Positive start of LVG's New Oranje…

With a couple of days to digest the first game under LVG Mark II – and one day before the sophomore match – it’s probably a good idea to have brief look back at that campaign opener.

What can we say about the new Oranje?

For starters… What immediately catches the eye, is the fact that for the first time in a long while, Rotterdam dominates this Dutch National Team. For decades, Ajax and PSV determined the “blood type” in Zeist, but with the recent revival of football talent development at Feyenoord, even Ajax-bred coaches like Kluivert, Blind and Van Gaal aim their sights at the working class city of Holland.

Van Persie being a real symbol of Rotterdam of course (although he surely isn’t working class), but players like Clasie, Vlaar, Fer, Kuyt, Janmaat and Martins Indi all have strong links with Feyenoord too. Add to that Stefan de Vrij (injured), who wears the red and white and benchwarmer Joris Mathijsen (currently at Feyenoord) and the three Oranje players who were developed at Sparta ( Kevin Strootman, Jetro Willems and Nick Viergever) and it’s clear that the folks in Rotterdam walk around with their chests out, these days.

The Big Three, enjoying their football and one another….

Another aspect we can mention, is that Louis van Gaal is rightfully so seen as a gutsy coach. He picks players that he feels are the best for the job, for the coming two years. And he has no qualms in selecting youngsters and unproven lads.
“I believe in these lads, they will improve. The older players will have to coach them.”

And where Van Marwijk saw Heitinga struggle at the Euros, this time around Van Gaal used the extra responsibility for Heitinga to draw a good performance out of him.

As all “veterans” did well. Robben worked his arse off to support young Willems on the left flank and created a lot. Robben clearly enjoyed his football and with a bit of luck could have scored twice (one ball was expertly defended by…Robin van Persie?!?! and the other one was a pass by Stevie Wonder Luciano Narsingh that never arrived…

Robin van Persie may not have had the best of games, like Sneijder, but boy that goal was nice. And a carbon copy of his goal against Southampton for Man U. And Sneijder’s assist wasn’t too shabby either. Late in the game, he almost scored another carbon copy goal for Oranje but that half volley just went over.

Man of the Match for me (and many others) was Kevin Strootman. I think he clearly demonstrated to LVG that he IS da man now Mark van Bommel has retired. He is a combination of Bommel, Willy van de Kerkhof and Phillip Cocu. Skill, dynamics, tackling power, vision, passing and leadership.

This Kevin Strootman will end up playing for a big European club very soon.

Poor Tim is out. LVG gives no clue as to who will play… I say Vorm plays…

Lots has been made of the mistakes Holland made in this game (the Dutch media at least) but I am with Louis van Gaal on this one. The only chances Turkey got were the onces we gifted to them, bar two. The early header in the first minute (but Robben was guarding the post, so no problemo) and the header in the second half, from the cross from the right. But as was pointed out to me: Krul had that one covered too.

Other than that, Turkey was able to be threatening thanks to miscommunication between Krul and Martins Indi (BMI: “Krul yelled to me, he said, but I honest-to-God couldn’t hear him… It was such a circus at that side of the field…”) and two momentary lapses of reason by youngsters Janmaat and Willems.

Typical mistakes we saw in the past by players like Frank de Boer and Frank Rijkaard. Both players didn’t alright in their careers…

I have all the faith in our youngsters at the back, like LVG. And I agree with him, yet again! (Scary). You can tell from the way the play, pass, move, that they are the real deal. They look over the ball, they try to make every touch count. They are pure football players. And BMI adds strength and length to that. We should feel blessed.

Louis: “Danny, I’m adamant! Next time BMI runs to me like that, you catch him!!”

There was this one moment in the game where our 18 year old left back made a dummy as if he’d play back, only to turn and play a long diagonal pass to Narsingh, which landed on the winger’s tie. That is pure class.

Same with Janmaat. He made a couple of mistakes, but he also showed he has skills going forward and courage when he has to put his body on the line.

I won’t even discuss BMI as he played as if he’s been part of the team for much longer. The way he tackled Van Gaal right at the end of the game demonstrates to me this bloke should always be called up :-).

In midfield, I felt little Clasie didn’t have a lot to play off in the first half. The Turks tried to crowd out our midfield and the only players Clasie had to bounce to were Willem and BMI. Clasie is not a playmaker, like Sneijder (yet) but more a connection man. He does need players to show up close to him – Barca style – to play his short pass game. In the second half, he could have, as the Turks laid off a bit more and seemed to get more tired. But by then Fer had joined in and took Strootman’s spot. The latter taking the Clasie role.

Meanwhile…elsewhere, the squad is secretly training the collective run to LVG if they score against Hungary….

Strootman played less impressive as a result, bar that final long pass on Narsingh ( inch-perfect) and Fer got the change to shine in the penetration role. Something the youngster does really well! Once Fer is fit again (he’s out for 6 weeks!!) LVG has some decision making to do…. Fer on the right midfield spot and Strootman as holding mid, or Clasie in the holding role and Strootman on the right…

Who knows…?

All I can say is, that this team really gave me confidence.

LVG is a bit of a pompous arrogant thick-neck but he knows his game and he has cojones. AND eggs.

So, all in all, with Van der Vaart, Afellay, De Jong, Elia, Van der Wiel, Pieters and Maher also in the fold, I think we have a very strong squad.

Very strong…

The last thing I want to say, and probably one of the most important things: the lads played as a team. They were hungry. They worked hard. They were focused (look at Krul giving it to Willems when he made that mistake) and they enjoyed playing football together (look at Sneijder and Van Persie walking off the pitch together in an embrace).

All the ingredients are here.

As Louis van Gaal said: the World Cup has actually started already. This was our first game. I’d say: we are on track to reach the finals! Only 16 more games to win :-).

Skipper Sneijder, leading the way to victory

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  1. ” As Louis van Gaal said: the World Cup has actually started already. This was our first game. I’d say: we are on track to reach the finals! Only 16 more games to win 🙂 ”
    WOW !! What a quote 😀 . I hope all players think this way .

    Amazing Article Jan . just a joy to read .

    1. Thanks for posting that!

      It’s the first time I rewatched the highlights for the semi final(other than replays of Gio’s goal, which I’ve watched countless times!), and wow, Oranje were so dominant in the first half… such a joy to watch that confidence, that “swagger” and arrogance to their play.

      I think I saw something similar to that in the match against Turkey, so I’m hugely excited for tonights game, where we’ll see if that “we-are-unbreakable” attitude is back!

      Hup Holland Hup!

  2. Jan, I don’t want to see another WC final appearance. I want a WC title! It is a long way and let’s hope we are on a right track. Stay humility, humble and keeping that hunger. You want to lift that World Cup, not getting near it. Let’s win the 2nd game!

  3. Janmaat is clever defender but way too slow.Not so convincing against speedy and tricky wingers..i think defensively van derweil is better than him.i think Van rhijn and vanderweil is ok for us for a while

  4. if van gaal plays the following line up,we will kill hungary

  5. Thanks for the post Jan…

    And you hit the nail on the head with that last thing you said and I also think it was so important.. The team looked as one again, they looked like they where enjoying playing together and that is the most important part when you have 11 players on the field who respect and play for each other that’s what wins games sorry to use this quote but “A champion team will always beat a team of champions” and we have always had the champions we just need them to work as a team. And I have faith in LVG he can create this.

  6. I wonder if Robben track back and help to defend because it was not VDW, but for Willem, but you are right. For one they play as one team. I cannot say at this point I have faith in LVG yet. It is a better start than 2002 where he started with a draw. As long as he does not implode/explode and go nuts, we will be fine.
    Tiju, I don’t think Maher is good to be introduced as a starter. He has not done enough. Narsingh will start and he can be better, like Clasie, Stroot and our young defenders.

  7. If Clasie has trouble, Maher is his backup. Is Heitinga having fitness issue? He was playing well vs Turkey although he has not started for his club. If Heitinga fits, I start Heitinga today.

    1. It’s funny to note that PSV watchers saw not much in him just one year ago. He was more a guy making up the numbers for the outliers to develop. Within the last months he started to make an impression. So much so, that Advocaat liked him.

      PSV is not good at giving their youth a chance. Even a player like Huntelaar had to try it somewhere else and never made his name at the club.

      I have yet to see if this talent is going places. It’s one thing to make your debut against a minnow, it’s something else to become a regular sub, starter or even a fixed value for PSV. Depay is the great PSV talent at the moment, but I am worried about his character. He is very materialistic, impatient and suffers from an inflated ego. When initial honeymoon with the fans and media is over, they will become more critical of him and I can see him being in constant conflicts, even leading to an unwise foreign move choice maybe. Choices for money instead of development and choices out of anger for his treatment instead of having outgrown a certain level. Who knows how he will mature, but the guy is a worry.

      I have my eye however on Jorrit Hendrix from PSV. A good footballing defender, with even a better mentality. I was very impressed with all his interventions in the Euro U17 winning team. For me he kept everything in check at the back in the final to win in the end (which we did). If I look at PSV at the moment that is also the weakest part, -> central defense. Hope they don’t do big investments the next 2 years, so he can be phased in as quickly as possible and become an option for the NT very soon.


  8. nice post Jan, thx. actually i do like van gaal’s oranje,this team is much more sympathetic than bvm’s oranje. the playing style is more open,balanced team,less big ego,even robben becomes a team player and goes back to defend,the coach takes risks, more compact play (at least it was in the second half against turkey). it seems this is the way to follow. good thing is that until 2014 oranje won’t play against the big guns,so there is plenty of time for becoming a really strong team and one of the favourites of the next world cup,but now it’s too early to talk about chances. i really hope we’ll only see luis’ positive side and he can manage his “old demons.”

    1. Totally agree Ferenc… i was so tired looking at the ‘old’ Oranje

      im a romantic guy; i rather see a bunch of youngsters fight, make mistakes, do their best and lose than a bunch of ‘arrived’ players taking no risk and getting into the WC-final without 1 decent game!

  9. What a great post Jan… Very good and funny!

    When I read this article supporting LVG feel like if I were reading a Kuyt tribute writing by Tiju! LOL

    Well… I am very happy. LVG is doing a great job. Just imagine how this team will play in two years, with better Clasie, Fer, Maher, BMI, De Vrij, Van Rhijn, and Willems.

  10. @ Tiju

    I do not agree that Janmaat is too slow and doesn’t defend as well as Van Rhijn. He has shown some real skills and solid defensive abilities during his time at Heerenveen and also since he got to Feyenoord. I think he is a more composed and mature fullback than Van Rihijn. I am the first one to agree that he didn’t play well against turkey, but I just put that down to nerves. He will do much better next time and I would love to see him given another start agaisnt Hungary. I would definitely use him along with Vdw for the nest set of games. Maybe Van rhijn will develop to become better than Janmaat, but he certainly isn’t at the moment.

    Also, Janmaat is actually not a slow fullback and has great attacking ability.

    1. He loses the mark two times against Turkis striker (number 9) on the corners and in both occasions the striker was close to score using his head.

      Also he loses the duels against his mark. At least Willems was very good in the duels and the team obtain some corners because Willems high pressure. I didn´t see nothing of thins on Janmaat.I didn´t like him.

      But, as I said before, we can´t judge a guy just for one game.

  11. Nice post Jan!
    There is definitely a positive outlook in the air and I think all who bleed Oranje feel it. We have a lot of really really talented young players coming up and LvG giving them a chance I’m sure really lifts their confidence.

    After his last displays I have a whole new found respect for Robben. His tracking back & work rate have been superb! Had Narsingh not pulled a Babel that one moment and played a diagonal pass into Robben’s lane the score would have been an impressive 3-0.

    Let’s hope for a thorough drubbing of Hungary today!
    Hup! Holland!! Hup!!!

  12. I am glad Robben is getting respect around here. The guy has always given everything he had for Oranje. We are also getting low on wingers so he is very important.

    I feel like he is the most talked about member of this blog but we never have any real news on him. DOUGLAS. He was called up to the preliminary squad right? But then he was dropped when the cuts were made. Was it injury or did van Gaal trust our other defenders more?

  13. NO Heitinga today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stefan Coerts‏@StefanCoerts

    #Oranje XI vs Hungary: Stekelenburg; Van Rhijn, Vlaar, Martins Indi, Willems; Strootman, Clasie, Sneijder; Narsingh, Van Persie, Robben.

  14. I don’t know, maybe I’m being too harsh on willems. But he is very weak, he is a marcelo in the making. likes to move forward (with speed) but hates to retreat. His positioning is also poor. Give him a couple of more years, but right not he is not ready at this level. Even against this modest team he looks vulnerable.
    I may look like defending Clasie, but I’m not. But he was covering the huge amount of space left by you know who

  15. But I definitely won’t be harsh on BMI!! (where have you been?) maybe we don’t need douglas after all. or maybe he can be the replacement for the new duo Heitinga (experience)and BMI!!

  16. Is ESPN for real?

    Now they showing the Portugal game instead. Guess they gave up on regaining the transmission for our game!!

    This is so ridiculous. can’t believe I am not able to watch this game!

  17. Other than the scoreline not many positives from the first half. Midfield has no creativity. Sneijder NEEDS TO BE DROPPED when VdV returns. Strootman should play the holding role so the attack will be moved up quicker with his positioning and passing while allowing Clasie to show his talented passing game.

    Pieters, Robben & VdV are sorely missed. v.Persie is having to drop back and do Sneijder’s job. Italy has ruined him.

  18. @Gio

    I have the very same views on Willems. From he was selected for the Euros I thought he was way too inexperienced for this level. He is simply a poor defender. He is very fast and technically sound, he may even turn out to be a really good defender in the future. But he is definitely not Oranje level at the moment.

  19. I am honestly keeping an eye on Schilder and Van Aanholt for the next few games. Until pieters return from injury we need to look for one or two new left backs to provide cover. If Buttner starts to get some minutes at ManU we can give him a try. However, schilder has started the season well with Twente. I would certainly make BMI our left back for th next set of games. Maybe schilder could be our second choice for those next two games.

  20. @Gio
    I agree about Willems. He made a risky tackle in the penalty box towards the end of the 1st half. Could have been a penalty but since ref gave them one already, he couldn’t do it again.

    Anyways, he’s not defensively reassuring. He still needs a lot of work on his crosses to be effective offensively. When’s Pieters coming back? At least he is much better defending.
    That LB spot is still up for grabs.

  21. BMI is really comfortable on the ball. Tries to push forward a bit to build up. I think with more games and more confidence, he could be one of our answer in defense. He still has a lot to work on defensively.

  22. Pretty boring game. No kind of passing or possession. As soon as an Oranje player gets it they blast it forward to the strikers. What are we England?

    We have an engine but no conductor to move from 1st gear to 2nd. Huntelaar is always Klaas

  23. Sneijder is really coasting in all the games I’ve seen him lately. This guy is a world class player compared to the likes of Xavi and iniesta etc.
    We need him to move to a more central role to play behind the strikers. I don’t like this left midfielder role for him.

    1. I agree. One has to have in them to make those bold decisions.
      I like to assume things, but I think its pretty clear where the main problem with holland was. it was Van Marwijk and his status quo decisions, something VG has changed in two games!! crazyyy

  24. I like Van Rhijn, I mean he has practically came out of nowhere and his been doing good. He keeps it simple and no fuzz at all not like his “compadre” on the left part.

    I agree the game is boring, but its an important confidence booster

    1. I liked BMI, I think he is learning the position. And vRhijn did good. Not too happy about Classie but we got time.

      Result is good but performance not really. We run and pressed, that is good news. But a lot of mistakes and lack of coordination especially in the rear…

      Turkey was a weak opponent and Hungary was terrible…

      1. Turkey is not that bad as you pictured it. Actually demolished Portugal 3-1 before the Euros. They have good players like area turn, sahin and altintop! We won two games introducing a lot of youngsters without team chemistry! You need to play to become a team. And Hungary is not an epic team, but still 36 in the Rankings, which means as a third tier team it’s actually a very strong one (based on late results). and it was 1-4. Not even playing on dutch soil and without Robben.

  25. I agree with Gio. Boring but a great confidence boost for the lads. 2 wins from 2 is solid!

    Willems looks a bit 1 dimensional but my main annoyance is with Sneijder. We all know he is a deadball specialist hence his 2 great crosses for goals but in open play he has been dead weight. VdV was in the middle of a transfer so I understand not calling him up but this formation and system is built for him. I think he’ll bring the flair we need in midfield that we’re lacking at the moment.

  26. lens did a good job , however , still think afellay and elia on the flanks would have done better .

    Huntelaar missed an opportunity that i would have definitly scored ” i’m a bad player ” .

    i like the team but i think this team needs more experienced players to be stable . vdv , afellay and elia .

    i think kuyt is a better sub for persie than Hunter .

    best players today imo are BMI , RVR and Lens .

  27. OK, I don’t post a lot here, but I follow all you guys quite closely. I just want to offer my observations on the team and what LvG is working on here.

    First, I like the sub of van Persie for Huntelaar. They just have different styles that are actually quite complementary in the context of game strategy. RvP rightfully should be the starter. He may be a prick, or not, but he is better in small spaces than Huntelaar because of his holding ability and soft touch. He’s a voetballende spits as they say in Dutch. I wish we had some stats on team scoring with Rvp vs Hunter on the pitch.

    That said, I think Huntelaar works better with the traditional wingers that LvG deployed today, Lens and Narsingh. All three of these guys are cats waiting to pounce. When I watch Huntelaar I see that he gauges larger spaces and angles very well and puts himself in a spot that makes his game possible. When you have wide wingers like Lens and Narsingh this works. When you have Robben on the right cutting in and collapsing space it doesn’t. They don’t do as well when the opponent parks the bus, but they are excellent counter-attacking players. I like Hunter better than van Persie in this role.

    Therefore you have to deploy these opposite tactics per the situation. When the opponent plays an attacking style you want Huntelaar on the counter. Whereas when they play more balanced or defensively, which is usually the case, you want RvP in there with Robben. The nice thing is that we have good players for both styles. I like the idea of starting van Persie and bringing in Huntelaar to kill off the game when the opponent get hastier to score.

    As for the defense, I’ll start with Willems. Call me a homer, but you have to give the kid props for playing decently, even if he shows his youth at times. He must be doing something right if two national team coaches and a two PSV coaches have started him. Granted he may just be holding down the fort until Pieters comes back from his broken foot, but this is not the first time Pieters has been injured so don’t be surprised if Willems ends up being Oranje’s guy in 2016. The fact of the matter is we have earned 6 points against the two top rivals in the group.

    Last, what happened to Lens! He blew up. Kind of makes you wonder how the game would have gone with Robben in there. What’s wrong with him anyway?

    That’s it! Just want to say how much I enjoy the quality of the discussion on this board. I have put American football on the back burner for a variety of reasons and I’m all in on football from now on. I’m glad that we have such a positive, smart group on here.

    1. People form many different places, backgrounds and walks of life might make for an interestingly varied but well balanced mix of comments, analyses and insights even some pretty much in-depth ones that for now go largely over my head.

      Besides Jan’s great posts it’s a delight to read the live comments during a game.


    2. good inputs,
      on willems, not that he is not good he is just not ready yet. I see him being the future and not the present, he needs to work on positioning and marking especially under pressure.
      I completely agree with Robben clashing with central forwards, that’s why he is a different player on the left.

    3. Van Gaal has given something this oranje team (internally) has been lacking for years, competition among players and positions. Its crazy to think that he has done this in a short period of time.

      Again, Hungary’s goal was a 90% conversion rate goal a.k.a our own mistake (read. Clasie). It happened against Belgium and almost against Turkey. If we can take this out of the equation then the team has a fair chance of becoming stronger and stronger.

  28. My ratings for today’s game

    Steks 7.0
    Did his job for the most part. Not too troubled by the Hungarians.

    RvR 7.5
    This guy is getting better. I see more confidence in him. It’s going to be a good competition when VDW is back.

    Vlaar 6.5
    Didn’t make a glaring mistake. Bit slow as usual. Seems scared to pass into midfield when he gets the ball. He either passes to the side or back to Steks. He tries a long pass every now and then.

    BMI 7.5
    Decent performance. Slowly getting comfortable and needs to polish his defense. Great header for the goal. I want to see a little bit more aggressiveness from him.

    Willems 5.0
    Still has so much work before he can be a regular starter. If Pieters comes back to his old form prior to injury, Willems can be a good back up. He’s still 18! He has a lot of time ahead of him.

    Sneijder 6.5
    He is on energy conservation mode. I’m not saying he should run around a lot but he seems like he’s playing very cautiously.

    Clasie 7.0
    Much better game than the one against Turkey. Great pass from the pass for one of the goals. I’m glad LVG gave him a second chance to boost his confidence.

    Strootman 7.0
    Not as great as his game against Turkey. Still a solid performance.

    Lens 9.0
    Two goals and an assist. Can’t expect him to do any better. He still has a lot to work on his overall game. Dribbling, passing etc…but he was great today in terms of production.

    RVP 6.5
    He did okay. Hungarian defense seemed to give him a bit of extra attention which opened opportunities for the others.

    Narsingh 7.0
    Decent game. Needs to work on his timing with offsides.


    Hunter 7.0
    He made his goal look so easy. He needs to get the ball at the right place and he will do the rest. Not really a great creator or passer but is an assassin when he gets a chance. I want to see him improve his off the ball movements to free himself from defensive markers so he is more open to receive passes.

    Mathijsen 6.0
    Wasn’t really troubled much. He didn’t have a blunder or missed tackle which is always a great thing when talking about Mr. Mathijsen.

    Maher N/A
    Not much involvement in the game.

    LVG 8.0
    Great result away from home! Another 3pts in the bag! I’m not sure about him taking out BMI. Was he injured? I don’t have a problem with RVP taken off. Hunter needs some game time which will give him some confidence. Tactically, the team seemed to be doing enough defensively to hold the Hungarians at bay. Wasn’t really electrifying game by any measure but I’m happy with our win.

    1. great post SDC… i’d like to see more of these post game report cards from you because i generally agree with almost everything you say… (mathijsen, vdv, etc.) that said, i didn’t understand the BMI sub either. after seeing that i went from confident to concerned in less than 3.5 seconds because it was still 3-1. i would have like to see kuyt come on instead for narsingh just for some more veteran leadership before wrapping up the W.

  29. Lens is missing many things to be a worthy Oranje winger,he was productive today because he is a better striker than a winger. He was at the right places at the right time.
    Another win,with so many young players,who are not used to playing with each other.Nice!
    I am worried about Clasie,first a bad game against Turkey and then made a foul to get Hungary back in the game.Almost made the second penalty,which the referee did not see! I knew he would not be very composed after the game against Turkey. Van Gaal wanted him to redeem himself,but it could have been a double-edged sword,with another bad game.Then it would be mentally difficult for him to get back to Oranje. That is why I wanted to see Maher start.
    But he did play a solid game after the penalty,so its alright…

  30. Re: Lens. Not a big fan of his career so far, but he played very well. At PSV this year he has periodically been taking Matavs’ spot as striker…wonder if that is broadening his game.

    Re: RB. I think LVG’s decision is whether he wants a defensive first, or offensive first player at Rb. From what I see of Janmaat, it is offense first, and the opposite from RVR. Personally, given the defense, I’d rather have RVR. In the end though, I think if VDW gets his game together, he is probably the answer. From what I’ve seen of him at Ajax, RVR might turn out to be a pretty good CB.

    @Bob, Not sure if your comment “Huntelaar sucks” was tongue in cheek, but, regardless of whether you feel that Van Persie is the better choice for starting striker, anyone who scores as often as KJH most definitely does not suck.

    Agree with Rob’s comments. Lots of good comments/discussion/info. these days. A pleasure to come here.

    1. I don’t see Lens as a starter. However, it’s good to have him in the squad which gives us depth. In case LDJ doesn’t perform well, he can be called up as a sub. I really want to see Van Wolfswinkel and Ola John get a chance.

  31. The calls for Sneijder to be replaced are very interesting. I can tell you one thing for sure, Rafa VDV is one of the best midfielder’s I have seen when it comes to finishing chances.

      1. Not sure Van Der Vaart is the answer, but still against Portugal he played much better than sneijder. I personally adored Sneijder in the Ajax days, but Inter has indeed ruined him a little. They say Robben is a prima donna and some Oranje players during the Euros told the press they were happy for him not winning the champions league, but winning the champions league was the start of sneijder’s downfall. I’m not speaking of anything unchangeable, it’s just a bit of fitness and will to sacrifice himself that’s lacking.

      2. He plays for Hamburg because he wants to be close to his wife who has a career in Germany. He likes Hamburg. I don’t think Spurs wanted to see him go and I am sure Liverpool or Arsenal would have wanted him. He’s a tremendous creator. In his first games for Spurs this season he had close to a dozen deep passes creating opps when he came on in the second half, totally opening up the game.

  32. oranje didn’t play well,but were realistic. it was a bit chaotic. the hungarian defense was one of the worst i have ever seen in my life 😀 not too much to say about this game,but starting the qualification campaign with two wins is really good and the team will play better in the future. i was impressed by martins indi,he’s a long-term solution for one of the central back positions.

    1. risky, at the end of the day when your playing a big tournament, a World Cup, experience kicks in. And the one still eligible would be Heitinga (last one tough)
      I personally wouldn’t go to a world cup with
      Van Rhijn/VdV – Douglas – BMI – Pieters/Willems
      Not when Spain, Germany, Brazil, Argentina still have their big guns firing at you. I would reconsider tough if Douglas, BMI, Willems play @big leagues and Champions league

      1. True . that’s why i think we need at least one experinced starter in the defence and other experienced sub . ” heitinga and boulahrouz ” .
        i think anita can be a very good solution for the left back position , and he plays in the EPL now .

  33. You are so interesting! I don’t believe I have read through a single thing like that before. So good to find someone with some original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This web site is something that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

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