Dutch Soccer Site Meeting in Holland!!!

I never thought I’d actually write that title :-).

But there it is. It so happens, that I will be in Holland for a short visit. And it so happens that I hear that some other bloggers are traveling through Europe. And I know, that some of you actually live in Holland (you know who you are…Goose…Alex….Suzanne….Niels…DRB300….). And who knows, you might want to fly to Amsterdam from China, Dubai, Canada, Mexico or Fiji. Why not?

Because I am going to host a beer and bitterballen get together.

On Monday October 1, sometime around 6 pm ( or whatever works) we could find a nice little Dutch cafe (kroeg) and get to know one another, talk football, share stories and create a new Oranje yell. Well probably not that last thing…

I’m not sure about locations and all that, but I’d say Amsterdam is most likely a good spot? Or The Hague? Or wherever you guys are.

So, please… let me know via the comments if you want to be there and can be there. Then we can determine where there is…

I have saved some beer money from the wonderful donations, so I’m happy to pay the first round :-). And maybe the second too…. But that depends on how many people show up, hahahaha… Still Dutch.

But seriously, lets have some fun and lets hang out.

In the meantime, please check out the donation option on the home page… If I have to feed all these people, I do need some help…. 😉

Arjen Robben won’t be there. But he will be everywhere…

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    1. There must be daily direct flights to Amsterdam from Vietnam. If not you should start demanding them. In the mean time you can round up all your friends and charter one. I’ve heard great stories about the entertaining services on Vietnamese flights. 🙂

  1. Hi Jan, awesome that you are going. Unfortunately I have planned to be there end of March 2013 to watch the two qualifiers against Esthonia and Romania… I have found the official KVNB ticket site.

    If anyone wants to join me, let me know so we can coordinate ticket buying to be in the same “box”…

    Other than that I hope you all have a good time on the 1st of October…

    Please share any info how to enjoy the games/staying in Amsterdam …

    1. Get your tickets at the following stores they are everywhere:

      Primera (Magazine Cigar Newspaper Stores)

      – Buy tickets a day or so before in the Netherlands. It’s way way easier than any online methods. For this kind of a game there will not be a sell-out.

      (My experience)


  2. I hope you all enjoy your time guys 🙂 .
    Twente were so unlucky today , they could have won easily .
    Luc castignos missed two easy chances , hannover goals were just pathetic ” one of them is even an own goal by visgerhof ” .
    I feel sorry PSV couldn’t win a russian team . I think actually that the current PSV is very strong team with Bommel , strootman , toivonen , wijnaldum , lens , depay ,willems , narsingh …. etc .
    It is really bad that the Turkish league with fenerbache , galatasaray , Russian league , portugease league are better than eredivisie .
    there are plenty of talents in Eredivise but there must be something wrong .

    1. ummm…to us maybe cause we follow it religiously, but some turkish and russian teams make the CL playoffs year in year out…not sure Eredivese can compete with that.

  3. I hope Castagnios doesnt get called for the NT anytime. Hes awful. He missed two absolute sitters for Twente tonight. I’m absolutely vivid with the way Twente threw away the game.

  4. Hey Jan, awesome idea, but I live in DC (aka Niels). I was thinking of going to NL for few days to catch some Eredivisie games live. Dunno when that will happen though.

  5. Jan, you are awesome! What a brilliant idea…. actually what is brilliant is that the idea will become a reality. I wish I could join you all but I am traveling for work in the US around that time. I live in Miami and there used to be a direct KLM flight from MIA to AMS but not anymore.

    I would love to see pictures and hear stories from the event/gathering! I will certainly donate some more beers to help get you all started… and maybe even finished 🙂 (as in passed out on the floor).

    We need to get more exposure for this site and take it to the next level. Please discuss ways to add more video/media/social media to this site and expand it a bit!

    Fantastic work!!!

  6. Well, I was thinking….if we can’t all meet in the physical world, we actually should create something in the virtual world where we can all meet?!?!!!

    Oh… Hang on…Eh…right…. never mind….

  7. Watching Everton v Swansea right now.

    Vorm is ok, had no chance on the goal.

    Heitinga back in the squad, I bet Tim Howard gets his clean sheet today.

    De Guzman is terrible, I don’t understand what you guys see in him. He is NOT Ornaje material, he belongs in Red and White!

  8. Van der vaart was excellent yesterday , assisted two goals against Dortumond .
    VdV is very emotional as Ferenc said before 🙂 . He plays very good when he feels he is important for the team .

  9. Psv vs Feyenoord was a wondeful game , although i think the result is kinda unfair 🙂 . Feyenord were really good till the 65 min. .

    Narsingh was really excellent . i think this guy has an excellent finishing technique , his goal was a piece of art in my opinion . i know it was an easy chance but few players can do it like that .
    I hope he keeps it up so i can change my mind about him 😛 .

        1. I think Lens is more talented actually . Lens is a great talent , excellent goal scorer with great dribbling skills , but he needs to increase his work rate on the pitch .

  10. Had watched Fisrt 70 minutes of Ajax game.
    They looked tired and unconcentrated maybe because of Dortmund game. Moisander made a lot of mistakes.
    Babel was better in this match. In terms of technique he is not bad but sometimes he just couldnt locate his teammates. Anyway he scored his first goal since return, good thing. I know that was easy, but he chose a way that would 100% go into the net.

  11. I’m unable to meet. I hope people enjoy themselves. I ordered recently a bunch of bitterballen myself in an hotel, but had to send them back as after the first bite realization kicked in that it has meat in it and I have become vegetarian this year. Will miss those things.

    I do have to say that the results of Dutch clubs in Europe worry me. This is the table:


    Slovenia, Serbia and Azerbaijan have done better for 2012-2013. The results this year will stand for the coming 5 years. I have a feeling that this is a European season we will not easily forget (in a negative way). PSV defense is also failing in Europe and Ajax have an impossible task. Maybe Twente is at least able to do some compensation.


  12. Narsingh always has been and always will be a whole level above..jermain lens..i dont get why on earth lens gets more playing time at PSV…it really is a world wonder?

  13. Alas, I’m also in DC and won’t be able to be in NL on Oct 1. Enjoy! Jan (and co), if you’re ever in DC, let us know and we’ll arrange a gathering, perhaps drawing in embassy folks. Would be a blast.

    @DRB300 I’m not sure that the European Commission considers the innards of bitterballen to be “meat”, as such, so you may be in a grey area there with respect to violations of vegetarianism. 🙂 That said, there’s no better pairing of “food” and beer, save, perhaps, borrelnootjes.

  14. I will never support Narsingh because the idiot snubbed Ajax. He has a poor touch on the ball and is frequently useless. The only thing he does well is finish with great finesse. But Feyenoord was really bad. Except for Martins Indi and Clasie at times, the team is very average. I would be stunned if they repeat the performance of last season.
    On another note, I am afraid many Dutch players have not learned the lesson from others. I truly believe many of the guys who left will not do well and disappear completely. I am thinking Van Volkswinkel, Ola John, De Jong, Dost and so on. These guys don’t get it that if they don’t first transit through either PSV or Ajax they will have no chance abroad. They need to know what it means to play under constant pressure.

  15. Jan, I wonm’t be in Holalnd October 1st (sorry to miss this) but will be there for the Ajax-Dortmund game in November. I hope it will still be an important game!

  16. I’d have loved to come! But University will keep me here until the 10th of October. Pity, always enjoy my trips to A’dam and all those little typical dutch cities.

  17. Jeff you speak like a blind douchebag 🙁 so you’re telling me Narsingh has a poorer first touch than ur Babel / Lens / Ebecillio ??? and FYKI it was not Narsingh but AFC Ajax who snubbed him TWICE…once in his youth when he was insulted and discarded to sc heerenveen…and this time too they were insulting him by offering shit transfer fees like 1/5 of what PSV valued him as …facepalm!

  18. For those not aware about the next selection for LvG, here are the 30 players brought into the squad

    Michel Vorm (Swansea City)
    Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax)
    Maarten Stekelenburg (AS Roma)

    Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain)
    Jetro Willems (PSV)
    Vurnon Anita (Newcastle United)
    Douglas (FC Twente)
    Urby Emanuelson (AC Milan)
    John Heitinga (Everton)
    Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord)
    Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax)
    Daryl Janmaat (Feyenoord)
    Nick Viergever (AZ)
    Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)

    Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord)
    Adam Maher (AZ)
    Wesley Sneijder (Inter)
    Kevin Strootman (PSV)
    Rafael van der Vaart (HSV)
    Nigel de Jong (AC Milan)

    Ibrahim Afellay (Schalke 04)
    Bas Dost (VfL Wolfsburg)
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04)
    Luuk de Jong (Borussia Mönchengladbach)
    Siem de Jong (Ajax), Jeremain Lens (PSV)
    Arjen Robben (Bayern München)
    Ruben Schaken (Feyenoord)
    Luciano Narsingh (PSV)
    Robin van Persie (Manchester United)

    1. Where is Krul ? is he still injured ? I also think Buttner should have been included , at least in the primitive selection .

      Good for vdv to be back , Douglas and VdW will be very important for the back-line , hope they both make it into the final cut .

      unfortunately Fer is still injured 😐 .
      With all respect , the de jong brothers are no Oranje material imo , at least till now .

      not sure about Nigel de jong .

      one more thing , why is Dirk Kuyt out ?
      i mean , honestly , is Ruben schaken better than him ?!!

  19. The final cut:

    Michel Vorm (Swansea City)
    Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax)
    Maarten Stekelenburg (AS Roma)

    Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain)
    Jetro Willems (PSV)
    Douglas (FC Twente)
    John Heitinga (Everton)
    Bruno Martins Indi (Feyenoord)
    Ricardo van Rhijn (Ajax)
    Nick Viergever (AZ)
    Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa)

    Jordy Clasie (Feyenoord)
    Adam Maher (AZ)
    Wesley Sneijder (Inter)
    Kevin Strootman (PSV)
    Rafael van der Vaart (HSV)
    Vurnon Anita (Newcastle United)

    Ibrahim Afellay (Schalke 04)
    Klaas Jan Huntelaar (Schalke 04)
    Arjen Robben (Bayern München)
    Luciano Narsingh (PSV)
    Robin van Persie (Manchester United)
    J. Lens (PSV)

    Ola John es benched all the games.

      1. Emanuelson and Anita are competing for two different spots. Anita is competing for the DM spot, Urby is candidate for left midfield (which is currently occupied by Sneijder).
        If there’s one Midfielder I’d drop It’s Strootman. He doesn’t have enough handling speed. Anita and Clasie are better DMs and Emanuelson and Clasie are better options for the advanced positions and Maher will probably place himself there as well as a better option than Strootman. In the future if we need a physical guy who can cover tons of ground we have Fer.

          1. yes I’ve seen Strootman. I don’t watch PSV much so I don’t really know what he’s like for them but for the NT he spends too much time on the ball and relies too much on being physical rather than football intelligence.

  20. Hey guys, back from my honeymoon, good to see the board still busy.

    Since im in ny, cannot make the meeting, but would love to! Have a blast.

    Very dissapointed PSV lost in EL, the leagues success in the past few years seems to be gone this year, it happens, i wouldnt press the panic button.

    Ruben Schaken? Really? Anyone on here can give us insight on him? I know very little about him and a call up seems premature considering Van Wolfswinkel

  21. anyone know the extent of sneijder’s injury today? he might be replaced in the NT for the upcoming games if his injury is serious…. didn’t see the inter game.

    1. I was trying to look for updates on the same but coudn’t find anything on the net. I even checked Inter Milan’s website and there’s no news on Sneijder’s injury. Apparently, its a hamstring pull!

  22. hahahahahha what the shit is Ruben Schaken doing in here?? where is Alex Buttner and Eljero Elia>>
    apart from that the squad is begining to luk formidable..why isnt Boy Waterman starting ahead of that shithead for eindhoven???

  23. Hi Guys,

    Ruben has been one of Feyenoord’s most consistent performer over the last year. He is a class winger with good technical ability, a little pace and good crossing abilities. He is certainly one of the better wingers in the Eeredivisie and fully deserves his place in the squad.

  24. Elia has had a very difficulty season at Juve and is just getting back his playing rhythm. He is doing well at the moment and Van gall is just giving him time to regain his good form and hopefully he will provide a few more goals and assist at Bremen very soon. He should be ready to rejoin Oranje in November.

    De Guzman and Maduro could be ready for the next game too. Maduro’s move to Seville is working out great. He is starting for his team and doing very well.

    We should also keep an eye on Nuytinck, Patrick Van Aanholt and Ryan Donk too.

  25. I watched some videos for him , but i don’t like this ” shaun-wright philips ” type of wingers .
    I don’t know what is the point with van gaal playing with them “narsingh , shacken ” .

    I’m okay with one of them as a sub though , but schaken is 30 years old , he has no chance to develop , unlike narsingh .

  26. I think Van Gaal should allow L. De Jong and Maher to play with the under-21 team for the important playoff games that they have. These guys won’t be starters even if Van Gaal selects them, therefore, the senior team can do without them for these two games. I would love to see us qualified for the next Under-21 Euro. Memories of the 2006 and 2007 teams still stick with me.

    Such a shame Drenthe, De Ridder, Rigters and Babel all failed to live to the high expectations that we developed after their good exploits in the Under-21 Euros.

    1. ” Such a shame Drenthe, De Ridder, Rigters and Babel all failed to live to the high expectations that we developed after their good exploits in the Under-21 Euros “.

      Can’t agree more .

  27. @Mohamed,

    I understand your point, however, Shaken can be quite useful for the depth of the squad and he will not be selected in the final squad ahead of Narsingh or Lens. He is just selected for the provisional squad to provide a cover if Narsingh, Lens or even Robben are injured.

    He is 30 yrs old , but at the moment we need any player that can do a good job for Holland. Yes we want to build for the future, however, we do not want to do that at the expense of qualifying for the WC. We are in a WC qualification and so our main focus should be on getting full points for every game. Therefore, at the moment, age of players doesn’t matter, what matters is that the player is in the kind of physical shape and form to best help us to qualify. We have a friendly coming up in Novenmber. We can use this friendly to continue to test out young players. Within the two years qualification most of our better young talents will get enough chances to develop and prove themselves for Holland, but for the moment, we will need to use the best players to ensure that we win our Group and qualify for the WC.

  28. Great news and great selection,glad to see Joris and kuyt left out.
    Ruben Schaken is a team player and much more better than much hyped shaunwright philips..He is able to do much better than many wingers in eredivise.he has pace ,trickery,some vision etc..should hav been called up earlier..but u all know with BVM it was impossible.Only sad point is he is 29 and thats not good.
    Still i wonder why de guzman and wolfswinkel is omitted???

  29. Hedwigs Maduro is an intelligent player,with a good vision,has good height,good aerial abilty and pretty good in positioning,can be a more than efficient back up for heitinga..But i think he has to compete with Vlaar and douglas for the spot.
    I think BMI is goin to be a long term replacement for Joris and backup players would be Veirgiver and bruma,coz van gall favors leftfooted players for left LCB.
    Alexander butner Vs Jetro williams Vs Peiters Vs Van anholt are the players who are competing for LB spot
    I am damn sure Van gaal is making a PLAYING heirarchy accoring to FORM.

  30. HERE WE GO as per his 433
    Tim krul >Steke>Vorm>any
    Martins indi>Viergiver>Joris>Bruma
    Holding mids
    Left wing
    Roben>Lenz>Urby>Maher>kuyt etc ?????
    Right wing
    Vanpersie>huntlaar>basdost>kuyt>luuk dejong

  31. Babel was a superstar and is coming back to the level he had. If we are willing to give Elia a chance, we should do the same for Babel. He is absolutely top class. Look at what he has done with ajax in a short time; assists, goals, penetration, direct play, energy, movement. He is more than a handful.

  32. @Jeff….LVG is honest and not biased like BVM.if BABEL Is good i think he will get a call as sriker come winger..i hope babel flurishes in ajax.he is till young..its a happy news to hear that.
    the most important point is no one should not reduce their work rate in national team,even the striker should come and help the defence…

  33. Babel is young and can still develop. He has always had the talent, however, there are huge questions about his mental fortitude and drive. He has exhibited a lock of real desire to grow and mature during his time at Liverpool and Hoffenheim. His inconsistent performances can go down to a number of reasons, however, one reason is; he locked the real hunger and drive to do very well at a consistent level.

    He can still turn out to be a success, but a huge change in his mental strength is needed. It is time for him to realize that he will get too old soon and start to use that crazy pace and trickery to push himself onto a higher level. He should not have been back at Ajax now, he should not have failed to make a good impression in Germany and he should not have been so lazy and careless while all that was happening. Succeeding in England and Germany takes a lot of fight and drive to achieve. The Dutch players who have been successful are those who have been willing and strong enough to fight through the varied challenges and continuously grow and learn their trade. Bergcamp, Van Persie, Rafa, Welsey, Nigel, Gio Van Bronkorst and many more, all had to fight a number of different difficulties in Europe’s biggest leagues in order for them to become a successful. On the other hand, players like Drenthe and De Ridder failed because of poor attitude, lock of maturity, laziness, lock of real mental toughness and the list of negative descriptions continues….

    However, like i said, Babel still has time and potential to become a top player. But note, time is running out for him very quickly.

  34. Is there any friendly scheduled or the next game is vs Andorra? I’d like to see the following players tested in either a friendly or vs Andorra from Eduardo’s final cut comment:
    Michel Vorm (Swansea City)
    Kenneth Vermeer (Ajax)
    Gregory van der Wiel (Paris Saint-Germain)
    Douglas (FC Twente)
    Nick Viergever (AZ)
    Adam Maher (AZ)
    Vurnon Anita (Newcastle United)
    Ibrahim Afellay (Schalke 04)
    I want to see if VDW or Afellay “earns the right to be in Oranje” again. The rest I would like to see them tested, not sitting on a bench. If they can’t play well vs Andorra, they do not deserve to be in Oranje.

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