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Dutch Soccer Site Meeting in Holland!!!

I never thought I’d actually write that title :-).

But there it is. It so happens, that I will be in Holland for a short visit. And it so happens that I hear that some other bloggers are traveling through Europe. And I know, that some of you actually live in Holland (you know who you are…Goose…Alex….Suzanne….Niels…DRB300….). And who knows, you might want to fly to Amsterdam from China, Dubai, Canada, Mexico or Fiji. Why not?

Because I am going to host a beer and bitterballen get together.

On Monday October 1, sometime around 6 pm ( or whatever works) we could find a nice little Dutch cafe (kroeg) and get to know one another, talk football, share stories and create a new Oranje yell. Well probably not that last thing…

I’m not sure about locations and all that, but I’d say Amsterdam is most likely a good spot? Or The Hague? Or wherever you guys are.

So, please… let me know via the comments if you want to be there and can be there. Then we can determine where there is…

I have saved some beer money from the wonderful donations, so I’m happy to pay the first round :-). And maybe the second too…. But that depends on how many people show up, hahahaha… Still Dutch.

But seriously, lets have some fun and lets hang out.

In the meantime, please check out the donation option on the home page… If I have to feed all these people, I do need some help…. 😉

Arjen Robben won’t be there. But he will be everywhere…

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