The Future of Oranje, part II

Thank you all for your kind words on the post earlier. I don’t mind football debates and everyone is entitled to their opinion. But if they back it up with unfounded stuff, I get into it. All good.

I do sense that players are judged unfairly. How often does it happen that Clasie is outplayed in Oranje’s midfield and then he gets the criticism, because he fails to intercept or keep the ball? How often do people see that maybe 1) the pass to him was bad, or 2) the players upfront didn’t press, or 3) no one made himself available…

If you saw Leiceester vs Man U, in the first 25 minutes, Man U played Leicester off the pitch. Was it because suddenly Leicester don’t know how to play? Or was it the time needed for them to find an outlet without Vardy? One player missing (a player with speed, always on the shoulder of the defence, reading for a ball over the top) and replaced by another (wanting the ball in his feet) and the whole team dynamic is gone. Drinkwater lost the ball many times as he didn’t find an outlet. Does that make Drinkwater a loser, suddenly? No. It’s the team dynamic.

vardy drinkwayter


“Ok, whenever I have the ball, this is where you’ll run and I’ll pass the ball blind in that space!”

Clasie, Van Dijk, Bruma, all the players criticised by people play really well at club level. Because the tactics stand, the players around them understand one another… Van Dijk is hailed as the best signing this season for Southampton and if I was Klopp I’d sign him immediately.

But here people say he (and Clasie) are shite… Seriously?

We are in transition with the National Team. Van Marwijk is partly to blame. Van Oostveen is partly to blame. LVG is partly to blame and Guus and Danny are partly to blame. But we also are a small football nation in terms of money, players available and number of big matches played (at club level). The reason why Ajax and PSV youngster suddenly get into the first team more easily than Feyenoord youngsters, is because these two have junior team (Ajax 2 and PSV 2) at Jupiler League level. Feyenoord, for financial reasons, can’t afford it (yet).



Current holding mid for the Saints vs the former holding mid

All is connected people.

If we would have had Strootman, Robben, Vlaar, Van Persie, Willems and De Vrij fit for the Euro qualifications, we would have qualified I think. Despite all the hits and misses we had in the games.

But we can’t – like Germany or Spain or England – replace 4 top players just like that. It happened before and it will happen again. We can’t sustain our world class level. Unless…..we qualify and take three weeks to gel a team together, like LVG did.

This is why I don’t like “ideal line ups” coz it depends on 1) fitness, 2) form and 3) strength of opponent.


If we play Ireland or Greece or Hungary with our best players available, we have to play 4-3-3 or even 3-4-3. If we have all players available but we play Germany or Italy, I’d play 3-5-3 (prefer this expression over 5-3-2 but it’s the same essentially).

So, my line up…. If everyone is fit and in form, is this for weaker opponents:


Janmaat – De Vrij/Vlaar – Blind – Fosu-Mensah

Propper  – Strootman – Sneijder

Robben – Huntelaar – Memphis

Bench: Vermeer, Cillesen, Bruma, Van Dijk, Tete, Wijnaldum, Clasie, Janssen, Promes, Willems, Bazoer


Against stronger opponents:


De Vrij/Vlaar – Blind – Van Dijk

Janmaat – Propper – Strootman – Sneijder – Willems

Robben – Memphis

With Sneijder in the hole.

Bench: Vermeer, Cillesen, Bruma, Fosu-Mensah, Tete, Wijnaldum, Clasie, Janssen, Promes, Huntelaar, Bazoer

Good clip 🙂

Obviously, this all on the condition that all players are fit and in form. If Van Persie isn’t fit, we need someone else. Etc etc…

The key to our performances is to have time to work a new team. And this is also something that makes a big difference in coaching an NT or a club.

LVG struggled with the NT role. Remember 2002? During qualifications for 2014 he was complaining too. But once he had them every day, for weeks on end, he could work his magic.

I think Danny Blind is maybe a good NT coach, like others before him (Prandelli, Low, Klinsmann) did not have tremendous club careers but are able to pick the best players and make them work together as a team in a short time frame. It takes another type of coach/manager.

I think Van Persie will be a huge question mark but Sneijder has two more years in him, I’m sure. Huntelaar might go to Ajax (if they can sell Milik post Euros for a lot of money) and he’ll score 25+ goals in the Eredivisie. When we play on the front foot, there is no better striker than him.

But when Leicester can win the title with “mediocre players” and Greece can win the Euros (2004), why would we be so depressed?

euro 2012

I hope Berghuis will make a good move this summer, either back to PSV or Ajax or go for a spot in Watford’s line up. Last weekend we saw his quality with his assist on Deeney. What a ball in!

My biggest frustration is that Ziyech didn’t pick Holland but Morocco for his future. I think it was a mistake. By the KNVB, for sure, but mainly by him.

He is a sensational player. He has everything. Mentality, leadership, confidence, speed, physical strength, vision and he can score a goal. And never shabby ones. But he has pride as well and he snubbed Oranje. He might stay in Holland and make a move for Ajax, Feyenoord or PSV. That will help any of those clubs in Europe.

If was Ranieri and would lose Mahrez, I’d sign Ziyech on the spot! Eyes closed. No medical needed. Sign here son!

ziyech oranje


This was Danny Blind’s chance to give the Twente star minutes in Oranje, but sadly Ziyech got injured and wasn’t on the bench

I rate Vilhena as well. He needs more tactical discipline but the lad’s only 19 years old. Let’s hope he picks the right club after Feyenoord. He needs to play. Week in week out.

Propper is a prodigal talent in my eyes. If you look at the clip I posted before, you see that everything he does looks easy. He scores smart goals, with vision and technique. People compare him with Van Bommel? I don’t see it. Strootman and Van Bommel, yes. Propper is more Cocu for me. Elegance, technique and vision. If he keeps developing, he wouldn’t be out of place in Barcelona.

Tete, Riedewald, Karsdorp, Tofu-Mensah, Ake…all good prospects but need to prove themselves still. Getting to the top is one thing (Drenthe, Ola John, Maher) but staying there…. Pressure, expectations, distractions, discipline….

Janssen will be able to make the top for me as well. Lots of things lacking in his game. He’s not tall, he is not fast, his right foot is a bit weak but he makes up for it because he is 1) smart, 2) explosive and always awake and 3) mentally strong. A killer.

Reminds me of one Gerd Muller. You might have heard his name before?

gerd muller

janssen vincent

I also hope Quincy Promes will make a good move this summer. He is ready for the EPL or Spain, Germany or Italy. He’s not Chelsea or Arsenal material, but if Mane leaves Southampton…. Who knows…

I’m pretty sure Danny Blind won’t be bothered by silly development strategies by the KNVB. He will try and do his job with the squad.

I’m convinced we have good enough players to play a role, always, at a tournament. We don’t need Messi or C Ronaldo. How many trophies did they win with their national teams? That’s what I mean.

With Ruud van Nistelrooy leaving Oranje this summer I do hope Danny will get an experienced coach alongside him and San Marco. Henk ten Cate? Jan Wouters? Foppe de Haan?

Next season, if PSV can keep the squad together and qualify for CL football, I do expect another step from them. I hope Cocu will get some more width in his squad. If Ajax can keep on making steps with Huntelaar and Riedewald back and maybe some better wingers, who knows…

Feyenoord will play Europa League group stage games (6 guaranteerd duels) and hopefully will get some more quality in.

I hope Ake, Berghuis, Promes, De Roon, De Vrij and others to get back to rhythm, not to forget Strootman at Roma.

Not pessimistic at all!

Our future stars in the Under 17 tournament will play for silverware with Feyenoord star Chong (on his way to Man United), Ajax’ Son of God Patrick Justin and Feyenoord goal machine Vente. I’ll keep you posted in the coming week.

Lastly, a big congrats to Erik ten Hag, the FC Utrecht coach and protege of Guardiola, who was voted the Best Coach of the Eredivisie this season, ahead of De Boer, Cocu et al for his turn around and onorthodox working methings at Utrecht.

Ten Hag has a Twente and PSV background and might well be Phillip Cocu’s successor once he departs from PSV.

ten hag prijs

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  1. Jan anything on the U 17s.heard they were beaten by a better Spain side 2-0.there was a lot of talks about this generation but its looks they are in for the same treat.

  2. THANKS Jan for the post…
    Ur line up is interesting…Just for curiousity its my question.
    Depay has played number of matches for NT under Hiddink and blind and he was total waste..thats beyond doubt,he was simply incapable of taking us to euro…
    Depay is an utter failure in Manu under LVG…
    But still why u want to be starter for NT?…i felt its terrific not based on performance of 1 year.
    My other point is that..taking..
    Hunter+Roben+Memphis+Sneijder would be terrible deterioration in work rate and hence we will see less pressing lethargic team…that would totally imbalance our team.
    Virjil Van dijk is very non agile player,stats might look favour for him but when seeing the game i have seen totally schooled by Martial and many plays like Martial..

    1. Good point Tiju. I just look at alternatives and see none. Elia? Locadia? I still would give Memphis the chance as he still is the best player re: skills for that role. Also, take into account our opponents. Against a strong team, like France, he will find space as they will be dominating. And we have seen how he plays vs Midjiland type opponents, or Brugge. He can do it then. The intensity of the EPL seems too much for him at times, but in WC qualifications games, there will be less.

      As for Van Dijk, he might be not 100% perfect, but neither is Kompany, Terry or Hummels. You need to build a team with all the different qualities. Even Frank de Boer was always criticized for being slow and making errors. But boy, would we love him now as a player?

  3. apart from vente,justin and mallen i dont think anyone will make big step…Mallen seems good..
    Nunnely is another Depay in making..

    1. Did u saw the match??.
      u know what is threat??
      Nunnely is like Depay he will make u feel that he is threat but he is not…thats how i rate it..

  4. i watched 60 minutes of match i never felt Nunnley as threat..after 15 minutes i knew what nunnely is going to do dribble or loose the ball or back pass.still he gave good cross to mallen.
    only threat was spain…

  5. Jan how many times on this blog people have come with how this player will become this,that and so on but yet all have scumbed to either medicority or have failed to live up to expectation. Depay at PSV/Depay at Man United.I don’t buy some of the statements you have made looks like the management always take the same road and end up coming back to where they started. Some of the eredivisie players you mentioned,only time will tell whether they will shift the gear to another level or end up like others.

    Davy Klaassen is a notable omission from the pre squad that was named by Danny. I jus wonder why? I dont think he is injured. The way I see it after the french game,it was proven beyond doubt that he is not up to the job at NT level after getting the nod at CM and where he also plays at Ajax. You think about it he was selected and got the nod on so many ocassions and now all of a sudden he is deemed not talented enough for the job and for selection. This is a perefect example of how they end up from where they started.

    You look at Willems. I will choose my words carefully for the sake of arguments. Apart from one or two good crosses he has been awful at NT level,especially when it comes to defending but yet he keeps getting selected and gets the nods over others who should be starting but will never get the opportunity. Maybe vs another worthy or stronger opponent,they will again realize he is not the right man for the job and will continue to go around and around,around and around in circles.

    We all no what will happen next.

    1. Agree willems is Defensively not reliable..what u think in attack..We have none basically….thats scary part…
      Nasringh is shit
      Depay is crap and bullshit
      RVP aged and done
      Hunter aged and done
      Vaart aged and done
      Locadia is mediocre
      Promes is mediocre
      Only Janssen looks bright but still far from quality.
      How we will over come this??
      yes we can if we play right mix up front like
      If roben not available then promes???

    2. Well, I have to admit we are not looking like world beaters atm. Klaassen has serious form issues. Plus, Blind knows what he can bring. So why not try other players in this friendly. Van Ginkel and Propper were excellent. In 12 months, maybe Klaassen is back in form. Who knows?

      Don’t forget, Robben, Vaart, Van Persie…they were all questioned and criticised when young. Like Alan Hansen slamming Beckham, Scholes and Giggs in 1992.

      Willems had a sensational season last season and played NT football when 17 years old. He is like Marcello of Real Madrid. Erratic, but highly talented. Marcelo too is vulnerable as a defender. Willems has a sensational rapport with De Jong and a great cross. His defending is weaker but that applies to Van Aanholt and Janmaat too.

      A NT coach can’t buy a player from Nigeria or Italy, guys. In a 5-3-2, Willems is perfect.

  6. My line up for Ireland


    Mensah ——————–Tete
    on bench
    Clasie,Virjil,Anita,promes to be dropped out for
    Strootman,hendrix,Roben and Raidwald

      1. Again I’m saying the only leakage is coming from need to wear a PAD. Are you watching the game or jus making noise..the goal was Fraser fosters fault.

      1. I am afraid they will not…I just hope they will sell him to one of the English clubs. Southampton would be perfect club as Koeman will give him some grace period to play. Vincent is in great shape but young players tend to deteriorate when they move to new clubs and especially abroad. I hope, he will not go to either PSV or Ajax. Those clubs will not add anything to his development….

      1. Sorry, Tomy14, I missed your message. The reason why I am happy that Ajax is not a champion because they will not be directly qualified to CL. Past four + years have shown that Ajax is incapable of competing for the top two places at the group stages of CL. Whereas PSV has shown opposite this year. If Ajax is so ambitious at European stage, let them pass first the CL qualification stages, then we will see. I was very afraid that “invisible” forces again will help Ajax to maintain first place but thanks God it did not happen. Hopefully, I answered your question.

  7. Again a powerful performance from Van Dijk. Was a beast in defense but again the players are him also complement him and this is why he has been so fitting at Southampton.

    Clasie,don’t know.Tottenham goal was a result of a big hole in the midfield. I kind of doubt he will succeed in that DM position.his only consistent part is his running.he runs a lot.

  8. My lineup if everyone is fit

    Willems-Van Dijk-De Vrij-Janmaat

    Bench: Zoet, Bruma, Blind, Fosuh-Mensah, Clasie, Wijndaldum, Sneijder, Promes, RVP

    1. I am 100% agree with this line up, cheers dwherwey we are almost the same on thinking, just a small concern on goalkeeper i think after brilliant season with the title just won with PSV and progress during this year Zoet deserve with a line-up over Krul, Cillessen.

  9. PSV champions …
    u can see how idiotic and how usele is narsingh…

  10. Good 2-1 away win for Southampton at Tottenham, one of the hardest away matches in the EPL this season.
    van Dijk did well with Fonte keeping Kane frustrated.. As everyone knows VvD is not the most mobile CB, but can still be great with the right balance, a quick organized partner who reads the game well, and gritty midfield, in his current case. As usual, led the game in things like arial duels, clearances and blocks.
    Clasie was pretty good. My only concern with him as far as the NT is his fitness, and again he is changed in the second half. Its not because he is tired or hurting, its a routine tactical change for Koeman lately changing 1 of his 2 DMs – and it is Clasie to Romeu, for the 8th time in the last 9 matches – but it does not help Jordy to build on his stamina, which I think he needs to keep up to be more effective with oranje.
    Some positives: was generally tidy and untroubled. 100% on his passing and tackles, plus created 2 chances which is unusual for him.
    Clasie and Wanyama compliment eachother well in Koemans system. The only goal coming from a broken play with Wanyama and van Dijk switching off a bit.. But generally sound defending with CBs/DMs steering Spurs out of the middle, you can see from watching the game and also proved in the Spurs attacking dashboard on the FourFourTwo stat zone that hardly any completed passes come through the middle, and only 6 shots on target for a home team with 71% possession is great too.
    Hope Southampton can hang on to that european spot.

    Also hope that Strootman is able to continue to pick up where he left off, and he is looking good now that he’s picking up minutes again.
    He was a dominating DM today in the last 30 mins for Roma today, subbed on to replace De Rossi in front of the CBs and to preserve the clean sheet and victory. Was the most influential player in that time. Like Clasie, was 100% with 31/31 on passes and also had a couple interceptions. Roma slides into second place for the moment, would be nice for them to avoid the playoff for the CL, but should be good for it either way.

    1. I was watching the EPL game on English tv and the commentator coudln’t tell the difference between Davis and Clasie and kept on saying “good tackle Davis” while it was Clasie hahahaha.

      I think Clasie suffers from aches all season. He got injured in the pre-season and missed the prep so that almost always hurts during the whole season. He’s been out some games with related muscle injuries and he didn’t look 100% fresh coming off against Spurs.

  11. Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but if Strootman does get back to full fitness and form win no problems, then I don’t think we need to play 532.
    I still want to see Strootman-Clasie play together in a 433 or 4231 similar to which Southampton play, with the bigger man making more advances joining the 10. Or else Strootman can handle DM with another of our many CMs, and probably best to give time to youngsters, like Propper, van Ginkel and Bazoer..

    To me Strootman and Clasie were by far our biggest misses during our Euro qualifying disaster (along with Krul, Willems and Propper too, but less so). Was not into any of the midfield combinations we saw there with old Nigel de Jong, Blind out of club position, or Klaassen totally out of natural position.

    Would love for Ake to be playing DM again and able to play there, always had high hopes for him. But unfortunately he has played all season at LB besides 1 match as CB, and now has even lost his starting position at LB..
    I like Hendrix too but he is still a bit immature for a DM for me. Still improving though and has a good future, I think. I like Anita too, but he can’t even get a start there for a relegation team..
    Maybe De Roon is worth a look, has had decent reviews this season, but hard to tell playing at club not far from relegation. Would be cool if he made a positive move out of Atalanta this summer, as rumored.
    Until/unless the rest can show more, I think DM must be up to Strootman and Clasie.

  12. Picking lineups is a bit useless, since so much depends on form and fitness and opponent (as Jan mentioned..), but of course also with the small nuances in tactics, and most importantly to me, the team spirit/ ethic..
    Also, ideas get a bit video-gamey, and we forget that a team also needs to play together to find fluidity.
    But it’s fun to dream!

    If no injuries and everyone is in their capable form, I think would be a great side atm:

    Tete – de Vrij – Bruma – Willems
    Clasie – Strootman
    Robben – Janssen – Promes

    1. “””Picking lineups is a bit useless,””””
      yes it applies to fans…very much..Unfortunately Blid always picks up wrong players so far..
      I like ur line up but still 2 questions
      Clasie is playing 60 minutes and DM he is totally dependent over vanyama.why still clasie??
      Do u think bazoer is lesser than Clasie??..i dont think so…Bazoer>Clasie
      Do u think williems is reliable LB? i dont think so..May be since promes has tremendous workrate willems might fit the bill..Dont feel that we need more reliable LB? and strong DM than light weight clasie who plays 60 min…??

      1. what do you mean ‘still’ Clasie? Hasn’t had that much real opportunity, played as a sub in 1 game of the ECQs, 20 mins v Latvia.. played 2 games in the WC and was good. Besides that, a bunch of freindlies. The most recent v France in a directionless 532, with wingbacks not advancing up the wings and awful Klaassen and injured Sneijder, Clasie loses the ball once and goes off at half, while the team switches to his preferred 433. Could do nothing about either goal but people blame him, and other players who don’t even play DM are better options for DM? I do really like Bazoer actually and I wish Clasie stayed on to play 433 v France with Bazoer, instead of Klaassen.
        Would love Bazoer to be the one to own the DM spot and maybe he will be, but he’s not there yet. And right now he doesn’t really play DM usually and also he wasn’t even a starter anymore for the last 3 matches.
        So one is a starter for the DM position in the greater league, yes I would say Bazoer is a lesser DM at this moment in his career.
        Also. I think depending on other players around, Clasie’s body size is not necessarily a problem. He is strong even though not a big body, but if that’s what you like im a DM then fair enough. I don’t need a physical force as a DM and espeacially next to Strootman. Was so good v Özil early this year, once back from injury and has been solid since.

        And yes, if everyone is fit and in capable form I think Willems is our best LB – although I’m not saying he has been playing at his best yet since back, though great in the last few matches.

        1. No..Clasie is not pure DM neither is Bazoer …
          when it comes to vision and intelligence both are equally skills too,i would say Bazoer sloghtly better.
          Bazoer plays 90 min,he is tall,strong,Bazoer is better ball winner…So Bazoer is better than Clasie ATM..
          Willems is an error prone LB,luckly other LBs of us also has same issues.For me when we want more attack Willems is better..if more defense is rquired Mensah is better..
          Leaving Strootman and Roben for wijnaldum and Vanginkel..

          1. You are wrong, it has been 7 matches since Bazoer played 90 minutes, and 4 since he was a starter. And also that last 90 was actually the last time he played DM as well, but you have to go to last season for his next most recent match as a DM.
            TFM is not a starter either…

          2. Okay ..i understand Bazoer didnt play 90 minutes for some games but clasie plays less than 65…
            i saw dutch NT is better with Bazoer than Clasie..its a fact…
            Mensah is not a regular starter,but its due to his age…he is playing way better than darmina and Rojo…
            I would like to see Clasie as playmaker like Sneijder…which he would excel than physical battle in deep feild..We have much much better players than Clasie as a pure DM
            those are
            Strootman,Ake,Hendrix,Bazoer and wijnaldum…all can excel there may not be as good as Nijel but still they can contain any one if they want to..Clasie as DM is a wastage of his talent..
            Willems as a LB is wastage of his talent.
            Annholt as a LB is wastage of his talent.
            Klassen as DM is wastage of his talent.
            and last Depay should noy play at anycost..

          3. Please take into account that Bazoer plays against NEC, Vitesse, Cambuur and PEC and Clasie against Liverpool, Spurs and Leicester…

            Bazoer wasn’t a starter recently as De Boer was not happy with him.

            Bazoer is great, don’t get me wrong, but plays everything at the same pace, whereas Clasie accelerates play with his fast passing.

            Once Bazoer steps up, develops, gets more experience, he will outclass Clasie perhaps. But Clasie has 5 seasons experience over Bazoer and one season EPL. Not nothing.

  13. Sybe i am not wrong..
    Hiddnik was really wrong to select Afellay,RVP,BMI,Weil,Depay ,Narsingh and Hunter..
    Then Blind was again wrong to select RVP,Afellay,virjil vandijk and Depay…
    so i am lesser wrong than both of them…As u said earlier..our line ups are easy and blind has his won line up,which normally fails..

  14. Good win for the U17s v Italy (who beat the undefeated Serbs last match).
    I was unable like to watch, but sounds like Nunnely had a good finish for the late and only goal. I hear he and Chong were both impressive switching regularly on the wings. Sounds like Malen needs to work on his finishing. Kluivert came on to give Nunnely the assist.

    And Spain and Serbia also drew 1-1, so everything is still to play for in the last matches on Thurs.
    Winners will go through to the semis.
    As unpredictable as you would expect for U17s.

  15. Davy Klaassen has been awarded the Golden Shoe for Eredivisie’s player of the season. Janssen 2nd, and Vermeer 3rd..
    Luuk de Jong and Ziyech strangely not picked, which is curious.. I suppose if the award is chosen by players and managers then maybe those 2 must not be very popular characters.
    Ziyech was great again, contributed to 29 of Twente’s 49 goals, with 17 goals and 12 assists.. de Jong was PSV captain and was a big part in their title win with 26 goals and 10 assists in 33 games.

  16. @Ruud glad you liked my lineup! I will admit the Krul selection may have been a bit sentimental. He will forever have a place in my heart thanks to his penalty shoot out heroics, and to be honest he should have been starting the world cup from day 1.

    That being said I was very impressed with Zoet in the CL and from what I’ve heard Vermeer has also been having a great season.

    It seems like at the moment the biggest strength of the NT – at least in terms of depth is defense and goalkeeper. Definitely a departure from the norm.

    1. @dwherwey, be honest i also like Krul at that point :), but i don’t like Vermeer he is similar to Vorm sometime can play very good but sometime let striker of opponent score some very simple goals, they are not stable enough to me. Zoet, Cillessen, Krul, Stekelenburg are stable at least.

      Wingers & DCM are also acceptable for me, our generation is not that bad, i just concern Striker & Playmaker

      – Wingers: Robben, Depay, Len, Promes, Kishna, El Ghazi,Locadia, Narsingh, Elia, Willems, van Aanholt, Ola John, Botieus, Berghuis, ect.

      – DCM: Bazoer, Hendrix, Fer, Strootman, Anita, Blind, Fosu-Mensah, Anke, de Roon,(de Vrij, van Dijk, Bruma, Vlaar somehow can also play at this position).

      – Striker: we don’t have anyone playing at big clubs, potential just see a Janssen but not sure he can develop on right way or not. We should forget all of these players for this stage Persie, Hunterlaa, de Jong, Dost, Castaignos, van Wolfswinkel as some of them have done and the rest are just mediocre.

      – Playmaker: Almost we have now just mediocre guys not at top level like Germany, Spain, France, England let’s see Classie, Klassen, Winajdum, Affelay,Sinkgraven, Vilhena, Propper, Sneijder(try to utilize his some latest contributions). In this list i just appreciate Propper.

    1. @Srinjoy Jurnalist can write anything they want,and they can make any one as next star for a while to expand their circulation and popularity..No one like Criticism and every one wants to hear flattering words.its human psychology.unfortunatly i am not much of human.
      So its my assumption based on my observation,i am sure will win it in the end…he is just other Depay or am not goin to waste time with Nunnely..

  17. Again I don’t get this. Marco Van Ginkel return backs to PSV after an unsucessful season at stoke and wins the eredivisie title and at the same time also get selected for NT.I mean no surprises here as Marco van ginkel was going to be a class above the rest after his seasons at Chelsea,Milan and stoke.

    This is something I find it hard to swallow.if there is a player who has proven that he is up to the challenge at EPL level,it is Nathan Ake. Though he he is playing at LB which is not his natural position but still he has been a standout figure in defense for Watford.

    Now this is the hard part.average in Epl,Impressive in eredivisie gets the callup. Impressive in epl doesn’t.

    If you think about it Van Ginkel is at CM at PSV,Wijnaldum has been playing on the wings for Newcastle,out of positions and still get the callup but not Nathan Ake.

    Ok is it that Nathan Ake has to go back and play in eredivisie to get a callup since he is playing out of position and in an average team in EPL.this is where it all going wrong imo.

    If you look at van Ginkel he had no choice but to go to PSV to get consistent playing expected he has flourished but again it is step backward for him given the competition level in eredivisie compared to EPL. The only good part about his move was CL football and again CL football next season which obviously was a suspense until the climax on the last day.

    And then we also have Depay. I won’t say much about him but if he can get selected while sitting on the bench for man united.I mean you can do the maths here.

    Again it was all about a fresh start and if you look at that DM position,to this very day nobody and I repeat nobody has been able to fill that vaccum left by De Jong and Van Bommel. I thought the summer camp was best time look at some of those positions which needed reinforcements and this is where Nathan Ake should have been selected and tried out at DM based on his talent as a uitily player in one of the strongest league not jus because he hasn’t played in that position much. Bazoer,Wijnaldum,Daley,Klaassen,how many names have come and gone but yet all flopped and it looks like again it will be the same story.

    Even if NT looses both the games in the up coming friendly,Danny will again dodge the bullet simply because, this is the excuss he will come up with . OK mate,we are in transition and I selected new faces rather than the old ones which is right step going forward.

    What about the right players.

    This is where NT is heading and the blue print for 2026.

    1. @wilson

      – IMO, van Ginkel has failed to be higher level he can play & contribute in the team as a mediocre one, he can not reach Bommel or Cocu or even Strootman. with Ake we still hope as he’s developing good, playing regularly at most competitive league and younger than Ginkel.

      – DCM: last few years we have Bommel & de Jong at top level in the world no doubt about this, look at their career path. They played for almost big clubs( AC Milan, Barca, Munich, City) and even they were leader of those big clubs. Potentially we hope at Bazoer, Anke, Fosu-Mesah, Hendrix forget about others as they have showed their best and can not be reach that level.

      1. The only reason Im optimistic about Ake is simply because he has proven he can handle the pressure at top level.apart from him all the names you mentioned,long way to go or unless they come out of eredivisie and prove other wise

        You look at Ajax over the years.four seasons they were in CL.what happened to all the dutch players. No matter one has fit the bill after leaving eredivisie.

    2. Ake was pretty good in the first half of the season but not so much after his suspension for that red card.. not a starter anymore and not even on the bench some games. I disagree he is proven, or has earned selection. One day hopefully, but not now.
      But regardless of my opinion, I don’t think it is very logical to expect him to be chosen as a DM, one of the most important spots, if he is not even our best LB.

      Also, by the way Wijnaldum has played on the wings as you mention, but he has played more games in the middle for Newcastle.

      1. “” if he is not even our best LB.””””””
        THATS stupid statement to say..who is expecting him to be our best LB.FYI…no one boss no one….its that bloody coach who has no good LB for watford so he put him over there.its managerial selfishness…Poor Ake is suffering
        Ake is way better DM than clasie..thats his natural spot.
        But this guy is versatile like wijnaldum ..hence he is tortured due to versatality..its fuu%^^&king sin..
        We have shit of why cannt wijnaldum play over there?as he did for U21 and we had a wonderful team at back then.

          1. LONG TIME AGO,BUT THAT doesnt matter..the guy is destined for that..destined DM..not LB
            LB we have
            Peiters,Timothy,kongolo,willems,Annholt..its crowded..

          2. Ake is similar to Timothy, They were originally trained to play at CB or CDM however due to lack of resource in team and their coach realize they can manage to play as RB or LB so they made a decision to assign them to that position and they have showed their versatility even at unfamiliar position.

          3. Destiny is for fairy tales Tiju.

            Thanks for the recap Ruud, but I don’t really think there is a direct comparison to TFM in this regard, with Ake it was not down to lack of resources at the club that he plays LB, and also LB was not an unfamiliar positionin to him.
            And the fact remains it has been over a year since Ake has played DM in a competitive match.

  18. Somebody also suggested Davy Propper at CM in their lineup.
    WTF.Seriously first of all you have to ask the question who is better Davy Klaassen or Davy Propper.As Syber Pals Said earlier Davy Klaassen won the golden boot so obivosly he has to be better because though PSV won the title Propper was not even in the top three.

    Coming back to question.go and watch Klaassen vs France. End of story.

    1. @Wilson What is CM in ur opinion???and what is his duties??
      i see klassen as little failure in DM..and for me he can be our striker as his off the balls runs are excellent…for me He is not DM or CM.
      Then Van Ginkel…case …
      I am glad that he is recovering from the damage Chelsea made to him..His development stalked at chelsea…and he WAS CLASS above when he left to chelsea.FYI..(THATS WHY CHELSHIT signed him to spoil him).
      U dont have to compare the situation with Ginkel and Ake..
      Ake 100% deserves a call and so is Vanginkel..Its Danny blinds mistake as he usually my book ake should be above clasie in order…
      and u know there is always 1 or 2 or 3 deserved players gets omitted for lesser ones.
      this time luckily its Ake and hendrix only..

          1. tell me idiot do we have a good back up for Janssen.???..we are only left with Luuk and i dont count on RVP and hunter anymore..

          2. Also remember the only reason Cocu shifted Locadia to wing was simply because it was getting too hot keep either on the bench.he is also a good striker but hasn’t had much chances of there because of Luuk.I dont think he will thrive as a wing at NT level.

  19. Depay will always be selected because he has muscles and he has talent,whether he warms the bench or not.that shit will be selected and its Blinds decision..

  20. @syber pals

    Chelsea has slapped 10 million pounds on Nathan Ake and I don’t think Watford will be to folk out that much to make his move permanent, nor they will be able to keep him for another season on loan. I think they have started to prepare life without him for next season which is quite reasonable given why he hasn’t been selected in the last two games.they are using other options jus to fill the vaccum when he leaves without much disruption.

    The other thing you said “Ake was pretty good in the first half of the season but not so much after his suspension for that red card” after his suspension he played at least 8 games.lost 5,won 2 and drew 1.if you are using this stats to compare his performance then you are wrong.

    Overall Watford have not been same in the second half season compared to first half but I don’t think this has anything to do with akes suspension.
    One player I would definitely agree has gone cold is their Nigerian striker Ighalo. Both him and Troy Deeney were decisive in the first half of the season but Ighalo has gone quiet in the second half.

    Coming back to Akes selection in perception is if you are utility you dont need to justify in any position if you are good or bad,I mean at the end of the day you are a utility.

    If you think about why did they select TFM for and for which many games has he played for Man United. The perception definitely here is that he is a utility and they want to tie him down for future.isn’t it. so why not Ake??.

    Well it will be intresting to see how they use him in the friendly.

    1. You can’t really judge a players performance based solely on the amount of wins his team has. I agree with Pals he did have a few nervy moments later on in the season. That being said I would still definitely count his season as a success. Inconsistencies are to be expected from someone as young as him playing in the most competitive league in the world. That being said the bottom line is that at the moment Nathan Ake is a leftback. Leftback is simply not an area of need for NT at the moment hence why he has not been selected. Its as simple as that. Hopefully he can play next season as a CB or as CDM but for the moment he is a leftback. I am really not sure why a few people on this site always want to play people out of position. I can guarantee you Danny Blind or any other national team coach will not select a player to play a position he hasn’t played all season or in some cases his whole career.

      1. @dwherwey nails it with the perfect answer, but I will add to it, just for Wilsor

        “Chelsea has slapped 10 million pounds on Nathan Ake”
        Haha sure they have. I doubt anyone would pay half that for a non-starting LB who might be able to play other positions but if they can then good for them. And also, I doubt a club like Chelsea’s valuations of anything mean anything to anyone. But youre right, like van Ginkel he goes back to Chelsea for training camp and a chance to prove himself at whatever position.

        “I think they have started to prepare life without him for next season”
        That’s called pre-season training camp, and you are guessing again anyway.

        “The other thing you said “Ake was pretty good in the first half of the season but not so much after his suspension for that red card” after his suspension he played at least 8 games.lost 5,won 2 and drew 1.if you are using this stats to compare his performance then you are wrong.”
        Well I’m not using those club stats to judge his performance, I watch matches and I’m telling you.
        (Berghuis on the other hand has finally been pretty decent!)

        “Overall Watford have not been same in the second half season compared to first half but I don’t think this has anything to do with akes suspension.”
        Neither do I.

        “Coming back to Akes selection in perception is if you are utility you dont need to justify in any position if you are good or bad,I mean at the end of the day you are a utility.”
        That’s nice, now we know it is your perception that is the issue.

        “If you think about why did they select TFM for and for which many games has he played for Man United.”
        My guess (because anything else is speculation and I’m not interested) is that he is chosen for Oranje so that we don’t lose him like Ziyech,
        but IMO he has not really earned it either.

          1. Nice random assortment of words there Tiju

            If you mean to ask me if I think Memphis has earned the spot, I think not. I assume his selection is down to the grim situation with the wingers at this moment.. where only Locadia and Promes have really earned it.

    1. Some pregame news.. the kickoff was delayed because TFM was so mad at LvG for not making the bench that he trashed the Man Utd bus and wouldn’t let it into the stadium..

      1. Haha good joke.Pre match build up the commentators actually said it was the west Ham fans who vandalized the bus as 100s couldn’t go in jus because the stadium was full as this was suppose to be the final game at upton park.

        Pals did you watch the games.any comments on blind.

        1. Just finished watching actually, but already knowing what happened unfortunately.
          West Ham primed, United rattled (obviously) after their arrival.
          Loved that moment on 56 with LvG and Bilic (who is sure getting the best from West Ham)

          Watched Blind all match, not good by his standards but that was the case for the whole squad. On the first goal (after a Rojo giveaway then a turned off Schneiderlin) I thought he gave a bit too much space to Sakho in the box to let the shot go, still got a block on it but unluckily deflection past de Gea.
          Cannot believe Carroll did not get a red for that tackle on him on 69. Should have then subbed off for Jones who is taller and probably better suited for a smashing brutish match like that anyway, even though generally a bad defender. Could have kept a more discipline on the line for second goal, but still the man who scored was not his anyway. The third, another set piece in their end from a dumb foul, no idea was he was thinking to run off to Carroll then back to Reid, but looked really bad.
          I think he’ll prob take the blame, but would probably be harsh but that’s how it goes when yours is last in a line of errors.
          Maybe Blind was expecting he would have such a great game that he did there last season where he even scored. Nope!
          As they say, the ball is round.
          Let’s see how he (they) recovers. I always wish for better for Dutch players.
          Thank you for asking!

          So United miss out on taking 4th into their own hands.
          Hopefully they let LvG go, bring Mourinho in who brings them down to 9th or less like Chelscum. Maybe JM forms Blind into a better CB at the same time, probably let’s Memphis go (to someone with a harsh manager who puts some discipline into him), and loans TFM out so he can actually play! Hah
          Just kidding around..

          1. Saw the game too. First phase of the game Man U was rattled by West Ham start, vibe in the stadium and bullshit bus attack. LVG should have turned the bus around in my opinion.

            Man U came back into the game with some solid football and quality of Martial.

            Two silly setpieces and good crosses later and Man U were down again.

            As LVG said: we simply don’t have the height to cope with them.

            This is down to LVG’s management of course. Not a very good excuse. But a good analysis for this game, however

  21. Apparently Alex Ferguson was also spotted having lunch with Pochettino which sparked rumors of something cooking there should Van Gaal get the sack.

  22. Well from the top of the table,let’s move to the bottom of the table. Newcastle or Sunderland.who should get relegation. Newcastle have got a heavier task as they face Tottenham on the last match while Sunderland has got Everton tomorrow and Watford on the last match day.

  23. “””So United miss out on taking 4th into their own hands.
    Hopefully they let LvG go, bring Mourinho in who brings them down to 9th or less like Chelscum. Maybe JM forms Blind into a better CB at the same time, probably let’s Memphis go (to someone with a harsh manager who puts some discipline into him), and loans TFM out so he can actually play!”””””””.
    Chelscum i really liked that word as they deserve it..
    its true Jose would take them to 9th.But infact they are going to sign a good manger not Jose..Depat departure is inevitable as he is crap or less than crap..
    TFM wont be loaned he has sidelined everyone indefense bar Smalling..West ham would nt have had such chance with Timothy on feild..TFM has future with Manu he is Manu material while Depay is not,just a crap overrated overpaid player…

  24. blind is getting heavily criticized for loss against west ham.As it exposed the shortage/weakness of Daley blind..its FACT AND i said Blind should play up in feild as we craps upfront like Depayshit,Narshit etc..
    LVG will be definitely sacked,I THINK he has made a horrendous mistake in signing Depay for huge amount..
    Once LVg sacked U WONT SEE BLIND AS LCB..Any one want to bet???But since Blind is better than Morgan,Bastein,Herrara and Mata ATM he will be retained as one of holding mid along with physically strong main DM with him…lets see.

  25. ———————Cillessen———————-




    1. i like ur line up Miguel…Strong players in NT..wijnaldum,ginekl,bruma,strootman,devrij strong and tall…Van dijk is non agile weaklinek still though..
      with heavily skilled players like annholt,Roben,Willems

    1. Excellent analysis. I agree with everything he says. In Oranje, in a 5-3-2, Blind is the ideal sweeper, like his dad, moving into midfield when in possession. But today’s games and today’s central defenders need to be big boys. Veltman at Ajax, excellent player, but not tall enough.

  26. Its official Sunderland will stay in EPL for another season.Newcastle unfortunately will slip into championships.I’m not sure about the dutch contingent,what will happen to them.

          1. Depay is not a flop. He is very talented guy who left Eredivise too early and left to the wrong club. I am sure if LvG gets fired, Memphis will find his permanent place on the bench. MU is not a developing club, it is a club that needs to make money by participating regularly in CL. Memphis is underdeveloped and he can not offer the level that MU needs. The same thing will happen to Janssen if he leaves Eredivisie this summer to a club that permanently fights for the place in CL. The differences in quality and pressure are too much when comparing Eredivisie and Premier League. I believe both for Memphis and Janssen the next step would be a PL club that fights for the place in Europa League such as Southhampton etc. I personally do not think Janssen is ready for Arsenal or Atletico Madrid…I will be happy to be wrong though…

  27. Manchester should sign a good physical defender…with a quality winger and striker and leader in the middle..
    Leader in the middle—my chice –Kevin strootman

    1. @TIJU1234

      I don’t think Grienzmaan is a real winger, he doesn’t have dribbling skill & not able to give good pass from flanks as Robben or Beckham. Mostly he play as second striker or playmaker at his club & national team. He can score,quite agile, good teamwork and play intelligently as a playmaker.

          1. easily buyable…kevin is with city.
            Mane,Reus can be purchased..Martial is playing for Manu..

  28. Nederland U17s beat Serbia 2-0!
    (got up at 3am to watch and dammit I could not find a link so I went back to bed haha, my wife may be right that I am crazy)
    Looked like a close match, not so much between the sides stat wise except the most important stats – an OG on 72 and a goal from Vente on 80.

    So they advance with Spain and play Sunday the winner of Group C in QFs (still up in the air with Denmark England Sweden and France in a close group and all play later today).

    1. will meet Sweden next knock-out, if win that game will qualify group stage to next u17 world cup otherwise will have a play-off battle for another 2 slot to that tournament.

  29. Dick Advocaat is an assistant coach to D.Blind…Not sure it is good or bad but he has done well as a consultant so far during crisis period in two instances in AZ (2009) and Feyenoord (this year)…

    1. Several names being branded out. John van de Brom (AZ), Peter Bosz (ex Vitesse, Maccabi Tel Aviv) and outsider John van ‘t Schip (Melbourne City).

      Dick Advocaat at Oranje is good. They need some no nonense amongst them. Just don’t know if he can handle the assistant role…

    1. Disastrous idea!! I want people who espouse Cruyff’s philosophy to pull the strings at Ajax/KNVB, not Van Gaal! We need to prioritize individual development and its time to do away with LVG’s “collectief” model! That explains the lack of real no 10s coming up through the youth ranks of Ajax! Nouri is a big talent yes but we haven’t had absolute world beaters from “De Toekomst” since the days of VDV and Sneijder. With Van Gaal, Dutch football will be stuck at where it is presently. Boring, cyclic and sterile model of ball possession. No penetration, no creativity and zero handling speed of the players!

  30. Hello peeps. I hope everyone is doing fine since I’m posting after a long long time!
    Yesterday, Jelle Goes announced the master plan of KNVB to revamp and restructure the youth set up in order to take us back to the top! More emphasis shall be laid on individual training and development and 300,000 youth players and the academies will have to adjust to the new plan and training methods. Could anyone of you share more details of this new blueprint?
    DO yo people think it’s gonna be effective? Thoughts???

    1. One more point to add Abhirup. the starting point is really import and thats the base…off late we are seeing lots of headless chikens are getting developed…there is no more bergkamp,cocu,vaart,Sneijder,Roben….i think we need people who can forsee the brilliant individual players thats what we lack than other way better scouts …

      1. Its natural for a country with a small talent pool to undergo periods of stagnation I guess. But you’re right. Apparently, the best we’ve produced over the past few years are mid-table level at best!

    2. Hey Abhirup!
      Good to see your name around here again!

      I wish I knew more about the specifics of revamping the youth set-up, but great news to have at least identified a problem and made steps to fix it the correct way.
      I hope they will do the same for coaching!
      Its true that in the last 5 years or so we have seen this gap in talent, and it seems the best our managers can do is play a less attacking and adventurous style.
      But even this gap, is no excuse or good reason for our recent disappointments. To me looking at the lineups of players involved and comparing them to other ‘smaller’ footballing countries teams who have done what we couldn’t, it does not look as though we lack talent.. there is more missing, a bigger piece, and a revamp is needed at the top (KNVB) as well as the bottom (youth development).

      And anyway, even before we reap the fruits of this revamping, I feel good about lots of young talents coming up! Hopefully we will have the right people in place to mold their spirits and give us an identity again!

  31. Anyways.. France ,Belgium had announced their teams for Euro 2016..I am really gutted to see we are out by 1 stupid coach(Hiddink) and other stubborn coach Blind…yes we can blame Bert van osteen for appointing both…but still both could have saved Osteen A#$S..
    My pick for Euro2016
    It will Be Germany ..only one team can challenge him thats France..

  32. Austrian Squad anouncd.15 bundasliga players incleded.

    Defenders: Aleksandar Dragovic (Dynamo Kiev), Christian Fuchs (Leicester), Gyoergy Garics (Darmstadt), Martin Hinteregger (Borussia Monchengladbach), Florian Klein (Stuttgart), Sebastian Proedl (Watford), Markus Suttner (Ingolstadt), Kevin Wimmer (Tottenham).

    Midfielders: David Alaba (Bayern Munich), Marko Arnautovic (Stoke), Julian Baumgartlinger (Mainz), Martin Harnik (Stuttgart), Stefan Ilsanker (RB Leipzig), Jakob Jantscher (Luzern), Zlatko Junuzovic (Werder Bremen), Valentino Lazaro (Salzburg), Marcel Sabitzer (RB Leipzig), Alessandro Schoepf (Schalke).

    Forwards: Lukas Hinterseer (Ingolstadt), Rubin Okotie (1860 Munich), Marc Janko (FC Basel).

  33. As an Ajax fan i think the club should be very careful with who they appoint as the new manager. A lot of names have been thrown out there, like Rijkaard, Bosz, Van der Brom, Seedorf, Stam but why not just go with a foreign coach like Martinez who just got fired from Everton, Sampaoli, Laudrup or Bielsa!! Knowing Ajax though i know they’ll pick the worst possible choice and they’ll f**k everything up like they always do.

  34. @AZforever..
    “”Depay is not a flop. He is very talented guy who left Eredivise too early and left to the wrong club. I am sure if LvG gets fired, Memphis will find his permanent place on the bench. MU is not a developing club, it is a club that needs to make money by participating regularly in CL.”””””””””””
    u know how thoughtless is this statement???
    u know Giggs,beckahm,nicky,neville,scholes???
    U know hos old Martial is??
    u know who is Rashford???
    u know who is lindgraad????
    if MEMphis cannt displace any of these 3 then he is mediocre…Stop NONSENSE..

    1. I would back AZ-forever, Memphis is a good warning for Janssen.

      Further I think Memphis would have scored any chance Rashford did (puts away chances well but more often creates nothing), but he is not a striker anyway (though maybe he should be?) so Tiju maybe think before you call someone thoughtless.
      Lingard is (below?) average in the EPL and I think Memphis can eventually be better by the time he is the same age.
      And Martial is not a product of MU.
      Beckham and Giggs obviously ahead but when is the last time a player like that came out of MU?

      1. Who is stopping Memphis from scoring and creating chances??ME???…
        I can understand if he said about chelshit,Ralmadrid…
        Manu is the best among top rated clubs who develops young talents…they may not be better than Ajax in that terms.But still
        was developed by Manu and stupidly sold to juventus…
        Lots oof guys joined Manu in younger age such as CR7,Rooney,Chicharito, etc etc..
        “””””MU is not a developing club”””””””thats bullshit nonsense statement…

        1. lindgraad is average as per ur book.okay if he is average then how average Memphis should as he repalced Memphis??.
          there younge guys in Manu playing excellent games
          Brothwick jackson…these guys are simply capable of doing their assigned duty…Memphis is not thats why he is on bench time and time again he got chances in Manu 11.He still plays crap and still overrated by Blind fans…He is just a Bodybuilder with certain skills.nothing else..

          1. re: what I said about Lingard / Memphis – maybe you are not aware of the word ‘eventually’?
            As in: if a club can develope a player, then ‘eventually’ he can improve.
            if MU is so good at developing players, then we will see by how they treat memphis, yea?

            I dont really see anyone overrating memphis around here tiju, just you constantly trash talking.
            pretty sure everyone is aware he is not having a good season.

  35. Vincent Janssen waring Memphis case??????
    Ha aha thats so funny….Memphis was lucky that he got LVG..So dont compare Memphis case may Virjil and Clasie got that cases can be compared…
    Vincent is not a bodybuilder
    Vincent is not dream chaser
    Vincent is not a rollsroyce chaser
    Vincent is not abuser of team mates
    Vincent is not a prick who fights with Walker for no reason
    Vincent is not an A##SSH^&* fight with RVP for Not passing to him.
    Vincent is not just a mereforward…
    while Depay is full of this…
    So i dont think he fail like Memphis if he works under Koeman or LVG..

  36. Vincent Janssen waring Memphis case??????
    Ha aha thats so funny….Memphis was lucky that he got LVG..So dont compare Memphis case may Virjil and Clasie got that cases can be compared…
    Vincent is not a bodybuilder
    Vincent is not dream chaser
    Vincent is not a rollsroyce chaser
    Vincent is not abuser of team mates
    Vincent is not a prick who fights with Walker for no reason
    Vincent is not an A##SH^&* fight with RVP for Not passing to him.
    Vincent is not just a mereforward…
    while Depay is full of this…
    So i dont think he fail like Memphis if he works under Koeman or LVG..

  37. Vincent Janssen waring Memphis case??????
    Ha aha thats so funny….Memphis was lucky that he got LVG..So dont compare Memphis case may Virjil and Clasie got that cases can be compared…
    Vincent is not a bodybuilder
    Vincent is not dream chaser
    Vincent is not a rollsroyce chaser
    Vincent is not buser of team mates
    Vincent is not a prick who fights with Walker for no reason
    Vincent is not an A##SH^&* fight with RVP for Not passing to him.
    Vincent is not just a mereforward…
    while Depay is full of this…
    So i dont think he fail like Memphis if he works under Koeman or LVG..

  38. Vincent Janssen waring Memphis case??????
    Ha aha thats so funny….Memphis was lucky that he got LVG..So dont compare Memphis case may Virjil and Clasie got that cases can be compared…
    Vincent is not a bodybuilder
    Vincent is not dream chaser
    Vincent is not a rollsroyce chaser
    Vincent is not abuser of team mates
    Vincent is not a pr***ick who fights with Walker for no reason
    Vincent is not an A##SH^&* fight with RVP for Not passing to him.
    Vincent is not just a mereforward…
    while Depay is full of this…
    So i dont think he fail like Memphis if he works under Koeman or LVG..

    1. hahaha you are so obsessed with memphis! so strange
      you hate him yet he is all you speak of..

      the warning for Janssen is pretty clear.
      The last 2 players to win the young player of the year award in the eredivisie, the comparison and reason is pretty obvious.

  39. God, I really start to get agitated again with Tiju. Do you actually love football?

    It is so disrespectful to talk about players like you do. “Players who should be thrown out”???

    Why use that language? Fellaini didn’t put a gun to ManU’s head to sign him for God’s sake. I read you’re into Jesus? Well, you know nothing about Jesus’ lessons mate.

    Ander Herrera is a fine player too. What are you smoking?

    When the names you mention of the youngsters came in in 1992, people didn’t think they could make it. There were no expectations and no big price tag around their necks. They were underdogs.

    Now, everyone thinks ManU is world class. But they aren’t. Not just Memphis, none of them. Mata, Fellaini, Carrack, Rojo, Lindgard… They are not Hummels, Neymar, Pogba, Aguero and Costa are they?

    ManU needs to build up again and sadly LVG was not fortunate with hiis signings. Whenever Louis calls a player, the price tag increases with 30%.

    If you are a true Oranje fan, stop the hating and find something posiitive to say.

    This is not Jesus’ talking, but this quote might help you: “If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

    1. “””Now, everyone thinks ManU is world class. But they aren’t. Not just Memphis, none of them. Mata, Fellaini, Carrack, Rojo, Lindgard… They are not Hummels, Neymar, Pogba, Aguero and Costa are they?”””””””””””
      THIS IS very true agreed..This Bodybuilder can not even replace this nonworldclass players,then he is lesser than these players..thats a logic..So why should we use him in NT??to put us in to troouble again and disrespecting senior players like RVP??We are much much better with out BMI,Weil,Afellay,Depay,…..thats fact..

  40. its very simple….i know who doesnt tolerate Sin.No compromise for that.Punishment is sure thats how it get atoned.unfortunatly people think only about love and kindness of Jesus.yes its true we get that but time is very limited i mean 60-70-80 years in this planet to choose..So everyone has time until they die..Jesus wont be able to show anykind of kindness to anyone after death.
    Basically i am pissed of that Dutch are not in Euro2016.
    this is due to Hiddinski and Danny blind first.
    Then follwoing players
    BMI,Weil,Afellay,RVP,Hunter, and Depay.i can excuse Hunter and RVP as both are aged.But in no way for rest.Still Depay is the last one remains in team to get us into trouble.So i dont want to see him too.

  41. Nice 1-0 win for Netherland U17s over Sweden to advance to the semifinals v Portugal.
    Deserved victory, could have been 3-0 if a handball was called against Sweden after Vente missed a free header, and if Malen did not unluckily block a sure goal from a Kadioglu shot from a good play/cross from Nunnely.
    Dominated possession with Sweden happy to defend and counter but generally a little bit sloppy with the final ball/ crosses. Esp when the main attacking tactic seems to be fast switches and then crosses into the box.
    The goal came from a corner after a great play by Malen. captain De Ligt headed it down and Chong tipped it past the keeper.
    van der Meulenhoff also made a really great save late on to keep it 1-0.
    Fernandes looks assured on the ball in CM.
    Kluivert seems like class. I also
    liked Chongs game and the skills of Malen, although Malen act not so classy at the final whistle, and Dylan Vente had a stupid yellow card which rules him out of the semis. But they are young, hopefully this kind of is trained out of them.

    So the semis v Portugal are Weds.
    The other semi is Germany v Spain.

  42. Club brugge also claimed the Belgian Pro League and will be in champions league next season after thrashing Anderlecht 4-0. Both Vormer and Denswil featured for Club brugge with Vormer picking up a assist.vormer specially has had a good season for the new crowned champions and should be keep tracked for NT callup and Champions league.

    1. Cool, always good to see dutchies doing well.
      How do you find the quality of that league?

      Too bad it is so difficult to get a call if you are outside the so called top 5 leagues or the eredivisie, unless you really perform so well that you are impossible to deny.
      I doubt Vormer will ever get a call up because of his age.

          1. @Buttner,Afellay,Chelshitacadem fan wilson….Ajax,PSV and Feynoord and Az alkmaar will beat the hell out of Club Brugge…Is Just club brugge…keep follow crap teams and crap players and do fight for crap players..

  43. Another Ruud like my name and RVN, R.Gullit but be honest i don’t appreciate this guy, he just a mediocre player that play for a small team in not that top league maybe same as Eredivisie. Almost best player of Belgium now playing abroad for big clubs.

  44. Annholt——Janssen—–Wijnaldum
    Is a well balanced team to beat France and Sweden..
    but team with
    would be a terrible team that will loose to both team.
    Blind,willems will have a very good game..sneijder will have an avergae game as he is aging…
    Rest will be playing crap….
    these are kind of teams feilded by Hididnk and blinD during our ECQ2016..THATS WHY WE ARE GOIN TO WATCH eURO FROM HOME…

  45. One of the reasons why Club Brugge has finished strongly in the second half of the season is simply because of strong competition within the team and this is what I feel should be happening in NT.

    You see half the squad that featured vs Man United have been mostly sitting on the bench for CBrugge.Denswil,José Izquierdo,Lior Refaelov,Ludovic Butelle,Bolat and Engels did not even feature for Club Brugge vs Man United,so you can contrast what has happened to the team when these guys have come in.Also remember both Engels and Munier were selected in Belgium squad for Euro 2016 so can see where I’m coming from in terms of competition with in the team.

    Now looking at players who have turned the season around for Club Brugge and who never played. Vs Man United.Engels,Denswil in Defense,Botelle and Bolat in GK,and particularly Izquierdo and Diaby who did feature vs MU and off course Vormer who has been a consistent assister in that midfielder.

    Tjiu did you know this.this is why I always say you are the empty vessel on this blog.As for Depay crap,if only man United would have met Club Brugge now, you tails would have been between your legs.

    Either way moving on I’m not disputing about any players here. I mean you look at PSV,did anyone expect PSV to reach the QF of CL. If you play CL and if you play good then you should be selected simply as look at Van Ginkel,he came to PSV after unsuccessful spell at stoke and got the call up. based on what???

    What I said was they need to be tracked especially in CL so that their ceiling is exposed at that level.even father said they are on his radar.not sure whether he really mo but again It should be purely bacoming from performance and this is where I’m coming.also NT needs some Seniors players in there rather than those who consistently choke.

    1. I’m also sure now with CL in the bag,they will reinforce their squad to somewhat where they don’t get butchered by the elites in europe

    2. FYI WILSON..
      1-i dont give a damn about JUST Club brugge.u can keep follow them for any reason.Ruud Vormer is Just a failed player in eredivise ,if was successful would be playing in Ajax or PSV..So that logic makes sense for me.
      2-Depay is good at playing low level defense he will not have much problem when playing against a second class team.he has scored Goals Vs Mitjland and Brugge and some eredivise teams.
      3-Club Brugge wont make it form Group stage of CL(want to bet and loose??)
      4-PSV beat Manu in their first game itself…Ajax has beatne the hell out of Man city and and they even Beat Barca..So what are you smoking??
      5-As u said some players in Brugge would played well and they would have changed Brugge since Manu disaster.i agree that like that we need to throw Depay,Afellay,Van dijk,RVP,Hunter,Narsingh,Weil,BMI for various reasons..Infact dutch NT has better quality players than Just Brugge…So NT will be a better team without formentioned players and they will competent with elite nations in football.But JUST club Brugge still doesnt have that luxuary…i know u have a small brain it will be little hard for u to understand.

      1. Hey loose head there was a time what you are saying was actually true.gone are thoses days and days to lose to Rapid Wien has come.what happened to all the dutch players whom played for Ajax in 4 consecutive CLs.

        Read properly what I said in my post. Based on performance.

        1. Jan vertoghen
          Cristian erickson
          Toby alderweilrd
          Danny blind
          LuizzzzzzzzzSuarez…………these are not dutch players though
          Hah ha how much u want????????
          I am not responsible for the low quality dutch players selection and development.i am not working with ajax or PSV to take responsibility..

      1. Mancini is trying to overhaul the squad at strategic positions which needs urgent reiforcement but at a low budget.the average age of the players currently at moment are 27.some are going good and some are worn out and also when Mancini came in he brought in a lot of players on loan elder,Jovetic,Telles,Brozovic,Ljajic which in long run could be costly.if you think about I don’t think they will be able make the transfers of all these players permenant.players like Nagamoto,Melo,D’Ambrosio,Medel are all either on a decline or as they age or do not offer much technically.

        This is the best time to inject some young and fresh blood and this is one reason why they are in the market for young and cheap talents.

        Mancini is a good coach and the area of concern has for him has been in their back line and midfield.
        RB,CB,DM and wingers when on loan players depart and this where you can expect the changes to come in but I’m pretty much sure they will have to keep the budgetry constraints in mind and let some the players leave to cater for new ones.

  46. I also reckon Koeman should move in capture Janmaat with Newcastle now bound for championships. RB is one position where Southampton seems to be area of concern for Koeman and with Southampton already qualifying for Europa,they will need all the reinforcements they can get. I think Janmaat would be good aqusition for them as he is better than Cedric Soares,Martina and yoshida.

  47. Good end to a disappointing season for both Janmaat and Wijnaldum each finding the back of the net against Tottenham (Wijnaldum twice). Can’t hurt their chances of catching on with another Premier League club next season. I know both players have failed to convince at the national team level at times but they have proven that they are above average EPL players and there is no reason to think that they shouldn’t be able to contribute for Oranje.

  48. In the best interest of everybody I don’t think anybody should move from PSV. They have been a collective unit this season and the arrival of Marco Van Ginkel has further strengthen that firmness.Another year together could well work for the them in terms of team bonding and common understanding between each other .being said this I’m not sure about Hendrix and Maher. Again its kind of evident the level of competition that is at stake currently, jus shows why both Maher and Hendrix have succumbed to the bench failing to resist off the competitionfrom the likes of Guardado,Van Ginkel and Propper most probably both needs to take it to another level to come in to the spit light.

    Also don’t know whether Steven bergwijn is ready to shift to the next level or no or starting 11.Maxime Lestienne also had a low profile in the second half of the season after some good performance in Champions league.
    Again he should be ready for the new season after some personal and injury setbacks.

    Overall I think Cocu needs to bring 2-3 new players.going with the same squad could be Lagging especially in CL.

    1. its the presence of Maher,hendrix gives the bench depth for PSV..May be Maher might leave as his time is running out..the guy is really good at small space..
      Narsingh is below average.So Narsingh can leave.Lestinne can be a good sub or starter depend son form.Vanginkel wants to stay with PSV as he loves it.He is reedming his career which spoiled by chelshitacademy.
      Bruma is on radar of many big clubs Inter,Evrton ,wolfburg etc are behind him..Liverpool too..Apart form Narsingh no one should leave PSV..IMO

    1. Engelaar had a great tournament besides the game against Russia. Too bad Van Bommel did not want to be apart of the team with Van Basten as our manager.

  49. Diago costa is kicked out from Spain squad,Torres too…do we still want RVP and Hunter????????and BMI,wEil,afellay,Depay for experience??

    1. Yet another mistake from Del Bosque by not calling Torres and Gabi. Gabi is the rock in Atleticos midfield. He is a very clever player who does all the dirty work, reminds me a lot of Van Bommel. Spain lacks players like that.

  50. Holland out of the U17 euros.
    Portugal looked bigger, technically better, more mature, and most importantly, more organized.
    Dutch players couldn’t get any passes together in the midfield, and kept to perimeters and resort to play long balls out to the wings. Without the ball a step behind and look scared to concede corners and fouls in their half – yet they couldn’t stop doing it, and Portugal score on a headed free kick from a lazy midfield foul.
    8 attempts at goal to zero in the 1H says it all.
    2-0 for Portugal from a goal keeper mistake, maybe guessing for a cross and let the bad angle shot go in.
    Too desperate and not surprisingly, more space between players and more long balls did not help, because those were the problem. At least they got some goal attempts, but no shots on target in the end.
    So Portugal win 2-0 and still have not conceded in the tournament, though maybe fortunate not to have a pen for a hand in the box late on.
    Netherlands out, Portugal deservedly through.

    Too bad no Vente, the lonely CF job would have suited his hard working style better than Malen, who did not look good at all this match. Nunnely and Chong tried hard on the wings but unable to create much either.

  51. Strootman back in the squad!

    Netherlands squad picked for friendlies against Republic of Ireland, Poland and Austria:

    G: Zoet / Cillessen / Vermeer

    D: Willems / van Aanholt / Blind / van Dijk / Bruma / Vlaar / Veltman/ Tete

    M: Strootman / Bazoer / Wijnaldum / Sneijder/ Propper / van Ginkel / Vilhena / Ramselaar

    F: Locadia / Depay / Dost / L de Jong / Janssen / Promes / Narsingh

      1. Have you got some players who have played on the wings in mind whom were better deserving of a call?

        Obvs Robben is out, but maybe El Ghazi or Dos Santos?

        1. Elghazi just an upgrade of Depay..i dont rate him high..Dos santos i heard but No comments…..i am dissappointed to see the low quality forwards of this team like Depay,Narsingh,Promes,Locadia.only hope is Janssen.
          I do like Luuuk and Locadia as both has tremenodus workrate,ultimatly with them we are more balanced team than team with Depay…
          My wingers are Jetro williams and Annholt..Both are simply efficient winngers…
          Romeo Castelen i really doing well in Australia…May be Jan could give us more detail..

          1. @Tiju- Castelen had a very strong season in the Aleague he was very difficult to contain playing mainly on the right flank. He was more of a creator than scorer though, only scoring a few goals late in the seasoni, (hatrick in semi final).
            But you need to look at the league quality as a whole when making a judgement on him as a player. The Aleague is only 10 years old and is nowhere near the level of the top world leagues, the MLS is probably a close comparison quality wise. When LA Galaxy came here Sydney FC towelled them up 4-1, with Beckham playing.
            I’m very happy to see Stroot back, I say give him the armband and let him get on with running the side on the pitch. Roma is over the moon that he is back playing and will be right for next season.

  52. ————zoet————-
    would start as per Danny Blind.
    i think sneijder has stil commitment with club,he may not be available…Presence of less motivated sneijder and pathetic Depay woul affect the balance of the team…but still we have quality in this sqaud..

  53. It’s a good squad. Missing players are Clasie, De Vrij, Robben, Huntelaar, RVP.

    I haven’t seen Ramselaar play, is he really good?

    1. Hi Miguel – Ramselaar has played #10 at Utrecht, and more recently on the right wing or right mid (442 diamond) as well.
      He is hardworking, quick, a good passer, and he is just 19.
      8 goals and 7 assists in 41 matches this year, and besides Letschert, probably their most valuable player this year for Utrecht, helping them finish 6th.
      Was especially good in their cup victory over PSV back in Feb.. also good in their victories last Sunday over Zwolle for the first Europa playoffs, check him out v Heracles in the Europa playoff finals on tomorrow and Sunday!

      Here you go:

    2. @Miguel Rosado,

      I think you can count De Vrij, Robben, Dos Santos, El Ghazi, de Roon, Kishna but please forget about Clasie, Huntelaar, RVP. they have already done or not potential anymore.

  54. A few words about U17 Holland-Portugal 0-2

    Portugal(NT and clubs) becomes nightmare for Netherlands.There are something strange in this .They looks like to have the recipe and method how to kill Dutch teams.And they share these recipes mutually…They wait 10,20….minutes(like foxes)to see what Dutch team can to do…They “take photos”…If the Dutch team shows plastic arrogance and plastic instinct …without danger to the Portuguese goal…Portugal will attack….They will eject out of balance Dutch team,…..(they will make “big space(gap) in the Dutch team”)..and kill Dutch players one on one ,one on three etc….
    Today Sybe Pals said “Portugal looked bigger,technically better ,more mature and most importantly,more organized.” I agree.

    About KNVB plan…I support KNVB….Why they would be against Dutch NT.I do not understand…Maybe the big problems are also managers,agents… concealed behind the name of Johan Cruyff (?) using his name to attack KNVB(sometimes without reason) etc……Plastic arrogance…I do not know…

  55. The squad looks good on paper but as usually don’t have high hopes for eredivisie players.Strootman could be a gamble for Danny depending on his form.I mean the minutes he has clocked at Roma.but will definitely boost the midfield if he starts. I jus hope its not too early for him and end like What Danny did with De vrij,risking him though he had a knock.

    1. PSV almost won against Athletico who are going to become CL winner…wat nonsense u talking???its all about collective effort by players…agree we lack quality like Depay,Narsingh,promes,Locadia,Luuk,Vrijil vadnijk,Afellay,BMI,Weil…etc…Except Locadia and Luuk were played sveral games for NT in ECQ and they F#$$ked the NT in the A###SSS….Only Narsingh was playing in eredivise…
      there are really good eredivise players who can take us to WC than so called,overhyped abroad players…
      But we need to find a combination play as we dont have Roben,Messi or CR7 anymore..We need to overcome it collectivly like Germany won WC with out Roben,Messi and CR7..

  56. We do have a very good squad. I believe we have what it takes to be a very competitive team.

    Now Blind must make them gel together and give them a winning mentality and above all a huge fighting spirit.

    1. ya we have a good squad..but there players like Narsingh,Depay etc with avergae but hardworking players like LOcadia and Luuk…
      May be a collective forward lines like
      Locadia—Janssen—Promes will get us to WC…as these players are like kuyts..never stops hardworking..
      but if we
      Depay—-Hunter—-Narsingh…We would be watching WC from home…Depay already did enough to send LVG back to netherlands..Lets see FA cup can save LVG from Depay..

  57. Yet another achievement for Nathan Ake after being voted the best young player after loan ending season at Watford.let’s see where he ends up next season.

  58. Fosu Mensah was dropped due to injury…little bad for kid..while Depay is injury free all good players get severe injuries
    Roben,Strootman,RVP,vaart now Mensah…
    May be crap ones doesnt play much games so they will be fresh like Depay..

  59. We are missing some good players due to injury or lack of playing time, or not in their best form.

    I believe players we’re missing are obviously Robben, Fosu-Mensah, Clasie, Fer, RVP, Huntelaar, De Vrij, Krul, Pieters, Afellay.

    1. We dont miss Afellay,Pieters,Clasie,Hunter,RVP and to some extend Fer..But we do miss De vrij.Mensah,krul…
      RVP and Hunter has poor workrate and lesser run ups and hence we are dried in chances…they have become slow too..just static…
      Clasie is too light weight not a great player of southamtopton and NT..may as playmekr no …he coukd contribute,but we dont miss him as we have better players on his spot Vanginkl,Bazoer,strootman etc.
      Afellay has not done anything good for NT for long time..yes i do agree he is way to better than Floppay and narsingh as a winger..but still we dont miss him as he is not a difference maker..

  60. This season, Eredivisie has generated quite good talents for our Orange
    – Ajax: El Ghazi, Kishna, Tete, Riedewald, M. Dijks, Bazoer, Sinkgraven, Živković, van de Beek.
    – PSV: Pröppe, J. Hendrix, J. Locadia, S. Bergwijn
    – Feyenoord: van Beek, R. Karsdorp, T. Vilhena
    – Vitesse: K. Diks
    – ALKMAAR: Janssen, dos Santos
    – UTRECHT: T. Letschert, B. Ramselaar

    These plus other young talents abroad (just count whom have played for senior team such as Ake, Fosu-Mensah, Hoedt, Rekik,GOUWELEEUW) are still developing will be very potential for our Orange next few years.

  61. Roben has said he wil comeback stronger than ever and will F#$$Ck every opponets he faces..Good to hear that hope his body supports his spirit…

  62. Wow it looks like Memphis won’t be staying at Man U next season that’s a clear hint. LVG will stay if he wins the FA Cup Final and he will bring in a more experienced striker, a CB and a RB or LB.

    1. We dont need him…We have better options in wings Annholt,Willems and Locadia…All are better and hardworking and effective than this crap..
      @Danny Blind please Remove Depay from sqaud or else speak with LVG…He never delivered for LVG at MANU even after immese support from LVG,He was joker in ECQ matches which got unnoticed by many…Common MANU could nt even qualify CL..if he was good Manu would have played him and hence would have qualified for CL…
      we want to qualify for WC2018..we dont want another EC2016 to watch from TV..
      For the sake of our dutch NT and FYI..
      PLease Dont take Roben or sneijder is 100 fit..this will affect team.
      Please forget Depay,Afellay,Hunter,RVP,Narsingh,BMI,Weil for ever..eventually we can add Van dijk in this list..

  63. Annholt—-Janssen——Wijnaldum

    Va Ireland is my pick.bu i know Shitpay might start on left wing…Wijnaldum would play center…etcSnijedr would come in that woould decrease work rate etc…So in the end team gets ineffective…but its still ireland..

  64. Memphis out of FA cup and naturally sparking all sorts of rumors that he won’t be there next season.. I did not buy into the media hype of him to be a super star, and I don’t buy into Tiju’s negative hype of him either! I still don’t really know what to expect from Memphis, but I think he can def still be useful, or play a positive role in a team – would be pretty shitty of United to give the axe to a 22 year old after a difficult first season in England. As usual with young players I prefer to wait and see.

    TFM expectedly left out as well. Would he have got any chances this season if LvG had any other options? Probably not, I am glad he got some time hopefully not too long before we see him play in a top competition again.

    Does LvG keep his job? Many people say it’s his last match whatever the score line, but how many times have we heard that this season?

    I do hope Blind does well, and a trophy would be a nice boost for him, BUT… would also be pretty great if the next FA Community Sheild match is played between Leicester and Crystal Palace!

    1. FYI..Timothy fosu mensah is injured..thats why he got dropped so is brothwick jackson…But Memphis is dropped due to his own shit play…

      Manu bought Memphis to play something extra to Ryen gigs,CR7 given to manu…He is pathetic in all department ,LVG got fed up with that..the later emergence of Rashford and and outstanding martial kept them alive..i do agree if not injuries Rashford,Mensah,brothwickjackson,varela wont be playing in first 11..Anyways they all play way better than big amount overrated players such as
      Rashford/Lindgraa Fro Depay
      Mensah for Darmian
      Brothwick jackson for Rojos…etc…
      @Sybe stop defending Depay as he is big shit..i do agree Manu lacks cutting edge and goals.Depay was signed with martial to bring goals or create goals.Martial won it coz he was not overrated.Depay failed coz he wasoverrated..
      I dont want him to see in Dutch NT as his overall workrate is so poor,it affects our team balance..especaily when u dont have Roben we are destined suck with depay as forward..
      Stop defending this idiot player….he is not goin to make it….MARK MY WORDS.

      1. Aaand of course more negative hype from Tiju.

        Haha when you say mark my words it makes me laugh, your words mean nothing. You throw so much shit on a wall eventually some might stick.

          1. Thanks for your judgement, but you are as wrong as usual.

            Looking down on Fosu-Mensah how?
            I support all Dutch players.

          2. Tiju…man.. you get worse and worse. How could you NOT support someone who is Dutch? All this negativity, and I’m glad you’re not Dutch because you ain’t much buddy!

    2. FA cup trophy for Blind and LvG, so well done to them..
      Fosu-Mensah and Memphis also deserve praise even if left out of the final, with TFM playing the most recent matches and memphis earning the pen for their only goal v sheffield back in Jan.

  65. Poor Ramselaar, out of today’s playoff v Heracles and also the upcoming Netherlands friendlies with a calf injury..

    Locadia is also out of the upcoming freindlies with an ankle problem

    1. thats bad news..Ramselaar was deal….he will come back…
      Why only good players get injury…??because they are playing good and hence a menace for opponent …alaos they play regular…Sitting in bench protects u from injury coupled with poor workrate makes u injury free..

  66. Berghuis has been added to the Netherlands squad.
    Further highlighting our lack of form and/or depth on the wings.. even though he was finally playing decent at the end of the season, picking up 2 assists in 4 sub appearances.
    I think he had only 1 start for Watford this season, and played only about 320 minutes. Spent most of his time out of the lineup completely and got some bad press for poor attitude in training as well..

    1. Strange decision to choose Berghuis.. I can think of a few other wingers who have agruably had better seasons: Lens, Elia, El Ghazi, Dos Santos, Slagveer and even his old buddy Ola John.
      Even injured Kishna played and produced more.

      And a funny bit of news about another winger I still like to see do well, 2 goals for Boetius fo Basel today as well, making him also technically a more dangerous player on the season to Berghuis 😉
      I watched a bit and he looked lively and dangerous.

      By the way, I do like Berghuis.
      But like Memphis he just has not had a good season at all.

  67. When Roben and krul Returns
    Mensah———————Kevin dijks
    on bench

  68. Kind of disappointed after Feyenoord off loaded Anass Anchabhar to PEC Zwolle,but on a positive note he will have more chance of playing there.his arrival at Zwolle means they will ship out Lars Weldwijk who is on loan from Nottingham Forest. Heerenveen is trying to capture the big striker with negotiations still going on. Weldwijk had a good season for Zwolle scoring 14 goals in 35 apps.

  69. Again I don’t know whether Bruma to inter will be a good move for him or not.Well I do admit Mancini is a good coach and is trying his best to overhaul the team but it might yet be a big gamble for him given when the on loan players depart or should inter fail to sign them permantely.I reckon he should stay back and play another season in CL before departing. Cant see any harm in that.

  70. Spanish media are claiming espanyol has beaten both Milan and inter to De Vilhnea signing,though it has not being confirmed by Feyenoord. They have only confirmed he will leave when his contract expires.

  71. It’s official LVG was sacked. That’s a good way to say goodbye to a club that never supported him and for the past 6-8 months nobody denied all the rumours about him leaving. He was alone trying to deny all those critics who since december have been trying to fire him.

    Obviously that affects the team, his players, his authority.

    It is maybe a good decision because Mourinho wouldn’t have waited for another year and LVG was only going to coach for one more year. I think LVG did a decent job, he made some bad decisions maybe but Man U wanted to set the basics for the future and LVG did that.

    He gave a lot of playing time to some youngsters like Lingaard, Fosu-Mensah, Borthwick Jackson, Rashford, Martial, Varela, etc.

    1. So fans complain that the club has lost its identity and that LvG was not attacking enough, and so they will bring in the bus-parking money-spending Chelsea man Mourinho to replace? Hahaha right

      What a joke the way that club treats such a manager! Bummer for Blind, Memphis and Fosu-Mensah to be stuck there, maybe not too late for Chong to sign for MU

      1. I agree 100% with your statement Pals, MU want instant gratification hence they bring in Mou, can’t wait to see them fail again next year or will he be given the money to buy the league ala Chelsea and City?
        LVG did make some strange decisions but he was never fully supported by the club, fans or the Media, that made his job very difficult. They have been on the verge of sacking him for months now, this is what happens at Trophy Hunting clubs!

  72. So now we are:

    Zoet / Cillessen / Vermeer

    Willems / van Aanholt / Blind / van Dijk / Bruma / Vlaar / Veltman/ Tete

    Strootman / Bazoer / Wijnaldum / Sneijder/ van Ginkel / Vilhena

    Memphis / Berghuis/ Dost / L de Jong / Janssen / Promes / Narsingh

  73. LVG did some bad signings as he thought they were good..One was Depay,Angel Maria,Bastein were the flopest among them..that really backfired them.Team really lacked attacking ability as they only had Martial and Rashford(later)…this cost him a lot..
    I still dont understand why he sold Welbeck,NANi and chiocharito…these players would have saved him…But he didnt
    ..Jose is a manger not a coach..Cannt se MAnu as bus parking team.

  74. OK few things you have to note here. Whether if it is a coach or manager,it all comes down how well you intellect with your players or how well the players are interlectural with you when it comes to being on the same level or on the same courses. You can take Real Madrid for example after Zidane took over Benitez,the players were more focused with him compared to when with Benitez,simply because of better understanding with Zidane and the players.

    Coming back to Van Gaal and Man United. First thing first, his English sucked and I’m not sure how well did Ryan Giggs do to help this situation. Well I’m not saying he should have learnt to speak better English but when it comes to creating that right environment within the team where the players are that comfort zone whether it is during games or while in training,you have to be closer to players and if you can’t intellect fluently with your players or simply put it this way if the players don’t feel in that comfort zone with the coaches,forget about creating that healthy setting within the team. If I’m not wrong this did surface when van Gaal brought in Romero and wanted to sell De Gea and also with Valdes.
    Also remember at Barcelona he had the dutch contingent while at Bayern Langague was not an issue.this are critical issues which can affect the teams moral and and eventually performance especially when you are under pressure to deliver and you can wonder with his tone which was as usual quiet heavy and Broken what the scernio could have being if there during malfunctions. I more pin pointing the training sessions here because thats where you expect all this to creep in.

    Secondly transfer flops is not something new as had the same issue when he was at Barcelona for the second outings and as well as at Bayern,so pretty much that’s part and parcel of when you are a incoming coach.

    From my point view,if you compare him to Moyes, he was given more space and comfort zone due to his reputation but in simple words he failed jus like before.

    I think Mou will be more influential in this department but I think with him he also comes with bus as someone mentioned.

    1. LvGs shortcomings at MU are well documented and I don’t believe a language barrier was one of them.

      I think if you want to compare LvG with Moyes you may consider the state of the clubs when they started to where they finished as well.

  75. I also believe he could’ve kept Chicharito or RVP. If RVP wasn’t fit enough it was LVG’s task to get him fit again.

    But he also bought some interesting players like Martial who will be a huge star in the future, Shaw who is a great LB, Schwensteiger will come back again and he is an amazing player, he kept De Gea who was eager to leave and he also gave Rooney a new spot in midfield where he is playing really well.

    This season he said it during the winter break he wanted to buy full backs because Shaw, Valencia, Rojo were injured and Man U didn’t buy anyone so it wasn’t all his fault.

    But I really really hope that he works at the KNVB as advisor of the national team (doubt that happens) or I’d like him to work with Ajax’s youth.

  76. Yes definitely some questionable transfer decisions under LVG. But when you see how good Angel Di Maria was at Real Madrid and PSG and how poor he was at Manchester United it is clear that Louis Van Gaals style was also a problem. Perhaps this is a cause of hope for Depay?

    Not sure what the Mourinho hiring means for Blind and Fosuh Mensah to be honest. I really do not see a scenario where Mourinho doesn’t buy at least one CB (Varane?) so its likely Blind has more of a utility player role next season acting as a third CB while also providing depth at LB and DM. Fosuh-Mensah actually seems like a Mourinho kind of player and I’m hoping that Mourinho was forced to make some sort of guarantee about giving playing time to youth before he was given the job. Knowing Mourinho we’ll probably see Mensah lining up in midfield next to Phil Jones at some point next season….

    1. Mourihno is tactician with ugly football.he simply usese players with effectiveness…Milito–sneijder–Eto at inter.with Lucio at back…
      He doesnt improve football playing ability of a players..He just gives them confidence and gets the result…so he basically use fully developed players with maturity…Very few young can play in his system like roben for chelsea etc…may be Messi and CR7 coul make it..Rest cannot…
      Depay is really poor at accuracy,he is not a defense helper,he is not a great dribbler neither he has great speed..So he will be thrown out….
      Blind might get a utility player chance..
      Fosum mensah can be lucky..

      1. I agree player development is not his strong suit but what about Eden Hazard at Chelsea? I believe he was around Memphis age when Mourinho took over at Chelsea and he definitely improved. Memphis actually has some similar qualities as Hazard and I think its totally possible he develops into a similar player.

        1. Hazard was pretty talented,i mean way too talented if not Messi…So he just gave him chance like he gave for Roben..i rate it as more of talent than mourihno magic.
          Mourihno is more like mentor..if u listen to him he will mentor u.thats how it is ..
          He doesnt develop individual skills etc etc of a player…its for other coaches liek LVG,Ferguson,Wenger etc…
          Not Jose…

    1. what is he hires 2 established defenders??then Mensah is in trouble…i am sure Depay would be in deep trouble..Blind partially.i think he will play in midfeild with snhiderlin..
      Manu next season

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