Oranje getting ready for World Cup 2018!

The first two games in the Eredivisie are behind us and the EPL has commenced while the more Southern nations will start their competitions shortly.

Too early to tell where we are, but that is international football these days. Some teams have been playing CL qualification games already and the national teams are gearing up to start their World Cup qualification games.

First, a friendly. And then Sweden awaits. Sans Zlatan of course.

Rafael van der Vaart of the Netherlands, center, is challenged by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ola Toivonen, and Pontus Wernbloom of Sweden during their Euro 2012 Group E qualifying soccer match at ArenA stadium in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Tuesday Oct. 12, 2010. The Dutch won the match with a 4-1 score. (AP Photo/Peter Dejong)
Rafael van der Vaart, center, is challenged by Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The transfer window is still open and as long as that’s the case, all is still in flux. What’s going to happen with Janmaat? Memphis? Siem de Jong? To name a few. And Sneijder? Van Persie, how are these guys doing?

It is very positive to see some moves made by the young and up & coming. Vincent Janssen impressing on his EPL debut, almost scoring even. If not for man of the match Stelelenburg. Wijnaldum had a good second half versus Arsenal and an assist. But at the same time, no minutes for Clasie and an annoying hamstring injury for De Roon…

The news from the Eredivisie is not too depressing though. Feyenoord started well, with Vilhena, Elia and Berghuis impressing, while young left back Woudenberg presents himself as a potential mainstay for the club from Rotterdam.

Davy Propper is still making steps and might well be too good for Holland very soon. The move of Ramselaar to PSV is a good one, of course just like Siem de Jong reuniting with brother Luuk will make the Dutch competition more interesting.

de roon injured

De Roon injured in his first EPL match

At Ajax, Riedewald is back at full fitness and playing well, while Klaassen and Bazoer can be seen as surefire Dutch internationals. Even Daley Sinkgraven, hugely talented but underwhelming in his first period at Ajax made the headlines.

As it stands, against Sweden – not too difficult one might say – I think we should be able to get the result we need, even without Sneijder and Robben.

I won’t go into systems so much, but if we actually want to play to our strengths, I think we need to field Promes and Janssen up front. Elia might have been a sure bet but he’s out with a shoulder injury, while Memphis is most likely not match fit (and lacking form).

Both Janssen and Promes like to drift and Promes should play from the right, as you right back options (Tete, Veltman) are not the natural channel runners. Dijks is an option of course but he hasn’t really played a string of games at his new club so this game might be a tad too early for him.

elia finger

Elia, here with his broken finger, out with shoulder injury

In midfield, Strootman is a fixed starter on the left, with Bazoer sitting deep in the holding role. I’d play Propper on the right with Wijnaldum in the #10 position behind Janssen. Their link up play should be enough for us to transform the 4-4-2 into a 3-4-3.

As I would field Willems any day, he can use the open left flank for his rushes forward. Bruma, Bazoer (as holding mid) and Tete can cover defense while center back Blind can move into midfield Danny-style to support the build up play. Bruma and Tete and Willems have the speed to cover the space behind us and with players like Blind, Bazoer, Propper and Strootman our passing capabilities should be more than enough. I have faith in Janssen and Wijnaldum and Promes to be on the receiving end of those balls, to put a couple away. That’s how I would do it. 3-0 win over Sweden. Thank you. Next.

I do believe there will be a place for Sneijder and most certainly Robben in the team, given that they do become fit. Robben for Promes of course. Sneijder might have to get used to a bench role, with a more prominent part for him in games where we will have to sit a bit deeper and play more compact. His legs won’t allow him to play in our new modern style but versus France or strong opponents at the WC2018, he might still have a role to play.

riedewald ajax

Impressive center back Riedewald

Huntelaar, for me, is a good option on the bench (if he can handle it).

Vilhena is a good understudy for Strootman. Good duellng power, great legs and magic in that left foot. Klaassen can play in the Wijnaldum role, Ramselaar can play in the Bazoer role (as can Clasie of course) and Berghuis can also sub Propper in midfield or Promes on the flank.

Not bad. De Vrij will make his comeback at some stage and even Vlaar will be in the picture with me. As is Van Dijk and even Feyenoord’s Van Beek and Ajax’ Riedewald.

propper scores

Propper, only scoring beauties

With players like Hendrix, Karsdorp, De Roon, El Ghazi, Sinkgraven, Kongolo, Toornstra, Van Ginkel in the mix, the future looks bright, even if we don’t seem to have world class players right now. But like I said before: many people didn’t see it in Strootman, in Nigel de Jong or even Robben when they were younger… Time will tell.

Leicester and Atletico Madrid have shown us that you don’t need a team full of big name players. Spain disappointed at the Euros and so did England. While Wales won hearts and they basically had three great players, with 8 mediocre ones. But they had a team! As did Leicester City. Vardy, Mahrez and Kante being top notch, the rest all decent but not special.


Ramselaar off to PSV (with club legend Willy van der Kuylen)

I can see Robben, Propper, Strootman and Blind as our big name players, with the rest simply doing their job. And who knows, the likes of Memphis and Berghuis might still end up becoming world class. Stranger things have happened. Vardy demonstrated that one is never too old to make it to the big stage.

In terms of goal keepers, we’re still spoiled. Cillesen (on his way to Barca?), Stekelenburg, Vermeer (now injured), Zoet and Krul (still injured) are top goalies. Hahn of Feyenoord is on his way too.

There is no reason to get depressed.

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN - JULY 30: Jan Olde Riekerink, head coach of Galatasaray and Wesley Sneijder of Galatasaray during the pre-season Friendly between Manchester United and Galatasaray at Ullevi on July 30, 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello via Getty Images)
Jan Olde Riekerink, head coach of Galatasaray and Wesley Sneijder of Galatasaray 

What did get me depressed though, was the treason of Dick Advocaat. Who now wants to be called Dirk (when abroad) as he realises Dick is not a nice name to have. But his recent actions prove to me he is actually DICK. What was he thinking? He has a habit of abandoning teams he’s committed to, for a bigger pay-check. Dick is all about the money. Ask the Australian federation, the Belgium Federation and Sunderland. And now Oranje.

Three months ago, he told Blind he was ready to serve Dutch football and he wanted to get out of the limelight. He was presented to the media, he did his thing, the players loved to have him on board and guess what: the first club from some second rate football nation – where human rights are even less valuable than Dick’s signature under a contract – wiggles a bag of euros and The Dick runs to the exit. Shame on DICK!

Danny Blind and Marco van Basten do need a third coach to complement them. Someone with energy, with passion, warmth and experience.

Dick dick

Rene Meulensteen would have been a top option, but he decided to sign for a club (he was available three months ago). I would not know any other option to be honest….

Danny Blind responded hurt and annoyed when asked about Advo’s antics and KNVB technical director Hans van Breukelen was gobsmacked.

Anyway, the team managers have picked a decent prelim squad. The names you’d expect.

BOURNEMOUTH, ENGLAND - AUGUST 14: Daley Blind of Manchester United in action during the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and Manchester United at Vitality Stadium on August 14, 2016 in Bournemouth, England. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)
Daley Blind of Manchester United in action during the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and Manchester United 

I just hope that prior to September 1, we’ll see some movement in the transfers still. I particularly would like to see Daryl Janmaat make a move, while Bruno Martins Indi has also been put into a blind alley at Porto. Not that I believe we’ll need BMI in the future.

Good to see we keep on producing talent. Up to Danny and Marco to make them all play nicely as a team.

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  1. Good stuff – danke Jan!
    I’m glad you mention Leicester and Atletico!
    I am convinced we can qualify no problem with the players we have IF we can just match the courage, selflessness, commitment, organisation & desire of those 2 club sides.. and who knows, once our confidence has been built back up, maybe we can also improve at our techniques and team tactics and dazzle like we have in the past!

    HUP Holland!!

  2. Bad night for clasie.don’t think he will fit in puel’s blue print.

    Van Dijk solid both at the back and going forward.

    Blind also same but Southampton forwards were no match compared to united.

  3. “””With players like Hendrix, Karsdorp, De Roon, El Ghazi, Sinkgraven, Kongolo, Toornstra, Van Ginkel in the mix, the future looks bright, even if we don’t seem to have world class players right now””””””””””
    Its not necessary that tehy should be world class…They together compliments each other weakness and strentgh so that they will be beating our first team if stroot,bruma,jetro doesnt play…this is except for Elghazi.

  4. it will be interesting to see were Daley blind plays as So called position Vs postion policy of Danny Blind..Virgil Van dijk is doing good from i heard.though i am not fan of him..i like fast agile beast central defenders.Since Kevin diks is not in squad i prefer to see
    From bench
    Blind as subs

  5. what is this philip cocu is doing…He is simply outclassing any coaches,no stupid mistakes or silly mistakes..man of right choices..A helping hand to detoriating/fading players..Sure he is on a mission…PSV doesnt have extra talented players its true they have Jetro and Propper..they are force to recokn with…they can beat other European teams..i really wish that he was our national team coach…

  6. Mixed game for van Aanholt, unfortunately getting to be a consistent thing from him.. Decent going forward, created a couple chances and even scored a scrappy goal, but defensively suspect with both goals being scored by his man. I appreciate his work ethic though, and he is so fast but from a defensive perspective his decision making is suspect.
    Lens played the second half, was ok but Sunderland couldn’t get the goals back.

    Too bad de Roon didn’t play, but good news his injury isn’t major and should be back fit and playing with Middlesborough after the int’l break.

    Looks like Aké got 15 mins to play for Bournemouth (in DM finally for the first time in almost 2 years) but had little influence making only 1 pass and with West Ham scored the only goal shortly after. Came on for Arter who got a red card, so maybe Arter will miss a match and so Aké can actually get more minutes and a chance to try to take that spot.

    1. Both Annholt and willems are so fast and not much great defenders..but exceptional attacking talents..they are much faster than overrated Depay hence both can receive the passes at least and then distribute.it will help our game than we have with overrated bodybuilder.Both must concentrate as wingers than LBs…we must leave that spot for kongolo and Mensah..

      1. Willems is not a bad defender, even led the last PSV match in tackles v Zwolle!
        Has nothing to do with Memphis, you are a hype monger.
        I’ve heard many people say about Willems that he is not great at defence but no one can give any examples of problems.
        IMO Willems is hands down our best LB, but I like PVA would like to see Zeegelaar to continue to impress and Aké has been good there too.

        1. I have no problem with his offensive but defensively I think he is too light,i think he is good for teams like greece,hungry,andorra etc. I have watched him twice vs france and he was flying half of the time in defense.

          1. Willems has only once played v France – a friendly from this year, and he had no fault with either goal against when he was on the pitch (Klaassen foul for free kick, Giroud scoring on corner kick aftermath).
            Maybe I don’t know what “flying half the time” means, or maybe again you make things up and your opinion is based on things which are not true.

          2. My bet it was in one of the friendlys.Either France or Mexico. Blind was at DM and Willem’s at LB
            Have to check again.but overall his defensive game is average.eredivisie stats is useless,it would baseless to use it and create a overall picture of the same player in a better league.

          3. Your bet?
            Check again? What ‘again’, it doesn’t seem like you have checked the first time yet…

            So, you would rather I form my opinion on a player based on 2 near-meaningless friendlies (one v France where he comes back from 9 months out injured and does not make any crucial mistakes, and one v Mexico from over 2 years ago) instead of using the actual stats from his current performances with his club, because his club is playing in a weaker league?
            Have I got that correct?

          4. When ever NT losses a friendly it becomes meaningless but when they win it becomes meaning full.what is this some kind of joke. Either way this is the game I was taking about.I knew I saw it but was kind of rusty which game it was.this game was a very high tempo game and this is type of game you can expect player s like propper,Klassen,Willem’s,Veltman to throw the towel.


            Go to 46-47s & 210-212

            Also Willem’s was heavily linked to Liverpool after klopp wanted an upgrade to moreno.unfortunately the scouts came to a decision that Willem’s was even more shitter in defense than Moreno and hence their intrest cooled down.

            This is why I never believe in stats.

          5. Great link – from 2014!!?

            When did I ever say friendlies have full meaning?

            Haha stats don’t need you to believe in them.
            They are facts, records of reality.

            Reading a lot into the Willems rumour, love it when you make things up! Haha

        2. Like Annholt willems also has positioning issues..and little consistency too.but plays better in defense than Annholt.
          What we really lack is productively fast wingers who can dribble,out run the oppoenent,can defend little…Both willeims and annholt can do it..Both has accurate passes,can dribble,much faster than Promes,Depay and berghuis..both can defend too it gives balance for our team hence we win the game with likes of Janssen,Luuk,Ramsselar,Propper in attack.
          Extreamly opposite happens when Depay plays..Narsingh has no clue about were to give pass,he is a game flow killer with stupid brain..Promes is just better version of Narsingh..
          with Promes,dpeay and Narsingh as wingers,i would say we are just Shit in sings…

  7. Jan,

    I like reading your posts but would suggest you to be a little more careful and respectful when you talk about other nations and countries. First of all Turkey is not a second rate football nation, and they demonstrated that by beating our Oranje by 3:0 last year. Secondly, in Turkey nobody violates human rights. I lived in Turkey many years and it is a wonderful country. Currently, the country is in difficult situation and it is not advisable to judge the decision of the government. Plus, to certain extend human rights have been violated everywhere, including US, Australia etc. Those are all politics and as we are not politicians, it is better not talk about it.

    You have been very critical of TIJU, when he openly expressed his opinion about some Dutch players. However, your expressions about Turkey sounded much worse than TIJU’s about Memphis.

    Let’s be respectful of each other as this forum is composed of Dutch fans from all over the world.

  8. For the first time I like Danny Blind´s selection.

    I think it is time for a new goalie now and also to give youngsters the responsability of the team and let Sneijder, Huntelaar and the old guard a supporting role.

    My line up.-

    1- Zoet;
    2- Bruma
    3- De Vrij
    4- Blind / Van Dijk
    5- Willems;
    6- Bazoer
    7- Berghius
    8- Strootman
    9- Janssen
    10- Wijnaldum
    11- Promes

    It will be fun to have Gullit and Van Basten in the bench. Certainly Gullit can install a winning mentality, because although I do not think he is a good tactician, he is a motivator and has a strong personality. Something many of the younsters will benefit from. I also find Advocaat a money hunter and if that was his attitud, luckily he is gone. We want coaches and players committed to Oranje. I think Danny Blind is not the best manager but nobody can say he doesn´t want the best for Oranje and his commitment has been very strong…if he doesn´t start strong maybe Van Breukelen can convince RIJKAARD to return as HEAD COACH and we will have the DUTCH AC MILAN TRIO and Dutch legengs coaching Holland and leading us to the gold in 2018!

    Also, I was impressed in Netherlands performance overall in Rio 2016. Whoever says the Dutch lack mentality are completely wrong. 11th place for a country of 16 million people show the great character and discipline the Dutch have in sports and life.

    We need gold at the World Cup so everybody can shut up their mouths for good =).

    1. WHEN DID Blind posted his line up like this??
      Bruma is RCB basically…
      Wijnaldum+ promes up front we are short of vision..
      are best balanced line in attack and defense..

      1. on bench

  9. Sounds as though Cillessen is close to moving to Barca, but the deal waits until after the CL qualifier v Rostov on Weds… then a merry go round of keepers moving begins – Claudio Bravo to Man City and then Krul apparently on loan to Ajax (according to the Daily Mail, so take from it what you want!).

  10. Ter Stegen was angry because he wanted to be number ONE for Barcelona in Champions League and La Liga. And because of that Barcelona thought it was time to concede him that wish and they transferred Bravo to M. City. Well, they have been searching for a goalie not to rotate like Ter Stegen and Bravo did, but someone who will be benchwarmer and play just in La Copa or less important games and Cillessen is accepting that. He will lose his place at Oranje for sure and frankly, he has been very poor lately. Anyway, Ter Stegen for me is a mediocre player that has had stupid mistakes like Cillessen and perhaps Jasper can have a shot at Barcelona is Ter Stegen has those awful flashes. Other than that, I can´t understand how a goalie that is starter for his National Team can accept being the number 2 at Club Level. EVEN AT BARCELONA. But perhaps the paycheck will have something to say here. Shame on Jasper and Ajax. That is why PSV is stronger at the moment and hiring great players.

  11. Was very impressed with kishna vs Atalanta.if this guy can avoid injury this season,he should be called for NT. Is still bit sluggish after coming back from injury but with more games he should get back to full fitness. I think inverted wing system doesn’t suit NT and now with Robben injured it would better more natural wingers are used on the flanks who can come up with crosses for our tall strikers like Hunter,Dost,De Jong.

    Jus like what Van der weil did vs USA.Hunter was so lethal on those arieal balls.

    1. Van der weil crosses are universal jokes,its get accurate once in a blue moon…kishna is really a talent who can tear up a defense with pace and dribbling skills,has good vision too…But he has poor decision making and pathetic attiude on feild and1483027 off feild…lets hope that some one teach him a lesson or too.
      Depay and kishna are on opposite spectrum..Depay is working really hard but lost agility and speed to gymbuild body..Depay listen to coach at least…
      while kishan has verything he just act and behave like a man..evrything will work for kishna..

  12. I have to agree with Tiju in Van der Weil´s crosses. They are a joke, not like Janmaat´s…VDW makes very few good of them.

    And the result against the USA was pathetic too. Those were the games and the phase that Hiddink had the team in it´s worst decline and then Blind continued that trend. I believe the game vs. England changed the mentality of the squad and that victory has been a pivotal part of the recovery of some dignity and results. I believe that Gullit and Van Basten can help a lot and if Danny Blind doesn´t deliver inmediately I think the KNVH will opt to install Gullit as HC or even convince Rijkaard or Koeman to reunite with his 1988 European Champions friends. And Hans van Breukelen can have an influence in that. I am very confident. We are developing stronger defenders, we have Strootman back and a new number 9 in Janssen. We are in transition but not with bad players, it has to be enough to qualify and reach the WC 2018 in strong fashion. I also see many youngsters and not that young that will impress in Oranje very soon. Example: Davy Propper…he has only played once in Oranje and this guy I rate him above Wijnaldum and Klaassen. It is just a matter of time for he and some young guns to claim a spot in the squad.

  13. What a shame 3-0 and Blind has selected some of these players in the squad.this is why I say its time to move away from eredivisie unless and until they prove at European level.

  14. A shameful Ajax!

    I think the Dutch National Team starters must play in stronger leagues or PSV. From Ajax just very few deserve it now. But I don´t think the players are that stupid such as the coaches! For example, Bosz seems clueless man! I do not what this man is doing at Ajax. The team play much much better with De Boer. Anyway, the Eredivisie has to be reinvented, it simply has been below par the last years and the Dutch National team is reflecting that nowadays. There is talent, but they need real managers to develop them…

    1. Mario this is expected for Ajax from me..players with Elghazi,klassen cannot make it to CL..thats truth..still i was hoping for miracle..Ditto will be happend if we play Depay,narsingh,Afellay upfront for NT..in my book only good ajax players are..
      Raiwald…that czec guy cerney..

  15. Mario FDB had the play centred around klaassen. Basically he used to play hide and seek until one good play and klaassen would pop up from nowhere. Bosz is completely different. He likes high tempo approach and unforunately the midfield trio are not mobile enough or does not suit what he wants.don’t think he has to be blamed. They need a CM asap maybe Ziyech or if not sacrifice this season and inject Sinkgraven or Nouri.
    The current squad is only good for eredivisie.

    7 ajax players selected in the NT squad. I jus don’t know whether Blind his selecting with his eyes closed or as I always say Ajax will always be a priority. This jus shows he doesn’t know what he is doing. Can’t wait for the critics when he will trim down squad.

  16. haha, somehow it’s good for PSV as they have experience played with Athletico and result in last season is not that bad, if they have a little improve than last year then they can overcome Ath.

  17. The squad: Goalkeepers: Jasper Cillessen (FC Barcelona), Jeroen Zoet (PSV Eindhoven), Maarten Stekelenburg (Everton) Defenders: Daley Blind (Manchester United), Jeffrey Bruma (VfL Wolfsburg), Virgil van Dijk (Southampton), Kenny Tete (Ajax), Joel Veltman (Ajax), Ron Vlaar (AZ), Jetro Willems (PSV), Patrick van Aanholt (Sunderland) Midfielders: Riechedly Bazoer (Ajax), Davy Klaassen (Ajax), Davy Propper (PSV), Wesley Sneijder (Galatasaray), Kevin Strootman (AS Roma), Georginio Wijnaldum (Liverpool), Jorrit Hendrix (PSV) Forwards: Steven Berghuis (Feyenoord), Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg), Luuk de Jong (PSV), Luciano Narsingh (PSV), Quincy Promes (Spartak Moscow), Vincent Janssen (Tottenham Hotspur).

  18. Some ramblings…

    A breakdown of where players in Blinds’ selection of 24 for Greece are coming from:
    6 players from PSV
    4 from Ajax
    1 from Feyenoord
    1 from AZ
    (12 of 24 from the Eredivisie)
    6 players from England
    2 in Germany
    1 in Spain
    1 in Italy
    1 in Russia
    1 in Turkey

    So most from PSV, which is good, but still 4 from slumping Ajax.
    I think Veltman and Tete may be justified for RB for continuities sake (important with players spread around 7 leagues) and surely one of them will play, and also as Karsdorp (and Diks who has not yet played at Fiorentina) maybe not ready yet, and Janmaat is unsettled.
    I think Bazoer must only be there for grooming? He is the biggest question mark to me.. but maybe since de Roon is out? Maybe lack of options? Maybe I’m making excuses since I want him to be so much better than he is showing now..
    I don’t think Klaassen would be there at all if van Ginkel was still fit. What about Vilhena, and what about Fer – starting in England, has scored and is looking good.
    I suppose Cillessen should still count in as an Ajax player too yet.. not much excuse for his choice for me, would be quite strange if he starts! Poor Vorm, has not been scored on yet in his 145 minutes in for Lloris.

    Berghius as the only Feyenoord player seems strange (if he counts yet).. what about Vilhena and Karsdorp (as mentioned already), and maybe Kongolo too is close again.
    Surprised Vlaar is still there but maybe Blind noticed a lack of leadership in the previous friendlies, or maybe he is sweating yet over someone’s fitness since 24 selected and not 23..
    I expect de Vrij must be Vlaars’ replacement once he has got a few more games behind him.
    Hope to see Riedewald get some form back, and maybe a Lazio de Vrij/Hoedt CB connection to keep some pressure on the others.

    Nice to see Hendrix in there. Let’s see him beside Strootman with Sneijder or Propper.
    Glad he left Memphis out, really needs to show some further improvement before re-selection and has obvs done nothing to earn a spot. But no replacement? Locadia not considered even with only a couple wingers? Seems Promes and Berghuis would start with only Narsingh to sub. Maybe he sees Janssen doing a shift on the wing? Perhaps he wants to give Wijnaldum a try there.
    Ah things are grim on the wings without Robben..

    So 24 players. Blind said, ”I freely admit that 85 percent of the players that I have selected are in good form.”
    So, he says that 20.4 these players are in good form, haha does that remaining 3.6 players include the 5 Ajax players?
    He is saying includes players in bad form, so why? Can it only be for continuity? I think I would prefer he give others chances.. surely it would be a greater benefit?

    But still..
    I feel even with these players, since I’m sure we all see the deficiencies and wish there were better options available, with a proper manager inspiringcommitment (selflessness and desire) and tactical organization we should qualify easily.
    Can Blind do it?

    Maybe for Greece I might try starting:

    Pressure is on Blind – one more friendly v Greece and then we had better see a serious qualifying campaign!

    1. Most of the hyped players are dropped,Blind is just 4 or 5 players away from a magnificient,energetic squad…
      Though i am shitting inpnats after seeing the names of Narsingh,Klassen etc…i like promes work rate but he lacks quality.So he also needs to be dropped..i think he is vanbasten favorite..As we know Marco is so stuborn that he found out Kuyt is better than RVN.so he benched him in WC knock out match and F#$$ked us in the a#$$s as end result…
      i know klassen is an intelligent player.klassen can not do it,he is seems like little weak,lacks authority,power leadreship,his influence in game etc..While Leroy fer just opposite he might not be as brllinat as klassen,but has lions heart,Has authority,leadership skills,people like him,and he scores goals when others cannot score basically through header..No matter whether it 120 Million Pogba or not He will outjump him and will score if given quality freekicks.(Not memphis/blind freekicks/corners)..
      Nice to see Hendrix in there..

    1. Hendrix-Stroot -Propper would be more balanced…
      it seems Blind is looking

        1. No propper is much better than klassen as he has better control on ball than klassen,has excellent vision and quick brain..Good in keeping up balance in the team,much strong player than klassen,he can score vs tough opponents..Klassen can not even win against Rostov…i like Klassen over Afellay,depay etc though..

      1. That is a lineup that should beat Sweden (especially absent Zlatan). Gives some flexibility. Allows Willems to move up and be very offensive minded and leaves leaves three good defenders across the back. The two mids playing behind Sneijder release him from a lot of defensive responsibility—it would be nice if he showed in the Greece game that he has found his form. Not sure that I wouldn’t want Wijnaldum for Hendrix; he’d be more dangerous coming forward from a deep MF position.

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