The Big Ruud Gullit Interview (pt 1)

Ruud Gullit is an icon. A legend. The first and only skipper to lead a Dutch national senior team to silverware.

Sadly for Gullit, his resume reads: former top player, former reggae wannabe, serial groom (and womaniser), icon, and failed coach.

He tried many things: musician, political activist, tv personality, fashionista, entrepreneur but he will always be remembered for his dreadlocks, big strides and sensational runs.

He played almost on every position in the team, defence, striker, winger, playmaker, midfielder… He had highs in Oranje and lows in Oranje. He had a father-son relation with Michels and a hate relation with Michels.

Time for a definitive talk. Thank you VI Magazine.

1988 was 25 years ago. What is your best memory of the whole tournament?

Ruud Gullit: “In all honesty, the whole post-final ceremony, the cup ceremony, the celebration… It’s al a blur to me. I never know whether it’s my memory or the memory of seeing the images on tv… Weird. The warmest moment for me, was the last day in Holland, before we went to Germany. We had this farewell tv program. And suddenly, when some guy is playing the piano, Michels starts to sing. Loud! Like an opera singer. The man could sing!! Amazing. No one knew. And he sang Droomland ( Land of Dreams) like a pro. It really touched me. We all saw Michels in a different light, suddenly. It sort of increased the respect and love we had for the man. It might have made a difference….who knows…. But I recall that memory often, that was a moment of magic. I tried to find that on YouTube but have never found it, although it was televised…”

Did Michels need that extra from this group?

“Of course not. He had status and personality and charisma. he had this tough image though. Disciplinarian. But we saw his softer side that night. And he wasn’t tough to us, actually. I heard stories from Cruyff and Van Hanegem, so I asked Michels one day: You are not that difficult as the older players said you’d be. He laughed and said: that is because you guys are pros. These guys were rebels. Michels had to drive to the Leidseplein (big square in Amsterdam with clubs and pubs) to chase the players from the cafes at night. We didn’t do that so much. “Those players needed a tough hand. You don’t.” I took that as a big compliment. Michels was a coach who could adapt to circumstances. He observed his players and customised his approach.”



Was that first game, the 0-1 defeat against the USSR, a big setback? Were you concerned?

“Not at all! That was actually the best game we played! We dominated and attacked in 4-3-3 for 80 minutes. We simply didn’t score. Marco was getting stronger and stronger and I knew Marco would get his chance. I was playing pretty dramatically, that game. Nothing against Bosman, he played really well and was a super striker, but Marco was super fit, and from another world. And Marco was soooo eager. And I had this tremendous click with Marco on the pitch. Watch the England game and you’ll see that I am constantly looking for him. I was weak, he was strong and I played in service of him. I didn’t have that so much with Bosman, who is a different striker. Sad for the lads who had to make way, but to me it was clear that Marco was the man who could make the difference.”

So what was wrong with you?

“I was just spent. So tired from that first season in Italy. I was done for. The game against West Germany, that was when I started to feel my strength return. And the USSR final was my strongest game. And Michels saw it. He forbade me to take free kicks. Koeman was the first man for free kicks, until the finals. Then Michels changed that back. For me a signal that I could go full throttle in the finals. I had the backing and confidence of the coach. He was smart like that.”

Was there really a chance that Marco van Basten would have pulled out of the tournament beforehand?

“I don’t think he really would have. I know he was upset and angry that he was benched, playing with number 12. He did talk to Cruyff and later with Michels. Marco is a real striker. And therefore selfish. Almost funny. If he hadn’t scored for a while he would become nasty. He would scold people for not playing the ball correctly. He would blame everyone. And I would put him in his place and laugh at him. That is how you needed to work him. But most players feared him. Marco can be tremendously dominating. Bullying. You need to break through that mask and than it’s a very nice lad. We played for amateur club AFC together, after our career. It was good fun. But he would be so professional and eager and fanatical. Marco is top drawer and demanded everything around him to be too. His team mates feared him, the opponents feared him, the referee, hahahaha. Everyone played for fun, but Marco plays to win, hahahaha.”

Did Marco not get annoyed with your lose and somewhat undisciplined style?

“I’m sure yes. We are really opposites. But we we complimentary towards one another. And the combination of his personality and his qualities made him the best of the world. And make no mistake: he was mean. He was a bastard on the pitch. No one could bully him. I see this in Sneijder. And Van Bommel had it too. This is why Van Bommel and Van Basten clashed I think. Similar personalities.But Marco is the role model as a striker. The 100% perfect specimen. And every striker at Ajax after him got this baggage on his shoulder. Even Ibrahimovic, one of the best of the world now, was seen as a disappointment at Ajax, compared to Marco….”

Back to the Euro 1988. In 1990, the same generation disgracefully left the World Cup early. In 2010, Oranje won silver in South Africa and left the Euros in 2012 without a single point. Is that typically Dutch?

“I’m sorry to say it, but yes. Its that Dutch hardheadedness. The “we know it all” mentality. In a squad, you need hierarchy. And this hierarchy exists almost naturally if a team has not had success yet. The lesser players want to follow the stronger players. As it is the road to success. Once success hits, all the players in Holland start to think they can be a leader. And you get groups and cliques and issues. Towards 1990, we suddenly got many captains. Suddenly I read interviews where waterbearers – with all due respect – started to moan about the privileges of the Three of Milan and all that. WTF? Or some players started to talk about the fee we’d get if we would win the World Cup… That stupid behaviour.”

gullit beenhakkerBody language 101

You and Marco were very critical towards Van Marwijk and the Oranje squad in the run up to the 2012 Euro. You saw it coming?

“Of course! The dynamics were not good. You could see and hear it. Marco and I had deja vues. It was just like in 1990. Bert van Marwijk was not amused. He felt he deserved support. But this was us, trying to help. We were not slamming him, but giving constructive advice. He should have used those signals. There was that endless debate about Van Persie vs Huntelaar. Clarity, Mr Van Marwijk! The sooner the better. Afellay had a privileged position without have played a game and earlier Bert had said that he only took players along with rhythm. Another mistake. Rafael van der Vaart couldn’t get a look in after a couple of great qualification games as holding mid. Etc etc. The body language of players showed you there was discontent. This was a no hope mission.”

What should Van Marwijk have done?

“Clarity early on. Look at Louis van Gaal now. “This is my system, these are my players, this is how things will go.” And stick to it. Consistency. He kept his cards to his chest too long. Even in the prep phase of the tournament he was experimenting with the strikers. When players share their discontent with the media, it’s too late. The damage is done.”

And the 1990 run up was similar?

“Actually, worse. At least Van Marwijk was by then still the accepted coach. The players all like him a lot. We wanted Cruyff. We made a case for him and we even did the Federations dirty work by axing Libregts. And the Federation promised us Cruyff, but Michels blocked that. Said horrible things about Johan. Calling him a psycho. My God. I knew then and there it would be a disaster. Nothing against Leo Beenhakker. He had the balls to take it on, but he said something like “this is not my squad” and I knew for sure we were in trouble. We also heard, when we got back in the trainings camp from our Europa Cup finals against Benfica, that the other players were annoyed with us… The vibe was bad. I stayed most of the time in my room. I actually was ready to leave.”

When? During the World Cup?

“Yes. I felt like shit. So did Marco. We were both fed up. After the first group games, I went to see Beenhakker. Marco was there and Ted Troost (adviser to Marco and Ruud) was there as moderator. And I have to say, Leo was good in that meeting. Listened, sympathised and we sort of got a common ground which made me stay. I saw some positives in that meeting. And in the first game after that meeting, against Ireland, I scored and I felt there might be a way beyond all this. In that first knock-out game against Germany we played really good. We dominated, were the better team. Until Frankie spat Voller in his neck. And hour later, we could pack our bags.”

Did you ever talk to Rijkaard about this incident?

“Not really, what is there to say. Frankie knew he as wrong. He doesn’t need me to tell him that. And that was not the reason why our campaign failed. It was doomed from the start. The mentality of the players, the Federation not giving us Cruyff, the horrific training camp. I think Johan was the only one with enough clout to have pulled us all in. He would have been so tough on the water-carriers and would have had a simple and effective tactics and line up. I can still get mad when I think how the people back then screwed us over with this….”


rijkaard voller

Rijkaard and Voller made up and earned some money doing so (for a good cause, actually… they donated their fee)


Watch this space for Pt 2 soon. In which Gullit talks about the “racial rift” in 1996, his coaching career and the chances of Oranje in Brazil.

Ruud Gullit said he didn’t know about Michels’ voice. In 1974, however, the Oranje squad was sent off to Germany with a young Michels being hoisted onto stage to sing with typical Amsterdam singers (operette) Willy Alberti (father in law of Soren Lerby) and Johnny Jordaan. The Ode to the Westertoren, a famous Amsterdam landmark.

Dreadful music, really, but at the end of the clip, Michels is asked on stage and you can hear his tremendous voice.

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  1. Shurrle was chelsea’s first signing in this summer,Van ginkel has to compete with many to earn a starting spot.Lampard is aged,Essien is also on wrong side of 20.Mikel is more a destroyer,and Ake is goin for loan to vitssee if the reports are correct.i hope Chelsea doesnt sign De rossi who plays exactly in Ginkels position could hamper his chances.Mata/oscar and ramires are almost starters for chelsea in past year.One thing is sure if van ginkel starts the Lampard will sit in bench and if Vanginkel only has to battle with lampard then our Marco will win it.let us see..

  2. wonderful interview Jan!

    I really appreciated it. But at the same time I felt a little sad.

    I didn’t know about the “coach crisis” before WC 90. What happened? Why Michels didn’t want Cruyff to become national coach? Can you tell us?

    another great generation lost their chance to become WC champion!

    1. Didn’t you know? This is the biggest upset in the history of Dutch football to me. More than Oranje’s loss in 74.

      I will write a separate post on this.


      1. NVM. I thought you said Ake for some reason… Although Chelsea do still have hope for can Aanholt as well. And at least they’re loaning him to the same club rather than sending him all over the place like most EPL teams do to destroy their talent.

  3. Maybe nobody knows what is really reason Cruyff-Michels war.Maybe only Cruyff and Michels knows it.I can only imagine what is reason.In my opinion war between Michels and Cruyff were dutch football tragedy.The most genius football player in history(for many people the best) against proably the best coach in football history. I think that “tragedy ” started after lost final game against Germany 1974.(it was reason)Who was guilty?(everybody want to know it)In my opinion Rinus Michels is not guilty for defeat in this final.There are many reasons,but I think Cruyff is more guilty than Michels.In the key moment of the match ,”when gods offered him Beckenbauer,s head”,really, and offered him chance for 2:0…he was afraid and he gave ball to Johny Rep ,who missed.Cruyff had to” killed Beckenbauer” with dribbling and score goal. Cruyff simply lost control in this match and Fogts and Beckenbauer stopped him. Not ref Taylor.He wanted even to protect Cruyff.Cruyff was in some confusion.From 1973 Michels and Cruyff were in Barcelona and then (after 1974?), started their war around football philosophy .Cruyff was winner.People in Barcelona were supported Cruyff and Michels had to” run away home”.But Michels returned 1980s and beat Beckenbauer 1988.and beat Fogts 1992.(with defeat against Denmark-penalties).And for WC 1990( in Italy) Cruyff was stopped by Michels ,to lead NT..It was very wrong by Michels, but it was their war..Then Cruyff started to learn Spain and Barcelona…and rest is known history.Many people today don,t like retro but “spirit example” is not bad thing.(for some genius kids in Ajax,Feyenoord,PSV,Heerenveen…to try be better, on their way ,than Xavi,Iniesta,Neimar,Ronaldo,Messi..then win in Europe and then go in the richest clubs..) 1980, AZ 67 Alkmaar “was cat” and Barcelona “was mouse “and result was 4:0 for AZ ,on the one summer tournament.Of course ,” sounds and technical things,” today are much better(twenty times) than yesterday, and very hard is digitally remastered old things .Brasil-Spain 3:0 was very good match. But Oranje 74(on the top level) read space even better then Brasil in this match, but less elastic (more mechanical), but more precise than Brasil and they could be win this Spain 4,5:0 in this match. And Spain can better to play.Brasil country can be same thing for Italy as South Africa for Holland.Argentina can be very good too.If Holland go to Brasil I think that will be need atomic condition for NT .2011 Brasil-Holland 0-0 (second half was very bad)and Dirk Kuyt(best condition player ) was tired after 7o minutes.It will be big problem.In my opinion Holland need to play ( strongest A team) in free term(november,february,may, never mind) two match in Brasil stadiums , to see situation.Against,Equador,Chile,Paraguay ,Colombia..(I think don,t touch Brasil or Argentina).Sneider,RvP and Robben must be ready if is it possible.It would be good thing for young talents. Fopp de Haan made (?) three times training on day before Peking 2008. On the end,”peacemaker” between Cruyff and Michels could be Marco van Basten .If time comes.Now he is on the”Fopp de Haan,s road” in Heerenveen.In his own write.I suggest: Ruud Gullit for his assistant!Lennon -Mccartney combination. I hope they won,t “kill” each other in that case…

  4. Chelsea think as a long term business, as long as they can loan him out, recover his cost, they can wait potential capital gain in the future.

  5. Fantastic article Jan!!! I love reading about Oranje history, especially successful stories.

    In my view, Total Football (TF) continues to be an essential part of world soccer/football. World Football wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for TF, and (of course) Vice Versa.

    I just think that in the last couple of years, (intentionally or unintentionally) TF has drifted away from its core values, or to put it simple, we just don’t have quality players. Looking forward to the new batch of potential stars although I think that they are not quite there yet.

  6. Great article Jan’ I used to love watching the big three play at Milan, they just dominated everything back then. From memory, I think the transfer fees were record breaking for those boys , some of you may know better.
    Gullit was a larger than life player, those dread locks would have been worth a shit load on eBay back in the day!

  7. Bojan Happy about his move to Ajax and how he regrets not doing it earlier…

    The attacker is very pleased with his loan to Ajax and feels his decision to make the move to Serie A two years ago was a mistake
    Monday, 8 Jul 2013 10:52
    By Stefan Coerts
    New Ajax signing Bojan Krkic feels that he made the wrong decision to leave Barcelona for Roma in the summer of 2011 and then join AC Milan the following season.

    The 22-year-old completed a loan move to the Dutch champions at the weekend and he has now admitted that he regrets not making the move to the Eredivisie at an earlier stage of his career.

    “My choices for Roma and AC Milan were wrong. Perhaps I should have already opted for the Eredivisie back in 2011,” the attacker told De Telegraaf.

    “I am a young player and I need to get regular first team action. I cannot make progress if I only get 18 games or so per season. I will get the chance to take the next step in my development at Ajax.

    “I really wanted to get this loan move wrapped up as soon as possible. Leaving Barcelona could have been more difficult if Alexis Sanchez or David Villa had been sold, so I wanted to complete the move quickly.”

    Bojan could make his official Ajax debut in the Johan Cruyff Schaal encounter against AZ on July 27.

  8. Another gem, Jan, many thanks.

    In Part II, though, does he address his leaving the 1994 WC squad. I’ve always been a huge fan of Gullit—extraordinary talent and accomplishments, but his leaving on the eve of the WC puzzles me. My recollection is that in the warm-up matches, he and Bergkamp were playing really well together.

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    Forza Inter

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  10. Awesome article. Thanks Jan. In 1990 they could have won it if they passed Germany. I remember crying in my girlfriends shoulder after that game. I couldn’t believe we were eliminated after the first good game.

  11. Manchester United target Kevin Strootman has confirmed ‘several clubs’ are competing for his signature this summer – but none from the top six in Europe.

    David Moyes is keen to bolster his midfield options for the new season, and the PSV Eindhoven man is understood to be high on his hit-list.

    However, although Strootman revealed he has a host of options on the table, he indicated the Red Devils weren’t necessarily one of them.

    ‘There are several clubs interested, but only when they reach an agreement with PSV do I come into the picture,’ said the Dutch international.

    ‘This not to say that any are in the world’s top six. There is also interest from Russia, but that is not an option for me. I just do not take hasty decisions about my future.

    ‘Whether the club I leave for must play in the Champions League? That wasn’t the case when I moved to PSV.’

    PSV’s sporting director Marcel Brands previously insisted Strootman, who has also been linked with Roma, will stay at the club for another season after having already lost Dries Mertens, Erik Pieters and Jeremain Lens.

    ‘We do not want to lose Strootman this summer. He knows that he will stay at PSV for another season,’ he told De Telegraaf.

    ‘We already expected Lens and Pieters would leave, but we didn’t plan the transfer of Mertens.’

  12. Robben returns
    Arjen: Guardiola’s praise makes me proud

    Arjen Robben is back! Bayern’s treble-winning hero arrived at the team base in Riva del Garda on Saturday evening, looking tanned and fully recovered from the exertions of last season, as he told in his first interview of the new season: “I really enjoyed the holiday with my family and did nothing but relax.”

    Robben will train under new boss Pep Guardiola for the first time on Sunday, and the winger is really looking forward to it: “He’s a great coach, and I’ve heard he throws himself into training and talks a lot with the players. I’m really excited.” It’s a sentiment shared by Guardiola, who recently called the Dutchman “a gift to me.” Robben naturally knew about the coach’s comment: “It’s a terrific compliment and it does make me a little proud.”

    Interview: Arjen Robben Welcome back Arjen! How was your vacation?
    Arjen Robben: Very, very good. I really enjoyed the holiday with my family and did nothing but relax, which was essential after last season.

    Were you still dreaming about all the trophies?
    Of course! And people kept asking me about it, of course. But even now, it hasn’t really completely sunk in. It’s going to take a couple of months. We’ve achieved something that will remain for eternity, and that’s the best thing of all.

    Paulaner Cup 2013 in Arco: Match highlights

    News: Huge crowd in Riva as stars go by boat

    Trentino: Guardiola’s first press conference

    Bayern v Napoli: Match highlights

    Feature: New faces settling in at FCB

    Fans flock to greet stars in Riva

    Trentino XI v Bayern: Match highlights

    Feature: Summer training in Trentino

    Arrival and first training in Trentino

    FCB in Munich: Training after Trentino
    More Videos
    You were on peak form for all the biggest matches last season, and you scored the winning goal in the Champions League final. How did you manage that?
    Yet again, the first half of the season was tough for me, but after that my form improved little by little. I was delighted my body was up to it, and if that happens, I know I can make a big contribution. And the way things worked out at the end was perhaps a reward for my hard work.

    But it never stops. The previous season has only just finished, and here we are preparing for the new one.
    Are you serious? I’m already totally looking forward to it, with the new group of players and a new coach, even though pre-season will be as tough as ever.

    You have around three weeks until the Super Cup meeting with Dortmund. Will you be fit in time?
    It’s the same every year, sometimes you have three weeks, sometimes four, and I actually have five weeks until the Bundesliga restart this time. It’s enough. It was much more important to recover completely on vacation. I’m up for it again.

    Pep Guardiola is the focus of huge media attention at the moment. Have you picked up on that?
    Not particularly. I’m not the kind of guy who reads everything on the internet while on holiday. It’s a time for the family. But obviously I’ve had a few texts from team-mates, and it all sounds really positive.

    So you won’t know that Pep Guardiola described you as his “gift” at his most recent press conference?
    No, no, I obviously know about that. When the press conference was over, my phone went off every minute.

    So what’s your reaction?
    It’s a terrific compliment and it does make me a little proud. I’m looking forward to the time with him. He’s a great coach, and I’ve heard he really throws himself into training and talks a lot with the players. I’m really excited.

    What are you expecting from working with him?
    I’ve had a number of outstanding coaches in my career, and now there’s another one. I’m a little older these days, but I’m always open for something new. I want to keep improving, and I think Pep Guardiola is the right man for that.

    Mario Götze’s arrival means there’ll be even more of a battle for places in attack. What’s your opinion of the summer signing?
    We’ll be even stronger with him in the team. Mario is a superb player at such a young age. But Jan Kirchhoff will help us too, he’s a massive talent. We have so much quality, it’s unbelievable.

    On Friday evening, Bastian Schweinsteiger said he was hungrier than ever for trophies. What about you?
    Me too, I’ve just developed a real taste for it. We now know just how wonderful it is when you win trophies, and I want to experience it again.

    The pattern in recent years has been unfortunate, in that you’ve tended not to play much in the first half of the season due to injury. Are you hopeful it’ll be different this time?
    What can I say? I’ll give it a try as always, although I did consider not coming back from holiday until October (laughs). No, I’m relaxed and optimistic. I just want it to go well for a full year.

  13. Leroy Fer’s agent says that the Dutch international has a number of offers, as reports in Holland claim Norwich City are closing in on the FC Twente star.

    The 23-year-old midfielder was close to joining Everton in the January transfer window, but the deal fell through.

    Now a number of clubs from around Europe are being linked, although it is Norwich who it is claimed are closing in on his signature.

    When asked about Norwich signing Fer, his agent Rob Jansen told Tubantia: “There are actually several offers for Fer.”

    It is also being reported in the Dutch media that Norwich are now in the running to sign another Eredivisie star in the shape of Ajax’s Belgian international defender Toby Alderweireld.

  14. Hannover have admitted to holding an interest in former Twente defender, and long-term Newcastle United target, Douglas.

    The Magpies have appeared to be closing on a deal for the Brazilian full-back on several occasions in the recent past, only to miss out on his services for various reasons.

    It was expected that a switch would finally be pushed through this summer, with Douglas having dropped into the free agent pool after seeing out his contract at Twente.

    Newcastle have, however, ended their interest in the wake of Joe Kinnear’s arrival at St James’ Park as director of football.

    They are now exploring other options, leaving Douglas free to talk with other clubs.

    Hannover are willing to offer him a fresh start in Germany, with defensive reinforcements required on the back of a failed attempt to extend Johan Djourou’s loan from Arsenal.

    “We are looking to sign a defender and we are interested in Douglas,” Hannover chairman Martin Kind told BILD.

    “Signing him would be very good business for our club.”

  15. Guys,
    What you think about psv new signing, karim rekik? If bruma pass medical test (first was failed) then he will partner rekik in defence. I dont why mcity release him?

    1. @Jake thats good for that kid ,manshitty has spoiled a lot of talents since 2008.,i hope bruma clears medical..Now am worried about Vanginkel at another plastic money club Chelsea..

  16. I would love to see Fer at Norwich… I think him linking up with v.Wolfswinkel would be great. And looks like they are really keen to build a strong team

    1. i honestly wudnt care if strootman went and ruined his career as long as van ginkel cracks the first team of chelsea and does well…he is far superior

      1. Strootman is a better DMF , Van ginkel is a better box to box.

        Strootman ___ van ginkel
        ______. Sneijder _______.
        This will hopefully be Oranje midfeild in Brazil .

        Clasie ___ de Guzman
        ___ maher / fer ____
        Great subs

    2. Strootman to Roma is not good imo. He’d better stay in PSV and play under cocu and play in the CL. This sounds better.
      He should go only if a serious offer comes from man utd.

  17. Feyenoord is the best eredivisie team creating young player from the academy: Clasie, Bruma, De Vrij, BMI, Kongolo, Boetius, Vilenha, Fer, Wijnaldum, Guzman, Rekik, Ake, etc.

    PSV is the best eredivisie team singing the best Dutch talents: Maher, Narshing, Bruma, Strootman, Wijnaldum, etc.

    Ajax is the best team scouting and singing foreign talents in order to develop and selling later: Eriksen, Fisher, Anderson, etc.

    I think Ajax need to be the best in which feyenoord and PSV are doing better, in order to succeed in Europa. I can´t resist to be kick out form Europe competition in first round or for another team like Steauta Bucarest or Lyon again.

  18. ah well strootmans ego will surely take him…he wont be able to digest van ginkel signing for chelsea and him staying at psv…still a boy kevin 🙁

    1. yes I think so . He didn’t announce he wants to leave PSV till van Ginkel left Vitesse to Chelsea .

      I don’t think van Ginkel left only for money . Playing in the EPL , with Mourinho and in the CL of course are factors that can attract any young player .

  19. UEFA’s list for 10 best players in Europe for 2012/2013 season:

    1. Gareth Bale
    2. Cristino Ronaldo
    3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    4. Robert Lewandowski
    5. Lionel Messi
    6. Thomas Muller
    7. Franck Ribery
    8. Arjen Robben
    9. Bastian Shweinsteiger
    10. Robin Van Persie

    1. well they haven’t won anything. Neither did they end up top scorers in any league. Last time Oranje had 2 players in the top 10 European Footballers, we made it to WC Final!


    It looks like Robben and Pep are forming a decent relationship already. This could be promising. My take on it is robben will be the main man at bayern while pep is there. This is for two reasons:
    1. He is the only player who can give any team a good chance of winning, who when compared to ribery who is more two footed, skillful and arguably a better dribbler is hasnt been the reason for bayern reaching any of the CL finals since LVG, it has always been robben that was the decisive one.
    2. The Cruyff bias. Cruyff would be upset if Robben was to be relegated in favour of the talented yet chody kroos or some other german pretender. The good thing here is Pep cant be promoting players of his nation over others (ibi behind pedro and co) as the team is primarily german. Pep’s decisions wont be heavily scrutinised providing they get results as he isnt building for the german team he is building for a legacy.

    So even though the Ballon d’or is a joke and hasnt meant anything since sneijder lost out to messi, it would be nice for robben to get his place in the sun that he deserves. We wont see many players like him, he is a one in a generation player, easily the best of the golden gen we had.

    I hope to god we get something insane out of memphis depay.

  21. I dont think anyone here is a PSV diehard and hence no one really has an idea of how bad Jurgen Locadia is!!! OMG he is shocking! Watched the whole pre season derby match
    between Eindhoven and PSV with an open and forgiving mindset that it is only a warm up game but my god is Locadia bad. Not only does he have less intelligence than Babel does after a couple of vodkas but unlike Ryan he is outrageously slow…decent first touch…but 0 pace, skill and ideas,,,and the WORSEST part…dunno how he managed to score 4 on his debut but his finishing is atrocious…torres wud be put to shame..missed 3 SITTERS which my grandma wud have putten in by mistake…and the sadest part of hollands club football decline is that not only was Locadia chosen for the U 21 final squad…but even today he ended up scoring and being the match winner…in a stroll of a 3-0 win ..again jean paul de jong’s FC Eindhoven…who are supposed to be their FIERCEST city rival…pathetic :(…breaks my heart…wont be surprised if PSV dont hit the Champions league group stages this season..and no signing Rekik and Bruma wont help themm….AJAX AMSTERDAM OUR SOLE SAVIORS!!

    1. Dost, Luuk de Jong, Locadia. It’s mediocrity on the 9 position from what it looks like and if you consider the Dutch past with names like van Basten, Kluivert and van Nistelrooy. Though, notice that one of the goals (second IIRC) from Matavz was from a Locadia through pass. Locadia is not that bad with his passes and is not super slow I would say. However he clearly lacks the pace to get past a man on international level. Not that kind of striker.

      How did you rate Hendrix at the back?

      1. yeh he had some really gud thru balls…made me hold my breath..willems and hendrix lukd good..but then again u can hardly call this a test can u???

        @locadia might have thru balls..but did u see the missed slow his reactions are…even at basic things like an over hit pass which he sees early but still struggles to keep in with such a lack of pace!!! …luuk and dost and van wolfswinker are def better than this fellow

        1. Heard that bit of news recently. No I don’t know him. I only know he was injured in a serious way last season (that’s why he played little for the first team of de Graafschap and was out of the picture for NT duty) and now moving to Ajax. Graafschap has delivered relatively good strikers recent times (Huntelaar, Luuk de Jong and Siem de Jong a bit). Read somewhere that their striker trainer has a special programme to educate them.

          I have two links where you can see him that I will post under this comment.


          1. he describes himself as a Huntelaar kind of striker who lives off his goals. Later he adds that he can make an own action as well. He is a box player with a mani focus on finishing.

            One more thing. he says his operation dates back from 2011 and that last season he came back. Overmars said that this last season he came back slowly to his old level. To be there before his real rise they bought him now for otherwise de Graafschap could have demanded a much bigger fee in a year from now.

            He has also been Dutch international for the youth and always counted as a talent. He hopes to make Ajax 1 of course, but Young Ajax or even de A1 is more realistic for now.


  22. Dutch media now reporting that Ake is playing for Vitesse next season.

    Rekik to PSV
    Ake to Vitesse
    Ebecilio to FC Twente

    Looks to me these kids has started to use their brain and do the thing they were supposed to do and that is making flight hours in Eredivisie first. Feyenoord fans must be sick to their stomach though, or at least annoyed. They could simply all be at Feyenoord still and helping their team to push for the title.

  23. How much Ajax paid for Van der Hoorn? I read that 3,5 millions but I don´t believe it.

    For that price, it would be better sign Bruma for 3, or Van Dijk for 1,5 (??) or Glouweeleuw (cheaper)

    Beside van der Hoorn lacks build up skills, and IMO it’s not a good back for Ajax´s style. Bruma or Glouweeleuw should be the targets if Ajax was planning replace Alderwilde with a new player.

    My doubt is: Ajax sign Van der Hoorn because he was their priority target or because they wait too much time and the other options (Bruma, van Dijk and Glouweeleuw) have already went for other teams?

  24. Thanks a lot Ferenc.
    Eduardo, De boer and stam have been following VD Horn the entire season, so I am not sure why you are claiming they only got him because they could not get the others. Frankly I reserve my judgement on this one because I was not impressed with DV Horn at the u21 Euro but again as I have said many times, Stam and Frankie must know something we don’t. I have seen Van Dijk and Gouweeleuw play many times and I was not less than impressed. Neither were selected by LVG in the national team whereas VD Horn was so that again must say something.

  25. PSV is in the third qualifying round for Champions league. The draws will be done on 19 July 2013 and first leg will be played on 30–31 July 2013 and second leg 6–7 August 2013

  26. Reported Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur target Christian Eriksen is still in contact with ‘certain clubs’, according to the Ajax star’s agent.

    The Denmark attacker, whose contract expires next summer, has been linked with a £15million move to several of Europe’s biggest clubs, including Borussia Dortmund and AC Milan.

    And Eriksen’s representative, Martin Schoots, claims there is ongoing dialogue with several parties who could be interested in signing the 21-year-old.

    “We are still keeping in touch with certain clubs.” Schoots told

    “That will always be the case with a player like Christian. At this point, it is hard to tell if it will end up with a transfer.”

    But Eriksen will apparently not walk out on Ajax for free in 2014 and so will be happy to sign a new contract with the Dutch giants if he does not move before then.

    “He wants Ajax to get money for him and therefore he will extend his contract, in case he does not succeed in finding a new club,” said Schoots.

    Meanwhile, Ajax have signed 16-year-old Markus Bay from Brondby.

  27. wc 2014 Brazil is goin to be damn hot ,especially in stadiums like foratleza is goin to be F@##king exhausted for older guys,i cannt see guys like Van der vaart,Joris,heitinga survives the heat there,may wesly too,it would be more wiser we go with younger ones with very few exceptional seniors..its my TIP for LVG.

  28. Reports on espn that Fer is having a medical at Norwich…

    Twente midfielder Leroy Fer is having a medical at Norwich City and could sign a five-year Carrow Road deal, reports in the Netherlands say. The reports suggest Twente have accepted an offer of somewhere between €5 million and €8 million for the Netherlands international, who failed a medical at Everton in January.

  29. @Tiju: yes actually it is a good idea to use Young players with a better physical condition. LVG has to find the right mix of youth with experience.

    1. I have noticed this trend as well. What writers or posters suggest is that Eredivisie as a league allows weak strikers to excel as well as it allows strong strikers to score also. Basically letting the weak striker get away with high scoring rates is a mark of weakness of the league.

      I have a bit of problem with it for a few reasons.

      First of all, the Dutch league is an attacking league. I have posted the numbers many times, but the Eredivisie and Eerste Divisie belong to the most scored on league’s in the world. That means more goals than in stronger league’s (La Liga) as in weaker league’s (Greece, Norway etc.). Dutch philosophy and football culture is centered around attacking play, with many people in front of the ball instead of behind it and the Dutch people love it. The occupancy rates of Eredivisie stadiums are despite the lower quality over time still one of the highest in the world and the only one who can rival those of Bundesliga and EPL. This culture results or even encourages more space for strikers and that means the good but also the less good will benefit from it. Therefor holding it against a league that not all their top strikers can make it elsewhere is also a plea for more boring football (sitting back, parking the bus) and even against the culture itself (let’s kill football diversity even more). Plus that it does not take into consideration that the unfair distribution of money and the effect of Bosman have lead to quality erosion in the Eredivisie. The premise that the top scorer of Eredivisie can make it everywhere is not up to date or aligned with the reality of today and that should go without saying. For me personally it is a miracle how Eredivisie despite competing with so many leagues that pay players better (now also Russa, Ukraine, Turkey etc.) is still able to come up with gems here and there. Last seasons two top EPL topscorers (Suarez and RVP) came from Eredivisie.

      Second of all, the line of thinking is maybe fallacious. Hasty generalization comes to mind. Is the sample size big enough? Is it held against other competitions who’s strikers are supposed to do much better? Is there a relevant and significant difference compared to Eredivisie? I saw in the comment section people mention Giroud and Cisse from France. How about strikers from Argentina, Poland, Brazil, the Balkan country’s, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey etc.? Do the strikers from all those country’s succeed elsewhere in tougher league’s? What to do with cases where it was the other way around? Tiote was a semi bench player at FC Twente and an hit at Newcastle. Hasselbaink could not even make it in Eredivisie (was an Eerste divisie player) and only was able to play at a higher level when he left Netherlands. More recently Vorm was a nice keeper in Eredivisie, but became statistically the best previous season of the EPL. Now some of these are not strikers, but then what about Zlatan? Had real trouble to make it at Ajax and score enough goals. He has been more successful outside the Netherlands than when he was here.

      I have also a problem with the insinuation that it is a binary situation where a topscorer of competition A failing in competition B is the result of that league being simply tougher and the league where he comes from thus being weaker. We see players failing to score moving from clubs within EPL as well (Carrol, Torres), there are cultural problems that could play a role concerning adaptation (language), there could be football style problems (and the English know that damn well from personal experience as many of them have tripped over that hurdle when moving abroad in the past). Also a club culture can be hard for strikers to operate in (how many top strikers have failed at Chelsea now?). Maybe a player gets through a bad personal episode in his life (Henry first year at Barca). What about the quality of the scouting from the clubs that purchased a player? have they looked at the kind of goals the player scored, how they came about or have they simply taken a striker because he is top scorer from Eredivisie? Is there a supporting cast that plays to the striker strengths? Luuk de Jong has now real wingers to work with for example while his Eredivisie goals were the result of many Ola John assist from the side. The issue is more complex and I resist the mindset of it being a case of: If this then it means that. Many factors are in play.

      On a side note keep in mind that there is sometimes a combination at work between people having hidden agendas and people acting like parrots in this world. Clubs that have failed to properly scout rather blame foreign league’s quality for their mistakes then admitting incompetence on their own account. Then there are enough club fans that go stand behind their club leadership or journalists that write down these quotes that fabricate a story around it as they have to meet deadlines and be original all the time. Before you know it, it’s a thing in the football media and blogosphere. Nice by effect is that it’s good for foreign club negotiations and bad for the negotiation position of Dutch clubs. Squeezing even better deals out of Eredivisie clubs. So why not make a thing about it? It could pay off. On top of this, EPL fanboys love to thump their chest about the quality of their league at the cost of everybody and everything. They love failed international transfers as much as successful ones, maybe even more. They can use it as indicators of their league’s quality. That reality is sometimes more complex does not get in their way to explain things the way they do.

      The main thing to focus on though is Dutch clubs owning their stadium and being financially prudent. Being financially healthy as a league and club is true strenght in player negotiations. FC Twente made Gladbach overpay simply because they did not need to sell. They were financially strong enough.


  30. Hey TFC Ajax!
    If Strootman goes to Roma will that tip the scales and get you motivated to watch a mid-season friendly? Since Koevermans’ return is slow this could be the highlight of TFC’s season for me.

    1. Could very well! I’m honestly not the biggest Strootman fan, but I’m not sure I could justify not going to watch an Oranje regular at BMO.

      Plus it’s likely that some of the more exciting TFC players who rarely play – like Bekker and Welshman – would start the game, so that’s an added incentive. I went to the TFC reserve game against the piss stains, and the guys like Osorio, Bekker, Welshman, and a mix of academy guys like Manella and Sacremento made it a far more entertaining game than any first team game all year.

        1. Well at least we got Koevermans. That was exciting. TBH I wouldn’t wish TFC upon any of our beloved Oranje lads. I love ’em too much to much to want them to have to suffer with us. It was heart-wrenching enough to hear Koevermans say that we’re the worst team in the world.

          Now, that said, GIVE ME WESLEY SNEIJDER!!

          He would be a better signing than Forlan, and he’s already in Turkey, so coming to TFC would be more like a step sideways than a step down 😀

          1. I agree with every word in your post. All pipe dreams considering WC is around the corner, sob. How much damage control will TFC have to do to encourage more Dutch talent to come give us a try?

            Now, that being said…..

            If you were to pick one current Dutch player (Eredivisie/ Eerste) that would 1)come to TFC and 2) Benefit the club and himself, who would it be? The hardest part would be figuring out who would benefit from TFC.

          2. The first step to getting more Dutch talent would be to get a coach that would play Dutch style football, or even another Dutch coach. Personally I thought Winter was a pretty good coach, but his support staff was against his vision from the very beginning.

            Finding a Dutch player who could benefit us shouldn’t be hard at all considering we got Nick Soolsma from the second teir of Amateur football and he was pretty much our best winger until short pants dumped him.

            I can’t think of any way in which TFC could benefit the player in any way other than financially unless the player was from the amateur leagues like Soolsma.
            I imagine there might be a few low ambition players who would jump to come to MLS and play in the same league as guys like Henry. It would be a chance to play abroad, which they wouldn’t otherwise get.

            I say we get Rodney Sneijder so I can get a Sneijder TFC jersey. Lets hope he gets #10 too 😀

            I think someone like Willie Overtoom would be a good addition for TFC. Unfortunately I don’t see AZ letting him go too soon. Vejinovic might have also been a good one, but he’s gone to Vitesse

          3. I also liked Winter and had my best club moments with him Soolsma and D.K. Taking apart what Winter had built in Toronto has clearly sent the club to the shits and we have no competitive vision now. TFC has never had a corner kicker like Soolsma, a goal magnet like D.K. and a visionary like Winter.

            I love the Rodney idea and thanks for the other players names.

  31. I think Norwich has also signed Ola Toivonen from PSV. Definitely the team to look out for in EPL. Wolfswinkle,fer, Toivonen and they are also bidding for Toby Alderweireld.

    1. Alan Pardew is full of shit. I see no reason to believe his promises. He had plenty of chances to play him this season, but he chose to play everyone else including James Perch instead.

    2. shuddart • 3 months ago
      He’s proven that he improves with every game, he’ll be an important player for us down the line
      •Reply•Share ›

      Munich Mag • 3 months ago
      Bit lightweight but a good aquisition for the toon.
      •Reply•Share ›

      Guest • 3 months ago
      He’s technically gifted, has a great engine, can pick a pass and has decent awareness etc but the elephant in the room is that he is tiny and regularly knocked off the ball. Too many times this season he’s been quite literally over run, or should I say, run over.

      That said, he’d still get in my team ahead of Tiote who is truly woeful at the moment. I’d play him alongside a deeper lying Sissoko which would add some physical presence to centre midfield, take the pressure off Anita and let Cabaye push forward.
      8 •Reply•Share ›

      Dan Cook • 3 months ago
      needs to be in the team, id sell tiote and play this lad, he could be better than ramires, he’s better on the ball, miles more composed, just needs to man up a bit more, i think he could even do jobs on the wings, hes got the pace and ability, he could potentially be a younger version of jonas, a wide player that could have a great defensive workrate, aswell as arguably more quality in the final 3rd
      3 •Reply•Share ›

      Andrew Young • 3 months ago
      He’s an excellent player. Keeps the game ticking over and rarely gives away possession.

      Looking at Newcastle’s failings this season, I’d say he was just the type of player we need in our midfield….

      4 •Reply•Share ›

      Martin Johannes Oltedal • 3 months ago
      Good article! I’d love to see more of Anita.
      3 •Reply•Share ›

      Heaton Mick • 3 months ago −
      I’ve been pretty impressed by him as he never seems to give the ball away although it never goes more than 10 yards sideways!

      Every decent team usually has a player that does this though. It seems to be all Carrick has done all season.

      I realise this might be a minority view as the old boy next to me moans every time he comes on and made the bizarre statement that he’s the worst player ever to pull on a black and white shirt. Apparently he can’t chase, can’t tackle, can’t pass or can’t shoot.

  32. South America has hosted a World Cup four times, and each time, one of their countries has won it.Uruguay hosted and won the tournament in 1930. Uruguay won again in 1950, in Brazil. Brazil took the trophy in Chile in 1962. Argentina claimed glory on home soil in 1978. Three more times, the Cup has been played elsewhere in the Americas. Again, all three times, a South American team won it.Here’s that list: Brazil triumphed in Mexico in 1970, Argentina won it all in the same country in 1986 and Brazil went all the way in the U.S. in 1994.
    What’s the possibility of a European team breaking this jinx in wc 2014. Highly likely 0 %. My top contender for wc 2014 has to be Argentina who by far have the players of highest quality in the exact positions even on the subs. The most impressive aspect of the team is the attacking quartet of Angel Di Maria, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain and, of course, Messi. All four are superb talents who score and create goals in abundance . Throw in Carlos Tevez and Ezequiel Lavezzi and the depth they have in attacking areas is frightening. In defensive midfield the likes of Javier Mascherano, Ever Banega and Fernando Gago are all terrific in thwarting opposition attacks and giving the side balance.
    Paris Saint-Germain’s Javier Pastore is another option if they looking for a more creative, exciting central player.
    Sergio Romero has made himself the undisputed number one in goal, Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta is superb at right back, while on the other side Marcos Rojo has made the left back role his own, and is equally happy playing in the middle.
    Ezequiel Garay and Federico Fernandez have created a good understanding at centre back,
    Another reason why Argentine look a good bet next summer is the conditions that await in Brazil. The heat will play into the hands of many of the South American sides, who are far more accustomed to such temperatures compared to the European teams. A team definitely to watch for at WC 2014.

    1. When you single out the names of the players like you have, it becomes quite evident that Argentina will have a formidable squad for WC14. The Dutch team, other than a few, are not in the same company as the big hitters of Argentina, lets hope 12 months makes a big difference for the Dutch players, being technically strong will not be enough to win in Rio, mental toughness and a bit of brutality will also be required!

  33. Argentina is full of talents but they are not a team with a drive to win and mentally weak to win an important games. In knockout games, I take Argentina any day for orange to beat instead of more mentally intimidating opponents like Portugal, Italy and Brazil.

    1. Jake, jus a thought. compared to WC 2010, when Germany exploited the argentine defense, I see they have recovered well and built a formidable back line and defense mid ,this will be the secert weapon for Argentina

  34. I agree, Argentina has become more solid recent years, if there is any team that relatively has more chance to beat Spain, should be South American teams like Argentina, Brazil or even Uruguay. Our chances to beat those South American teams are always bigger than beating Spain and less chance against Portugal-Italy who’re always beaten us to death in many moments. Against these teams, I think LVG should come up with something brilliant from tactical point of view and more importantly to overcome fears when entering field against Portugal and Italy.

      1. Srinjoy..uruguay will qualify they have what it takes to reach brazil,at least 5 th spot they will get and in play off they will bury asian/ociania ..end of the story..but they wont win WC.but will be a hard team to beat.

    1. @jake italy might have won 4 Wc by fluke or luck ,but they are simply inferior to dutch since at least 2010.Italy under panderrelli has some veonom.Italy always had good defense and tough players in met only once with italy in that period that was Euro200 semi,and they won it by fluke.So fear of italy is unncecessary.
      while portugal case is taotally differnet and portugal beat us convincibgly bar 2006WC after CR7 injury by 29the minute.if CR7 was there we woulnt be playing that well.still portugal has something to beat this this dutch team though they are not nstrong as they used to be.

    2. Jake what u said is true,arjetina had become strong,but the fact is Brazil becoming stronger than any team under scelary.For me arjentina is second best behind brazil in latin america.
      i think latin america will have 6 countries for Brazil 2014.Brazil,Arjentina,columbia,Chile,Uruguay and Ecqdor.
      So it is goin to bhe one of toughest WC in history.Especially when when we think about Spain,Germany,Belgium,France,italy and the Netherlands from Europe.At present brazil looks like a champion team in every department.they are the host too.unless a miracle happen they are destined to be champions.

  35. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has dropped a few hints over how his three summer signings will fit into his side next season, with Andre Schurrle ready for the first-team immediately, Marco van Ginkel regarded more as one for the future and Mark Schwarzer brought in as back-up to Petr Cech.
    by Rob Parrish 12:10 AM

  36. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has dropped a few hints over how his three summer signings will fit into his side next season, with Andre Schurrle ready for the first-team immediately, Marco van Ginkel regarded more as one for the future and Mark Schwarzer brought in as back-up to Petr Cech.
    by Rob Parrish 12:10 AM

    Jose Mourinho has reassured Fernando Torres and Juan Mata that they have Chelsea futures.

  37. Norwich’s summer signings

    Javier Garrido: Left-back, undisclosed fee from Lazio.
    Nathan Redmond: Winger, £3.2m from Birmingham.
    Ricky van Wolfswinkel: Striker from Sporting Lisbon for £8.5m.
    Martin Olsson: Left-back from Blackburn for an undisclosed fee.
    Carlo Nash: Goalkeeper on a free transfer.

    Norwich have offered £4.3m for FC Twente midfielder Leroy Fer.

  38. Reports in the Netherlands have suggested FC Twente midfielder Leroy Fer is currently in Norwich for a medical, ahead of signing a five-year deal at Carrow Road. And it is understood Blackburn defender Martin Olsson was in Norwich on Tuesday completing a medical as part of his reported £2.5m switch from Ewood Park.

    1. thats what we all thought abt marco van ginkel…trust me…strootman will not stay at PSV…eriksen has a higher chance of staying at Ajax than strootman does at psv…sad but true 🙁

  39. if orange meets today Uruaguay they will beat orange unless Roben scores a least 2 goals will be scored by players like Forlan,Suarez and Cavani.LVG has got a big big problem in defense and dutch will have troubles in scoring against good teams,when certain players are there.

  40. The Blues boss believes his early summer signings are more than capable of making a significant impact in England when the new Premier League season starts in August

    Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes new signings Andre Schurrle and Marco van Ginkel are ready to make an impact in the Blues first team, despite their tender ages.

    The Portuguese, who is beginning his second stint at Stamford Bridge, is pleased with his early summer business as he sees Schurrle, 22, and van Ginkel, 20, as players for the present as well as the future.

    “Andre Schurrle is still so young but he already has great history because he plays in his national team, he has played Champions League and he played three complete seasons for Bayer Leverkusen,” Mourinho told the club’s official website.

    “He is a player who is absolutely ready and he gives us more than one position in attack and adds quality. He will be important for us.

    “Marco van Ginkel is one of the best prospects. He is not yet like Schurrle – close to being a finished product – but he is a player with great potential. Of course he needs to play and he will, because he is a player with great potential and physically he is more than ready. He is a natural athlete.

    “By the technical and the tactical point of view of course he is a kid, he has to learn, but I think he is very open-minded and we analysed him for quite a long time. The Chelsea scouting department did it for quite a long time and I did it in the last five or six months, and we made a collective decision to bring the kid here.”

    Mourinho also highlighted Chelsea’s other young starlets, including the returning trio of Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne and Tomas Kalas, who he expects all have a role to play after developing well during their respective loan spells last season.

    He added: “They are good players with a very good value in the market and we have these players this season for free, after an investment that the club did before. After the development of the players on loan it is the right moment for them to be back.

    “They are very young with space to develop, they will be better year after year and I can imagine in five years they are much better than today, but what they have today is more than enough to belong to this squad.

    “We have a team to develop, we have a team to work. Of course we know there are expectations already and we want to create expectations for ourselves, we don’t need other people to create them.

    “So we are a very young squad. We have an average age of 26.3 and the reality is the best period of this team has yet to arrive. In five, six, seven years’ time, this team will be in the best moment of their careers.”

  41. Hi, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, wonderful blog!

  42. First off I want to say great blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask
    if you don’t mind. I was interested to find out how you center
    yourself and clear your thoughts prior to writing.
    I’ve had trouble clearing my mind in getting my ideas out.
    I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes
    are wasted just trying to figure out how to begin.
    Any ideas or tips? Thank you!

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