Here we go peeps.

Cold in Australia. Dark. Early in the am. Yoghurt and muesli versus Sangria, Heineken, tapas and herring. But very ready for this. Waiting 4 years for this re-match.

Enjoy guys :-). I’ll be liveblogging here unless the game catches me in such a way, I can’t keep up.



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  1. The video replay correctly shows another HUGE mistake (or deliberate act) by a referee.

    Nice start for a World Cup. Not a single “fair play” game so far.

  2. Another BS/CRAP penalty call! I see the Spaniards diving at every opportunity! The Dutch defender didn’t even touch the guy! All this diving by the Latin Americans–shameful.

  3. The Dutch defender’s challenge WAS very late and foolish in that respect. This is the problem: Players dive, and referees get suckered into making terrible calls that change the game.

  4. There is no link between the midfield and front 3. Sneijder is playing too high near RvP and Robben which is causing us to just hoof long balls hoping the Spanish players will get caught sleeping.

  5. Holland simply doesn’t have the talent. They are playing tensed and scared. From what I have seen so far, Spain is nothing great. We are just making it easy for them.

  6. Son of lion of Judah June 13, 2014 at 7:10 pm
    Blind plays like shit..worst dutch player so far…

    On behalf of Mr. Blind, I’d like to extend the fickle finger of fate to The Son Of The Lion Of Judah. 😉

      1. The hint from van Gaal was that he was going to play a provocative playing style, give them the idea there’s something to get over on our side so they leave space in their back.

        Blind, de Vrij and Cillessen and our supposed ‘weak’ backline was the trap. They were all more worried about shutting down Sneijder and Janmaat and our right-offence but mostly thinking about attacking and putting pressure or testing our defences, subconsciously.

  7. De Guzman was awful this first half, let’s to change him. Especially as he already got a yellow.

    I’d switch in 4-3-3 for 2nd half

    De Guzman — > Fer/Clasie
    BMI ——–> Lens/Depay

  8. The pass from Blind was world class and the finish from Van Persie was world class.

    But Guzman needs to come out ASAP. He is way in over his head. Bring in Clasie.

  9. What happened to Fifa’s promise to penalize diving? I’m really pissed at the penalty, diver = cheater. Had Sneijder put it away, Jan’s prediction would work and the game may be a bit different. Guzman and De Vrij have to be careful. Wonder if LVG sub them out. I’m still pissed at the PK but thank Van Persie to erase my pain. Easily top 10 goals of this WC if not the best.
    Let’s put these divers away in the 2nd half.

  10. Nothing has changed Spain are the same diving cheating pricks they were 4 years ago, we need to hang in now and jag a goal in the second half. Our left side defence is getting cut up Van Gaal needs to address at half time.
    No other Dutch striker scores that goal, Van Persie is a freak, I think it was only his 3rd touch of the game.

  11. To be honest I think the referee had “right” to whistle penalty. Which doesn’t mean was right.

    On the first impression, I also thought so, and french commentators also.

    De Vrij shouldn’t tackle in such conditions, even if no contact.

    Nothing to compare to the Balotelli penalty or brazilian one yesterday.

    1. You’re clearly a retard Goldstone

      Tiju was right to say that Blind was playing bad, he was. French commentators also said it.

      So because he gave a good pass it changed everything ?

  12. BBC are gushing over van persie’s goal, and rightfully so. Superb header, absolutely world class!

    Blind had impressed me, Vlaar has been solid enough, BBC are also praising Cillisen for his save from da Silva. Clearly van gaal knows best!

    Hup Holland Hup!

  13. Diego Costa is deservedly booed (although he is booed for choosing Spain over Brazil). Shameful! Cillessen made a good save. We played dangerously with offside. This is Spain we are facing! Hoping LVG fix that in 2nd half.

  14. Now time to critize one of our star players. I frankly dont know what sneijder is, is he a litmanen that doesnt get into scoring positions? Is he a playmaker that doesnt create opportunities? Is he a midfielder? What is he!? I hope I regret saying this but he is simply overrated. Sorry

  15. Well, we cant do anything about the penalties. In this world cup, Latin American teams will be favored anyway. We have to make sure they don’t get open runs into the box. There has been 4 such open runs: Twice Vlaar saved, once a lucky save by Cillisen of Silva and the other the penalty.

    We need to STOP playing scared. Where is Sneijder? I didnt see him after his easy chance in the beginning. We need someone to run at the Spain defense.

    Lastly, a great goal by RVP. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  16. It was not a penalty. But what else is new. To be more exact, Costa is stepping on de Vrij’s ankle. De Vrij is pulling his leg under his body as far as he possibly can. Costa is sticking out his leg+foot further after he already regained balance. He goes down on purpose. Not really that surprising anymore.

  17. Turtles
    Made of glass
    No chance
    NO CHANCE!!!!!!!












  18. Tiju and Wilson what do you think of this??? All that negative shit from you 2 tools. You think you know better than van gaal you little boys make me laugh

  19. 2008 remake, we’ll see after. Nothing to learn from this game, except Robben selfishness not to serve Lens, and Cillessen unable to keep a ball in his hands.

    Spain was just fucked up, that happens.

    Goldstone my first prediction was a loss against Brazil in second round, even if I also believed maybe Holland wouldn’t pass the first round.

    Now I’m also thinking about finishing first and losing to Croatia/Mexico after like against Russia in 2008.

    I swear I’ll stop writing if Holland go to quarter, copy this text and save it on your computer.

    1. You once said you’d quit writing if we got out of the group stage. Look it up.

      “Spain was just fucked up, that happens.”

      More expert analysis from Laurent.

    2. ok this time really fuck you Laurent. Go and poison another website. You are a true piece of shit. Go to fucking hell. Let us enjoy this victory.

      1. Some people dot not visit because they love the team. They visit the blog to show that they are experts 🙂 Just ignore these experts for the sake of football. Enjoy our win, Jeff. 5-1 we are happy

  20. Text sent to BBC: Michel, London “Spain have returned Total Football to the Dutch following an eight year loan.there were substantial late fees.”


  21. HUP NEDERLANDS HUP!!!!! Amazing performance all the fucking way around, been saying it for years it’s ours this time and I bet we’re not even close to 100%.

    5-1!!!! All Hail Robben!!!!

  22. Unbelievable.. cant remember ever seeing a second half like that

    btw; wud like people to stup others on this blog; esp. Tiju..hes been around here longer than any of u..lets all be Oranje fans together

      1. Tiju (aka Son of a bitch)

        fuck you, retard.

        sick of your shit.

        take this as a lesson.

        you know NOTHING about football.

        now fuck off, and don’t ever come back.



    532 IS SHIT













    LAURENT, TIJU (son of pussy of faggotville), WILSON…..
    YOU WERE SO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!







    I CANNOT HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!









    BUT WE DO!!!!






    1. wow what an awful embarrassment of a post..
      this is how you act after 1 match?

      reading that bullshit in all caps is far far worse than skipping over someones posts whose opinion I dont agree with (and who cares!?!)

  24. I agree Goose. Let’s leave this website for the real fans. Sick and tired of the losers. We have heard for the last year how bad we are and how poor our players from the Eredivisie are! Well this was a spanking in anyone’s vocabulary…Janmaat, De Vrij, BMI, Blind and Cillesen all played incredibly well.

    1. Cillessen played incredibly well ???? Maybe next to Casillas yes but he had a terrible game.

      He had one easy save on Silva, the ball was on him, just had to raise his hands, and except that ? Awful distribution, everytime he kicked the ball it went directly to a spanish player lol

      And what about the Silva offside where he couldn’t keep the ball in his hands ?

      DRB will come and write a real analysis, here you talk too much crap, ok it’s wonderful Holland beat 5-1 Spain, no one had expected it, but seriously, have you seen first half ? Don’t write that BMI and De Vrij played good first half, they were bad. First half was a serious football game.

      Second half was just Spain being shit and letting dutch players to do what they wanted, even Schaken would have shined.It was a remake of Holland-France 2008. French commentators were talking essentially about Spain and Ramos playing really bad, not Holland playing too good.

      More you keep jumping and being blind about this victory, more cruel will be the loss.

      1. His distribution WAS sketchy. He kept hoofing the ball down the field…to Spain, when he could have simply passed the ball to one of backs! Don’t give the ball back to Spain straightaway! He was good around goal, however. I trust in LVG with him, as we all must!

  25. Wow. What a performance. LVG’s tactics and set up were spot on. His substitutions were great. Wijnaldum looked like he should start against the Aussies, while Lens is perfect to come on against tired/demoralized opponents (Depay would be good in this role too). It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Dutch performance like that against a proper team (even though Spain collapsed in the 2nd half).
    I think our 1st half performance was not great up until the latter stages of the half, might be because of nerves and feeling out the game. Then the 2nd half, which was sensational.

    1. Hmm, from what I saw, Louis subbed the three players that had been yellow carded. And this was certainly a smart move.

      Also, I must say, our defense did look quite shaky at times. I hope it was only the stress of the first game…

      Besides this, this game brought nice memories (Yugoslavia 2000, group games in 2008 come to my mind). So happy!!!

    1. You have a serious problem. Mock what ? Whatever happens in this WC this will be the greatest win of the tournament. Such a trashing to a team like Spain. This will only be repeated in 50 years time. The Dutch have made history again, and humiliated the gods of football of the last 10 years. No other nation could have done that.

  26. Still not very happy with BMI. The other defenders played well.

    Guys we have to admit it. Notwithstanding the great goals by our star players, it was Van Gaal s mastery that gave this outcome. You simply cannot beat Spain this way even with all the luck in the world. At times Dutch pressing was unbeleivable and Spain simply couldnt play their normal game. Whenever Spain were dangerous it was always an immediate result of a great individual mistake. That is our main problem. Tactically we are brilliant.

    1. Agree with the part about individual mistakes. They put themselves in danger because of bad touches and decision making (Martins Indi in the back and De Guzman in the Spanish half and once in outside of the Dutch box, most notably). Against the lightning quick Chileans this might be very dangerous. But I’m sure Van Gaal took notes on that aspect of the game.

  27. I agree Kevin. I will ignore him and the other idiots on this blog.
    We have a perfect balance in the team and Van Gaal has enough experience to calm everybody ahead of the next match. BMI had a tough role because he had nobody to mark. I thought he adjusted very well in the second half. I also liked Wijnaldum as he brought speed and shear determination.

  28. @ Daniel…I have already motioned this earlier….win or lose the criticism will always there. I think its good we hav got to an explosive start.I dont want spoil the festivity by picking on the errors by our players.its seems like the rain brought the blessing.

    Nothing to be taken away from Spain I think they
    found themselves in the same boat as we were in 2012. But they will definitely bounce back.

    AS for NT I think we have passed our first hurdle and hopefully we will continue this way.

  29. First of all that was one of the most gratifying victories I have ever experienced as a Dutch fan!

    What I’d hoped for came true. The class of Van Persie, Robben and Sneijder all shone through when we were able to get them the ball. They took care of unfinished business in spectacular fashion!

    And the five in the back held on desperately and actually were able to contribute offensively, particularly Blind with some outstanding over-the-top passes.

    We do have some worries about how easily the back line was breached with through balls, but this is Spain and regardless of whether they’re in top form or not, that we survived and ended up dominating this game is a great testament to all of the coaches and players and their preparation and discipline.

    What a truly fantastic performance, and something hopefully to build upon for the rest of the tournament

    Hup Holland!

  30. Fantastic display. Finally the greasy dirty Spanish get whst they deserve.

    Here’s to a long run deep into the finals.

    I feel that the only irreplaceable players are de jong and robben. If they can avoid injuries and cards, we will go far.

    Clasie can adequately cover sneijder, huntelaar i trust if van persie goes down.

    Lens, wijnaldum, and depay can all provide an impact.

    I was thoroughly impressed with blind today, van gaal does know the players better than anyone.

    I felt de guzman was sub par. Lets go with clasie or fer next match.

    Hup Holland

  31. But I have to admit I was surprised by Van Persie. Well, Ramos awful performance helped a lot, but I didn’t imagine RVP would dominate them as easily. And I wrote two days ago that RVP would do nothing against Ramos. I was wrong about it ok.

    About Robben selfishness and ego I was right though. The moment he ignored Lens and missed was shameful. He scored two goals but still wanted to show to everyone how good he is. Very good mentality from Lens on the next chance, he won his 1vs1 and gave the ball to Sneijder (who missed). You all have to know that Robben won’t hesitate to do it again, even if the score is 0-0 or 1-0 for the opponent.

  32. Come on guys, enjoy this well deserved victory instead of attack the pessimistic.

    I think Cillisen and Blind showed they worth. Blind with two goals assists and one save and Cillisen with good saves too.

    Should be 6 0 jajajaj.

    I am so fu****Ing happy!!!

    Congrats all of you, special Jam, who predicted our victory and made a wonderful job building this Blog for all of us!!

  33. We’re back!
    You could see the team was so hungry, I almost got tears in my eyes watching the second half, how they recovered every ball with fair play was just beautiful, very proud to be dutch again, no matter what follows.

    Some quotes here from over 700 comments in the Guardian, people are over the moon, calling it :
    the best game they have seeen in 18 years, ‘ absolutely magnificent performance by the Duth’ ,

    ‘ So good’

    ‘ Unbelievable ! I’m speechless.’

    ‘ Was one of the most shocking things I’ve seen in 25 years of football- dramatic and wonderful entertainment.’

  34. Don’t write Spain off yet. They still have quality to pull together 2 wins to advance to face …Brazil.
    If Australia does not park the bus and play the way they play vs Chile, I feel good about our chance for a 2nd win. They fight hard so we should not underestimate them. I think Chile will have issue defending cross like Spain did, and they play similar style like Spain except better at the moment. Still both are beatable by “Flying Dutchmen”.

  35. Wenger said that he really liked Blind, so maybe he ll show concrete interest for him with Arsenal.

    He also seemed to know quite much about Janmaat, he obviously got interested in him before the game. He still didn’t know Martins Indi though lol

  36. Definitely happiest sport-related day in 2014 (also made decent $ from a 9/2 line, which I thought was super generous)

    A win is nice, a revenge win vs Spain is sweet and a 5-1 win vs defending champion when everyone counted us out and their only goal is via questionable penalty kick and one of their players head-butt-ed our player is PRICELESS!

    It’s only 1 match, still need to take care of Chile/Aussie to ensure B1 and avoid another dubious penalty calls if we are to play Brazil early).

    I suppose with this win, we probably can agree that none of us here really knows who’s our best players or who’s to start/not to start, i.e.: Blind started terrible but delivered 2 brilliant passes.

    What I think I see – still don’t know – are the followings:

    1. Our players were really motivated today, defeat in 2010 and 0-3 in 2012 perhaps?

    2. We played today like they have a lot to prove, they do …. when everyone is discounting them and probably close to 80% of us (Oranje fans population on this board) were bearish for our prospect

    3. We played more as a team after we equalized. Up to the point when we were down 0-1, we were outplayed. But No. 1-
    2 turned things around and I don’t know what LvG told them at half-time (it can’t be bad)

    4. Spain is not used to chasing so when they were down 1-2, they looked very panicked

    5. I agreed with Jan’s assessment in other post that Spain is tired. They won 3 major tourneys in a row, which is impossible to do in modern day football but it is time to move on. I got a feeling this match would be a goal-fest but by that I was thinking 3-0 or 3-1 …. I’ve dealt with a lot of sh*t from people who don’t usually watch football and only commented after the 2010 final “you guys played dirty or what is up with the karate kick”, it is AWESOME to see congratulatory texts/Facebook comments praising the Oranje from some of them

    6. RvP and Robben are undoubtedly our best players.

    7. Spain does dive and complains quite a lot. It is refreshing to see Robben actually proved to the world he’s one of the best players. Sick and tired of hearing “oh Robben likes to dive …”

    I’m hoping our young lads will become our next “golden generation”. They don’t look as talented as our 90s “golden generation” but this may not be a bad thing: less talent = less ego = more efforts

    Let’s enjoy this victory, hope we don’t peak too soon (remember 3-0 v ITA and 4-1 v FRA in EURO 2008?) I’d like to see smart play from here, winning 1-0 vs CHI/AUS would be great enough for us to top the group.


    PS: I hope they will penalize Costa for the unnecessary headbutt!

    1. I hope he gets penalized for the unnecessary dive for the penalty, but since that’s not gonna happen by the FIFA, I guess I’ll have to look at those footballgods that put up an invisible energy barrier to block Sneijder’s shot cause they felt 5 was enough and it was time for a lesson in humility, moderation, the sacred secret of contentment and in Sneijder’s and Wijnaldum’s case, patience.

      In the meantime, Pepe gets redcarded for the exact same thing. Not much consistency. I’m sure Neymar can get away with a headbutt as well if he feels like it, he does have the character for it it seems, bit of a short fuse.

  37. I can’t help but to say this: revenge is the dish best served cold and spain has ice for dinner. I like it that Robben already focus on the next game, proud of such a young team and sum it up:

    “We are happy. I’m very proud of my team, it’s such a young team,” Robben told SporTV in Brazil. “It’s only the group stage, so it’s not revenge. “We haven’t won the cup, it’s not 2010. We have to keep our heads cool.” “We should take advantage of this win,” Robben added. “Maybe it will give us a good boost of confidence but it’s just the start. “We keep training well and working hard. We will prepare for our next game against Australia, that’s all we can do.”

    Let’s not waste this opportunity to win the group and advance deep as much as we can (if not winning it all).

  38. From here, you guys know what would suck big time?

    We play Brazil in the final and lose 0-1 via penalty kick because Fred dives inside the box after fighting for ball vs BMI at 119″. And we’ll be dubbed “4-time runners up of the World Cup”

    It will NOT happen …. we’ll get it done this year and prove (almost) everyone, including JC14, wrong.

  39. Man of the match:…………Azpilicuelta, probably the third best player in the world after Jordi Alba, Pedro and some other Spanish fraud.

    Just look at his tackle on Lens during Arie’s run on the fifth nail on the coffin of the bull’s crap. He tried to bring Jerie down and he fell over, stupid tapas.

    Why has Mourinho selected him for Chelski and not Daryl is anybody’s guess.

    Spain Comedy tonite……. Sooooo Refreshing…….

  40. The goal from RvP changed the entire dynamic of the game. Things were looking bleak before that, but a goal right before halftime will change the entire mood/atmosphere of a team. After that point, I felt like we could hang.

    I have to say though, Casillas looked flat and had no business being a starter. He was slow and unfit. It was a a bad move tactically by VdB to start him when he had both de Gea and Raina on the bench.

    I read a piece earlier today where Robben said that miss at WC2010 still haunts him, so to score 2 goals and thrust his side to a win must make him feel like he’s on cloud 9. It truly was redemption.

    Also, there’s a very high possibility that Spain can crash out and not even get out of this group stage. They have to play a red hot Chile next, so Spain will be in panic mode, and it might be too late for VdB’s men at that point.

  41. tikitikitaka tikitikitaka tikitikitikitikitikitikitiaka.
    We love you tikitaka tikitikitaka tikitikitikitikititikitikitakatikitakakakakakakaka,
    crappy frauds you have a wk and we have none but ou have our 5 toulips up your tapas……
    I love football and I lovethe WK and I love my elftal, HUP HUP HUP HUP from 1974 v the Urus until tonite 40 years of glory, thank you oranje and totaal voetball….
    DANK U WEL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. First, I want to congratulate all of you, the truly Dutch fans!!!

    Secondly, congratulate Jan, the one who predicted the victory for 3 goals! And the guy who creates this Blog for us!! Thank you very much!!!

    Instead of waste my energy attacking the pessimist fans I think is not right), or analyses the match pointing out our weakness (is relevant do it while we defeat Spain by five goals?), I want to rescue some positive thinks:

    1. We know this team had a lot of issues and doubts. We have the player, but they doesn’t have the experience. Only 6 players played the last WC. We today, we can find out that we can trust in our young players, and that is wonderful.
    2. Today was one of the most difficult matches, because our young players had to defeat their fears before defeat Spain. And they do. No, this team will be winning experience and confidence, and that is what we need.
    3. One of the most important players who needed to gain confidence is Cillisen. I think that he can be very happy because he made a great saves. Now, he will be gaining confidence and as all we wish, this confidence can be crucial to improve his build up.
    4. Blas played great. One great save a two-goal assistance. In my case, I won´t pay attention to any comment about Van Gaal should bring Van Aanhold, Buttner, among others.
    5. Vlaar played great also, and I think it was good that Wijnaldum and Veltman “lost their virginity” in the WC.

    All we know this WC is very difficult to us. However, today, our players show us there is no place to the pessimistic, and that we can dream, but maintaining our feet’s on the ground off course.

    Not only Kuyt, but all of us deserves our Heineken today!!!!!!

  43. Laurent, Tiju the remaining fockers and all the Cassandras read this well:
    Oranje are the best. As Simple as this.
    We f***** the wereld campoens by a manita, nobody has ever done this. Tongue out on the fourth, RVP style, this is big time.
    We’ ve been watcing the elftal since 1974, sinve you were a cell in your father’s testicles, years before youe were a sperm, so shut hte eff off and listen:

    This is not the blog of the biggest underachieving footballing nation of the world, this id the blog of the best ever footballing nation of the world!!!! The one that gives a cow’s shit for who wins the golden cup but gives a chest full of gold for who beats the WK campioens by a manita. No one has ever one this!!!!!!!!!! Only the team in blue (not oranje bt blue)!!!!!

    Simply the best in the world!!!! Dank u well Louis and Robin and Arie and Wes and Stefan and Nigel and Daryl and Daley and Ron and Gino and Jasp the man !!!!!!

    HUP HUP HUP sorry that Raf and Strooters ar not in Salvador with us!!!!!

  44. congratulations to oranje and all of my friends here,oranje played fantastic football and honestly i didn’t expect it.

    i have a message from Jan: he has server issues or whatever and he can’t post

  45. First let me get this out of the way……….

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!

    We should have scored first… Sneijder was wasteful… The Spanish team will play Brazil in the round of 16.. And the winner will win the Oscars! What a pathetic call for the penalty….

    What we learned…
    1. RvP is Superman when he has the armband on… He is such a good leader… His first goal will be engraved in our memories forever.
    2. Arjen Robben is the flash… And he learned a lot… His two goals are the goals of someone who’s been there, done that. He kept his cool when in 1 on 1 situation with Cassillas…
    3. Blind is in the making of a future captain. He reads the game so well and he was fantastic
    4. DeGuzman was NOT bad… He needed to grow into the game… And I felt his overall contribution was very good.
    5. Cillessen made a crucial save to keep us in the game… He did not make a single mistake and was very good off his line. He showed what the dutch school teaches and that the game is played with ELEVEN players
    6. The defense was shaky in the first half and that is expected from a back three making their World Cup debut
    7. DeJong was impressive and he surprised me with his forward runs and his passing
    8. Sneijder chocked as he missed 2 glorious chances, he still delivered 2 assists.. One for DeVrij and another to Robben.

    Revenge is best served cold… If we lose all the games now, I don’t care… We have redemption. I’m so happy and very spent.

    PS.. Laurent, Tiju and Wilson.. You owe us an apology!!!

    1. Well said SamNY. Perhaps Sneijder is not there yet so hopefully he will raise to the challenge. I expect more from him.
      From the man of the match: Louis Van Gaal, Netherlands coach:
      We played a fantastic game and were compact in defence and direct in attack. We put pressure on them at all times, and there’s no need for me to tell you just how dangerous Van Persie, Robben and Sneijder can be on the ball. Maybe our fitness was a factor, especially in this heat and humidity. The team is also mentally strong and we showed that today.

  46. I am speechless at what happened today, my voice is gone. I am looking for a replay online or TV so please let me know where it can be found.
    Turning point was RvP equalizer but I would give most credits to Cillessen for saving Silva’s attempt. At 0-2 would have been really tough. Iniesta said “Spain couldn’t cope with a rampant Holland”. LvG is a genius. RvP said after game that LvG had told them exactly how the game would go. Respect to all the players. What a monstrous team. With this performance it is definitely a serious contender. To say I am happy would be an understatement.
    Congrats to all. Feet on the ground for the next game. I will make sure to watch at Tonic in Times Square the center of Dutch soccer fans in NYC.

  47. For those who live in the US, don’t you absolutely hate Alexis Lalas’s arrogance and idiotic comments? He sounds like Laurent. He is such an absolute loser.
    Honestly I can’t believe how well we played but more importantly how focused the team is. It reminds me of the France team of 2006 with a few brilliant older guys (Henry, Zidane), dominant holding mid (Viera) and a fairly young rest of the team. The difference is that we have a fabulous coach and he could take us very far. A lot to be happy.

    1. Lalas is an idiot. I can’t stand him. Laurent knows much more than Lalas about football but I don’t want to open a debate on this. When Holland wins I do not care who speaks on TV, I feel on a different planet.
      On to the next win.

  48. So the site is back I see? Hope it stays up 🙂

    By the way, did you know that Robben broke the World Cup record for the fastest sprint ever recorded? 37 km/h was his speed. Pretty impressive for a 30 year old guy. 🙂

    1. haha, Jan, too much traffic or something? What an excellent game can do.

      Perhaps it was appropiate, since Blind definitely shut me up, so to speak (since I can’t resist sharing my happiness that he proved me wrong I’m still talking).

      I did mention something about a trap somewhere… 😛

      Guess the Spanish are either not reading this blog or didn’t get the hint I couldn’t resist to let slip. Or were just powerless to do anything about it.

    2. I might have mentioned the ‘trap’ thing on youtube, can’t remember actually. I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut and just enjoy this comedy caper. van Gaal knows what to do and I need to stop worrying.

  49. Welcome back

    Seems vangaal will start with 4 defenders not 5 against australia with blind in the midfield and will introduce memphis or lens

    The probable starting 11 are same against wales

    Genius manager isnt he?

  50. The 5-3-2 worked !!!! and we trashed spain…. Revenge is so sweet … Robben finally redeem himself for the 2 waste efforts in 2010 one on one to casillas. Spain penalty was cheap.I think not only spain was shocked ……….the whole world was shocked….the way we played. ..Spain squad was full of experienced and expensive players compare to oranje and on paper spain have it all but the ball is round as it can go any direction. One concern though, did we step on the gas and nitro tooo early in the tournament as it was only the 1st group match. ..? but anyway…we need the motivation to step in with the right leg and we did it in the 1st match and an opponent like spain was perfect to start with. HUP HUP ORANJE ALL THE WAYY!!!!!!!!!

  51. I didn’t realize how much I’ve come to look to and appreciate this site until it was down over the weekend, especially following Holland’s greatest victory in recent memory.

    Great job Jan! Keep up the good work, and hopefully the technology issues are behind us.

  52. woo-hoo!!
    the site is back up.

    i give it 20 minutes before Laurent posts some simple snide juvenile anti-semitic anti-ajax comment, and Tiju posts another childish line up and a negative rant about Kuyt.

    it must have been HORRIBLE for them, those two FOREIGNERS, an indian and a frenchman (lol), watching us DUTCH destroy Spain like that after they both REPEATEDLY predicted we would be demolished.
    how embarrassing!

    Hey losers, how does it feel to have the whole site laughing in your faces? Perhaps you are used to it for sure.

    They claim to know the most about football, and obviously, they know the very least!!






  53. I have to admit now I know the reason why cillesenen was selected instead of krul or vorm. LVG prefer a sweeper keeper and cillesenen tick all the boxes. He anticipate the ball coming and swiftly sweep the ball. He even allmost managed to save alonso penalty after robben advised him though.

    1. I think he’s got a better more secret weapon, the hero ability to project his nerves onto the opposing keeper (did you see Casillas go down on that weak vPersie shot at some point? That looked really nervous).

  54. The site is back up! Thank god! I’ve been desperate to hear the Dutch reaction from the comments here I’ve been checking every few hours since it went down..!

    Jan, this site is truly fantastic – please never let it go offline again!! 😉

    I know you’ll be busy getting your post for the next match ready, but can you do a post rounding up the reaction in the Dutch press/from the players van gaal etc before moving on to the Autralia match? I’ve not been able to find much in the English press about what van Gaal and co have had to say about the emphatic victory – has Cryuff said anything yet?

    I need my fix of Oranje news…


  55. Cruyff: The 5-1 victory over Spain is certainly the first step to put the World Cup. Nothing more or less. The big difference is that all opponents have warned. This has many consequences. Nobody gets it into his head to underestimate. Netherlands Therefore it is essential that everyone remains. With both feet on the ground
    It simply should not happen that after this great victory Orange is not going to make the next round. Therefore right now, everyone should be three times as sharp. You have three points and a goal difference of plus four, which in a tournament is an extra point. In theory you have to twice a draw against Australia and Chile enough. I would take some of the uncertainty and grab at least a 1-0 win against the Australians soon super sharp. How does not matter, but then you are in a time of troubles and all the rest should sort it out.
    As for the game against Spain is concerned above all excellent use of the huge mistakes that the opponent has made. Let’s face it, the possibilities that the Spaniards offered us never get. But because the Dutch team was three times as sharp as Spain, the odds were maximized. This shows that the institution with which Spain had been lethal in sport.
    If you analyze the five goals, then they are all big defensive mistakes. But the way they were scored by Orange course was incredible. One goal was even more beautiful than the other. Incidentally, I just do not have the Spaniards out. They are in their own country finished to the bottom and I do not rule out that this is going to do. Anything with the players
    But late for Netherlands Spain now mainly the example of what not to do. Just because everyone is so enthusiastic, everyone needs extra on his guard. No weak opponent. Exists in this World Cup Perhaps afterwards, not beforehand.
    Meanwhile, I am struck by the amazing victory in the mood. This past weekend I participated in a golf tournament and played all in orange. Orange shirt, orange pants and orange shoes. Everyone was amazed, but I had to grind

    1. Thanks Jad, much appreciated.

      It’s true that Netherlands will no longer be under-estimated in any of the coming matches, but that’s fine, this victory put the Netherlands back in the good graces of football fans everywhere, and showed that the football philosophy in Holland has not regressed or stagnated; and that in itself was a much needed victory for Oranje.

  56. Im just happy we played a classic game; reminded me of EURO2008 (France, Italy-games)

    After 2010 and 2012 im so glad we actually played one decent half of football.

    Whatever happens now is fine with me.. we played our game, and made the world like us again..

  57. @Trolls..i didnt say orange will loose,all i said was kuyt is crap,he didint play we won superbly,As long he stays in bench we have better chance.All here said RVP chokes,i said he sacricied and undervagall he scored plenty of goals than Shitvanmarwijk.All i said was back line is turtle anBlind will be exposed as LB.But LVg played BMI as real LB and Blind played like winger..thats cool,though intailly he was full of back pass.I doubted Devrij speed,fortunatly Spainsh wre more turtles than Devrij.
    I have predicted a 2-1 victory i mean a close call..if not
    @Jan please help me by saying to these guys that i have predicted 2-1 victory for dutch in our fantasy league.perhaps i would be in a good position on our fantasy league.

    1. Oh shut your face, retard!

      It took you how long to come back and be negative???
      Van Marwijk is a Dutch Legend who has coached to the very top of his profession.
      You are an Indian peasant working in McDonalds, wearing his mother’s dresses and masturbating repeatedly over youtube videos of young Dutch boys. FREAK!
      Does work know you are using their McWifi for this shit?

      Go find something else.

      Take your negativity and impotent bitching to the Spanish fansite, moron. This place is for FANS, not fools who spend all day calling our countrymen and heroes childish names, and posting infantile line ups in the vain hope that someone might actually think you know a damn thing about football.

      We annihilated Spain.

      We are Dutch.

      You are nothing but a very, very limp amateur Troll, clinging to our glorious orange coat-tails.

  58. This crocodile wanted to eat and the lion and the bull!!
    (I had picture some crocodile on the blog)

    Holland-Spain 5-1

    It was original total football.Taste of 1970,s.Even Ruud Geels (1975) goal from RvP…
    Great result.FOR ALL TIME.They who hated Holland team in the final of 2010 (worldwide)I hope they are happy now….it could be six,seven,eight goals for Holland…

    But ,it can be very bad for the tournament.Dangerously.Simply.Tournament is a marathon.Players and fans can be in the air(with praise also worldwide)and these things(atomic win)then can to came back negatively and to haunt you as boomerang.
    Mexico and Croatia can be more dangerous than Russia 2008.Especially Brasil.They want a rematch four long years. Brasil vs. Serbia and Croatia can be a BIG trap too.Serbia and Croatia are not Estonia and Latvia as many
    people think.Croatia can be more dangerous than Italy and they were very good 2008 and 2012…top level.(And Australia has played very well and strong against Chile.)Always is need to find mistakes which others can use against you.It is the best way to put your team on the ground.Be in energy balance.(It was one of the great mistakes after match Holland-Brasil 2-0(1974))
    Regards . And ,good luck Holland on the World Cup.

  59. Thanks for bringing site up again Jan.

    Re Spain match, there’s nothing to say … Holland has impressed everyone, we took revenge, but even more important we did something that no other team can do. And we did it with a relatively new team which shows the future potential of this squad as well.

    Tactically we were brilliant – this is what Maradona said after the game – “The Oranje once again revolutionised modern football” – he was referring to the fact that tika taka is now formally dead. Well I’m not so sure about the idea that Spain is dead, but a very important tactical statement was made by Van Gaal. Leaving aside the wonderful goals of our star players (which can shred to pieces any team, with that form), there was indeed an excellent tactical display based on focus, deep pressing and impressive team work. A big difference with 2010 is Van Gaal’s idea of pressing without tackling (hence we did much less fouls than in 2010 WC Final match). The idea is to shut the opponent by closing spaces rather than by ball possession. In fact you have a very strange outcome – a team having almost 60% possession lost by 5-1. That is not normal and is obviously a huge tactical statement by Van Gaal.

    The big question now is how this will be developed with different teams as the WC progresses.

  60. Glad the site is back up, felt like ranting on here as soon as i got back from the match drunk at 5 in the morning. The Hague coloured orange and i decided to watch the game in a Spanish bar with 200+ spanish people. The decision definitely paid off in the end haha. Had to go next door to the Italian bar after we scored the 4-1 though for safety reasons where i teamed up with a lost Portugese supporter who was surprisingly happy for Holland as well. The night was a big blur anyhow..

    Not going to spend any time looking for all the pre world cup Blind & Cillessen haters and saying hate to say i told you so. Told you so.

    But Arjen – Robin were bloody amazing, counter football mixed with total football at it’s finest. Like Thierry Henry said ‘the Dutch took back from the Spanish what was theres’! The night we got our revenge and stunned the world. (S)pain in the ass & (S)painful.. God the media had a good laugh.

    But on to Australia!
    I suspect we’ll be playing 4-3-3 against Australia. 4-4-2 was a complete disaster against Wales, and Louis admitted this as well (very unvangaal like).
    But then again, you might as well keep playing 5-3-2 but then play more attacking with the defenders all the way up to the half way line (last 25 minutes against Spain) Like Sneijder said, ‘no need to change a winning system’.. But as always it’s up to Van Gaal and i think after the beating we gave Spain noone is going to disagree with the guy. I certainly never did.

    I’ve watched all the other World Cup matches and i think it’s safe to say non of the other big teams have really impressed me this far. Argentina failed to deliver (mainly because of the enormous amount of pressure on Messi, and Gago not playing from the start which is usually where the attack begins for Argentina). Brazil wasn’t very impressive, France didn’t really bring what i thought they would after the 8-0 thrashing in there send off game.
    Uruguay was just utterly terrible and should be ashamed of losing 3-1 to Costa Rica ( no offence to Costa Rica, i actually bet on them to win) But come on.. Really looking forward to Germany – Portugal game tonight.

    I pretty much spend all my evenings watching matches but that game.. 5-1.. it’s going to be hard to out preform that match. it had everything.. timing, emotion, precision, luck, beauty. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Bitch please it’s Van Persie.

    1. yes we definitely are the most impressive team of the first round – pending Germany and Portugal – but I very much doubt that they will do anything having higher value than a 5-1 rout of Spain!!!

  61. Hooray for the blog being back up! Thanks for all you do, Jan… we missed you fiercely… during such a wonderful time for Oranje fans.

  62. OMG ! My Lovely Blog Is Back !

    Well , I am not sure how to describe my feeling. I am probably flying higher than RvP in his 1st goal 😀 .

    I am also happy I was one of those few , who always believed in the team and were always positive about our chances and about LvG.

    LvG was great reading the game. Blind , well , the guy proved he can pass the ball forward. so please , just stop criticizing the young man till the tournament ends.
    The whole world praises him , mentioning his name with Persie and Robben. Let’s give him somee deserved credit.

    I don’t want to get carried away , Euro 2008 and Euro 2000 memories are still haunting me , But I just think it will be different this time. Anti-Dutch fans all bet Oranje will fail at some point , and I bet this team will only get better and more determined as far as the tournament goes.
    Clasie and Depay are two secret wepons that will be revealed by Louis just on time.
    Indi and De guzman need more concentration. They had some mistakes against Spain that I don’t want to see again.

    Hup Oranje all the way , Forever and Ever :).

    1. Well I don’t think anyone will keep on ranting against Blind following this match. He might not be 100% perfect as a defender but look at those 2 assists. I want him, either as LB in a 5-3-2 or DM in a different formation. I prefer that we keep on playing in 5-3-2 whatever the opponent. Blind and Janmaat are excellent for that formation.

    1. Yes De Guzman was kind of a question mark … I suppose LVG will take the risk against Australia and insert Clasie or better Wijnaldum (with Sneijder and De Jong).

  63. btw , Italy will be a very tough opponent to play against if we reach the quarter-finals. They look pretty confident.
    I just hope they come 2nd to thier group , not sure how this can happen , so we can avoid them as much as possible.

    1. Forget about pairings now … at some point all teams become tricky (although I always want to avoid Italy as they are the luckiest team). In any case, having beaten Spain 5-1, it’s the other teams that would want to avoid us 🙂

  64. wondering what formation we will play against AUS. Would be good to use the same 5-3-2 formation as team needs to get used to it. Looks like LvG will be using this formation against strong opponents.

  65. Folks, let’s not get carried way. Australia is a new game and the 5-1 win over Spain will mean nothing. Remember, Australia beat us 2-1 in 2008.

    They are a tough, physical team (I worry about Robben) who are good in set-pieces with Tim Cahill.

    1. yes it will be a new game … I’m sure that the guys and LVG have enough experience to know that and to take every match as a new challenge … or I hope so!

    1. I am also concerned about Australia. They are a tough team to beat and for some reason we don’t match up well to them. It becomes a bit more concerning now that we have won so emphatically the first game as players may become overconfident.

  66. Good to have the site back.

    Tough first half, ridiculous penalty. But then good coaching shone through – as van Gaal addressed 4 things that Oranje traditionally had trouble with:
    1) Van Persie, Robben and Scnijder had never played well together. They clearly were in synce, swithing positions, passing off one another, moving as a unit on both D and O (V & A for Nederlanders :).
    2) Keep at it. Holland famously lost in 1974 by not finishing the big D off. Not this time, they pursued, pursued and pursued. Wipe em out.
    3) Keep the flow and adapt – after trumpeting 5-3-2 over and over, they happily went 4-3-3 when they needed.
    4) Hustle on D, don’t panic, get back, make it hard. And they did their job.

    And also didn’t think of it – but the point above about pressing without risky challenges was great. It was both more effective, and with the memory of 2010 final would have risked a red card.

    Lastly attitude, did everyone notice that every player said in interviews, now we must beat Australia – and they’re a good solid team. They know what they need to do.

  67. Hey Jan. Thank you for bringing this site back up. I just sent you More Beer. I will keep it coming as long as you don’t let the site go down again. I felt deaf without it.
    Hopefully our youngsters will remain with both feet on the ground after this flying start. I am afraid they haven’t slept yet after the demolition of the cheating world champions. Tiki taka has gone to hell.

    1. One more thing. Both Blind and Cillessen made me eat my skepticism about them. But then again if I knew better I would be the team coach 🙂

  68. Definitely looking forward to the next game and what LVG will come up with for Australia. Not sure whether we’d be better off keeping the continuity of the 5-3-2 and just making it more attacking oriented (i.e., a 3-5-2), or switching completely to a 4-3-3 as we’re more likely to have more possession and play a more open game than vs Spain.

    On a side note, I recognize that people clearly have mixed views on this site about those who make critical comments. Personally, I’m all for constructive criticism, as it makes us all think more deeply about our team and the challenges it faces.

    At the end of the day however, none of us know what the best answer is or how the next game will unfold. If people like Cruyff (who have played and managed at the highest level and are renowned throughout the world for their skill and understanding of the sport) can’t predict how any of these teams will fare, then we are certainly not going to have the answers ourselves. Besides, that would take all the fun out of it.

  69. Hey everyone, I’m going out to get my 2nd dutch football tattoo, and was thinking of getting the phrase Bloed Oranje. I don’t have a strong grasp of Dutch because my parents never taught me, but I always assumed it meant Bleed Orange. When I google translated it, it said it meant Blood Orange, and that Bleed Orange was Bloeden Oranje. Can anymore clarify this for me, I dont want a fruit tattoo.

  70. I think LvG will switch to a 3-5-2 or even a 3-4-3… but we definitely need 3 in the back.. now that everyone knows what kind of damage RvP and AJ10 do, teams are more likely to sit back and try to hit us on the couter-attack.

    Against Australia, their game plan is simple… counter-attack from the flanks and hit the crosses to Cahill… I think Ron Vlaar can totally dominate the defence in this game… Australia’s starter CB is out of the world cup.. and the Australian Defence is very shaky… I can totally see RvP scoring 3 goals in this game and us running another rout… Australia can’t sit back and defend because that would basically get them eliminated from the tournament though.

  71. Very interesting statistical analysis from the Washington Post:

    “The central attacking focus of van Gaal’s tactics might have come as a surprise given his formation. Playing wingbacks and three central defenders, the Dutch might have been expected to try to use a free man on the flanks to get crosses in to Robin van Persie. Instead, the wingbacks Daley Blind and Daryl Janmaat played long and direct passes, but relatively few crosses.”

  72. Chili played 4:3:3 formation as far I remember, and their defense was not the best as they gave a lot of space to AUS players who could run well but were poor in the last touch (except Cahill). To me the most important in current football is to give as less as possible space for the opponents. 5:3:2 formation has all potential to serve to this purpose. With only two quality strikers like Robben and RvP, Dutch can cope with AUS. 4:3:3 formation is less promising and we know that Dutch give away a lot of space when they play with that formation. 4:4:2 is another good option. Even my AZ Alkmaar having been adopting 5:3:2 system :)Somebody above said very rightly 5:3:2 system is a killer of tiki-taka (what a stupid name..)

    1. I would not be surprised if on Wednesday Spanish “turtle” will demolish Chileans. Spain is Spain and one loss will not stop them….I still think they will revive.

      1. I agree… I think Spain will qualify second from the group… play Brazil and then anything can happen.

        Honestly, I’m worried about the Croatia game.. they havea good team.. very strong upfront with Mandzukic and very capable midfield as well.

        1. Me too, Croatia is very well-organized side with experienced players playing abroad. I thought Mandzhukic is injured and out of competition…I might be wrong

          1. Mandzukic had a red card from their last qualification game. He is eligible to play now. When you play the next round you will always get a difficult team but we can match up well with any former yugoslavia team except Croatia. Tough team, tough players, excellent midfield.

  73. I believe Dutch have to stick with 5:3:2 or 4:4:2 formation and bring it to perfection as it is new for them. To do it, they have to keep playing. Just an opinion, as Mr. van Gaal knows what he is doing…

  74. Australians are real physical,puts there heart in play,could injure some one.i hope they dont do it.they are faster than turtles of spanish oldies…We must find 5 corners at least vs chile with some freekicks..we can really burry chile from setpices it would be a 4-2..if we utlises our setpeices.

  75. Good to see the site back up. And thank you, as always, Jan, for making this happen. Really missed it when it was down this weekend.

    Agree with Goose, the second half was like Italy/France 2008. Just exhilarating (if you were a Dutch fan) Big save by Jesper early. I’m not hearing much about NDJ, but I thought he was terrific in his role.

    For those “Game of Thrones” fans on here, there was a report over the weekend that on Twitter “La Roja Wedding” was trending in reference to the match.

  76. There’s an incident I remember after seeing the penalty given against the Honduras player that ran into the back of a French player that reminds me of the biased refereeing towards famously hyped players that frustrated me so much in 2010 (especially the foul on the unknown player Elia by the well known Spanish player).

    I find it funny how the unknown Honduras player gets an immediate penalty when he does it but when Chiellini does the same thing against us in a friendly no penalty is given, no complaints are heard from our players, our media, our fans and not even me (allthough I do remember it well, and thought, oh, so that’s how Chiellini maintains his reputation as a good defender, he just hides his fouls better, remembering at how he was clever enough to look at the ball and pretend to be going for the ball when he does it all the time, going for maximum physical contact, like he did to vPersie in 2009).

    Italian defenders still hide their fouls well and walk the edge. It becomes extra effective when they get so much undue credit from the media and public opinion influencing referee decisions. Especially when these referees are from outside Europe (who seem to be more susceptive to biased refereeing and diving by big name players).

    That’s also why they suck against Luxemburg and still manage to win against England, too much undue respect, even from opponents.

    Their win makes me want to adress them, if you look at the schedule you’ll know why. I really don’t wanna play them, but if we must… let it be known that they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with everything, watch closely and you’ll see (also in the England game, they know just when and where to foul, they kill the play whenever they feel like it and get away with it without getting cards, only the ref can decide enough is enough, football is what we want to see).

    1. oh the incident I was thinking about was not the incident with vPersie in 2009 (allthough that came back to me as well), but an incident in our recent friendly. It might have been a recent game entirely unrelated, I just remember him jumping on or in the back of a player who was on a team that I was for, so who knows, maybe it was a game vs Juventus, perhaps I’ve even seen it more than once, of course he does have quite a physical game, but I remember very specificly him jumping in the back of someone completely preventing that players from handling the ball in any normal manner, and from his body language I could read that he wasn’t going for the ball even though in his jump he looked at the ball, he just wanted to prevent his opponent from handling the ball, it was inside the 16 meter box, 18 yards? penalty in my opinion, definitely now that I’ve seen the penalty given to France for the same offence.

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