Preview Holland – Mexico: Nachos time!

Couldn’t resist. Plus, it’s my superstition that I have to do this.

So, a short one!

The biggest topic in the run up to this match is the weather. And it might well be a key topic, as the humidity in the North of Brazil is pretty hectic.

As Andrea Pirlo said, there are two World Cups being played in Brazil, one in the North and one in the South. Sadly, we’ll have to deal with it, versus Mexico.

The good thing is that although Mexicans are used to this weather, that most Mexican players play in Europe and will have to get used to the humidity as well.

Van Gaal hopes that the ref will use his privilege to pause for drink breaks as the game will most likely be influenced by these circumstances.

I believe the quality of the bench will determine the end result. And with players like Depay, Lens and Clasie, we should be in pretty good shape :-). Between you and me, I rather not see Huntelaar, as it would mean that we are behind and need to bring our pinchhitter.

Mexico, to me, is a scary opponent, as they sort of combine all what Spain, Chile and Australia have but then combined. They lack the big names Spain has, for sure, but they can play like Chile (and Spain) and have the physical presence of Australia.

I think though, that position by position we are better. Our four big guns (RVP, Robben, Wes and Nigel) are better than any of their players and the rest of our team is not necessarily weaker. The difference lies in the coach, for me.

They have quite a good coach, we have a brilliant coach ( a twat of a man, but a superb coach!).

And that will make the difference, to me!

That, plus the quality we can bring from the bench. I expect another key role in this game for Depay, but I am also disappointed with Fer’s injury. He could have been key yet again. But with Clasie and Huntelaar present as well, we do have options.


Anyway, a short post this time around. Not much to add.

I hope you all enjoy and may I say thanks here to all the punters here who were able to help me out with my request. I hope I can count on most of you out there to get this blog to the World Cup finals as well :-).

I do believe in a 3-0 win, with an early first half goal by none other than Robben and two late goals in the second half, with Sneijder getting on the score board and Wijnaldum scoring as well!

fer lvg

Funny close of this post: at the press conference, Leroy Fer was asked if he could play in the quarter finals. And dead pan, the former Feyenoord man answered: “I am not sure. I only know the coach wants me fit for the finals. He told me he wants to come onto the pitch in the second half as a sub and score the winner with my head.”

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  1. Thanks Jan for the update!

    Will donate the money to you after the match tonight.

    Back to the topic, although I’m in the office the whole day working today, my head keeps thinking of tonights match.

    I understand that this Mexico team could be the strongest one we have faced ever. They are a respected team that we can never underestimate.

    However, I also understand that we are stronger. I’m also concerned about the heat. Is there any updates if they can get water breaks?

    It could be a tough game but if we can beat Chile, who are similar than the Mexican, so can we beat them.

    I’m very confident with the players with we have and Clasie / Hunter still haven’t come out yet.

    Am looking forward to enjoy the match! Let’s do this Nederland!

  2. I am actually super confident about today! Will be taking a whole load of friends and colleagues for the biggest game watching bonanza of my world cup so far..and will be munching on nachos and salsa!!

    u guys are worry abt the weather but ur forgetting that our players are officially the most rested let alone that supervan himself is completly replenished with his vacation to krypton and back!

  3. Yeah Srinjoy ,

    I didn’t forget that we will get a full fit Van Persie. and I hope that he can deliver the same like the previous matches.

    No inury please and no silly things like penalty or red cards. Then we’ll be all good.

    I am delighted that I keep reading news that the senior players keep reminding the team to keep their focus.

    What happened against Russia in 2008 is still fresh in my mind.

    Again, I hope that Van Gaal will give Hunter and Clasie the change. No Lens please because he hasn’t done any shit so far.

  4. According to AccuWeather, (Fortaleza, Ceara) will be around 87F / 30C (with a real feel 92F / 33C) Humidity around 56% which helps.

    Anyways, this is something the players have expected. I hope the coaches scrutinize the fitness levels and make their selections based on that since it will be a huge factor.

    My only concerns are the possibility of going to penalties and the tough tackling and physical style the Mexicans use. Cillisen hasn’t been very convincing in stopping penalties and with the current form of Ochoa, the Mexicans may want to take their chances at going for a draw to eventually decide the game on penalties. I hope our players have practiced taking penalties and take them very seriously as there is a good possibility at least one or games could go to penalties. Let’s hope it’s not this one where they would have to endure extended hot weather and an aggressive physical opponent for 120 mins.

    Scoring early will make things easier for us. It maybe a slow boring game. The last thing I care about is our style. Let’s win Oranje! That’s all that matters!

  5. damn going to miss the game, be at work, still need holland to score early and often. i had a dream we scored 1-0 then got scored on, 1-1 and then scored 2-1 and then the 3-1 with goals from van persie, robben, and sneijder. so lets see how this game goes.

  6. I can’t seem to get my blood pressure and pulse to go down which have been rising steadily since the morning. 🙂

    In less than 4 hours I could be on cloud nine or crying myself to sleep. Let’s see which way it goes.

  7. Van Gaal has made me believe in two players that I absolutely thought had nothing to contribute anymore, Sneijder and Kuyt. What a great coach, to inject the passion and energy back into the players and being able to utilize them in such important roles.

  8. Netherlands not a single shot on goal yet… that’s a bit worrying. I think they can’t last 120 minutes because of the temperature and humidity.

  9. I’m not sure mexico will be in good shape either–they are not chasing the ball much up front anymore They should play games at NIGHT–it is stupid to play in heat like this, which is why the Qatar decision was so corrupt.

    1. I think Mexico is tactically not pressuring too much. They are waiting until we’re fully drained and then deliver a knockout. I hope I am wrong.

  10. The departure of de Jong seems to have unsettled everything and the backline and keeper look very shaky.

    We need to keep the ball and make them chase. We have more quality and need to make the most of our opportunities.

    We can’t let the weather beat us!

  11. Difficult game, second half should be better, all out.
    Janmaat has done nothing spectacular but I wonder why he was not chosen.
    YES, holland needs to calm down. Mex has done nothing extraordinary, but we are making unnecessary mistakes at the back

  12. We should have done better with that chance after the mexico giveaway! Agree with Gio–RVP and Robben look a step slower than usual, which I guess is not unexpected. I thought RVP could have shot the ball. Their quickness in tight spaces near our box is worrisome. I feel like we can take this game…

  13. Very difficult game, defense is shaky with Verhaegh losing each duels to opponent. Not sure why LvG let him play…I am afraid he will trick himself at the end with those endless tactical games. Jasper is very nervous, but looks like he is recovering slowly.Let’s wait for the second half. I am still positive that we will win but it is awfully hard.

  14. That was a clear penalty! Two fouls in one challenge. Holland not playing like World Champs. Can’t see the benefit of Verhaegh over Janmaat. Not sure why LVG takes the risk to upset the balance with this insignificant change…

    De Jong out with groin injury.

    Sneijder still not on song.

    Defence looks very vulnerable against strong Mexico.

    We need something special in the second half. Something like Depay?

  15. I think LVG wants the players to play the first half steadily and calm.He will come out something in the second half last 20 mins for sure.Our subs will be invited and Oranje will fire all cylinders.

    I guess is Holland 1,Mexico 0.
    Hup Holland Hup.

  16. Guys, the weather is extremely hot, our players aren’t used to it. Pulling De Jong out of the game doesn’t help either. What we need is a miracle!

  17. I think that in order to stop these ridiculous decisions to play in the mid-day heat, they should set up a treadmill for Sepp Bladder on the sunny side of the stadium, and he has to keep pace at 10KPM for the entire time the players are on the field. Maybe then he and other FIFA politicos would gain some understanding.
    They think that they have a bigger TV market if they play at 1 pm local time. DId they ever stop to think that maybe they’d get an even bigger market if the game was a good one, played in humane conditions?

  18. Rushed back home after the Sneijder equalizer (after I needed to step out for a walk), and all I can say is WOW. I know we’ll start picking apart our performance afterwards, but let’s just celebrate our victory for now. We’re through!

      1. Haha, friend called me right away. Sprinted back home like a maniac, yelled at the slow elevator while in the lobby, attracting a lot of stares from the local reserved Hong Kongers, haha.

  19. Wow, we won (yet another) tough and ugly-ish match. Robben did not plea for PK even though the challenges in the first match were clear penalty.

    Defense was really shaky but who can blame them when Nigel was out in less than 10 mins in?

    This is our year, no doubt about it!


  20. Give it to LvG, the maestro tactician! Tell me which other coach could improvise when one of their key midfielders is out in less than 10 mins.

  21. Sneijder with his moment–what a belter! Fantastic goal! Robben was dangerous, and he deeked the defender beautifully and the Dutch got the call! It was a bit harsh for Mexico, I think, but he did appear to step on Robben’s foot. What a comeback! Team responded when it got behind and had 10 corners–that’s impressive. And Hunter–happy for him; he was cool under pressure. I feel bad that that heat was a factor in the game.

    1. I agree.
      Hunter has been a good soldier for so long, often waiting on the sidelines. It’s great that he could come in and make a big difference. He also added some real danger when he came on, and ratcheted up the pressure.

  22. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…MAGNIFICENT

  23. Man of the match: Kuyt

    What a selfless fighter, until the last second. He literally dropped to the ground with no energy left when the final whistle blew.


    My wife wisely left in the second half with our 7 month old…

    WOW, VAN GAAL WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  25. Happy that Holland won, but Robben is a diving cheat and feel sorry for Mexico they deserved at least the extra time. In which the Dutch could have still won fairly.

    1. Oo commooon, things like this happen in any other sports. Lady luck comes and goes, its another sporting incident….why dont you also blame the mexican players whom were getting nervous and making unnecessary fouls. The incident was the culmination of fouls made by their defense, they also contributed to the ref’s decision.

  26. Messi? Cr7? Naaa I pass
    Dirk Kuyt is my pick, give the guy his monster Heineken…
    Mexico serves as a wake up call and I hope they all realize its a World Cup.
    But anyway, today everyone deserves a breather and tmrw back to work especially Van Persie

  27. How the fuck is Robben a diving cheat when he was robbed a penalty in the end of the first half after being fouled by TWO defenders?

    Mexico played with fire trying to contain Robben the entire game with their dangerous tackles and it backfired in the worst possible moment for them.

  28. Holland dominated once Mexico scored. They had some good chances and a clear penalty in the first half not given. I have no sympathy for Mexico.
    As for Robben, he is not a “diving cheat”. Seriously, the stupid english “experts” come out with this shit as well. If he was english they wouldn’t even mention it. He made the most of it in the end because the ref was giving nothing. The defender’s leg went across BOTH Robben’s legs and his foot clipped his toes. Penalty ALL day long. Robben could have had one previously if he’d gone down and he had another clear one in the first half. I’m really sick of this accusation.

    1. Robben should have earned a PK in the first half. So it all evens out. Mexico played well but they stopped playing around the 60th minute. Oranje showed their class and experience by putting their foots on the Mexican throats after they equalised.

      As a Holland fan I’m THRILLED they didn’t need XT in that heat. We’ll be very we’ll rested vs the Ticos. Hopefully NdJ will be fine for Saturday.


  29. Did Robben exaggerate the fall a bit–yes, but what footballer in the world would not have done the same in that spot, and his foot was stepped on. My own feeling is that there should be a video replay of all penalty decisions, as it is too difficult to see exactly how much contact there is and whether it was too much or not. Even if you had video review by officials in a booth, you’d have controversy because there would be disagreement about degree of contact–a little, more than a little but not a lot. It is difficult. What about the Dutch formation to start the game? The extra possession was nice but Mexico’s quickness up front created problems for our back line–Dutch gave Mexico more space than they gave to Chile.

  30. Van Gaal made a mistake by putting Blind in the middle. His ball distribution wasnt any good and he didnt provide the necessary balance between def and mid. There was a big hole in that mid defense line and thats where their goal came from.
    The def look shaky when de jong is not around, vlaar lost all his 50 50 chance balls

  31. So I read De Jong has a groin injury? and will be sidelined for the quarterfinals..
    off all players we need him the most.
    Anyone with more news on the matter?

    1. Fortunately the QF will be against Costa Rica or Greece. We should be able to pull through even without Nigel. DeGuzman or Clasie might be good options – I expect we will play more offensively than against Mexico.
      Hopefully Nigel will be fit for semis, if we get there. That is not too far away however. He would be critical against Argentina, for example.

  32. I hope this is not true!!

    @football_oranje: Louis van Gaal thinks Nigel de Jong is out for the rest of the tournament, but says you never know. Huge blow if he is. #NED

    1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. But this sounds like bad news. At his rate, it seems like by the end of the tournament, we’ll have just one midfielder left standing….

  33. Losing De Jong would be a disaster–but if he has a groin injury he could be done as the groin is slow to heal and easy to aggravate. Would be terrible. Don’t think we have the midfield to win it all. Certainly would need to get Fer back, but we are hurting in the middle, in more ways than one.

  34. If De Jong is out, why not go in all guns blazin’? No holding midfielders, only creative (Sneijder+Clasie+maybe Blind) and the fantastic three at front (Robben-Huntelaar-Van Persie). In that case at least we can go out in style. 🙂

  35. robben ==== 1 man team!!!!

    we will get knocked out if we dont change the liability composition of Vlaar and de Vrij with Blind at CDM…recipe for disaster..hope de jong’s injury isnt too BAD!!!

  36. But we have to admit that the guys have great fighting spirit. Its not easy to do such a comeback in that blistering heat.

    The real problem is now De Jong but on a positive note, Sneijder s tournament has just started … Maybe 🙂

    1. This is what is encouraging me so much, we are never a good team coming from behind and we don’t usually win “ugly” matches. As I say, this is our year!

  37. Any other news on Nigel? And why is there a question on Robben penalty kick? it was a clear penalty, Dutch fan or not! Marquez was late – who can blame him vs Robben? – and it was clear from the replay.

    I’m glad the next match will NOT be under this uncivilized heat.

    Hup Holland Hup!

    1. It was a clear penalty the only problem was embellished it a little bit by falling to the ground so dramatically. But yes, it was a penalty

  38. One positive thing to consider is that the Dutch team is getting goals from a lot of different sources. That makes the team harder to defend. Consider who is on the scoreboard so far:


    Beyond these players, Lens or Wijnaldum will hopefully join the above soon.

    1. Yes, agree that is a good thing. One concerning thing – other than obvious holes in defense – was that RvP did hardly anything today. I surely hope it was the heat and he’s saving the best for last.

      Such a relief to see Sneijder’s redemption with that awesome goal!

  39. My sister said that she feel for Sneijder and I told her not to worry, cos he will definately score the crucial goals!

    It’s a win! As “expected” but in the end we made it and I don’t care how the media’s are blaming the diving or it was an ugly win or not.

    I am happy for Huntelaar and Sneijder and I am glad we made it.

    My only concern is De Jong now. We cannot afford to lose him. Please can someone tell me that it’s not too serious.

    If we really lose De Jong, though its’ not the end of the day. I am sure LVG can bring up something.

    In LVG we trust!

      1. Paul, to be fair, we didn’t really impress anyone today until we were down 0-1. I think it’s a combination of losing Nigel so early plus the heat. At this stage, I think we can’t discount anyone, our defense is shaky as hell.

        I hope LvG has some things up his sleeves for the next 3 matches (yes, I am that confident we’ll play 3 more matches).

  40. Agree.

    i am not too concerned with De Jong injury…we did win without him. I also trust Van Gaal to make the correct adjustment.

    Truth, coming in to the tournament, i didnt expect the boys to get out of the group, and here they, in the quarterfinals.

    Vastly, vastly exceeding my expectations. The key is Van Gaal. Simple as that. Without him, this is an average team.

    Good thing is that he is a winner. And he can smell it. He can smell three wins equals the trophy. He wants it. He is used to winning and he knows how to win.

    This very well might be our year.

    1. I think you’re right Paul. This is an average team, and the key is Van Gaal. None of these boys are par to any of the Euro ’88 heroes, but somehow he makes it all work. It might not be the voetbal the Dutch played in 1988 and 1992 Euros, but it is working and we just have to accept that Louis Van Gaal is one of a kind, and most of all a winner. Without players like Bergkamp, Gullit, Van Basten, Koeman, or Rijkaard to play beautifully, Van Gaal plays to win. You guys wait and see the Dutch machine working!
      Hup Holland Hup!

      1. Argentina struggled against Bosnia and Nigeria, they are definitely not unbeatable. They only beat Bosnia due to a wonder goal from Messi.

        They are more reliant on Messi than we are on Robben.

  41. The team lost De Jong and still won against a very fast and fit mexican team. Not sure how you can criticize our defense.

    Sure, Costa Rica is fast, but their squad isnt deep and arent that skilled technically.

    Every game in the knock out rounds is close and tight, and Costa Rica game will be no different. But, i think they will be an easier opponent than mexico was, who we beat without Nigel.

  42. We are very lucky. The heat affected us greatly. Luckily the QF at Salvador, SF at Sao Paulo both at 18:00 local time, and final is at 17:00 in Rio.

    Man of the match for me is Huntelaar, great assist for Sneijder (who stepped up when we needed an equalizer) and cooly converted the penalty on possibly the best keeper of this WC (Ochoa). When Mexican blocked all the pass and we failed to build up, the only way is the long ball or earning corner kick, this is where Huntelaar came in. Again LVG read the game so well.

    I hope we can get De Jong back for SF, and Fer, De Guzman and others are fit for QF. If we decide to play 4-3-3 in QF, I would like to Janmaat back at RB, Kuyt at LB. Since Blind will play (no matter what) I push him up to replace De Jong. We will see Lens-RVP-Robben up front. Depay and Huntelaar may come in 2nd half if needed.

    This is our 3rd come back already but more dramatic in the last 2 min. Not sure if my heart can keep up with this. I can dream of winning WC this time. Both Greece/Costa Rica leave a lot of spaces when defend so I think we can exploit these spaces. Once we get to SF, anything can happen (PK?). Hup Holland Hup!

  43. This is HUGE win jonges! Btwn the heat and a very tough Mexican team, this was the game the Dutch were going to lose. Now I really would be disappointed if we don’t make the final. CR/Greece will be easier….but Arg/Belgie should be a good game, though both very beatable.

    Then a Germany/Holland final!

    1. The Germans made some impression when beating a half-dead Portugal in their 1st match in the worldcup, but afterwards proved to be pretty dull. It would really be a huge surprise to see them playing a final match in Brazil 2014. Anything can happen, yes, but c’mon.

  44. hi guys, i haven’t been here for a while,
    but i have to share my happyness tongiht!
    a little blink for kuyt dislikers: what an amasing man!
    tonight he reminds me ’98 cocu, playing foreward, left defender, midlfielder, of course not as skilled as robben, but he’s the top team mate for this young squad.

  45. Greece may be our next opponent as they are playing in extra time with an extra player. Greeks are strong physically and they can really park a couple of buses. I’d rather play CR. The good thing bis that both will be exhausted after this game.

  46. And please let’s take it one game at a time. Don’t get ahead of yourself by discussing semis and finals. Every game is tough and we don’t have the strongest of defenses. We also have a worrying problem between the sticks.

  47. We should beat either of these comfortably. We’ve overcome many obstacles to get here. Strootman injury, vdV injury, Sneijder fitness, Spain and a dodgy penalty, Australia and a dodgy penalty, Chile, Mexico and the heat of Fortelesa, a blatent penalty on Robben not given. We have made our own luck against the odds. Now we get to play one of two poor teams who have played extra time. Good for us. Let’s keep going.

  48. Shouldn’t have cillissen saved that goal from dos santos??
    I feel that it was not an impossible shot!! If van der sar was there he would’ve!!

  49. First of all Dirk Kuyt = Total Football.

    The guy can play any position and never stops working.

    Maybe he can be the guy to replace de Jong if he’s out vs Costa Rica.

    Additionally, regarding formation, I favor the 433, but to me it seems that LVG is got a system that protects our defense. He plays it safe in the first half and then makes adjustments as needed to win the game.

    So as much as I’d like to see us play 433 in an open game from the beginning, I just don’t know that we have the personnel to do that, and it seems like LVG feels similarly.

    1. I agree. Kuyt almost can play any where you ask him, LB, RB, even CB. On a second thought, Kuyt can replace De Jong rather than Blind. Blind can stay at LB. We need to take the control of midfield. We lost this control when De Jong left the game and Blind did not play well when he replaced De Jong. Kuyt is like Cocu, can play anywhere and I think he will play defensive midfield well.

      1. Agree on Kuyt–he could play De Jong’s spot and do well, maybe even better as he has got the physical aspect to his defensive game and can also go forward a bit with his striker/winger background.

  50. CR is good at PK, 5/5. I noticed when some players got tired, they just shoot PK right in the middle. We should put away Costa Rica in 90 min, if not extra time. No PK please.

    1. Or at least it is extremely important to start first. I think the last 9 rounds of penalties in the World Cup the beginning team has won.

      Also, Netherlands will be under immense pressure because everyone is expecting them to win (+ the whole history with penalties). CR can be more carefree and relaxed because they are heroes in their country already anyway.

  51. Johan Cruyff:
    Most Beautiful twenty minutes

    I’ve seen during Netherlands Mexico’s most beautiful twenty minutes of the World Cup. What can football than his incredibly beautiful. This is football which I love.
    Take Dirk Kuyt. It begins as a left back, right back and then state-ie if the situation calls for it, he runs into the striker. You are blessed as a team when you have someone like walking around. With Kuyt you can at a tactical level in all directions.
    And what about Huntelaar? Thus raids, with an assist and a penalty advantage, since you can only dream of. But beyond that, I find it incredibly amazing that in such a situation, he dares to take responsibility.
    Because when you score, it’s simple. Do not miss the penalty, then you might be held responsible for the shutdown. That is not nothing, yet did Huntelaar under a giant pressure what to do. Again, very clever.
    We have seen how difficult this is.Terug under these conditions the football during the last twenty minutes. To Chile a day earlier
    Of course, Mexico went back. After 1-0 But you could tell when you play football, you immediately get a lot more options. Despite the heat you are, moreover, able to bring this up. I hope that this line is drawn.
    Just love guys like Depay and Robben on the sides and you’re just as two sides dangerous. In rush hour you can with Van Persie and Huntelaar also in all directions.
    Choose a Sweeping striker then you have one of the best options in your selection down and you choose Huntelaar if you need someone in the press box can take.
    I especially note to say that the prospects are fantastic after the victory over Mexico. In the next round, Costa Rica or Greece, guard definitely going to play against the Netherlands. Expectantly Then you will have to do something.
    Have show what you are capable of. Especially the last twenty minutes against Mexico I hope the Dutch team to this holding. Because that’s the football that I really enjoy. And it also delivers results.
    A big difference with Brazil. I find it absolutely incredible that the Brazilian coach only two good players draw and the rest of his class players on the sofa. He thus makes his team and millions of supporters enormous deficit.
    Against Chile, Brazil is passed through the eye of the needle, but Scolari continues to play so this must surely be a once afgestraft.Dit football is what I do not enjoy, but where do I get worse

    1. Thanks very much, Jad. Really liked reading this. (Thought after the first few lines that this might be by “Hendrik.” Sometimes it’s hard to tell when Cruyff is Cruyff, especially when translated. 😉

  52. LVG ON De Jong’s status…

    “De Jong had a small groin strain and I was forced to substitute him,” Van Gaal told reporters.

    “I don’t know if he will be available for the quarter-final, though to be honest it’s very unlikely he will be able to play the next match.

    “He is one of my most important players, so this is an enormous loss for us.”

    I hope and pray that it’s a minor situation and not something that will end his tournament.

  53. Sneijder and Huntelaar came up huge when needed most. And I loved Huntelaar’s attack on the corner flag in celebration of his PK — It was reminiscent of LVG’s karate kick on the sideline years ago.

    We can debate tactics, formations and lineups all night, but I will say this — van Gaal is getting the most out of this 23 man roster. Everyone is involved and contributing, and that is how you build a team that believes in itself and players that know they can count on each other!

  54. Nigel, most possibly will miss the rest of the tournament, that what van gaal Hinted, but he kept it uncertain till complete medical assessment will be made (Van gaal is expecting the worst)

    1. The semi finals assuming we get past Costa Rica will be on July 9th. That’s a full 10 days to recover if it is a minor strain.

      In the meantime, I would say give Clasie or Fer a chance to start against Costa Rica in De Jong’s place. Kuyt should take Janmaat’s place. Seems like that’s one of our weak spots. Verhaegh was unconvincing and didn’t take his opportunity to shine.

  55. I am so so sick of the whiners out there complaining about Robben and his theatrics. He does nothing any other striker with his size and pace does. And he could have gone down a few other times but did not. He is not a “diver”. He is a professional striker that gets mugged more times than not because of his pace. Does he embellish? Sure. But so do 99% of other footballers….I’m sick of it.

    The problem is people expect “clockwork orange” every time the elftal steps out on the pitch. When they win ugly…it’s a crime…they are cheats. I’ve seen them lose while playing beautiful football…and I can tell you…an ugly win (ugly in the eyes of idiots) is much preferable.

    1. Said it well, sjoa! When players run as fast or plays similar style to Robben, they’ll “fly” with just a touch. What do they expect him to do? brake himself or hold on to people so he won’t fall? There were some occasions in this match when our players got kicked/tackled and just came back up and moved on (probably the fact we were trailing 0-1 almost the whole match was a factor), which is a huge contrast to the Brazil v Chile match yesterday when all tackles had to be followed by pleas or faces that look like someone punched them in the face.

      Mexico lost today mainly because of 1 thing: hey did not press and seemed content after leading 1-0, not because Robben dived or ref made an incorrect call on the PK.

    2. Agree completely:

      All those who think Robben is a “diver” should consider the double tackle that was aimed at him by two mexican players – a tackle Robben jumped away from and which ironically enough — injured one of the mexicans!

      Or if that is not good enough – consider the Brazilain “stomping” on Robben’s leg in 2010…no… Robben is no diver.

      He is perhaps the most terrifying and confounding attacker any football defender could ever face, once he gets on his game and up to speed he is relentless.

      But — Robben is realistic and knows that more than 50% of the challenges he’s going to face in any match are aimed to put him out of the game.

      In fact if I recall this match started with two mexican players going up and over the backs of both Robin and Robben within the opening couple of minutes!

      ? Intimidation anyone ?

      All the armchair quarter-backs should be quiet on this one.


  56. The Dutch have played very cautious first halves and then seem to gain strength and momentum as the game goes along, though the better play was late in coming today, when everything was a bit slow because of the heat. Great win.

  57. With oranje its first time i experience different faces and tactics in single game, van gaal is doing a lot, making opponents lost by our style of play, am confused we start with 532 then 442 and 433 not only that also some players plays different positions, thats only with van gaal , further now we have the german mentality . Only Germany used to be successful in reversing the result to their favor, now its us, 3 games we where down one and get back. Alotttttttttt of suspense

    I dare if anyone can tell what system we are playing ???? Its 3 systems wawzyyyy

    1. This could be LvGs strategy, how do you prepare for a team when you don’t know what style they will play? Then you think you have them under wraps and then they seamlessly switch to another formation. Brilliant…..reminds me of when Mick yelled to Rocky Balboa to switch from righty to lefty! 🙂

  58. Big and exhausting day. Just when I had lost hope magic happened. Huntelaar showed his quality and he is a great player. How can you so coolly score in 94 minute when you have the best tournament keeper in front of you!? KJH MOTM. NDJ will leave a big hole in midfield. Verhaegh screwed his chance. Cillesen is a BIG problem. We have 2 excellent keepers in the bench who cannot be worse then him. But at this point you can’t change keepers I guess. Cillesen also is not even that tall, shorter than RVP.
    Big mistake by Robben to admit he dived during 1st half. I wonder if referees will see him favorably during next games. I don’t understand what kind of sense this makes!

    1. Yea no idea. If we just won the WC then maybe if you want to be a good guy you can volunteer some truthiness, but with 3 more matches to go, it makes no sense

  59. Van Persie disappointed for two reasons, first of all he had that suspension so he had more time to rest. second of all, as captain he should be able to motivate and lead by example. Robben was pushing and pushing, while kuyt was draining all his energy and showing that it was possible.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I saw none of this from Van Persie. Don’t get me wrong, he is VERY important in our team, but heroes are present when they are deadly needed yesterday VP went on a leave of absent.
    Van Gaal’s script of play was damaged by De Jong’s injury, he made a mistake by putting Blind in that DM role, Blind failed to cover the back three that’s why all three looked very shaky at times.

    I just saw a clip of the second time out/drink time, dirk kuyt was shouting and motivating everybody. THIS should be the team spirit…

    1. Perhaps RVP was just not in the best physical condition, something did not look right with him today. I could not stop gushing about LvG, not only he’s able to switch tactics, he also had the b@lls to pull RVP out.

      Robben, Kuyt and Sneijder were like Energizer bunnies out there, obviously slowed down by the heat but still ran around. Sneijder made some bad passes but his goal was really world class. Robben just drew 2-4 players everytime he had the ball at Mexico’s half. Kuyt was hard to describe but dude was everywhere, so awesome. Did he also not earn his 100th caps today?

      Was anyone else as nervous as I was everytime one of our defenders made a back pass? There were mediocre back passes that seem to me could have been intercepted and feasted upon by players like Messi.

  60. I really dont know why Cillisen is starting. I read some of you say he distributes the ball well. He hasnt shown anything special to bench two experienced goalkeepers. Maybe LVG wants to show him to the world so Ajax can cash in on him.

    He hasnt committed any blunders but he doesnt look comfortable which adds pressure on an already suspect defenders.

    Im not saying he should be benched now. Im just wondering what was the rationale LVG used.

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