers, and leroy fer has just transfered

    That means Leroy Fer won’t play against Italy

    So you know, i wonder if building a team around van persie would be good, but there are issues like what if he faces a dip in form, what if he gets injured.

    We must always be adaptable to play without van persie if the case is needed. If you look at international football it’s typically a negative affair.

    Which is why we might need a central block of 4 defensive minded players. I never had a problem with the 4-2-3-1 I had a problem with the way we used the system with two static defensive mids, when we needed a more offensive midfielder who could also defend and play a little forward.

    I think a 4-4-1-1 Would be best if we are gonna use van persie

    —De vrij——vlaar——-
    V. rhijn—————BMI-
    —Van Persie————–

    With robben and john coming in and the width coming from the wing backs
    robben can even run inside to get set up by sneijder and have this

    front triangle on occasion as long as strootman is willing to cover the wing


    1. Should the transfer rule only be applied if the players did not play for sometimes due to the transfer saga such as Sneijder. It would be crazy to bench a player because he was moving from one club to another. Let say if tomorrow RVP go to Barca, will he be benched?

      Does Van Gaal really have that rule?

      1. yes, have you moved from one place to another? now imagine moving to another country? ok, dutch people usually speak english but having to learn another language spanish, italian, german, turkish is hard already, add into moving, and the paperwork involved with visa’s, what about your family wanting to come with you, girlfriend, wife, kids. it gets messy.

        the human body just staying at a different place already losses sleep, and an athlete losing more sleep means a tired athlete. It’s in the players best interest to not pick him up to play in a game. Unless the game was a qualifier and really important. it’s a friendly, he needs to get things sorted out.

      2. it’s on this site the big van gaal interview part 1, paragraph 15, or 13 depending on how you count paragraphs, i counted the one liners as paragraphs

        ” But speaking of fitness, I do not only mean physical, but also mental. With national teams, you can not select players to support them or to give them confidence. At club level: yes. Not at national level. You play one key game every time and it needs to be 100%. We do not support players who are recovering from injury or anything like that. Can’t do it. And players who have distractions in their private life, whether it’s marital issues or transfer issues, will not be selected either. Too much risk for both.”

        1. That made me worried. He may have a rule but he should use it in proper case only.

          Consider the player are in form and move to a new country. He has many things to sort up like what you said. And then on top of that, he know that he needs to fight to get back his place in the national team even if he did nothing wrong.

          I agree with Van Gaal’s choice to leave Sneijder, VDV … at home this time. This is fine because they must earn their place in the team. They do not just walk into the team because of their reputation.

          But not being supportive does not necessarily mean that you have to put extra pressure on the players. If he does that to Fer, fine. Fer is fringe player. But I believe he will have trouble when he do that to member of first team. And for the good of our team, I hope he would not do that.

      1. Like he did well, offensively he didn’t do anything special, he did get one shot on goal from the edge of the penalty area, but it was blocked,

        Aston Villa was playing a three man defense, So vlaar on offense was up and pretty much he just prevented any counter attacks. simple passing


        on defense it would look like this but vlaar would be more advanced
        vlaar would go next to the sweep, the guys where left and right back would be would be more central so there was no attack or width from those guys

        First half they were down 2-0, newcastle cisse exposed the high line
        and amazing goal by cabaye

        Second half they took out the sweeper and moved clark into his position and put ablohngahore in a winger positiong

        So it was


        Like vlaar didn’t make any mistakes and he handled cisse well in the second half to where he was invisible,

        1. and tim krul was playing very good, lots of great saves, saved by the post and only gave up a penalty kick, Newcastles defense is horrible

          anita came on, played very advanced, i guess it was to try and shore up the defensive aspect because aston villa dominated possesion

          To summarize, whenever newcastle got the ball and lopped it, vlaar or bannon stopped them from controlling, vlaar would chase guys to the sideline, but passing wise, he passed it to bannon who sprayed the field very well with great distribution

  14. ——————-Krul———————-

    –V-Rhijn—-De Vrij—-Indi—-Blind——–



    1 David De Gea / Krul
    2 Rafael / Wiel
    3 Rio Ferdinand / De Vrij
    4Chris Smalling / Martins Indi
    5 Patrice Evra / Blind
    7 Antonio Valencia / Lens
    6 Michael Carrick / Strootman
    11 Ashley Young / Robben
    8 Paul Scholes / Fer or Van Ginkel
    10 Wayne Rooney / Sneijder
    9 Robin Van Persie / RVP

  15. Vorm did not defend the goal for Swansea today. Officially he has a minor knee problem. Some speculate about Barca and United trying to get him. I hope it’s the knee version as there is no positive for us in having a good stand in keeper at a top team. He needs to be keeper week in week out, otherwise van Gaal won’t select him. I think the chances are slim he will win the competition from a Valdes or de Gea, though the last one is far from above any criticism at his club.

    If he is having a knee problem, then we can say goodbye to his Dutch NT selection. If it’s a transfer … same story. I guess that means no Vorm for the Italy game.

      1. Yeah but I can’t see Vorm becoming first keeper of Barca. Good keeper, but Barca surely are in for something more special than the Dutch third/second keeper. What do you think? Possible?

        1. I really don’t know what Barca’s intentions are, but I don’t think the want to spend a large amount on a keeper. They already need a CB, and I think they prefer to spend the majority of their budget on attacking players. I think they’ll be happy with a keeper with good technical abilities and aggression to win the ball, even if he’s not the greatest shot stopper. Is that Vorm?

          Personally I like NT GKs to be on teams where they have to deal with a lot of attacks. That way they stay on form all the time. What advantage is there for a GK to go to a team like Barca other than to win more? The players around them don’t help them up their game since they play a completely different role, and they face fewer attacks, so they go out of practice. I think mid level EPL is a good place for our GKs because they have to stay on their toes all the time to deal with a fair number of crosses, shots, and pressure.

          1. i would think barcelona would need to get a dutch-style sweeper keeper which is why krul, stekelenburg, vorm all speculated for barcelona, it would be my guess that is what they need. someone fast for one on ones due to the high line, also to pass the ball with perfect distribution to their wingbacks, or defenders who split. Neuer is not gonna go anywhere, so what other sweeper keepers are there? let alone world class sweeper keepers. Reina, neuer, and our dutch players. So who else is there?

          2. i just google news and on the metro.co.uk it has this

            “He is one of three shot-stoppers on their shortlist, along with Valencia’s Vicente Guaita and Ajax’s Kenneth Vermeer, according to Spanish paper El Mundo Deportivo.”

            So if kenneth vermeer is on it, it’s obviously because they need a sweeper keeper who can pass the ball perfect. I haven’t seen vicente guaita but spain and holland are the only countries with sweeper keepers, and the future of football is in sweeper keepers.

  16. Can we bet on RVP picking up a knock in the final seconds of tomorrows game that prevents him to play in the Italy game for us? Does Fergie want to risk his main asset to go play against a butcher like Chiellini again? That would be CL title aspirations almost over for United.

    I think there is a big chance we will hear on Thursday that RVP is injured and out for international duty.

    Then we would really have a mediocre team compared to the Italians.

    1. * Tomorrow -> Saterday
      * Thursday -> Sunday

      Forgot that United still get to play Fulham this weekend before international break. Today they play Southampton.

    1. I’d be happy to see him leave Milan. Milan is a sinking ship, and Urby seems to be out of the plans now. A move to the EPL might suit him. I don’t know much about Fulham, but I’d guess that he would play on the left and whip crosses in. I think he would thrive in that role

    1. @StefanCoerts: Nothing out of the ordinary with #Fer’s knee for a player who recently underwent surgery. #EFC seemingly using situation to get better deal.

  17. *It’s crazy to see the vast majority of our talent heading to mid-table clubs but at the same time it’s a great push for the future of our team

    *While RVP is tearing it up at ManU I disagree we should build around him. We need to focus on the future and work from our core. Building the team around a Strootman/Fer type would be beneficial in the long term as it allows our youngsters to form chemistry in their youth.

    *While I was very disappointed at Sneijder’s decision to go to Turkey as many of you were, he is still the reason behind a lot of our success and it pains me to see many people dismissing him as ‘washed up’. He is only 28! He has plenty of time to reverse his slide and lead our team to success.

    *I am not convinced in Van Gaal at all. Sure, he has won 4/4 qualifying games. So What? That is what an able Dutch team should do regardless of who is coach. Despite our struggles the past few years, we are still a European powerhouse int he eyes of our opponents. Fut the Muck does Van Gaal have against Douglas? Douglas is essentially the type of defender we lack and his constant desire to leave him out of friendlies blows my mind. Who is Janmaat, I mean seriously. We never talk about this player he because he sucks.. and that’s the bottom line.

    1. People act like going to a mid-table team is the end of the world and it’s somehow the final destination. It’s a step in the right direction. Guys who play at newcastle get noticed and signed for chelsea like demba ba, van der sar was at fulham before moving to manchester united. De jong and van der vaart were at hamburg before getting signed to real madrid and manchester city. So as long as a person gets playing time. against good competition then what more can be asked for

      and everton is currently fifth in the premier league. and if the

  18. Games featuring dutch players coming up in New York Eastern Time -5:00 gmt time

    Tomorrow we got

    2:45 or 14:45
    PSV vs Feyenoord

    3;00 or 15;00
    Manchester “RVP” United vs. Southampton

    3:00 or 15:00
    Real Madrid Vs Barcelona


    2:45 or 14:45
    Vitesse vs Ajax

    Van Ginkel, vermeer, hoeness the works


    2:30 or 14:30
    Werder Bremen vs hannover
    Watch elia on the bench gel his hair!

    2:45 or 14:45
    As roma vs cagliari
    Watch stekelenburg on the bench get furious that someone else is on the field stinking up the place

    2;30 or 14;30
    Toulouse vs PSG
    van der wiel

    Saturday (sneijderdaag)

    Buraspor vs Galatasaray (sneijder)

    everton vs aston villa (fer might make debute, vlaar)
    Newcastle vs chelsea (krul, anita)
    West Ham vs Swansea City (Vorm, De Guzman)
    Fulham vs Man Utd (RVP)

    Schalke 04 vs svgg furth something
    mainz vs bayern munich
    wolfsburg vs ausburg (bas dost)

    Hamburg vs eintracht frankfurt (van der vaart and bruma)


    13:00 or 1:00
    rio ave vs Sporting lisbon (van wolfswinkel, boulahrouz )

    dutch league

    Az vs groningen
    1:45 or 13:45
    Nac vs pec zwolle
    Roda vs Herceles Almeo
    2:45 or 14:45
    PSV vs ADO den haag

  19. The players like Ginkel,Maher,strootman,and clasie should join club like Arseanl as long as wenger stays there.it would be a great step for their career nurturing thats for sure……Many call wenger as whiner but there are few other coaches are better than him in nurturing young talents..

  20. Suarez is good player and developing well.he has scored bunch of goals against weaker teams..Some morons say that suarez is better than RVP.Suarez has scored 16 goals against smaller teams in EPL.While RVP has csored against all teams and especialy he was outstanding against pool,chelsea,Arsenal,Shitty…whats wrong with these people??are they blind to see the intellignce leavel of two players????May be thats the reason….
    Lets come back to orange
    LVG should show the video of greece 2004 and italy 2006 to teach the team spirit and uninity which is most wanted quality to win a WC/EC.I remmber the sceond time Fopee de haan won the u21.Everyone where depresses coz Afalley got injured,But Bakal came up and he was better team player than Afellay and they won it with team spirit.thats how it is…..Bakal played for the balance of the team with good skills.
    Moral of the story is We dont need superstars to Win a WC or EC.We need suitable players,who are willing to learn and open to decision of the coach and on top of it they need an unselfish mind……..

  21. Fer is 23 and this right time for him to move..Everton is good club and so is david moyes..He wont be benched there.
    unlike horrible things happend to urby in Ac milan.Urby had plenty of energy and they never utilized it…Urby will do very well with fulham under Jol.
    Bruma should comback to holland ASAP.if he wants to develop …may be vitsse is th right place for him.

  22. Sunday Games rundown new york eastern time -5:00gmt

    Sevilla fc vs rayo vallecano (maduro doesn’t usually start heart problems)

    Nurnburg vs Borussia monglendbach (luuk de jong , roel brouwers)

    Nederland Eredivisie
    NEC vs Vitesse (van ginkel, van aanholt, propper)

    Twente vs Utrecht (fer, douglas, castinogs, janssen, braafheid)
    venlo vs AJAX (v. rhijn, vermeer, blind, siem de jong, lukoki, boereighter, klaassen)

    Willem vs Feyenoord (clasie, martins-indi, de vrij, janmaat, mulder, maybe get some boetus and achbar)


    3:15 or 15;15

    Benfica vs victoria setubal (ola john)


    Anderlecht vs Standard liege (bram nuytinck)

    and thats it, because wednesday is the game against italy

    2:30 or 14:30
    Nederland vs Italia

        1. I’m watching 3 games at the same time now. hard to say. van Beek is a new fellow at left back. Boëtius with an assist on Pelle. From the things I have seen it’s a bit even. Quite a nice match. There was also Mulder acting weird on one occasion.

          United game is boring. RVP with a good free kick delivery on Evra once again and then Rooney could feed off Evra’s header. RVP has been a bit quit, but on ball pretty good. He did miss one shot on goal.

          Madrid-Barca 0-0 with the usual drama here and there. I prefer the other two games.

      1. I believe he is 18. Was never considered a big talent at Feyenoord, last year even in the second A team, but this year he has made progression with big steps. Is a central defender (de Vrij also started at Feyenoord first team at right back) and was always in the same grloup with Woudenberg, the new young right back from Feyenoord. Both have gotten a contract. van Beek 1.5 years with an option for another year. It’s funny how somebody with a low profile in the youth is suddenly thrown for the lions in a touch game against PSV.

  23. I am watching match of the day, but Heitinga is making a colossal mistake to grant West Brom a goal. Luckily for him Everton won the game. Hope our new generation of defenders step up as Heitinga and Mathijsen are over the hill. Heitinga is still not that old, so maybe he is just in a dip.

  24. Well Srinjoy I respect you but I really don’t know why you say Fer is a mediocre player. Actually he is great but he’s been playing in a more defensive role that at the beginning of the season when he scored plenty of goals.

  25. when can people speak like this about us….

    Germany can win World Cup, says Netzer
    30 January 2013

    Gunter Netzer believes that Joachim Loew’s Germany squad is good enough to win the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

    The former international, who was voted German Footballer of the Year twice in 1972 and ’73, thinks that while Spain will retain their title as favourites, his nation’s current crop are more than capable of going all the way.

    “We absolutely have the quality to win the World Cup,” Netzer told Bild.

    “Spain is still in the way, but one time, they will lose, at which point you must capitalise. This can work.”

    Netzer, who spent 10 years at Borussia Moenchengladbach before moving to Real Madrid in 1973, was also fulsome in his praise for Loew.

    “I have to give a great compliment to Joachim Loew. He has developed this team and his football is worth seeing and can be successful, there is just no great title,” he said.

    “The Germans watching today, they have not seen such football for a long time as it is now in the present.”

    1. in the end, international football is low quality, and realistically there are only 9 nations who can win the world cup

      So it’s a matter of hitting it lucky draw, and having a good system and you can win the world cup

      Argentina, brazil, germany, spain, france, italy, england, portugal, holland

      I like our odds even if we hit a rough patch, it’s just a matter of getting hot, I don’t know if you guys remember, qualifying for 2008 euros was bad, only when the year 2008 started did we beat croatia 3-0, we had a friendly against denmark 1-1, and wales 2-0 and i can’t remember the other team we played, we got hot, and we continued to be hot for 3 years. It was just the start of 2012 that was bad, and eventually we got better to handle this rough patch

    1. you know he was subbed off in the first half on sunday and didn’t make any forward runs or do any passes, so i thought he was playing very quiet, but now i know why, well it’s not like he’s the future,

  26. wow, Holy moly! Beckham to PSG?? Really? Wow, who would have thought he would be playing alongside Ibrahimovic 3-4 years ago.

    …. and Sneijder who, mind who is almost 10 years is junior, claimed he was on the decline and headed to ‘retire’ in Turkey.

    1. he started in the first team at the beginning of the 2011/12 season,played quite often. he’s a good player,good technical skills,rather a winger than a real striker. not the best dribbler,but ok. he mostly played when others (villa,alexis,pedro) got injured. to be honest i think he wasn’t yet barca material,but difficult to say anything about him because he was injured from end of may till now. i wasn’t too much impressed by him – just to know last year he was the 6th (after messi,pedro,villa,alexis and tello) in the pecking order.

  27. He is good but I would like it more if Ajax focused on Dutch youngsters rather than Spanish or foreign players but this is an old subject by now.

    1. Roma cancelled Steks transfer.

      3 other hilarious story on this deadline day:

      1) Stekelenburg, already boarded to London, but Roma couldn’t find adequate back-up GK. So he had to go back to Roma again.

      2) Peter Odemwingie, went to QPR ground to force his transfer, without permission from his club (West Bromwich Albion). QPR didn’t make the bid, although there was some interest.

      3) Pajtim Kasami, planned to be loaned out from Fulham to Pescara. An agreement has been reached, from Fulham, Pescara, Kasami, and Mino Raiola (his agent). Suddenly the wi-fi connection on the hotel which Raiola used to finalise the transfer were having trouble. The deal collapsed. 😀

      And not to be forgotten, Leroy Fer. I still surprised, is Everton really use his medical exam result as the reason to renegotiate his price??

  28. GK: Tim Krul (Newcastle United), Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax), Michel Vorm (Swansea City)

    Defence: Daley Blind (Ajax), Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord), Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord), Joris Mathijsen (Feyenoord), Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax), Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa), Stefan de Vrij (Feyenoord)

    Midfield: Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord), Marco van Ginkel (Vitesse), Jonathan de Guzman (Swansea City), Kevin Strootman (PSV), Adam Maher (AZ)

    Attack:: Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04), Ola John (Benfica), Dirk Kuyt (Fenerbahҫe), Jeremain Lens (PSV), Robin van Persie (Manchester United)

    1. what kind of starting line up would be possible with this squad?

      ——De Vrij———-Vlaar——-
      V. Rhijn————————BMI
      —-Van Ginkel———maher——

      van persie is gonna get injured 5 mintues before the end of his game!

  29. rumors that Robben broke glass inside Bayern after he was not substituted in the final few minutes of the game. Henckeys made him warm up for 15 minutes and then didn’t put him in to play.

    1. Beerens from AZ had rather a good game against him recently and in that Ajax Cup game yesterday his offensive side was maybe nice at times, but he made a silly challenge that resulted in a penalty kick and after that made some mistakes as well. PVA remains a player with a lot of defensive fragility’s (like all Dutch backs). All left backs are close to each other IMO. Willems, PVA, Pieters when coming back, Blind, BMI (who is better in center). Nobody really stands out for me yet and maybe BMI is the only one who is defensively a bit more reliable, but we need him in center IMO. They all have to develop and things can change quickly in selecting one or the other, but I feel none of them will soon really solve a problem for us in the defensive department and shut that area down.

  30. ———————Krul——————

    —–V.Rhijn—De Vrij—BMI—-Blind——



  31. Apart from Hunter,lenz,Joris and kuyt selection is cool and very fine…
    i think joris,hunter and lenz will start and we will see lot static state up front and we can see how vulnerable joris is..less chance that kuyt will play..so he will escape.
    Positive note is that there is huge chance energetic young quartet of Vanginkel,maher,clasie,john,Deguzman and strootman with persie will save asses of these players and they will bring the balance to the team.
    if i was van gaal i would have gone for..
    Van annholt——————-Van rhijn
    Realy wanted to see Douglas,Ricky wolf and Van annholt and Leroy fer….
    i think defence is getting stronger by time
    Danny blind-Van Annholt as LB
    BMI-Vlaar as LCB
    heitinga-De vrij as RCB
    Vanrhijn-Janmaat/weil as RB

      1. @Gabriel…i was saying that i was not happy with the selecetion of hunter,Joris,kuyt and lenz …thats what i mean..Rest of the players they deserve call above anyone…

  32. So we have many experienced players left out or injured Sneijder, Robben, Vaart, Nigel, Heitinga, Stekelenburg and Wiel, Afellay.

    I hope Mathijsen stays on the bench. Kuyt will start as he is the 2nd captain.

    1. Miguel they are not the same they used to be,Orange would be much better with out them..these are all the reasons..
      Wesly-Became slow,less runner ,Clearly will affect team balnce.will not be able to create chances of his own.
      Vaart- Like wesly ,Became slow,less runner ,Clearly will affect team balnce.
      Roben-Past his prime,ghost of old roben..But would play as great sub for any team..
      Nijel-We have leroy,Anita,Stroot in his position all can play better football tha them.team might feel miss De jong aginst strong teams.But we will out score the opponent.
      Heitinga-The best among the experinece defenders.Stioll can play like puyol plays for spain..
      Stekelburg-Wont be missed ,krul ,Velthuizen and vermeer are handy…
      Weil-Defensively better than janmaat..Might be feel missed.
      Afellay-Has given plenty of chances with national team.Still unable top cop with brilliance of his collegues.Wont be missed at all.Ola,urby are better players than him orange…

  33. May be LVG think that Ajax,Feynoord,PSV can beat any seri A team bar Juventus…thats truth too…but rest of the teams are not one level with italians teams.

    1. when we consider the potentail and enrgy of drenthe it is sad.but at present and considering current situation it might be a blessing for him…He made a huge mistake by leaving Feynoord for real shitrid.

      1. Stekelenburg is the best keeper we’ve had since van Breukelen – the ability to marshall the defence and pull out a fantastic save when it counts. The save against Brasil was the best of WK2010. He saves his best for Oranje – EK2012 was less his fault, than a factured dressing room which he would have no control over.

  34. watching the everton vs aston villa game and heitinga got burned for speed and suspect on a header. vlaar for the most part has fellini under control.

    was gonna see the newcastle vs chelsea game which newcastle is winning 1-0 but no vurnon anita, he’s on the bench, krul is playing though

  35. 12 is coming up, who’s gonna watch sneijder play for galatasaray? or we got at 12:30 fulham vs man utd emanuelson, rvp maybe buttner, and then we got at 12;30 hamburg bruma and van der vaart

  36. About to watch man u…just watched newcastle, Krul looked ok, couldnt do much about the two goals.

    Anita needs to leave, Sissoko has made a statement and there is just no way Anita gets much playing time

  37. Hmm, may as well get up then.

    Australians: Netherlands v Italy on SBS, Thursday 5:15 AM.

    Will have to turn sound off though, can’t stand the commentary here.

  38. http://i.imgur.com/E71Af7z.jpg

    United is having their best season so far concerning win percentage. They are also 10 points clear from the number 2 in the EPL, but City have tomorrow still a game to play.

    Is the concurrence of that season stat and the arrival of RVP in the summer coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Today RVP did not score, but he does have a cracking save on the goal line securing the 3 points in the last minutes of the game. More and more images come out about RVP’s dead ball clearances from his own box. He is not only a striker scoring winners, but also a striker defending the 3 points. That resulted in United having that club record stat IMO.

  39. Guys Urby was good yesterday,way too quick passes than Afellay,Quick thinking than Afellay.energetic like kuyt.Helps in defence…soon he will become a starter their in fulham.Hey Van gaal fix left wing with Urby and Roben…..
    Right wing with Ola ad who?

    Bruma was good at the begining ,but eventually faded from screen.slopy in positioning…But evry striker in this world would fear his tackles.Brutal,powerful but clean tackles…

    1. Zoet is pretty talented. Has a less good season than last season (where he was arguably the best keeper in Eredivisie despite his young age), but he remains talented nevertheless. Young enough to represent Netherlands in U21 and the number 1 there without any discussion as far as I know.

    1. Velthuizen with 1 arguably 2 blunders today … again. I think Velthuizen is going through a bad patch and though he sometimes shows potential, he must become much more consistent to be ever considered for an Dutch NT selection IMO.

  40. Van gaal listen mate…
    Omitting fer was not a good idea.He is a fighter and leader…better combative leader than Strootman…We need charecters to win a trophy..Like Roy keane and Jaap stam did for manchester….
    We need a leader in attack,Midfield and defence…

    1. yeah, call him up, even though his transfer to Everton failed.

      his feeling is currently mixed up. don’t be silly. LvG won’t ever call a player under such circumstance.

  41. What i like him in Fer is pretty skilled,fast,strong,much more clever than Elia,Afellay and many. play better in attack than dejong.Would be handy for any opponent..May not be as clever as Clasie or Stroot…But definitly a champion team material…

  42. I feel though he may be powerful wid good stamina. . He has never shown an exceptional technique or skill so I really dont get what all the gaga is about. ..de Guzman, van Ginkel, Maher, Strootman n Clasie r a class above fer imo..velthuizen is similar ly overrated. ..I wud even rate waterman n dorus de vries ahead of velthuizen

    1. Deguzman,Maher,Ginkel and clasie are limited in defensive duties they all are much good at attack..Fer would a super ball playing ,tough holding mid for us like Xabi alonso….. i think this is the time to go back 433.If Wes and vaart are not getting fitneess back.there is little chance for that..We mus go for 433
      i mean we have 6 wonderful players for that…with enigmatic stamina…
      Strootman-Deguzman-Clasie-Ginkel-Leroy and Anita…i mean
      As first choice
      —–Deguzman————Maher————- on Sub bunch respectively…….
      Though Nijel can comepet with Anita for 6 th spot

  43. Hi Guys,

    I have a question, special for JAN and DRB300 and the others Feyenoord fans

    How did Feyenoord midfield played today?

    I saw that Vormer started, so I imagine that he played holding midfield, behind Clasie, and Clasie played as mixed midfield alongside Vilhena, and Feyenoord didn´t play with a classic 10.

    Is that right? I could not watch the game; I only had the opportunity to watch the highlights. But I am becoming a real Feyenoord fan because of the great job they are doing.

    Do you think it is better use Vormer at the instead Immers, and play without an offensive midfield? I really don’t like Immers.

      1. I see some people equating Vilhena to Seedorf. Once you look through the difference of their looks, they share some characteristics. They are both generalists. Good footballers both, able to play deeper and higher up in midfield, have both a proper radius of action, when the shirt came off after U17 won the Euro, one could see how strong and buffed this Vilhena kid is. Just turned 18 and already first team material, while Vormer is far more experienced and once was voted best player of Eredivisie after a whole season by VI. To let a coach choose you over such a player is quite an achievement in itself. Now he starts to score goals and make key passes. He is also in the U21 team already. The really good ones can skip that team of course and get into the senior squad very fast. For me he is still too “flat” at Feyenoord, but if he starts to score more and get many assist on top of his general good (defensive) play, then it can go quickly.

    1. http://i.imgur.com/PFMGht7.png

      4-3-3. However it’s more the defensive version than the offensive one (point to the front, rather then point to the back). Vilhena played more behind Pelle and Vormer and Clasie behind that. I believe I have heard Koeman say once he wants a controlling DM a runner and an offensive midfielder. Sinds El Ahmadi left to Villa they have problems with the running vertical midfield role. Clasie and Vormer look too similar and often frustrate each other. Leerdam as you probably can remember fulfilled that role, but did not sign an extension of his contract and is on the bench. That created a perfect opportunity for Vilhena to step in the team.

      Next game, Immers will probably start again behind Pelle and Vilhena will go back behind him in a more controlling position. Does that frustrate the majority of Feyenoord fans? Yes. Do they think that Immers has the technical ability of an elephant? Yes. Will that make Koeman change his mind? No. At least not yet. Koeman worries about dual power, experience and consistency in his team. Talents score one matchday an 8 and the other matchday a 4. He needs players that can play game after game a 6 or higher and players that have enough dual power. That’s also why I don’t see Sleegers (the last big talent of that Vilhena-Achahbar-Kongolo-Boëtius generation yet to make his debut) brought into the first team anytime soon and certainly not on consistent basis.


    1. Well that game between Lyon and Dynamo Zagreb looked dirty to me, so I hope this gets revealed for the sake of Ajax. Also there is a doctor in Spain saying half the Spanish team used forbidden drugs to enhance performance. So if the truth gets uncovered, we maybe get the WC of 2010 and Ajax more CL money. Also there is a court case in Argentina that reveals that Argentina 1978 rigged the game vs Peru. So that is another WC. When the truth is uncovered Netherlands all of the sudden is double WC winner. But this is football and this is UEFA/FIFA so that will never ever happen. That’s for sure.

  44. That’d be great although it’s very hard to happen. It is not the best way to win a WC but justice is justice and if we deserve those titles then give them to us 🙂

  45. Derksen is a journalist here in NL.
    Wilfred Genee is the presenter of the show

    Derksen: “FC Twente had good reason to sell him, he of course has a bad knee, he’s injury-prone and he missed a lot of games. Twente could also use the money.”

    Wilfred Genee: “But do they know it in England that he has a bad knee?”

    Derksen: “Well, he just didn’t play a lot of games and they (Twente) are worried about that, Besides, they think he’s a useful midfielder. But Twente needs creativity in midfield and Fer lacks that creativity. So taking that in account, Djuricic (Twente are rumoured to sign him from heereveen to replace Fer) would be a better fit for Twente.”

    Derksen: “Something rather painfull has come to my attention regarding another source and that’s why I called Joop Munsterman (Twente’s Chairman) again, but he was not available at that time, time Joop was gone.
    There will come a very painfull court case against Fer, It goes back to his Feyenoord period and that case is going to get a lot of attention.
    I’m afraid, knowing Joop, who already got this kind of trouble with the Theo Janssen case, and what Fer did isn’t just driving trough a red traffic light, it’s really a very serious case.”

    Genee/van der Gijp: “But you do not know what the case is about?”

    Derksen: “I know what it’s about, but it would be rude to tell that, because my source wasn’t allowed to tell me this. If Joop wanted to confirm it? I wouldn’t mind going into details. Joop pretends to be crazy and acts like doesn’t know about it.

    Genee: “But Johan, you do realise everyone is now going to speculate about it?”

    Derksen: “I don’t care, they can speculate all they want, I’m not going into details.”

    Derksen: “But anyway, it’s going to get a lot of publicity and my personal feeling is that Joop found that out as well and that he thinks that, yeah, it happened at Feyenoord, but it’s going to leave Twente with the side-effects. Besides, they are already not too happy with another issue involving Fer having bought a horse for 28.000 euro’s yet didn’t have a clue what to do with it and were to leave it! Apparently he also seems to involve himself with women a lot in Enschede, last week he was out with Cabral (team-mate of him) and then the police came at his front door. Twente are not very happy with Fer. And that’s why they think that ten million is good business for Twente.”

    Schelvis (guest): “But do they know this at Everton?”

    Van der Gijp: “Well, from now on they do! haha.”

    Derksen: “I think that Rob Janssen (agent) isn’t happy about me revealing this because Rob thinks.. there goes my agents fee!

    Derksen: “It’s of course really painful from the police and justice as well, it’s a rather old case, but in the Dutch judicial system it takes a long time to come to court and it starts in about two months. Feyenoord are also happy that he’s gone beacuse now they don’t have anything to do with this case anymore.”

    Schelvis: “But couldn’t this mess up the potential transfer to Everton? I don’t think Everton are… well, they just got Drenthe out of the club.”

    Derksen: “I don’t think they will get really nervous at Everton because of the fact that he has to go to court here in Holland.”

    Genee: “They are used to court cases with footballers in England, aren’t they?”

    Schelvis: “Well, if he has to go to jail, it will be difficult playing in England of course!

    Genee: “Fellaini once hit a woman in her face in a disco.”

    Schelvis: “Than Fer has found the right team to play for it seems!

    Genee: “Indeed, it seems like such things don’t impress them in England to much!

  46. All the old matches of orange ie matches before 1994 i saw as recorded matches.never got a chance to see live matches before 1994.
    I think at least 1998 and 2006 orange could have won by marigin.
    1994- we can say its bad luck but we had our chance..
    1998-Players didnt belived in themselves.Penalty robbed of by refree and missed overmars and Numan in semi…
    2002-We didnt qualified,Poor tactics of vangaal.though many players were under treatment and drugs..
    2006-Pure arrogance and inexperince of Marco,ie omitting Seadorf,Castelen,huntlaar for lesser players.Or even he could have called back JAAP stam.we would have been terrifc with Persie,RVN,Roben,Seadorf,Cocu,Maduro,Heitinga,Jaap,Joris,o and gio. as our starters and bommel,davids,hunter,castelen,wssly,vaart in bench.the blunder mistake was kicking out RVN against portugal and replaced him with kuyt who takes 100 games to score 20 goals in premier league…
    2010-Team was perfect under BVM,foul by puyol and unluck may be the visibel reasons.but indirectly and psychlogically players like Brapheid,kuyt,bommel,Afellay,Elia doesnt deserve a WC over xavi,Alonos,Fabergas,Ineasta,Navas,Villa..busquets,puyol,pique and ramos
    2012-biased team selection and old legs…failure was inevitable in all aspects..i didnt had any hope for that team.it was good for national team.

    1. @Miguel…..if that match is not fixed then which match is fixed????
      i think psycho platini is also involved in it..he will save lyon……….

    1. your link also says the line up is going to be

      Netherlands: Tim Krul; Darryl Janmaat, Stefan de Vrij, Bruno Martins Indi, Daley Blind; Kevin Strootman, Adam Maher, Jordy Clasie; Jeremain Lens, Robin van Persie, Ola John.

      ——De Vrij———BMI————
      ———–v. persie——————

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